New LEGO Line Lets You Make Pop Art

LEGO Pop Art

For the uninitiated, “pop art” was a movement that emerged in the 1950s in which artists created bold, colorful, vivid depictions of familiar subjects, from celebrities to comic books to the everyday mundane. You probably know the style best from the time Andy Warhol painted 32 cans of Campbell’s tomato soup.


Now LEGO, who recently announced upcoming sets based on Home Alone and Seinfeld, is launching a line of LEGO Art products that will allow you to create stunning works of pop art. Each set costs $120, and includes a canvas, build guide booklet, and all the bead-like pieces you’ll need to assemble such iconic subjects as…

Marilyn Monroe

Darth Vader


The Beatles


and Iron Man!


Some sets allow you to make multiple pieces of art. For example, you can make various versions of Iron Man’s suit, while the Sith kit shows you how to make Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren.


And it gets better! Also included in each set is a unique QR code that, when scanned, provides you with a soundtrack you can listen to while you build. You can also combine canvasses to make even bigger, beadier, more badass pieces pop art to hang in your living space. The sets are expected to hit toy shelves on August 1st internationally and September 1st in the United States.

Your move, Mega Bloks!

Hasbro to Release a Back To The Future DeLorean That’s Also a Transformer

BTTF DeLorean Transformer

Folks, we seem to be entering a crossover renaissance of sorts. We’ve watched the Transformers team up with My Little Pony. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joined forces with the Power Rangers. With boredom at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to jam two things together and call it a day.

(Warner Bros)

As if the Transformers haven’t already adapted to enough, now it’s been announced they’ll be pairing with Back to the Future’s Doc and Marty for a new toy and comic book from Hasbro. It’s brilliant: Doc Brown’s time machine is a car, Transformers love shape-shifting into cars. What took them so long?


Here we have Doc Brown’s trusty DeLorean. Flux capacitor, detachable lightning rod conductor. Everything seems to be in order.


Here’s where it gets good. DeLoreans are already easily mistakable for Transformers, as their trademark falcon-wing doors give off a real futuristic robot vibe. You see these doors open, you think nothing of it. Lulled into a false sense of security of your own making.


It continues unfolding until, finally, an Autobot reveals itself. Introducing…



Seriously, why wasn’t this already the hottest toy of the ’80s? Its Transformer name was right there.

You can also pick up a complimentary comic book, where you’ll find Marty McFly on the run from Decepticons, who’ve come to Earth in search of Doc Brown’s fabled time machine. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover:


And just for fun, Hasbro released this rad Back to the Future poster with Gigawatt in place of Marty.


There’s a limited number available. 1,985 to be exact, a nod to the year Back to the Future lent icon status. The pre-orders sold out in a flash. Luckily, you’ll get a second chance on and at select retailers on Oct. 1, 2020, the day the comic book is set for release.

Back to the Future will be celebrating its 35th birthday today, so click here to celebrate with a list of fun facts you may not know about the trilogy!

LEGO to Release New Sets Based on Home Alone and Seinfeld

Seinfeld and Home Alone LEGO
(LEGO / Brent Waller / Alex Storozhuk)

It’s inspiring how LEGO has managed to stay relevant for almost 90 years now. From submarines to Baby Yodas, we’ll never run out of things to build with those tiny, colorful, foot-penetrating pieces of interlocking plastic.

LEGO is always soliciting fresh ideas from amateur builders on their website. If you can drum up enough support, you could very well see that Fight Club play set you’ve always dreamed of come to fruition.

Alex Storozhuk is one of those lucky few to see their concept brought to life, suggesting a design based on the 1990 holiday blockbuster Home Alone.

(LEGO / Alex Storozhuk)

“I can’t even imagine holidays without Home Alone,” Alex wrote in his proposal. “Last Christmas, we were watching it and had our Winter Village on display, I clearly remember the moment I asked myself – ‘Why is there no LEGO Home Alone set?'”

The set is comprised of 3,000 pieces and allows you build the McAllister family’s iconic suburban Chicago home. Other pieces include Kevin, Harry, Marv, rope, paint cans, a spider, a picture of Buzz’s woof-inducing girlfriend, and a lovely cheese pizza just for Kevin.

(LEGO / Alex Storozhuk)

You can recreate Kevin’s classic bathroom mirror scream…

(LEGO / Alex Storozhuk)

…fling some paint cans at the Wet Bandits…

(LEGO / Alex Storozhuk)

…and even pull of that impossible stair sledding stunt.

(LEGO / Alex Storozhuk)

Seriously, there’s no way in hell Kevin made it out that doorway.

Then there’s Brent Waller, who hit the 10,000 vote tally on his idea for a LEGO set to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of Seinfeld. The set looks just like Jerry’s Manhattan apartment, with minifigures that resemble Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and Newman. Wait, sorry, I mean *balls fist* Newman.

(Credit: Brent Waller/LEGO Ideas)

Here’s a better look at Jerry’s apartment. We’ll just assume those tiny plastic cabinets are filled with tiny plastic cereal boxes.


Jason Alexander, George Costanza himself, had a few notes.

You can practice your Kramer entrance…

(LEGO Ideas / Brent Waller)

…trade superficial dating skepticisms on the couch…

(LEGO Ideas / Brent Waller)

…or maybe just drop in at the club to workshop some material.

(LEGO Ideas / Brent Waller)

What is the deal with Mega Bloks?

There’s no set release date just yet, but the Home Alone and Seinfeld plans have been passed along to a LEGO Master Builder, which we’ve just learned is a real job title some people have. Awesome.

