22-Year-Old Has Heartwarming Reaction After Friends Buy Him Colorblind Glasses

Viral video of man whose friends surprised him with colorblind glasses

Imagine one day looking at the world and seeing something completely new. The trails you’ve walked a thousand times before are now filled with colors you’ve never seen, even the clothes you’re wearing are brighter and more vibrant than they’ve ever been. Most of us will never get to experience the world with new eyes, but 22-year-old Mac got to do exactly that – and unsurprisingly, his reaction warmed hearts around the world.

Mac is colorblind, and although he can see clearly enough, he sees color differently than most of us. “Colors such as reds and greens to me were sometimes hard to distinguish,” Mac told The Dad, “But since I’ve had to live with this for my 22 years of living I’ve learned to adapt and figure out which color is which even though I never saw them for what they really were.”

This year for Mac’s birthday, his friends decided to give him a gift that would quite literally change his world. He explained on Twitter, “The fact that I hardly ever mentioned my want for colorblind glasses and my friends literally went out of their way to get me a pair for my birthday just tells me how much they love my ass and I couldn’t have asked for better people to call my brothers!!!”

In the heartwarming video, Mac tries out his gift for the first time. He puts on his colorblind glasses and slowly looks up, and immediately, he’s visibly awe-struck. He stares open-mouthed at the world in front of him – the trees, a bright red car, things he’s seen countless times before. But never like this. He whispers a quiet “whoa” as he processes what he’s seeing.

“There’s no way y’all see that shit,” Mac exclaims. “BRO, WHAT?!”

“The first time I truly saw what was surrounding me it was eye opening and breathtaking,” Mac recalls. “It’s like watching your favorite movie for the first time ever. You don’t know what to expect but once you see it it blows you away.”

In less than two weeks, Mac’s touching video accumulated over 180,000 likes and over 37,000 retweets. Mac’s genuine amazement, his appreciation of the world around him, and his contagious enthusiasm struck a chord with people around the world. Though his intention was simply to thank his friends and share how much the gift meant to him, Mac ended up sharing a moment that meant so much more to people he’d never even met.

“I woke up and my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing with likes, follows, and comments about how much they realize how they’ve taken the little things like seeing a bush for granted and how much joy I gave them by my reaction. It felt really good to make people’s day by just being my genuine self.”

Son “Fixes” Family Photo as a Gift for His Dad and Now It’s a Work of Art

Son hilariously fixes family photo for his dad

There’s an entire website dedicated to the hilarity of “Awkward Family Photos,” and in a series of videos, TikTok user kylescheele reminds us why we love them so dang much. For some reason, traditional family photos are often bizarre. From strange coordinated outfits to poses that look so unnatural they may as well be aliens doing their best human impressions, there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong. But after staring at the same family photo for decades, Kyle decided to make some changes.

In part one of Kyle’s TikTok, he gives some background on the photo in question. In the scope of things, the picture isn’t horrible. In fact, it would have been a pretty acceptable family photo aside from one small problem. Even though it’s been hanging in his house for decades, Kyle’s dad hates that freaking picture (understandably).

Kyle explains, “for no discernable reason, the photographer had only my dad tilt his head, but my dad didn’t know that until after the photo was already developed.”

Maybe a small head tilt doesn’t sound like something that would ruin a photo, but uh, it definitely ruined the photo. In a picture full of family members looking straight forward, plopped in the middle is Kyle’s dad, staring crookedly at the camera.

The photo has been hanging in the same spot for roughly three decades thanks to Kyle’s mom who unironically loves it. But as a gift to his dad, Kyle decided to put his Photoshop skills to use and fix the photo once and for all.

In a stroke of absolute genius, Kyle decided to not only to straighten his dad’s face in the photo but to tilt the faces of everyone else in the picture. He orders a large, framed copy of the new and improved family photo, and even though he’s seen it before, he is thoroughly tickled when he opens the box.

