Back To School Photo Fails


Parents love to capture the moment on the first day back to school, but sometimes that moment isn’t what we envisioned. Check out these hilarious back to school photo fails from The Dad community.


Rare Footage Of Mud Scientists Conducting Experiments

Love this.

[from Johna Foro,]

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Dad Teaches Adorable Baby To Beatbox

By Eat-Drink-Dad

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Bedtime Hack: Use The Force

From Josh Sneed:

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“That’s a man!”


Not all heroes wear capes. [From Farmers Bank & Trust] Send us your funny videos. We’d like to feature you (and send you a The Dad shirt). Reach out to [email protected]

Your Kids Are Creepy


Sometimes kids are sweet, sometimes they’re cute, and sometimes they say the darnedest things. Other times, they hover over you in the middle of the night, eyes glowing in the darkness, until you wake up your wife screaming. They wave at people no one else can see, whisper strange things to imaginary friends, stare blankly into space, and make you wonder if exorcisms are covered under your insurance plan. We asked you on Facebook to tell us the creepiest stuff your kids do, promising a free Dad t-shirt to the comment with the most likes. You and your creepy children did not disappoint. We laughed, we groaned at your Dad Jokes, and best of all, we got creeped the heck out.

10. [Vampire Voice] I Vant To Suck Your Bank Account Dry

This isn’t creepy, but this is a site for dads, and I’ll be damned if this isn’t the most Dad AF thing I’ve ever read.

9. Kitchen Appliance Scare

Again…dad AF.

8. It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

This is adorable, but I understand how it could be alarming if you weren’t expecting it.

7. The Discerning Palette

Someone put this kid in a wine tasting group. Wait. I mean, don’t. Not yet.

6. Alium Invasion

I hope weird is an effective defense against alien invasion.

5. Kiddy Litter

This will only get creepier with age.

4. You're Making Me Squirrely

Uh, no thanks chief.

3. Snake Neck Closet Man

There were many tales of kids talking to someone who wasn’t there, and Snake Neck Closet Man is the one that is keeping us all awake at night.

2. Culinary Frankenstein

Congratulations Darrell, you’re our runner-up and you’re raising a monster.

1. And The Winner Is... [drumroll]

Eric will soon have a Dad t-shirt in his possession. Speaking of possession, someone get this baby an exorcist.

They warned us we wouldn’t sleep as parents, we just didn’t know it would be because our kids are giving us nightmares. Thanks for playing, please accept our condolences about your haunted kids.

Community: Adorable kid gets gum stuck in her nose. Watch how she gets it out.

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