Head of Security at Cowboy Museum Handed Keys to Twitter Account

Tim Send Tweets

In these trying times, it’s nice to see folks pull together, helping where they can, doing others’ parts in addition to their own. One hero that’s emerged in recent weeks is Tim Send, head of security for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma.

After the mayor of Oklahoma City declared a state of emergency, the museum closed to the public and various tasks were relegated to employees still able to work. The responsibility of maintaining an active social media presence was entrusted to Tim, whose big heart and unbreakable spirit are needed now more than ever.

He introduced himself with a pic.

He then tried to show us around, unsure of how these newfangled hashtags work.

So he reached out for some pointers.

Well, accidentally.

No progress yet on hashtags.

His wholesomeness is nothing short of heartwarming.

He gave a shoutout to his grandson.

Keeping so positive and encouraging.

Eventually, he figured out hashtags.

Come to find out he has both a sense of humor and a wife named Tina.

And if that’s not sweet enough, he even used the platform to wish his grandkids goodnight.

Click here to follow Tim’s journey into the world of tweeting. We wish him good health and can’t wait for the Cowboy Museum to reopen its doors!

Hero on Twitter Uncovers the Secret Meaning Behind “Triscuits”

Triscuit Mystery Solved

Without being able to go to bars and restaurants and concerts and sporting events, thanks to the coronavirus, most of us are stuck inside all day long without a lot to do. We’re forced to Netflix and chill ourselves into oblivion, which, thankfully, the various streaming services are more than happy to help us do.

There’s only so many times we can re-watch Tiger King before we find ourselves searching for different ways to pass the time.

One man has found a heroic way to do just that, by launching an investigation into one of the enduring mysteries of our time: where did Triscuits get their name?

His name is Sage Boggs, and his Twitter bio reads, simply, “Triscuit guy.” He certainly lives up to that description with this thread, which he started by saying “OK, buckle up. I wanna talk to you about Triscuit.”

And talk about Triscuit he did.

He begins by explaining how he became interested in tracing the origins of the popular cracker’s name.

He quickly discovered that there was no definitive answer.

So he reached out to Nabisco, to hear it from the horse’s mouth. But what he learned was… unsettling. Not only did Nabisco themselves not know where the name came from, they immediately refuted the seemingly obvious assumption that the “tri” in Triscuits means “three” or something.

Sage was not satisfied.

In fact, he was left with more questions.

He kept digging.

And he discovered the truth.

The answer will shock you!

After Sage published his findings, Triscuits themselves finally weighed in, confirming Sage’s research.

No, living under quarantine is no fun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be productive! Sage Boggs hero dug deep and uncovered a mystery. We salute you.


Who knew?!

Ryan Reynolds in Talks for Live-Action Dragon’s Lair Adaptation

Ryan Reynolds Dirk the Daring
(Don Bluth/Cinematronics)

I have a confession to make: I don’t “get” Dragon’s Lair.

This was the supercool looking arcade game that seemed to take things to the next level. It didn’t look like other games, it looked like a cartoon. Like something you’d watch on Saturday morning. But it was playable! Somehow. Like I said, I was never really able to figure it out and preferred to waste my tokens on Outrun and pinball. It was an incredible looking game that foreshadowed more immersive video games with movie-quality graphics – like we have today.

Which makes it the perfect time to bring Dragon’s Lair back. To the big screen!

Ryan Reynolds is doing just that, having signed on to a movie version, both live-action and animated, that he’ll star in for Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie will be written by Dan and Kevin Hageman, who worked on The Lego Movie and wrote the recent Scary Stories We Tell in the Dark. Netflix only just secured the rights to the game, so there’s no word on the director, plot, or release date yet. Obviously.

Released in 1983 with animation from Don Bluth, who went on to direct An American Tale and All Dogs Go To Heaven, Dragon’s Lair was a sensation.

Apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the game used LaserDisc technology to deliver the graphics, and they were so good that the game was the most popular arcade game in the country for a time. It recently had a cameo in Stranger Things, along with every other piece of 80s pop culture you can think of.

The game is about a knight who is trying to rescue a princess from an evil wizard and a dragon, and one presumes Reynolds will play the knight, Dirk the Daring. Or maybe a man playing the actual game itself? Hard to tell at this point, but one thing is for sure: no matter who he plays, Blake Lively’s husband will spend a lot of time winking at the camera because that’s basically what he does when he’s not supporting bartenders or donating large sums to food banks.

If anything, the dude knows how to have fun, and this movie will surely be that. We’ll find out, eventually.