@kylescheeleThis is the best gift idea I’ve ever had. ##greenscreen ##photoshop ##christmas ##gift ##family ##familypictures ##funny♬ original sound – kylescheele

Finally, it’s time for part two. The moment of truth. Without cracking a smile, Kyle hands his dad the wrapped work of art. As his dad begins to pull back the paper, a smile spreads across his face. He turns the photo to Kyle’s mom, and as soon as she processes exactly what her brilliant son did, she bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

The new picture transcends the category of “family photo” and is now more accurately a work of art, one that will hopefully hang in the family’s house for decades to come. Legend has it that if you hold your ear to your own awkward family photo, you can still hear Kyle’s mom laughing to this day.

@kylescheeleI’ll put my mom’s laugh against yours any day. ##photoshop ##dadlean ##christmas ##gift ##part2♬ original sound – kylescheele

Fans React to Chris Evans Picking up the Captain America Shield Again

Captain America

In somewhat shocking news, Chris Evans is nearing an official return to Marvel movies, picking up the shield again to reprise his role as Captain America. According to Deadline, Evans will be bringing Captain America back in at least one movie, possibly more. The caveat, though, is that he won’t be the main draw, he’ll be a secondary character, sort of like Robert Downey’s Iron Man in a few of the MCU movies.

Evans was a great Captain America, so why are fans shocked? Because his ending in Avengers: Endgame seemed really well done for the character. It was a great send-off to Cap and that whole phase of the MCU. I mean come on, he literally even took the Captain America shield and passed it off to Falcon at the end of the movie. What better passing of the torch could you ask for?

But Evans hasn’t had enough of Steve Rogers, though the details as to which film he’ll be in are still unclear. Is it the most shocking reversal when it comes to movies? I mean no, clearly not, as long as it’s done well and not just haphazard (looking at you, Emperor Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker). Maybe it’ll be some sort of Dr. Strange, alternate reality thing, or maybe a flashback-y movie.

Fans…are split, to say the least. Some are PSYCHED to see one of the MCU’s most beloved superheroes back in action, while others think it could diminish his great ending in Endgame.

Even Chris Evans tried to play it off, saying on Twitter that it was “news to me.”

Marvel has a TON of new projects and heroes on their plate, and no shortage of difficult situations to navigate (like a Black Panther-less Black Panther), so Evans returning to his iconic role adds another interesting twist to the new direction.

TikTok Dad Has a Genius Method to Stop his Daughter From Crying

TikTok Dad cries before daughter can

Babies are truly baffling. There’s not a whole lot that can be wrong when you’re a baby – I mean, sure, you can be hungry or tired or gassy. But it’s not like you’re stressed about bills or feeling insecure about your chonky little arms that look like newly-freed tubes of Pillsbury biscuit dough. Sometimes, babies seem to cry simply because they don’t have anything else going on. This can be frustrating to say the least, trying to calm a baby whose only complaint is that they’re a little bored. How do you stop a baby from crying when nothing is actually wrong? Well, TikTok dad Austin Geter has the answer.

In a recent video that’s been viewed over 13 million times in just a week, Austin shares his unexpected parenting hack – and people are absolutely losing it. Austin has built up an impressive TikTok following by sharing videos of himself and his adorable daughter, Charlie. But in his massively viral video, Charlie is absolutely not having it.

It’s no secret that babies tend to be calmer when they’re being rocked, but for exhausted parents, sometimes five minutes of sitting still means the difference between the calm-ish fulfillment of parenting duties and complete insanity. Austin demonstrates that Charlie is one of those babies that does not appreciate her dad’s need for the occasional sit-down. Austin sits, and almost on command, Charlie lets out a shrill warning cry. We’ve all been there.

Austin, however, has discovered perhaps the most genius parenting hack that stops Charlie’s crying before it even starts. And, bonus, it’s hilarious.

@austingeterToooo easy 😂 w/@charliegeter ##MyRoutine ##fyp ##babiesoftiktok ##DailyVlog♬ original sound – austingeter

“So here’s what I found out,” Austin explains. “If I cry before she does, all is well.”

It sounds so simple, and yet so absurd at the same time.

