Nick and Tori Foles Share Heartbreaking News of Miscarriage

Nick and Tori Foles

Losing a child is never easy, even when that child has yet to be born. More and more people are bringing awareness to the pain and heartbreak of having a miscarriage by speaking publicly about their pain. The latest example is NFL quarterback Nick Foles.

This off-season, less than two years after winning the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl, quarterback Nick Foles was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. After serving as the Eagles backup to Carson Wentz, and stepping in for the highly-touted draft pick to lead the Eagles to the championship – and winning the Super Bowl MVP award – in 2017, Foles was headed to Florida for the 2019 season.

Football was the last thing on his mind this week when he was forced to skip the Jaguars OTAs (organized team activities) for personal reasons.

His wife took to Instagram to reveal exactly why her husband was home with her instead of practicing with his new teammates.

She had suffered a miscarriage while 15 weeks pregnant with their second baby, who was to be a little brother to their daughter, Lily.

Tori Foles, Nick’s wife, wrote a long Instagram post detailing what had happened, explaining that she had “contracted an infection of pneumonia in the blood”

“As several of you knew, we were about 15 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby. Early Sunday morning after a rough couple days fighting a “virus” of some sort, I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong. Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy.”


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Read below for full story. So thankful for this family right here and miss having them right down the street! Our weekend together was not quite as planned, but blessed by their presence and the help they provided us with an unexpected set of circumstances that nick and I suddenly found ourselves in. As several of you knew, we were about 15 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby. Early Sunday morning after a rough couple days fighting a “virus” of some sort, I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong. Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy. To fully labor and deliver and even see our baby boy was a pretty devastating process. Come to find that I had contracted an infection of pneumonia in the blood. The emotions go back and forth from immense and overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger to a firm belief that God has this fully in his hands and will use this for good. We cannot always understand or explain, but we know that is true. We’ve endured some unique challenges as a couple so far, but never quite knew what something like this felt like and now we do. We have so much compassion and sensitivity to those who have gone through a miscarriage at any point and in any circumstance. We know they all happen very differently. We are finally home from the hospital and recovering physically from the infection with antibiotics (already much better) as well as emotionally from this traumatic loss. This will take time. So many thanks to everyone who has reached out to us and who has been praying for us. Also a heartfelt thank you to Baptist Beaches hospital staff in maternity. What an incredible team of doctors and nurses that took care of us the last 4 days. ❤️ Thank you Taylor family for being here this weekend. We had a pretty fun weekend planned, and it was turned upside down, but God knew we needed you. ❤️

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Foles and his wife have received an outpouring of support from fans and players across the league.

Dad Interviews Daughter on First Day of School for 13 Years

Dad Interviews Daughter
(YouTube/Kevin Scruggs)

Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re not, which is why parenting seems to move so fast! I kid, I kid. But every parent knows how quickly their children grow up, and nothing puts that in sharper relief than comparing those first day/last day of school photos that flood social media at the end of the school year.

One dad took the idea a bit further, and rather than merely take photos to mark his daughter’s progression from kindergartner to high school graduate, he took videos. Every first day of school for her entire career Kevin Scruggs interviewed his daughter, Madison, and filmed it.

This June, Madison, now 18, will graduate from Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, Washington, and her dad’s adorable, tear-jerking compilation is going viral.

“I thought it would be cool when they graduate to them to see their whole career in one short clip,” Scruggs said on “Good Morning America. “I wanted to have something to remember.”

He’s done it before, having made a similar video for his eldest daughter, Mackenzie, in 2017, which has over 2 million views on YouTube. Madison’s has over 100,000 after just a week.

Sruggs worked with a video editor to edit and condense Madison’s video, which starts with Madison expressing enthusiasm for kindergarten – “Do you want to go back?” “Everyday!” – and follows her as she transitions through what she calls her “weird, awkward stages.” She’s okay with those being captured on video.

