Fortnite Event Recap: The Dad Gaming League, Sponsored By Planters

(The Dad Gaming)

What’s up gamers. The historic The Dad Gaming League inaugural event is a wrap. Shout out to our sponsor, Planters, for helping to make this all happen.

We had an incredible 700+ people sign up for the Fortnite event! Phenomenal.

Huge thank you to everyone who participated and to our streaming hosts, Bullboski and Joel.

On August 21, we ran 8 waves of up to 100 players each, competing in private The Dad Gaming lobbies on two simultaneous Twitch streams.

We invited the top finishers to the Grand Finals on September 4. (We also invited the bottom finishers to a Consolation Finals because that’s how we roll.) It was EPIC, pun intended as always.

Without further ado, we present the winner of the Grand Finals, your 2020 The Dad Gaming League Fortnite champion: TTV FormMorm 


We gave away prizes for 1st place and 2nd place in EVERY WAVE. And because we’re dads and casual gaming is what many of us do, we also gave prizes for first eliminated.

And other stuff like whoever eliminated our hosts (Joel Willis and Bullboski) and randomly selected participants.


Prize winners are getting an epic loot box, with an official The Dad Gaming esports jersey and delicious Planters snacks. (First place winners also get $100!) All in all, The Dad Gaming and Planters gave out over 30 prizes. 

Congratulations to FormMorm and all of the prize winners.

I don’t know about y’all, but we had a blast. Hope you did too. Many more events to come! And we’ll keep the same positive energy flowing, as well as the Planters cheeseballs.


Our next event is Mario Kart next Friday, September 18. Sign up now at After that we have Super Smash Bros (October), Rocket League (November), Apex Legends (December), and more!

If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can continue making these events better, we’d love to hear them. Email [email protected]. The Dad Gaming community is the best.

Squad up. Join The Dad Gaming FB group and Discord. Follow The Dad Gaming on Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Highlight reel of all victory royales.

Wave A Top 10

10  LordFarquaad614
9  Triple_6_Chris
8  SlapShotMike42
7  KingDadles
5  xFleazx
4  ShadowComa6
3  TTV FormMorm
2  D-Hypno
1  xMinist3r

Wave B Top 10

9  HRL Westy
8  BrianEdwardM
7  IronFirefly
6  BLuE Aphid8395
4  Adape4345
3  SpyderWurm07
2  GraveTitan1858
1  arrowslingerW4B

Wave C Top 10

10  TrvrMagz
9  Loud-N-Clear-24
8  YTMidWest_Latino
7  ope_dawg_killa
6  Brizzdog
5  Wf Pukin dog
2  A and A GAMERS
1  ImpeachedLight

Wave D Top 10

10  CptnScrgleBeard
9  JustJoe1919
7  JNasko0406
6  Williams x12x
5  PumpedMarlin928
4  DeadlyDaddyDuck
3  BiggEazy50
2  CushAMush
1  ToxicGlaceon

Wave E Top 10

10  BlastDatAss69
8  j_sparg
7  Roalith
6  ttv_IrishHawk27
4  TTV DadxSkillz
3  Mrs Dips
2  TILT Knight
1  Bring Them Dips

Wave F top 10

10  ALPHA DOG 487
9  CallSignCharlie7
8  RealSauceMeOne
7  ImRagingPHX
6  clselfridge
5  badboywenwi
4  DaddyBearKillah
3  TankSinatra210
2  RagingRayCharles
1  BlakCastleWizard

Wave G Top 10

10  longhornsfan1377
8  xAdmbombx
7  jc_brewer
6  J_A_N_S_S_E_N
5  WCW_AbbyCrotch12
3  BLADE0717jr
2  ggshadow
1  CDrum

Wave X Top 10

10  Mag380
9  Scrappytatz
8  dfabrem-blue
6  invaderzim1119
5  TILT Funky
4  TheGiraffe94
3  BoiseNation
2  affliction
1  Tuxedomask_1

Consolation Finals Top 10

10  Yahwehnissi0514
9  boss-n-king
8  CoranHalcyon
7  roddad27
6  NowayScott1
5  Saltysample
4  sdude22
3  TimikazeMF
2  Wackyzclutch
1  Kilup

Grand Finals Top 10

10  D-Hypno
9  BiggEazy50
8  ggshadow
7  twitch xMinist3r
6  DaddyBearKillah
5  badboybenwi
4  RagingRayCharles
3  CDrum
2  TILT Knight
1  TTV FormMorm

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