Hundreds of Students Say Goodbye to Their Town’s “Waving Granny” [WATCH]

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As the sun rises over the small town of Comox in British Columbia, 88-year-old Tinney Davidson sits by her front window and takes in the view.

The great-grandmother smiles as she watches the waves, then does as she has for the past 12 years… she waves right back.

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Those waves, a morning “hello” from the hundreds of students who pass by her home each day.

Davidson has lived across the street from Highland Secondary School where she, along with her late husband, Ken, began waving to the teenagers out their large picture window after purchasing the home in 2007.

The students, who Davidson says were always looking in, soon began waving too.

“I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought, ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them,’ and that’s how it started,” Davidson said during an interview in 2014.

Many of the local kids have known Davidson for years, so when they received news last week that their beloved “Waving Granny” would soon be moving to an assisted living facility, over 400 of them showed up to say a final goodbye.

Some came with handmade signs – others with flowers – but together the students brought one big smile as well as a few tears to Davidson’s face.

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This isn’t the first time Davidson’s kindness has been recognized by the community.

In 2014, the school invited her to an assembly in her honor on Valentine’s Day, where students paid tribute to the special resident whose kindness has touched so many lives.

As for Davidson, she was once again moved by such a grand gesture.

“I was shocked again that there are so many kids that wanted to say goodbye to me,” said Davidson.

As the students left, Davidson waved one last time and reflected fondly on the seemingly small routine that has obviously made a big impact.

“I think I’ve connected very well with them, it’s been fun.”

While texts, tweets and digital communications now consume our daily lives, it’s stories such as this remind us that real connections can start with just a simple ????.

Tweet Roundup: The 21 Funniest Dad Tweets Of April 2019

(Getty/Mayte Torres)

April is officially in the books. But don’t worry. You’ll be picking up little strands of plastic Easter basket grass well into the autumn season. Here are 22 of this month’s funniest tweets by dads and the people who love them.

You won’t even see it coming.


Parenting really is a full-time job.

Fairly accurate representation.

Yes. Everything.

Real dedication to the bit.

They’re all 10 now.

Well, that’s one way to do it.

Quick, hide under the ring apron.

The most fatherly way to go.

Yep, they’ll do that.

Ah, yes. The Parent Tax.

We’re all raising little radicals.


Bound to happen.

Way more times if the park job is exceptional.

What’s the opposite of paternity leave?

Kids: sometimes they just get it.

A little housework motivation.

The dreaded Easter hangover.


Paul Rudd and James Corden’s Cancelled Children’s Music Duo [WATCH]

Rudd & Corden The Naptime Boyz
(YouTube/The Late Late Show)

I’m not here to crap all over children’s music. No, I don’t like most of it – the Paw Patrol and Octonauts theme songs being major exceptions! – and I do my best not to listen to it. I’ve avoided the dreaded “Baby Shark” tune for a long long time now, and it’s one of my major accomplishments as a father.

The industry needs new blood. Thankfully, James Corden and Paul “Ant-Man” Rudd are here to inject it with some. Unfortunately, it may not be quite appropriate for any actual children.

Rudd took a break from his Avengers: Endgame victory lap to join the host of The Late Late Show for a hilarious sketch about “The Naptime Boyz,” a children’s music duo consisting of Rudd and host James Corden.

At the start of the video, titled “The Untold Story of the Naptime Boyz,” Rudd and Corden explain how their team-up was off to a great start – resulting in “one of the biggest recording advances in children’s music history ($900)” – until they filmed a video and things fell apart.

They then share the video. The lyrics to “Busy Day” are on point, but the pair’s dancing and pantomiming are oddly suggestive. They followed it up with “Silly Seesaw” and another catchy tune called “The Housework Song” – “Our Abbey Road. Our Purple Rain. Our Spiceworld.” – both of which feature Corden and Rudd gleefully, and obliviously, pantomiming sex acts.

Eventually, the duo sees the error in their ways and figure out exactly what it was that led to “the fastest cancellation in television history” and Mister Rogers threatening to kick their asses.

But man, the songs were good. See for yourself!

Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Finally Proves We Are In The Darkest Timeline


Sonic the Hedgehog is being made into a movie and this is the movie that they have decided to make. And that is fine because there is actually nothing anyone of us can do about it.

Now, I’m not here to dunk on anything. I’m not about that hater life. There is every chance this could be a really fun adventure featuring a beloved character from my childhood, whom I have just realized is essentially a streaker.

….Oh god, what have we done?

Nope! No negativity! We haven’t seen this movie yet, and there’s too much trash talk on the internet to get all judgy about something that isn’t even out yet. So, you won’t find me saying anything mean about this film from now on.  I will, however, suggest a theory that this entire project was conceived, written (possibly by an advanced computer program), filmed and edited all in the span of time since the first Detective Pikachu trailer dropped; because this is obviously going for a vibe.

