Heartwarming Doritos Ad From Mexico Features Son Coming Out To Father

Doritos Mexico's heartwarming ad

Name one TV commercial you remember, and I’ll bet you had an emotional reaction the first time you viewed it — whether it made you laugh, smile, cry, or all three.

It’s no secret that some of the most memorable advertising somehow pulls at your heartstrings. Case in point: the Budweiser Clydesdales, the Apple iPad widower, or the Mac Daddy of them all, the Sarah McLachlan SPCA ads (you’re welcome for that earworm btw).

However, there’s a new player on the list of corporate emotional manipulators, and it’s one you may not expect: Doritos.

Over the holidays, Doritos Mexico launched a commercial that’s since made waves for all the right reasons, especially in the LGBTQ+ community.

It features a divorced father with a college-age son who brought a friend home for the holidays. However, he soon suspects his son and the male companion “are a couple and they do not dare tell me,” so he goes to Reddit for advice on how to break the news gently that he knows… and, more importantly, that his love is unconditional.

The ad — which is based on a true story — ends with a simple, subtly sweet exchange between father & son… followed by the viewer’s own visceral ugly-crying (or maybe that’s just me?).

With everything going on in the world today, it’s the virtual, inclusive embrace we all need right now, albeit from an unexpected source. (Then again, as the saying goes, “If you can’t get a warm, bosomy grandma hug, fill the spiritual abyss with a chips commercial!”)

Here’s hoping it makes its way to U.S. airwaves soon.

Watch the full Doritos Mexico ad (in Spanish with English subtitles) below.

TikTok Dad Has a Genius Method to Stop his Daughter From Crying

TikTok Dad cries before daughter can

Babies are truly baffling. There’s not a whole lot that can be wrong when you’re a baby – I mean, sure, you can be hungry or tired or gassy. But it’s not like you’re stressed about bills or feeling insecure about your chonky little arms that look like newly-freed tubes of Pillsbury biscuit dough. Sometimes, babies seem to cry simply because they don’t have anything else going on. This can be frustrating to say the least, trying to calm a baby whose only complaint is that they’re a little bored. How do you stop a baby from crying when nothing is actually wrong? Well, TikTok dad Austin Geter has the answer.

In a recent video that’s been viewed over 13 million times in just a week, Austin shares his unexpected parenting hack – and people are absolutely losing it. Austin has built up an impressive TikTok following by sharing videos of himself and his adorable daughter, Charlie. But in his massively viral video, Charlie is absolutely not having it.

It’s no secret that babies tend to be calmer when they’re being rocked, but for exhausted parents, sometimes five minutes of sitting still means the difference between the calm-ish fulfillment of parenting duties and complete insanity. Austin demonstrates that Charlie is one of those babies that does not appreciate her dad’s need for the occasional sit-down. Austin sits, and almost on command, Charlie lets out a shrill warning cry. We’ve all been there.

Austin, however, has discovered perhaps the most genius parenting hack that stops Charlie’s crying before it even starts. And, bonus, it’s hilarious.

@austingeterToooo easy 😂 w/@charliegeter ##MyRoutine ##fyp ##babiesoftiktok ##DailyVlog♬ original sound – austingeter

“So here’s what I found out,” Austin explains. “If I cry before she does, all is well.”

It sounds so simple, and yet so absurd at the same time.

“Awhhhhh, I hate sitting in this chair,” Austin whines.

Charlie stares open-mouthed at her dad, seeming to say “dude, you ok?” with her wide-open eyes. Incredibly, she momentarily forgets that she was the one who was about to cry. For several seconds, Charlie is baffled enough to sit calmly with her brilliant dad. But eventually, her brow furrows and she clearly remembers her mission. Before she lets out a single sound though, Austin is on the job.

“Ughhhhh, this chair sucks so bad I just don’t want to sit in this chair anymore,” he wails.

Again, Charlie stares in stunned silence. The pattern continues – Charlie prepares to cry, Austin gets there first. The exchange is hilarious, but more importantly, it works. Like buying a bigger grill than your rival dad across the street, crying louder and more readily than your baby is a way to assert dominance. Ok, so maybe it’s just a way to distract and confuse them long enough to rest your legs for a minute. Either way, we can’t wait to try it out.

