Teacher Adopts Teen Student Unable to Find a Foster Family Due to Medical Needs

Teacher adopts teen who couldn't find foster home due to medical needs
(YouTube/KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source)

Teachers often go above and beyond for their students, working long hours and putting in an extraordinary amount of effort to ensure their students’ needs are met. For many teachers, their dedication to their students extends far beyond the classroom. In extraordinary circumstances, teachers become far more than educators to their students – sometimes, they even become family.

Finn Lanning, a math teacher from Aurora, Colorado is a favorite among his students. He trusts his middle schoolers, instilling in them a sense of responsibility that helps them become more self-sufficient. Two years ago, a student named Damien approached Lanning with heartbreaking news – he wouldn’t be returning to school.

Unwilling to let his student walk away that easily, Finn questioned the 13-year-old, trying to understand the circumstances that led to the abrupt news. Lanning never could have anticipated the bomb that the fun-loving, intelligent teen was about to drop – Damien showed up to school and worked hard, but his home life was non-existent. Damien was in foster care, but due to kidney disease, it became impossible for social services to find a foster home willing to take on the extra responsibility of a foster child with medical needs.

Since foster care was no longer an option, Damien was being sent to live in a hospital. As if his situation wasn’t challenging enough, receiving the transplant he desperately needed was nearly impossible since those without stable homes to return to after surgery were less likely to be approved.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean, you just can’t sit across from somebody that you care about and hear them say something like that and know that you have room to help,” Finn recalled to CBS News.

Though Finn thoroughly enjoyed his life as a childless bachelor, something changed after his conversation with Damien. The teacher was both unwilling and unable to sit by as one of his students lost everything. The young teacher made a decision, one that would change both of their lives forever – Finn Lanning became a foster parent.

Damien was hesitant to let himself feel excited, though he was thrilled he wouldn’t have to call a hospital his home. “It’s kind of bad thinking about that, but some people actually do that. Like, they’ll be happy with you one day and then just kick you out the next,” he said.

But two years later, Damien no longer has to worry about whether or not he has a place to call home. A few months ago, Finn adopted the now 15-year-old, making their little family official. Damien even received a kidney transplant, finally allowing him to live his life as a normal, happy teen.

It’s March 31st, Which According To the Internet Is “The Day Mario Dies”


Well folks, the day has finally arrived.

March 10th might be known as MAR10 Day, but according to the internet, March 31st, 2021 is the day our beloved Mushroom Kingdom plumber Mario finally dies.  He had a great run, didn’t he?  I grew up with his games and have a ton of wonderful memories playing Super Mario 64… okay, I’m completely overexaggerating.  It’s not that bad.

Today actually marks the final day of Mario’s 35th-anniversary extravaganza.  The celebration started last September, and Nintendo has been busy releasing all sorts of Mario products since then.  There was a special Mario-themed Nintendo Switch console released alongside a remaster of Super Mario 3D World.  There was a Battle Royale game called Super Mario Bros. 35 released.  We even got Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which is a collection of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, & Super Mario Galaxy on Nintendo Switch.

You’d think the anniversary coming to an end would be business as usual, but it has been dubbed by the internet as “The Day Mario Dies”.  Starting tomorrow, there will be absolutely no digital or physical sales of Super Mario 3D All-Stars available, ever again.  This means that if you own a copy, you’ve got a collector’s item on your hands.  Amazon has already ceased selling digital codes for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and GamesIndustry reports that UK sales for the game rose by 276% in its final week on sale.  Yes, people are scrambling to find it.  What’s even worse is the Super Mario Bros. 35 Battle Royale game is being taken offline completely.

Since everyone will be unable to purchase either of these games, it obviously means it’s the day Mario dies at Nintendo’s hand.  The internet is handling it about as well as you’d expect…

There are others that have dubbed March 31st as the day Mario dies simply because it means we can finally stop celebrating his 35th anniversary.  Fans are hopeful now that Nintendo will focus on its other big franchises.  The Legend of Zelda celebrated its 35th anniversary on February 21st, 2021, and Nintendo did absolutely nothing for the occasion.  We all love Mario, but how cool would it have been to see a Legend of Zelda 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch?  I would love to play Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker on the go.

