90-Yr-Old Gaming Grandma Holds World Record for Oldest YouTube Gamer

90yr Gamer
(Guinness World Records)

Last time we checked in on the Guinness Book of World Records they were celebrating a hero for his massive video game collection. Well, Guinness is still keeping score of the extraordinary, and the newest addition to their esteemed book series is Hamako Mori, a.k.a.


(Guinness Book of World Records)

The 90-year-old Hamako’s YouTube channel has amassed over 274,000 subscribers, making her the site’s oldest gamer.

Hamako’s love of video games started 39 years ago when her curiosity piqued at the sight of some boisterous children playing one. “It looked so much fun,” she told Guinness. “I thought it’s not fair if only children played it.”

Her first console was a Cassette Vision, which was essentially the Japanese version of an Atari 2600. This beast:

(Wikimedia Commons / Evan Amos)

She now specializes in Playstation 4, noting that action games have become “visually spectacular” in recent years. “They often use actors for characters,” she obsessed. “So I’m really obsessed with it now.”

Her current favorite game? Grand Theft Auto V. That’s right. This sweet old lady’s “knitting” is simulated vehicular mayhem.

(Guinness World Records)


But at the end of the day, she says it’s all for the fans.

“I receive a lot of comments saying don’t work too hard. Everyone is so kind. Their comment leave a strong impression on me, and makes me want to make more videos that people enjoy. I still look forward to everyone’s comments.

They also say watching my video gives them hope for the future. I feel so happy. That’s why I want to create lots and lots of videos. That’s my dream.”

Aw. So wholesome and good. You can subscribe to Hamako’s channel right here, and watch her jack an armored truck in GTA V right here:

Restaurant Solves Social Distancing Problem With Human Bumper Cars

(Facebook / John Middlebrook)

Social distancing guidelines are tougher than ever to enforce as restaurants nationwide reopen their doors to the hungry, restless masses. Masks can be annoying unless you get one like this. Maintaining that mindful gap of six feet is at worst an inconvenience and at best a buzzkill. We’re all eating lots of take-out but how exactly do we make dining out fun?

One seafood restaurant in Maryland had an ingenious idea: mandatory rubber forcefields.

(Facebook / John Middlebrook)

The Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City has invested in “bumper tables,” which will allow patrons to roam freely without the lingering apprehension that comes with unwittingly violating CDC guidelines. Basically, Fish Tales has turned its customers in human bumper cars.

Owners Shawn and Donna Harman say the bumper tables will be available to anyone mingling at the bar or waiting to be seated. “If you put the two tables together, you can’t get within 6 feet of each other,” Donna said in an interview. “It’s fun.”

“It’s a novelty,” Shawn added. “It’s cool. It’s a great photo opportunity for them.”

Novel as they may be, the bumper tables are a hit with the bar regulars. And why wouldn’t they be? You’ve essentially converted the premises into a massive air hockey table.

Very rad, very responsible. We wish Donna and Shawn and all the heroic workers at Fish Tale Bar & Grill the best!

Some Dude DIY’d a Jack Daniels Waterfall

Jack Daniels Waterfall
(Facebook/Dave Tonks)

Ingenuity is bred largely from necessity. Thomas Edison needed a light. The Wright Brothers were really late for something. Alexander Graham Bell feared his tone was being misinterpreted over the telegraph.

And then, other times, genius just sort of happens for no discernible reason.

(Facebook / Dave Tonks)

“It was a nice day and I was pretty drunk and just knocked it all together.”

That’s Dave Tonks, the 53-year-old pest control technician who, with his partner Lisa, cobbled together this astounding Jack Daniels whiskey fountain. This staggering beauty is composed mostly of things they found lying around the garden, minus the liquor bottles, which Dave had been saving to repurpose as candles.

“It was my partner’s idea to make a water feature out of them,” Dave said in an interview with LAD Bible. “She did most of the design, to be fair.

(Facebook / Dave Tonks)

Now, before you get up under there like some eager baby bird or unruly teenager sampling Slurpee flavors, it should be noted the “whiskey” here is merely really weak coffee. “I would love to try it with real JD and Coke, but it would cost a fortune,” Dave sighed.