Dad Picks Up Daughter Dressed In Full Buddy The Elf Costume

Dad Elf Surprise

Embarrassing your kids is almost an obligation as a dad. And there is no situation better-primed for maximum effect than school pickup/drop-off. It’s the only time a bunch of other kids are around that dad-kid exchange, and the natural exit makes for a perfect getaway. You can’t really clown your kid at the beginning of a soccer practice and have to see all those parents all season long.

A Hall-of-Fame example of this is a dad in Idaho who recently surprised his daughter in FULL Buddy the Elf costume, doing his best Will Ferrell impression as he picked up his daughter from school.

You can tell it’s a success because the first words out of her daughter’s mouth are “What is wrong with you?” The dad, Greg Sumison, told local media he wanted to do it to make the holiday memorable for his kids, after such a challenging year. And his daughter did end up enjoying it, and thought it was pretty funny.

“My kids’ hearts are a giant, and the first thing they thought about was other people. So I wanted to make sure that it was memorable for them. That’s kind of where the idea came from,” he said.

He had a couple extra layers of savage on this though, including having his daughter help him find the costume online, although at the time she had no idea what it was for. And then he created a TikTok account, just to put it on there.

He had less than 20 followers, and now? More than 30,000, after the stunt went viral. It has been a long and challenging year, but more than ever before, it is up to dads to make our keeps smile and find a way to bring more magic to the season.

Dad Accidentally Torches “Elf on the Shelf” Elves in Cooking Mishap

Elf on Burn
(Facebook/Chelsea Hightower)

The Elf on a Shelf is the tradition every parent grows to loathe. Kids may love it, but for parents, forgetting to switch it one night and facing those questions the next morning is a nightmare they dread. But now we have a new nightmare, thanks to a Kansas City Dad who “accidentally” INCINERATED THE ELVES. All three of them, having a jolly old season, turned to ash thanks to a very unfortunate (depending on where you stand) oven incident.

The dad was busy watching the kids while his wife, Chelsea, was out shopping at Target (I mean where else would a parent shop?). His wife had adorably placed the elves in the oven, the same oven the busy dad fired up to preheat to cook for the kids when one of them noticed a weird smell coming from the oven. Chelsea explained it all in the grim Facebook post.

The three elves, Jingle, Belle, and Magic were cooked right out of the season. Chelsea said she received the awkward phone call at Target where there was a long pause before he said: “Babe, I feel horrible, I cooked the elves.”

Chelsea said the “Elfspital” got them in quickly and they are expected to make a “full recovery” after “reconstruction and rest”, ie- they shopped all around the city to find replacements.

She finished her post with a warning for all celebrating the season… “BAKE COOKIES NOT ELVES!”

Dad Wrote 650 Lunch Notes for His Daughter, and Even Turned Them Into a Book

Dad lunch notes

Finding ways to be there for your kids is a constantly-evolving challenge. As kids grow up, they may start communicating with you less and their friends more. Even finding time throughout the day to sit down and talk becomes more difficult as kids’ schedules fill up with extracurriculars and plans of their own, making an already challenging aspect of parenting even harder. One dad named Chris Yandle found a unique way to share life lessons, advice, and love with his daughter during a time when her brain was already primed for learning – he did it through notes, small nuggets of wisdom that he slipped into her lunch box when she went off to school every day.

Dr. Yandle wanted to support his daughter through an especially difficult year, as Addison’s transition to fourth grade meant she’d attended four different schools in five years.

“It wasn’t how we planned it, but as someone who moved around a lot as a kid, I knew this school year was going to be tough,” Dr. Yandle explained on his website. “Every morning, I wrote my daughter a note about life, school, or growing up, and I’d slip it in her bookbag or her lunch box to find later in the day.”

For over three years, Dr. Yandle has been sending his daughter to school with his “#DadLunchNotes,” a hashtag he coined when he started sharing his notes on social media. Though the notes are written for his daughter, the wisdom this loving dad shares is universal.

“These words of encouragement and life lessons are my way of connecting with my daughter and offering her the advice and anecdotes I wish I received at her age,” Dr. Chris Yandle told The Dad.