“Awhhhhh, I hate sitting in this chair,” Austin whines.

Charlie stares open-mouthed at her dad, seeming to say “dude, you ok?” with her wide-open eyes. Incredibly, she momentarily forgets that she was the one who was about to cry. For several seconds, Charlie is baffled enough to sit calmly with her brilliant dad. But eventually, her brow furrows and she clearly remembers her mission. Before she lets out a single sound though, Austin is on the job.

“Ughhhhh, this chair sucks so bad I just don’t want to sit in this chair anymore,” he wails.

Again, Charlie stares in stunned silence. The pattern continues – Charlie prepares to cry, Austin gets there first. The exchange is hilarious, but more importantly, it works. Like buying a bigger grill than your rival dad across the street, crying louder and more readily than your baby is a way to assert dominance. Ok, so maybe it’s just a way to distract and confuse them long enough to rest your legs for a minute. Either way, we can’t wait to try it out.

Son Surprises Dad by Paying off Mortgage, Gets Heartwarming Surprise in Return

Son pays off dad's mortgage

As kids, our parents give us everything we need. A home, food, clothes, and all the love and support we could ask for. But as we grow up, we realize our parents aren’t the superheroes we framed them as when we were younger. Sure, they’re absolutely still our heroes, but they have their own struggles that they often protected us from when we were too young to understand. There comes a time, for many of us, when we’re finally able to give back to our parents. Jamie Nyland, for example, took advantage of an opportunity to help his dad – and the touching moment is one we won’t soon forget.

24-Year-old Nyland has over 2 million followers on TikTok, so of course, he used the platform to share the heartwarming exchange. The video opens with Nyland holding up a set of keys and grinning, the on-screen text letting us know that he just paid off his dad’s house.

Nyland walks into his dad’s room and tosses him the house keys. Understandably, his dad looks perplexed. The 24-year-old then explains, “I’ve just paid off your mortgage. I’ve just rung the bank and paid off every single penny left on your mortgage.”

Still, Nyland’s dad doesn’t quite process the situation. He shakes his head in disbelief as his son explains that he now owns his house. After working his entire life, finally, he can retire.

“What’d you do that for?” Nyland’s dad asks quietly.

“Because I love you,” he responds.

As the information sinks in, Nyland’s dad becomes emotional. “You’re the best son in the world you could have,” he says, wiping tears from his eyes.

A moment later, Nyland’s dad stands up and hands the keys back to his son. “It’s in the will – the house is yours. What’s mine is yours.”

@jamie.nylandHe deserves this.. ❤️♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

The video’s comment section quickly filled with people touched by the exchange, many of whom expressed hope that one day they can do the same for their parents. And if they do, we can only hope that they share their stories as well – honestly, we’ll never get tired of seeing heartwarming moments like this.

Absolute Legend Finishes Chemo, Shotguns a Beer in the Middle of the Hospital

Legend celebrates end of chemo by shotgunning beer in hospital

Beating cancer is one of those things that there really is no proper way to celebrate. Even the biggest celebration in the world doesn’t feel adequate, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Twitter user blomdotcomm (we’ll call him BDC, Because Damn, he’s Cool) recently shared his truly legendary way of marking the end of his cancer treatments, and even just watching the video has us all hopped-up.

While still in the hospital, our hero approaches the traditional post-cancer bell, one that patients look forward to ringing as a symbol of completing their cancer treatments. For most, this gesture is the only celebration that happens within the confines of the hospital. But BDC came prepared.

He steps onto a towel as the cheers of those who came to support him turn to laughter as he summons a can of Busch Light seemingly from thin air. Holding a set of keys in one hand and the can in the other, this absolute madlad proceeds to shotgun the whole damn thing in a matter of seconds.

BDC shared the video on Twitter with the caption, “ever shotgun a beer in a hospital? Done with chemo. Done with cancer!”

