Dad Thanks Kids Who TP’d His House, Offers Tips for Next Time

Dad Thanks Kids for TPing House

When Jason Hartanov’s daughter sent him a picture of their house after it had been TP’d, she apologized and offered to help him clean it up. He had a different feeling…a giant THANK YOU to the kids responsible.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral and been shared more than 1,000 times, the dad of four thanked the kids for restoring his hope in the youth. “Thank you for making me smile and reminding me of the best days of my childhood,” he wrote. “Thank you for giving us all a break from the issues in this world and thank you for finding a great use of the excess toilet paper people bought during COVID.”

He also thanked the kids for being kids and embracing that life is short, so we should all have fun. However, he had some pretty steep complaints about their parents.

“This is shoddy TP-ing work,” he wrote. “We should be ashamed. We need to teach out youth about doing things with excellence, and focusing on the details.”

He then gave some advice for the kids who did the job, advising them to use more TP because “the roof has little to no paper, the trees are too bare and you left half-rolls sitting on the ground.”

And, well, wouldn’t you know it, his house got his again later that week. Jason was still a bit unimpressed, so he mocked up a visual to help the perps do better on their next try.

He did say he loved the kids because of “their desire to improve” because they “are doing adventures instead of watching adventures.”

He said he has hope for this generation, but that they need to learn a thing or two from their parents.

“We would have been embarrassed to leave such a clean mess,” he wrote. “More TP. More people. BURY THE HOUSE IN TP! Ask your parents, we took pride in EPIC TP battles.”

Is Matthew McConaughey Going to Run for Governor of Texas?

Matthew McConaughey lincoln
(YouTube | Lincoln Motor Company)

Politics is a pretty depressing arena these days. Everybody is on the attack, there is little consensus, and the general atmosphere is one of anger and division. Sometimes it seems like nothing will ever bring this country together again.

And then you learn that bingo caller, professor, and philanthropist Matthew McConaughey might run for governor of Texas in 2022!

It’s just a rumor at this point, but it’s a fun one! Apparently such rumors have been in the air for years, but have really heated up recently. It’s been a frequent topic on several talk radio stations in Texas. One online publication called Texas Takes thinks things are leaning further to yay than nay. They even think he might be able to win.

A recent article on their site compiles a variety of the Dazed and Confused actor’s recent activity, in which he urges people to wear masks:

Gave an inspiring commencement speech to the class of 2020:

He also sat down with Emmanuel Acho for his series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” during the recent Black Lives Matters protests:

None of these appearances feature the beloved, Oscar-winning actor announcing that he’s running for office but he’s certainly not being shy about stepping out and being a voice of reason for Texans and Americans in general.

So while we may not have Governor Matthew McConaughey in office anytime soon, I think, based on his recent efforts and general humanity, it would be a lot cooler if we did!

Austrian Police Fine Man $560 for Farting with “Full Intent”

Austrian Cops Fart Fine
(Getty/Andreas Gebert)

Last year police in Missouri captured a suspect because his loud fart revealed his hiding spot. Well, over in Austria, the police fined a man for farting. Seriously. They did.

The story popped up on Reddit, when someone caught wind (sorry) of the fact that police officers in Vienna had fined a man $560 bucks for farting in front of some cops. The title of the Reddit post reads: “It’s a miracle that the policeman didn’t grab the poufs right away! We must not be ‘suppressed’: let the intestinal wind escape for everyone!”

Earlier this month, the man was fined for violating public decency or for an unduly disturbing noise. The actual ticket read “they violated public decency by loudly blowing a bowel in front of police officers.” They accused the man of “intentionally” farting in their presence.

The Vienna Police Department confirmed the incident on Twitter, tweeting: “Farting in the presence of a police officer costs a lot,” and going on to explain exactly what happened. “He rose slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers, and apparently intentionally released a massive fart in the immediate vicinity of the officers. And the colleagues are rather reluctant to fart.”

Apparently the fart occurred after the man had already gotten into it with the cops, and, according to them, the act was deliberate and disrespectful. If he doesn’t pay the fine, he could face up to 5 days in jail.

I shudder to think what will happen if he farts in front of his fellow inmates.

This 1-Yr-Old “Chef” Is Heating up on Instagram

1-Yr-Old Chef

Social distancing has paved the way for the “at-home” entertainment genre. Late night hosts are telling monologue jokes with their toddlers climbing on top of them. News anchors are delivering reports from their home offices (or wherever they can show off a bookcase background) and cooking shows developed right in the family kitchen are taking off.