Inspiring and motivating kids to be the best versions of themselves is something all parents hope to accomplish, but finding the right method is difficult. Fortunately for Dr. Yandle, his extremely efficient method of delivering words of wisdom has become something Addison (and her teachers) look forward to every day.

“With each passing day, parenting in the digital age is getting more and more difficult,” Dr. Yandle explained. “As a dad to a pre-teen junior high girl, I thought you and other dads might be interested in a non-digital way to connect with their kids in our heavily connected world.”

The desire to share his unique method of communication led Dr. Yandle to post his Dad Lunch Notes on social media, and recently, he even compiled them into a book called Lucky Enough.

“One of the notes I wrote to Addison during her fourth-grade year was a quote from Taylor Swift: ‘If you’re lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everybody else, don’t ever change.’ When I read that quote, I knew I found the right title,” Dr. Yandle explained on his website.

For years to come, Addison will be Lucky Enough to have a stockpile of dad wisdom when she needs it most. And undoubtedly, this unique method of building a dad-daughter connection will be treasured by both forever.

Ryan Reynolds Says He Loves Having Daughters and ‘Being a Girl Dad’

Reynolds Girl Dad

The coolest celebrities are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously and manage to keep things in perspective, and few people check both boxes like Ryan Reynolds. He went up another notch in our book, thanks to his latest interview with Access Hollywood, where Reynolds talks about how much he loves ‘being a girl dad.’

We already appreciated Reynolds for stuff he’s done like Deadpool and bringing Rick Moranis out of retirement. We dig him even more for how much he loves being a dad. He was talking to Access Hollywood, promoting his new movie “The Croods: A New Age”, when he said his daughters (and wife Blake Lively) are ‘the most capable people I know.’

“If anything got scary in my life, they’re the first people I would lean on because they have wisdom and strength and they’re calm under fire,” he said. “They have courage under fire.”

Reynolds said, as the youngest of four boys, he never ‘in a million years’ imagined he’d have three daughters. But, he said he loves it.

“It has just been such a ride, and I love every second of it,” he said. He also explained that he and his wife don’t do movies at the same time, so the family can stay together at all times.

“ I think that’s been the best part of it is that we really don’t spend a lot of time apart. I get to spend a lot of time with my girls.”

Reynolds also feels the same frustration many parents have had when it comes to homeschooling. When he was on The Tonight Show in the spring, he said the family was getting through it by trying to make it as educational as possible, before joking (admitting?) he’s been “mostly drinking.”

Dad’s Next-Level Responses To “Is the Baby Ok?” Are Both Brilliant and Hilarious

Dad Answers "is the baby ok?" in a hilarious way

Becoming a parent can make even the most rational people develop a laundry list of irrational fears. This helpless human is entirely your responsibility, making even the most mundane decisions inexplicably stressful. Sometimes this new-parent paranoia (parent-noia?) happens in both parents, but when one parent manages to keep their cool, occasionally, hilarity ensues.

Kenny Deuss from Antwerp, Belgium is the father of nearly 2-year-old Alix. When Alix was younger, Kenny’s girlfriend had just a touch of parent-noia – as a new dad, Kenny took on the all-important dad responsibility of providing levity (at somewhat inopportune times).

Any time Kenny and Alix were hanging out alone, Kenny’s girlfriend would frequently check-in. “Is the baby ok?” became a question Kenny heard all too many times, so he decided to provide some unorthodox answers. Rather than a simple “yeah” or “everything’s fine,” Kenny sent his girlfriend photoshopped images demonstrating quite the opposite.

This talented dad sent his girlfriend pictures of Alix photoshopped into all sorts of questionable situations, I assume, to prove that he had things so under control that he had time to do some top-tier editing.

Soon, any time Kenny’s girlfriend asked, “Is the baby ok?” she was met with this,

Or this

Or even this.

Kenny began posting his photos on Instagram, and unsurprisingly, he’s accumulated nearly 50,000 followers after posting just 46 hilarious photos. Kenny’s pictures are brilliant, of course, but they also speak to the part of our brains that takes us on a tour of “The Worst Things That Could Possibly Happen” any time we get a bit nervous.

