Our 12 Best Dad Memes of The Month

Best Dad Memes of the Month: October

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 favorites from each month of the year (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement!)

October 2020

1. Driveway Dad

Dad When Someone Uses Their Driveway

2. Dad Taxes

Trick or Treat Dad Tax

3. Singing

There is no purer art form than a kid with a bad voice singing their heart out because the world hasn't beaten them down yet

4. Automatic Doors

Me opening automatic doors at age 6 and age 32

5. Sleep

When you're tired and someone says "you should get more sleep"

6. Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in 2020 be like

7. Dad Law

A dad of young children will stay up late after his kids are in bed no matter how tired he is

8. Music

when you excitedly share music that shaped you and your kid says it sucks

9. Dangerous

What I say: Don't do that it's dangerous. What toddler hears: Prove to me you're not a coward.

10. Treehouse

Son: will you build me a treehouse? Dad: What about knowing me your entire life makes you think I have that skill set?

11. Xboxed

Get off the Xbox, it's too violent. Now come play hangman

12. Pancakes

Kid: Dad, why do you always give us the good pancakes and eat the burnt ones yourself? Because that's what heroes do.

Father of Three Decorates Thousands of Lunch Bags With Dad Jokes

Dad decorates sandwich bags with dad jokes

Dave Blumenthal, a 44-year-old father of three knows how to make lunch memorable for his daughters. It’s not what’s inside the paper lunch bags that make his daughters’ school lunches special, but oddly enough, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Though he has no formal training, Blumenthal is an artist – an artist that combines his love for his daughters with his never-ending supply of dad jokes. For over 8 years, Dave Blumenthal has been turning his daughters’ lunch bags into hilarious works of art.

It all started with a sandwich when Dave and his wife’s first daughter went off to school. “We had a newborn in the house at the time so my wife tried to make our first born feel special by cutting some shapes in her school lunch sandwiches,” Dave explained.

Dave soon took over the sandwich-cutting duty, carving the bread into shapes of cartoon characters and letters of the alphabet much to the delight of his daughter and her classmates. Once the bread-carving became too time-consuming, Dave decided to draw directly on the bags themselves – and he hasn’t stopped since.


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The bag reveal became a highly-anticipated moment in the school day for both teachers and students, sparking conversations, and even helping Dave’s oldest daughter overcome her shyness. Despite their success in the classroom, Dave didn’t have any intention of expanding his lunch bag project. That is, until his daughter’s teacher convinced him to share his hilarious jokes with the world. Shortly after, Sandwich Bag Dad was born.


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“I am honestly still amazed that my humble little bag drawings have attracted so much attention,” Dave marveled. “I seriously never expected to gain any followers – other than my family – when I first started posting. My kids still shake their head that there are so many people who voluntarily choose ‘the sandwichbagdad experience.’”


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It’s immediately evident why Dave’s sandwich bags have attracted almost 7,000 Instagram followers – between the unique take on dad jokes, the impressive art, and the fact that he does it all for his kids, it’s a truly wholesome undertaking. Though some people find it hard to believe, these entertaining sandwich bags do indeed fulfill their intended purpose.


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Dave explained, “The bags are absolutely and positively genuine lunch bags which my kids take to school! All my posts are just the ‘before’ pics. While some end up being hung up on their classroom walls, the vast majority end up coming home crumbled and very much worse for wear after holding a sandwich in them for a few hours. Most end up being tossed into the recycling!”

Though Dave is often encouraged to expand his “sandwichbagdad” empire, he has no plans to do so at this point in time. “At the moment, I’m just happy making people smile and knowing my dadjoke superpowers are being used for good not evil!”


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For a concentrated dose of dad jokes, follow him on Instagram.

Dad Loses Job Due To COVID, Decides To Spread Joy With Funny Signs

After losing job, dad makes signs to make people smile

COVID has changed pretty much everything about the way we live our lives, from how we stay entertained to how we celebrate and everything in between. For most, COVID means uncertainty – the question of when things will go back to some sort of normal, and what that new normal will look like. As with anything though, there’s a silver lining. Or, rather, people who’ve created their own silver lining – and thankfully, they’re more than willing to spread the joy.

Lusindiso Malgas, a father of three from Cape Town, South Africa, lost his job due to COVID. With three children to care for, Lu had to act quickly. Unfortunately, this dedicated dad hit some serious roadblocks.

