St. Paddy’s Loving Dad at Store for 2 Hours Searching for Baby Formula That’s Green

Dad Shopping for Green Baby Formula

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – Every St. Patrick’s Day, 34-year-old Charlie Miller looks forward to heading to his local Irish pub and drinking a few beers that have been dyed green. And having recently had a baby he wants to get his infant daughter in on the tradition too, which is why earlier today Charlie spent two hours at the store searching for green baby formula.

“Excuse me, I can’t seem to find any green baby formula or shamrock-patterned diapers. Do you know aisle those would be in?” asked Charlie to a confused store employee, who informed Charlie that his only color options when it came to baby formula were white and off-white.

But a defiant Charlie wasn’t about to give up there, as he insisted that when he was young his parents had given him green baby formula. Unfortunately, Charlie’s memory was a bit hazy, as the formula was indeed green but only because his parents had left it unrefrigerated for too long.

“Oh, there it is!” exclaimed an exhausted Charlie, whose joy was short-lived as he realized just seconds later that he hadn’t actually found the elusive green baby formula, but rather a box of plain old Lucky Charms cereal.

Upon arriving home empty-handed, Charlie politely asked his wife if she was capable of producing any green breastmilk for their daughter. The answer was of course a no and Charlie earned himself a night of sleeping on the couch, which he probably would end up doing anyway after drinking several green beers later.

Despite being completely plausible to parents, THIS JUST IN is satire and intended for entertainment purposes only. For more stories like this one click here.

The Dad Of The Month, February 2021: David Funk

We are honored to announce The Dad of the Month for February 2021: David Funk. Becoming a first-time father is difficult enough for anyone, but few new dads have been put through the wringer like David. His wife, Lindsey, wrote a beautiful nomination entry for him, illustrating how David repeatedly goes above and beyond for his growing family:

“David is simply incredible. In January 2020, we found out our unborn son would most likely not live post-birth. No one with his diagnosis has survived in Utah before. Well, our son Otto was born in March 2020 and LIVED.

“I, the mom, was under anesthesia for the birth surgery to get Otto here so David had to take care of EVERYTHING while I was asleep and sedated for the next 5 days. He had to run to the NICU right after surgery and he has been there for Otto EVERY DAY of our 200-day NICU stay. He dedicated all his time outside of working to visiting our miracle baby in the NICU.

“We just got home from the NICU in October 2020. Our son is dependent on a ventilator and a tracheotomy tube, g-tube for feeding, and oxygen support. He has a lot of care necessary to survive and David never skips a beat to help Otto. Because of the pandemic, we have had to stay home as our child has lung disease. David does such a good job taking it on himself to make sure Otto’s life at home is fun and entertaining for our miracle. David loves to cuddle with Otto and pinch his chubby cheeks.

“David knows how to do ALL of Otto’s medical care, which is impressive for any father as he has so many other things to do to support our family so I can stay home and take care of Otto during the day. David is involved in all of Otto’s physical, occupational, feeding, and speech therapy – not to mention this is our first child. David had not even changed ONE diaper before Otto.

“David was born to be the father of our son. A lot of time the mom, me, gets a lot of recognition for what I’ve done for Otto, but David never gets it. I would love to see him recognized for all he does for our little son Otto.”

To honor David as well as the tireless and selfless work of keeping little Otto happy and healthy, we’re giving him $500 and some special edition dad gear. David is an awesome example of what it means to be an amazing dad right out of the gate and regardless of the circumstances. Cheers!

5 Dad-Approved Vacation Activities You Can Do At Home

Vacations, for the time being, are… different. We’ve had to change our plans for family gatherings, vacations and trips to our favorite destinations. If you had to scrap your family Florida road trip or getaway, and haven’t yet rescheduled, don’t worry: staying home doesn’t have to mean sticking to the status quo. 

To help you bring a little bit of that Florida spirit to a stay-cation, here are five Dad-Approved Florida activities you can do without leaving your house.

Miniature Golf 

What you need: one putter, wiffle golf balls, an understanding spouse.

