Woman Tries to Kidnap Joe Montana’s Grandchild, Must Have Forgotten His Nickname

Joe Thwarts Kidnapping
(Getty/Thearon W. Henderson)

It’s been a while since Joe Montana was keeping his cool on the field while leading the 49ers to 4 Super Bowls in the 80s, but after some harrowing events over the weekend, it’s clear the most celebrated QB of the 80s hasn’t lost his edge.

During Sunday’s football games, news broke of a bizarre story involving Joe Cool himself, in which a home intruder broke into the Montana’s house and attempted to snatch up their grandchild. It happened on Saturday when a 39-year-old woman walked through an unlocked door right into the Montana’s Malibu, California home.

The woman found the Montana’s 9-month-old baby in a playpen and just picked her up. Joe and his wife Jennifer confronted the woman and tried to keep things calm, asking for the child back. A scuffle ensued, according to TMZ, and Jennifer was able to pull her grandchild free.

The woman took off but was quickly apprehended.

Joe Montana posted an update on Twitter, thanking everyone for their concern.

Quite the bizarre story, and thankfully the baby is safe. It seems pretty clear that some of Joe’s steely nerves must have rubbed off on his wife, and together they were the wrong couple to mess with. Turns out Joe’s a Hall of Fame grandfather too.

Let’s see Tom Brady do that.

Keanu Reeves Was “Mauled” While Adorably Reporting on Teddy Bears In 1984

Keanu Reeves Teddy Bear Convention

A lot of unsavory things have come back to bite celebrities in the butt lately – poor decisions from their pasts resurfacing, forcing them to face the repercussions of their actions. In the least surprising turn of events, a vintage video of Keanu Reeves has made its way back to the public eye, and as it turns out, he’s even more pure than we previously thought. Before there was John Wick, before The Matrix, even before Bill & Ted, Keanu Reeves turned his attention to the world of Teddy Bears.

After decades in the spotlight, Keanu Reeves has demonstrated time and time again that the only thing as massive as his talent is his heart. He goes above and beyond for his fans, is generous with both his time and money – overall, he is a most excellent human being. Somehow, through all of it, he’s managed to stay incredibly humble.

Completely in keeping with his character, an adorable video from 1984 recently resurfaced, showing a Keanu that looks about five years younger than he does now. Nearly four decades ago, Reeves worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show “Going Great” as a kids news correspondent. Reeves really went for it, throwing himself into the mission at hand-deliver the most pressing info about the first-ever Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dug up this gem in early September for National Teddy Bear Day (forgot to mark my calendar again), and we’re so happy they did. Little Keanu hits the convention-goers with hard-hitting questions right from the start, asking head-scratchers like, “Why are all the bears’ first names Teddy?” which is a thing that will absolutely keep me up at night.

Keanu digs deep, finding out the koalifications of the bears attending the convention. He approaches a woman asking, “what college did he go to?” which she answers without missing a beat. In fact, the bear is even repping his alma mater with a Paws Preparatory School t-shirt (but he didn’t flash a diploma, so we’re skeptical).

This simple yet delightful video is exactly the palate cleanser we need right now. Incredibly, even four decades after he ventured into the world of teddy bear conventions, Keanu Reeves is still bursting at the seams with a lighthearted youthfulness – congratulations, Keanu, on nearly 40 years of being pawsitively endearing.

Watch Matthew McConaughey Watch His Dazed and Confused Audition

McConaughey Watches Dazed and Confused Audition

It’s not often that you see a performance in a movie and immediately know that a star is being born.

One such performance is Matthew McConaughey as Woody Wooderson in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. Thirty years later, McConaughey is a beloved Hollywood figure, a household name with a good time guy persona, a penchant for going shirtless, and an Oscar under his belt.

But thirty years ago, he was just another struggling actor looking for his big break, which he got when he landed the part of a skeevy high school hero who everyone knows is too old to be hanging with high school kids but nobody really minds because he’s charming and laid-back and Matthew McConaughey.

Of all the memorable characters and quotes from Dazed and Confused, McConaughey somehow manages to walk away with the movie. He went to the audition to get a summer job and ended up a Holywood mainstay for the next three decades and counting.