Lu told The Dad, “I had to find work but nobody was hiring. I took the decision to work on the streets but instead of begging I aimed to make people smile with my joke signs.”

Lu was not about to let his family go without, so he did the only thing he could to earn a bit of money after his job search proved fruitless. Though his family was embarrassed, Lu knew that a bit of embarrassment was far better than having his kids go to bed hungry.

Rather than simply asking people for money on the street, Lu wanted to give them something in return, something desperately needed during such a stressful time. He wanted to give people a bit of joy, and his hilarious signs more than did the trick. Lu’s signs are creative, so creative that they’ve captured the attention of people around the world. Lu’s Instagram, which showcases his creative signs, has accumulated over 4,000 followers in just 12 weeks.


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A man named Brendan even created a fundraiser and made a short film about Lu’s uplifting mission, repaying Lu’s kindness with his own incredibly generous gift.

“I love my kids and I want the best for them,” Lu said. “We were living in a 1 bedroom place when I lost my job. My goal with Brendan is to raise funds so I can buy my house for me and my kids and then hopefully start my business.”

The business Lu is working towards is one that he’s already laying the groundwork for – he plans to transfer his jokes to t-shirts and hats, and run his very own apparel company. The company would allow his family to live comfortably, and it would ensure his jokes spread joy on the streets even without his help.


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“I am here to make people smile,” explained Lu. “My dad always said ‘a smile doesn’t cost you anything, but it is the easiest way to repay someone for their kindness.’ I am grateful for all the donations so far and will continue to be grateful beyond. I wish positivity far and beyond and I hope my message spreads love all over the world and I hope Brendan’s action to ‘Pay It Forward’ inspires others to help others.”


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12 of Our Best Dad Jokes (Memes) From September

Best Memes of September

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 personal favorites from last month. (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement.)

1. Smooth

2. Delayed Reaction

3. Playtime

4. Say Her Name

5. Stylin’

6. Truth

7. Suspense

8. Smally Smalls

9. Giant

10. Great Responsibility

11. Burnt 

12. Amigos

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Twitter Shares the Annoying Jokes They Keep Using on Their Partners

Annoying Jokes

Long-term relationships often need a little spicing up. It’s not easy being with the same person every day, year-in and year-out, and sometimes you need to find ways to keep things fresh. Even if that means annoying the shit out of your partner.

I’m an incredible husband, which is why I spend a few minutes every day irritating my wife. I have a variety of terrible jokes I use to poke at her, jokes I know she mostly can’t stand, but because I’ve been doing them for so long – years, in some cases – have become affection reminders of our bond. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Now, thanks to a tweet from writer Sophia Benoit, aka @1follwernodad, I know I’m not alone. She suggested that horrible, long-standing jokes – like when a random actor appears onscreen and I call my wife into the room so she can see her “favorite actor of all-time,” despite the fact that she almost never has any idea who the person is and it makes her angry – are a delight, and countless people responded with their favorite bits.

The responses are, quite simply, the best thing that’s ever happened to me:

There are SO MANY MORE. Sometimes, your best intentions backfire:

I beg you to go check out the threadcheck out the thread, and I leave you with this classic:

12 of Our Best Dad Jokes (Memes) From August

Best Jokes of August

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 personal favorites from last month. (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement.)

1. Tastes Better

2. Move it or Lose it

3. Admit it. Quit Playing Games.

4. Peek-a-poo

5. Inferno 

6. Curses

7. Hardly Working

8. Adulting

9. Guts

10. Couples Therapy

11. Dadrector’s Commentary

12. “Ahhhh” followed by “Grunt”

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Woman Singing Gets Constantly Roasted by “Dad’s” Hilarious Commentary

TikTok Dad Hilariously Critiques Daughter

Dads are first and foremost going to support their children, but every opportunistic parent will find the perfect moment to lovingly and brutally mess with their kids. Sheena Melwani, a singer-songwriter who posts her videos to TikTok, has tapped into just how much we love to roll our eyes at our own dad’s jokes by posting videos featuring “Indian Dad”, who constantly derails Sheena as she desperately tries to get through her songs.

Though Sheena’s singing is undoubtedly impressive, the best part of her TikTok videos is seeing how long it takes until she’s laughing so hard she has to stop momentarily to collect herself. Let’s be honest, we could also use a breather after listening to this quick-witted “dad” tear apart the lyrics to popular songs to the point where we will never be able to listen to them in the same way again. The character dubbed “Indian Dad” is hilariously brutal in her videos but never attacks Sheena’s talent. Instead, he pokes fun at the songs themselves (and occasionally Sheena, in a half-assed, loving way that shows that his actual goal is to fit in as many dad jokes as possible).