So yeah, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Mario isn’t actually dying.  I do have to agree though that it definitely sucks that these games won’t be available to purchase anymore.  There really isn’t a way to properly play the 3D All-Stars games unless you own the original consoles (or emulate them yourself).  It’s kind of like when Disney would vault their classic films and you only had a limited time to grab them before they were gone.  Now we’ve got them on Disney+, but Nintendo is slow as molasses when it comes to releasing stuff.  We’ve got Super Nintendo games on Nintendo Switch as part of the online subscription, why not release N64 titles as well?  People would go nuts for it.

Anyways, if you are interested in picking up Super Mario 3D All-Stars, you have until midnight tonight to grab a copy before it’s gone for good!

Creed III To Enter Ring With Michael B. Jordan Directing

Creed III Michael B Jordan

People always be complaining about intellectual property and the dearth of originality and adaptations and superhero movies and etc. etc., like we didn’t have countless unnecessary/incredible sequels and remakes in the 80s. Sylvester Stallone has made nearly a dozen Rocky and Rambo movies alone!

Anyway, at least two of those Rocky sequels are great, and at least one of those Rambo sequels features Sly camouflaging himself in mud in order to murder someone, so leave them alone!

Sly has stopped making Rocky movies, but the franchise hasn’t died, because Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan gave it new life with the fantastic Creed, and then it had its own inferior but fun sequel. And now Jordan is following in his on-screen mentor’s footsteps off-screen as well. He will be directing Creed III!

The movie will hit theaters around Thanksgiving next year. No word yet on whether Tommy “Machine” Gunn had a child he can fight on the street in keeping with the franchise’s redux of the Rocky series.

“Directing has always been an aspiration, but the timing had to be right,” said Jordan in a statement. “Creed III is that moment — a time in my life where I’ve grown more sure of who I am, holding agency in my own story, maturing personally, growing professionally, and learning from the greats like Ryan Coogler, most recently Denzel Washington, and other top tier directors I respect. All of which sets the table for this moment.”

Jordan, who will next be seen in the Tom Clancy adaptation Without Remorse, is great as Apollo’s son, and boxing movies really only need to be half-good to be a lot of fun, so hopefully, he shows enough chops in his directorial debut to make it worth our while. At any rate, it can’t be worse than Rocky V, which is one of the funniest movies ever made.

Godzilla vs. Kong Director Bringing ThunderCats To the Big Screen

Thundercats CGI
(YouTube/Mike Booth)

Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters and HBO Max today. Having recently shown my kids the Skull Island and King of the Monsters movies that led up to this new one, I’m excited to watch it with them. Mostly because I loved Godzilla movies when I was a kid and now they get their version.

I also loved ThunderCats when I was a kid, but I haven’t been able to get my kids into Lion-O and friends. But that may change soon, as it was just announced that the director of Godzilla vs. Kong is going to make a big-budget version of the classic 80s cartoon. I’ll watch it in my new Pumas.

Adam Wingard has been trying to get a ThunderCats movie off the ground for years, and now that Godzilla vs. Kong has opened big, earning $123 million in 38 countries internationally, he finally got the green light!

The series ran from 1985-89 and focuses on a group of cat-like aliens who are trying to survive on a strange planet. According to Deadline, the movie will be a hybrid of animation and CGI, and Wingard has a specific storyline he wants to tackle. It seems he’s had the idea for a long while – he wrote a 272-page script for it in high school – and can’t wait to realize it on the big screen.

“This is a huge passion thing for me. Nobody on this planet knows or has thought as much about ThunderCats as I have,” the director told Deadline. “They gave me the reins. I saw this as an opportunity to do a new type of fantasy sci-fi spectacle film that people have never seen before. It’s got a rich mythology; the characters are fantastic. The colors. I want to do a ThunderCats film that takes you back to that ‘80s aesthetic. I don’t want to reinvent the way they look; I want them to look like ThunderCats. I don’t want to do it live action, either.”

The man has a plan! He also has Face/Off 2 in the works, so his dance card is pretty full for the next few years. Who knows, it could even include a Godzilla and Kong rematch, depending on how the new movie turns out. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

“Chopped 420” Is the Spin-off That’s Stirring the Pot

Chopped 420
(Food Network)

Cooking TV shows are having a moment, and while there are many good ones (an obligatory nod to British people getting cute with baking), the GOAT is clearly “Chopped” on the Food Network. From the framework of the game, the judges, the contestants, it’s got it all. And now the network is doubling down on that recipe by moving the bar even HIGHER.

