Cashier Who Walks 11 Miles to Work Every Day Gets A New Car From Lyft Driver

Lyft Fundraiser for Cashier

Social media can be taxing at times (many of them, if we’re honest). But it also helps people connect in new ways, and helps random strangers come together to change lives. When a Lyft driver was inspired by a rider who typically walks nearly 6 miles to work every day, he put the call out for help. One viral Tik Tok video later, and the gas station cashier now has his own car to drive to work.

David Daniels, a Lyft driver in Louisiana, picked up Ed Hays Jr. on a rainy day and said Ed was in an unusually good mood. He was thrilled about being promoted to lead cashier at the gas station he worked at and was excited to work and grateful to even have a job. He explained he usually walked to work, but splurged for a Lyft due to the rain.

David was confused since the gas station was 5.7 miles away. He thought Ed had entered the wrong info, before learning he actually walked 11 miles roundtrip, almost EVERY DAY, to his job as an overnight gas station cashier. But he still had a positive attitude about his commute, saying “I get to watch the sun go down as I walk to work and the sunrise as I leave work.” Daniels was so inspired, he put the call out to raise money to get him a car.

@rideshare_chroniclesOne of my most inspiring moments as a Lyft driver. ##lyft ##uberdriver ##fyp ##inspiring♬ original sound – David

His video went viral, with more than a million views, and the ensuing GoFundMe raised $7,000 for the car. That, combined with some help from Daniels’ friend at a car dealership, helped put Ed in the first car he owned.

@rideshare_chroniclesAll of you changed a life today. ##bekind ##edthecashier♬ You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Anthem Lights

Hays was overwhelmed by the gesture and said he was excited to take his son for a ride in the car. And his advice for anyone else in a tough work situation:

“Don’t let anything deter you from your goals,” he said. “You can always push through.”

Dad With Alzheimer’s Has Touching Reaction to Daughter’s Pregnancy News

Dad with Alzheimer's reacts to daughter's pregnancy

Watching a loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s is one of the most heartbreaking things imaginable. While most diseases have primarily physical impacts, Alzheimer’s chips away at the very things that define the people it affects. The degenerative nature of the disease means that it gets worse over time, and tragically, the very person who once made you the center of their world sometimes fails to recognize you entirely.

A TikTok user named Olivia Salza knows the challenges that come with Alzheimer’s all too well, as her father Joe was diagnosed when he was just 55 years old. In an emotional clip Salza shared on TikTok, she visits her now 63-year-old dad in the hospital to share some life-changing news.

@oliviasalzaTelling my dad who has Alzheimer’s that we’re pregnant after a 3 year fertility struggle ❤️ ##fyp ##alzheimersfight ##fertilityjourney

♬ original sound – Olivia Salza

Olivia and her husband Nick wanted desperately to have a baby, and after three years of struggling with infertility, the couple got the news they’d been longing to hear. Olivia was pregnant, and she couldn’t wait to tell her dad.

Upon entering the hospital, Olivia asks her dad if he knows who she is – a heartbreaking question that no child should ever have to ask their parent. Fortunately, Joe is lucid. He even jokingly confuses his daughter with Nick, her husband, before chuckling at his admittedly well-played prank.

“I have a big secret,” Olivia says, swearing her dad to secrecy before unveiling her incredible news. “I’m pregnant.”

In that moment, it’s as if Joe and Olivia are having a father-daughter moment like any typical father and daughter. There is no hospital, no disease, just a dad crying tears of joy at the news that he’s going to be a grandpa.

“Oh my god” he mouths quietly before marveling at the fact that Nick, Olivia’s husband, will finally have a baby of his own. “What he doesn’t know — of the cradle of that person,” Joe says as cradles his arms, perhaps remembering when he held his own daughter years ago.

“What you’ve done for me my whole life,” Olivia says as her voice catches in her throat.

“But that’s what we do,” Joe responds lovingly.

Even when times aren’t ideal, even when life hands you challenges you never could have anticipated, dads like Joe do everything in their power to give their kids the world. Joe and Olivia’s bond is almost tangible, and though the last several years certainly haven’t been easy, nothing comes between a dad and his daughter.

Mike Tyson Squares off With the Rock…Over Sexiest Bald Man Title

Tyson Rock Sexiest Bald Man

Mike Tyson and The Rock, two of the most fearsome warriors in the pop culture world, finally squared off. OK, well it was on social media, but at least the dispute was over something worthwhile and important; the title of the world’s sexiest bald man.