Recently, McConaughey watched his audition tape for Wooderson, in which he recites a couple of his iconic lines. Somebody filmed the actor watching himself try out for the role, and as he always seems to, the actor had a great time.

Obviously his audition went alright alright alright, because he landed the role, and soon after it landed A Time to Kill, and he was off and running.

It’s fun to see him watch his audition, and then explain what we just saw, as if we didn’t know. In the short clip, he shows off the qualities that make him such a popular star. He’s humble, eternally likable, and cool as a cucumber; that’s what we love about Matthew McConaughey, he keeps getting older, but he stays the same age.

Ryan Reynolds’ Response to The Rock Ripping Down a Gate is Remarkable

Ryan Reynolds responds to The Rock tearing down his gate

Long before taking on the role of Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been known for his incredible physical strength. Wrestling with the WWF for nearly a decade and appearing in over 50 movies, The Rock has become our favorite gentle giant. Though the dude looks like the human equivalent of a tank, he has an enormous heart and only uses his superhuman strength for good.

On Saturday, The Rock took to Instagram to share the saga of a metal gate that had the misfortune of getting on his bad side. Evidently, the Black Adam star was about to leave for work when he realized the large metal gate in front of his house wouldn’t open. For most of us, a service person would be our only route to freedom. But most of us don’t have biceps the size of a small child, or the spare cash to buy a new gate every time it malfunctions. Well, the rock has both – so he took matters into his own Hulk-like hands.

He said in his Instagram post, “Not my finest hour, but a man’s gotta go to work.” He explained, “We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, causing my front gate not to open. I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out – but this time it wouldn’t.”


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Not my finest hour 🤦🏽‍♂️, but a man’s gotta go to work. We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, causing my front gate not to open. I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out – but this time it wouldn’t. Made some calls to see how fast I can get the gate tech on site, but I didn’t have 45min to wait. By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day. So I did what I had to do. I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass. My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, “in disbelief and equally scared” 🤣 Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work. And I think I’m 💯 ready to be #blackadam 😄💪🏾 #ripgates

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

With a set full of production crew members waiting on him, he didn’t have time for a service person to come fix the gate. “So I did what I had to do,” he said. “I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass.”

The post continued, “My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, ‘in disbelief and equally scared.’”

Hopefully, they left the torn-down gate in the grass as a warning to all future gates that may decide to stop working at inopportune times. The Rock Concluded, “Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work. And I think I’m 💯 ready to be #blackadam.”

It wasn’t long before our favorite smartass, and nice guy, Ryan Reynolds, showed up in the comments to provide some helpful info. “The gate opened the OTHER way,” Reynolds explained, lovingly trolling a man who could break him in half with one metal-crushing hand.

The Rock later posted a video of the damage, showing the busted hinge and the absolutely destroyed metal gate lying lamely on the ground.


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Well here’s the destruction 🤦🏽‍♂️ I left behind after pulling my gates off myself and going to work. This footage was taken from my security after I had already left and he arrived on the scene. The second video is of our technicians and welders carrying one of the gates and placing it gently in the grass. As you guys know from my last post, there was a power outage at my house, causing my gates to not open. Sure as hell wasn’t my best hour, but there were a lot of people waiting for me at work so I did what I had to do, hopped in my pick up and went to work. Maybe next time I’ll just hop the gates and call an Uber. Actually, no I won’t. There’s no fun in that 😈 Jokes aside, THANK YOU to the techs and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come over and take care of the destruction. Thank you, gentlemen. Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood. We’ve all been there. 🥃 #ripgates

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

“Maybe next time I’ll just hop the gates and call an Uber,” The Rock considered. “Actually, no I won’t. There’s no fun in that.”

“Jokes aside,” he continued, “THANK YOU to the techs and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come over and take care of the destruction. Thank you, gentlemen. Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood. We’ve all been there.”

Sure, we’ve all been there. I mean, not EXACTLY there, but we get it. We’re all a little on edge these days, sometimes all it takes is one more little thing going wrong for us to become completely unhinged.

