Big-Hearted 8-Yr-Old Mows Lawns for First Responders and Single Moms

Big-Hearted 8-Year-Old Mows Lawns for Single Moms First Responders
(Facebook/Helping Footprint)

While some kids spend their days training to be Twitch streamers or hope to be record-breaking YouTubers, 8-year-old Greyson Winfield is working on a very different kind of dream. Instead of spending his days playing video games and watching TV like many kids his age, this young hero has a far more productive hobby. Greyson dreams of one day being a Navy SEAL, and to prepare, he spends his days making the world a better place. Greyson feeds the hungry in his spare time and mows the lawns of single moms and first responders so they have one less thing to take care of during their already packed days.

Greyson told CNN that aside from his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL, there are several other motivating forces in his life. Both of his parents are former firefighters, so Greyson grew up knowing the importance of helping others in his community. A slightly more unexpected role model for someone his age is none other than former president John F. Kennedy. Greyson explained, “helping others is the right thing to do. Also, JFK was in the Navy before becoming president and I want to follow his lead.”

Greyson and Garrett
Greyson (left) and his brother Garrett (right) doing what they do best, helping out. (Facebook/Helping Footprint)

Helping those in need is so important to Greyson that with his parents’ support and assistance, he started his own charity called Helping Footprint. The website explains, “Helping Footprint consists of two brothers on a mission to help the community. Founder, Greyson Winfield leads the way, with collecting gift cards to help those in need of food. He also saw the need to ensure seniors, differently-abled persons, single moms, veterans, and our busy first responders have their lawns cut for free.”

Though Greyson’s effort to help others is undoubtedly impressive, perhaps more incredible is his mindset. Greyson states, “I want to help people. There are other people who have nobody to help them and it’s the right thing to do.” Logically, we all know that helping people is the right thing to do, but the sad reality is that many of us don’t act on it as much as we should. Fortunately, the next generation seems to be in good hands with Greyson’s Helpful Footprint leading the way.

Knowing Is Half the Battle: G.I. Joe Returns as a Retro Collection

G.I. Joe Retro Collection

Like many kids who grew up in the 80s, I loved G.I. Joe.

I loved watching the cartoon and playing with the figures, most of whom were at my best friend’s house next door because his parents bought him every single toy in the world. I remember seething with jealousy when he got the massive G.I. Joe aircraft carrier for one of his birthdays.

Eventually, I grew up and forgot about all of this angst over Eric Pepe’s luck, and my parents’ refusal to go broke buying me action figures, but recently it all came rushing back when I heard the news: Hasbro was bringing their classic GI Joe figures back.

The news actually broke in June, when the toy company announced their G.I. Joe: Classified Series as part of their relaunch of the iconic GI Joe brand.

Their awesome new website has all the details, including the 50-year history of G.I. Joe and a list of all the characters that have been reimagined for this relaunch of 6-inch figures. The first six to be released are Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Destro, and Cobra Commander.


On top of the website and these new versions is Hasbro’s launch of G.I. Joe’s Retro Collection, which means I can go snatch up all action figures my next-door neighbor had in his playroom, complete with old school packaging. (Hasbro did the same thing with their Star Wars vintage line.) The first three being released are Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Baroness.

You’ll be able to snatch them up at Walmart in October, provided Eric Pepe doesn’t get their first!

Bryan Cranston Announces Malcolm in the Middle Reunion

Bryan Cranston Announces Malcolm in the Middle Reunion

It’s hard to believe that 14 years have passed since the end of Malcolm in the Middle, a show that was brilliant and endearing enough to resonate with adults and children alike. The show was a departure from the typical family sitcom trope in the sense that it didn’t sugar-coat the struggles that life brings, even the mundane ones. The show followed a lower-middle-class family with four kids (eventually 5), an authoritative mom named Lois, and a goofy, overly-emotional dad named Hal. While the family does get into some ridiculous situations – like the time they all went to Burning Man and Hal, Malcolm’s dad was so outrageously protective of the RV he borrowed from his boss that festival-goers thought he was a performance artist. Despite the frequent absurdity of the family’s predicaments, they felt so much more like a typical family than most we’d see on TV.