Community Hosts a Social Distancing Parade for Girl Finishing Chemo

Social Distancing Parade for Coco

Social distancing has been in our lexicon for only a few weeks, which in 2020 time, is equivalent to about 40 years. And as we get used to the guidelines of our new society, we’re finding ways to make it work. Friends and family are connecting over Zoom. Neighbors exchange pleasantries with the proper six feet of space between them. Kids school themselves on iPads with all screen time rules abolished. And we are also finding new ways to celebrate.

In one of the best feel-good stories you will see today, a young girl was returning home from her last chemo treatment, and her neighbors wanted to do something to celebrate. But with our social distancing rules in place, they had to get creative. So they did, helping set up a social distancing parade to welcome home the young girl.

Hat tip goes to John Krasinski of Office fame since he put the call out for good stories, and to the girl’s mom for delivering the video we needed to see today.

The girl’s friends, family, and neighbors all lined the street in decorated cars, holding balloons and signs, cheering her on as they pass.

It’s the most heartwarming thing you’ll see today, and frankly, we can use all the good news we can get these days.

Welcome home, Coco.

This Dad and Daughter Are the Cheerleaders We All Need Right Now

Roland and Jayden Cheerleading

Enthusiasm is vital now more than ever. In these trying times, it’s good to know that there are people still leading the cheers, rallying the pep, and reminding us all to be aggressive, b-e aggressive.

Roland Pollard of Dallas, Texas is a former cheerleader who ingrained a love for the sport in his 4-year-old daughter, Jayden. Together, the two are putting their time inside to good use by showcasing their jaw-dropping routines on Instagram.


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A post shared by Roland Pollard (@rolandp90x) on

“When I found out I was having a daughter, this is exactly what I imagined,” Pollard said in an interview. “We do the routines for fun and share them with the world because I feel like not enough people give dads credit. I have never dropped her! She trusts me with her life, and that definitely adds to our bond.”

In one particularly intense video, Roland tosses Jayden up to execute an impressive 12-second handstand.


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A post shared by Roland Pollard (@rolandp90x) on

In another jaw-dropping test of balance, the duo… well… let’s just say the “high five, lil mama” at the end here is completely justified.


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A post shared by Roland Pollard (@rolandp90x) on

We’re floored, to say the least.

“Thank you all for watching these videos of me passing down knowledge to my daughter,” Roland writes in the caption. “She loves when I read her all of the comments and they make her feel like a little Star.”

Follow the Pollards on Instagram here to watch Jayden on her dad continue bringing the cheer!

Nursing Home in Isolation Hosts Giant Game of Hungry Hungry Hippos

Nursing Home Hungry Hungry Hippos
(Bryn Celyn Care Home)

We can all use a pick-me-up from the COVID-19 news cycle these days, and the trusty old internet can usually be counted on for such a respite. So for those who need some good news, may I present to you a senior citizen center creating their own version of Hungry Hungry Hippos?

It’s a classic kids game, involving all the strategy of eating everything as fast as humanly possible. It was the original button masher. And a nursing home in Wales recreated the whole thing, using the elderly as the hippos. All it took were some wheelchairs, some rigged up baskets, a bunch of balls and some willing seniors.

A representative for the facility told NBC the team there is always trying to come up with fun ways to keep residents entertained. “This activity really raise morale and had all the relatives and team members laughing.”

Morale needed a boost, as the center is currently under self-isolation rules (sort of like the entire world, for the most part.) It seems to have worked out for the best, as everyone seemed to have a blast including the millions who viewed it.

There will be no judgment for how we (safely) pass the time to get through this. That said, we’re probably only a few months away from a Senior Citizen Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

Twitter Parodies Gal Gadot’s Celebrity Sing-Along Video

Gadot's Sing-Along Parodies

Last week, as the Coronavirus took North America by storm, people everywhere were scrambling to do what they could to help. For most of us, that means staying inside and doing some social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus. For many athletes, it involved using some of their generous salaries to help arena staff and other employees make ends meet during the work stoppage.

For a group of celebrities, helping meant… recording a video of them singing John Lennon’s Imagine and posting it to Instagram? Okay, sure.

The video went viral, as any video featuring Wonder Woman, Ron Burgundy, and plenty of other beloved actors is bound to do. But not everyone was a huge fan, with some suggesting celebrities could probably offer more than a viral video cover of a 50-year-old song.

Some people, of course, just wanted to have fun with it, and they set about mocking the Imagine sing-along with videos of their own, including parody versions, some of which are funny and some of which are just plain weird. We’ve rounded up a few!