“It was [also] cool to see my personality change,” Madison said. “I’m really appreciative of how much time my dad put into it, how much he loves us and how much he and my mom do for us.”

Watch the video:

Rapper Lil Nas X Surprises School Kids With “Old Town Road” Performance

Lil Nas X Performs For Students

Around this time of the year, different media outlets start to speculate over what will be the so-called “song of the summer.” This is the phenomenon that left “Despacito” in our heads for the better part of a year and is not to be taken lightly.

But if you’re one of those trying to guess at this year’s summer pop song sensation, you’re a little late to the party.

Old Town Road by newly minted pop star Lil Nas X has been dominating the airwaves and the charts for weeks now (8 straight atop the Billboard Hot 100), and the man behind the viral sensation seems fully committed to keeping it going. Just ask the kids at Lander Elementary School in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

A few weeks ago, Lander’s principal Felicia Evans tagged Lil Nas X in a tweet showcasing her students dancing up a storm to the song at the 5th-grade talent show.

The rapper noticed the tweet and responded with what seemed like a joke about giving the school a free show.

Except it turns out he wasn’t joking. He and Evans began messaging on Twitter and arranging a surprise show at the school, the two of them keeping it completely under wraps as they did. Even from local media.

“It was completely a secret,” the principal told Buzzfeed. “The day before, the media had contacted me and I said, ‘Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it work.’”

But make it work they did, in about two weeks, delighting the school’s students and resulting in some of the most joyful, hilarious footage you’ll ever see.

After the performance, Lil Nas X lingered for selfies and small talk. Principal Evans still hasn’t recovered.

“Never in million years did I think tagging him on Twitter would result in this,” Evans said.

After good-natured stunts like this, it will be a little less painful to keep hearing Lil Nas X’s song for the next three to thirty months.

No One Believes Dad’s Emergency Dental Appointment is Actually at 2:30

No One Believe's Dads Dental Appointment

FORT WORTH, TX – In what can only be described as a twist of cruel fate, years of telling dad jokes have made it impossible for 47-year-old Michael Petty to be trusted, as not a single person in his family believes that his urgent dental appointment is actually at “tooth hurty.”

“2:30 is the only time that the dentist had available today, I’m not joking!” shouted Michael while clutching at the side of his mouth, causing his son to roll his eyes and retort, “We know you’re not joking, you’re dad. Try coming up with something new.”

As Michael desperately attempted to convince his wife to give him a ride to the dentist—as it would be unsafe for him to drive while experiencing all this pain—she simply walked away and claimed it would be nice for him to spend as much time looking for jobs as he does telling jokes.

“Hello, I’d like the reschedule my appointment,” said Michael into the phone, before being told that he would have to pay a cancellation fee since “impressing your family” is not a legitimate enough reason to cancel within 24 hours.

To make matters even worse, Michael just tripped and dislocated his finger. Unfortunately, he knows that asking anyone in his family to “pull his finger” to help set it back into place will be met with the same disinterested looks.

This Just In…is The Dad Faking News. Despite being completely plausible to parents, it’s satire and intended for entertainment purposes only. For more stories like this one click here.

I Have a Sweet Tooth for the Upcoming Twisted Metal TV Show

(Sony Interactive Entertainment)

It’s official—a TV series based on the vehicular combat video game series, Twisted Metal, is officially in the works at PlayStation Productions.

While very little is actually known about the series at this early stage, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra talked about the project a bit in an investor relations presentation.

“We have a TV show we just agreed to get underway that will be developed from the IP on PlayStation, it’s called Twisted Metal,” Vinciquerra explained. “It’s a game that was put out many years ago and we’re going to develop a TV series around that.”

It begs the question, though: Why would Sony green light such a project now?


The last Twisted Metal game was released back in 2012 on the Sony PlayStation 3, and despite favorable reviews, sales were underwhelming; it felt as if the franchise’s time was behind us. There was even a Twisted Metal movie briefly in the works that same year with Brian Taylor (Crank) tapped to direct, but the film was eventually nixed.