Since the season finale of the show in 2006, fans have wondered what their favorite characters have been up to. In 2013, we got a small taste of our favorite TV couple when Bryan Cranston (Hal) and Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) teamed up to film an alternate ending to the best show of the 21st century: Breaking Bad. This brilliant clip showed Hal screaming frantically as he awoke from a nightmare, breathlessly telling Lois about his horrible dream. He explained that he had been cooking Meth, to which Lois replies, “You? Cooking anything?” The scene continues as a distressed Hal recalls detail after detail about his dream, like someone who had watched half an episode of Breaking Bad and attempted to piece together the rest. At one point, he refers to Jesse, his meth-making partner in the hit show, as “a man child who always looked like he was wearing his older brother’s clothes, and used the b-word a lot.”

Aside from the brief and ingenious Breaking Bad alternate ending, the rest of the Malcolm in the Middle cast has more or less stepped away from their iconic characters. That is until Bryan Cranston made an announcement that fans had only dared to dream about. Yesterday, Cranston announced on his Instagram that the cast would reunite to celebrate 20 years since the show’s premiere.


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Here we are… all are stuck in this five months of quarantine! Can you imagine how Hal would have gone bonkers on #MalcolmintheMiddle if he had to stay inside with his five knuckle-headed boys?! Makes me smile to think about that. So, if you’ve been missing some silliness in your life, check us out this Saturday night 8/8 for a 20th anniversary celebration of the show’s premiere. The cast is back!! This time we’re reading the pilot episode on Zoom. The whole thing is the brain child of Linwood Boomer, our show’s creator, to benefit his charity @HealingCalifornia, an amazing organization that provides FREE dental, medical, and vision care to those in need. There’s also lots of great stuff from the show that could be yours. Bid now on @Charitybuzz, link in bio. @RWQuarantunes See you on Saturday!

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The caption reads, “Here we are… all are stuck in this five months of quarantine! Can you imagine how Hal would have gone bonkers on #MalcolmintheMiddle if he had to stay inside with his five knuckle-headed boys?! Makes me smile to think about that. So, if you’ve been missing some silliness in your life, check us out this Saturday night 8/8 for a 20th anniversary celebration of the show’s premiere. The cast is back!! This time we’re reading the pilot episode on Zoom.”

Well, time to listen to They Might Be Giants’ “Boss of Me”, the show’s theme song, on repeat for a while. This is one reunion we don’t want to miss.

Dad Discovers Adorable Reason His Daughter Obsessively Checks Mailbox

Dad Discovers Adorable Reason His Daughter Obsessively Checks the Mail

The excitement of checking the mail is an underrated lost joy of adulthood. Aside from the occasional Amazon package, mail means bills, appointment reminders, and junk that sits on the counter for a week before getting tossed unopened into the recycling. The Blue’s Clues “Mailtime” song mocks the parents of wide-eyed kids who still fully believe that mailboxes are mysterious wells full of exciting surprises. Most kids truly do love getting mail, but one dad became understandably confused when his 11-year-old daughter eagerly awaited the arrival of the mailman each day, despite the fact that there was never any mail addressed to her.

Well, one day this curious dad decided to investigate. What was it that so fully captured his daughter’s attention? Mind racing with possibilities both good and bad, he pulled open the mailbox door. What he found inside was quite possibly the most wholesome thing to ever happen in this history of mailboxes. Taped to the inside of the mailbox flap was a tic-tac-toe board drawn in light pink marker, with “Tik tac toe play with me!” written at the top in his daughter’s handwriting.

Mailbox Game

The post was shared on Reddit by a user named BallCoach79 with the caption, “My 11 y/o daughter has insisted on checking the mail the last couple of days. Today, I checked it. This is what I found…” and hearts around the world were warmed.

Reddit sleuths figured out that the 11-year-old’s grandpa is a retired postal worker, which means she grew up thinking very highly of the mail carriers she saw each day. It makes sense then, that after months of being quarantined with her two rowdy little brothers, that she would seek out other friends in a familiar place. Fortunately, the mail carrier obliged – each day, this adorable little girl and her new friend take turns placing X’s and O’s on their game board.

