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Dad Uses Drone to Pull Son’s Tooth Out [WATCH]


Nearly every day, there seems to be some new breakthrough in technology that changes our lives forever. Sometimes it’s something small, like a new phone, or a way to carry our entire music collections in our pockets. Sometimes it’s something big, like self-driving cars, or a new kind of space shuttle.

And sometimes, a dad will get a hold of new technology and change lives with it, like creating 3D printed prosthetic superhero limbs.

Other times they subvert that technology into something silly and fun.

That’s what Mike, a dad from Staten Island did with his drone.

Most of the time, drones are used to take stunning aerial photos, or perform surveillance for the military, or something else creative and/or useful. But Mike decided to put his to use in a different way. To pull his son’s loose tooth.

When I was a kid and we had a loose tooth, we bit into an apple, or maybe we tied a string to a doorknob to help jerk the tooth out. But Mike tied his son’s tooth to his drone, and then set up his camera to film what happened as the drone took flight.

It worked, and his smiling, gap-toothed son was excited. But he was nowhere near as excited as his dad.

“Mikey’s tooth got pulled out by the drone! It’s out dude, it’s out!”

The best part? This was his son’s first loose tooth. Dad promises more creative methods in the future, “It’s his first tooth. We’ll figure out some cool ways to get the other ones out!”

And speaking of loose teeth, check out this dad who pulled out his daughters tooth with a Nerf gun!

Her Grandfather Was Homeless so She Started a Charity at 8-Years-Old

(Facebook/Snuggle Sacks)

Empathy is one of the most valuable traits a person can have. It allows you to think outside yourself and understand someone else’s struggles, being aware that everyone has their own challenges, even if they are superficially different from yours.

Empathy is the awareness that we are all have worth, we are all connected, and accepting that it’s not impossible that you might find yourself in a similar situation down the line.

Teaching empathy to kids is not easy. Children, as wide-eyed and open as they may be, often need to be shown things that are beyond their immediate focus. When the broader world is opened up to them, the way they respond can shape their values for years to come.

So one family must be particularly proud of their daughter, who was introduced to the struggling of a stranger – related by blood, but a stranger to her – and responded with compassion beyond her years.

Addisyn Gross was just 8 years old when she met her grandfather for the first time. Her family was estranged from the man, but he had reached out to make amends, so Addisyn and her parents drove to the veteran’s center at which he was housed. Addisyn learned her grandfather had spent 6 years living on the streets, homeless, and she felt awful.

“I was, like, thinking it was sad, because he got his leg amputated, too, during that time. So, I just really felt bad for him,” the now 11-year-old told Inspire More. So when she got home, she quickly started a charity called “Snuggle Sacks,” which provides bags of necessities to those who need them.

Addisyn’s kindness and drive inspired her sister Sheridan and her brother Jaxson to join in.

(Facebook/Snuggle Sacks)

“It’s incredible that my sister, younger than me, can come up with that and go through with it. And it just makes me really proud,” Addisyn’s sibling Sheridan said.

They started out handing out kits at soup kitchens, and have gone from giving away a handful in 2015 to distributing 1000 kits a month.

Father Figures: Daddy Will Find You

“On September 16, 2018, my second princess was born into this world. 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 19 inches long. She is so calm, sweet, healthy and amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby.

We take Amiyah Mae back home so she can meet her big sister and grandmothers who love her so much. Every night before we all go to sleep, she gets kisses from her big sister, and once more when we wake up.

Big sister is so happy to finally have a little sister to show her the ropes of life and to play with. Everything is perfect.

On October 2, 2018, I wake up to start my first shift at a new fire station, life is perfect with all my girls. Then, while asleep on October 3, 2018 1:30am, I woke up to my wife calling me that our little princess had stopped breathing and was in the hospital.

I run out the station and speed to the hospital to see them doing CPR on her. My worst nightmare has come true. At 2:55am, I lost my little perfect princess. It didn’t feel real, it seemed as if time stopped and I had to re-learn how to breathe.

Truly the worst day of my life; the pain was unbearable. But really the pain never stops, you just get use to it. Big sister cries some nights for her still.

