A Dad Built His Kids an Unbelievable 48-Foot Dinosaur Jungle Gym

(Imgur / thecauseman)

It’s quite remarkable how much creativity one can muster when presented an unexpected surplus of free time and boredom. We’ve got stunt actors orchestrating jaw-dropping action sequences without going near each other. We’ve got sports commentators giving play-by-plays of their girlfriends’ hangovers.

And over here we have Matthew Cosman, the man who built, nay, manifested his kids a 48-foot jungle gym that looks like a dinosaur. And this was no accident.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

“I really did this and shared it for fun,” Cosman, aka thecauseman, explained in a recent Imgur post that laid out his building process step by step.

“I fabricate for a living because it’s my passion—I make fun things for me because no one will pay me to build these crazy things. I do have a history in aerospace engineering, so that played a big role here.”

From the 24,000 pounds of concrete in its foundation to the 3D glow-in-the-dark rope clamps, this DIY project proved to be quite the undertaking. Building your garden variety jungle gym is tough as it is. We can’t imagine the “is also a brontosaur” caveat makes it any easier.

Here’s how Matthew did it:

Shaped the dinosaur with some structural steel, wood, foam, and chicken wire.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

“My bro, he was the largest chunk of help getting this done.”

(Imgur / thecauseman)

He then got to the structural reinforcement, sparing now expense on Kevlar. “Lots of carbon integrated into the fiberglass/epoxy construction.”

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Paint time!

(Imgur / thecauseman)

“I did have to hire a crane to get it into place from my shop.”

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Some obligatory handprints.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Metal tube time!

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Next, some precautionary rubber chips.

(Imgur / thecauseman)


(Imgur / thecauseman)

The slide. Holy hell that is big.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Beautiful finish.

“Getting close to done”

(Imgur / thecauseman)

The aforementioned 3D printed glow-in-the-dark rope clamps.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Bad ass.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Just a quick dad test…

(Imgur / thecauseman)

…and voila! Your dinosaur-shaped jungle gym is finished.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

The inaugural swing sesh.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

Dark mode.

(Imgur / thecauseman)

This is far and away one of the most impressive DIY projects we’ve ever seen. We commend Matthew for using his hard work and ingenuity to make his youngsters’ quarantine just a tad more fun and special.

“Thank you for checking out my weird stuff I do for my kids,” he concluded.

Woman Pranks Parents by Slowly Replacing Photos With Crayon-Drawings

Family Photos Become Crayon Drawings
(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

After countless weeks of quarantine, chances are you’ve grown weary of your living quarters, and are actively seeking ways to break free from its monotony. Sure, you could paint an accent wall, shuffle some furniture, put a succulent on the window sill. You could even stick your dad’s belongings to the ceiling to see how long it will take him to notice. The living room is your oyster.

Or, in the case of graphic designer Kristen Vogler, you could sneakily replace all the family photos with terrible crayon drawings.

“Sneaking these masterpieces up was not easy,” Kristen wrote in a Facebook post. “I had to hide in the bathroom clutching the frames multiple times.”

Sure enough, over the course of 12 days, she swapped them out one by one. Her commitment to the bit is impressive, to say the least.

“The beginning, just a normal photo wall of memories.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 1. The first crayon drawing is placed, bets were made on how many photos and how long it would take them to notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 2. After FaceTiming with my grandparents (the subjects of my first crayon replica) for an hour near this wall, I decided to add another piece while my parents took a walk.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 3. Up to three crayon artworks now and still not even a glance. That door on the left? It’s used multiple times a day.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 4. Thought I would get caught today. I had been posting on Twitter about my progress and my mom chose today to try to start a twitter account to talk to John Krasinski about Some Good News but luckily her account was locked.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 5. At this point it was getting harder to pick photos I thought weren’t noticeable plus I felt like I smelled like crayons constantly.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 6. After getting a ton of rain for days I was needing to get sneakier to be able to add these to the wall. I think today I convinced my mom to go for a run before it rained haha.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 7. Today was a twofer with these classic Christmas photos. At this point I was starting to think I should have guessed based on weeks and not days for how long it would take them to notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 8. I legit did not think I would get this far, but here we are.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 9. Only three left to go before my work is complete. I should probably take a moment to apologize to my art teachers. You tried really hard to teach me to draw people, and this is what I’ve done.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 10. Happy Easter. My mom was nice enough to hide Easter eggs for me, in return I did this to the photo of her first born.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 11. I almost got caught hanging this one up. Had to hide in the bathroom but they still didn’t notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

Kristen’s mom and dad caught on to her shenanigans by day 11, unfortunately. But thankfully she caught the moment on video.