“It was a movie that felt like it needed to be $50 million, but they didn’t feel that the fanbase really merited that kind of movie,” Taylor later explained.

On a related note, Vinciquerra also stated that the Uncharted movie that’s been long talked about is in “advanced development.” While it’s unclear what that actually means, it’s obvious that PlayStation Productions is making serious moves to adapt their properties to the big and small screens.

The next obvious question: Who’s got your vote to play Twisted Metal’s hellish, ice cream truck-driving clown mascot, Sweet Tooth?

Personally, I’m hoping for a hilarious reimagining of the character with Danny Devito. . . but he might be too busy.

Father Figures: She Forgave Me


“I used to be a heavy drinker and as a result my relationship with my daughters mother was very turbulent.

We ended up splitting up and I would rarely see my daughter because I chose drinking and partying over her.

A few years passed this way, but my daughter was always a daddy’s girl. She would always call me or ask her mom to take her to Daddy’s house to see me.

In all honestly, I cannot tell you what changed everything for me. All the mistakes that I made as a father just hit me all at once and it totally broke me emotionally. I picked up my daughter and asked for her forgiveness for being an absentee dad all those years and she forgave me.

Till this day I try and be the best dad I can be to her and although I still have slip-ups now and then with the binge drinking, it is nowhere close to what it was before.”

– Bernie Del Gadillo

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Check out the previous editions of Father Figures here.

Cubs’ Albert Almora Distraught After His Foul Ball Hits 4-Yr-Old Girl

Almora Distraught

Taking your kids to see a baseball game is one of the most fun experiences you can do as a parent. I still remember the first time I went to a game, at Fenway Park, and I’ve loved bringing my own children to various stadiums. We’ve even brought gloves along in case a foul ball came flying towards us.

The potential of a player hitting a ball into the stands is both exciting and scary, especially when you’re a parent in the stands with a youngster. Not every foul ball is a blooper.

One parent experienced the scary side of such an incident on Wednesday night when his daughter was hit with a line drive off the bat of Cubs player Albert Almora, who himself was very distraught in the aftermath.

The Cubs were playing the Astros at Minute Maid Park in Houston when Almora’s line drive flew into the stands and hit a 4-year-old girl, causing the stadium to fall silent and Almora to drop to his knees.

“I had to try to keep my composure during that at bat, but when that half inning was over, I just couldn’t hold it anymore,” Almora said in a post-game interview. “As soon as I hit it, the first person I locked eyes on was her. Just praying. I’m speechless. I’m at loss of words. Being a father, two boys,” Almora said.

A series of photos shows just how emotional Almora was over the whole thing.

Thankfully, it could have been much worse, as the girl is expected to be okay. But other ballplayers, like Taylor Trammell of the Cincinnati Reds expressed their own fears of such a thing.

Many players feel the netting needs to be extended to further protect spectators so incidents like don’t occur. With this incident getting a lot of attention on social media, perhaps that potential precaution will be revisited.

Stan Lee’s Last Project “Superhero Kindergarten” Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger

Superhero Kindergarten

Marvel Comics head honcho and all-around legend passed away late last year, just before the debut of the final installment of the ambitious 10-year run of Avengers movies based around characters his company created. Lee had a cameo in every single Marvel movie, including End Game‘s record-breaking culmination, but due to his passing, that seemed to be the last we’d hear from the man.

Turns out he had one more trick up his sleeve, and he got a real-life superhero to help bring it to life.

Arnold Schwarzenneger is lending his voice to Arnold Armstrong, the lead character in Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, an animated comedy/action-adventure series written by Deadpool writer Fabian Nicieza. And Stan Lee himself, well, an animated version, will appear on the show.

The show comes courtesy of Genius Brands International, who announced on Wednesday that it was Stan Lee’s last project and that his signature cameos are the special ingredient.

