Leonardo DiCaprio Called “Unrecognizable” in Photos From New Scorsese Film

When you’re among the biggest movie stars in the world, it’s not easy to go unnoticed. Once your face has been on movie screens and TV screens and billboards and all over social media, it’s safe to say that most people that don’t live under rocks will probably be able to pick you out of a crowd.

This is why it’s so impressive when an actor like Robert DeNiro or Christian Bale totally transforms his body and/or transforms his face to embody a character.

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t tried to do that all that often – the best example is probably when he played J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood’s biopic – but the New York Post is really impressed within his latest attempt.

DiCaprio is currently filming another collaboration with Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon in which he plays an Oklahoma man who falls in love with an Osage woman in the 1920s, in a story about the investigation into a series of murders that befall Osage Nation when oil is found on their land.

The New York Post tweeted out an image from the film, with the caption: “Leonardo DiCaprio unrecognizable in first photos of new Scorsese film,” despite the fact that, while the star looks a little bit thicker and less stylish than he often does, he is otherwise utterly recognizable as himself.

Social media had a field day with the tweet, immediately going after the paper for its hyperbole.

A few people lent a hand:

Others piled on with one of Leo’s own memes:

I guess The Daily Planet isn’t the only NYC paper with vision problems:

Toddler Standing on Dad’s Head Sparks Thread of Parents Mourning Personal Space

Parents share videos toddlers standing on faces

Until you have kids, it’s impossible to know how wrong you were about what it’s like to actually be a parent. The boundaries you imagined setting for your future kids are laughable, naive dreams of someone who’s never had to calm a 2-year-old scream-crying because they aren’t a dinosaur. You used to whisper about the toddler having a nuclear meltdown in the middle of an Olive Garden, fully believing that your child would never. It’d be funny now, it would definitely be funny if you weren’t so exhausted.

Another fun surprise that comes with parenting is the complete lack of personal space, something you probably anticipated to a degree – but not like this. Twitter user 9bills recently shared a video that captured the adorably stifling phenomenon perfectly, so much so that it led to parents all over the world sharing their own experiences. In the video that’s been viewed over 1.2 million times in just two weeks, a clearly exhausted dad lays down with his toddler. And by “lays down with his toddler,” we mean dad is laying down, the toddler is standing directly on dad’s face. Obviously.

Before long, parents were sharing their very own hilarious videos featuring their own kids’ complete disregard for personal space.

You know what they say, when you fall off dad’s face, just gotta get right back on

It’s so easy to laugh when there’s no toddler standing on your face

Have kids, they said

That balance is honestly impressive

I’m so tired

Fortunately, other parents are always there to reassure you that everything is going to be ok.

Dad Immediately Regrets Trying Toddlers’ Favorite Bizarre Food Combos

Dad tries gross toddler food combos

It often feels like toddlers are some sort of other-world species doing their best human impressions. Actually, aside from the “other world” thing, that’s basically what toddlers are. They have all of the equipment to become humans, but none of the software. Toddlers wobble around absorbing information, learning from the people around them what it means to act like a person. The most beautiful thing about toddlers is just how little they understand about judgment from others – it’s a sort of freedom that leads them to do absurd things daily because, well, who cares?

Twitter user dadmann_walking zeroed in on one aspect of toddlerhood that leaves parents around the world completely baffled – their eating habits. Toddlers are in a constant phase of experimentation, doing whatever the heck they want to figure out the world around them. But somehow, even with that intense curiosity, toddlers are picky as heck when it comes to the foods they’re willing to eat. Parents regularly throw up their hands and cave to their little ones’ whims (within reason), happy that they’re at least eating something.

Dadmann_walking figured that maybe, just maybe, these toddlers were onto something. The father of three turned to Twitter with an odd request, one he quickly regretted.

“Tell me some really weird food combinations that your toddlers have eaten,” he wrote, “and i will choose some and make a video of me eating these things.”

According to his Twitter bio, dadmann’s youngest is six years old. He’s far removed from the toddler years and clearly hasn’t caught a kid drinking ketchup straight from the bottle in a while. The replies quickly poured in, and uh, they’re not pretty.




Ok, well now I just feel bad

Like an absolute champ, this dad kept his word. But first, he had to get some supplies.

In a two-part stomach-churning series, dadmann came through. “None of these foods should go together,” he begins. “None of them.”

Completely exasperated, he digs in. Hot dogs dipped in blueberry yogurt, so many things dipped in ketchup, banana dipped in ranch dressing, a peanut butter and mustard sandwich – understandably, he can’t even get most of these combos down. But the point is he tried, and for that, we’re both proud and horrified.

