Old Milwaukee’s “Hey, Pass Me a Beer” Commercials Are Still Amazing

(YouTube/Old Milwaukee)

Sometimes it’s a troop of Clydesdales charging through a beautiful landscape. Other times it’s an elaborate party setting filled with frolicking females. It’s no secret that beer companies usually funnel a fortune into eye-catching commercials to get our business.

Old Milwaukee (a unit of Pabst Brewing Co) is not like other beer companies in this regard. Despite previously featuring big-name talents like Will Ferrell and Jose Canseco in their commercials they purposefully restricted where the ads were shown. This forced fans to search, record, and upload the comedic gems to the internet themselves. Every new ad rumor led to an internet-wide scavenger hunt.

Then in 2012 Old Milwaukee continued their don’t-try-too-hard ad strategy by jumping at a pitch by two beer-flinging brothers.

Meet Nick and Jack Packard.

(YouTube/Old Milwaukee)

A marketing consultant and a Funny or Die content supervisor respectively, Nick and Jack had been creating funny content together as The Packard Brothers for a while. So when thoughts of creatively passing cans of beer popped in their heads, they knew they were on to something.

“We did some test shots and ended up going through three cases of our own beer. We needed more beer (obviously), so we asked Old Mil, and they were nice enough to supply the rest of the beer for the video.” Jack told Business Insider.

One hundred ninety-two beers later, the Packards called the video a wrap and still had enough for “a wicked afterparty.”

Despite Old Milwaukee wanting a strong promotional push for the ad, Nick and Jack convinced them that uploading it to Funny or Die’s website was a better move.

“It had a very natural build-up,” notes Nick, however, “had there been a money exchange they [Old Milwaukee] would have wanted more control, so because we weren’t really getting paid for it, we were able to do things how we wanted.”

With the success and overall fun experience of the first video, Old Milwaukee and the Packards decided to team up once again for “Hey, Pass Me A Beer II”:

Followed by “Hey, Pass Me A Beer: Hunting Edition”:

And the more recent “Hey, Pass Me A Beer – Summer Finale”:

So the next time your buddy asks for a cold one, maybe take a play from the Packard brothers’ playbook: Spike it off a mini-trampoline, airdrop it from a drone, or fire it at them with a t-shirt cannon.

Whatever you do, don’t hand them a beer.

Pass them a beer.

The Best Comments of the Week 9/30

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Here’s this week’s roundup of the Best Comments of the Week:

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Father and Son Record Harrowing Escape Through Forest Inferno [WATCH]

(YouTube/The Sun)

When hikers head into Montana’s Glacier National Park, they expect to see crystal clear lakes, glacier-carved mountain peaks, and maybe some rare wildlife—not a life-threatening wildfire. However, that’s exactly what Justin Bilton, 37, and Charles Bilton, 70, faced after their hike along Howe Ridge.

Thinking the blaze was far enough away for them to get out in their rental car, the father and son put the pedal to the metal in hopes of getting out before things got even worse.

Justin began recording their drive as they drew closer to the flames.

Viewers would never know this was a conversation between a nearly middle-aged man and his elderly dad. Justin falls right back into his role as a son looking to his father simply for reassurance that things were going to be okay.

Despite the video ending prematurely, the two did indeed make it out unharmed.

Instead of trying to bypass the roadblock, they decided Justin should reverse back the way they came.

“I was shocked how fast he backed that up, and how steady,” Charles told CNN. “We were on an 8-foot-wide dirt road with a lot of ruts. And it was hard to see because of the flames and because of the intensity.”

“And he did an amazing job. He backed it up. We were able to turn it around, and he drove out of it.”

Back at the trailhead, knowing they still needed an alternative way out of the danger, they were relieved to see two park workers with a motorboat on nearby Lake McDonald.

“We kept yelling and waving, and they just waved back at us like we were saying hi,” he said. “And … we’re going, ‘No, come here, come here, we need help.'”

The workers accompanied them back to their campsite to gather their belongings, and finally escorted them to safety.

The Howe Ridge Fire began on August 11 due to a lightning strike and is still raging to this day, having burned over 14,000 acres of the National Park.

(Incident Information System)

Recalling the incident, Justin still can’t believe they made it back to the trailhead after their journey into the flames.

“Once we saw that downed tree, I really didn’t think we were going to be able to get out of there alive,” he said.


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Father Figures: The Soil

“To me, fatherhood is about being the soil in which your kids grow.

How much rich and deep your love will determine how strong and quality your kids will grow.

In the end, you will be sapped of the best parts of you and will be only good at getting in people’s hair.

Okay that last part was a joke.”

