12 Mouth-Wateringly Funny Tweets About Grill Season

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Being smack in the middle of the summer means, on most clear nights, you can catch that intoxicating and delicious scent of grilled meat wafting through the air. And, somehow, it’s free. No charge whatsoever.

Dads everywhere are grabbing their good tongs and filling up their propane tanks to prove they have the chops to man the daddest cooking appliance out there, and the world is better for it.

So whether you swear by charcoal or gas, here are 12 scrumptious tweets about grill season that will get those tastebuds tingling.

Citizen's arrest.

Happy Father's Day.

Don't get caught wearing lesser jorts.

It's an art, not a science.

A truly bipartisan issue.

*all the dads in the crowd jumping around, just losing their minds*

Another unrealistic beauty standard.

Do whatever it takes to make him squawk.

Has technology gone too far?

I can feel my blood pressure rising...

Open and shut case.

The daddest tweet of them all.

Artist Creates Incredible Star Wars Inspired Bugs


Artist Richard Wilkinson has spent the last few months drawing bugs, but these aren’t your boring, typical creepy crawlies.

Each critter resembles a specific character or vehicle from everyone’s favorite space opera, Star Wars. Some are easier to identify than others (check the creative Latin moniker if you need an additional clue), but each is masterfully done.

Can you identify them all?




Check out Richard’s Instagram for more!

We’re Stuck In 2018 While These People Are Living In The Future


You can’t expect to jump straight to flying cars and living on the moon when it comes to futuristic technology. Real change is made incrementally by those striving to live smarter, not harder.

These 17 people, for example, are the cream of the crop; simple geniuses who have left us in the dust with their inspiring innovations.

Which life-hacks will you adopt?

I Am Parent – OFFICIAL PARODY (2018)

Is this what it feels like to not have kids?

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Dad Rushes Onto Track To Free His Son From A Burning Racecar

(YouTube/Memory Lane Video)

Spectators at the NASCAR Late Model 100 at South Boston Speedway on June 16th witnessed a fiery crash between drivers Mike Jones and Matt Bowling as they battled for the lead. In the aftermath, sparks from Mike Jones’ wrecked car ignited leaking fuel on the ground.

Dean Jones, Mike’s father and crew chief, wasted no time in hopping the fencing and running out onto the track to help his son escape the cockpit.


“Mike’s car stopped almost in front of our pit stall and when I saw the flames,” Dean explained. “Without any hesitation I jumped the wall to help pull him out of the car. No one except sweet baby Jesus would have kept me from freeing my son from a burning race car.”

With no injuries to be found, we’re willing to bet Mike went out and got something extra special to celebrate his all-star dad the next day for Father’s Day.


No one’s stronger than dad.

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Grateful Son Visits Restaurant To Thank Owner For Making Special Delivery To His Sick Dad

(Kips Flamin Burgers)

Sometimes, all you need is a good burger. And a good Samaritan.

And that’s exactly what the owner of one Ontario, Canada burger restaurant provided for a stranger in need.

Rick Rhoads’ father is 86-years-old and suffers from pancreatic cancer. He is temporarily being housed in an assisted living facility in Pickering, Ontario, and the man is sick, in pain, and hungry. The man misses his favorite meal, cheeseburger and fries, and not only is ti not available at his facility, he is unable to leave the grounds to find it. Even worse, his son lives across the border in Michigan.

But his son is dedicated, and upon hearing how hungry his father was for a burger, he hopped on the phone and began canvassing fast-food joints local to his dad’s residence.

He called a dozen places, hoping to find one that could – and would be willing to – make a special meal delivery to Mr. Rhoads. They all turned him down. Until he reached Carmen Kolandjian, the owner of Kip’s Flaming Burgers.

Despite being stuck in the middle of employee training, she couldn’t let RIck’s request go unfulfilled.

“It just tugged at my heart strings when he told me about his dad. Pay it forward,” ”Carmen told The Star. “I always try to do a good deed. I have a soft spot for the elderly.”

So she packed up a cheeseburger, some fries, and even a side of gravy, and hand-delivered the meal directly to Mr. Rhoads himself, along with a note that read, “Hi Dale, this is from your amazing son, Rick. Enjoy your meal.”

Rick won’t soon forget Carmen’s kindness.

“After I explained the circumstances of my father’s failing health, and concerns of his recent eating habits, she took it upon herself to extend her compassion and heart to help a son of a man whom she never met before. She finished her shift at work and drove the food to the local assisted living home, asking for nothing in return,” he said.

He made sure she knows how grateful he was, making a personal visit to Kip’s the next time he was in Canada, to thank her in person. “People like that need to be recognized,” Rhoads said.

Father Figures: A Real American Hero

“The other day, my son introduced me to a new series on Netflix called Toys That Made Us. In that series there was an episode on G.I. Joes! I couldn’t believe it, we watched the whole thing and then it hit me, the promise I’d told myself more than years ago:

‘I will save these so one day I can play with them with my kid.’