“Day 11 – 7 hours later. I heard the initial “wait… what” and went running over in time to capture this moment. I like to think they noticed because I replaced my senior photo and of course they look at the picture of their favorite daughter the most right?”

She was too deep to give up now. On day 12, she finished the job.

“Day 12. I needed closure, Kerri wanted to be included.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

Pranks don’t get much more wholesome than this. Bravo.

We applaud Kristen for the strides she’s made in interior decorating, and wish her and her crayon family the best in health and sanity.

Click here to check out her Facebook page for Kristen Vogler Design!

The 12 Coolest Editions of Monopoly Available Right Now

10 Best Monopoly Editions

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned family of Monopoly? It teaches your kids all sorts of valuable life lessons, like tax avoidance, selling off public utilities for profit, and how sometimes dogs are the same size as an iron. Plus, gameplay only lasts until everyone gets bored.

But it doesn’t have to be all Boardwalks and Park Places. Here are 12 sweet special editions of Monopoly you can grab right now. (BTW, you can also play Monopoly online with family if they are isolating in a different household)



Yes, one of the game pieces is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and yes, there will be fights over who gets to be him. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Super Mario Bros


Forget houses and hotels. This game immerses you in the cutthroat business of flagpoles. Worth copping for the 8-bit stylization alone.  (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Mario Kart


Some more colorful Nintendo goodness. You might think, “Oh, well, as long as it’s not the video game the blue shell can’t hurt me.” Think again, pal. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Star Wars


Beautifully designed board, chockfull of iconic locations from the franchise. Plus, the metallic player pieces make it look like the characters were all frozen in carbonite. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Monopoly

This badboy was inspired by seasons 1 through 3, so it’s current…for now. The 2 standard dice and the game’s hideouts glow in the dark for an even more strange gaming experience. (Click here to buy on Amazon)



A great opportunity to indulge in some Nicktoon nostalgia, and wondering how exactly they got away with naming the pediatrician Dr. Lipschitz. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Back to the Future


Just look at that box. LOOK AT IT. (Click here to buy on Amazon)


Monopoly Friends Edition

Some of the features of the game include pieces that represent each character: a dinosaur for Ross, a guitar for Phoebe, a chef’s hat for Monica, a pizza for Joey, a handbag for Rachel, and a sweater vest combo for Chandler. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Bob’s Burgers


Relive classic moments from the show and shoulder the crushing weight of small business ownership as you buy and sell locations like the Wonder Wharf and Jimmy Pesto’s. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Game of Thrones


Monopoly is a lot like Game of Thrones anyway: full of greed, familial hostility, and can’t end until someone flips the board to ruin everything. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Jurassic World


Still holding out for a retro Jurassic Park edition, but this gorgeous set is perfect for board game enthusiasts and dinosaur aficionados. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

The Avengers


With this one, teach your kids an indispensable life lesson: even Iron Man has bills. (Click here to buy on Amazon)

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

Sandler Strikes Again With New Quarantine Duo “Stuck in the House”

Sandler is Stuck in the House

A few weeks ago (maybe months, I dunno, I’ve lost track of time) Sandler performed a fun PSA with Jimmy Fallon called “Don’t Touch Grandma.” On Saturday the legendary comedy star dropped in on SNL to deliver a song about that quar life. This time, Sandler teamed up with Pete Davidson for “Stuck in the House”.

The catchy song aptly captures the moment, as it’s about being stuck in your house (if you couldn’t infer that from the title) with your family while communities across the nation are under shelter-in-place orders. The song was one of the highlights for an improved episode of SNL From Home.

Sandler raps about only being able to “pet my dog with a baseball mitt, baking my own bread and it tastes like shit” and also throws in some digs at Davidson, saying he was ‘so bored he was doing songs with Pete.’

In a nice touch, the families of both stars are featured prominently. Sandler dancing with his wife was a highlight for some commenters (The Youtube video has nearly 2 million views already), as was the appearance by his kids (both holding signs supporting first responders). Pete’s mom and sisters also make an appearance in the video.

