Funny Dad: Snow Day Edition


Maybe this dad was just trying to entertain himself, or maybe he was driven to insanity by the never-ending winter we are facing. Either way, these are some good quality dad shenanigans right here, and I’m so glad they were documented to share with the world.

My friend’s dad after a snow day from funny

He probably told his wife later, “See honey, I told you that sword would come in handy!” Props to you, Dad. You have made art.

When Fake Fishing Goes Wrong

It’s all fun and games until Dad pretends to be a fish that got caught in your net and his flailing and wiggling causes the shopping cart you’re in to tumble over. Let’s just make sure Mom never finds out about this!

Catching a wild dad from funny

Hero Dad Makes His Son An AT-ST Star Wars High Chair

[From Matt Regonini, Never Not Making]

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Young Boy Calculates Exactly How To Do A Somersault


A child’s mind is like a sponge.

Their young brains are just wired in a way which makes learning and retaining information easier. Some children are able to learn intricate theories and complicated skills in a fraction of the time it would take an adult.

The following video does not feature one of those children.

Life is simple from funny

Father Figures: The Beginning

“My wife was a little older than me when got married. As we were trying, we were told she couldn’t conceive. Then, one day, she was pregnant. Just like that, we had a son.

I always knew I wanted to be a father, and finding out my boy was coming was exciting. I grew up with no father, no father figure. I never felt sorry for myself because of it; I never gave it much thought. I wasn’t prepared for how overwhelmed and scared I would feel on the night my son was born. I guess I hadn’t realized until then just how unprepared I was to be a father.

Holding him as a newborn, I was nervous and worried, especially when he would cry; watching him sleep, I was comforted in knowing he was okay. He was in no distress.

A lot of being a father comes naturally. Boys are fun. We wrestle, we play Pokemon, we race; I taught him how to ride a bike. He follows me everywhere. I tell him he doesn’t have to pull his pants all the way down to his ankles to pee. We look for lizards, I carry him out into the ocean, my wife losing her mind that I will let go.
But I won’t. Not ever.
We go to the park a lot and the simplest thing we do is walk and talk. I’m not a big talker while he, being like his mother, is. But I know it’s important for him to talk and feel like someone is listening. To just be able to hang out. I try to impart any wisdom I can at the moment. At such an early age,  doesn’t have to know the stress to take care of your family.
With my wife’s nudging, I hug him and tell him I love him all the time. She says he will feel safe. We climb a dirt hill his mom would disapprove of and we look out at the city. He stands just like me. Hands on hip. No fear.
I’m the beginning. He will have stories of his father, his children will hopefully have stories of their grandfather. Who he is will be molded by his mother and I. Most importantly though, what means the most to me, is that he will always have a father figure. Someone to guide him and show him not be afraid. That whatever life throws at him, his memory of me will drive him to be a better person, and someone to hopefully look up to.”
– Jaime Lopez
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The Crib Dribbler Prank

Australian Comedy Group Releases Song About Everything That Makes Dads “Chuffed”

(YouTube/Aunty Donna)


adjective informal

1. very pleased.

And that’s exactly how these dads feel considering how much they frickin’ love fatherhood. What makes you CHUFFED?

Son’s Cold-Water-In-The-Shower Prank Ends Badly

QUIZ: Who Said These SportsCenter Catchphrases?


If you know what we mean when we say “duh-nuh-nuh, duh-nuh-nuh,” then this quiz is for you. Like most dads, you’ve logged a lot of hours watching SportsCenter and you probably think you know a thing or two about the anchors’ most used catchphrases. I mean we all know the Stuart Scott classic, “boo-yah!” or Dan Patrick’s “en fuego,” but take this quiz to find out how deep your SportCenter knowledge truly goes. Duh-nuh-nuh. Duh-nuh-nuh.

This Guy’s Wife Takes Some Serious PUNishment

Dad Gives Son A Beer From A Time Capsule On His 21st Birthday


A stale, 20-year-old beer might not be your drink of choice when you turn 21, but when your dad takes a picture of you with that exact same beer on your first birthday and saves it for two decades in a time capsule, it becomes a damn treat.

Reddit user DoctorDongus shared a side-by-side shot with his 1-year-old self holding the same beer, same pose, and same excited expression thanks to his dad’s impeccable foresight. Let’s just hope he was still smiling after that first sip.

Cheers, Doc!


Art Director Dad Creates Wooden Star Wars AT-ST High Chair [WATCH]


Why cram your baby into a boring and uncomfortable high chair when he or she can dine in true Imperial style?

Art director and designer Matthew Regonini built his son a detailed Star Wars themed high chair that looks like an AT-ST walker and it is incredible.

Feel like taking a shot at your own Imperial walker baby furniture? Check out Matthew’s video detailing how he made this piece.

The First Meme Blows The Internet’s Mind

Contrary to popular belief, the world didn’t start when the internet did. That goes for the good and the bad of the net. There was both plenty of trolling and plenty of humor long before Twitter came along.

If you don’t believe me, check out this comic, which, thanks to the hilarious captions beneath it, may constitute the first meme in history!

We all just got pwned – 100 years later.