The mail mystery has been solved in the most precious imaginable way. It doesn’t matter what the board says, everyone here is a winner.

Principal Parodies “Can’t Touch This” for Back to School Amid COVID

Can't Touch This COVID Parody
(YouTube/Quentin Lee)

All over the country, parents are stressing over their kids’ back to school plans. Normally, the end of summer would be a time of celebration for moms and dads who are eager to get their kids out of the house and under someone else’s supervision for 8 hours a day, five days a week.

In 2020, things aren’t so cut and dried. Not only are many schools not bringing kids back, instead opting for a fully-remote experience, but the schools that are providing in-person teaching also don’t exactly have everything nailed down.

Teachers and administrators are just as stressed as parents, especially since they’re the ones at risk from catching COVID while interacting with dozens, and hundreds, of students that may or may not be wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines.

This situation is a nightmare for everyone, parents, students, and teachers. But at least one principal is having a little fun with it!

Dr. Quentin Lee, principal at Childersburg High School in Alabama, put out a video encouraging students to stay healthy at school, but it’s not some boring PSA. It’s a parody of MC Hammer’s 90s rap classic “Can’t Touch This” with COVID-based lyrics.

Lee says it took him 15 minutes to write the lyrics, for which he then filmed a video with help from students, teachers, and a local filmmaker. Now it’s gone viral with over 3.5 million views. Check it out below. I promise it’s 2 Legit 2 Quit watching.

Skydiver’s Lost Prosthetic Leg is Returned by a Local Farmer

Skydiver’s Lost Prosthetic Leg is Returned by a Local Farmer
(Facebook/Chris Marckres)

There’s a lot to think about (read: worry about) when going skydiving. Is your parachute going to open, or did you somehow accidentally grab a random backpack instead? Did you eat too much beforehand? Are all of your limbs going to stay attached while you’re flailing around in free fall? For most of us, maybe that last one is nothing more than a flash of irrational panic as your brain scans through every horrible possibility while coming to terms with the fact that you’re about to jump out of a moving plane. But for Chris Marckres of Vermont, being a double amputee meant that he was just slightly more likely than the rest of us to lose track of a limb mid-air. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened during his very first jump last Saturday.

Marckres was tandem skydiving, which means he was safely strapped to an instructor to ensure that his first jump went (mostly) as planned. Even the most experienced instructor probably wouldn’t have imagined that one of Chris’s prosthetic legs would have detached during the jump – in fact, Chris himself didn’t even realize that his leg was missing until he landed.

Prosthetics are expensive and take time to replace, so with fading hope, Chris put out a social media post explaining his peculiar predicament in the hopes that someone might stumble upon his missing leg. In a shocking turn of events, a farmer named Joe Marszalkowski messaged Chris with some incredible news – the missing leg had been found, New Balance sneaker and all.

In a Facebook post, Chris shared his good fortune. The post read, “Just got a message from Joe Marszalkowski that he found my leg. 9500 foot drop and it’s 100% intact. I can not even begin thank everyone enough that has been involved with the search. You all have shown me there are still so many good people. Thank you all again, especially Joe.”

Chris Leg
(Facebook/Chris Marckres)

Nobody was more surprised than Chris that, against all odds, his leg had been safely recovered. “About the time Joe messaged me saying he had located my prosthetic, I had been coming to terms with the fact it was most likely not going to be found,” Chris told The Dad. “I was beyond excited to have it returned, and equally surprised it wasn’t damaged at all.”

After seeing Chris’s post on Facebook, Joe discovered the lonely leg in his soybean field. Fortunately, he had diligently kept an eye out – had any machine come in contact with it, the leg surely would have been destroyed.

This experience hasn’t turned Chris off of skydiving. In fact, he told The Dad that he anticipates completing more jumps in the future. And if anything like this ever happens again, the people on social media are always willing to lend a hand – or in this case, a leg.