– Andrew Mathis

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Dad’s Before-and-After Photo of His College Football-Playing Son Goes Viral


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to the journey of a father and son – these two combined are worth exponentially more.

“We were down on the field and I just remember it was a crazy feeling to just be on the field,” Tevin Jeannis told The Athletic. He continued to reflect on the moments after his first Oregon Ducks game in 2012, “And then my dad was like, ‘Do you want to do this someday?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ ”


Jude Jeannis, Tevin’s father and University of Oregon graduate, might not have known it at the time but that short exchange on Autzen Field was a defining moment in his son’s life. That was the night Tevin dedicated himself to playing football.

Running track, doing CrossFit, altering his diet—Tevin flourished on his high school field. At wide receiver, he led his team with 39 receptions for 632 yards and six touchdowns to earn second-team 4A All-State status as a senior last fall.


As impressive as his numbers were, Tevin lived in Scappoose, Oregon: a farming town of about 7,000 and not exactly a hotbed of NFL prospects. An offer came in from Division II Western Oregon, and FCS member Portland State showed some interest. That’s typically as good as it gets in Scappoose.

Then something interesting happened. The University of Oregon—Tevin and his father’s team—offered a preferred walk-on position.

“It was unreal,” Tevin told The Athletic. “I didn’t know what it meant. Like, I thought it just meant I could be only on the scout team and not to get to do any of the cool stuff. But they were like, no, you’re part of this team. You get your own uniform, your own jersey number and you get to ball out.”


On September 8th, Jude Jeannis and his son took another photo at Autzen Field. They’re standing in nearly the same spot as they did in 2012, but a lot has changed.

At 6’2″, Tevin now towers over his father. Jude settles for an arm around the waist instead of the shoulders. Tevin has traded in his black Oregon hoodie for a green Ducks jersey—a yellow “21” plastered across his chest. The proud smiles, however, remain the same.

Jude posted the before-and-after photos on Twitter with the caption, “It was all a dream.”

Despite Jude’s relatively small social media following, the photo has received tons of attention, garnering over 500 retweets and over 5,000 likes.

“He had like 30 followers and he got like 60 likes and was all happy about it,” Tevin said. “Then I retweeted it, some big names started retweeting it and we just blew up from there.”

While Tevin’s career at Oregon might only be beginning, the Jeannis father-son duo is clearly in its prime.

Reddit Restores Photo of Army Dad and Faith in Humanity


These days, the internet and social media get a lot of flack, and for good reason. When it comes to the news it’s mostly the bad stuff from the dark regions of the internet that makes headlines.

This just in: social media does good stuff too.

One proud daughter learned that just in time for her dad’s birthday.

Alexiz Connolly was gathering some photos for celebrating her father’s 60th birthday on Friday. She didn’t have many photos of his younger days, but she came upon an old army photo. Unfortunately, it that was ripped, chipped, creased and discolored.

Alexiz, who lives on Campo Indian Reservation in California, told the BBC how she was able to salvage the special photo.

“My dad’s 60th birthday is on Friday and I was gathering his only young photos, one of which was his army photo,” Alexiz said.

She shared the image in a Reddit group for “history’s cool kids,” and one user suggested she ask for help restoring it.

She did just that, and in just 12 hours, the picture of her dad in his 1st Ranger Battalion uniform was fully restored.


An ecstatic Alexiz thanked the Reddit community, specifically the user known as The BlackPopeSJ, who edited the image for her.

“I’m in tears! Thank-you so much for this! I feel grateful that anyone would take the time to fix up his photo,” Alexiz wrote.

The photo, which garnered over 45,000 upvotes one Reddit, also kickstarted a conversation with her dad about his army past.

“I’m overwhelmed by the love my dad’s photo has got,” Alexiz explained. “It’s also given me the opportunity to ask my dad more questions about his time in the army.

Alexiz wasn’t the only one humbled by the internet’s capacity for good. Reddit user DayGlowBeautiful: “I’m in awe at your generosity of helping a random stranger on the internet with such an amazing gesture. This is what I hope the internet does for humanity, bring us all closer.”

Sometimes social media really does emphasize the “social” in technology.

Daughter Asks Internet to Send Mail to Grieving 92-Year-Old Dad, Internet Delivers!


It’s never easy to lose a loved one, especially when you’ve spent most of your life with that person.

For Gerard, a 92-year-old in Nova Scotia, adjusting to life without Ellen, his beloved wife of six decades, hasn’t been easy. His one solace has been the mail, which he’s loved since working as a Canada Post mailman. In the aftermath of his wife’s passing, receiving the daily mail has been his one solace. His children have indulged that enjoyment by making sure there’s something for him to receive.