Dad Returns Snarky Birthday Card to Son 28 Years Later

Dad Returns Birthday Card After Decades

Birthdays are the universal equalizer. No matter who you are, where you’re from – everyone in the world gets older each year – even the Terminator. And birthdays are often a time for celebration, even amid a pandemic. For one UK dad, his son’s 42nd birthday was an opportunity for a little bit of justice.

It all started when Rob Witts was just 14 years old. To celebrate his dad’s 42nd birthday, Rob hand-made a card that was equal parts thoughtful and snarky. The front of the card featured a smiling cartoon with the words, “Hey everybody! He’s 42! Of course,” while the inside of the card read, “…We won’t draw attention to it, will we?”

As most kids do, Rob proudly presented the card to his dad and immediately forgot about it. That is, until his own 42nd birthday. Now a father of three himself, Rob received an envelope in the mail from his parents. Inside was a beautiful card from Rob’s mom, some pictures from his childhood, and the same 42nd birthday card he had given to his father decades earlier.

A brand new note written inside of the card read, “I guess if you wait long enough, what goes round comes round!” Rob’s dad had also corrected the names, so the greeting now read “Happy 42nd Birthday Dad Rob! From Robbie Dad.”

Though the card itself was a surprise, the hilarity was not. Rob told The Dad, “He is a really caring and considerate man, and we share a sarcastic sense of humour – lots of bad puns and so forth,” he said. “This act was entirely in-keeping with my dad’s sense of humour.”

Rob now lives about four hours away from his parents, and since the pandemic, their in-person contact has unfortunately been limited. However, It would take far more than a pandemic to keep Rob’s dad from making his birthday a memorable one. The photo of the decades-old birthday card along with the story have gone viral on Twitter, accumulating over 100,000 likes in over a week.

Many speculated that Rob’s dad had spent the past 28 years carefully plotting his revenge, but Rob offered a far more innocent but equally excellent explanation. “He and my mum had been looking in their attic for photos of my sister and me at the same age that our kids are now,” Rob said. “The card had been in one of the boxes, and he saw an opportunity! So it was clever opportunism and luck rather than determined planning, and I think I’m relieved to know that.”

Maybe what Rob’s dad meant when he said “what goes round comes round” had nothing to do with justice at all – maybe it was really about the touching things family members do to show how much they love each other. Whether it’s taking the time to hand-make a card for your dad, or caring enough to hold onto it nearly 30 years later.

Ryan Reynolds Gently Roasts Hugh Jackman While Narrating Coffee Commercial

Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds Laughing Man Coffee Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a friendship that keeps on giving. Like brothers on a perpetual mission to one-up each other, Reynolds and Jackman enjoy giving each other a good old fashioned ribbing. During a recent reunion of (what was supposed to be) the first X-Men movie’s cast, Ryan Reynolds rallied some friends from around the X-Men universe and crashed the party, as friends do. And how can we forget the time that Deadpool wore a crumpled Hugh Jackman mask that looked like an intern had clipped it from a magazine a minute before they started filming?

The good-spirited trolling between these two talented friends is ever-present on social media and beyond, but nothing is more emblematic of their goofy yet supportive friendship than Jackman’s recent coffee commercial. Early Tuesday morning, Jackman took to social media to release a commercial for his coffee brand, “Laughing Man Coffee”. The commercial features an extremely grumpy Jackman preparing for his day, while our reliable-ish narrator, Ryan Reynolds, provides us with a slightly different story.

“This is Hugh Jackman,” Reynolds begins as Jackman’s alarm clock begins to blare. Scowling, Jackman takes the alarm, glances at it, and throws it across the room. “Noted humanitarian,” Reynolds continues, as Jackman becomes visibly frustrated by the sound of kids playing outside. “Hey kids, SHUT UP,” he yells ineffectively out the closed window.

Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with Reynolds’s narration, it has the sarcastic feel of a kid throwing an absolute meltdown, and a fellow parent raising an eyebrow and commenting, “they seem happy.” The commercial continues with the same pattern – Reynolds “hyping” his friend, and Jackman essentially doing the exact opposite of whatever Reynolds gives him credit for.

That is, until Jackman finally gets his steaming cup of Laughing Man Coffee.