This all started after media reports about the world’s sexiest bald man claim going to…Prince William. Yep, somehow, some organization (the U.K. government, maybe?) decided the 38-year-old had earned that title, after 17.6 million online mentions of him being “sexy” in online blogs and Google searches, according to researchers. They did not say whether 17.5 million of those mentions came from a certain castle.

Anyway, 9th-place finisher The Rock was OUTRAGED. And, justifiably so, because that simply cannot be an accurate finding.

“How in the Cinnamon Toast f*ck does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?!?” he tweeted, demanding a recount.

Tyson, who did finish at No. 2 in this insane “research”, quickly clapped back at The Rock, claiming he should be No. 1.

“I should be number 1 by default because Princess William is only bald on top and so is Larry David,” Tyson wrote.

And, you know what, I think he has a strong legal argument here. If we’re giving out awards to bald people, let’s at least make sure the parameters are rock solid and it’s giving to a true baldy, not a pasty pretender.

Tyson should also get number 1 by default because he’s a heck of a lot scarier, and anything he wants from “Princess William” he should probably just get, so he doesn’t contemplate taking it by force.

PGA Pro Rory McIlroy Hits His Dad With Errant Shot at The Masters

Golfer hits Dad at Masters

The Masters is the greatest golf tournament in the world and it has given us some great dad moments. Look no farther than the GOAT himself Tiger Woods, winning as an old man and emotionally embracing his kids after the victory. And this year, we ALREADY have another great dad moment, although it’s about as far from a Green Jacket as you can get.

Rory McIlroy, one of the best golfers out there, showed how difficult Augusta can be during a shot on the seventh hole Thursday. His errant shot went into the crowd and struck a fan.

And not just any fan, McIlroy hit his biggest fan, his dad.

The Golf Channel shared the clip, saying it was a “father/son moment that will not soon be forgotten; Rory McIlroy hitting his dad on the leg with a golf ball at The Masters.”

“I think he was OK. He didn’t limp away. He walked away pretty swiftly so that was alright,” McIlroy said after the round.

McIlroy has been struggling with his swing, and that’s one shot he will never live done. As soon as it happened, his caddy asked him about it. “That was your dad you hit?”

“Yeah!” McIlroy replied, almost too happy about it.

It was a rough outing, but his dad took it in stride, joking that he should get an autographed glove after the incident. McIlroy said the shot was perfect, it just went too far, and that hitting his dad actually ended up helping the position.

“I think he just needs to go and put some ice on — maybe I’ll autograph a bag of frozen peas for him,” he joked.

McIlroy is a former No.1, but the struggles with his swing continued as he finished the first round at 4-over-par.

Hollywood Legend Dick Van Dyke Hands Out Cash to People Standing in Line For Jobs

Dick Van Dyke Turns 95
(Getty/Amanda Edwards)

The word legend gets thrown around too loosely these days, but that’s not the case with Dick Van Dyke. The man is a true Hollywood icon, breaking out in 1964 in “Mary Poppins” and never looking back. What makes a star a legend is when you use your platform to help people in a general, badass way. The 95-year-old Dick Van Dyke further cemented his legacy when he was spotted handing out wads of cash to struggling job-seekers waiting in line at a nonprofit.

The actor was reportedly picking up groceries nearby when he made a quick pit stop at an ATM and then went over to the line at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange. There was a line of people down on their luck and waiting for help from the non-profit that helps unemployed residents find day work.

In a heartwarming gesture, he started passing out wads of cash from his car window to the people in line. No strings attached, no judgement, just an old man trying to brighten the day for a few people who have run into some bad luck.

There are two types of giving when it comes to celebrities. Grand gestures, which can sometimes be a little emptier than they want you to believe, and genuine gifts, whether it’s an impactful donation to a cause they adore, or a straight-to-the-people gift that will make a difference in their lives right away.



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If that’s not enough for you, the guy has also endeared himself to the general public by weighing in on the current Jeopardy Host debate, fully endorsing the movement to make LeVar Burton the next host of the show.

The guy gets it. On every level.

Timothy Olyphant May Reprise Justified Role In New Series

Raylan Givens reprisal

My man knows his lane.