Life can give you everything and take it all away. Cherish your little ones, never let them go cause some days they might just be taken away with no choice.

I love you more then anything, Princess, and I promise I will never let you go. Daddy will find you one day.”

– Eric Jacot

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Dad Puts Baby to Sleep by Describing His Job [WATCH]

(Facebook/Kevin Payne)

Being an adult isn’t always a lot of fun. There are things to do, places to be, bills to pay. For most of us, that requires having a job, and most of the time, those jobs aren’t the most exciting things in the world. But when you have responsibilities, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Especially when you’re a parent.

Kids don’t always understand the things their parents do to ensure there’s a roof over their head, and food on the table. And even if you were to tell your kids all about it, odds are they won’t care all that much.

One dad proved this theory and posted the evidence on Facebook, in a hilarious video of him describing his job and everything it entails to his tiny little baby.

In the video, Kevin Payne is holding his infant in his arms and giving the little tot the lowdown on Daddy’s “really quite exciting” role on the Technology Resiliency Team at a bank. He spends a few minutes detailing the intricacies of the position.

He explains that he ensures “that various applications in the bank, based on criticality, have… built-in resiliency between data centers.”

As he regales the child with the less than thrilling description, the kid starts nodding off. Dad jostles him awake and continues, and as he goes on, the terminology he uses gets more and more sophisticated. And boring.

The kid keeps slipping out of consciousness, and it’s hard to blame him as his dad babbles on and on about disaster recovery, and data centers, and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

“In order to ensure that our applications are resilient between data centers on both production and DR infrastructure…”

Hilariously, Dad keeps waking the kid to make sure he’s listening, because he wouldn’t even have the super boring gig if he didn’t need it just to keep the kid in diapers so that baby better give him the respect he deserves! He drives a Dodge Stratus!

Watch the video:

Detail-Oriented Barber Shaves “Play” Icon Into Customer’s Head [WATCH]

(YouTube/South China Morning Post)

It’s not easy to find a trustworthy barber. And even when you do, it’s not always easy to explain how you want your hair to look, especially if you’re trying something new.

One young man happened upon a very conscientious and detail-oriented hair stylist, but this guy was so on top of things, his customer got a little bit more than he bargained for.

He walked into the barbershop in China, and not wanting to take any chances, he showed his stylist a video of the way he wanted his hair to look. He surely figured he’d covered all the bases and there was no way the barber could screw things up, not after being shown exactly what he wanted.

Unfortunately, the stylist was a little too attentive. Because after the customer paused the video, superimposed over the hairstyle he wanted was the “play” button with which the video could be restarted. Somehow not realizing that the sideways triangle wasn’t part of the hair style, he shaved the play icon directly into his customer’s scalp.

On both sides.

Tian Xiu Bot, an infuential entertainment blogger in China, shared video of the man’s hilarious haircut on the Chinese social media site Weibo, joking “There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.”

The video spread like wildfire, with nearly 80,000 likes and 22,000 shares. It even got reposted by China Daily, according to The Daily Mail.

The video has gotten over 20,000 comments from amused viewers, but not everyone is laughing. Tian Xiu Bot shared another video of the customer strutting around after his haircut, apparently thrilled with the results!

Maybe he’ll launch a new style. One commenter thinks so, saying, “This is a new trending haircut.”

“Baby Shark” Makes the Billboard Top 40


Don’t hate me because I’m lucky.

Somehow, despite having a toddler and writing about parenting – including several pieces about the song! – I have managed to avoid ever hearing it. Even more improbably, the excruciating earworm has found its way onto the charts!

That’s right. The song by Pinkfong has burst onto the Billboard charts, debuting at #32 – almost as high as Lady Gaga and Jackson Maine’s, I mean Bradley Cooper’s, “Shallow,” which won a Golden Globe last week and will be performed at the Oscars in a few months.

“Baby Shark” may not receive any golden trophies, but it does qualify as a “Highest Ranking Debut” for Billboard, and has over 2 billion plays on YouTube. Odds are, if you have kids, you’ve heard this song. And you’re not happy about it. Good news, you’re not alone.