Reynolds explains that Laughing Man Coffee is “The coffee company that donates 100% of Hugh’s profits to support fair trade farmers.” He continues, “and brews the exceptional flavor that is 100% responsible for the Hugh Jackman we know and love.”

Reynolds posted a slightly more candid explanation on his YouTube page, stating that “Hugh Jackman founded Laughing Man coffee so he could give back 100% of his profits to the fair trade farmers who grow it—and also to make himself way less of an asshole. That coffee is actual magic.”

The commercial ends with a smiling Hugh Jackman, now cuddling the dog that he’d previously yelled at. I know a few people who could definitely use a cup of whatever magic is mixed into that little pod. Welcome back, Hugh. You’re not you when you’re decaffeinated.

Wife’s Prank On Her Husband Turns Into World-Wide Photoshop Battle

Wife's Prank On Husband Turns to Photoshop Battle
(Facebook/Sharea Overman)

Becoming a dad means suddenly possessing a very specific set of skills. There’s the ability to grill anything at the drop of a hat, the nearly-uncontrollable affinity for lawn mowers, and the baffling mastery of falling asleep anywhere in under a minute in a half. While Nate Overman wasn’t actually asleep in the driver’s seat on a family road trip, he sure looked the part – so his wife decided to pull a picture-perfect prank that has captured the imagination of photoshop masters around the world.

Sharea and Nate Overman along with their three young boys were driving to visit family when Sharea noticed her husband looked a little too comfy in the driver’s seat. Nate, probably enjoying a few hours without running after his kids, was leaning back peacefully in his seat with his head tilted slightly back. Because of his sunglasses, it’s impossible to tell that he’s fully awake – but given that the family of five made it safely to their destination, we’ll take their word for it. After realizing that her husband looked like he was fully passed out in the driver’s seat, Sharea, a part-time photographer, had an idea.

“I’m a part of this group of incredibly talented photographers on Facebook,” Sharea told CNN. “So, I decided to post the photo and asked people to photoshop some fun backgrounds into the photo. To make it look like he fell asleep while all these crazy things were going on.”

While the couple was still in transit, Sharea’s Facebook group more than delivered. Photo after photo popped up in the comments, each more ridiculous than the last. Before they even reached their family’s town, Sharea told her husband what she’d done with his picture (partly because she was no longer able to hide her laughter). Nate was a good sport, entertained by the creativity of the community of photographers. By the time they reached their family, the pair had more or less forgotten about the photo. A few days later though, Sharea realized that the photo had spread far beyond her Facebook group.

“I started getting messages from people in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska… sending me their photoshopped images of my husband,” Sharea said. “There are people who have broken down and told us just how hard this year has been for them and that this is the first time they’ve been able to have a really good laugh at something.”

A Facebook user was nice enough to put together some of her favorite submissions from the private group, so click here to enjoy some much-needed laughs.

This is the best post I’ve seen in a group in a long time! His wife asked if everyone could photoshop things in the window that her husband “missed while he was sleeping” 🤣

Posted by Trisha Keel on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Woman Somehow Stays Calm, Inexplicably Takes Selfie While Bear Sniffs Her Hair

Woman Takes Selfie with Bear

The conventional wisdom states that if you encounter a bear in the woods, you should play dead in the hopes that it loses interest. Don’t run, don’t try to fight it, and whatever you do, don’t show off your gorgeous hair. Or maybe do. It may depend on the bear.

One woman is being praised for her ability to stay calm when a bear got curious and sniffed her hair. In a video that went viral, she can be seen standing deathly still while the bear got unbearably close, perhaps enthralled by her coconut-scented conditioner. God knows I have a hard time resisting that! (No joke: I would literally drink it out of the bottle!)

There are multiple videos of the encounter showing different vantage points as the bear approaches and the woman attempts to stand still as it sniffs her hair and body and prods at her legs.

In one video, you can see the woman attempting to take a selfie with the bear, so she’s obviously a Millennial.

Oh, did you want to see the resulting selfie?



Anyway, it was all worth it, as the videos have been seen millions of times and she and the bear are now engaged to be married.