At a certain point, it became hard to remember if Timothy Olyphant is an actor who often plays gun-toting cowboys or if he’s an actual gun-toting cowboy. Between his role as Sheriff Seth Bullock on HBO’s incredible Deadwood and his iconic performance as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens on FX’s phenomenal Justified, not to mention his role as an actor playing a cowboy in Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon A Time In America, Olyphant has the market cornered on charismatic, cowboy-hat wearing lawmen with hot tempers.

He even played a marshal on The Mandalorian!

He’s had plenty of other roles, going back to memorable turns as a drug dealer in Go and a pornographer in The Girl Next Door, as well as his role as Drew Barrymore’s husband in Netflix’s zombie show Santa Clarita Diet. But he knows where his bread is buttered, and that’s why he might be heading back to cowboy territory.

Rumor has it the FX is pursuing a new Elmore Leonard story, after their success adapting his work for Justified, and Olyphant may return as Marshal Givens.

According to Variety, the team who created Justified is adapting Leonard’s City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit for a new series on FX. The story is about a Detroit homicide detective obsessed with catching a killer, and apparently, there’s room for Olyphant to reprise his Justified role, either as a lead or in a smaller part.

The project is still in the early stages but after a successful six seasons of Justified, who wouldn’t want to see the gang back together for a new show? I definitely would. especially if they can find a spot for Walton Goggins!

Story of Dads Helping 8-Year-Old Who Lost His Father Sparks Touching Thread

Touching twitter thread after story of dads helping 8-year-old

It really does take a village to raise a kid, an idea that was brought to light in the most touching way after a Twitter user named Jonathan Torrens shared a story from his childhood. Losing a parent is exceedingly difficult, especially at a young age. Kids crave attention, love, and guidance from their parents, something they’re reminded of time and time again as they watch their peers with their own parents.

At the age of 8, Jonathan Torrens experienced a kid’s worst nightmare – the loss of his dad. Though nothing can ever fill the void of a parent you’ve lost, dads who knew Jonathan through hockey began to step up. Quietly, subtly, not drawing attention to the little boy who didn’t have a dad to help him tie his skates, the fathers of his peers helped Jonathan feel a little less alone. No pity, just kindness.

“My dad died when I was 8,” Jonathan wrote in his post. “Every week a few of the dads on my hockey team would offer to tie my skates. Not in a big showy way, in a quiet kind way. They filled the gap. Find a way to fill the gap for someone. It’ll make you both better.”

Jonathan’s touching story and call to action gained the attention of people around the world, inspiring others to share stories of their own.

There was the uncle who fully embraced the role of hockey parent for his nephew

The Zamboni driver turned coach who made sure no kid was left behind

The couple who took “friends forever” extremely seriously

Fairy godmothers giving Disney a run for their money

A father figure who knew exactly what role he needed to fill

A neighbor overflowing with generosity in more ways than one

The whole village showing up to do their part

Hockey dads filling the gap for another kid in need

Dads so kind even the nuns were impressed

Jonathan’s story and the moving thread that followed is a reminder that no gesture is too small to make a difference. Every dad knows that being a parent doesn’t stop with your own kids – once you’re a dad, you’re a dad for life. Maybe that means you respond to “I’m tired” with “hi tired, I’m dad” no matter who says it. Or maybe, being a dad means that you know when a kid, any kid, needs one.

James Gunn Confirms Fan Translations of “I Am Groot”

I am Groot translations

Technology and the internet have given all of us access to tools with which to create amazing things that would have previously required all manner of equipment and money, as well as access to people who we’d previously have been lucky to send a letter. Thanks to social media, we can reach out directly to our favorite athletes, artists, musicians, and other celebrities, and they can just as easily respond.

Not that they always do. But sometimes they notice and respond, which can be incredibly gratifying, especially if they’ve seen something you created and appreciate it.

That very thing happened to the lucky person who took it upon his or herself to attempt to translate the things that Groot, the talking tree alien from James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, says in those films. Obviously, with very few exceptions, Groot exclusively says the words “I am Groot,” but, as voiced by Vin Diesel, each line reading contains different inflections and intonations meant to convey something unique each time.

Sometimes it’s sort of guessable, sometimes not, but the person who created a YouTube video that’s been floating around for a while took a shot. And James Gunn noticed.