You can watch the spirit fountain in action, in all its smoke-machiney, LED-lit goodness, right here:

What Quarantine With Kids Feels Like

Remembering Fred Willard: His Funniest Roles and Where to Watch Them

(Dreamworks Pictures)

We were so bummed to hear about the passing of comedy icon Fred Willard this week. He carried with him, not just brilliant comedic sensibilities, but a warm demeanor and innocence that beamed through all of it. He had a very dry, measured voice, and there was a very palpable sense of comfort in it. He spoke with what could best be described as restrained jubilance, as if to say, bear with me, this is building towards quite the payoff. And it always did.

Thankfully Fred appears in the new Netflix show Space Force, but that doesn’t drop for 10 whole, quarantine riddled days. So to tide you over and celebrate Mr. Willard, we’ve compiled a list of his 10 funniest performances and where you can watch them.

Best In Show

Fred was a frequent collaborator with mockumentary titan Christopher Guest, and the best examples of their chemistry is hands down Best In Show. It follows a group of eccentric yuppies and yokels who convene for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. Willard plays an aloof color commentator named Buck Laughlin, one of the funniest characters ever committed to film.

(Rent or buy on Amazon here)

Waiting For Guffman

In this 1996 gem also directed by Christopher Guest, the good folks of Blaine, Missouri put on a community theater musical about their small town. Willard plays opposite Catherine O’Hara, as Ron and Sheila, husband-and-wife travel agents with reserved ambitions of silver screen stardom. This one really showcased his abilities as an improviser. Major props to O’Hara as well for being perfect right alongside him.

(Watch for free on Vudu here)

A Mighty Wind

Willard plays Mike LaFontaine, the maybe insane manager of a large folk band in this criminally underappreciated flick. Mike found his 15 minutes as the star of a sitcom called Wha’ Happened? in the 70s, and has since been trying to repopularize its titular catchphrase. It’s funny literally every time Willard delivers it.

(Buy or rent on YouTube here)

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Willard has limited screen time in this classic stoner comedy, but it’s every bit as hilarious and memorable as the bigger roles we’ve mentioned. He plays the dean of a medical school Kumar is interviewing for. After overhearing a worrisome phone convo with Harold, he spills coffee on his lap and reacts in a way that only Fred Willard could.

(Buy or rent on Amazon here)

This Is Spinal Tap…

If there’s one hyphenated word that best encapsulates Fred Willard’s comedic chops, it’s probably “pitch-perfect.” In Spinal Tap, he had a very brief role as Air Force Lt. Bob Hookstratten, stealing the scene and delivering one of the film’s funniest lines:

We are such fans of your music and all of your records…I’m not speaking of yours personally, but the whole genre of the rock and roll.

(Buy or rent on Amazon here)


Fred had a very sweet, understated disposition about him. We think this gentleness was best exemplified in his supporting role as Ed Harken, the perpetually bothered station manager for KVWN channel 4. Willard was so skilled at getting you to empathize with his characters’ frustrations, even with something as silly as dealing with school administration over German pornography found in your son’s possession.

(Buy or rent on Amazon here)


Fun fact: Fred Willard is the first and only live-action Pixar character. A pretty remarkable asterisk on one’s resumé, if you ask us. Fred plays megacorporation CEO Shelby Forthright, who evacuates the earth in 2105 once humanity can no longer coexist with the trash of its making. This is probably the best way to teach your kids about respecting the planet/Fred Willard.

(Available to stream on Disney+ right here)

I Think You Should Leave

Not a movie, but well worth mentioning. Last year, Netflix debuted the very funny and absurd sketch show I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. One sketch features a mustachioed Willard as the substitute organ player at a funeral. He plays a wildly inappropriate song full of honks and whistles and buzzes and ragtime piano and plates shattering. It’s incredibly stupid. And Fred Willard’s genius lied in taking that sort of stupidity very seriously.

(The rest of ITYSL is available to stream on Netflix here)

Rest easy, Freddy Dubs. That smile will be missed.

Modern-Day Edison Invents Face Mask That Lets You Drink Beer

Beer Face Mask
(YouTube/Beer Goals)

Picture this: you and a friend are catching up from an abiding distance of six feet. You’re making meaningful connections through a mutual vulnerability, co-opting grievances with which you’ve both yet to fully assimilate.

This calls for a cold one.

But wait. You’re both wearing protective face masks. Dammit. They are, by very function, obstructing your beer holes. What to do? You could go the It’s Always Sunny route:

But if you don’t have a hazmat suit on hand, Phil from Beer Goals (the same genius who invented the beer pillow) has you covered with a nifty way to sip beer while wearing a face mask.