Watch at your own risk.
Part 1

And (ugh) part 2

Story of Dads Helping 8-Year-Old Who Lost His Father Sparks Touching Thread

Touching twitter thread after story of dads helping 8-year-old

It really does take a village to raise a kid, an idea that was brought to light in the most touching way after a Twitter user named Jonathan Torrens shared a story from his childhood. Losing a parent is exceedingly difficult, especially at a young age. Kids crave attention, love, and guidance from their parents, something they’re reminded of time and time again as they watch their peers with their own parents.

At the age of 8, Jonathan Torrens experienced a kid’s worst nightmare – the loss of his dad. Though nothing can ever fill the void of a parent you’ve lost, dads who knew Jonathan through hockey began to step up. Quietly, subtly, not drawing attention to the little boy who didn’t have a dad to help him tie his skates, the fathers of his peers helped Jonathan feel a little less alone. No pity, just kindness.

“My dad died when I was 8,” Jonathan wrote in his post. “Every week a few of the dads on my hockey team would offer to tie my skates. Not in a big showy way, in a quiet kind way. They filled the gap. Find a way to fill the gap for someone. It’ll make you both better.”

Jonathan’s touching story and call to action gained the attention of people around the world, inspiring others to share stories of their own.

There was the uncle who fully embraced the role of hockey parent for his nephew

The Zamboni driver turned coach who made sure no kid was left behind

The couple who took “friends forever” extremely seriously

Fairy godmothers giving Disney a run for their money

A father figure who knew exactly what role he needed to fill

A neighbor overflowing with generosity in more ways than one

The whole village showing up to do their part

Hockey dads filling the gap for another kid in need

Dads so kind even the nuns were impressed

Jonathan’s story and the moving thread that followed is a reminder that no gesture is too small to make a difference. Every dad knows that being a parent doesn’t stop with your own kids – once you’re a dad, you’re a dad for life. Maybe that means you respond to “I’m tired” with “hi tired, I’m dad” no matter who says it. Or maybe, being a dad means that you know when a kid, any kid, needs one.

Keyshawn Johnson Tweets About Loss of Daughter, Gets Support From Twitter Users

Twitter rallies for Keyshawn Johnson

The loss of a child is the most painful thing a parent can endure. Over the past few years, there has been a movement to broaden the conversation about things like miscarriage, to make the discussion of it more acceptable, to allow men into the conversation, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s not just during pregnancy that parents are forced to deal with the grief of a lost child. All human lives are fragile, and many parents are faced with the unimaginable well into a child’s life. Talking about that is just as difficult and painful.

Keyshawn Johnson recently shared the news that his daughter had passed away at the age of 25. The former NFLer and current ESPN broadcaster posted a series of tweets revealing his family’s loss, and praising Maia, his firstborn daughter, in the wake of her passing.

He shared a bit about where he and his wife Shikiri were at when Maia entered their lives…

And he thanked everyone for their support.

Johnson’s tweet was quickly met with plentiful responses offering their condolences from fellow athletes:

His alma mater offered support:

As did Johnson’s employer:

And some fans:

Including one who offered a sad explanation of how devastating the loss of a child is:

Teacher Goes Viral After Sharing and Rating Jokes From His Kindergarten Students

Teacher shares and rates students' jokes
(Getty/FatCamera Twitter/GeorgePointon_)

Kids generally don’t realize just how hilarious they are. Even when they’re intentionally trying to make you laugh, it’s often not even the joke itself that makes us completely lose it. Maybe it’s the energy with which they deliver a joke that makes no actual sense or the fact that they can’t contain their absolute glee when sharing a joke that we’ve heard no fewer than 3,000 times over the years. One teacher from the UK shared a knee-slapping thread of jokes his year 1 students (kindergarten in the US) told him on Twitter and quickly went viral both due to the thorough analysis and him calling them out for their terrible jokes.

George Pointon’s thread has received hundreds of thousands of likes in the week since he posted it, in addition to thousands of comments from strangers around the world providing their own analysis of the young students’ jokes.

“I asked my Year 1 classes to tell me a joke; Here is my analysis. A THREAD,” Pointon begins.