“Dad really does wait for the mail every day, so the last couple of months, the siblings have been trying to send him a card or a newspaper clipping. Something small just to have something arrive in the mail.” Gerard’s daughter Miriam told Global News.

Recently, with her dad hurting and his birthday approaching, Miriam wanted to do something extra special for him. So she decided to call on the internet for some help.

She took to Twitter, shared her dad’s mailing address, and asked readers to send him some mail; a letter, a picture, a postcard, anything, in advance of his approaching October birthday.

She didn’t expect all that much, maybe a few nice cards. Instead her tweet took off, garnering nearly 45,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets in just three days since she posted it.

People responded to the tweet in droves, promising to send cards, photos, even food. The response has been overwhelming.

“I joke I quit my job to look after this,” Miriam laughs. “Every half hour, I get 300 notifications [on Twitter]…“I thought maybe I could get a few strangers on the internet to send him something that would really please him. I anticipated five or 10 people would say, ‘I will do that,’ but I certainly did not anticipate this.”

Teachers have even enlisted their classrooms to write letters to the widower.

Miriam explains that her dad, ever the loving husband, is appreciative of the response, but doesn’t think it’s about him.

“My dad sees this as a tribute to mom not to him. He sees this as something that acknowledges her life even though it’s done because of her absence, but he totally feels that this is more about her.”

Gerard sounds like our type of guy.

While it’s too late to get him a birthday card on time, it’s never too late to put a smile on his face. So if you want to wish him happy belated his mailing address is in the tweet above.

Alternatively you can leave a comment here, below the article link on Facebook and we’ll turn all the comments into a hard copy and send them to Gerard alongside some The Dad swag!

Happy birthday Gerard!

Photo of Dad Using Lap to Change Son’s Diaper Goes Viral


Almost every dad knows the frustration of being considered the back-up parent, or Mr. Mom, a babysitter to his own kids. As more and more men step up to the parenting plate and the world slowly catches up, it’s increasingly frustrating to run into situations in which it’s clear dads are something of an afterthought.

One involved father took to his Instagram account to decry one such situation.

Donte Palmer is a 31-year-old father of three who runs the @3boys_1goal Instagram account. The other day, he was out with one of his sons and the boy needed a diaper change. So Donte ducked into a public restroom – only to be thwarted by a lack of a changing table.

He was forced to improvise, crouching down and laying his child over his lap to prevent putting him on the floor, and he shared a picture of the maneuver online, along with a rant about the treatment of fathers.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Donte Palmer (@3boys_1goal) on

“What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don’t exist!!” the Jacksonville, Florida high school teacher captioned his photo. “Clearly, we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It’s routine to him!!!! Let’s fix this problem!”

There probably isn’t a dad reading this who hasn’t been forced to find a way to change a kid in a public restroom that doesn’t have a changing table. In fact, there’s been several dads online who’ve been attempting to remedy this situation for years.

Put a change table in men’s washrooms already!

This Spider-Man Is Daddy Powered [VIDEO]

(YouTube/Show Podcast Radio)

There’s nothing little kids like more than pretending to be superheroes. Most of the time, a makeshift costume and a healthy imagination are all that’s needed, but one dad gave his son’s Spider-man impersonation a boost.


And no bite from a radioactive spider required.

Middle School Football Team Scores Amazing Touchdown

Sleepy Dad Mistakes Rolled Up Robe for Baby

Flight of the Conchords’ New Song ‘Father & Son’ Puts Fun in Dysfunctional [VIDEO]

(YouTube/The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)

New Zealand’s favorite comedy folk duo—well, fourth favorite, according to them—are officially back in showbiz after going on hiatus in 2009. They’re releasing a new special on HBO, Flight Of The Conchords: Live At The London Apollo, on October 6th. To promote the show, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement joined Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Late Show. They talk about everything from the babies they’ve had (not with each other) to dinner invitations from the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Taking the stage, the pair debuted a pleasant acoustic ballad called ‘Father & Son.’ A call-and-response-style tune that sounds like it could easily be slipped into a Cat Stevens album. The song depicts a conversation between “a guy and his little guy,” played by Clement and McKenzie respectively.

However, what begins as a sweet conversation quickly takes a turn for the strange when the father mentions the death of his son’s mother, which the son quickly rebuffs.

“You know very well, Dad, Mumma didn’t die / She just hooked up with another guy / His name’s Trevor and now they live together / That’s why you pick me up on Friday nights”

What follows is a first-person perspective of a hilariously dysfunctional family, all through the lens of Flight of the Conchords’ signature dry humor and hooky melodies.

Check out FOTC’s appearance on the Late Show below.