Tell the dad joke; don’t be the dad joke.

Dad Takes Selfie With Cardi B

In what is arguably the biggest dad-move in recent memory, Joshua Sobocinski’s father took a selfie with a celebrity he didn’t know. Upon seeing Cardi B surrounded by an entourage in New York City, the dad grabbed a selfie and immediately texted his son asking who Cardi B is.

A classic dad moment and gift to the Internet.

Proof That Geese Are Just The Worst


The majestic, migrating waterfowl: the goose.

Don’t let the pretty exterior fool you, though. Geese are worse than ducks in almost every way (don’t fight me on this), plus they tend to just be assholes in general.

For instance, this solo specimencaptured on camera by Twitter user @_LucasKellerjust arrived at Iowa State University and is already the biggest bully on campus.

Rest in peace, Lucas. Your heroism and high-pitched screams will not be forgotten.

Dr. Seuss Spits Fire In This Migos Mashup

In many ways, Dr. Seuss was one of the first MCs. Read one of his books and tell me his flow wasn’t fire. Sure, some of the stuff he spit is more ridiculous than Kanye’s Twitter account, but the man was ahead of his time.

Just check out this Seuss/Migos mashup that sets the children book’s author’s “Wocket In My Pocket” to the beat of Migos’ “Walk It Talk It” and marvel at how well it fits.