NASA Dads’ SpaceX Mission Was a Splashing Success

NASA Dads’ SpaceX Mission Was a Splashing Success

If ever there was a time to take a vacation from Earth, now would be ideal. For nearly two months, astronauts and dads Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley have been soaking up the atmosphere in the International Space station after being the first astronauts in history to travel to space in a commercially-built capsule. NASA hired both Boeing and SpaceX to build spacecrafts that can transport astronauts between Earth and the International space station, and SpaceX’s first mission was a success.

Not only was SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule the first privately-built capsule NASA sent to orbit, but it was the first time since 1975 that any American space crew had utilized a water landing, otherwise known as a splashdown. NASA and SpaceX staff weren’t the only ones counting down the minutes until the Dragon Endeavour’s return.

“I’m happy you went into space, but I’m even happier that you’re coming back home,” Hurley’s son Jack told him early Sunday morning.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, Daddy, wake up! Don’t worry, you can sleep in tomorrow. Hurry home so we can go get my dog!” Behnken’s son Theo exclaimed, which just goes to show that if you promise your kid a dog, even going to space for a while isn’t going to make them forget.

On Sunday, after a 21-hour voyage from the International Space Station, the two Astronaut dads splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico. The landing went mostly as planned, with the capsule deploying four large parachutes to slow its descent to 15 miles per hour for landing. There was a small delay caused by toxic nitrogen tetroxide fumes around the exterior of the capsule, which was caused by one of the spacecraft’s fuels – fortunately, the crew was able to clean the fuel tanks without much trouble. The capsule was pulled from the water by a crane and set down on a boat nearby where staff was waiting to help the astronauts out of the spacecraft.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was thrilled by the success of the mission. He explained that the Crew Dragon endeavor signified “a new era of human spaceflight where NASA is no longer the purchaser, owner and operator of all the hardware. We are going to be a customer, one customer of many customers in a very robust commercial marketplace for human spaceflight to low Earth orbit.”

That’s one small step for dads, one giant leap for dadkind.

Boy Telling Dad “I’m So Proud of You” Is the Content We Need Right Now

Boy Tells Dad “I’m So Proud of You” After Teaching Him to Skip

Watching kids smiling and playing always warms the heart, but when your child has battled multiple health issues throughout their life, these amazing little moments take on a whole new meaning. 8-Year-old Ryan Senneff has Down Syndrome and has been hospitalized for a multitude of health issues over the years. Doctors warned his parents of all the things he’d never do, and the limitations that his health issues would bring. For Ryan’s parents, Maura and Jack, these supposed limitations just weren’t accurate.

“We had incredible early intervention therapists with us from day one, who are like part of the family. That works well for a lot of kids,” Maura Senneff told The Dad. “We doubled and tripled the amount of therapy. Ryan needed a new approach. Sometimes you have to change gears, change lanes, or get on a new train.”

The road hasn’t been easy, but with his parents’ dedication and his own incredible perseverance, Ryan has left all of his supposed limitations in the dust. Ryan was never told that he couldn’t, or that he wouldn’t – if a professional claimed something was impossible, Ryan’s parents found a different professional. Ryan’s parents knew that he was capable of so much more than the doctors seemed to think. Maura told The Dad how important it was to operate within a “no limits” mindset. She explained, “We all treat Ryan just like our two other kids (or any other kid). High expectations. A diagnosis or chronic illness often means you are put in a box with limits. It’s 2020– Time to set new outcomes.”


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Things I never thought I’d see Ryan do: Bike UP a mountain. (Video 2) The ol’ flop and drop (video 1) used to last forever. It was annihilating. We knew he could be independent and do things himself, but also a key life skill is asking for help/ peers to play, etc, 3 years ago- Ryan was so sick w pneumonia he used to lay on the floor in library at school. No one told me. They “thought it was Down syndrome.” He did not have language to say “I don’t feel well.” Now he asks for help and we couldn’t be more thrilled he can advocated for himself. Brought in some PhD’s to turn around health and intense language acquisition (applied verbal analysis). Also kicked a pretty severe stutter. Teaching how to ask for help and to power through when things are tough have been pivotal to Ryan’s development. Now he has a self assessment check list and is rewarded for doing his best work. Improving trajectory for next generation = Any behavior or skill can be worked on and improved. Brain is malleable, not fixed. #nolimits PS – Shout out to all the siblings of kids with special needs. Their patience and endless love are inspiring Sorry for the repost from stories!