There’s also a great Rob Schneider cameo, which is essential for any great Adam Sandler performance.

The Best Online Board Games to Play Remotely With Family

Mobile Board Games
(Google Play)

Remember when we used to play board games with family? Thanks to modern technology, we’re still able to argue over a marathon game of Monopoly even while social distancing. Phew.

Yup, there are some great options online to exhibit your competitive streak – here are our favorites.


Ok, I guess it’s technically a card game – but it’s a classic and it’s free to download in the App Store and Google Play. No word on Drunk Uno being available. And guess what? The online game will prevent you from stacking +2 or +4 cards.


Modern video games can be pretty violent. We should go back to more innocent times when we guessed who strangled the professor with a rope in the library. This classic and ever-popular murder mystery board game is available for $3.99 in the App Store and Google Play.


Family arguments, allegations of cheating, sulking as you go bankrupt – ah, good times. Monopoly is a game we all love, and the online version is great.

You can go to Pogo.com, which is run by Electronic Arts, to find this and hundreds of other free online games, which can be played with friends once you have registered for free. Alternatively, you can use the app version, which costs $3.99 on both Apple and Android.


Educational, smart and fun. I was touched by how the kids described me but it turns out they were talking about this Scrabble game. And they’re right – it captures all the enjoyment and learning of Scrabble into an app called Scrabble Go, available for free on both Apple and Android.


Play against friends one-on-one or open up a room to play as a group – the popular and creative game involves you thinking of a category of words starting with the same letter – and its enjoyable, entertaining, exciting, and ok I can’t think of any more. Check it out for free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s excellent. Wait, another one.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox is an increasingly popular online gaming network that you can get on a variety of platforms, including Xbox One and Apple TV. The games include trivia games like You Don’t Know Jack, Quiplash which is reminiscent of Apples to Apples, Drawful (a Pictionary-style game), and Fibbage XL, which is similar to Balderdash. The great part about these is once you have bought a game, you can play it remotely with family and friends. The bad part is I have to attempt to draw and people laugh.


You will likely have heard of this app, as it gains popularity as a fun way of staying connected with family and friends. Probably more suited to older kids (and adults!), you can use it to video-chat, as well as play all manner of entertaining games, even in large groups. Check it out for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Bunch is less well-known but equally good as Houseparty. Up to 8 people can video-chat and play games together, including trivia and drawing games, Uno, Pool, Mario Kart, and charades. My son confidently guessed sloth before I informed him I hadn’t started yet.

Jigsaw puzzles

Now your social plans really can be in pieces – you can invite friends to join you on Jigsawpuzzles.io to join forces and put together a puzzle virtually. I excel at these – I did one recently that said 3 years but it only took me 4 days.

5 Virtual Field Trips for Parents (Kids Can Tag Along Too)

Louvre online tour
(Louvre online tour)

We’re all playing our part by staying home as much as possible. But thanks to technology, we can still enjoy life outside our doors without actually having to walk through them. We recently showcased our favorite animal live streams, and the best virtual rides at Disney but now it’s time for some adult-level stuff – a little culture, even a little cuisine. No permission slips required.

Yosemite National Park Virtual Tour

Yosemite Park online tour

Mammoth Hot Springs. Volcanoes. There are some amazing sights and you can let your kids watch a real game of ‘the floor is lava.’

The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour

Great Wall Of China

Allegedly you can see it from space, but you can definitely view it from home. Incredibly, it’s over 3000 miles along. I’m counting it as my exercise for the day. There’s lots to see and learn here – like the toboggan run visitors can ride from the top of the wall to the bottom of the hill!

The Louvre in Paris Virtual Tour

Louvre online tour

I love viewing the majestic Galerie d’Apollon, Mona Lisa, and Egyptian antiques to try to convince myself I’m cultured. There’s a lot of cool things to see here too, including a walk underneath the pyramid, and another around the moat and drawbridge that was used in the 12th century to protect Paris from attack.

The Metropolitan Opera’s Performances

Met Opera

The curtain hasn’t come down on this New York giant: the Metropolitan Opera will be live-streaming a show every night at 7:30 eastern time. Similarly, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is regularly broadcasting live performances on Youtube.

