When Your Daughter Is Good At Gymnastics And You’re Good At… Trying Your Best?

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9-year-old Alex Mills is accomplished at gymnastics due to years of dedication and hard work.

41-year-old Ash Mills is accomplished at almost doing gymnastic moves that kind of resemble his daughter’s.

All jokes aside, we love seeing a dad who is willing to get out of his comfort zone to share something special with his daughter.

Do you have a new favorite activity thanks to your kids?

Butterfly Dog

Beaming Dad of Graduate Gets Surprise Gift From Stranger


Sometimes, parents can’t conceal their pride in their kids. Sometimes someone notices.

That’s exactly what happened to one dad who couldn’t help but glow with happiness at his son’s high school graduation. And stranger couldn’t help be touched by the man’s joy.

Rob Edwards was entering the bank on the day of his son’s graduation, and on his way in he held the door open for another customer, telling her to go in front of him.

“I was walking into the bank [when] I held the door open for this lady behind me,” the proud dad wrote in a Facebook post. “Once in the door, she waited for me to go in front of her. I said ‘By all means go in front of me. Today my son graduates. I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute.’

She took him up on the offer, offering congratulations as she passed. He appreciated that, and didn’t expect anything more.

He proceeded to move through the bank and handle his transaction with the teller, and as he was finishing up, the stranger came by and handed him an envelope containing a $50 bill. He was floored.

“As I walking out the bank I glanced into the envelope. A brand new crisp $50 bill. I was floored. I rushed out of the door and looked for the woman. Far off in a car I see her. I walked up to her car and told her ‘I can’t take this!’ She said ‘When you talk about your boy, YOU GLOW. Your a blessing to him, I want to bless him too!'”

This was the polar opposite of adding insult to injury. It was adding cash to celebration! Rob couldn’t have been more grateful.

“I don’t know her name, I’ve ever seen her before. But I will never forget her love. I asked to take a picture with her. And hugged her neck. We need more of this in the world today. Not the money. But kindness.”

He’s right about that. Congratulations to Rob, Rob’s high school graduate son, and the generous stranger!

Tweet Roundup: The 10 Funniest Tweets About Sharks


Well folks, it looks like another Shark Week has come and gone. But before you take down your shark decorations and head to the store for great day-after deals on sharks, check out these 10 hilarious tweets about sharks. Sharks.

It’s important to remember why we have Shark Week to begin with.

We hope you’ve gained some useful knowledge over the past week.

And more importantly, grown empathetically.

We sure learned a lot.

And frankly, we’ve decided we’re not cut out for the aquatic life.

I mean, sharks are just plain terrifying.

And adequately defending yourself from one is unlikely.

Sure, having a shark bite story is pretty cool…

…but ultimately, the chances of it happening are fairly low.

Finally, if you didn’t get your fix this week, remember: there are plenty of shows about sharks that air year-round.

Father Figures: My Two Dads

“My stepfather came into my life when I was in middle school.

He was wonderful, and I had my father in my life as well. My senior year Father-Daughter dance was coming up and my dad said he would not take me. Without even hesitating my step-dad took me and we danced the night away.

I don’t think he ever knew how much that meant to me. At my wedding I wanted to honor both of my fathers and represent my life experience perfectly.

My father and I began the walk down the aisle together while my step-dad awaited us halfway down. He joined us, took my other arm, and they both escorted me the rest of the way to my husband.

The best part is that I am adopted so I am not linked biologically to either of these men who made the conscious, loving decision to be my father.”

– Caitlin Breitenstein

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Mini-Twister of Tents at German Festival

The Great Escape

Twins Cry Until They Touch Each Other

Daughter Gives Dad A Talking To For Leaving Toilet Seat Up

Parents are usually the ones who do the scolding. But one of the joys of parenting is when your kids turn the tables on you.

One dad learned that the hard way when he forgot to put the toilet seat down and his daughter was less than pleased.

Here it is on YouTube:



Boogie Woogie Woogie ????‍♂️

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Bedtime Story Audition

Father Figures: I’ll Be Happy

“When I was young, my dad would say ‘I could live in a trailer in the woods without any money; as long as I have my family, I’ll be happy.’