Apparently, Gunn knows exactly what Groot is saying every time he says “I am Groot,” so when he sees the video with attempted translations, based on context and Vin Diesel’s delivery, he was able to tell viewers if those translations were correct or not. It seems they’re pretty close!

The director also answered a few follow-up questions such as which swear word did Groot drop. Turns out it wasn’t just one:

And he confirmed that Vin Diesel himself knows exactly what Groot is saying when he speaks his lines so that he can better convey the proper tone and emotion, despite the fact that he’s only speaking the words “I am Groot.”

When you watch the Guardians movies, it’s not entirely necessary to understand exactly what Groot is saying to understand what Groot is saying. The performance, and the context, do a good job of providing you with the information you need. Still, it’s fun to see the translations, and even more fun to get confirmation from the screenwriter.

We are Groot!

After 44 Years, NFL Finally Adds 17th Game

NFL Adds 17th Games

Against all odds, the NFL made it through the 2020/21 season largely unscathed. There were some hiccups, of course – remember that game when the Broncos almost ran out of QBs? – but aside from some strange scheduling changes, the league did a remarkable job keeping things running smoothly.

Now they’re getting cocky! After years of speculation, the owners finally agreed to add a 17th game to the schedule, starting this fall with the 2021/22 season.

After allowing for the possibility in last year’s collective bargaining agreement, the owners officially formalized the 17th game during a vote on Tuesday. Now, every team will play an extra game against a non-conference opponent, with the conferences alternating years between having 9 home games or 9 away games. This year, the AFC gets the 9th home game, next year, the NFC does.

ESPN has published the full list of games for each team, including the newly added non-conference game. This is the first time the NFL has changed the regular-season schedule in 44 years when they expanded it from 14 to 16 games.

The idea was floated back in 2011 – they actually discussed adding two games and expanding the season to 18 – but concerns around injury risk delayed any changes. Now, with data showing that preseason games have higher risk, as players get back into shape, the owners decided that eliminating a preseason game and adding a regular-season game made the change more palatable. As did the extra revenue, especially after a season in which fans weren’t allowed at most games.

We’re yet to see what impact the additional game has on players who already endure a grueling season, but fans will surely enjoy one more week during which they can root for their favorite teams, pray the spread gets covered, and whine about fantasy lineup blunders.

Jack Black Is Back, This Time He’s “The Hulk”

Jack Black Hulk

He’s the greatest Marvel star we never got, at least not yet. Jack Black, one of the funniest actors of all time, is back with another killer Avengers impression. Fans have been begging to get the star into a proper Marvel film, as they have been conjuring all sorts of roles he could fill.

In the meantime, Black is showing off his superhero chops. First, it was Spiderman, and he knocked it out of the park. For some, that would be all they needed to scratch that super itch, but Black upped the ante next with his brilliant Thor.


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You can really feel those God of Thunder vibes. But now, Black is continuing to move down his Avengers impressions, this time taking on The Hulk. And this is his finest work yet.


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He’s breaking through walls, pulling airplanes out of the sky, punching tanks into oblivion, dancing like a Wildman, showing off his sick guitar skills…wait, what? Well, this is a version of The Hulk we could all support. We have 40 different Spider-Men, we can have a few Hulks.

Black even gives a great behind-the-scenes vignette about how The Hulk all came together.


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The video is hilarious, like most of what Jack does. And I know everyone wants him to be in a Marvel movie, but at this point, we need to think bigger for him. A total reboot of The Avengers, but with Jack Black playing EVERY Avenger in it like it’s a Madea superhero movie or something.

We’ve seen him nail half the team anyway, so there’s no limit on what he can pull off, and he might be the only actor capable of going toe-to-toe with Jack Black. I’d even read that as a comic book.

So, we’ve seen what he can do, now it’s time to pull it all together in the ultimate Jack Black superhero trip.

Peeps-Flavored Pepsi Is Coming to Buzz Up Your Spring

Peeps Pepsi

Spring is here, and now maybe the most “spring” gimmick of all time, a brand new marshmallow soda from Pepsi. And not just any marshmallow, it’s a collab with the GOAT of decorative Easter candy, as Pepsi is releasing a Peeps flavored cola. That’s right, for some reason, we are getting a Pepsi x Peeps flavor.

Not only are we getting the limited edition cola, but much like Peeps themselves, we’re getting it in different colors. The sweet Peeps soda will come in yellow, pink, and blue mini cans. Perfect for Easter baskets!