Alice kicked things off with a classic knee-slapper

Katie brought us back to Earth with some classic plagiarism

Jack’s 5/10 seems a bit generous, it was a crap joke

Frankie, buddy, we had such high hopes for you

Emma coming in strong, reminding us of the power of ‘the quiet kid’

Mikey tried to nail a classic callback but pulled a Bill and Ted and went so far back that we seem to have entered an alternate reality

We can fully picture this delivery, and it’s *chef’s kiss*

Physical comedy is an art, Rosie is an artist

Abbott and Costello’s classic, “Who’s Up First?” Phenomenal

A little comedy, a little existential crisis

There’s always that comedian that takes a joke too far and ruins it for everyone – and with that, Susanna brings the thread to a close

Did Alice’s classic bit take the cake? Were you a bigger fan of Rosie’s “you had to be there” bit? There can only be one king or queen of comedy in this bunch of 5-ish-year-olds, or maybe every single one of them is the master of their own style. Either way, we had a great time. Make sure to tip your bus driver.

Dad Shares Adorable Photo Celebrating Fatherhood, Other Dads Follow Suit

Twitter dad sparks celebration of fatherhood
(Twitter/Charliebang, Sanele_Mkhathin)

Becoming a dad changes everything, in ways we never could have anticipated. We face challenges that never crossed our minds before having kids, and experience a type of love we never knew existed. Some of the most beautiful parenting moments aren’t life-changing events but instead are the moments we’re able to stop and fully appreciate the quiet bliss of bonding with our kids.

One Twitter dad who goes by the username Charliebang recently shared two adorable photos with his son, a post that woke up Dad Twitter and sparked a celebration of fatherhood.

Charliebang captioned the heartwarming photos, “Being a dad is a best thing.”

Before long, dozens of dads jumped in to echo his sentiment. Dads smiling with their kids, dads quietly holding their content babies – dads from all over the world uniting to celebrate fatherhood.

”The unexplainable happiness,” one dad marveled

There really is no better feeling

Those smiles say everything

That feeling when your baby has never felt more safe

The way he wants to be just like his dad, I’m not crying, you’re crying

No need to explain, the picture says it all

Fatherhood in a nutshell


Charliebang’s tweet brought dads together, strangers that were able to connect on an extremely meaningful level. Posts like this resonate for a similar reason that The Dad resonates – fatherhood is uniting. It’s a feeling you can’t understand until you’ve lived it, and once you have, you can’t imagine life any other way.

10 Funniest Dad Tweets of the Week

Funniest dad tweets of the week 5/13/21
(Getty/fotostorm, Twitter/threetimedaddy)

Each week, the dads of Twitter give us a heaping helping of highly-relatable laughs and dad jokes. Whether they’re sharing funny puns, their kids’ most hilarious quips, or questionable parenting moments, we simply cannot get enough. Here’s to another glorious week of parenting tweets by dads – we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites for a bit of much-needed comic relief.

May 14, 2021

The Ratatouille sequel is – well, it’s not great

I advise that you fix the sun

Dad just plagiarized pizza

I once had to return a shirt because it “was sick” ??

Days are just a social construct that – jeez ok I’m sorry fine

Love when they ask how many days until their birthday…the day after their birthday

We need a Freaky Friday where the parents and kids switch energy levels

The surprise is that it doesn’t look like a craft store exploded in there

Happy Mother’s Day, I’m sorry

What kind of monster would do this

May 7, 2021

Diaper changes in unexpected place are par for the course

I used to set morning alarms, now I set night alarms

One of the few cure-alls that actually works

This only works if your oldest has magical powers, I assume

I can’t explain it, but this feels the same as my kid dumping the basket of clothes I just folded directly onto the floor

Call me when you figure out how to do taxes

Why is it that 8 PM somehow makes them wonder what happens after you die

It’s uh, the thought that counts

Those are the types of hard-hitting questions that’ll help them pay their Rent one day

Touching that puzzle is now a federal crime

April 30, 2021

A pretty crappy time for a chat if you ask me

Wild how all it takes is $2 to go from worst dad in the world to best dad in the world

Multiple times every week

Kids and drunk adults have too much in common

A little worried that this seems like a valid point to me

Run. Just start running and don’t stop

If there was an initiation to parent club, this would be it

I play every day and somehow still suck at it

It’s called being efficient

Frankenstein isn’t the monster, we are

April 23, 2021

Now featuring “What’s That Smell” and “Where’s the Advil”

Don’t answer, it’s a trap

Cool, so same thing as last night?

That’s not even talent, that’s some sort of magic

This is what they mean when they talk about cars being powerful machines

Not sure if that’s concerning or impressive

Walked right into that one

And when you get to the recipe part, the whole site crashes

If Sloppy Joes every night means he’ll eat dinner without a struggle every night, Sloppy Joes it is

There’s really no coming back from that

April 16, 2021

Things used to be so simple

Listen, everyone else was thinking it

He’s too young to have lost all of his serotonin already

Is that a threat? No, seriously. I have no idea

And then when she gets bored, it’s dinner

[Hagrid voice] Should not have said that

Not sure if I’m glad or embarrassed that they’re not better at this

What the hell do you mean by – ah. Right

We’ve been trying to reach you

A proud day

April 9, 2021

Maybe we should start celebrating Easter by hanging out alone in a cave for three days

Leave it to someone who just mastered walking to tell you you’re doing things wrong

If you’re not buying underwear in bulk, what are you even doing?