“What will be particularly unique about this series,” said Andy Heyward, Genius Brands’ Chairman, and CEO, “is that there will be an animated cameo of Stan Lee appearing in every episode.”

Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Armstrong is a gym teacher who was infected by some cosmic comet dust and transformed into Captain Courage. Years after his greatest battle, Captain Courage is working undercover as an everyday kindergarten gym teacher who begins overseeing a newly-emerging crew of super-powered 5-year-olds.

“Of particular pride to me,” he added, “is the fact that I am not only teaching kids to use their superpowers, but I am also imparting valuable lessons to kids worldwide about the importance of health, exercise, and nutrition,” Schwarzenegger, whose Oak Productions collaborated with Genius Brands and Lee’s POW! Entertainment to develop the show told EW.

“Just as his millions of fans look forward to seeing [Stan Lee] appear in each Marvel film, they will look forward to his presence in each episode of this cartoon,” Heyward said of Lee, who died at the age of 95 in November 2018.

The show’s premiere date has not yet been scheduled.

Superhero Kindergarten

Apparently, Stan also created one last superhero with his daughter prior to his passing.

Crush Dad Style This Summer by ‘Dressing’ in Hidden Valley Ranch Wear


It’s almost summertime and the vast majority of dads are ready to once again not give a shit about what they wear to the neighborhood bbq. But for the truly discerning gentleman who wants to show off both his keen fashion sense as well as his love of America’s favorite salad dressing, the folks at Hidden Valley Ranch have everything you’ll need to be the talk of the town.

The original ranch dressing company has b-ranched out into the swag game, now selling everything from t-shirts to socks to… well… a lot of stuff actually.

Lettuce tell you about just a few items available in their web store and a few possible situations where they may come in handy.

Move over, Tommy Bahama, and make room for this tangy combination.

(Hidden Valley Ranch)

Imagine never again having to explain that you enjoy pizza or ranch dressing as this shirt has both everywhere! The only thing this bad boy is short on is sleeves.

(Hidden Valley Ranch)

What good is the shirt without a matching pair of swim trunks? These elastic waisted shorts come complete with Hidden Valley’s logo imprinted on the front, just in case the other dads thought you used store-brand ranch dressing. Can you imagine?


Maybe you’re a busy dad on-the-go and already have an impeccable wardrobe comprised of free t-shirts you’ve accumulated over the years. HVR’s branded fanny pack may be the perfect accessory to keep all your everyday essentials like car keys, your wallet or a bottle of creamy, but now body temperature, ranch dressing. Complete with zippered enclosures and even an earbud port, this son of a bitch basically has “DAD” written all over it. It’s sure to have all your friends whispering “does this guy work for Hidden Valley or what is the deal here?”


More the chill type? These grey sweats will keep you comfortable while discreetly letting everyone in your life know that you have a serious ranch dressing problem.

Your family is gathered and is hosting an intervention. Your love of ranch dressing is tearing apart your relationships at this point and it’s bordering on full-blown ridiculous. You’re feeling overwhelmed. Luckily you remembered your Hidden Valley Ranch flask.

Everyone is upset and starting to yell, but you’re still just thinking about ranch. You decide right then and there you won’t be stopped. You click “Add To Cart” on a six and a half foot inflatable bottle of ranch dressing that will show your neighbors and any passerby that you don’t play games. Add in the HVR pool float and matching towel to complete your summer look.

All joking aside, chances are if you saw someone randomly wearing a Hidden Valley shirt you’d think it was cool, so check out their entire store for all the stuff you never knew you wanted.

Dad Gets Trapped In Kiddie Playground Equipment, Requires Rescue Team

(Caters News Agency)

The best dads are the ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and really show their kids how to do something firsthand. Unfortunately, not everything made for kids is suitable for adult use.

For example, kiddie playground equipment is made specifically for individuals of the pint-sized variety. That didn’t stop Nottingham dad, Paul Clark, from jumping in to show his daughter how a toy worked.