“After what has been a very difficult year, many consumers are looking for new things to smile about,” a Pepsi spokesman said in a statement. “We know our consumers love our limited product drops, and we believe that PEPSI x PEEPS will deliver an iconic and delicious pairing that has the potential to become a fan favorite.”


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How can you beat an iconic and delicious pairing? Honestly, it doesn’t sound bad. Cola is sweet, marshmallow is sweet, it could work. It’s like coffee-flavored Coke, it’s an intriguing combo. Throw in a cute can and you can do a lot worse for a novelty drop.

It’s also got some major FOMO potential, as it’s only available through a Twitter contest. You can grab the limited-edition flava by using the #HangingwithmyPeeps and #PepsiSweepstakes hashtags to show how you celebrate spring. Pepsi will pick 3,000 winners, and then you can pretend the soda is the greatest thing ever just to make all your friends jealous.

We’ve Hit Peak Baby Yoda With an Edible Grogu Sushi Roll

Baby Yoda Grogu Sushi

We’ve done it, we have reached peak Baby Yoda! The little guy became a pop culture sensation shortly after his debut in season 1 of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ and went from a must-have toy to just about everything else. And now, The Baby Yoda wave has crested, with his own sushi roll.

The head sushi chef at Wave Asian Bistro and Sushi in Florida came up with the perfect Grogu inspired salmon sushi roll, which The Child himself would approve of. You can watch head sushi chef Alexis Morgan make edible Grogu from start to finish.

Think of where we have been with the Baby Yoda craze. It started when Star Wars fans couldn’t even get their hands on toys, since Disney rolled them out slowly (in an effort to prevent spoilers). That led fans to chopping the heads off angel cookies to make Baby Yoda cookies, and even Ba-Yo cocktails.

Then we got the toys we so richly wanted, including LEGO versions for kids, animatronic versions, and even super expensive high-end toys for collectors. After a second season of “The Mandalorian”, Star Wars fans even got a lot more of The Child’s backstory. Grogu has a name, a dark past, and even a reunion with a Star Wars legend, one that seemingly will take him off the show for a while.

So it stands to reason the Baby Yoda craze will begin to hit the downslope. With less Grogu on TV, there’ll be less demand for the little green guy, and thus wild creations like his own salmon roll are some of the last big hurrahs for the force-wielding youngster.

Teacher Goes Viral After Sharing and Rating Jokes From His Kindergarten Students

Teacher shares and rates students' jokes
(Getty/FatCamera Twitter/GeorgePointon_)

Kids generally don’t realize just how hilarious they are. Even when they’re intentionally trying to make you laugh, it’s often not even the joke itself that makes us completely lose it. Maybe it’s the energy with which they deliver a joke that makes no actual sense or the fact that they can’t contain their absolute glee when sharing a joke that we’ve heard no fewer than 3,000 times over the years. One teacher from the UK shared a knee-slapping thread of jokes his year 1 students (kindergarten in the US) told him on Twitter and quickly went viral both due to the thorough analysis and him calling them out for their terrible jokes.

George Pointon’s thread has received hundreds of thousands of likes in the week since he posted it, in addition to thousands of comments from strangers around the world providing their own analysis of the young students’ jokes.

“I asked my Year 1 classes to tell me a joke; Here is my analysis. A THREAD,” Pointon begins.

Alice kicked things off with a classic knee-slapper

Katie brought us back to Earth with some classic plagiarism

Jack’s 5/10 seems a bit generous, it was a crap joke

Frankie, buddy, we had such high hopes for you

Emma coming in strong, reminding us of the power of ‘the quiet kid’

Mikey tried to nail a classic callback but pulled a Bill and Ted and went so far back that we seem to have entered an alternate reality

We can fully picture this delivery, and it’s *chef’s kiss*

Physical comedy is an art, Rosie is an artist

Abbott and Costello’s classic, “Who’s Up First?” Phenomenal

A little comedy, a little existential crisis

There’s always that comedian that takes a joke too far and ruins it for everyone – and with that, Susanna brings the thread to a close

Did Alice’s classic bit take the cake? Were you a bigger fan of Rosie’s “you had to be there” bit? There can only be one king or queen of comedy in this bunch of 5-ish-year-olds, or maybe every single one of them is the master of their own style. Either way, we had a great time. Make sure to tip your bus driver.