Seeing the absurdity of some of our fears laid out reminds us to stay grounded in reality. And, of course, it reminds us that it’s ok to take a break every once in a while – after all, we aren’t parenting alone. Yes, you too single parents. It really does take a village to raise a kid, and nobody expects you to do everything. Even when someone else is watching them, as Kenny kindly demonstrates (sort of), the baby will be just fine.

‘Baby Shark’ Is Now YouTube’s Most Watched Video in History With 7 Billion Views

baby shark most watched
(YouTube/Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories)

It makes you want to go crazy, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, but Baby Shark has hit a major milestone and become the most-watched video in the history of planet Earth. The bane of parents with toddlers and people with ears, the song crossed the indescribable milestone of 7 BILLION views on YouTube, setting the new world record on YouTube video at 7.04 billion views (and counting).

The 2016 song is many things now. It helped save a drowning boy, it appeared at Coachella, became a cereal, and the song even made the Billboard Top 40! Baby Shark!! So, once more, here it is, in all of its glory, as the new YouTube champion:

The Pinkfong song, sung by Korean-American Hope Segoine, passed ‘Despacito’ for the top honors. And the trajectory of Baby Shark, and the way it’s continued to rise just over the past year, make it seem clear the earworm will continue to climb. Every new child must be indoctrinated into the painfully catchy cult of Baby Shark.

Baby Shark’s 7 billion plays, if put together back-to-back, would be more than 30,000 consecutive years of streaming. The CEO of Smart Study (owners of Pinkfong) said they were ‘very honored’ by the record.

“Without the love and support of fans around the world, Baby Shark’s new record would’ve been impossible.”

Hmmm, fans may be a stretch long, as much as we are all prisoners. Regardless, here’s a doo doo, doo doo doo doo to Baby Shark.

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 10/23/20

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 10/23/20
(Getty/simon2579, Twitter/attackerman)

Another week closer to Halloween, another bag of candy replaced after you ate the whole thing in what we call “Adult Trick-or-Treating” (standing in front of your open pantry dazed and exhausted, shoving candy down your throat without even chewing like some kind of snake). Though Halloween season already looks a lot different than previous years, one thing is certain – kids will continue to be kids, but this time, hyped up on sugar. Fortunately, Twitter parents continue documenting the best and funniest parenting moments. Whatever the season looks like, Twitter parents deliver. Enjoy 12 of the funniest parenting tweets of the week, a welcome constant in an unpredictable world.

Wanna guess why?

What they lack in size they make up for in vindictiveness

How the- it actually was a giraffe

Calories don’t count because technically it wasn’t your food

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

It’s the abridged version

Hear me out though: Transformer baby

An understandably under-celebrated milestone

Dad: 1, Kid: 4,829

[Out loud] I like this tweet

Nothing good ever starts with “close your eyes”


Did you miss last week’s funniest parenting tweets?

Stay-at-Home Dads: the Stats, the Struggles, and the Benefits

Stay at home dad salute

If you were asked 40 years ago to describe a typical family dynamic, it’d be pretty straightforward. The first image that came to mind would probably look something like The Dick Van Dyke Show. Dad gets home after a long day’s work, hangs his coat, and asks, “what’s for dinner, honey?” before sitting down at the table for his allotted hour of family time. This snapshot in history is quickly fading, and in case you’ve been sleeping, there is no one correct way to be a family. In fact, the so-called “traditional family” has evolved so drastically over time that the idea of the “breadwinner father” and “homemaker mother” is, quite honestly, antiquated.

This clear and distinct shift in typical roles within a family is due to the fact that, well, families themselves are changing. According to Pew Research Center, the makeup of a typical family has undergone a dramatic shift over the last 50 years or so. In 1960, for example, 73% of children were being raised by their married parents (specifically, a mom and dad in their first marriage). Today, however, fewer than half (around 46%) of children are living with their married mom and dad. Clearly, things are changing. Divorce is more common, as is being a single parent and co-parenting. Having children without being married is on the rise, and same-sex couples are finally being legally recognized (it wasn’t until 2019 that the U.S. Census Bureau provided estimates on households with same-sex couples); a lot has happened over time to make the idea of what a typical family looks like far more flexible.