But when it comes to the at-home chefs of the moment, few can match the popularity of a certain 1-year-old “chef” who is blowing up on Instagram. The cooking demonstrations from little Kobe have found an audience of more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Many are drawn in by the baby’s infectious attitude and love of the game.

According to a bio which he clearly did not write himself (he’s only 1, cut him some slack!), “Chef Kobe” likes to cook, eat and explore in the kitchen. His videos show him “helping” on a wide range of meals, including kid-staple mac and cheese. And, people really, really love them.

His following grew quickly, from a few hundred friends and family to April to a little over 1.5 million by the end of May.

“It kind of just happened literally overnight,” his mom told Good Morning America. “I was like, ‘whoa, I guess I need to bake another cake.”

She also told CNN that they weren’t expecting anyone outside of the family to start following the account they set up for his cooking videos.

“It makes us feel like we’re doing something right as parents to be raising a child who has the capability to make anyone smile with just a laugh! We always get messages from people saying how infectious his personality is,” she said. “We also love that it has encouraged parents to get their kids in the kitchen and sit down and eat as a family, something that is extremely important in our home. ”

Kobe Eats is taking over Instagram, so hop over to his page if you want a quick smile, rather than trying to re-create the magic in your own kitchen and spending hours cleaning up after the catastrophe.

Multimillionaire’s Hidden Treasure Is Finally Found

Fenn's Fortune Found

He’s not quite One-Eyed Willy, but his treasure hunt may be the closest thing we’re gonna get to a real-life Goonies. Minus the children, and Sloth, and the Italian mobsters, and the pirate ship. And Seattle.

But there was a risk, and even some death. And there was definitely treasure.

10 Years ago, Forrest Fenn, a (now) 89-year-old author and artifacts dealer in Sante Fe, wrote a memoir entitled “The Thrill of the Chase”. In the memoir, he included a treasure map – of sorts. The “map” was a 24-line poem that told of a treasure chest hidden somewhere “in the mountains somewhere north of Sante Fe.”

The treasure was said to be a collection of gold and silver, as well as a variety of artifacts, the total worth of which was approximately $1 million dollars.

Well, put your well-worn copy of the poem away, because the treasure as been found.

After ten years, hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters, and five deaths in pursuit of it, the treasure has been found. A few days ago, Fenn told the Sante Fe New Mexican that someone had finally retrieved his treasure.

“It’s true,” Fenn said, without revealing where the treasure had been hidden or who found it. “The guy who found it does not want his name mentioned. He’s from back East.”

More than 350,000 people have engaged in treasure hunt’s for Fenn’s chest, and at least five perished in the pursuit, which has not been without its controversy. There have been several lawsuits filed against Fenn and or involving the treasure, including suits by a woman who claims she solved the puzzle but her answer was “hacked” and stolen, and others that allege that Fenn’s clues were misleading, or that the treasure had been found years ago.

The treasure may no longer be out there, but it seems plenty of mystery remains.

7-Yr-Old Throws a Backyard Prom for His Babysitter Amid COVID-19

Backyard Prom
(Facebook/Elissa Rogers)

On the enormous list of things canceled by COVID-19 are the normal rituals for high school seniors, as the class of 2020 largely missed out on things like in-person graduation ceremonies and prom. Understandably, many were devastated. It seems small in comparison to what parts of the country are dealing with now, but when your kid is dealing with a major disappointment, it’s always going to be a little heartbreaking. But some decided to carry on with prom anyway.

Sure, they weren’t traditional proms, often it was a sibling or a dad throwing a “prom” at home. The coolest of these proms in the socially-distant era belongs to a 7-year-old from North Carolina. When he found out hit babysitter was bummed to be missing her prom, he decided to throw one for her in his backyard.

And seven-year-old Curtis spared no thought when it came to throwing a prom for his babysitter, Rachel. It even included a “promposal”, where he (and his mom) surprised Rachel with a sign that said, “Mini prom is not today, but will you join me on Monday.”

And as far as backyard proms go, it sounded pretty awesome.

“He was very excited and wanted to make sure everything was just right and get his suit on and pick out his bowtie that matched her dress,” his mom told a local news station. “It was really cute. He was really excited for it to start and make sure he was ready to impress her.”

The tiny prom king put a lot of thought into it, including serving her favorite foods (peanut butter and apples as an appetizer and Chick-Fil-A for the main course) and using a pool noodle to help maintain social distancing for the dancing. Curtis may lay claim to being the coolest 7-year-old around.

“I was kind of like bummed putting my dress on because I was sad; I don’t get to wear it to my senior prom,” Rachel said. “After leaving it and having that time with him because it was the first time I had seen him in two months, it was like, really fun, and I’m really glad that he did that.”