Massimo Bottura’s Cooking Show

Massimo Bottura’s Cooking Show

There is a seemingly endless list of cooking shows on TV but Massimo Bottura, a Michelin-starred celebrity chef, has promised something different – he’s launched a live interactive cooking show on Instagram’s IGTV. On Kitchen Quarantine, he prepares a full dinner, using ingredients he has in his fridge, and invites questions from viewers. Mine is usually “can you deliver?”.

Oh God, Someone Made UNO a Drinking Game

Drunk Uno
(Etsy / Spriinkle Me Piink)
Two things are in high demand during this unprecedented age of extreme boredom: games and alcohol. Historically, these trusty escapes from such tedium have worked quite well with one another. From beer pong to flip cup to Jello shot-infused Jenga towers, games of skill and chance go hand in hand with our innate desire to catch a buzz.

Well, now there’s a UNO drinking game. You just shuddered, didn’t you? You heard “UNO drinking game” and your brain went right to the Wild Draw Four card and you shuddered. Yes. It’s as brutal as you think.

The good folks at Spriinkle Me Piink have taken the classic card game — a game rooted in alliance, betrayal, rage, and sadism — and added booze.

The rules are as follows:

DRAW TWO: Take one shot. No biggie.

DRAW FOUR: Take two shots and thank your lucky stars it wasn’t four.

REVERSE: Whoever gets reversed takes two shots. We’re not sure if “gets reversed” here means the person who didn’t get to go or the person you reverse it back to. Either way, someone’s calling you a dick.

SKIP: The person who gets skipped takes a shot.

FALSE UNO: This is when someone has one card left but forgets to say “UNO.” It’s an honest mistake and we’ve all been there. No sweat. Just be more mindful next time. Just kidding, that’s three fucking shots.

The set, currently $26.12 on the Spriinkle Me Piink Etsy store, comes with a box of UNO cards, one laminated rule card, six UNO shot glasses, and custom Drunk Uno carrying case personalized with your name.

We know some of you are thinking, wait a minute! In UNO, if Player 1 throws a Draw Four, and Player 2 throws a Draw Four on top of it, Player 3 then has to draw eight cards. Will Player 3 have to take four shots? What if Player 3 has a third Draw Four card? Does Player 4 then take six shots? I’m not taking six shots.

And to those people we say hey: those cards say wild for a reason.

The 10 Best Live Streams of Animals to Liven up Indoor Life

10 Best Live Streams of Animals
(YouTube/Monterey Bay Aquarium)

As we all adjust to social distancing, sadly that means taking a hiatus from trips to the zoo. Animals, though, can be the best distraction for all of us, especially kids. Thankfully, we can still watch pandas, penguins, lions, and even polar bears from our own homes via some pretty cool live streams.

We’ve rounded up the best ones for you, and encourage you to check ’em out with your wee ones.

San Diego Zoo’s Live Cams

Elephants Live Cam
(San Diego Zoo)

The San Diego Zoo website has live cameras for a whole range of animals, including tigers, pandas, elephants, and koalas. There’s even a baboon cam. I watched a little creature scratch his own butt for 5 minutes but that’s kids for you. Maybe watch the baboon cam instead.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Virtual Classroom

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

This one is particularly cool because not only will it entertain your kids, it’ll educate them too (while you take a well-earned rest!). Every weekday, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is hosting a virtual classroom on Facebook Live. The zoo has promised there will be new animals and adventures every day (which is also how I describe my homeschooling).

Georgia Zoo Virtual Tour

Georgia Aquarium
(Georgia Aquarium)

Want to see beluga whales? Want to see puffins and piranhas? Want a million dollars? I can’t help you with the last one but if you answered yes to the first two questions, this is the website for you.

Cincinnati Zoo’s Daily Live Streams

Cincinnati Zoo Live Stream
(Facebook/Cincinnati Zoo/Lisa Hubbard)

Another new Facebook Live show, which will air every weekday at 3 pm EDT. Each installment will feature a new animal and an accompanying at-home kids’ activity, which you can see on the zoo’s website. I’m hoping for sloths and sleeping.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo: Panda Cam

Panda Cam
(Smithsonian Zoo)

Pandas are not known for their dynamism, but even if they’re just sitting around, they’re still pretty awesome. And that’s all I do these days anyway. There are two giant pandas you can watch in their habitat. If nothing else, it’ill make you feel active in comparison.