Through all of these shifts in family structures, one thing hasn’t changed – someone has to take care of the kids. Over the years, the number of stay-at-home dads has been on the rise. The Pew Research Center states that in 1989, only 10% of fathers were stay-at-home dads. In 2012, the percentage reached 16%. It’s important to note, these numbers are reflective only of dads over 18 with their own children living in their households (though of course there are plenty of amazing dads filling the father role for children who aren’t biologically or legally theirs). Though that number increased drastically in just 23 years, there were many reasons why dads were taking on the stay-at-home role. In some cases, it was because of the father’s inability to find employment, or due to a disability. However, the most incredible shift happened within the category of dads taking on the stay-at-home role simply because they wanted to. In 1989, only 5% of stay-at-home dads cited that they chose to do so, but that number grew fourfold in 2012, with 21% of stay-at-home dads citing that same reason. Things are changing; not only are there more stay-at-home dads now than almost any time in history, but more men are actively choosing to be a primary caregiver for their children.

Steve, a former stay-at-home dad (his kids are fully-grown now) from central Illinois took over as primary caregiver in 1987. In Steve’s case, it was the logical choice for him to become a SAHD – his wife had a stable job, and he was burned out at his. Although it wasn’t as common in the 80s, Steve thoroughly loved being a stay-at-home dad, and he even helped normalize the practice within his community. “It was even more fun than I expected,” Steve told The Dad, “And I was accepted by the other moms at the various activities we would do during the day. After a year of taking my kids to swimming lessons at the Y they eventually change the name of the class from mom and tot to parent and child classes.”

Even being a trailblazer in the field of stay-at-home dadding, Steve was fortunate – he had a lot of support. “Although people would occasionally assume I was just babysitting for the day to give my wife some time off, most of the responses I got were jealous dads wishing they could stay with their kids while their wives worked.”

For a deeper look into life as a SAHD in the early 90s (and some amazing 90s fashion), check out this video of Steve and his family.

Tom became a full-time SAHD in 2008 when his son was 2. Although caring for his son was Tom’s primary job, it wasn’t his only job. “I’m a custom furniture builder and trim carpenter”, Tom explained to The Dad, “so once [Tom’s son] started school full time, I was able to start some occasional work. As he has gotten older and more self-sufficient, I’ve been able to take on more jobs, but rarely have I put in a full 40 hours in a given week since I took over.”

He fit in his second job when he could, but as most parents know, being a primary caregiver is a full-time job in itself. “None of my friends or acquaintances whose wives stayed at home thought that was the easier role,” Tom noted, “indeed they acknowledged it was probably harder.”

For Tom, falling into the role of stay-at-home dad was planned – even before kids were in the picture. Tom said of his wife, “Even while dating, we had decided that should we ever get married and have kids, we’d rather take a financial hit so one of us could stay home. Her social work career was always on a clear upward trajectory, so not only did she have stable professional income with benefits, she also had a fulfilling job that she was great at and loved.”

Aside from the convenience of his wife’s successful career, Tom explained, “I also am just more temperamentally suited to the role. For want of a better term, I’m more ‘childish’, and love all the kid stuff – exploration of the world, toys, playing games, etc. I’ve also always been the cook in our relationship, so schedule wise it was easier for me to handle shopping and cooking while toting my boy around.”


Marcus Stricklin, a dad we met after he shared a hilarious Despicable Me-inspired rule-setting TikTok, explained both the joy and exhaustion that comes with being a stay-at-home dad. “I have been a stay at home dad for the better part of 5 years,” Marcus told The Dad. “I also write, so I manage to get up early, and write in the morning before everyone is up, then make their breakfast and lunches, while attempting to dodge a toddler and his constant needs.”

As a father of five, it seems fitting that Marcus should get some serious recognition for his long days – trying to coordinate his kids’ days, getting his own work done, and making sure everyone’s needs are met. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

At times, upon seeing Marcus running around with his five kids, “They assumed I was actually the Manny,” he explained. “Many of them asked how much I charged. I wish I were joking about this.”

Like most SAHDs, Marcus took on the challenging role because it made the most sense for his household. “It’s a choice,” Marcus said. “I could work, but the amount of money we have saved on daycare and after school care in the last 5 years, is close to 60k combined.”