Jimmy Kimmel, a father himself, went on his show last week and railed against the song’s popularity in a hilarious segment, in which he says “it feels like the song goes on longer than “Shark Week.””

He claims that 30 million of the YouTube video – which was produced in Korea (“presumably North Korea,” the host jokes) – were from his daughter. The man clearly knows the pain of hearing an insipid children’s song way too many times. Despite his familiarity with the tune, he is having trouble understanding how this terrible song made the charts.

“How this got into the top 40 I really don’t know, but I don’t think I’m overreacting when I say that whoever is responsible for it should be locked in prison for the rest of their lives, and then when they die, their bodies should be fed to the very sharks they sang about.

Watch the full segment here:

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the Baby Shark earworm (that’s safer and less expensive than a lobotomy) maybe you’d enjoy one of these Baby Shark Covers.

Dad Grades: Tim Taylor From Home Improvement

(Buena Vista Television)

The title Home Improvement suggests one thing: our patriarch is quite the handyman. Leaky faucets. Faulty doorbell wiring. This guy can fix anything around the house. That is, anything except… his dysfunctional family?!?! In this week’s Dad Grades, we take a look at Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.


Tim Taylor and his loving wife, Jill, have three boys: Mark, the youngest, a precious target of sibling torment. Randy, the middle child, a mischievous brainiac. And Brad, the oldest, a jock obsessed with girls. Like, really obsessed. Seriously, he should’ve been the one named Randy.

(Buena Vista Television)

Due to Brad’s traditionally masculine inclinations, he and Tim bonded quite effortlessly. Usually covered in Hot Rod grease. Although he often had to feign enthusiasm for the interests of Randy and Mark, he made great effort in maintaining strong relationships with all three of his sons.

(Buena Vista Television)

What was the key to cultivating strong relationships with a trio of teenage sons? Communication. And what means of inter-male communication has withstood the test of time more than grunting?

Ogh ogh indeed, Tim. Well done.


Okay. Time to get serious. Tim Taylor was walking liability. A madman, insatiable in his futile quest for more power.

Oh, nice, the dishwasher exploded. Wasn’t performing to your industrial-grade standards, and now there’s shrapnel embedded in the kitchen wall.

Imagine if Brad had walked in the kitchen at that moment.

Gets blinded by a shattered wine glass.

Has to quit soccer.

Loses his UCLA scholarship.

Then one day a brilliant prosthetist comes along and makes Brad a pair of artificial eyes.

Brad regains his vision.

Tim decides they could use more power.

Brad’s head explodes, blinding Randy.


Tim was a loving, attentive father, always eager to share a hearty grunt or touching garage-talk with his growing boys. However, we refuse to let this overshadow the fact he was a potential safety hazard to himself and everyone around him. Everything Tim Taylor touched sparked, caught fire, or went kablammo. Sure, probably not his fault. Probably grunted at some mysterious old lady and was subsequently cursed with a lifetime of bad luck. We don’t know. But we do know that no neighbor should have to rebuild their fence that often.



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‘We Built This City…on Sausage Rolls’ Dad’s Song Tops Ariana Grande [WATCH]


We’re always going to be the first ones to support fellow dads when they deserve more recognition and clout but one specific dad seems to be doing just fine on his own.

YouTuber and father-of-two Mark Hoyle—who blogs under the name Ladbaby—recently achieved pop stardom when his Christmas parody song took the number one holiday spot over both Ariana Grande and Ava Max.

The Nottingham ‘Dad Blogger’ repurposed Starship’s 80s glam-rock ballad ‘We Built This City,’ rewording the lyrics to honor one of the greatest loves of his life—sausage rolls.

Through fan promotions and social media sharing, Hoyle ended up getting the downloads necessary to be crowned both sausage roll sultan and Christmas pop king!

Oh, and before you start ranting about him swimming in a newly installed Scrooge McDuck-esque vault of money, you should know all proceeds from the novelty single are being donated to The Trussell Trust, a major supplier to local food banks.