Chopped is getting a spin-off where at least one special basket ingredient will be known ahead of time; cannabis. “Chopped 420” is taking our favorite cooking show to new heights (it never stops!) as we get all the things we love about the show, with the added wrinkle of cooking with cannabis.

To do this show properly, you need the right host for the job, and here they knocked it out of the park by choosing comedian Ron Funches. Not only is he wildly hilarious, but he’s truly a delight of a person (and a great dad!).

The rest of the formula will look familiar, four chefs competing through an appetizer, main course and dessert round, the $10,000 grand prize, etc etc. The judges for the new show will include Esther Choi, Luke Reyes, Sam Talbot, and Tacarra Williams, among others.

The new series will be the “first time in Chopped history” that contestants will “utilize cannabis to enhance their dishes,” Food Network president Courtney White said in a statement. “Viewers are in for a wild ride.”

The show will debut on Discovery+ (a super underrated contender in the streaming wars) on 4/20 because of course, it will.

Black Widow Will Hit Disney+ Along With Cruella, and New Pixar Flick

Black Widow
(Marvel Studios)

Things are looking up. The weather is getting warmer, the vaccine is making its way around the world, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, soon, some semblance of normalcy will return.

But it’s not here yet. Just ask Disney.

In 2020, nearly every major movie was delayed and held out of theaters. The ones that we did get to see were loaded onto a streaming service, and by the end of the year, even the major blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984 and Pixar’s Soul had been relegated to HBOMax and Disney+ respectively. We all want the movie theater experience to return, but based on Disney+’s recent moves, it may still be a while.

According to Variety, the MCU’s highly-anticipated Black Widow movie was supposed to hit theaters last spring, and it was supposed to come out this May, but now it’s been postponed again. The good news is it’s finally being released this summer… on Disney+ on July 9. It will be in theaters too, but clearly, the studio isn’t confident that audiences will be flocking back to the multiplexes just yet and would rather pony up $30 bucks for premier access to the first Marvel movie since Spider-man Far From Home. Thankfully, the next entry in the MCU is “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which is expected to have a traditional theatrical release in September.

The Mouse House is also launching the Cruella DeVille prequel, starring Emma Stone, on its streaming platform on May 28, also via Premier Access, and the next Pixar flick, Luca, will be available on Disney+ at no extra charge to subscribers.

The pandemic forced the entertainment industry to make a lot of changes, and while we’re crawling back to normal, it will take some time. And some stuff may never go totally back to the way it was. Hopefully, even while movies continue to be available at home, we’ll be able to get back to theaters for the full experience soon.

The Top 20 Easter Eggs In the History of Gaming

Halo: Combat Evolved

Mmm Easter Eggs.

No, not those delicious, chocolate-covered ones you sneak away from your kid’s stash.  I’m talking about the Easter Eggs cleverly hidden away in video games.  Video game Easter Eggs have been out there for us to discover since the days of the Atari 2600, and finding them can be as fun and challenging as playing the actual game itself.  Sometimes they’re well-kept secrets that take players years to find, while others might be found within a week (or day) of a game’s release.

The amount of video game Easter Eggs out there are too many to count, so I’ve narrowed it down to 20 classic/strange/cool/hilarious video game Easter Eggs you can discover (or have already discovered, because you’re awesome like that).


(Midway/Moby Games)

Midway’s classic 3v3 arcade basketball game was (and still is) a blast to play.  Featuring a vast roster of NBA superstars, players could gain access to 40 extra playable characters using secret codes. This hidden roster included Bill Clinton, DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and a whole slew of Mortal Kombat fighters who were now professional basketball players.  I think we need a new NBA Jam game, stat.