Something that 90s kids should be excited for is Jim Carrey, playing 90s-era Jim Carrey, playing Dr. Robotnik (and yes, it is Robotnik, you can get outta here with that “Eggman” nonsense, don’t @ me). It looks like the Dr. Robotnik of this story is an evil scientist from Earth, assigned by XO Tigh from Battlestar Galactica to hunt down Sonic. However, the final shot of Carrey shows a more traditional Robotnik, goggles and all, in what looks like the Sega Genesis Universe version of Fury Road.


So! Either Robotnik is transported into Sonic’s world and goes totally crazy over the course of the movie, OR Robotnik is from the Sega Universe, and has snuck into our world for some reason or another, I don’t know, I only played the first one, guys.

Another undeniable plus is Ben Swartz as the voice of Sonic. This was the only possible choice for this role.

Sonic, after collecting all the rings: 

Also along for the ride is James Marsden, because James Marsden is up for anything and we should all strive to have his attitude in life.

Now, I’m gonna call something right here and now: Despite no evidence of this, it is almost guaranteed that there will be an MCU style post-credits scene that teases Tails. It’s just how these movies do things now. As for why Sonic is a fan of the Dangerous Minds soundtrack, or what the golden rings do in this universe, or literally any of the thousands of questions you may have from watching this trailer, we’ll just have to see.

Sonic The Hedgehog power slides its way into theaters November 8.

Take a Dad Nap at Work in This New “Lay Flat Office Chair” [WATCH]


Everyone loves a good nap but they can be pretty difficult to schedule when you’ve got a house full of small humans that constantly require you to make snacks, listen to rambling stories, and “watch this” dozens of times in a row.

But, NEWSFLASH: Sleep is important. Many prominent companies such as Google, The Huffington Post, Mercedes-Benz, and NASA have begun providing employees with napping opportunities throughout the work day and are seeing significant benefits like improved mental clarity, reaction time, and overall mood as a result.

Not all of us have access to a sleep pod or nap room though, so how can you grab a few winks in your boring ol’ cubicle?

Well, thanks to Japanese retailer Thanko, you can now transform your desk chair into the ideal napping station in seconds.

The “Lay Flat Office Chair” definitely plays the role of the unassuming office chair at first, but just pull a couple of levers and BOOM: instant office bed.

It’s not intended for the long, coma-like naps where you wake up sweaty, disoriented, and angry for no reason, but if you want to enjoy the refreshing benefits of a 15-20 minute power nap, this might be the perfect option. Coming in at a whopping $600, the “Lay Flat Office Chair” isn’t cheap, but there are definitely a few less expensive alternatives here and here if you’re on a budget…but both fall short of the Lay Flat’s decline capabilities.

Just make sure to talk to your boss about your new nap initiative before pulling the trigger. . . though, unemployment would provide ample opportunities for naps, too, so follow your heart, I guess.

Remember Goldeneye 007 on N64? Family Guy Remembers.


22 years ago, a game was released that would forever change not only the landscape of first-person shooters but the very fabric of our society.


Alright, that might sound like overkill, but GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo’s N64 console was undeniably awesome for its time and kept many of us glued to our screens long before that sort of thing was commonplace.

The graphics, which look wonderfully ridiculous by today’s standards, were honestly dope as hell back in 1997.


Back when TVs were square, but you still somehow managed to share the screen with three of your friends that were sitting right next to you.


While Grand Theft Auto launched around the same time and was a huge hit, GoldenEye will always have a special place for many of us who were fortunate enough to play it.

The game is so memorable that Fox’s Family Guy recently paid their respect to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences 1997-1998 “Game of the Year” in an “impossible video game escape” sequence that will have you feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

Click in your rumble pack and soak in the blocky characters, familiar landscape and odd yet familiar musical accompaniment as Peter and Meg shoot their way out of a prison.

“Meg, this is what 1997 looked like.”

When it comes to overpowering the guards, Peter remarks “These guys are terrible shots”, another way the show kept true to the original gameplay mechanics.

While the short clip leaves you wanting more, this small nod to a game from the past is a welcome reminder that not only was GoldeneEye awesome, but that Family Guy still knows how to be completely random yet somehow effortlessly relatable.

While the Bond franchise has taken many directions both on the big screen and on consoles, GoldenEye on N64 will forever live in a class all by itself.

Thanks to emulators and the internet, the game has even gained notoriety among younger generations as they can now find a new appreciation for this 90’s classic.

In closing, I have just placed a proximity mine directly above the last paragraph so scrolling back up would be a big mistake.