It doesn’t matter what vacation spot you hit with your family, there’s almost definitely a mini-golf course nearby. To recreate this essential vacation experience, use paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, etc. to create – right in your home – anything from a basic putting green to an elaborate 9-hole escape throughout your home.  Bonus points if you spruce it up with some drawings and artwork beforehand.

Note: Definitely get the wiffle golf balls if your kids are…let’s say “enthusiastic.” 

DIY Disney 

What you need: a TV, some big boxes or a laundry hamper, and some Disney memories

Doing Disney at home is doable. In fact, there’s already a blueprint on how to do it. 

You can easily find first-person videos of your favorite Disney attractions online. And, with a cardboard box, a little muscle, and maybe some well-timed water splashes, you can recreate the magic for your toddler – without the height restrictions. 

Ocean Soak 

What you need: a kiddie pool, sunglasses, a phone with a white noise app

This one’s maybe more for you and Mom. Soaking in the ocean has a healing property, spiritually if not actually medicinally, and you can come *this close* to replicating it at home. Fill up a kiddie pool, throw some shades on, crank up the volume of your Ocean Waves #7 on your favorite white noise app, and  let your troubles float away.  Want it even more authentic? All it takes is a little yacht rock and some cold beverages to make any backyard a beach party. 

DIY Daytona International Speedway 

What you need: those boxes/laundry baskets from #2, lower body strength, and a checkered flag…. or, like, a flannel shirt, even.

The thrill of being at Daytona is hard to match, but what if instead of watching a race, you could get into the action? Bring back the giant boxes or laundry baskets from DIY Disney, and add some construction paper coloring/graphics to spruce up your race cars. 

Go the extra mile by moving some furniture to the center of the room to create a true “speedway.”

Bathtub Shark Fishing 

What you need: magnets, towels, string, and a broom or other rod. 

You might not be able to hit the ocean for quality bonding time, but that doesn’t mean your kid can’t bring in a great  catch.

Use your arts and crafts skills to create a variety of toothy terrors, affixed with some magnets you can find at any hardware store. Place more magnets on the end of the string attached to your makeshift rod. After you cast your line comes the best part of teaching your kid to fish: “resting” your eyes and saying “it’s all about patience.”

The past year has changed the way we relax, but it’s not permanent. But what doesn’t change is the ability to make fun memories with your kids. You don’t have to go to Florida to be in that sunshine state of mind. Find ways to bring your staycation to the next level at

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Mailman Delivers Animal Selfies Along His Daily Mail Route

Mailman takes selfies with animals

With every job, it’s important to find little things that make your days more pleasant. Maybe you’ve discovered that you can book a meeting room and then just go take a nap in there because nobody actually checks (this is a guess, definitely not based on personal experience), or perhaps your office has really good coffee and you have a family-sized thermos. If you’re Cristiano da Silva Antunes, a mailman from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the highlight of your job is all the friends you make along the way.

Cristiano’s buddies aren’t your typical work friends – they won’t invite you to a company holiday party or ask you to go in on a baby shower gift for someone you’ve never met. Cristiano’s friends are the fluffy variety, and all they want from this friendly postman are scratches behind the ear and the occasional treat.

It’s unusual. I mean, every movie and TV show we’ve ever seen has painted the relationship between mailman and dog as an unpleasant one. That unfair stereotype is in part what our friendly neighborhood mailman is setting out to challenge. In fact, Cristiano goes by “Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais” on his Instagram accounthis Instagram account, which literally translates to “Animal-Friendly Postman.”

Don’t take his word for it though, have a look at some of his satisfied customfurs.


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Breaking the stereotype of dogs, or any animals really, hating the postman is just one of Cristiano’s admirable purrsuits. Even more important than befriending his furry neighbors, Cristiano looks out for their well-being. Due to the nature of his job, Cristiano really gets around. He’s likely the only person who regularly visits some of the houses on his route, and as such, he’s the only person who sees the condition of the homeowners’ animals.

Cristiano has rescued many animals from unsafe situations, and he even hopes to open his own animal shelter one day. It’s no wonder these animals have welcomed Cristiano with open paws. He made them a promise to treat them with kindness and keep them safe, and this animal-loving mailman more than delivered.