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2
(Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us Part 2 isn’t entirely all doom and gloom.  During one of the flashback sequences where Ellie & Joel visit an abandoned science center, if you veer off and go into one of the bathrooms, you can look in the mirror as Ellie and move her face around into some hilarious poses using the controller’s joysticks.  It allows Ellie to be a kid for a moment and it’s a nice break from all the carnage and despair that you’re used to.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Uncharted 3
(Naughty Dog)

Naughty Dog’s other mega-popular franchise ‘Uncharted‘ featured a hidden secret related to The Last of Us.  During an interview with Kotaku, Naughty Dog game director Neil Druckmann explained that they forgot they left the Easter Egg in there, thinking that The Last of Us would be announced before Uncharted 3 was released.  It wasn’t, and no one remembered to remove this newspaper article from Uncharted to account for the scheduling change.  Despite the mistake, I think it all worked out in the end.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic N64 game, but it also includes two popular Italian plumbers if you look carefully enough.  While in the Hyrule Castle courtyard where Zelda can be found while you’re young Link, look into the nearby windows of the castle.  You’ll be able to see portraits of Mario & Luigi hanging on the walls inside.

Diablo 2

Diablo 2
(Blizzard Entertainment)

Ah yes, the infamous Cow Level.  This is an inside joke among diehard Diablo fans.  There was a rumor that if one of the random cows that appeared throughout the first Diablo game was clicked on enough times, a portal to a secret level would open up.  While not the case, this rumor would end up becoming a reality in the sequel.  In order to access the portal, you need to have completed the last quest in Act V.  Next, go to the Rogue Encampment in Act I, place one Tome of Town Portal & Wirt’s Leg into the Horadric Cube, hit the Transmute button, and voila!  A red portal will now open to the Secret Cow Level full of murderous, weapon-wielding bovines.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3
(Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo 3 on the other hand did things a little differently.  Instead of a Cow level, you had to acquire 4 secret items in order to create the ‘Staff of Herding’ which would allow you to open a portal to Whimsyshire.  This magical rainbow world full of unicorns and smiling clouds is a blast to play through simply because the visceral Diablo 3 combat remains.

I’m sorry you adorable little creatures, but I really need the experience to level up.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics
(Square Enix)

Final Fantasy Tactics is an excellent tactical RPG that features a really cool secret character.  In Chapter 4, you can follow a series of steps to open a portal (it’s always portals isn’t it?) where you can find and ask Final Fantasy 7‘s iconic hero Cloud Strife to join your party.  His dialogue and skill set are on point just like his outrageously spiky hair, and unlocking him ultimately results in his encounter with a certain “flower girl”.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG was developed by legendary RPG creator Squaresoft (now Square Enix).  It’s only fitting that they would include a nice little nod to the game that made them famous in the first place.  You can unlock a secret fight against Culex, who looks like a boss straight out of the Final Fantasy series.  If you are able to defeat him, you will be rewarded with a Quartz Charm, which boosts your attack and defense by 50% and prevents you from insta-death in battle.  I’d say it’s worth the effort.



Valve games always feature some amazing world-building and secrets within them, and Portal is no different.  During Chamber 16, you’ll eventually come to a sequence in which two Turrets face one another. The one can see you and will fire but will hit a protective, impenetrable wall.  Look to your left and you will see two cubes jamming a press. Use the portal gun to move the cubes and underneath, written in red, is the word “HELP”.  After moving the cubes you’ll be able to crouch and go into a hidden room.  The walls are covered with pictures, messages, and wall tallies (as if to indicate the number of days this person has been trapped).  Also, this person mentions that “The cake is a lie.” The psycho A.I. GLaDOS has been telling you you’ll be rewarded with “cake”, but now I’m not so sure that’s to be believed.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2
(Gearbox Software)

There are plenty of pop-culture and other video game references that show up in the Borderlands series, but I always found this one pretty hilarious.  In the game’s Caustic Caverns area, among the abandoned mining tunnels, you can find a hidden chamber filled with Creepers from Minecraft. There are also different Minecraft blocks that can be smashed to reveal weapons, loot, and useful items (including cosmetic Minecraft heads for your own character to wear).

