Father Figures: Selfless

“Joe had his own set of worries when we found out we were pregnant with our first.

Growing up a boy who didn’t know his dad, it’s no wonder he had worries. But he slipped right into the role as if he wrote the rule book on fatherhood himself.

Selfless doesn’t begin to describe Joe. Despite long, grueling hours at work, he never misses a beat at home, constantly picking up my slack, giving me breaks, swooping in to take over with our boys.

He lives and breathes for the moments others (admittedly even myself at times) overlook; every night, reading with and singing our oldest to sleep, he refuses to miss a bath time.

Joe is the dad I always wished I had growing up, the dad I always wished for my future children, the type of dad I wish for all children.

He’s a prime example of what a father should be.”

– Amber DeMar

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