“Certified Young Person” Paul Rudd Has a Message for Maskless Millenials

Paul Rudd Mask PSA
(YouTube/Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

Six-plus months into this pandemic, we’re all at the end of our ropes. The ongoing debate about wearing a mask (what debate: WEAR A MASK!) and the constant flow of information about testing and infections and the death toll is wearing on all of us. The last thing most of us want at this point is another public service announcement from a coddled celebrity telling us how to live our lives.

Unless that celebrity is Paul Rudd. Everybody loves Paul Rudd!

Yesterday, one of those aforementioned PSAs was released, featuring Ant-Man himself beseeching his fellow Millennials, and the rest of us, to wear a mask. But instead of being an earnest, self-serious message to a population that couldn’t have less interest in hearing someone preach at them, Rudd did what he does best and just goofed around for two minutes.

Throughout the video, which Rudd filmed at the behest of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (“Cuomes,” as he calls him), Rudd dresses and speaks – sort of – like a “certified young person,” absurdly attempting to throw around slang and references that actual young people (Rudd is 50!) might use these days. And he does it really poorly. And hilariously.

I promise, whether you want to wear a mask or not, these very funny two minutes are worth your time:

Dave Grohl Escalates Drum Battle With 10-Year-Old by Writing Her a Theme Song

grohl nandi drum battle theme song

Foo Fighters’ frontman and iconic dad rocker Dave Grohl is at it again. A few weeks ago, he had a 10-year-old wunderkind throw down the gauntlet for a (virtual) drum battle. And because he is a great dude, he accepted the challenge.

And you know what? 10-year-old music prodigy Nandi Bushell held her own. She’s a legit badass on the drums (and other instruments, if you check out her IG) and held up her end of the drum battle.

So much, in fact, that Grohl decided she was the winner of round 1. And he hinted there would be second round.

And Monday, we got round 2. Grohl took the drum battle to the next level, by challenging her to play a new song he wrote, just about her. It quickly garnered more than 1 million views. He wrote on Twitter:

“….Round 2! Every superhero needs a theme song. Here’s one for you! Mad props to The Grohlettes for the background vocals.”

His theme song, which he said he made up off the top of his head, included lines like

“Number one supergirl/ Best drummer in the world/ Always right on time/ Hero wunderkind/ She got the power/ She got the sound/ Nandi on the drums make the world go round” and “She’s got the power/she got the soul/gonna save the world with her rock & roll!”

His daughters helped with the background vocals. Nandi was thrilled at the latest turn in their drum battle, and took to twitter:

“I can’t believe Mr. Grohl wrote a song about me!?! This is so so EPIC. I think it’s the best song EVER, in the WORLD, EVER!!! Thank you so much Dave. You have raised the stakes to all instruments! I accept your next challenge! Thank you to the whole Grohl family!”

And she posted an adorable reaction video.

In a year where every new development and trending topic is met with dread and trepidation, it’s refreshing to have something cool ongoing and to enjoy awesome people doing awesome things.

Unearthed Ghostbusters Promo Features Murray, Aykroyd, Alternate Theme Song

Unearthed Ghostbusters Promo

Vintage Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and original “Ghostbusters” content we haven’t seen before. Do you need anything else to sell you on watching this? Two comedy legends in their prime, in a short promoting an all-time comedy classic. That’s the video that popped up on social media lately and that’s what we’re here to share because it’s the type of content that will brighten your day, even if only for 2 glorious minutes. If that doesn’t satisfy your Ghostbuster nostalgia for the week you can always check out the recent reunion.

We all know how the story goes, “Ghostbusters” would go on to be an enormous hit, spawning a franchise. At the time, they had no idea if it would play, though, so this promo video being shared was of the two stars plugging the movie (before it was even finished) for an industry event for theater owners. They are basically trying to get people to show the movie in theaters, as crazy as it sounds.

Bill Murray is a home run when it comes to comedy, and we even dig him in his baseball game cameos. Dan Aykroyd is right up there with him when it comes to iconic comedic actors, and the original Ghostbusters is a true gem (and here are 15 facts about the original you may not know).