I ran into my storage room and found the old gym bag with all my old G.I. Joes and micro machines!

I started cleaning them in a panic, making sure Ivan didn’t walk in and see what I was doing. As I cleaned, I remembered all those times playing with them in my backyard, and I realized the restoration job was going to be harder than I expected.

I finally finished cleaning them but I needed to take a breather. I felt like Andy at the end of Toy Story 3, afraid to pass Woody on to Bonnie. All of these toys made my childhood a blast, and took my imagination to whole new levels. I was afraid my son wouldn’t take care of them and afraid he wouldn’t actually play with them!

I came out and told him to close his eyes, I had a surprise. When he finally opened them, I told him these are the toys from the show we just watched, and they are the toys I played with when I was his age. His reaction was everything I hoped for; he was happy and excited to see all the toys I had saved and he wanted to know everything about them.

We ended up making a day out of playing with them. Ivan has bilateral hearing loss, so he always has to wear his hearing aids, and one of the G.I. Joes happened to have some ear equipment, so I told him those are his hearing aids that he uses for battle.
I’d patiently waited 25 years for this moment and the end result was priceless. With technology and all these gadgets that keep kids preoccupied, it felt good to see that my son has the same imagination I once had.”
-Justo Valenzuela
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Police Dog Performs CPR

Dad Dinosaur: Fossil Fool

Yum! Dad Dinosaur is ready to barbecue some meat for the big party! The only problem? He forgot about the herbivores!

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Dad Gave Daughter Orange Peeling Instructions On Last Day Of High School And Now Everyone’s Crying


There are plenty of things that make me cry: Surveying the Grand Canyon. The final act of Old Yeller. The end of grill season.

Peeling oranges, however, is not typically one of those things. Of course, that was before 18-year-old Meg Sullivan was required to do so last year.

Her father, Tom, had been peeling and packing oranges in her lunch since she was in kindergarten. On Meg’s last day of high school, however, he sent two unpeeled oranges along with a wikiHow article with instructions on peeling them herself.

Handwritten on the article was a personal note: “It’s Time Baby Girl,” along with a crying face.

“I felt like the note was like turning the chapter in my childhood and bringing me toward my new independent life as an adult,” Meg said.

The note itself, while a playful gesture (Meg obviously knows how to peel an orange without instructions), ultimately symbolized her independence from her family.

“It represents all of the things she’s going to need to be doing on her own,” Tom stated.

Meg’s parents are divorced so she grew up spending most of her time with her dad.

“I’m his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he’s really really sad about it,” Meg told Buzzfeed. “He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I’ll ever know. It’s gonna break my heart to leave him for college, no doubt.”

One year later, we’re sure he’s still doing solid dad work from a distance. And we still can’t look at an orange without needing a tissue.

Father Figures: Extracurriculars

“If you would’ve asked me years ago (before I ever envisioned having a child – or three – of my own) if my son would do gymnastics and dance instead of baseball, I’d have laughed and probably given an asinine retort…
So naturally, years later, my 7-year-old son has now done both gymnastics and dance, and 37-year-old me has supported him the way 25-year-old me never thought possible. I’m not claiming to be “Dad of the Year” because of it, I’m just supporting whatever extracurriculars he decides to take on. He’s also played baseball for the past three years, which I played for roughly 76% of my life, but I never urged or prodded him to do so.
When he finished gymnastics last spring, he told us was done with gymnastics and wanted to do hip-hop dance. We researched dance classes in our area and asked people we knew. Oddly enough, some laughed at the idea that he wanted to do dance, but I’m not gonna put my kid in a box. We found a boys hip-hop dance class and signed him up… and he loved it until he didn’t.
His dress rehearsal for their final recital was the day of his last baseball game and he had a complete breakdown. He was “over dance” and was questioning why he couldn’t go to baseball instead.
Here was a teaching moment: if you sign up or commit to something, you see it to completion. We told him this was the last dance-related activity if he so chose (besides the recital the next day) and that baseball would be back next year. Some eye-rolls ensued, tears followed, and there was maybe a bit of whining as well. But he understood what we were saying.
Fast-forward to the next day and he killed it at the recital and was smiling the whole time. When he came off stage, I told him how proud I was and how great they did and he immediately agreed, then followed up by reminding me that he didn’t want to do dance again, which I was secretly hoping he’d say. I mean, have you ever had to sit through two two-plus hour dance recitals only to watch your kid on stage for four minutes?
And as his dad, I’ll support whatever ‘outside-the-box’ activity he chooses next (except track and field, those meets are too damn long!).
The next day he asked to go to the school to practice throwing baseballs into the chalk ‘X’ we drew on the building. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.”
– Ryan Darcy
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PAPA-razzi: Fast Food Fail

What if there was a TMZ… for dads? It might look something like this.

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