Quentin Tarantino Calls ‘The Social Network’ the Best Movie of the Decade

The Social Network
(Columbia Pictures)

One of the fun things about pop culture is all the material it provides us, not merely to consume, but to discuss, interpret, and argue about. Talking about movies and TV is a fun distraction, and sometimes we can really use one. Like right now.

There are no mathematical equations to measure whether The Godfather II is better than Casablanca, or if Sgt. Pepper’s is better than Exile on Main Street. That lack of empirical truth allows for infinite takes, and for people who are interested in arguing, there is endless fodder for debate.

Sometimes, even the people making the art join in.

That’s what director and cinephile Quentin Tarantino did recently when he spoke to France’s Premiere magazine about the best movies of the decade.

He was pretty definitive about his answer too. “It’s ‘The Social Network,’ hands down… It is number 1 because it’s the best, that’s all! It crushes all the competition,” QT said, christening David Fincher’s movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook as his favorite film of the decade.

The Social Network hit theaters in 2010 and was roundly acclaimed from the start, for Fincher’s direction, Aaron Sorkin’s snappy, pithy dialogue, and Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of the vindictive Zuckerberg. It’s not quite a left-field choice, having been nominated for 8 Oscars and winning three (Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Original Score), but not everyone agrees. Which is fun!

Twitter was quick to respond, with users citing their own favorites instead, like Moonlight, Inception, Fury Road, and more.

A few people had some fun with their suggestions.

Tarantino cited Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk as his second-best movie of the decade. Originally he had it on 7th on his list until he watched it a third time. “It wasn’t until that third time where I was gauging it for [my best of the decade list], that I could finally see past the spectacle into the people, into the people of the story. I could finally see the forest for the trees,” he explained.

What’s your favorite movie of the past 10 years?

Daughter Fulfills Father’s Dying Wish by Getting his Artwork to Sting

Daughter Fulfills Father’s Dying Wish by Getting his Artwork to Sting

In typical dad fashion, fathers will often do anything for their daughters in their times of need. From building a custom video game controller for a daughter with disabilities to bringing trick-or-treating 30,000 feet above ground, dads are gonna dad. When the tables turn and it’s a dad’s time of need, it becomes the daughter’s turn to step up. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth Santiago did.

According to the touching story Santiago shared with Humans of New York, her stepfather, Domingo Santiago, came into her life when she was five years old. He encouraged her creativity, celebrated her successes, and even built her very first bike from scraps. Domingo was an extremely talented artist but put his creativity aside to pursue a more stable career as a police officer. Before putting away his paint and brushes for good, he painted one last painting – a copy of an album cover, depicting a portrait of Sting. He dreamed of one day returning to his art, holding onto the hope of “when I retire”.

Sadly, that distant dream of retirement never came. In 1998, Domingo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS is a disease that impacts your nervous system as well as your brain. Symptoms vary, but it can cause things like chronic pain, vision loss, fatigue, and weakness. Domingo’s symptoms began to worsen over time until eventually, he was unable to stand. In his final days, Domingo and his family were faced with the difficult task of sorting through his belongings. Domingo gave instructions for each and every item, dictating where it should go and to whom it should be given.

Upon rediscovering the old Sting painting in a dusty box, the question was posed again. Where should this go?

Elizabeth Santiago recalled, “His response was immediate. ‘Give it to Sting,’ he said. All of us started laughing. But Dad grew very serious. His eyes narrowed. He looked right at me, and said: ‘Give it to Sting.’ So I guess that’s my final assignment.”


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“I was five when he became a person in my world. I didn’t know exactly who he was. I just knew that there was someone around that was making my mother smile. I had to look way up to see him. I’d never met someone so strong. He’d tell me to hold onto his wrist, and he’d lift me into the sky with one hand. He worked at an auto shop, airbrushing designs onto the side of vans. I think he dreamed of being an artist. But he needed something more stable. So after he decided to marry my mom, he became a cop. He never lost touch with his creative side. He was always building things around the house—making things look fancier than we could afford. He built my first bike from scraps. He encouraged me to read. He encouraged me to write. He loved giving me little assignments. He’d give me a quarter every time I wrote a story. Fifty cents if it was a good one. Whenever I asked a question, he’d make me look it up in the encyclopedia. One day he built a little art studio at the back of our house. And he painted a single painting—a portrait of Sting that he copied from an album cover. But he got busy with work and never used the studio again. He was always saying: ‘when I retire.’ ‘I’ll go back to art, when I retire.’ ‘I’ll show in a gallery, when I retire.’ But that time never came. Dad was a cop for twenty years. He was one of the good ones. The kind of cop you see dancing on the street corner. Or skateboarding with kids. But in 1998 he was diagnosed with MS. First there was a little weakness. Then there was a cane. Then there was a wheelchair. It got to the point where he couldn’t even hold a paintbrush. We did his hospice at home. He seemed to have no regrets. He’d been a wonderful provider. He’d raised his daughters. He’d walked me down the aisle. During his final days, we were going through his possessions, one by one. He was telling me who to give them to. I pulled the Sting painting out of an old box, and asked: ‘What should I do with this?’ His response was immediate. ‘Give it to Sting,’ he said. All of us started laughing. But Dad grew very serious. His eyes narrowed. He looked right at me, and said: ‘Give it to Sting.’ So I guess that’s my final assignment.”