So when it came time for the duo to plug the movie, they do a delightfully improvisational riff about why it should be screened at independent theaters.

At one point, Murray claims the movie is going to “Make E.T. look like Raiders of the Lost Ark, you know what I’m saying? This is gonna be the kind of thing that your children are gonna say, ‘Dad, I can look up to you now, but I never could before.’”

“Isn’t it worth it?” he asked. “God, I mean, we made a lot of cheap movies for you guys that made a lot of money, but now we kind of spent a little more than we’re supposed to.”

We also get a different version of the theme song, before the Ray Parker Jr. version, and it’s kind of wild (in a not great way). Ghostbusters did deliver for theater owners, pulling in nearly $300 million on its way to being one of the top movies of 1984.

And this lost gem of a promotional video is just the right dose of nostalgia you never knew you needed.

Like Fine Wine, This Extremely Fashionable Couple Only Gets Better With Age

Elderly Couple are World's Fashion Icons

Most people on some level have an aversion to the idea of aging. Maybe you’re afraid of your looks changing, or that you won’t be able to do everything you enjoy doing now. The reality is, getting older is inevitable – but aging doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to start missing out on things you love. In fact, sometimes the best opportunities present themselves after you’ve already gone gray. Or maybe you’re the type that refuses to slow down, chasing adventure at any age. For this Berlin couple, getting older meant finally being recognized as the fashion icons they are.

Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft are the epitome of the idea that age is just a number. Not only have they taken the world by storm with their incredible sense of style, but they are both extremely active in their daily lives. Günther is known for dancing pretty much non-stop, sometimes for hours upon hours each day. He hasn’t always been this active – in fact, Günther didn’t discover his love of dancing until much later in life.


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Günther has been dubbed the “Hipster Grandpa” after a tourist posted a photo of him looking debonair as ever waiting on a subway platform in Berlin.


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According to her Instagram page, Britt a “Creative Icon of Style at Berlin’s Art, Party, and Cultural Scene.” She’s also a model, club owner, and adorably, a roller skate enthusiast.


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The dapper couple has been known around Berlin for years, but it wasn’t until 2015 when they were thrust into the world-wide fashion scene after Vogue’s Instagram page shared their photo. The photo accumulated over half a million likes, solidifying them as international fashion icons.

Not only is this couple incredibly well-dressed, but their photos have both a sophisticated and joyful energy that leaves their fans wanting more. They are often quirky, always elegant, and definitely make it harder to justify wearing sweatpants every day.


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The draw of this couple extends far beyond what they’re wearing – their pictures are so full of energy, it’s hard to look away.


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Günther explained to Sueddeutsche that a big reason he dresses the way he does is to reflect how he feels inside. He often considers “whether it’s all in harmony,” and makes sure his outward appearance reflects who he is.


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Günther’s advice to the next generation? “Live wild and dangerous!” Now that we can do, if that’s what it takes to become as stylish and full of life as this duo.


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Hero Makes Impassioned Plea To City Council for Renaming of Boneless Wings

Man Wants Boneless Chicken Banished

People have had some extra time on their hands over the past few months. Some of us are diving deep into Netflix, some of us are learning how to play a new instrument or finally writing that novel. Some of us, like Anders Christensen of Lincoln, Nebraska, has become an activist. The best part is that no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, he’s tackling a cause we can all get behind.

Last week, Anders went to the city council meeting for his town, and he raised an issue in front of the town’s leadership. The issue is one that impacts all of us, especially during football season. And Anders is demanding a solution to years, if not decades, of malfeasance. A concerned citizen, Anders wants the lies to stop!

He wants us to stop referring to them as “boneless wings.” And if you think he’s joking, you’re sorely mistaken, as one man learns when he makes the mistake of chuckling while Anders is making his case.

Long story short: boneless chicken wings aren’t made from the wings of chickens. Anders demands truth-telling from sports bars and other restaurants, or, at least, the use of more precise nomenclature.

“We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control that our children are throwing around names and words without even understanding their true meaning, treating things as though they’re normal”, he explains. And it gets better.

Watch the full video below, and remember: not all heroes wear capes. Some wear wet wipes.