When I was nine years old, Dad handed his dinner to a friend of his in need. They’d worked together at the fiberglass plant, before it ad closed down earlier that year. We didn’t have much and our trip to get take out was a special treat for me because I was having a rough day and Dad wanted to cheer me up. I felt so sad he had given his food away and I was eating alone, but he told me that the man he had helped needed more than he ever would and he could eat when he got home.

When I was a little older, my dad was a truck driver, and I remember complaining that we never took vacations. He worked all the time. Summer vacation was fine playing outside but my friends would all have somewhere to go at some point. One morning, against my mother’s wishes, my dad threw a sleeping bag and a tent in the back of the car and he and I left to go camping. We saw deer and played in sand dunes. It was the only camping trip I ever had but it was fantastic.

In college, I was scraping by on student loans, working nights and going to school during the day. I was very depressed. It was especially hard during the summer. My parents didn’t have money to help and I wouldn’t have asked even if they did. I ate no-name white cheddar mac and cheese twice a day ’cause I couldn’t afford anything else. One weekend, I talked to my dad and I could tell he sensed I was having issues. The next morning he made the trip down to visit. He took me to the driving range and we played put-put and went out for dinner. Before he left, he handed me 100 dollars. It was really a turning point for me that day.

Since then, I’ve seen my parents through hard times and great times. My dad is more popular and happy in his retirement than I’ve ever seen him. He’s an awesome grandfather and I wish we could spend more time together. Now, with my own family, we have traveled the world together, my son is spoiled beyond belief, and we never eat no-name white cheddar mac and cheese.

I feel like as spoiled as my son is, he is a good person, and that’s what’s important. As much as we vacation and enjoy life, we work hard. Most importantly, as happy as we are in our lives together, we could live in a trailer in the woods without any money.

As long as I have my family, I’ll be happy.”

– James Andrews

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Strong Parents Help Dying Boy Write Own Hilarious Obituary

It’s impossible to imagine the pain of losing a child, especially a one as young as five. But a couple of parents are doing their best to soldier through by honoring their beloved son’s last wishes, and bright personality, by publishing the obituary he wrote for himself.

Garrett Matthias passed away earlier this month at the unfathomably young age of five, thanks to the scourge of cancer. But before he died, he asked his parents for help writing his obituary, and the result was a few paragraphs that captured his spirit, and urged people to have fun during the years they have left.

Setting aside what must have been a mountain of grief and pain at their son’s impending death, Garrett’s parents sat down with the boy and asked him questions to help sculpt the notice that would be presented in the local paper when he passed away. Teh resulting obituary has gained national attention for the innocent wisdom Garrett put forth, and for the engaging sense of humor he clearly had, even in his final days.

The obituary begins with Garrett Introducing himself as “The Great Garrett Underpants,” something many of us can no doubt imagine our own five-year-olds doing! He proceeds to list his favorite colors and favorite superheroes, even listing what he wants to be when he grows up, which couldn’t have been easy for his parents to write down.

The funny little boy goes on to include Garrett’s disclosure of his favorite people, and how he’d like his remains to be handled, and what he plans to do when he’s gone. Like most young boys, he not only finds underpants funny, but also poop.

When I die: I am going to be a gorilla and throw poo at Daddy!

Burned or Buried: I want to be burned (like when Thor’s Mommy died) and made into a tree so I can live in it when I’m a gorilla.

He even makes sure to request that his funeral not be sad, and to incude bouncy houses and treats so that visitors can have fun.

Big or Small Funeral: Funerals are sad: I want 5 bouncy houses (because I’m 5), Batman, and snow cones”

Garrett’s clearly loving parents concluded their son’s obituary with details of his ceremony, where donations could be made, and some information on exactly what their beloved son endured, and how he handled it all with his abundant sense of humor.

Garrett endured nine months of hell before he lost his battle with cancer. During that time he never lost his sense of humor and loved to tease the doctors and nurses. From whoopy cushions and sneaking clothes pins on their clothes to ‘hazing’ the interns and new staff doctors, he was forever a prankster. Nothing caught people off guard as his response to ‘see ya later alligator’:

See ya later, suckas! – The Great Garrett Underpants

Rest in peace, Garrett.