Hospice Nurse Helps Dying Dad Fly to See His Son Play One Final Football Game

Sick Dad Sees Son Play Football

A dad, his son, and one final football game. That was the dying wish for a Kentucky dad who was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer in August. He wanted to see his son play one more time. His nurse at the hospice facility knew his son’s high school football game was too far away to drive, so she found a local pilot who could fly all of them to see his son on the gridiron.

50-year-old Scott Sullivan was diagnosed with a rare cancer that spreads to the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and was given a life expectancy of two to four months, according to CNN. He was discharged to the Hospice of Lake Cumberland, where Sullivan told his nurse his dying wish; to see his son Cade play football at least one more time.

His nurse, Jerree Humphrey, said she knew the drive would be too much for him to handle (it would’ve been about 8 hours in the car). So she looked to the sky and found a local pilot who volunteered to fly all of them to the game on September 11th. The group flew 200 miles on game day to see Cade, a sophomore, playing his first game of the high school football season.

For Scott, it was possibly the last time he’d see his son play. They sat on a hill overlooking the stadium to be socially distanced, but as soon as his son spotted them he ran over and gave his dad a hug.

“You could just not help but cry,” Humphrey told CNN. “He just embraced him so hard and was just so thankful for him to be there.”

“Words could not be put into sentences or phrases to describe how I felt at that time,” said an overwhelmed Scott. “I was just so happy to see my son.”

A tragedy like that is incomprehensible. One day you’re fine, the next your world is turned completely upside down. But for one last game, a dad got to see his son play football, and everything was good again, if only for a few hours.

Sanitation Worker Inspires Community Support, Raises $25k for PPE

Sanitation Worker Inspires Community

A garbage man in Philadelphia wanted to bridge the gap between his job and the community, especially during the pandemic. So he created an Instagram account, to show people what sanitation work looked like in a COVID world. And his account has helped inspire countless shows of support for those in a profession often lost in the discussion of “essential work.”

Early in the pandemic, everyone was much more aware of those who were keeping the country running by going to work even in much more difficult circumstances. Companies like Crocs had special giveaways for essential workers, and Mattel even released a series of toys dedicated to essential workers (no sanitation workers were included).

For Terrill Haigler, he thought bringing people behind the scenes would make people more empathetic about things like trash pickup delays.

“I felt like the sanitation department really didn’t have a voice and that the public didn’t understand why the trash delays were so bad,” Haigler told Good Morning America. “So, I started an Instagram page just to give people an inside look on what it is to be a sanitation worker.”


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When it’s 91 degrees outside but 120 degrees in the truck(with no AC) 🥵😡

A post shared by Terrill Haigler (@_yafavtrashman) on

And his honesty about the job quickly drew an audience of nearly 20,000 people. He began receiving donations and even created a t-shirt to help raise money so the sanitation workers could buy adequate PPE and other supplies. He said he’s raised nearly $25,000 from benefactors around the nation to help keep his colleagues in the trash business safe.


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#WHEELSOUT 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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He said trash volume is up nearly 30 percent during COVID and that the pandemic has added a lot of other time-consuming safety protocols to their work.

“We’re not lazy,” he said. “We’re not just calling out of work. We’re actually dealing with it the best way we can on our own fighting this thing like everybody else. So, you give us some little props and give us a little respect.”

And his account is having some success. He said sanitation workers have begun receiving a lot more support and love that he’s been encouraged by using his voice to educate people about the profession. He even had some advice all of us could use when it comes to complaining about the hell year that is 2020.

“You don’t have to cancel 2020, you just gotta grab 2020 by the shoulders and say, ‘I’m taking control now.'”

Former NFL Punter Pat McAfee Kicks Butt in Ring During WWE Debut

Pat McAfee wwe

Pat McAfee had a terrific career as an NFL punter. After he retired, he quickly pivoted into stand-up comedy and a successful radio/podcasting career. And now he’s taking his next act into new places, namely, the squared circle, as McAfee dazzled in his professional wrestling debut at WWE’s NXT TakeOver: XXX.