But is it actually her dad? According to POPSUGAR, the roasts come from her husband playing the role of “Indian dad.”

When Sheena posted the first video that included the commentary, she hadn’t ventured much into social media. She posted the video to her 14 followers, expecting some love from her family – what she didn’t expect was the global support that appeared almost immediately. The singer’s account has accumulated over 1.4 million followers in about four months, and the lovable duo show no signs of slowing down.

“While these videos started off as a way to make my family a little happier during tough times, my channel has grown into a place where people from all over the world can come to laugh and enjoy music with us,” Sheena told SAYS.

We could all use a little laughter these days, so here are some of our favorite videos from Sheena’s channel.

The lazy day critic

Dad alarm bells are ringing

@sheena.melwaniAmerican Boy…interrupted. ##therealindiandad ##acousticcovers ##closethewindows ##findyourhappy ##rascal

♬ original sound – sheena.melwani

Evergreen advice, “drink a smoothie, go to sleep”

@sheena.melwaniGrenade…interrupted. ##indiandad ##funny ##acousticcovers ##closethewindows

♬ original sound – sheena.melwani

A reminder to keep your desperation to yourself

@sheena.melwaniAs Long As You Love Me…interrupted. ##rascal ##therealindiandad ##closethewindows ##findyourhappy

♬ original sound – sheena.melwani

If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get past my dad

@sheena.melwaniWannabe…interrupted. ##therealindiandad ##rascal ##closethewindows ##findyourhappy

♬ original sound – sheena.melwani

Head over to Sheena’s TikTok page for more much-needed laughter.

12 of Our Best Dad Jokes (Memes) From July

Best Dad Jokes Memes of July

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 personal favorites from last month. (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement.)

1. One Trip Only

2. Bricked

3. Driven

4. Bed Crime

5. Meme Lord

6. No Tip For You

7. Early Bird

8. Not Joking

9. Decks

10. Safe Room

11. Crime

12. Undeveloped

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The Dad Law: The Definitive Rule Book for All Things Dad

The Dad Law Book
(The Dad)

Fatherhood comes with it a plethora of guidelines. If your kid hands you a toy phone, you answer that toy phone. If your kid is thirsty, you are Friday. For thousands of years, these rules have been unwritten. Until now.

Introducing: THE DAD LAW.

(The Dad)

From road trip etiquette to pun regulations, this gorgeous leather-bound book is the most thorough briefing on every do, don’t, and duh pertaining to fatherhood. Is it okay to let your kid win in Mario Kart? When to use cool your jets vs hold your horses? It’s all in this bad boy.

Here are a few choice excerpts:

It’s the authority on language…

healthy road rage…

less healthy eating habits…

workplace motivation…

light goofing…

and facilitating a sense of community.

There are also plenty of cool illustrations within, including tong diagrams…

(The Dad)

and visual aids for embarrassing puns.

(The Dad)

Click right here to snag a copy for a measly $22 (because we know “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you’re not made of money,” etc) and explore 202 whole pages of these silly, sweet, and painful universal truths about fatherhood with your very own copy of THE DAD LAW!

12 of Our Best Dad Jokes (Memes) From June

Best Dad Jokes Memes June 2020

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 personal favorites from last month. (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement.)

1. Dad Tax

2. Dad Rocks

3. Grilled

4. Getting Serious

5. Vengeance 

6. Freedom

7. Proper

8. Reboot

9. Dark Ages

10. Not a Lot to Ask

11. Summer Dadding

12. Junior Millionaire 

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“Tom’s Bad Dad Jokes” Provide Some Much-Needed Groan-Laughs

Tom’s “Bad Dad Jokes” Provide Some Much-Needed Groan-Laughs

In COVID times, it’s tough to find any kind of respite from the stress of daily life. With most of our favorite activities canceled indefinitely, it’s important to find some kind of joy wherever we can. One Maryland man has taken it upon himself to bring a little bit of laughter into the lives of his neighbors in the form of his “Bad Dad Jokes”, because, you know – laughter is the best medicine (unless you’re actually sick).