Best to keep on reading the next story.

MC Grammar Spits Fire During Bedtime Stories [WATCH]

MC Grammar Raps Children's Books
(The Teacher Train/MC Grammar YouTube/Ellen)

When you have kids, you can’t help lose track of yourself a bit. Caring for little humans is an all-consuming responsibility, especially at first, and when you’re adjusting to your new reality, it’s easy to lose track of the things that make you, you.

Maintaining your pre-parent personality and interests is vital to having a healthy lifestyle, and the good news is, if you get creative, the things that make you who you are can actually improve your parenting, and vice versa. You can even incorporate your passions into your parenting!

Take Jacob Mitchell, aka MC Grammar, an elementary school teacher in London who uses his rapping skills to make his lessons more entertaining. Jacob recently went viral when he spit fire while reading The Gruffalo to one of his daughters.

The video received over 5 million views and caught the attention of The Ellen Show, who brought the rapping dad on the show where he displayed more of his skills via a killer rendition of the classic Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham.”

The segment from the show has nearly 200,000 views in less than a day as parents and kids alike marvel at MC Grammar’s skillz. But please, don’t try this at home, because odds are, even if you can do funny voices Jacob seamlessly switches into and out of, you definitely can’t touch his flow.

You can check out all his lyrical-grammatical tracks here.

Domino’s Creates a Pizza-Based Baby Registry

Domino's Pizza Registry
(Getty/Photodisc Gugu Guru)

A few years ago, for this very website, I wrote a story about a new initiative from Domino’s that seemed equal parts trashy and genius: they’re very own pizza-based wedding registry.

Newlyweds could use the registry to make sure they received a wedding gift they’d actually use, by which I mean eat.

Well, Domino’s is back at it again, and this time they’re targeting the truly hungry: pregnant women! That’s right, the pizza chain’s latest initiative is a baby shower pizza registry.

Expecting parents can head over to Domino’s Baby Registry to customize their pizza wish list to make sure that they get the banana peppers the baby on board is craving.

There are even specially-themed gift cards so moms can order the pizza at their leisure, aka, in the middle of the night when the pickles and ice cream combo isn’t cutting it. The selections include “The Gender Reveal Party” package, the “Baby Shower” package, the “Hormonal and Hangry” package, and the “Sleep Through The Night” package, depending on their mood.

Domino’s director of digital marketing, Meenakshi Nagarajan, explains the offering, which is powered by Gugu Guru. “There’s nothing more exciting – and exhausting – than welcoming a new member to the family. From baby showers to the big delivery, our baby registry makes it easy to enjoy pizza during the exciting events leading up to the baby’s arrival and thereafter.”

Maybe you don’t have a kid on the way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a food baby.

Father Figures: Hell of a Ride

“My wife and I had tried for years to have children. We finally made the decision to add to our family through adoption.

Five years ago we were blessed to be chosen by a birth mother to be the parents of her yet to be born boy/girl twins. We were able to meet her in January. We were able to be at the hospital on the night they were born and we took them home with us a few days later.

The joy that these two wonderful children have brought to our lives is immeasurable. We just celebrated their 5th birthday and it has been one hell of a ride!”

– Jon Eikenberry

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Wasted Years

Dad Grades: Thanos [NO END GAME SPOILERS]


Heads-up! The following post contains no End Game spoilers but does reference Infinity War. 

We made it, baby. After 22 Marvel movies, we’ve finally reached end game. Not just any end game. Marvel’s The Avengers: End Game. The antagonist of which is the one dad we’ve been so anxious to take our fat red marker to: Thanos.


SPOILER NON-WARNING: Relax. This edition of Dad Grades will only contain plot points from Avengers: Infinity War. We assume you’ve seen this. There are no End Game spoilers within.

Onward. Thanos. Purple guy.


“Strength” is a funny word. Sometimes it can mean finding the courage to admit to a loved one you have a gambling problem. Maybe strength is pulling the trigger on that swimsuit photo you’ve always wanted to post. Sometimes strength is punching really hard. Thanos is the third thing.

Gamora’s dad is capable of great strength. He stands at a hulking 8 feet. That’s almost as tall as the Hulk! According to the Marvel Dictionary, Thanos is at least Class 100 strength, enabling him to lift over 100 tons. Blue whales weigh 115 tons, and that’s the largest mammal to ever exist. It doesn’t get much stronger than that. One would assume, however, Thanos is the kind of dude who grunts and drops the blue whale.


With your knees, Thanos!

Oh, and lest we forget that whole Infinity Stone glove shit. Wiping out half the population with a mere snap of the fingers? Major strength. Cheating, but a strength nonetheless.