We have always been wrestling fans here, especially when it comes to wrestling dads. Heck, we even appreciate the fact that WWE is an essential business. But when you bring in a former pro athlete for a stunt match, the result can be pretty underwhelming. Pat McAfee was not that. He dazzled in his WWE in-ring debut, even earning the praise of a handful of other wrestlers for what he pulled off.

The Pro Bowl punter even had his former NFL team pulling for him in his match.

McAfee, who has done some wrestling broadcasting, was facing rising star Adam Cole in a match as the culmination of a “feud” that started on his radio show several weeks ago. McAfee looked much better as a wrestler than most pro athletes doing the crossover thing and even hit a couple of high-flying moves. He blew away viewers with his performance.

McAfee dazzled, but still “lost” his match against Cole.

McAfee is as entertaining a broadcaster as there is currently in sports, and he’s got a long career ahead of him (in broadcasting). But for a guy living out his childhood dream, he held his own much better than most of his predecessors in the NFL/NBA to WWE crossover history, so props to the punter.

My Playtime Goal: Create A Lifelong Memory

This article is sponsored by Bitty Baby™ from American Girl

When I sit down to play with my daughter, my goal is to create a memory that she’ll keep for the rest of her life. Ambitious, I know! 

But it’s more aspirational than anything. Shoot for the moon and land among the stars; Shoot for a lifelong memory, and have a great time together. Or even just make my daughter laugh a little. It’s a win no matter the outcome.

I hate when people say you can’t be friends with your kids and instead you need to be a disciplinarian. I don’t feel the two things are mutually exclusive. My daughter is one of my favorite people in the world to hang out with; we have such a good time. Nobody makes me laugh harder. I’d consider her certainly to be one of my best friends. The thing is, she respects my discipline even more because of that dynamic. When she makes mistakes or needs guidance -as all kids do- she trusts me because our relationship is rooted in being friends. She knows I’m there for her as much as I’m there to look after her. It’s a great balance for us, really. So when we hang out, we have a blast. And not every time, but many times, I catch myself wondering, “When she’s older, will she think back and remember all the fun times she had with her dad?” I think she will.

She constantly says and does things that take me aback. It’s like looking into a mirror at a tiny female version of myself. We have such a similar sense of humor, for one thing.  Our playtimes are very much rooted in making each other laugh. One of our favorite pastimes is called Bitty Baby Impressions. It sounds like an avant-garde art project, but let me explain. Over the years she has accumulated quite the collection of Bitty Babies, from the people who make the American Girl dolls. She loved them as a little girl, and they still hold a special place for her now. Originally we’d play together and she would give each of her dolls their own character and personality. Normal kid stuff. But as she got older, and developed her own sense of humor, the game has…evolved.

To start, each of us selects one of her Bitty Babies at random. Then we each give our doll a name. Often it’s a ridiculous made-up name. But usually, we name the doll after someone we know. Her favorite thing to do is name her doll after me. What follows can only be described as an improv roast battle with the dolls! 

We voice the dolls and have them talk to each other. Undoubtedly we do ridiculous voices: crazy deep, or an obnoxious falsetto, or of course the classic cartoonish accents. If her doll represents me, she turns it into a caricature of me, exaggerating my mannerisms or things I say all the time. Relentlessly making fun of me. It’s HILARIOUS. To see her imagination come alive, and how that changes over the years is so enlightening into the kind of person she’s becoming. But it also showcases all the lessons she’s learned from me that really stick with it. We may be trying to make each other laugh, but it’s clear she’s learning how to listen, how to understand other people. Essentially: How to care. 

Sounds weird right? But it combines all the best parts of being a kid: toys, imagination, playtime with your dad, and hilariously sick burns. And since being a parent is the best job I’ve ever had, I take a little pride in seeing her emulate my parenting in different ways over the years.  And man, do we laugh and laugh. It’s the best. Last week we laughed so hard my wife came in to check on us to make sure we were okay. 