Here’s your introduction:

This guy switched it up with a different earworm:

This guy raided his costume closet for a version that gets really weird about halfway thru:

One woman mocked Gal Gadot’s project with a vicious cough at the end:

Somebody got their wires crossed and sang the wrong song:

Then some comedians collaborated on a parody version:

And someone found the perfect gif to sum up their problems with the video, featuring Kristen Wiig, one of the participants:

Bored Professional Sportscasters Start Doing Play-By-Play of Everyday Life

PB&J Play-by-Play

The sports world is still coming to grips without having their regularly scheduled games. NBA players are shooting hoops with socks and a trashcan, baseball players are organizing sandlot games, and broadcasters? They haven’t stopped.

Of course, without games to call, sports announcers are doing play-by-play of, well, anything else. Rugby broadcaster Nick Heath was gaining some internet fame for his dramatic calls of everyday life.

Never before has a crosswalk been quite so exciting.

These are almost good enough to make me want to go back and watch him call actual rugby matches…almost.

UCLA and Red Sox sometimes play-by-play guy Josh Lewin is keeping his skills sharp in a similar fashion, only he’s calling the action of videos submitted to him by followers.

Lewin even started a YouTube channel to follow along with his play-by-play of anything.

And even sports broadcasting titan Joe Buck is getting into the action, doing play-by-play of stuff around his house:

He also put out the call for videos from followers that he can broadcast as well.

Sure, these announcers are bored, but guess what, so are we. And we will take any content we can get at this point, so if it’s a half-crazy sports broadcaster doing play-by-play of squirrels chasing each other through a park, sign me up.

Mayor Forgets to Disable Mic for Washroom Trip During Meeting

Mayor Forgets to Disable Mic
(Paramount Twitter/8goody3)

Remember in The Naked Gun, when Nielsen’s hapless Frank Drebin uses the bathroom during a press conference about the Queen’s impending visit, and he forgets to turn off his mic, treating the audience to a live-stream? Literally?

Something similar happened to a mayor who excused himself from a meeting in order to use the facilities. And he forgot to turn his mic off just like Drebin. The original video (which is several years old) has been remastered with enhanced sound effects. It’s currently being passed off as a meeting about coronavirus, but it’s not.

Either way, it’s hilarious. We’ll take all the laughs we can get these days!

Healthcare Workers Rally Behind Simple Message

We Stayed At Work For You

As the world battles a generation-defining pandemic, the frontline workers from the healthcare industry have a simple message for the rest of the country: Stay-At-Home.

Social distancing is the phrase-of-the-everyday, and the only way you’re unfamiliar with the term by now is if you’ve been living under a rock (and stay there!). As some get creative with their isolation, others…well, aren’t even practicing social distancing.

Many young people are living life as normal, hitting bars and beaches, nonchalant about the crisis at our doorstep. The goal of social distancing is to spread out the number of infections, so the entire health system doesn’t get overwhelmed by the high number of cases. To that end, healthcare professionals have a simple message: “We stayed at work for you, stay home for us.”

While the days ahead will contain many stories of heart and perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds, it is likely going to get worse before it gets better. And as it continues to get worse, those who face the greatest risk are the healthcare providers caring for those COVID-19 cases.

And they know this. It’s what they signed up for. It doesn’t make it any less inspiring and brave. And the best way we can help them now is to do our part to stay inside as much as possible.

Obviously, some of us can’t. Grocery store workers, truck drivers, warehouse employees, and countless others are responsible for keeping up the national supply chain, and all of those roles have their own level of bravery. If you’re ordering takeout, tip like crazy. If you have a friend who has been laid off because of the new rules we live under, help them out (if you can).

During a time when we all need to look out for each other, the very base level of support needs to be a consideration of our healthcare workers. They are staying at work, so let’s stay at home for them.

Here at The Dad, we hope you, your families, and communities stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest information, please utilize online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.

No TP? The Three Seashells From ‘Demolition Man’ May Come in Handy

3 Seashells Demolition Man

Everybody is always whining about the lack of flying cars.

For as long as science-fiction has been around, it’s been predicting the future. Some movies are better at it than others, in particular Back to the Future 2, which predicted that Biff would become president and the Cubs would make the World Series. But even that movie got a lot wrong, like dual neckties, the aforementioned flying cars, and the long dreamt-of hoverboards.

Strangely, one 90s flick that isn’t exactly considered a classic has gotten a fair amount right as well.

Demolition Man was a Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and pre-Speed (and pre-superstardom) Sandra Bullock in the tale of a cop and a criminal who are awoken from cryo-sleep only to resume their 90s based rivalry in the year 2032.

The movie, which is almost as much of a comedy as it is an action movie (Denis Leary even has a prominent role as king of the sewer people or something), weirdly got a bunch right about where things were headed 30 years down the line.

