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QUIZ: Can You Identify The Mascots Of These 15 Fictional Sports Teams?

We all know Rookie of the Year was about a kid playing for the Chicago Cubs. We’re also fully aware of the significance the Cleveland Indians had in Major League. But do you know the name of the fake football team from Any Given Sunday? How about Will Ferrell’s basketball team in Semi-Pro? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on fictional sports mascots!

Dad Takes Selfie With Cardi B

In what is arguably the biggest dad-move in recent memory, Joshua Sobocinski’s father took a selfie with a celebrity he didn’t know. Upon seeing Cardi B surrounded by an entourage in New York City, the dad grabbed a selfie and immediately texted his son asking who Cardi B is.

A classic dad moment and gift to the Internet.

QUIZ: How Many Of These VHS Tapes You Sort Of Remember Renting Once Can You Name?

Remember video stores? Remember the commitment that came with them? Before Netflix, if you said to yourself, “Ooh, think I’d like to check out Speed 2: Cruise Control,” there was no shutting it off after five minutes and just rewatching an episode of The Office you’ve seen twenty times. No. Speed 2: Cruise Control was now a chore.

If this scenario feels familiar, please enjoy this quiz in which we’ve removed the titles from old ’90s VHS tapes you vaguely remember renting at Hollywood Video that one time.