What you’ll need:

    • 1 sandwich bag
    • 1 straw from a kid’s juice box
    • 1 bandana
    • 2 rubber bands
    • 1 delicious beer
    • the knowledge this is for entertainment purposes only

Simply fill the bag with beer, seal in the straw, fold over the bandana, affix the rubber bands, couple more folds, and voila, those “drink responsibly” disclaimers take on a whole new life.

This, of course, just a silly fun thing, and should not be used in place of any real personal protective equipment. “The only thing this is gonna really protect you from is being sober,” Phil admits. “The only thing we’re not social distancing is this beer from going in my mouth. Am I right?”

You can check out Phil’s beer Facebook page right here!

Here at The Dad, we hope you, your families, and communities stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest information, please utilize online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.

Jimmy Fallon Gives Us a Taste of Nicolas Cage as the Tiger King

Jimmy Fallon is Nicholas Cage
(YouTube/Tonight Show)

If you’ve yet to watch the insane, character-driven, Coen Brothers-esque true-crime documentary that is Netflix’s Tiger King, you’re missing out on quite the ride. It’s brimming with unimaginable twists, colorful accents, and quite possibly history’s first utterance of the phrase “boiled my alligators.” Seriously, it’s bananas.

As if a legacy of boiled alligators and unchecked polygamy wasn’t crazy enough, it was announced recently that the Nicolas Cage has been tapped to portray the larger-than-life Joe Exotic in the inevitability that was the Tiger King biopic.

Uh huh, that Nic Cage.

If you’re as impatient to watch this come to fruition as we are, the always giving Jimmy Fallon has offered up a glimpse into what this inescapably Oscar-worthy performance could very well look like.

Click below to watch Jimmy’s hilarious turducken of an impression.

This is gonna be a movie worth pitching a tent for. Interpret that how you wish.

Actresses and Stuntwomen Make Badass Fight Challenge Video

(Twitter / TheRealZoeBell)

Celebrities are bored out of their minds too. And when you strip away their star status, exorbitant wealth, and garish living quarters, all that’s left is some nobody in sweatpants begging their front-facing camera for social media clout. No one is above 2020’s tedium.

Last month, a club of restless stuntmen broke both ground and table when they released this awesome video where they engage in socially-distanced combat. It’s truly something of beauty.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, now it’s the gals’ turn. Stuntwoman Zoë Bell, who doubled for Uma Thurman in the Kill Bills, shared a similar video in which she and 37 other women punch, kick, headbutt, and even hurl puzzles at the subsequent actress. In this version, however, you might recognize a face or two.

Why yes, that is Academy Award winner Halle Berry taking a shovelful of manure to the face and falling backward into a pool.

The cast, in order of appearance:

Zoë Bell
Lucy Lawless
Tara Macken
Drew Barrymore
Juliette Lewis
Tamiko Brownlee ⠀
Rosario Dawson
Amy Johnston ⠀
Cameron Diaz
Kimberly Shannon Murphy ⠀
Daniela Ruah
Michaela McAllister ⠀
Kaitlin Olson
Lauren Mary Kim ⠀⠀
Florence Pugh ⠀⠀
Julia Butters
Angela Meryl
Sarah Irwin
Daryl Hannah
Sophia Di Martino
Tracie Thoms
Shauna Duggins
Zoe Saldana
Ming Qiu ⠀
Reneé Elise Goldsberry
Rosie Perez ⠀⠀
Lilly Aspell⠀⠀
Thandie Newton ⠀⠀
Melissa Stubbs ⠀
Jessie Graff ⠀
Monique Ganderton ⠀
Halle Berry ⠀
Heidi Moneymaker  ⠀⠀
Scarlett Johansson ⠀⠀
Dayna Grant
Margot Robbie ⠀
Renae Moneymaker⠀
KT Tunstall
And once again, Zoë Bell

We salute these badass ladies and look forward to more entries in this budding subgenre of action flick.

WOWZERS! Inspector Gadget Theme in 8 Cello Parts Played by one Musician

(Youtube / Samara Ginsberg / Lexington Broadcast Services Company)

Fair warning: you’re about to have the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in your head for no less than one (1) week.