A post shared by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

Mickey Sumner, Sting’s daughter, saw the heartbreaking story. She immediately knew what she had to do. Sumner got in touch with Santiago, and soon enough, the painting was held by the very hands it depicted.

Sting’s official Instagram page shared a picture of Sting and Domingo’s painting side by side with the caption, “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED”.

Two daughters united to make a dedicated father’s last request a reality. The pair also started a fundraiser for the National MS Society in memory of Domingo, which has raised over $40,000 so far. Santiago was faced with a seemingly impossible task that ended in the most beautiful, unlikely way. Ok, so maybe not EVERY little thing she does is magic, but this is pretty dang close.

The Fruit Snack Challenge Puts Toddlers’ Patience to the Test

(YouTube/Sesame Street)

I’ve never seen a challenge my kids were more destined to fail.

Recently, social media has been circulating something called “the Fruit Snack Challenge,” and it exploded in popularity after a few celebrities posted the results of their children’s attempts.

The challenge is as follows: parents put a bowl of fruit snacks, or candy, or something equally enticing, in front of their toddler, and then warn them not to eat any until they get back from the other room. Needless to say, not every child manages to resist. Frankly, I’m astonished any child is able to hold off!

Kylie Jenner explains to her daughter that she can have three chocolates from an enormous bowl, but only after she Mommy from the bathroom. The adorable little Stormi steels herself for the challenge, and when she senses her resolve crumbling, she even employs a little sing-songy hack to maintain her composure. Impressive. Most impressive!


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A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) on

Things don’t go quite so smoothly for Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s cute kid, who barely waited for Mom to stop talking to pounce:

Musician Thomas Rhett’s daughter powered through:


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After pool hair, ballet outfit & #toddlerchallenge 🌈💕 #soBERYpatient

A post shared by Lauren Akins (@laur_akins) on

With those videos going viral, it didn’t take long for non-celebs to tempt their kids, with varying degrees of success:

A few people even tried it with their dogs!

And then Cookie Monster got in on the action:

Do you think your kids could pass the test?

SpaceX Is Launching a Shuttle at 3:22 ET! Here’s How to Watch

SpaceX Launch
(YouTube/The Museum of Flight)

Update 5/30: Wednesday’s SpaceX launch was delayed due to stormy weather, so it was moved to today, at 3:22pm ET. Saturday afternoon is the next best window for the shuttle to launch on the proper trajectory to arrive at the International Space Station. Unfortunately, the forecast for today’s launch is also less than ideal, with a 50/50 chance for rain and clouds instead of the clear skies needed for a successful launch.

If it is delayed again today, the astronauts will aim for a Sunday launch at 3pm. When it finally does blast off, you can watch via one of the live streams below!


When I was a kid in the 80s, space shuttle launches were must-see TV. They were big deals, for everyone, not just kids, and everyone stopped what they were doing to see us blast people into outer space.

They kind of lost their luster after the Challenger explosion, and NASA slowly began ramping them down in general. Nowadays they just don’t happen, and when they do, there’s nowhere near as much excitement. NASA last flew a shuttle in 2011. But over the past few years, people have started to grow more interested as private companies start making forays into space travel, the most prominent of which is Elon Musk’s SpaceX company.

SpaceX is back it. Today, at 4:33 ET, the Demo-2, manned by NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, is set to launch on a voyage to the international space station. This is the first time SpaceX is using NASA astronauts, the first time NASA astronauts have flown to space commercially, and the first time Americans will enter space from America since the end of the space shuttle program nearly a decade ago.

But the window is tight. If there’s any delay in the launch, even by a minute, they’ll miss their window to get on the right trajectory toward the ISS and will have to try again on Saturday or Sunday.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, and we can start getting excited about space travel again!

“We have this moment in time where we can unite people again,” Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, said during a press briefing before launch. “The whole world is going to be watching this.”