The laughs are the best, but the most priceless moments are when I catch her emulating my parenting in more sentimental ways. Sometimes, when she thinks I’m not looking, I’ll see her playing the game on her own, pretending to be me or her mom. But instead of making fun, she’s acting caring and empathetic and nurturing. Recreating moments when we bandaged her boo-boo or read to her at night. I’m not going to lie, it catches me off guard! As parents, we often feel we aren’t doing enough or we’re falling short of what we think we should be. But seeing my parenting through the eyes of my own child – seeing her version of me as some kind of dad superhero? Man, that gets me every time. I promise to do my best to not stray too far from that idealistic perception she has of fatherhood. And in doing so, I know she’ll be a great parent herself someday.

So at the end of that day, did I achieve my aspirational goal? Time will tell. But I hope if you ask my daughter when she’s 71 what she remembers about her dad, she’ll say that he gave her the same care and attention I watch her emulate today. And If I’m lucky she may even tell you about that one time 60 years ago when she used her Bitty Baby to make her dad laugh so hard he had tears in his eyes.  

Bitty Baby™ from American Girl helps dads and daughters discover a world of make-believe together while learning the importance of love and kindness.

Just When We Thought 2020 Couldn’t Get Worse, Dad Forgets to Test Click Tongs

Dad Forgets to Test Click Tongs

BRANSON, MO – While the promise of a new decade once had many people excited about the future, 2020 has proven to be a year filled with turmoil and unrest. But just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, one local dad named Hank Germaine forgot to test click his tongs.

There’s no sugarcoating it – this is an astonishing development that nobody could have seen coming.

“When he fired up the grill and picked up the tongs, I expected him to click them together a few times like he always does, so needless to say I was shocked when he went straight into flipping steaks,” said Hank’s wife Kelli, who hadn’t felt such a rollercoaster of emotions since losing her job back in April.

As Hank continued to work the grill, not once did he click the tongs together in a “We Will Rock You” style rhythm, nor did he ever pretend to be a crab using the tongs as his claws. Instead, he just continued tending to the steaks while never once hitting the two ends of the tongs together, confirming that 2020 is weirder than we ever thought it could be.

“This year has been filled with surprises, many of them for the worse, so I just hope the steaks turn out okay,” continued Kelli, who was worried that forgetting the test the tongs may lead to the steaks being overcooked.

While there’s no denying that this backyard barbeque was more tumultuous than usual, the steaks did in fact turn out properly cooked. Even still, it may be a while until our collective memory can forget just how jarring it was to see a man use a pair of tongs without testing them first.

Despite being completely plausible to parents, THIS JUST IN is satire and intended for entertainment purposes only. For more stories like this one click here.

Former Football Player Catches Toddler Thrown From Burning Apartment Building

Football Player Catches Baby

A former college football wide receiver made the biggest catch of his life over the weekend when he dramatically caught a toddler dropped from a burning apartment building.

Phillip Blanks heard the commotion outside the Arizona apartment building and quickly saw the fire. He didn’t even have time to put on his shoes, he just ran into action. He arrived on the scene just in time, to catch a toddler who was dropped from a third-story balcony in an attempt to save his life. Blanks was able to get there just milliseconds before the child would’ve crashed into the gravel below.

“It was all fast, it was a blur,” Blanks told “It was tunnel vision, I didn’t see anything but the baby.”

The video is heartbreaking but shows Blank’s heroics as he caught the falling 3-year-old. The child survived the blaze, as did as an 8-year-old girl as well. Tragically, their mother that helped them escape the blaze did not survive the apartment fire.

Blanks, who is currently a bodyguard, said his background is what helped him jump into action without hesitation. In addition to playing college football as a receiver at a school in California, Blanks served in the Marine Corps.

He told the Washington Post that his training taught him to “always be on high alert.” And he did credit his football skills in an interview with a local TV station.

“I know how to catch,” he said. “I learned how to catch a football. So I’ll give some credit to football.”

Ultimately, though, he deferred any praise, calling the real hero the child’s mother.

“She made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children.”