The tweet has accumulated over 35,000 likes in just two days and support for both BDC’s cancer-free status and his method of celebrating poured in from around the world. If the hospital beer was any indication, our dude has a lot more celebrating to do – but he’s taking the time to respond to dozens of comments, providing words of encouragement to others battling cancer.

Huge congrats, BDC – cheers!

College Student Raises $30k+ for Charity by Dropping Pizzas Out His Window

Pizza Drops From Window

Everyone saw their lives turn on a dime in March of 2020. One day we had plans, the next they were gone, for the foreseeable future. A college student and amateur cook in Philadelphia had been planning a dinner party for friends. When it got called off, he still made them pizza and found a creative way to get it to them. This was just the start of dropping pizza out his window, an act that sounds crazy but has since raised tens of thousands of dollars to fight food insecurity and homelessness. Pizza, but for good!


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27-year-old grad student Ben Berman started baking pizza for his friends so they could stay connected, yet socially distanced, during the early months of the pandemic. He bought heavy string from Amazon, created a pulley system, and lowered that pizza right out the dang window. Delicious pizza, falling from the sky.


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He said he was self-conscious about his cooking skills, but knew if he dropped it out the window, it would at least bring a smile to his friends.

He started playing with the recipes, then it sort of blew up among his friends. They started Venmoing him cash, and it was the start of him officially starting Good Pizza PHL to continue baking pizza to raise money for charity.

He said he was inspired by his mom, he told the Today Show she was the person who taught him the power of food to connect with people. But it was Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy who helped launch him to the next level. Portnoy reviewed his pizza on his popular Instagram account, and Good Pizza PHL has been FLOODED with requests ever since.


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Every week, he creates a lottery system and selects 20 winners from the 900 (!) weekly requests. The winners can pick up their pizza from the window on Sundays. He donates all the ingredients for the pizza himself, along with his time, and donates all the financial proceeds ($30,000+ and counting) to a variety of charities.

“There’s so little overhead, every single penny is given away,” he said. “Good Pizza was a way for me to give back during a really hard year.”

“I Got Her Dad!” 7-Year-Old Saves Baby Sister From House Fire

7yo Saves Baby Sister From Fire

A brave 7-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after going back into a burning home to save his baby sister from her crib. A Tennessee family saw their home go up in a devastating house fire, and the Davidson parents quickly jumped into action. Both parents are former firefighters, so the dad grabbed a fire extinguisher and bought time for the mom to grab the two oldest boys and get out of the house.

They couldn’t get to the littlest though, as the hallway was quickly consumed by thick smoke. So the dad went around to her window outside, to get her out that way. After breaking away the window, he tried twice to get up into the window and couldn’t get there. So, his 7-year-old son volunteered to be lifted up into the window to grab his 22-month-old sister.

“I got her dad,” he told his dad, according to a local news station. “I was scared, but I didn’t want my sister to die. It’s okay to be scared, but you’re brave inside and you can do it when you want to.”

His dad told the station he was so proud of his son, adding “he did something a grown man wouldn’t do.”

While the family was safe, they lost nearly everything in the devastating house fire. A family friend set up a GoFundMe for the family, and as the news of their son’s bravery started to go viral, the family was flooded with donations to get back on their feet. To date, thousands have donated for a total of more than $360,000.

Girl Dads Bond Over Being Used As Makeup Test Subjects

Girl Dads Bond Over Makeup

The #GirlDad movement is strong these days, as dads take more pride than ever in raising daughters. And it’s not without its share of *unique * challenges, to be sure. One Ohio dad went viral around the holidays for showing the price dads can pay when their daughters get makeup for Christmas…and need a test subject to use it on.

A Dayton dad, Brad Cubbie, got his two daughters, aged 10 and 6, makeup kits for Christmas. This came after he repeatedly tried to talk them out of it, telling them they didn’t need makeup and ‘they were so pretty without it.’ It was their mom who told him it was just for fun, so he got the kits for them. And then the 6-year-old wanted to see it in action…on him.