A post shared by Maura Senneff (@maurasenneff) on

In a recent video that Maura posted to her Instagram, Ryan’s progress is evident. Not only is he playing and goofing around just like any other kid his age, but he takes on a teacher role and helps his dad perfect his skipping skills. Ryan provides some constructive criticism and demonstrates the proper form. After a lot of practice, Jack gets Ryan’s stamp of approval. “Dad,” Ryan says slapping both hands on his dad’s shoulders, “I am so proud of you”.


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Nothing better than watching Jack skip and do jumping jacks with Ryan, and then Ryan critiquing his form🤣 2nd video Ryan tells Jack he’s going to cry bc he is so proud of Jack for skipping😭❤️ This doesn’t look like much- We dropped the ball on mastering some bilateral coordination skills years ago bc the plateaus were endless while triaging acute illnesses. Back to the drawing board- what we were doing was not working. So Ryan’s docs focused on coordination between body & brain + vision for motor planning the past few weeks. 2 weeks later he got the hang of a bunch of skills & mastered out of all his vision exercises. These bilateral skills using left & right sides of brain will help with writing, all sports & ball skills, tying shoes, confidence, social skills, language etc Even late, it’s still progress. Sometimes the little victories are the biggest. I had no idea in the Army jumping jacks = side straddle hops 🤷‍♀️ #nevergiveup #moreworktodo #neuroplasticity #nolimits . #specialneeds #downsyndrome

A post shared by Maura Senneff (@maurasenneff) on

Jack and Ryan’s connection is evident, and according to Maura, it’s a precious bond that this star-athlete dad shares with all of his children. “Jack inspires me every day – he is present with our kids,” Maura told The Dad. “He tells all our kids every night, ‘I’m proud to be your dad.’” Well, the feeling is mutual – Ryan seems pretty dang proud to be Jack’s son.

For more heartwarming videos, check out Maura’s Instagram.

Stuffed Dog Goes on Airport Adventure Before Reuniting With 6-Yr-Old Boy

Stuffed Dog Goes on Airport Adventure
(Facebook/Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)

Since reading Corduroy as a kid, the idea of brave stuffed animals going on extraordinary journeys has stayed near and dear to my heart. Of course, this type of thing doesn’t typically happen in everyday life – that is, until Cincinnati airport staff stepped in to give a very special stuffed dalmatian the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling with kids is exceedingly difficult – long behind us are the days of packing the morning of a flight, haphazardly throwing things we might need into a suitcase before leaving for the airport an hour before our boarding time. These are the times of checklists, carefully-packed bags, and trying desperately to keep track of everything (and everyone) until they’re all safely buckled into their seats on the plane. Sometimes, things inevitably get left behind.

On a recent flight from Cincinnati to their home in Florida, the Ronco family left behind a very important member. 6-Year-old Jaydence’s stuffed dalmatian, Masch-Masch, sat sadly at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport as his family boarded their plane. Masch-Masch was no ordinary stuffed animal – he had been gifted to Jaydence by the judge on the day of his adoption. This was a pup with a particularly special meaning.

“I think our son was half asleep when he left Masch-Masch at the terminal,” Jaydence’s father told the Associated Press. “Under normal circumstances, he would never forget him.”

The airport staff knew how important this pup must have been to its owner, so they set out to find them. The airport’s Facebook page posted a message with a picture of Masch-Masch (who they nicknamed “Jet”) in the hopes of reuniting the stuffed dog with its human. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a frantic parent to call and claim the lonely dalmatian, they decided to give him the VIP treatment. Masch-Masch got an airport tour fit for a king, and the airport documented the entire thing on their Facebook page. They even made sure their guest was wearing a mask, to keep him healthy and safe until he returned to his owner.

Masch-Masch visited the runway,

Jet Runway
(Facebook/Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)

Watched planes take off, and even made a furry friend.