New PBS Cartoon “Hero Elementary” Features Superhero Kid With Autism

Hero Elementary

Kids have a new group of superheroes on their TV, including a boy on the autism spectrum. The PBS Kids new animated series, “Hero Elementary”, follows a diverse group of superhero students who are learning how to control their special powers.

Autism isn’t frequently depicted on TV shows, and when it is, it’s not normally in a way that feels real (and not overly negative, or a cheap character device). On Hero Elementary, AJ Gadgets is just like the other buddies on his team; just another kid trying to figure it all out.

The show’s creators say they wanted to normalize the idea that all kids are different, and that empathy is important. The other superheroes are aware of AJ’s needs and preferences (one episode is spent searching for his lost backpack) and the creators said it “models how you can, with a few adjustments, adjust to a friend with different needs, whether it’s autism or anything else.”

The creators came from Sesame Street, one of the few kids shows with an openly autistic character.

“We feel like there is so much strength in the idea of portraying a kid on the spectrum as just one of the kids and not making a huge deal about his autism,” said creator Christine Ferraro to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“For the most part, it’s not the focus of attention at all. He’s just one of the gang. And that’s something that we don’t see a lot on television. And that’s why we thought it was really important.”

Representation and inclusion is important for kids, especially when it’s normalized and not seen as “a special episode.”

“Hero Elementary” is geared towards kids between 4-7, so your little ones can check it out on PBS Kids.

New LEGO Line Lets You Make Pop Art

LEGO Pop Art

For the uninitiated, “pop art” was a movement that emerged in the 1950s in which artists created bold, colorful, vivid depictions of familiar subjects, from celebrities to comic books to the everyday mundane. You probably know the style best from the time Andy Warhol painted 32 cans of Campbell’s tomato soup.


Now LEGO, who recently announced upcoming sets based on Home Alone and Seinfeld, is launching a line of LEGO Art products that will allow you to create stunning works of pop art. Each set costs $120, and includes a canvas, build guide booklet, and all the bead-like pieces you’ll need to assemble such iconic subjects as…

Marilyn Monroe

Darth Vader


The Beatles


and Iron Man!


Some sets allow you to make multiple pieces of art. For example, you can make various versions of Iron Man’s suit, while the Sith kit shows you how to make Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren.


And it gets better! Also included in each set is a unique QR code that, when scanned, provides you with a soundtrack you can listen to while you build. You can also combine canvasses to make even bigger, beadier, more badass pieces pop art to hang in your living space. The sets are expected to hit toy shelves on August 1st internationally and September 1st in the United States.

Your move, Mega Bloks!

Dad Thanks Kids Who TP’d His House, Offers Tips for Next Time

Dad Thanks Kids for TPing House

When Jason Hartanov’s daughter sent him a picture of their house after it had been TP’d, she apologized and offered to help him clean it up. He had a different feeling…a giant THANK YOU to the kids responsible.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral and been shared more than 1,000 times, the dad of four thanked the kids for restoring his hope in the youth. “Thank you for making me smile and reminding me of the best days of my childhood,” he wrote. “Thank you for giving us all a break from the issues in this world and thank you for finding a great use of the excess toilet paper people bought during COVID.”

He also thanked the kids for being kids and embracing that life is short, so we should all have fun. However, he had some pretty steep complaints about their parents.

“This is shoddy TP-ing work,” he wrote. “We should be ashamed. We need to teach out youth about doing things with excellence, and focusing on the details.”

He then gave some advice for the kids who did the job, advising them to use more TP because “the roof has little to no paper, the trees are too bare and you left half-rolls sitting on the ground.”

And, well, wouldn’t you know it, his house got his again later that week. Jason was still a bit unimpressed, so he mocked up a visual to help the perps do better on their next try.

He did say he loved the kids because of “their desire to improve” because they “are doing adventures instead of watching adventures.”

He said he has hope for this generation, but that they need to learn a thing or two from their parents.

“We would have been embarrassed to leave such a clean mess,” he wrote. “More TP. More people. BURY THE HOUSE IN TP! Ask your parents, we took pride in EPIC TP battles.”