Yes, mate. Well done.


Father Figures: Foster Parent

“I’m the adoptive dad of three great kids who came into my life via foster care.

Two boys that I got when they were very young – my eleven-year-old moved in at 10 months and my 6-year-old moved in at just two days old when he left the hospital. Then there is my teenage daughter, whom I got to meet and adopt when she was nearly 10. I’m also foster dad to three kids right, now so our house is very busy.

My wife and I could not wait to be parents. We had a nursery prepared shortly after marriage, just waiting on that first hint of pregnancy. We waited for nearly 7 years with no results. So we became foster parents and bam! We became Mom and Dad to 5 kids nearly overnight. My very first placement was my eleven-year-old.

Fostering truly is my calling. If there are no extra kids in our house, it feels empty, and I look at each bedroom to see how I could maximize space for another child. It’s kind of ironic how most kids in our area come into care because of drug use by the parents, and a foster parent’s drug of choice is the euphoria of preparing to take on another youngster to care for.

I love what I get to do, but there are some really tough times with foster kids, for sure. We rely heavily upon our faith to endure.

Probably one of the hardest parts to wrap around is this: I see a lot of dads talk about their kids leaving home, but I have another anxiousness. Take my daughter for example, I will have only had about 8 good years with my princess before she is gone to reach her own goals. I feel like I’ve been shorted nearly a decade of my time with her.”

– Clint Cousins

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Space Jam Sequel ‘Skate Jam’ With Tony Hawk Almost Happened


Over two decades since the release of original Space Jam, a sequel is finally in the works starring LeBron James. But did you know there was an earlier follow up to the Micheal Jordan blockbuster in the works that wasn’t going to be a basketball film at all?

According to skateboard legend Tony Hawk, he was approached in the early 2000s by Warner Bros execs who wanted him to show the entire Looney Tunes crew how to do grinds, aerial jumps, and, uhh… 360 indy… spin-a-rooskis? Probably?


Here’s what Tony had to say about it on Twitter:

Then he dished even more details on Instagram:

“in 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film with the Looney Tunes characters that was tentatively titled “Skate Jam.” Their plan was to bring back Bugs, Taz, etc into the cinema with a current release called “Back In Action” and then immediately start working on my project. I was about to leave for a skate trip in Australia so they met me at that iconic dome-shaped restaurant in the middle of LAX before my flight that evening. They were SERIOUS. We talked about storylines and shooting schedules, and they casually mentioned that I would get $1 million up front for signing on. I flew to Sydney that night with a sense of wonder and excitement; I had never met with Hollywood heads and felt so sure about something happening. During my week-long trip, “Back In Action” was released in theaters and bombed. By the time I got home, Skate Jam had been “indefinitely postponed” and I never heard about it again. I still think it would have been a hit considering skateboarding’s popularity at the time, and the reverence kids (now young adults) had for Space Jam. This drawing was given to me at a skate demo that Looney Tunes sponsored years before our movie talks began; with Marvin fittingly on a hoverboard.”

Warner Bros was expecting big numbers from Looney Tunes: Back in Action, but when it bombed, Skate Jam was promptly shelved along with any hope for the cartoon crew to wear backward baseball caps and say things like, “Sick grind, Taz!” or “Whoa, Daffy totally ate it on the vert!”

Skate Jam wasn’t the only potential Space Jam sequel that got the boot either. The original plan was for Michael Jordan to star in his own sequel but he wasn’t interested. Then, a film called Spy Jam starring Jackie Chan fell through. After that, Race Jam was on the table to star NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Finally, Tiger Woods was briefly discussed for the lead in another Space Jam before plans fell through yet again. With such little momentum behind so many potential movies, it’s no surprise the Space Jam franchise died before it could even get off the ground.

However, this also reinforces just how monumental it was that WB finally gave the green light to producer Ryan Coogler, director Terence Nance, and LeBron James to make a sequel that might actually work.

Plus, who knows? Maybe one successful sequel will open the door to others and we’ll finally see our favorite characters doing boardslides and… wallie vert jumpers and… 360 no-scope banana stands?