Jet planes dog
(Facebook/Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)

Finally, after a long but exciting adventure, the airport flew Masch-Masch to St. Pete-Clearwater Airport, where he was reunited with his family. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport shared in a Facebook post, “We are so happy that we got Masch Masch home! Thank you SO much to all of our followers, who helped us spread the word. A huge thank you to our friends at Allegiant and St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, who both went out of their way to help.” It took a village, but Masch-Masch is home. Even under his mask, it’s clear that Jaydence is grinning – and so are we.

12-Yr-Old Proudly Shows Dad His Social Awareness Machine Invention

12-Year-Old Proudly Shows Dad His Social Awareness Machine Invention

For the past several months, we’ve been told to practice social distancing to protect ourselves and those around us from COVID-19. A seemingly simple task, right? Stay six feet apart to prevent the spread of droplets from one person to another. If you’ve ever tried to eyeball the length of a shelf or cabinet though, you’ve probably realized that we aren’t great at it. Add to that already difficult task the fact that people are often moving targets, and we really have to use our noodles to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

12-Year-old Keashon Harris from Pennsylvania noticed this problem in his own everyday life, so he decided to solve it. Keashon’s invention is simple – the device which he calls a Social Awareness Machine (or S.A.M.) measures a distance of six feet in front of the person holding it. If someone comes within that six feet, the machine lets out a high-pitched beep.

“It beeps and screams at you”, Keashon says laughing, in a video that has accumulated over 200,000 Twitter likes in less than a week. The video shows Keashon presenting the S.A.M. to his dad – although he’s modest, he’s clearly very proud of what he built. “This is basically a machine that you made to monitor people are staying at least six feet away from each other, right?” Keashon’s dad echoes, showing both interest and a hint of awe at his son’s creation, the type of parental affirmation that kids can’t get enough of (even if they don’t show it).

The video itself was shared by Keashon’s dad with the caption “Proud dad moment”, but the 12-year-old’s dad is far from his only cheerleader. This honor student is being hailed as a genius, with his seemingly simple invention helping to solve a prevalent problem. Comments like, “your son has an AMAZING mind! he’s going places,” and “I can’t wait to see where this young man is headed in the future. This is incredible,” overflow in response to the video. A proud dad moment, absolutely – but also a renewed confidence that the world is in good hands with the next generation.

Bryan Cranston Reveals He Had COVID-19, Donates Plasma

Cranston Donates Plasma

When COVID-19 first hit, there were two major markers that let everyone know this was the real deal. The first was when the NBA suspended all games after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, and the second was when Tom Hanks and his wife announced they’d also contracted the coronavirus. Sports stopped and America’s Movie Star Dad got sick: things were suddenly quite real.

In the months since there hasn’t been a ton of stories about celebrities catching corona, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In fact, one of TV’s biggest stars just revealed that he’d been sick, and is now not only recovering but is donating his plasma to help others who are fighting the disease.

“I wanted to announce that I had COVID-19 a little while ago. Very lucky, very mild symptoms,” Cranston said. “So I thought maybe there’s something I can do, so I started a program [at UCLA Blood and Platelet Center] so hopefully the plasma donation can help some other people.”

Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, aka Heisenberg, aka The One Who Knocks, posted a video on his Instagram page in which he divulged the news that he’d been sick with COVID-19. He is now recovered and is hoping his antibodies can help. In the video, he explains his symptoms, the process of donating 840 milliliters of his plasma to the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center, and he encourages everyone to stay safe and adhere to the proper guidelines.

“I was pretty strict in adhering to the protocols and still… I contracted the virus. Yep. it sounds daunting now that over 150,000 Americans are dead because of it,” Cranston wrote in the caption to the video. “I was one of the lucky ones… I count my blessings and urge you to keep wearing the damn mask, keep washing your hands, and stay socially distant. We can prevail – but ONLY if we follow the rules together.”

Cranston’s show, Breaking Bad, was just voted the best TV show of the 21st century by Twitter, so not only is it good news that he has recovered from his illness, it’s even better than he’s breaking good and using his antibodies to help others who get sick.

Science, bitch!

