Al Pacino Is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Al Pacino is Ace Ventura
(YouTube/Futuring Machine)

The typical trajectory is as follows: comedian becomes famous for being funny, parlays that fame into TV and or movie stardom gets tired of being known merely for being funny, attempts to crossover into drama. Sometimes it works and you get Robin Williams, sometimes it doesn’t work and you get Will Ferrell.

It’s a little less popular to do the reverse, i.e., to start as a dramatic actor and then veer into comedy. It can happen, but even when it does, the person still remains largely known as a serious performer who occasionally moonlights in comedies. Just look at Robert DeNiro, who hit comedy gold with Analyze This and Meet the Parents (not to mention the stone-cold classic Midnight Run), but still mostly known for dramas. When a comedian has success going serious, he rarely looks back, as if he considers comedy to be beneath him.

One dramatic heavyweight who has rarely gone the comedy route is the flipside to DeNiro’s coin in Heat: Al Pacino.

He seems made for comedy, and since he doesn’t seem all that interested (maybe it’s Sandler’s fault) someone went ahead and did the work for him. Thanks to DeepFake technology, it’s now possible to shift Al Pacino’s entire career by imagining – and actually visualizing – how he might have handled a broadly comedic role like Ace Ventura.

Just remember, before you watch this uncanny recreation of Jim Carrey’s classic character: some things you can’t unsee.