Polar Bears Exploring the Canadian Tundra Virtual Tour

Polar Bear Cam
(Discovery Education)

Brought to you by Discovery, this is probably as about as close as we’d want to get to polar bears anyway and watching them explore the frozen tundra in Canada will brighten your day.

And you don’t need to miss out on aquariums either; here are some awesome websites for you.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

 Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams
(YouTube/Monterey Bay Aquarium)

If you want to watch otters, sharks and penguins (and who doesn’t?), then check out California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has a number of live cams for your viewing pleasure, including live feedings several times a day.

Vancouver Aquarium’s Jelly Cam

Vancouver Aquarium
(Vancouver Aquarium)

Personally, if a chilled-out blob in the water was my thing, I’d get in the tub. But for jellyfish fans, this cam, set in deep blue water, will give you hours of enjoyment.

And while it’s fantastic to see all kinds of animals, we still have plenty of love left for dogs and cats, and we can even virtually visit them too:

Kitten Rescue Sanctuary’s Kitten Cam

Kitten Sanctuary Cam
(Kitten Rescue Sanctuary)

Here you can watch a live stream of a room at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles. While kittens obviously top the billing here, keep your eyes out for a dog named Birdie who makes a few cameo appearances.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s Senior Dog Gathering Room

Senior Dog Sanctuary

Imagine a soap opera but with dogs. That’s essentially the premise here, where live cameras show dozens of very old dogs lie around, walk in circles, and vaguely acknowledge each other. Don’t worry if you missed earlier episodes, it’s a pretty straightforward plot. The stream comes from the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a very worthwhile senior dog paradise in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Kids Play Cello Concert for Elderly Neighbor in Isolation

Taran and Calliope Play for Helen

The news is not all bad. I mean, I don’t recommend watching it, ever, because each new day brings a new dimension to the COVID-19 equation. But there are some good news stories out there, and you must consume them because the sweetness is what can carry you for a few minutes. The latest story is how some kids tried to cheer up their isolated elderly neighbor.

In Columbus, a 78-year-old woman named Helena Schlam was worried about contracting COVID-19. Social distancing is the buzzword of 2020 and Helen is one of many who are on their own while doing so.

Her neighbors wanted to make sure she had everything she needed. And while she didn’t need groceries, the family did know she liked classical music, so they decided to get creative with their help. Her two neighbors, Taran, 9 and his sister Calliope, 6, decided to put on a classical music concert on the woman’s porch. The kids played their cellos while respecting the proper social distancing rules.

“It was one of those moments where you feel like you’re a part of something incredible,” the kids’ mom told CNN. “It was also a good way to remember the value of connection, especially at a time like this when everyone feels disconnected. Just to know we were a part of something so sweet, even just for a minute, meant a lot.”

“A standing ovation, that was lovely!” exclaimed Helen toward the end of the video.

It’s about checking in on those elderly neighbors, and the people in your lives and communities that may be alone, and letting them know you’re there for them, in whichever way they need.

And if you can’t play the cello, you could always sing from your balcony.

Here at The Dad, we hope you, your families, and communities stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest information, please utilize online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.

Twitter Reunites Toddler With Lost “Daddy Doll” Featuring Deployed Dad

Toddler Reunited With Daddy Doll

Social Media can often be an isolating, negative environment. But every so often it can be a beacon of hope and restore your faith in humanity. This story is one of the latter.

Kenley, an 18-month-old girl, has a “daddy doll” she takes everywhere. It features the image of her dad, who is a soldier deployed overseas. The special doll also plays a voice recording that she reportedly listens to every night. Until she lost it during a long travel day.

Her mom put the call out for help on Facebook:

“Hi, I’m Kenley’s daddy doll. I go everywhere she goes because her dada is deployed. We were traveling back home yesterday and I seemed to have gotten lost somewhere between the Hartford Connecticut airport and the Atlanta airport.”

And that’s when Twitter did its thing (the good thing, thankfully).

People started tweeting about it and alerting the airlines, the airports, and anyone and everyone in between.

Then the story started trending.

Every parent can relate to the angst and helplessness felt when a child loses a beloved toy, and the special connection of this doll to her dad made it even more urgent to reunite her with it. And fortunately, all the chatter worked, as Delta was able to finally track the doll down.