Dad Reflexes Save the Day when Man Spots Gator Approaching 4-Year-Old

Dad Reflexes Save the Day when Man Spots Gator Approaching 4-Year-Old
(YouTube/KPRC 2 Click2Houston)

Do you get your dad reflexes the moment you become a dad, or do they only kick in when you really need them? Either way, Andrew Grande Sr. is extremely lucky that his were operating in full-force last Friday. On a seemingly ordinary day, Grande’s 4-year-old daughter Brandalyn (nicknamed Bambi) was playing by the creek near her house with her brother and babysitter. By some stroke of luck, Grande happened to be about 10 yards away when he noticed something strange.

In the middle of the generally calm creek, Grande saw something emerge from the water slightly, and then dip back down. In a split second, it clicked in the quick-thinking dad’s mind – the figure bobbing up and down in the water was an alligator, and its gaze was locked on his 4-year-old. Without hesitation, Grande dropped what he was doing and sped towards his daughter.

Robin Randolph, the family’s babysitter, described the frightening day to Click 2 Huston. She recalled, “(The gator) was making a bee-line for us. Andrew had knocked me into the gate. Picked up Bambi and threw her over the fence.”

While Grande went to work protecting his family, the alligator wasn’t deterred. He remained nearby, head half-submerged, likely waiting to see if anyone was left behind. It’s hard to say what would have happened if Grande hadn’t been paying attention, but thanks to his vigilance and dad-like reflexes, his kids and babysitter are safe. After several hours and boatloads of bravery, the 11 foot 7 inch alligator was relocated to Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas by an alligator hunter. Grande doesn’t harbor any ill will towards his toothy visitor. In fact, he plans to pay him a visit one day – maybe without the kids.

Good Samaritans Help 79-Yr-Old Travel Cross-Country to Visit Son

79-Year-Old Travels Cross-Country to Visit Son Thanks to Good Samaritans

A viral TikTok video is truly a tale for the ages, with a much-needed happy ending. Last week, 79-year-old Dennis Milentz decided to make an ambitious journey. After 18 years of being unable to see him in person, this determined dad wanted to visit his son in Fremont, Wisconsin. The only problem? Milentz’s hometown is roughly 1,660 miles away, in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona. Like any dad with a plan though, Milentz was going to see it through.

From the get-go, the trip was harder than anticipated. Milentz didn’t know how to use his GPS, he repeatedly got lost, and ended up adding roughly 200 miles to his already grueling trip. He was stressed, worried, and it was starting to seem like his journey would never end. That is, until Milentz made a fateful stop at a gas station in Woodhull, Illinois on his third day of driving. There he met a friendly couple who wrote him clear directions and left him their phone number in case he needed help.

15 minutes later, Elton Hood and Tracy Eckhardt, the helpful locals, received a call from Milentz.

“Neither one of us could bear the thought of– if we saw a missing persons alert or if something bad happened to him,” Eckhardt told WMTV. “if we had the potential to help turn this around and didn’t do it. That was just not going to work for either of us.”

To ensure the 79-year-old reached his son safety, the couple made the rest of the trip with him. They drove for three hours, with Milentz following closely behind until he reached his final destination. As if that wasn’t enough, the couple stayed in contact with Milentz’s family. They realized that due to unforeseen circumstances, the family wouldn’t be able to help Milentz return to Arizona. So what did this couple, who had no prior connection to the 79-year-old do? Well, they planned on escorting him back to Arizona.

@un_trace_ableI got a good one….his ❤️ amazes me. ##fyp ##foryoupage ##stillgoodintheworld ##elderly ##elderlylove ##armyvet ##dontletthisflop ##bethelight ##marinevet♬ If The World Was Ending – JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels

Thanks to the power of TikTok, word got out (nearly 4 million views later) – the heartwarming story premiered on NBC15 News, and two viewers connected with Eckhardt and Hood. They offered to pay for Milentz’s flight back to Arizona so the couple wouldn’t have to make the drive. Milentz quickly and gratefully accepted, wrapping up this incredible story in the best way possible – with more good samaritans going out of their way to help a 79-year-old man complete the journey of a lifetime.