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Baby Confused By His Father’s Twin

15 Tweets That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is the Best Dad in Showbiz

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From Van Wilder to Deadpool to Pikachu, there’s no role to which Ryan Reynolds can’t adapt. Parenthood is no exception. His Twitter is a goldmine of fatherly wisdom, and we’ve collected his 15 funniest dad tweets to prove it.

He reads to his kid.

He keeps her in check.

He listens.

He makes sacrifices.

He’s a teacher.

He demonstrates trust.

He’s a great storyteller.

He has an answer for everything.

He rolls with the punches.

He is selfless.

He remembers the little things.

He’s honest.

He’s heroic.

He’s encouraging.

He’s… well. He’s Ryan Reynolds.

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Tweet Roundup: The 16 Funniest Tweets About Thanksgiving

Funniest Tweets About Thanksgiving
(Getty/Hero Images)

Everyone loves Thanksgiving. Stuffing. Football. Kids table gossip. Pass that gravy and undo that belt, because we’ve got 16 hilarious tweets to usher in the holiday season.

First, remember the reason for the season.

Make it a priority to be punctual.

If you can’t, lie.

Thanksgiving is all about patience.

Patience of all kinds.

But you gotta admit, it’s good to be home.

Shoutout to those doing the cooking.

No matter what you’re making.

All your hard work will ultimately go unappreciated.

So don’t be afraid to put your heart into it.

When dinner starts, establish dominance right away.

Do a quick check for quality control.

When dinner is over, kick back.

Maybe check out the parade.

Or go around give thanks.

And don’t forget: be mindful of your food intake.


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13 Candle Scents We Wish Were Real

What’s your favorite part of November? The cranberry sauce? The tryptophan comas? The unchecked consumerism? Ours is candles. There’s something so simple, so unassuming, so blissfully archaic about the flickering flame of a candle. But vanilla bean? Blueberry cobbler? Sandalwood? It’s been done.

Here are 13 candle scents we would love to see hit shelves in the near future.

1. Not recommended for bathroom use

3. Feels just like lighting a chewing tobacco candle

4. Perfect for vegans

5. For hardcore candle fans only

6. This one’s so manly it should be called a mandle

7. All that greasy goodness with none of the hassle

8. Ankle sock candles also available

9. Four! That’s how many of these candles I’d like please

10. Keep out of reach of family

11. Perfect for that staycation you’ve always dreamed of

11. Not recommended for beginners

12. Great for any gas leak related pranks

13. Can’t spell candle without Cena!

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