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13 Hilarious Tweets That Blur The Line Between Man And Beast

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Ever since that damn groundhog declared an extended winter I’ve been thinking about how easy he has it. Crawl out of a hole, make one bad decision, and then go back to sleep. Sounds pretty good to me. In fact, I bet I’d be pretty good at MOST animal jobs and I like to think some beastie out there might be willing to trade lives with me. In that spirit, here are 13 tweets about people behaving like animals – and vice versa!

1 Strangers in the night.

2 A lovely gift for the next person who comes along.

3 Hey, we all make impulse purchases.

4 If that snout is suitable for anything, it's this.

5 Hoofing it.

6 Grammar snobbery is universal.

7 Body shaming for reptiles!

8 Marriage isn't always a fairy tale.


10 Panic attacks are for the birds (and bees).

11 Calm down, buddy.

12 Menstagram.

13 Finally, man or animal, leave them with a kiss at the door.

16 Superhero Tweets To The Rescue!


Maybe you’re finally at a point in your life where you don’t cry because you never developed magic powers, but some of us still haven’t gotten over the terrible slight of being normal human people. The boss probably frowns upon crying at work, though, so it’s best to mask our sadness with laughter. Here are 16 hilarious tweets about superheroes that might get you through another day.

1 If you’ve got it, you can’t flaunt it

2 Authenticity is pain

3 Do they give out giant muscle guy scholarships?

4 There are unexpected drawbacks to being exceptional

5 The most super ways to relax

6 He should have spent more time on disguises

7 Honestly? This makes me like Catwoman even more

8 Poor lil guy

9 Redundancy is a crucial part of heroism

10 The night can’t take a joke

11 Sometimes you just want a little romance

12 Getting good tips from bad guys

13 Now that’s just upsetting

14 We all wish we had this excuse

15 Online Dating is tough for tough guys

16 And finally, at least you don’t have to answer fan mail

Awesome Video Game-Inspired Tattoos


So, you’ve got an itch that can only be scratched with the buzz of a tattoo needle and some sweet new ink. Why not pay permanent tribute to your favorite video games? After all, you’ve invested hours of your life in more than a few of them- as much as some relationships! Will you regret having a Poké Ball painfully etched into your ass as much as, say, your ex’s name? Maybe, but we’re here to encourage you to do it anyway! From minimalist to max representation, we’ve got the coolest tattoos inspired by your favorite video games right here.

Majora’s Mask/Legend of Zelda

Luis Avilés, CNX Tattoo, Berlin GER
(Luis Avilés, CNX Tattoo, Berlin GER)

Poké Ball


Flaming Mario Mushroom


Mario Scenery

Gooney Toons at STR Tattoo and Art Studio, Wyong, NSW, Australia

The final stage of the L’Cie brand from Final Fantasy XIII

Big Daddy/Bioshock




Chip on shoulder/ Mass Effect Andromeda

Super cool mashup gamer sleeve


And maybe you’re thinking, “Fuck all this new school junk. I miss Duck Hunt.” Here you go, pal.


Game Over, time to go drop a few hundred on a killer tat- and send us the results when you’re done!

14 Power-Up Tweets About Video Games

(Twitter/merritk) (Twitter/merrittk)

Sure, work is great for “paying bills” and “feeding your family”, but it really cuts into the time you could be leveling up, getting new gear, or exploring side quests in your favorite game. But hey, if you can’t be sitting at home playing, the next best thing is to read great video game jokes on your phone, right? Right! Here are some rare and desirable game tweets to stick in your inventory for when you need a laugh.

1 If I knew then what I know now, I’d change nothing.

2 Check out my new Navi-gator.

3 Gotta work on that shell jump.

4 Ouch.

5 Groovy!

6 Keep playing Pokemon, kids, you’re LEARNING.

7 And the music is giving everyone anxiety.

8 The most delicious fatality.

9 When you know she’s the one...

10 Can we just…not?

11 *slams fist on table* ANSWER THE QUESTION!

12 This is why Blastoise never gets sick.

13 There’s a little bit of DK in all of us.

14 Let’s wrap things up with some solid life advice from everyone’s favorite pink glutton.