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New Netflix Film Brings Together Estranged Dads And Daughters For Emotional Promo


Netflix’s film, Like Father, is about the ability to restore broken relationships, specifically one between a woman (Kristin Bell) and her estranged father (Kesley Grammar).

In order to promote the film, the streaming giant brought together real fathers and daughters with varying types of relationshipsranging from practically strangers to extremely closeto reconnect and engage.

Get your tissues ready! The raw, heartfelt conversations that result are enough to get even the most hardened tear ducts flowing again.

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Parents Astonished At Incredible Toddler/Golden Retriever Teamwork Caught On Security Camera

(YouTube/Cheese Pups)

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world with their outgoing and playful personalities. They also tend to be very patient animals, making them ideal for families with young children.


However, parents should be wary about their kids and pups getting a little too friendly. You never know when they will team up for an epic, early morning heist, as was the case with toddler Chloe and her furry friends, Bleu and Colby, AKA the “Cheese Patrol.”


Bleu and Colby learned early on in their relationship with Chloe that the young girl is much more generous with snacks than her mom and dad. As such, when the sun started to come up and mom and dad weren’t stirring, the two pooches sought out the person they knew would be all too happy to help fill their bellies.


The plan started with the dogs opening the door to Chloe’s room. After a few gentle nudges and licks, the toddler woke up happily and was led by the pups out of the room to the target, AKA the kitchen, AKA snack nirvana.


Chloe’s parents, Chris and Nina, were baffled to find their daughter wandering the halls, especially considering she wasn’t tall enough to reach her bedroom doorknob, so they set up a video camera to investigate just how this was happening. Upon seeing the footage, they couldn’t help but be amused.


“They definitely know exactly what they are doing,” Chris said. “And Chloe feeds them on purpose.”


Despite putting an end to the criminal trio’s activities, Mom and Dad say they all remain the best of friends.

But let’s be honest—if someone gave you free snacks every time you saw them, you’d be best friends with them too.



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Father Figures: Truck Return

“My Dad has worked hard his entire life, sometimes having two or three jobs, to provide for his family. He grew up in a large family, in a not so nice area of town, and without a lot of money. He began working with his dad as a young teenager.

He and my mom are high school sweethearts. They got married at the courthouse at 18 years old and immediately got pregnant with me. Then soon after, they had my sister.

I do not remember a time in my life where I didn’t have everything that I needed. And I never truly knew how much my parents struggled to keep it that way.

When I was in my early 20s, I was dating a guy that I had met through a friend. At first he seemed like a great guy, responsible and sweet. He moved in with a friend to be closer to me, and even bought a truck from my dad. My dad had set up a payment plan with him to help him out.

Soon after we had been dating though, he became verbally abusive and manipulating. When I finally got the guts to break up with him, he became very mean, and even taunted me, saying ‘Well, you will still see me every time I have to pay your Dad for the truck!’ The next day my Dad took it upon himself to drive his belongings back to him and literally GAVE him the truck!

As he drove away, he said “Now you have no reason to come see my daughter anymore!’

I love my dad so much, and I hope he knows how much he means to me! He is the best dad, and the greatest drandpa to my kids!”

– Lana Rauner

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Tweet Roundup: The 10 Funniest Tweets About Yard Sales


Aren’t yard sales the best? There’s nothing quite like going from neighborhood to neighborhood, haggling over the prices of ceramic cookie jars and copies of Jungle 2 Jungle on VHS tape. Break out the fishing chairs and neon poster boards, here are the 10 funniest about yard sales!

You can make a yard sale happen anywhere.

Yes, anywhere.

Just make sure you clarify what you mean by “yard sale.”

And always remember to take that sign down.

Sometimes it doesn’t pan out like you planned.

It’s not always the cash cow you think it will be.

So make sure you have some good products to sell.

And always beware of hagglers.

If you’re the one buying, have some fun.

And never settle for a subpar yard sale.

Photoshop Artist Takes Photo Requests Too Literally And The Results Are Amazing


Equipped with the right software, a talented digital artist can do wonders in regards to photo editing.

Red-eye? Fixed.

Blinking in that shot? Not anymore.

Had a zit the size of Texas that day? All cleared up.

But these tricks are small potatoes compared to the magic James Fridman creates with Photoshop. In fact, there are few things James can’t do in regards to editing, and his multitude of fans (nearly 1.5 million followers on Twitter alone) know it.

The British designer’s internet fame—or infamy, depending on who you ask—is a result of him taking requests to alter submitted photos and then returning them with hilarious twists that technically still fulfill the person’s wishes.

James’s Twitter account bio reads, “Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.” And he means it.

Check out more of James’s hilarious and snarky talent on Twitter and Instagram.

Man Endures Epic (And Ongoing?) Battle Against Birds


Besides a few stains on car windshields and waking people up earlier than desired on weekends, there are few things birds do that will really get people’s blood boiling. Of course, those people haven’t undergone literal years of their homes being under constant siege like Imgur user atomicrabbit2 has.

It all started roughly 4 years ago when our protagonist bought a new house. A house with a nice fireplace and a convenient exhaust vent tucked neatly beside his back door. Unfortunately, the vent provided both heat and shelter from the elements—prime real estate for local birds.


August 2014: Atomicrabbit2 first notices that some feathered residents have moved on top of the exhaust vent; not a major problem at first, but a growing nuisance as they begin building nests and pooping directly into the exhaust vent.


March 2015: Wrapping the vent with chicken wire seems like it will take care of the problem without obstructing anything serious.


Of course, things couldn’t be that easy. The birds find a cozy little crevice to build a nest. No eggs or baby birds, so the nest gets tossed. Problem solved!


May 2015: Problem not solved.


Playtime’s over at this point. Atomicrabbit affixes bird spikes on top of the vent to prevent any more pesky winged homemakers from getting any ideas… which promptly backfires when the spikes instead act as a stabilizer for the nest. This time the birds add colored twine, clearly taunting their befuddled foe.


June 2016: No more games. ONLY SPIKES. Make it impossible for anything to


May 2017: …


July 2017: …


At his wit’s end, Atomicrabbit pulls out all the stops and goes chicken wire crazy, surrounding the entire opening all the way up to the ceiling.


With no possible way to get in, the birds had no choice but to


May 2018: —totally find a way in. Accidentally leaving a small opening in the right side, Atomicrabbit had unknowingly constructed an exclusive gated bird community.


Atomicrabbit then finally brings home Dr. Who, scaring the birds away seemingly for good.

For good measure, the gap on the right side is patched. Atomicrabbit says the birds have been gone for a while, but if they somehow make a grand return next year, he’s likely going to just give in and try charging them rent.


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