A couple of weeks into the maddening uncertainty of quarantine, even Tom Schruben, a generally optimistic man, was losing a bit of his spark. His wife heard that a friend had started posting dad jokes in her front yard, and thought a bit of humor might be just the thing to revitalize her husband’s cheerful demeanor. Tom figured it wouldn’t hurt to try (and humoring your wife is almost never a bad idea), so he posted a joke on a whiteboard, in the middle of his lawn across from a busy walking path. Within the first hour, a passerby stopped to look at the joke Tom had written and laughed – and “Tom’s Bad Dad Jokes” was born.

Tom is in his fourth month of telling Bad Dad Jokes and has no plans of stopping any time soon. He is reminded daily of the huge impact his jokes have on his community and beyond, which makes posting his daily jokes both exciting and rewarding. Tom explains, “Many people have stopped to tell me that it has become an important part of their day. I have gotten letters of thanks in the mail and a woman taped a note to my sign saying how she walks past each day and likes the sign because it makes her think of her father who loved bad puns. She takes a picture to share with her friends and she said it puts a smile on many faces.”

Coping during stressful times is nothing new to Tom, who has dealt with more than his share of grief in life. After losing two of his six children, Tom realized just how important it is to not only keep going but to do so in a way that makes life worth living. Tom leaves us with an important reminder about the power of positivity: “Something that I have learned through my grief is that happiness is in large part a choice that each of us makes – sometimes you have to push to find it in yourself – and sometimes small gestures, even silly ones can make a big difference.”

Here are some of our favorites from “Tom’s Bad Dad Jokes” collection to help you reach your daily groan-laugh quota:

Bad Dad Joke #70: Boomerang


Bad Dad Joke #63: Hare Line


Bad Dad Joke #62: Snickers


Bad Dad Joke #33: Cinderella


Bad Dad Joke #42: Eat a Clock


Bad Dad Joke #16: Peek-a-Boo

Bad Dad Joke 6

Bad Dad Joke #25: Faux Pa


Bad Dad Joke #31: Mathamachicken


12 of Our Best Dad Jokes (Memes) From May

Best Dad Memes of May

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes. Here are our 12 personal favorites from last month. (Actually as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement.)

1. Hug Drug

2. Shhhhhhhh

3. Playtime


5. Super

6. Shhhhhh

7. Peace Out

8. Name Game

9. Wakey, Wakey

10. Shhhhh

11. Inspirational

12. Shhhhh

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70+ Funny Facts to Spin Into Dad Jokes, You Wild and Crazy Guy

funny facts

Need something to talk about at the dinner table, during carpool, or on your next Zoom meeting while waiting for Gary from accounting to show up ten minutes late? These funny facts are all 100 percent true and somewhere between 50 percent and 100 percent hilarious. It’s all about delivery, my dude. If you can get it right, even the most straight-forward of facts can be funny facts. Now, more than ever, you’re going to need to rely on your dad-ittude to bring light to the darkness… or humor to the conversation. Same thing.

1 “The Highest Court in the Land” (The Supreme Court) is home to the… highest court in the land, the nickname for their in-house basketball court. Think you can dunk on RBG?

2. Hawaiian Pizza was actually invented in Canada by a Greek immigrant.

3. Meanwhile, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were actually invented by a janitor.

4. Tony The Tiger once had to make a public plea on Twitter for people to stop sending him anthropomorphic animal porn, proving once and for all that if it exists, there’s a porn about it.

5. Moondyne Joe escaped prison so many times that jailers built a special cell just for him. He escaped that, too.

6. Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid.

7. It takes 570 gallons of paint to keep The White House looking fresh.

8. The Bloodhound Gang once released a song called, “The Ten Coolest Things About New Jersey.” It’s ten seconds of silence and obviously the world’s best diss track.

9. If you tried to ice skate on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, which is covered in ice, an Axel jump would take you 22 feet in the air.

10. Cow moos have regional dialects. That means a cow from Pennsylvania may not be able to communicate properly with a cow from Wisconsin. So, gossiping is out.

11. You know Barry Manilow’s song, “I Write The Songs?” Not. Actually. Written by Manilow.

12. Dolly Parton once lost a lookalike contest — She was beat by a drag queen.

13. No, you can’t actually see the Great Wall of China from space. At least not without help from a zooming lens.

14. Ever notice your baby has an orange nose? She’s probably eating too many carrots and other beta-carotene-rich foods. Adults can have the same reaction… assuming they still like carrots enough.