Getting into the adorable helicopter spring rocker was the easy part. Getting out, on the other hand. . .

“My youngest daughter asked what the helicopter was and said she wouldn’t go on it until I did first. It was a bit of a tight squeeze,” Clark said.

Despite trying his best to wriggle his way out of the seemingly harmless piece of equipment, the only thing Clark managed to do was rip his pants and break his phone. It was at this point that he realized he needed some professional assistance.

“It was actually quite scary,” he said about the video, which was shot by the trainee photographer’s young daughter.  “Some people think I was wasting the rescue team’s time but if I hadn’t of called them I’d still be stuck right now.”

(Caters News Agency)

Clark was good and stuck for a little over the 30 minutes before rescue services were able to carefully dismantle the toy helicopter around him.

“They got some bolt croppers and were going to chop the handles off but I didn’t want them to ruin the rocker,” he said. “In the end, they screwed the handles off with a special drill so you can’t tell there’s any damage to it.”

(Caters News Agency)

Thankfully, Clark walked away from the incident only injuring his pride. Based on his daughters’ giggles, though, they’ll never let him forget the time he barely escaped his first helicopter flight.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Mario Kart Mobile Game


The Mario Kart Tour beta is finally live for Android users in the United States and Japan, which means videos and screenshots a-plenty have been sneaking their way onto the internet.

As for actual content, Mario Kart Tour allows players to revisit tracks from previous games like Super Mario Kart for the SNES and Mario Kart Double Dash, albeit the courses seem a bit scaled down in size.

In lieu of a physical controller, steering is accomplished by dragging your finger to the left or right of your character—the further the drag, the tighter the turn. You can even achieve those crucial drift boosts by turning late and aggressively.

Of course, items are back as well but they’re utilized a bit differently. Status affecting items like stars will be used automatically while projectiles like shells and banana peels still require a manual on-screen tap.


Certain characters also get special abilities and power-ups depending on the course. For example, Kotaku reports that Morton gets three item slots on Kalimari Desert instead of just the usual single slot. Other characters, like Metal Mario, have better bonuses on average across the various courses.

While the free-to-play pretty faithfully adapts the famous kart racing franchise to handheld devices, sources have shown that it’s already decked out with oodles of the lootboxes and microtransactions Nintendo is known for in their mobile games.

There are various currencies in the game. Coins that are collected on the track can be used in the in-game store; gems can be bought outright and unlock random racers, karts, and drivers; and a new stamina system involving hearts indicates how long you can play—run out of hearts (each lasts about 15 minutes) and you’ll either need to wait or purchase more.

Besides microtransactions being a general pain to see in modern games, they also make games (especially competitive multiplayer games) much more difficult to balance. Granted, this is only a beta and any number of these aspects are subject to change or even be drastically overhauled.

I just hope I don’t chuck my phone into a wall because some kid armed with mom and dad’s credit card blasted me with 17 blue shells right before the finish line. . .

This May Be the Best Ceremonial First Pitch of All Time

First Pitch Goes Wrong

The Chicago White Sox let their employee of the month throw out a ceremonial first pitch before the game Tuesday, and it immediately entered the discussion for the greatest ceremonial pitch of all time.

I think part of what makes this pitch so great is her reaction. She drills the photographer directly in the face and briefly laughs about it before steering into the moment and celebrating. And she should celebrate, as that’s a one-in-a-million throw.



I don’t know how the employee of the month is chosen, but it would be a tragedy if she doesn’t win the award every single month going forward. There’s hardly anyone there to see the White Sox play baseball, but people would show up and tune in to see how she might top that with another chance.


Historically, there have been some bad ceremonial pitches, as Mariah Carey and 50 Cent can attest to, but I think the leader in the clubhouse was always Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

Until he was dethroned last night, by the nameless White Sox employee of the month, with a pitch so pure she could probably be in the starting rotation for the last place Royals.

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