“I am constantly tired by the end of the day. I have little to no free time, but at the same time, I’ve had the chance to spend an insane amount of time with my children, and that is the best part.”

SAHD Marcus
Multitasking like a seasoned professional (SUPPLIED)

Like Marcus who was confused for a “Manny,” stay-at-home dads often aren’t given the affirmation they deserve for the incredibly challenging job they do every day. Nish, a stay at home dad intermittently from 2011-2015 shared some of the challenges he faced over the years. Many of those challenges were caused by a society that, at least to some degree, still sees the ability to provide financially as a key feature of masculinity. “Someone called my ex my ‘sugar mama’,” Nish recalls. “There was a general stigma about my ex making the money. When we needed to cut costs, it mostly ended up being something I needed or liked.”

Nish struggled with being a stay-at-home dad. He struggled with not feeling like he was contributing enough financially to his family, even though he acknowledged he was doing what needed to be done. He explained, “Being a SAHD can be lonely in that both men and women are put off by you in different ways. I personally had trouble opening up to anyone at all”.

Other stay-at-home dads we spoke to felt at least some degree of judgment surrounding their primary caregiver status as well. “People looked at me very strangely when they found out I was a stay at home dad” SAHD Marc told The Dad, “I’m also a giant guy with a shaved head, so that could be part of it too, but other stay at home dads experienced the same thing.”

Stay-at-home dad Ryan expressed dismay at just how often dads are left without recognition for raising their own children. “Moms get a lot of credit for raising good kids, as they should. But there are a lot of dads out there working their ass off. And we aren’t all that bumbling doofus that you see portrayed in commercials. God I hate those commercials.”

We freaking hate those commercials too. And sadly, preconceived notions about being a SAHD aren’t isolated to the United States – BBC Three put together a highly relatable video based on some ridiculous things stay-at-home dads have heard.

The description explains, “From “Can you change a nappy?” to “So who wears the trousers?”, stay-at-home dads get asked all sorts of questions about their experience of being a stay-at-home parent. Here, some fathers tell us how they’re not taken seriously, what it’s like to be the only dad in a world of mums, and why raising their children is never ‘baby-sitting’ or ‘daddy daycare’.” Give the full video a watch below, and perhaps, quietly send it along to some friends and family members that need a crash-course.

We have undoubtedly come a long way in terms of broadening the scope of what is seen as normal and acceptable in terms of family dynamics. However, we clearly still have a long way to go. Parenting is one of the hardest imaginable jobs – incredibly rewarding, but incredibly difficult. When all is said and done, every single one of us has the exact same goal – moms, dads, grandparents, stepparents, caregivers – we’re all just trying to raise the absolute best and happiest possible kids.

Foreign Dad Dresses Like Tooth Fairy After Wife Claims It’s Tradition in America

Dad Convinced to Dress Like Tooth Fairy by Wife

Losing a tooth as a kid was the best (though it’s significantly less fun as an adult). Putting your precious baby tooth under your pillow, and trying as hard as you could to stay up long enough to catch the tooth fairy in the act. It never worked, but it didn’t stop us from trying. When Michelena and her husband Uzi’s oldest son lost his first tooth, Michelena decided to have a little fun with her Israeli husband.

Michelena managed to convince Uzi, who’s been living in America for the past 15 years, that a parent has to dress up like the tooth fairy whenever their kid loses a tooth. I mean, of course this never came up in conversation before – out of the couple’s three kids, Avichai, the oldest, was the first to lose a tooth. So the extremely agreeable Uzi figured he simply had a lot more more to learn about American culture, and off they went to the costume store.

We will be forever grateful to Michelena for capturing the whole thing and posting it to TikTok, where the adorable video has accumulated over a million views in two weeks. The caption read, “When you tell your foreign husband that in America, he has to dress as the tooth fairy when a kid loses a tooth.”

The video opens with Uzi walking quietly up the stairs in a tutu, long white gloves, a purple wig, fairy wings, and a tiara. Whispering, Michelena tells Uzi that the tooth is under the pillow in a plastic bag. They try to keep their voices down so their son won’t wake up, but unsurprisingly, they can’t stop laughing.