And the airline even upped the ante, delivering the toy to the toddler along with a special care package.

It’s always refreshing to see social media used for good and Kenley’s reunion with her daddy doll is just another example of the positives that social media can bring.

And next time your kid loses a toy, take solace in the fact that in the modern age all it takes to find it is a massive social media campaign involving multiple global corporations, entities, media outlets, and thousands of strangers.

Kid Destroys NBA Standout Rui Hachimura at Pop-A-Shot

Kid Beats Rui Hachimura at Pop-A-Shot

Rui Hachimura is having a fantastic rookie season. The Gonzaga star has been one of the best scorers in the rookie class, and he’s been thriving at the next level. Still, his rookie season hasn’t been without its low points. Like getting kicked in the stones so hard it required surgery(!).

But no point could be lower than All-Star weekend for Hachimura. He was there to take part in the Rising Stars game. And it was there where he faced a challenge he couldn’t overcome. That challenge wasn’t another NBA star, though. It was just some random kid.

Hachimura faced off against a child in Pop-A-Shot and got annihilated. Not just once, either. After losing the first game, Hachimura got a quick rematch. Similar result. And on the heels of two straight defeats, Hachimura assessed that it must be a problem with the hoop he was shooting on. He forced the kid to switch with him.

It didn’t matter, as Hachimura got destroyed for a third straight time. This is the same Wizards standout that came back from his “groin” injury to be an absolute scoring machine, whether it by dunk or mid-range jumper.

In fact, here’s a video of Hachimura effortlessly draining a half-courter with ease, just so everyone remembers the guy can actually play basketball a little bit.

It’s just good to know that even NBA stars can choke against children in arcade games, which makes me feel a lot better about some of my own outcomes against my kids.

Robert Irwin Looks Exactly Like Croc Hunter Dad in Latest Photo

Robert Irwin Looks Like Dad
(Instagram/robertirwinphotography Facebook/Australia Zoo)

Robert Irwin posted a picture on Instagram last week that evoked more than a few memories of his famous dad. The 16-year-old Irwin, clad in the family color (khaki), looks more like Steve than ever. In the pic, he’s cuddling a koala, and with his face partially concealed, his followers thought he was posting a throwback pic of the crocodile hunter himself.


View this post on Instagram



A post shared by Robert Irwin (@robertirwinphotography) on

All of the top comments are about the uncanny resemblance. “Did anyone think this was Steve at first? Beautiful moment captured” was one of the top comments, with more than 2,500 likes. And they cascade after that.

“I legit thought this was Steve.”

“You look so much like your father it’s unreal.”

“At first I thought that was your dad!”

“Spitting image of Steve”

The post quickly went viral, accumulating hundreds of thousands of likes. And it’s not the first time he’s invited comparisons to his famous father, as last year he recreated one of Steve’s most iconic photos, using the same croc.

Dad and Baby Daughter Sport Matching Tutus for Epic Photoshoot

Dad Wears Tutu for Photoshoot
(Jenn Floyd Photography)

“It’s okay for a manly-man to put on a tutu and play with his daughter,” says 32-year-old Texan, Casey Fields.

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

Casey, a self-professed manly man, and single dad to a 1-year-old girl named Lyla did precisely that. And folks, the results were positively heartwarming.

(Jenn Floyd Photography)
When Jenn Floyd Photography asked for models on their Facebook page, a friend of Casey’s had no choice but to tag him in the comments.

“What the heck,” Casey said. “I’ll do it.”

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

Being a single father to a young girl can be intimidating. Bereft of a mother’s firsthand insight, some men feel societal pressures brought on by conventional gender roles. Other men put on a tutu.

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

“I just put on a tutu and started interacting with Lyla and kind of forgot I was wearing it at all,” he says.

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

The photoshoot went viral, garnering over 50,000 shares on Facebook.

“She is my world,” Casey told Insider. “I consider myself a manly-man, but with her I lose all that and just be her dad.”

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

Casey’s favorite photo from the shoot is the one in which she paws lovingly at his face. “That’s kind of our thing,” he says. “She loves my beard.”

(Jenn Floyd Photography)

We applaud Casey and his eagerness to put a smile on his daughter’s face. Bravo, sir.