”Kids are so much smarter than we realize” oh really

And to think, some people have that exhibit in their own home

And when it’s time for dinner, stick the last two somewhere obvious

Where do I sign

Predictable, but somehow it still gets you every single time

I wish Big Casino all the best

My kid once cried because he only had two feet

April 2, 2021

Trick question, you can’t afford to waste towels

The only thing you dream about anymore is sleeping

I hope they like tofu

”Just buy more groceries then,” spoken like someone without kids

I know I’m old by the number of times I Google “Urban Dictionary” plus whatever word I don’t know

Fingers crossed he starts doing dishes any time he’s mad at you so you don’t get to do it

Now you know why all of her friends’ parents are giving you weird looks

Can’t ask questions when your mouth is filled with chocolate glue

A Batman sticker is worth a thousand words

For how much kids cost, there’s really no excuse for not including a personal trainer feature

March 26, 2021

I don’t remember signing up for a roast

Harsh but fair

Hit ‘em with a “sup dudes” to remind them how much you’ve had to learn over the years

I’m sure they say, “that’s not how daddy does it” just as much, right? Right…?

She will never know the joy of finding the last copy of Addams Family Values on the shelf

Walls, the cat – nothing is safe

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed

You laugh now, wait until you see the electric bill

Well, that’s terrifying

Really makes you question who’s in charge

March 19, 2021

Talk about a crappy situation

Both of us can only hope

When I said I needed motivation to exercise, this isn’t what I had in mind

Unless you’re talking about something they’re not supposed to hear

Maybe you can rent it out?

It’s all downhill from here

I didn’t know parenting came with an archenemy

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it

Not sure whether to be concerned or ask to borrow $5

Off-putting yet accurate

March 12, 2021

This is your chance to relax for 5 minutes so they think they’re doing a great job

ctrl+z CTRL+Z

Fortunately, they’ll forget by the time they realize it didn’t work

The car isn’t big enough for an actual weekly shop

They, uh, sure showed you

Saves you a lot of money on ‘sink dentist’ bills

Can we even enforce the “one-of-whatever-you’re-making” dad tax if we didn’t help?

This girl is going places – or is she going times?

This part takes 10x as long as the actual folding

When you forget you’re playing hide-and-go-seek and your kid finally comes and finds you

March 5, 2021

Have multiple kids, they said. They’ll keep each other busy, they said

Not sure which is less likely, forgetting to feed the kids or remembering to do the dishes

You will never live this down

They should tell us the exact time our kid is graduating, they have the technology

”Maybe” is reasonable doubt, they know what they’re doing

But that’s impossible

The blankets are coming from … inside the house?

Really out-dadded yourself there (nice)

”But I’m not allowed to play in the mud??”

May need to revisit some talks about what “giving back” looks like

February 26, 2021

It’s both impressive and terrifying

Or as Dads call it, “home #2”

Well, let the month-long celebration begin

You have to take full advantage before they learn to tell time

Shop smarter, not more accurately

There’s no answer, but now I need to know

They’re not ready for Twister yet if they can’t even handle Tornado

If someone let me watch TV like that, I wouldn’t get down either

It’s a feature, not a glitch

Close enough

February 18, 2021

How do all kids know to play by these rules?

With your cords combined, you could have a full (useless) set

They might as well learn early

Everyone wins

You don’t get chocolate unless you know the cocoadword

Fake it until they’re legally adults

No more Hell’s Kitchen until they learn to make their own dinner

Stop that right meow

What’s the mathy way of saying “all of it?”

Daniel Tiger is about to get wrecked

February 12, 2021

It’s never too early to teach them to Google

Maybe they just wanted your face to stay warm? Maybe

Well, time to move

But with the righteous indignation of a 40-year-old

How many more of these until she becomes the dad?

[Nervously reading “Gushers” ingredients]

Things like this need a “want to feel old?” content warning

It’s just part of the ritual at this point

Next time you leave for the airport 4 hours early, remind them of this incident

Just occasional pauses for food and sleep

They’ve been learning about this all month – how?