There are a variety of ways to watch the launch, as listed by Entrepreneur magazine:



National Geographic and ABC Live

The Museum of Flight

And here’s a few recaps to whet your appetite:

American Museum of Natural History

Discovery and Science Channel

Wrestler and Real-Life Hero Shad Gaspard Drowns After Saving Son

RIP Shad Gaspard

The wrestlers of the WWE are often mocked for their over-the-top theatrics and play-acting in the service of a “sport” detractors like to claim is fake. And to a certain extent, that’s true. Their athleticism and charisma can’t be faked, but the roles of heroes and villain – or babyfaces and heels – are preordained.

But every once in a while, a wrestler plays the part in real life too. Like Shad Gaspard, the former WWE star and devoted family man who recently drowned while attempting to save his son from drowning.

The first day beaches re-opened in Los Angeles, Gaspard went swimming with his 10-year-old son at Venice Beach. Soon, the pair were caught in a rip current, in the middle of what officials refer to as an “impact zone.”

“The best way I can describe it,” said Kenichi Haskett, Section Chief of the LA County Fire Department – Lifeguard Division told ESPN, “is like being inside a front-loading washing machine. The waves keep crashing on you, pushing you down. … I’ve been through that, those kind of rescues. You think you might die.”

That’s where Gaspard and his son were when a lifeguard attempted to reach them. But before he could decide who to rescue, Gaspard told the lifeguard to save his son first.

The description in the article is enough to give you goosebumps.

“Take my son,” said the father, a former professional wrestler named Shad Gaspard, to the lifeguard.

Save my son.

Three minutes had not passed before the boy was safe onshore. He was physically unharmed but deeply distraught. “Dad told me to push off to the guy,” he told Steve Smith, a firefighter-paramedic from Rescue 63 in Venice. The boy kept repeating “Dad told me to push off to the guy.”

Gaspard’s son listened to his dad and survived. But Shad, just 39 and forging a broader career in Hollywood, did not. And now the wrestling world is mourning a true hero, a family man who put his son first and made the ultimate sacrifice.

WWE’s biggest stars are sending condolences to his family.

Gaspard was just starting to make an impact in Hollywood.

It’s clear the former wrestler was beloved by many for his kindness and devotion to his family, and that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Comedian’s Correspondence With Tech Support Over Horrific WiFi Issue Is Gold

Comedian's WiFi Issues

Everyone needs a distraction these days.

The real world is pretty depressing. We’re all stuck inside, avoiding the plague, staring at screens, wondering when life will go back to normal. Streaming is great, board games are fun, but sometimes you need something a little bit different.

Thankfully, there are some deranged people out there, and social media gives us a chance to experience their bizarre brand of creativity. One of those people is Adrian Gray, a comedian and writer whose insane Twitter story went viral over the weekend.

I found it when Bob Odenkirk retweeted it, calling it “brilliant,” and after reading it, you’ll probably agree.

It starts innocently enough, with a typical customer complaint about wifi service.

He shares some screenshots of his troubleshooting, and they’re normal at first. Until…

Okay. That’s weird. It gets weirder, as the symbol proliferates and apparently replaces all of the photos on his computer. The company responds, but now the symbol has emerged from the computer.

It turns out the company, Veil Broadband in the UK, actually has an explanation. Sort of.

Unfortunately, that’s not much help when your teeth are bleeding.

That’s when the “boy” turns up.


You’d think a paying customer would get better service!

The story suddenly takes a bizarre tangent of a different sort as the boy turns on en episode of Friends and the customer service representative doesn’t seem to understand what a sitcom or actors are.

After that it’s back to the supernatural terrors at hand. (I have this same reaction to Gunther.)

The company has an explanation for the boy too, and, again, it is unhelpful.

In a series of alarming photos, Adrian struggles with the boy…

And loses. The boy then becomes obsessed with BBC newscaster Hugh Edwards? I told you this was deranged!

Finally, Adrian vanquishes the boy and the problem is resolved.

For now…

Costumed Dad Won’t Stop Photobombing Wife’s Conference Calls

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

As more and more folks familiarize themselves with the ins, outs, ups, downs, loves, and hates that come with working from home, many have elected to get creative with their Zoom backgrounds.

They’re the standing desks of 2020.

In the case of Cara Fields, amusing backdrops are no matter of choice. In recent weeks, her husband, Matt, has begun making routine cameos in the background of her conference calls.

Once as a cowboy.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

Then again as Batman.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

And then again as a Power Ranger.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

One time he tried blending in…

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

But eventually, everyone found him.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

The WFH antics are only gonna get better from here, gang.

We wish the best to Cara, Matt, and whatever rebel kept open their Halloween store.