DOOM (2016)

(Bethesda Softworks)

This one is a nostalgic throwback.  Within each level of the new DOOM game, there is a classic DOOM level to find.  There’s a lever that once pulled would open a doorway that would allow you to travel back to the ghosts of first-person-shooter past.  Finding them all was a really cool surprise I don’t think DOOM fans were expecting to see.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas
(Bethesda Softworks)

This ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ Easter Egg can be found during your travels through the wasteland.  If you come across a refrigerator, open it up and you’ll find a skeleton wearing a fedora inside.  Apparently that stunt Indy pulled at the start of the film didn’t work out too well for him.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing is typically all adorable and happy, but this in-game event is just plain creepy.  Ever since the 3Ds version of Animal Crossing called ‘New Leaf’, if you can stay up until 3:33 am on a Saturday (or have no problem time-traveling), there’s a special broadcast where an alien hijacks your TV and emits strange noises.  It’s just a weird and ominous thing you wouldn’t come to expect from a cute game about talking animals.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved

If you can finish the entire Halo: Combat Evolved campaign on Legendary difficulty, you’re treated to a surprise cutscene in which Sergeant Johnson is seen grappling for his assault rifle with a Covenant Elite.  Once the Pillar of Autumn’s self-destruct sequence initiates, Johnson stares into the Elite’s eyes and utters the line “This is it, baby. Hold me.” The two embrace (and I’m pretty sure the Elite puts its hand on Johnson’s buttocks) as the Pillar of Autumn explodes.  Beautiful.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

This specific Easter Egg requires you to make it through the starting street area without picking up any weapons or items.  If you can pull this off, you’ll find Resident Evil 1 pilot Brad Vickers down the hidden walkway just outside of the Raccoon City Police Department.  We wouldn’t find out how he turned into a zombie until Resident Evil 3, but once you’ve got him down, he drops a locker key which is used to unlock alternate outfits for Leon & Claire.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3
(CD Projekt RED)

If you’ve watched The Witcher on Netflix or played video games, you know Geralt is used to handling all kinds of disgusting creatures.  Possibly the most horrifying one of them all also made an appearance in Monty Python & The Holy Grail.  This invincible white rabbit hops around the cave of Caerbannog that is literally covered with skeletons.  Without a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, you’re not getting out alive.  RUN AWAAAY!

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum
(Rocksteady Games)

This Easter Egg wouldn’t be uncovered until developer Rocksteady released the information themselves.  Connected to Quincy Sharp’s office in Batman: Arkham Asylum is a secret room.  To reach it, you have to use Detective Vision which unveils the location of the weak wall.  Place several explosive foam and blow the wall to smithereens.  Inside this secret room, you’ll see blueprints approving the construction of Arkham City (the sequel) hanging up on the wall.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
(Rockstar Games)

The Grand Theft Auto games have always had an overwhelming amount of hidden secrets.  They usually involve aliens or ghostly apparitions, but this one is the best of the best.  With your trusty jetpack equipped, if you go through the trouble of getting to the top of the bridge that connects San Fierro and Las Venturas, you’re presented with a sign that reads: “There are no Easter eggs up here. Go away.”

Yeah, that’s probably the best Easter Egg ever.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

This one messed with players big-time back in 1998.  During your fight with Psycho Mantis, he will use telepathic abilities to read what saved data you have on your Playstation memory card, making comments on certain games you’ve played.  When the actual battle begins, he will be able to read your every movement too.  Unable to get any hits in, the only way to have a fighting chance is to plug your controller into the second controller port.  Once you’ve done this, Mantis won’t be able to read your mind anymore and you’ll be able to make quick work of him.


(Atari, Inc./GameCrate)

I saved this one for last because it’s the Grandfather of video game Easter Eggs.  Dating back to 1980, this was the first video game Easter Egg ever created and in order to find it you had to pick up a tiny dot (while you also were a tiny dot) and carry it through different screens to unlock this hidden area.  Adventure creator Warren Robinett hid his name within the game because Atari would reportedly remove the names of game developers from their products.  This was to prevent competitors from identifying and recruiting Atari’s programmers.  Despite their best efforts to remove it, this Easter Egg would become a part of pop culture history and even show up during the final challenge in the film version of Ready Player One.  Legendary.

Teen Helps Shelter Animals Get Adopted by Sewing Them Adorable Bow Ties

Teen sews bow ties for shelter animals

Shelters are overflowing with animals who need homes, so it often takes something special for them to be noticed by potential adopters. A 14-year-old from New Jersey named Sir Darius Brown came up with a brilliant idea to help shelter animals stand out, and thanks to this generous teen, animals around the US have never looked more dappurr.