15. There’s almost more Monopoly money printed each year than real money.

16. Unicorns are the official animal of Scotland.

17. Also, it’s illegal to hunt unicorns in Michigan.

18. There’s an underwear museum in Brussels. They were once robbed of a pair of underwear from the mayor.

19. Viagra will help flowers last longer, too.

20. Don’t share this one with the wife: In Spanish, the word “esposas” means both “wife” and “handcuffs.”

21. You swallow an average of four cups of snot each day.

22. Talk about in-demand jobs: You must be a licensed electrician to change a lightbulb in Victoria, Australia.

23. Meanwhile, “mortgage” has French roots and originally meant, “death contract.”

24. Jim Carrey and Tupac Shukar used to be pen pals.

25. If you spliced together all the silent moments in the first “Twilight” movie, you’d have 26 minutes of creepy, silent staring.

26. In China, the word “censorship” is, well, censored.

27. There’s actually an official answer to, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” It’s 364.

28. New Zealand’s Air Force logo has a picture of a Kiwi on it. Kiwis are flightless birds.

29. There’s an American town that once elected a toddler for mayor.

30. Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon.

31. The inventor of the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, Leo Fender, couldn’t actually play guitar.

32. A town in Alaska has had a cat for a mayor for the last 15 years.

33. There’s also a town Kentucky with a dog for a mayor — it holds regular votes and cycles through other resident canines.

34. That panic you get when you accidentally leave your phone at home? It’s real and it’s called nomophobia.

35. There are more trade regulations on bananas than on AK47s.

36. Be cautious Texas Bigfoot impersonators! In Texas, it’s legal to kill Bigfoot, if you ever find him.

37. Also, in Norway “Texas” is used as slang to mean “crazy.”

38. The scientific name for the Western Lowland Gorilla is “gorilla gorilla gorilla.”

39. For about $1600, you can hire a French company to kidnap you. No judgment here.

40. The Danish word for “condom” is “svangerskabsforebyggende middel.” Annnnd we’re finished.

41. According to one survey, it would take 76 workdays to read through all the crap you agree to each year when you blindly accept privacy agreements.

42. You’re twice as likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.

43. Playing in a marching band is considered moderate exercise. Unless you play the tuba. Then it’s strength training.

44. The first video shown on MTV was “Video Killed The Radio Star.” (You know, back when they still played music.)

45. A Canadian man was once arrested for tying a ton of balloons to his lawn chair and flying over the city. Dang, Canada. Let a man live.

46. The award for the weirdest use of a pop song in a campaign goes to Saddam Hussein and Whitney Houston. He used her song, “I Will Always Love You” in his 2002 campaign.

47. The most overdue library book was returned roughly 288 years late.

48. Jack Daniels’ last word? “One last drink, please.”

49. Harry Pott-wait, no. Daniel Radcliffe once wore the exact same outfit for six months in an effort to annoy and discourage paparazzi.

50. The ultimate political flex? After being elected, President Banana, of Zimbabwe, made a law that no one could make fun of his name.

51. America has an official Rock, Paper, Scissors League. Because, of course we do.

52. David Copperfield once used sleight-of-hand magic to avoid being robbed of his possessions.

53. Charles Bukowski’s tombstone reads, “Don’t try.”

54. In ancient Greece, if you loved someone, you chucked an apple at them.

55. Still more legit than Trump University: More than 80,000 people have graduated from McDonald’s Hamburger University.

56. A “nurdle” isn’t a Harry Potter creature. It’s actually the name for the dollop of toothpaste on your toothbrush. The more you know?

57. There’s a species of fish called “slippery dick.”

58. Leery of that young doctor? Think, again. Surgeons who grew up playing video games apparently make 37% fewer mistakes.

59. Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. So, shoot your shot.

60. The original name for the search engine Google was Backrub. It was renamed Google after the googolplex, which is the number one followed by 100 zeros.

61. A footprint left on the moon will be there for 100 million years.

62. The sun travels around the galaxy once every 200 million years.

63. “Psycho” was the first movie to show a flushing toilet.

64. The only member of ZZ Top without a bear? Frank Beard.

65. Ozzy Osbourne once joined a protest… against himself.

66. Canada is south of Detroit (just look at a map).

67. In Greek mythology, it was believed that red heads turned into vampires when they died.

68. A shrimp’s heart is in its head.

69. Regret getting married? You can be sued for breaking an engagement in about half the U.S. states.

70. Miss Piggy and Yoda were voiced by the same person, Frank Oz.

71. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world: They kill more people than any other creature, due to the diseases they carry.

72. Three presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4.