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A post shared by Brad Cubbie (@bcube40)

Listen, we have ALL been here before. This is something any dad of daughters has gone through, whether it’s makeup, dress-up, nails, etc. It’s almost a rite of passage to be a hilarious canvass for your daughters to play on. I’ll never forget the first time my daughter begged to do my nails, nor will I forget the reaction from my friends when I met them at a sports bar that night.

But, again, we have ALL been there. Just the fact that the picture resonated so hard with people is because they can relate. The tweet was shared tens of thousands of times, with hundreds of thousands of likes, he spoke to Good Morning America and a number of other media outlets. But the coolest part of the story was seeing how many dads in the comments had their own story, different elements, same result.

“To see how many people it’s reached and how many dads … it’s become a thread people really enjoy,” he told Good Morning America.

Nothing more dad than Girl Dads looking fresh.

Are These Dancing Robots Entertaining or Should We Call John Connor?

Dancing Robots
(YouTube/Boston Dynamics)

Dancing robots. Sounds so whimsical, but in reality, UTTERLY TERRIFYING. 2020 couldn’t leave without one last ominous (although some love it) warning about the future. A new video from robot aficionados Boston Dynamics had everyone buzzing for what they’ve taught robots to do this time.

It’s a stunning video that quickly went viral, pulling down millions of views and dominating conversations. The video, a legit robotic and engineering achievement, was meant to show off how much farther the company has advanced its robots over the past year. The video of the four robots doing a fully choreographed dance to “Do you love me?” was truly stunning.

These aren’t dad moves, these are some precisely executed maneuvers. It’s so good it left most people feeling it was faker than Hilaria Baldwin’s accent. But, it appears to be legit. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk ventured out publicly to quell speculation it was CGI because a robot uprising video from last year fooled a lot of people.

The robots featured are just prototypes (except for the robot dog, you can buy one of those for a cool $75k), but before long, robot prom will be available on a wider scale. Many seem to be utterly thrilled and enamored with the video, saying it makes robots seem way more accessible and less intimidating.

I, for one, welcome our dancing robot overlords, even if I choose to remain fearful of what their rapidly advancing capabilities mean for all of mankind. What if the wars of the future are fought by dance-off? Me trying to do the worm for the first time since 2003 is no match for one of these fleet-footed robots.

Baby Monitor Catches 10-Yr-Old Comforting Baby Bro at 3AM LIKE A PRO

10yo Comforts Bro

One of the coolest parts of having kids is seeing them fall in love with their siblings (like, in a family way, not in a reality TV show way). Sure, there may be some squabbling, but they usually end up obsessing over them just as much as we do. And when they do, it’s the purest thing in the entire world.

If you needed evidence (you don’t), a mom of six from Ohio, Gloria McIntosh, shared an adorable video of her 10-year-old going into his one-year-old brother’s bedroom at 3 a.m. to comfort the upset youngster. And he goes to work LIKE A PRO. I mean, come on, how dang cute is this?

@gloriaugly@lighteyemason 💙💙🤴🏾♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

He thought his parents were asleep, but they happened to be watching on the baby monitor (while their hearts probably melted). Gloria shared the monitor footage on TikTok, where 20 million people (and counting) got to enjoy it. Over a half-hour, he plays with his brother, reads a book, and even climbs into the crib with him to help him get to sleep. Eventually, his mom comes in for the save, but she asked why he didn’t just come get her.

“I asked him, ‘Why did you just come and get me in the first place?’” she wrote. “He was just like, ‘you had a big day and I just wanted you to get some rest.'”

I mean COME ON. When your older kids step up like that to help out a sibling, it almost makes you forget the next time they become a mess to handle themselves. Almost.


Another Monolith Appears in California but This Time, It’s Gingerbread

Gingerbread Monolith appears in California

I’ll be honest, two months ago I had no idea what a monolith was and to a degree, I long for those simpler times. This year has been so exceedingly strange that the thought of having to deal with yet another new thing was too much. At least at this point, we’ve gotten used to the strange structures appearing seemingly out of thin air. Each appearance has been somewhat less surprising than the last – until now.