At 2 years old, Brown was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor delays. He took an interest in sewing at just 8 years old while watching his sister sew, and soon became her trusty assistant. Before long, Brown’s sister taught him to sew, and his excitement and determination helped him drastically improve his fine motor skills. Brown fell in love with sewing, and he even had a specialty – the now 14-year-old was the grandmaster of sewing bow ties.

In 2017, severe hurricanes displaced countless dogs. The dogs needed rescuing as communities focused on rebuilding, and Brown wanted to use his skills to help in whatever way he could.

“I just wanted to help the dogs that I saw on TV that had lost their families and their homes. I didn’t have a lot of money to help so I decided to use my creative skills of making stylish bow ties for the dogs to wear to help them be more noticeable so they could get adopted faster into new loving homes,” Brown said on Instagram.


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A post shared by Sir Darius Brown (@sirdariusbrown)

Since his mission’s 2017 start, the impressive teen has hand-made over 500 bow ties for shelter animals across the United States. Sir Darius Brown created his own company, Beaux & Paws, and hopes to help animals in all 50 states get adopted. The impressive teen even earned the title of “GoFundMe Hero,” an honor given to those who use their time and effort to do extraordinary things.


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A post shared by Sir Darius Brown (@sirdariusbrown)

“I’m on a mission to help as many dogs and cats as I can and to inspire and encourage other youth to start now and use their talents and skills to give back in their communities,” Brown wrote on Instagram. “You don’t have to have money to help someone. We all can use our talents that God gave us to do good and make this world a better place. The smallest act of kindness can change someone’s life forever.”


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A post shared by Sir Darius Brown (@sirdariusbrown)

Limited Run ‘DOOM: The Classics Collection’ Announced for Nintendo Switch & PS4

DOOM: The Classics Collection
(Limited Run Games)

DOOM Guy would approve of this release.

Limited Run Games (in collaboration with Bethesda) has announced that they will be releasing a physical collection of the first three DOOM games on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.  Limited Run Games focuses on bringing digital-only games to a physical medium, and there will be three different versions of this collection to choose from.

The Standard Edition retails for $29.99 and includes DOOM, DOOM 2, & DOOM 3.

If you really want to show off your DOOM loyalty though, there’s also the Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition.  These include all three games and a ton of extra stuff.  The Special Edition retails for $79.99 and features a SteelBook, metal Keycard replica, PVC Marine helmet keychain, 9″ x 6″ art prints of each of the covers for the games, a reprint of the 1996 DOOM comic, and an 8GB Shareware Disk USB.  All of these items are also included in the $129.99 Collector’s Edition, along with a DOOM shadowbox.

The Collector’s Edition is pricey, but man if that shadowbox isn’t the coolest thing ever.  If you click on the Twitter image up above, it shows that the iconic DOOM music plays when it lights up and it just gets me all hyped.  Gives me major nostalgia vibes.  If you are interested in grabbing one of these before they’re gone, pre-orders begin at Limited Run Games website on Friday, April 2nd at 10 am ET.

I know that all three of these games are currently available digitally on Nintendo Switch and PS4, so you can get your DOOM fix that way. If you’ve just got to have the physical edition sitting in your game room though, these Limited Run editions definitely can’t be beat.

If not, you can always play it on a pregnancy test.

The Best NCAA Bracket in the Country Belongs To a 4th-Grader

Grant Anderson's NCAA Bracket

There’s one consistent thing about NCAA basketball tournament pools; your bracket will be busted immediately. The only other thing you can count on every year, either a secretary or someone’s kid will win the office pool. There’s no way to explain the magic, but it’s a formula that recreates itself year after year. This is why it should come as no surprise that, in one of the craziest tournaments ever, it’s a 9-year-old boy who has the best bracket in the country.

The fourth-grader from Nevada has nailed so many correct picks, it almost seems like magic. The NCAA is tracking millions of brackets through multiple apps, and no one guessed the entire sweet 16. Grant Anderson, though, nailed 15 of the 16, and correctly guessed ALL 32 first-round games!!!!

Again, this is bonkers. We had a 15-seed upset a 2-seed, multiple high seeds completely choke in the first weekend, and even the defending national champs dethroned (by my Ohio Bobcats, no less). It’s been totally wild, even for an event that is ALWAYS wild. Gonzaga and Baylor have been the only sure things (outside of the Big 10 being a fraud for the most part).