Playing one cello is impressive as it is. Two cellos? Even more so. Three cellos? Okay, okay, settle down. No one likes a showoff. Four? Four cellos? Well, now you’re practically begging for hand cramps. Five cellos? Seriously? Hey, save some cellos for the rest of us, pal. Six? Six. Six cellos. We are truly through the looking glass. Seven cellos? Well, that just leaves… oh. Oh no. You couldn’t…


Samara Ginsberg is a super talented cellist who recently broke down the Inspector Gadget theme song into eight distinct parts for cello, recorded her one-woman octet, and the end result is magnificent. She was even able to reproduce the screeching police siren sound effects at the beginning!

Listen to and hum along with Samara’s haunting rendition of this iconic tune right here:

Go go Gadget musical chops, am I right?

Endgame Directors Celebrate First Birthday by Sharing Rare Footage

Fat Thor Behind the Scenes

Remember 2019? N-n-no, that’s 2014. You’ve gone back too far. Think hard. 2019, the one with Area 51 flash mobs and “Old Town Road” remixes. Right. Right. Baby Yoda, yes. You’re there. Anyway, can you believe that stuff was a mere YEAR ago?

Among 2019’s offerings of pop culture artifacts, Avengers: Endgame was, by and large, the most iconic. It yielded the highest box office earnings of all time, making nearly $2.8 billion worldwide, surpassing both Avatar and Titanic. How’s that dust taste, James Cameron?!

Filmmakers Anthony and Jay Russo, the brothers behind other Marvel treats such as Winter Soldier and Infinity War, are tweeting out rare behind-the-scenes footage from Avengers: Endgame to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Here are some of our faves:

This vid of Brie Larson, decked out in Captain Marvel threads, first meeting her fellow Avengers is heartwarming to say the least.

Then there’s this silly photo of Joe giving direction to Hulk, pre-motion-capture, and Thor, post-cupcake.

Next, some Russo fam-eos.

They gave props the set designers. Pun absolutely intended.

Here’s a great vid of Chris Evans as Old Cap but also as Chris Evans.

Things got emotional as the shooting began to wrap.

As expected! This crew has provided us with so many memorable moviegoing experiences since Iron Man came out 12 years ago. We already miss them.

Big thanks to the Russos for sharing such pleasant memories. And a happy first birthday to Avengers: Endgame, which we’re still sort of mad at for not making the tagline, “Oh, snap.”

For more Avengers goodness, click here to check out our Dad Grades for Thanos!

Dad Plays ‘In The Air Tonight’ Drum Solo Using Kitchen Cabinets

Man’s Prank Backfires When Girlfriend Smacks His ‘Butt’

The 9 Best Disney Virtual Rides and Tours You Can Enjoy at Home

9 Best Disney Virtual Rides and Tours
(YouTube/Theme Park University)

Disney might be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their rides. Videos of just about every ride are available online now, and even better you don’t have to wait in line! With so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down, but we’ve come up with a handful of our favorites. (Maybe one of these will even inspire you to create a DIY Disney ride experience for your kids.)

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Turns out a galaxy far far away was actually only Florida. Galaxy’s Edge opened last year and has proven to be enormously popular. The best ride is undoubtedly Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and with this video, you can see why. As Chewie says….actually no I have no idea what he says.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World

You shouldn’t watch pirated videos at home – unless it’s this one. This ride is always popular and a firm favorite and this video nicely captures the magic.

It’s a Small World at Walt Disney World

Another essential for younger kids, and even better this will keep them entertained for 13 minutes and 7 seconds, which really is Disney magic!

Space Mountain

It’s one of the best and most iconic Disney rides. There are a number of videos that use night vision to capture the real experience but we enjoy this one, the lights are on and it’s cool to see what you’re screaming about!

Splash Mountain

You can’t ride Space Mountain without its bigger, wetter brother. Enjoy the relaxing first section through the caves before that incredible drop, when my stomach introduced itself to my feet.

Expedition Everest

Another classic, this time from Animal Kingdom. Kids will love the part when the track unexpectedly ends, resulting in a thrilling backward plummet. And watch out for the Yeti!

Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As it is the best ride in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, the lines are usually pretty long. But online they’re not, and you get right to the front! Get ready for that boost start midway through! To infinity…and well, back to the start.

The Seas With Nemo & Friends

If you can find Nemo, this ride is an under-rated gem at Epcot, and you can see here what a fun, colorful experience it is.

Test Track

A Dad favorite – designing a car, and then testing it out on the track? We’re all in. Do not wear driving gloves though. People laugh. Don’t ask how I know.