It’s good to have goals

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 2/5/21

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 2/5/21
(Twitter/GrantTanaka, Getty/Yasser Chalid)

Parenting gives you access to a spectrum of emotions and a perspective on life that you never even knew existed. Your priorities change, your daily routine does a 180, and though you did your best to prepare, you never really know until you’re in it. Through the hard times and the best times, you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Twitter parents have mastered the art of laughing at the absurd, and fortunately, they invite us along to laugh with them (and man, we can always use a laugh). No matter what kind of day you’re having, take a few minutes and enjoy 12 of the funniest tweets from parents this week.

Maybe The Godfather was not a good bedtime movie

Never lose hope, no matter how many times you’re very wrong

I need at least 3 days to think of the perfect comeback

Ah, the sweet sounds of home

I did my thesis on that one

You have to go through all other kids’ names plus the dog’s name before getting it right

Insanity or genius?

He’s 20 years too young for that level of “over it”

They need time to grieve

So young, so naive

Parenting reflexes on point

May as well get the biggest one

Did you miss last week’s funniest parenting tweets?

Tributes Flood In for Captain Tom After He Passes Away From COVID

RIP Captain Tom

When COVID struck, one WWII vet wanted to help any way he could, so he started walking in his garden. Like, a lot. So much that it inspired a nation, millions around the globe, and raised a ton of money for healthcare workers. Captain Tom became a legend for his overwhelming fundraising efforts earlier in the pandemic (those four words feel weird to string together, but here we are), and now he has tragically passed away at the age of 100 from Covid-related complications.

Captain Tom fought the Nazis in WWII, and he fought COVID in his garden, becoming a hero all over again. He was even knighted for his heroic fundraising for healthcare workers, so he leaves us as Sir Thomas Moore. When news the icon had passed away hit social media, the tributes came pouring in.

A true one of a kind, and an inspirational figure until the end. Rest easy, Sir Captain Tom.

‘Get Well’ Messages Pour in for Captain Tom, in the Hospital With COVID

Captain Tom Moore

When COVID struck, one WWII vet wanted to help in any way he could, so he started walking in his garden. Like, a lot. So much that it inspired a nation, millions around the globe, and raised a ton of money for healthcare workers. Captain Tom become a legend for his overwhelming fundraising efforts earlier in the pandemic (those four words feel weird to string together, but here we are).

He began fighting COVID by walking in his garden, and now the fight is much more personal, as Captain Tom has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is currently hospitalized in the U.K. His daughter announced the news on social media over the weekend. He had been struggling with pneumonia before his diagnosis and was admitted to the hospital after he had trouble breathing.

Since then, well wishes have been pouring in for the inspirational veteran.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Royal Style Watch (@royalstylewatch)

Captain Tom raised more than $40 million for healthcare workers during his fundraising laps around his garden and was knighted by the queen for his efforts.

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 1/29/21

Funniest parenting tweets 1-29-2021
(Twitter/crookedroads770, Getty/Thanasis Zovoilis)

The parents of Twitter never disappoint. Whether they’re sharing their kids’ most hilarious quips or their very questionable parenting moments, we simply cannot get enough. Here’s to another glorious week of parenting tweets – we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorites for a bit of much-needed comic relief.

That’s one way to keep people from touching your money

So simple, yet so brilliant

We’ll never know how many unintentional world records dads have set in these critical moments

May the odds be ever in your favor

You’ll have it eventually, you just have to wait a while

I had the same kind of day at work

And yet coronavirus wouldn’t transfer through broccoli if you asked for a bite

I also choose this guy’s most influential quote

I cannot unsee it

Sometimes lying is not only acceptable, it’s necessary

The one thing I mastered in college that actually helped in the real world

Let us know when you find out

Did you miss last week’s funniest parenting tweets?

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 1/22/21

Funniest Parenting Tweets 1-22-2021
(Getty/Photography by Rayleigh, Twitter/CrockettForReal)

The parents of Twitter are back with another round of hilarity. Every week, the parenting corner of Twitter is filled with the most memorable (and sometimes, the most questionable) parenting moments, and we’re here for it all. The hilarious, the cringe-worthy, and the just plain ridiculous – here are 12 of the funniest parenting tweets this week.

Painfully relatable

We have to take full advantage before the inevitable day that they beat us fair and square

Even Alexa is tired of your shit

And then in a couple years, throwing down the “draw four” in Uno

This dad joke unlocked the skill, “Super Sneeze”

What’s it like raising a genius

Parenting is a dang conundrum

Has to be the truck, right? Right?

*Tearing up* It’s gotten so big

Game night is canceled until further notice

Hire kids to fix the world. They can do it

It’s nice to dream

Did you miss last week’s funniest parenting tweets?