The worst part for Grant is he doesn’t even get the requisite few hundred bucks an office pool would net him, as he’s just in a free family pool run by his aunt. But he does have some advice on how to win next year:

He’s got Baylor winning it all over Gonzaga, which is probably going to be the case. Even if it’s not, he told Good Morning America he feels good about making it this far, and, it cannot be stated enough, the kid is a bracket wizard, as he correctly picked 47 of the first 48 winners. This is IMPOSSIBLE, especially on a year like this, so he should probably open his own gambling hotline at this point.

And maybe the best advice you can get to win your bracket pool next year is to just Benjamin Buttons yourself because you have to be a child to win it all.

‘Don’t Bet on Me at the Masters,’ Says PGA Dad-To-Be Who Plans To Be at Birth

PGA Dad to Be

PGA pro Jon Rahm has a simple message for fans as he prepares for the Masters: don’t bet on me. Wait, what? Yep, that’s the take-home from Rahm heading into the biggest tournament of the year, but there’s a pretty dang good reason for it; he’s about to become a dad.

His wife is due with their first child in mid-April, around the same time as the Masters, and the pro was unequivocal in what came first.

“If anybody’s thinking of betting on me on the Masters, maybe think about it twice because there’s a chance I have to just turn around and leave that week,” the Spaniard said.

The Masters is April 8-11, near the due date for their child. And he already said he will not hesitate to leave so he can be with her for the birth.


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A post shared by Jon Rahm Rodriguez (@jonrahm)

“I’ve said it before, if I have to leave any event, I’ll leave,” he said. “Hopefully, it doesn’t come when I’m in the final and I just have to leave after nine holes, but it is what it is.

“Being a father is much more important than any golf event would ever be, so that’s my head right now.”


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A post shared by Jon Rahm Rodriguez (@jonrahm)

Boom. Being a father is much more important than any golf event would ever be, definitely the angle you love to see from a pro who can keep things in perspective. And it’s not like he’s just saying that because he has no chance. Rahm has finished in the top 10 at the Masters three times, including a fourth-place finish a few years back.

Every dad can appreciate the majesty of the greatest golf course in the world in Augusta, just as they can understand skipping that so they can be a caddy for the biggest event of all, becoming a dad.

Father Figures: Most Rewarding

“Attending Graduate School at USC Marshall School of Business and managing a grocery store at the heart of a pandemic was no easy feat with my first born daughter Madison.

Maddi was very partial to naps on Mom and Dad and in order to give mom a break, I had to juggle being a father and student at the same time.

2020 was the hardest and most rewarding year of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

-Alex Macksoud

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While Donating His Father’s Wardrobe, Trebek’s Son Made Sure To Keep One Item

Trebek Son Memento
(Getty/Rob Kim)

Alex Trebek made such an impact on so many people during his life, and even after his passing, his legacy continues to make an impact. For instance, much of his wardrobe from his time as the legendary host of “Jeopardy” was donated to the Doe Fund. It was his son Matthew’s idea to carry on his legacy of giving, and together with the Jeopardy costumer, they donated more than 14 suits, 58 dress shirts, 300 ties, and more to the organization that helps homeless and formerly incarcerated people find stable jobs.

Trebek’s formal wear is now being used by folks hoping to make a great first impression on life-changing job interviews. But there was one memento Matthew kept to remember his dad. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Trebek said he kept one piece of his formal attire.

“I kept a tie that my mom had given my dad,” he said. “As far as clothing goes, that was probably the most important item. Almost everything from ‘Jeopardy!’ went to The Doe Fund, and now we just have his closet at home here. We’ll still sort through those (items), but for right now, those are kind of staying put.”

Matthew said seeing his dad’s suits on the men from the Doe Fund program has made him feel great, and that it’s “really meaningful and really heartwarming.” He also said his dad, who supported a wide variety of charitable causes, would feel pretty good about it too.

“I think giving second chances, and helping guys who had a bit of a rough past get back on their feet, I think it’s a great mission, and something me and my family all support,” he said.

While much of that wardrobe is being used for a great cause, there is that one tie that will be serving an even greater cause, helping a son remember his dad.