For one thing, the film predicted Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career (though it speculated he’d become president, not governator). It also predicted self-driving cars decades before Elon Musk. One future development the movie showcased hasn’t yet come to pass, and that’s a shame because it would probably come in really handy right about now.

It’s the three seashells, which somehow replace toilet paper in 2032, and the use of which is a running joke in the movie because Sly doesn’t know how to use them.

It’s bubbled up on Twitter, thanks to the Coronavirus-related toilet paper shortage.

Certainly, securing some seashells in lieu of toilet paper might be a good solution, at least until stores get stocked up again. The only problem is, it’s never explained, leaving us to guess along with Stallone’s hapless John Spartan.

Fortunately, the internet is here for us. Years ago, during an interview with Aint It Cool News, Sylvester Stallone explained.

“OK, this may be bordering on the grotesque, but the way it was explained to me by the writer is you hold two seashells like chopsticks, pull gently and scrape what’s left with the third. You asked for it…. Be careful what you ask for, sorry.”

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to figure out. Even if it is “bordering on the grotesque.” One family on Twitter definitely already knows:

To be honest, it seems like a future world in which Taco Bell dominates the culinary landscape might have better, less uncomfortable methods for personal hygiene, but who knows what we’ll be resorting to in a few weeks!

NBA Star Starts #InHouseChallenge Using Socks And A Trashcan


While most of the country stays inside as much as possible, it can be tough to fight off cabin fever. It’s March, so you may have been like many, counting on a month of basketball. A moment of silence to those recovering from a vasectomy.

With all sports canceled, athletes are in the same spot as we are, looking for ways to pass the time. And Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has found one way to channel his focus: keeping his shot in line.

The young sharpshooter is one of the best scorers in the NBA, so he’s been fine-tuning his skills in a manner that most sports fans can relate to by throwing rolled-up socks into a trash can. It’s part of his #InHouseChallenge, and his followers are answering the call.

His video has been viewed more than 2 million times and the best part about this challenge is it’s easy to replicate. Sure, you can’t pull up at the logo of an NBA court and drain an impossible three like Young, but you can sure as hell throw some socks into a trashcan. And, to be honest, his isn’t the most impressive one out there.

Even an NBA player could have trouble beating the backward shot from one college basketball player.

Some have put their own spin on it:

But it may be the grapes that take the top billing, at least for creativity:

But the point remains the same. Get creative, and find a way to keep yo’ skillz sharp. Or, in this case, just find a way to have some fun, by taking on your own version of the #InHouseChallenge.

James Gunn Suggests Using the Ravager Salute Amid Coronavirus

Ravager Salute During Coronavirus

Everyone is doing their best to survive the Coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are now self-isolating in our homes, or, at the very least, practicing social distancing by avoiding large gatherings and limiting personal contact in an attempt to stop the spread. The major sports leagues have not only suspended all play but many teams and players are doing what they can to help everyday employees survive work stoppages.

Hollywood is doing its part too. Disney+ made Frozen 2 available for streaming earlier than planned, and Sony recently made three new releases that are still in theaters – Invisible Man, Emma, and The Hunt – available to stream for $19.99. Celebrities are acting in smaller ways too, like Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, who went on Instagram and suggested that the Wakanda salute is her new alternative to shaking hands during this whole thing.

Now writer/director James Gunn is doing something similar and suggesting that fans look to his Guardians of the Galaxy series for another greeting option.

Gunn’s next film will be the sequel to DC’s Suicide Squad, which has completed filming but may yet face delays in the midst of COVID-19. After that’s all wrapped up, he’ll move on to Guardians 3, and make no mistake, despite moving to DC for a spell, he remains committed to the Marvel series. After all, it’s a family affair.

He recently posted a photo of his brother, actor Sean Gunn, who plays whistle-killer Yondu’s close friend, doing the Ravager salute in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


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CDC recommended greeting in these times of social distancing: the Ravager salute.

A post shared by James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on

In the caption, Gunn wrote: “CDC recommended greeting in these times of social distancing: the Ravager salute.”

It’s not a bad idea. The salute, which involves making a fist and pounding it into your chest, doesn’t involve any unnecessary human contact, but, at least in the context of the film, is an effective way to convey emotion and indicate respect.

During these turbulent times, respect for one another is paramount. Doing the Wakanda or Ravager salutes instead of the traditional handshake may seem a little bit silly and hard to adapt to, there’s nothing that deserves more respect than an attempt to help quell the outbreak and protect one another from this scary sickness.

Here at The Dad, we hope you, your families, and communities stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest information, please utilize online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.