@michelenaroseWhen you tell your foreign husband that in America, he has to dress as the toothfairy when a kid loses a tooth! ##fyp ##fypシ ##foryou ##foryouu 😂♬ original sound – Michelena Rose

“Thank you for your tooth!” Uzi jokes, pretending he’s dangling a plastic bag. It might be the outfit, the absurdity of the whole situation, or Uzi’s incredible accent that makes it sound like he’s saying “toot” – but at that moment, everyone completely loses it.

“You skip, like I told you,” Michelena says. What a legend. “Should I take my socks off?” replies Uzi, pointing down at his plain white socks. Impressively, socks are the only part of his outfit that isn’t completely on point – but he leaves them on, and heads towards the bedroom.

It may not be a real American tradition to dress up like the tooth fairy when your kid loses a tooth, but maybe it should be. You have to admit, Uzi made it look pretty dang fly.

MLB Star Flies Home for Two Hours To See Son’s First Tee-Ball Practice

MLB tee ball Freddie Freeman

Traveling for work can be a bummer for dads. You do what you gotta do, but no amount of money lessens the sting of missing important milestones your kids reach while you’re out of town. Whether it’s the first word, first step, a birthday, or some other important moment, you want to be there for as much as you can. That’s why one MLB star flew home in the middle of a road trip, for two hours, just so he could watch his son’s first tee-ball practice in person.

Few things bring dads and sons together like sports. We’ve seen baseball dad surprise his son with a new bat, and then catch a home run his son hit with said bat. Even in the pros, dads never lose that feeling of joy when their kid does something big.

So Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman did everything he could to be at his son’s first tee-ball practice. Freeman flew home in the middle of an 11-day road trip, so he could squeeze in two hours at home. Then he flew straight to Washington for a game that night.

A ton of travel, just for two hours at home, and I’m sure it was worth every bit of hassle to Freeman, as he got to surprise his son and watch his first practice. It was also Freeman’s birthday, but I’m sure that felt like a distant second to getting to spend that moment with his son. Freeman’s wife Chelsea posted about the surprise on social media,

Atlanta won the game against Washington that night, no word about how good Charlie’s tee-ball team was, but I’m going to bet it’s pretty good with the son of a major leaguer on the squad.

Healthcare Worker and NFL Mom Gets Honored on Madden Cover

Miles Boykin Mom on Madden

Over the summer, Baltimore Ravens receiver Miles Boykin tweeted that his mom finally discovered he had used her credit card to pay for his Xbox live membership and that she had been paying it for the NFL player since he was in SIXTH GRADE! But, with some help from Xbox and EA Sports, he made up for it by helping his mom, a healthcare hero, become the first female to grace the cover of Madden.

Madden reigns supreme when it comes to sports video gaming (personally, I’m an NBA 2k and FIFA guy, but you can’t deny the Madden popularity over the years), even if the fabled Madden curse has become but a footnote in history thanks to Patrick Mahomes. And NFL players today, like Boykin, grew up playing Madden.

Still, it’s always funny when a professional athlete with a multi-million dollar contract has his mom paying for his Xbox live membership. He tried to intervene and take over the payments, but she said she might as well just keep picking up the tab.

Boykin appealed to Xbox for help. And they came through, in a big way.

Boykin’s mom, Felicia, is a healthcare worker, so Xbox and EA decided to help Miles show his appreciation for her. She not only received an Xbox Game Pass (so she’ll finally stop getting charged for Miles’ subscription), she also got a copy of Madden with herself on the cover, which will also go to some of her healthcare hero colleagues (along with new Xbox consoles).

Miles also takes the chance to tell his mom how much she’s meant to him and his development.

“You’ve always been there. You helped me become the man I am today and I will forever be grateful to you. I would give you the world if I could and you would still deserve better,” he said. “You not only supported my passion for football but also my second love of gaming.”

She also received a custom Xbox One controller, a pair of new Nike Air Zoom Pulses, and a pair of custom cleats for Miles to wear with her image painted on them.

It’s a great way for Miles to repay a parent, and I will now consider this the threshold for all kids going forward when it comes to recurring subscription fees.