Generally speaking, these monoliths are hard to miss. The glistening metal masses catch the light, making themselves known even from afar. But in San Francisco, a strange new monolith recently appeared – before a passerby named Anand Sharma even saw it, he smelled it.

“At first I was distracted by the double rainbow and walked by it to get a better photo,” he told SFGate. “Then I smelled something and realized what it was.”

This festive new monolith wasn’t made of metal, or even stone. The San Francisco monolith was of the gingerbread variety. And as Sharma explained, from the smell of it, it “must have been fresh.”

The gingerbread monolith looks like something straight out of a sci-fi holiday special, frosted with care and even decorated with gumdrops. The edible structure which appeared on top of Corona Heights (I know) on Christmas day left locals both baffled and delighted, some leaning a bit too much in one direction.

As we know all too well by now, all good monoliths must come to an end. By Saturday, the previously larger-than-life gingerbread structure was reduced to crumbs, a few stray gumdrops, and the slowly-dissipating smell of Christmas. Was it eaten? Removed by its creator? Taken back to its home planet? We may never know, but a single candle and a framed photo of the gingerbread monolith that now sits in its place remind us to appreciate the best moments in life, which like a monolith, are fleeting.

After Daughter Leaves Dirty Sock on the Floor, Mom Turns It Into Museum Exhibit

Mom turns daughter's sock into exhibit
(Facebook/Xep Campbell)

The unpredictable nature of parenting can stress even the most cool-headed parents, but sometimes it’s the guarantees that make us more or less lose our minds. Kids will without fail have to go to the bathroom at highly inconvenient times (even after swearing they didn’t have to 10 minutes earlier), they’ll break important things and then attempt the world’s worst cover-up, and they’ll leave dirty laundry in their wake as if clothes become invisible the second they take them off. Rather than giving her daughter the 5,000th reminder to pick up her dirty clothes, a mom named Xep Campbell from Port Townsend, Washington decided to try a different tactic.

Out of genuine curiosity, Campbell wanted to see how long it would take her daughter Kestrel to pick up the dirty sock she casually deserted in the family’s bathroom. Perhaps Campbell thought it would take her daughter a few days to retrieve her discarded sock, but this Washington mom underestimated her 10-year-old.

Campbell explained in a Facebook post, “I decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment. Today, a week later, it remained, so I decided it must be intentional and deserved recognition as such.”

As if the sock was some sort of modern art installment representing the contrast between light and dark and how we as humans seek to temporarily fill the spiritual hollowness that comes from being unable to accept the grayness in between (isn’t that what they all represent?), Campbell created a museum-tier label for her new piece.

The label read, “Kestrel Campbell. American, 2010 – The Forgotten Sock.” It continued, “Mixed Media, November 26, 2020.” The last line beautifully concluded, “On loan from the collection of the artist.”

On the evening of Thanksgiving when I went to bed I noticed one of Kestrel’s socks on the bathroom floor. I decided not…

Posted by Xep Campbell on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

After typing the label, Campbell assumed her daughter would groan, pick it up, and perhaps spend a week paying slightly more attention to her used socks. Instead, Kestrel thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit – so much so, that she added another beautiful touch.

“When I got home she said ‘I made a pedestal for it!’ She gamed my shame,” Campbell said. “I figured as long as it was on display, it deserved an audience so the barnyard animals arrived. They find it very fascinating.”

The saga of The Forgotten Sock (sockga?) received nearly 150,000 shares on Facebook because apparently, we all need the occasional reminder to stop and laugh at the absurdity of life. Some have suggested that Campbell turn the story into a book for kids, or find some way to capitalize on her unexpected internet fame. Instead, she took the opportunity to ensure that even though her daughter’s sock was forgotten, kids in need wouldn’t be.

“If this moved you or made you giggle in a way that felt really good and that you want to give something back,” Campbell said, “a donation to this amazing organization called Jumping Mouse Children’s Center would mean a lot to me. They do play-based therapy that changes the lives of children who have experienced trauma.”

“You can even make your gift In Honor of The Forgotten Sock.“