However, this is The Dad, so we’re seeking out strengths of non-physical nature. How does Thanos stack up against other fictional dads in terms of paternal instinct? Is he a good provider? Does he lead by example? Is he patient? Ope, he just threw his daughter off a cliff.


Alright. Welp. That about wraps it up for this edition of Dad Grades. Really no recourse for this guy, having done that. We’re gonna give a hard and fast “no” to throwing your kid off a cliff, even if a stipulation for procuring an Infinity Stone is the sacrifice a loved one.

Nope, not even if you shed a tear afterward.


You just don’t do that, pal.

We could easily make light of this. Sure, we could allude his cameo in the first Avenger’s credits and joke about him not showing up until the very end of young Gamora’s piano recitals.

We could probably get in a shot or two at this pathetic excuse for a dad chair.

Or maybe said something to the effect of,

“And you thought it was scary when your parents snapped at you.”

But we’re taking the high ground here. Flinging your child off some big pointy rock is never okay. We’re done here.


You were probably expecting us to find some silly, roundabout way of heaping praise upon this guy, huh. Think again. We already gave Homer Simpson, beloved TV icon and verifiable child-strangler, our lowest grade possible. But a simple F isn’t enough for the unforgivable act of chucking your daughter to her rocky death. We’re gonna have to go much cruel than F.


(Warner Bros)

Check out our previous Dad Grades when we ranked the best and worst fathers on Game of Thrones.

James Gandolfini’s Son Looks Just Like Him in Soprano’s Prequel Film

(Getty/Jason LaVeris;Theo Wargo)

Many sons walk in their fathers’ footsteps in some way or another throughout their lifetime, but not many get to actually be their fathers.

Michael Gandolfini, 19, is starring in the Sopranos prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark, as a young Tony Soprano and has been spotted on set looking nearly identical to his old man. . . albeit with slightly more hair, of course.

(Bauer-Griffin; HBO/Courtesy Everett Collection)

The feature takes place in the 1960s and will feature many younger versions of characters from the hit show as they navigate the tumultuous time in Newark when the riots between Italian-Americans and African-Americans were at an all-time high.

“It’s a profound honor to continue my dad’s legacy while stepping into the shoes of a young Tony Soprano,” Michael said in a statement obtained by Variety after he was cast for the role.

“I’m thrilled that I am going to have the opportunity to work with David Chase and the incredible company of talent he has assembled,” Michael added, regarding the series creator.

James Gandolfini, who died of a heart attack in 2013 at the age of 51, played the iconic New Jersey mob boss for six seasons until the show’s dramatic finale in 2007, but we’re sure he’d love to see his son take over in this special tribute.

In the interview below with People, Steve Schirripa (aka, Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri from original series) explained how excited he is to see Michael carry on the proverbial torch as the infamous Soprano patriarch.

Real Life Mario Kart Race Might Be Coming to a City Near You [WATCH]

(Instagram/Mushroom Rally)

You might think you’re top dog (or plumber… or gorilla… or dinosaur) on the race track when you have a controller in your hand, but do you have what it takes to jump in the driver’s seat yourself?

Mushroom Rally, a live-action, costumed go-kart race heavily inspired by everyone’s favorite Nintendo kart simulator, is traveling around the country, offering Mario Kart fans a chance to finally prove themselves on an actual race track.

As you might suspect, this isn’t your typical pop-up rally. Even though it isn’t affiliated with Nintendo, racers each choose their own costume (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, or Yoshi) and then put the pedal to the metal on a colorful Mario-themed track.

(Instagram/Mushroom Rally)

The Mushroom Rally is in the middle of its tour to cities in and out of the US, with Houston, Miami, and Cincinnati next on the schedule. The fastest overall lap time in each city earns a spot in the Mushroom Rally Finals in Las Vegas.

Interested in joining a race? Tickets will set you back $55 and go-karts can handle anyone weighing less than 300 lbs and under 6-foot-7. The price also includes your Mario-themed costume rental, so don’t worry about having to track down the perfect Donkey Kong get-up before race day (unless you just want your own, of course).


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The race is on #Nottingham #mushroomrally #winnertakesitall

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The qualifying races are restricted to adult drivers only but most rally locations have set times for underage drivers to use the track, too.

On Rally day, competitors will each participate in a preliminary race, the winners of which will go on to compete in a second race where they can win cash and video game-related prizes. Also, even if they don’t have the fastest times, racers can earn prizes and even a spot in the Las Vegas finals by collecting the most stars on the track!

(Instagram/Mushroom Rally)

The day is also filled with a number of prize giveaways and music from an in-house DJ so don’t expect the party to end when you cross the finish line.

For additional information regarding future events and ticketing options, check out