What movie or TV show would you like to see receive the LEGO treatment? Sound off in the comments!

Best Electric Cars for Kids— Way Less Stressful Than Handing Over Your Keys

best electric cars for kids

As a dad, there are a few childhood milestones with which you’re expected to help. Teaching kids how to ride a bike, how to tie a tie (thank God for YouTube), how to build stuff around the house, and how to mow the lawn for the first time (so you don’t have to do it anymore).

But teaching the kid how to drive a car may be the biggest — and most dangerous — one. Few things are as exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. (When driving lessons start, you’ll find out why your old man started turning seriously gray about the same time you got your learner’s permit.)

If you’re someone who parks at least 5 spaces away from the nearest car at the grocery store to avoid the slightest possibility of a door ding, who washes the car religiously, and who is a stickler for banning all kids snacks from the car, perhaps the most terrifying aspect of teaching a kid to drive is that he or she might bump into something while learning to parallel park and leave a dent (we know, it will get much worse than that).

It may be in your best interest to start trying to teach the kid to drive while they are young. Forget about handing the kid the Mario Kart video game and letting technology do the teaching. The best electric cars for kids can do the trick instead. These kids motorized cars have seat belts and max out at between 2 and 5 mph, so they’re way safer than they may seem at first glance.

As an added bonus, since kids mimic almost everything their parents do, you’ll be able to see just how they think you look behind the wheel. Don’t be surprised if they give the mailbox the bird, sing-along (loudly and badly) with every song on the toddler electric car’s radio, and yell at the dolls in the back seat to stop bothering each other or they’ll be, “turning this car around right now.” (Funny stuff. The little smart asses may have a future as impressionist comedians.)

Best Electric Cars for Toddlers and Bigger Kids

Costzon Licensed Mercedes Benz 300SL Kids Car

We know, we know. Why should the kid drive a nicer car than you? But it happens sometimes. (Besides, the majority of kids have no idea what a Benz is.)

This kids motorized car has working headlights, an MP3 music player, and a working horn. (We’re 100% certain this last feature will drive you and the neighbors crazy, but we’re also certain you can figure out how to disconnect the horn with Mr. Screwdriver and/or Mr. Hammer.)

This car is made for younger children, as it contains a parental remote control mode, just in case the kid isn’t ready to start driving yet. And it only has a 6-volt battery, so it won’t go as fast as some of the other electronic cars (max speed is only 1.86 mph).

We’re pretty sure no one has ever described a Benz as a starter car before, but this is definitely a starter toddler electric car.

Buy for $150 on Amazon

Rollplay Mini Cooper Kids Ride-on Car

This Mini Cooper may be the most appropriate model to include one on our list of the best electric cars for kids. After all, this one is almost equal to the full-size version. (We kid, we kid.)

Yes, the actual Mini is much smaller than standard full-size cars, but this Mini Cooper electric car for kids is roughly the same size as other power wheels for 5-year-olds, so any kid can drive it.

It has a smaller 6-volt battery than some other kids electric cars, so it’s limited to a 2.5 mph top speed, which is nice for younger kids.

As an added feature, this Mini Cooper comes in three colors, has a windshield, and even has a cup holder. We’re not sure you want to start teaching kids to drink coffee while behind the wheel just yet, but we’re not going to say you can’t.

Buy for $177 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Lamborghini

When it comes to the coolest electric cars for kids, it’s tough to beat this Lamborghini. The aggressive styling, the swing upward doors, and the awesome logo on the front of the car is as cool as it gets.

This kids-level Lamborghini contains fun LED lights, a working horn, an AUX jack to plug in a music source, and a 12-volt battery that delivers a 3.7 mph maximum speed. There are two-speed settings and a parental remote control if you’d prefer to dial back the speed.

Who knows? If you buy the kid a ride-on Lamborghini, maybe your wife will agree that you need a matching full-size model. (It could happen. You also could suddenly become a star NFL quarterback. Never give up on your dreams.)

Buy for $260 on Amazon

Power Wheels Disney Pixar Toy Story Jeep Wrangler Kids Ride-on Car

You can’t create a list of “the best kids” anything without adding some sort of Disney product. (Of course, since Disney owns approximately 47% of the world, finding such products isn’t exactly a difficult endeavor.)

This Toy Story jeep has plenty of decals that will excite fans of the franchise. It has a bit more power than the other kids motorized cars on our list with a maximum speed of 5 mph from the 12-volt battery. There is a low-speed setting at 2.5 mph as well. There is a Jurassic Park version and also a Disney Princess option (duh).

We don’t believe that this Toy Story Jeep will come to life and have crazy adventures when people aren’t around, but we can’t fully deny that it won’t.

Buy for $249 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Electric Kids Car

If you don’t want to spoil the kids with a luxury brand name in your gift of an electric ride-on car, this one doesn’t have a hugely famous logo. (I mean, why get the kids hopes up now when they probably will be stuck with a used Kia hatchback as a first car that’s as old as they are when they turn 16?)

If the kids are too young to understand car brand names, all they’ll know is the sporty look of this kids motorized car is fun. It has LED headlights and accent lights.

Although it has a 12-volt battery and can reach faster top speed than the 6-volt electric cars for kids on our list, it does have two-speed settings, so you can set it to the low setting for younger kids.

Buy for $160 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Truck

If the thought of your uncoordinated preschooler behind the wheel of a toddler electric car terrifies you, we understand. After all, this is the kid who pours a bowl of Fruit Loops at the kitchen counter, adds milk, and spills enough of it on the way to the dining table to keep both of the family dogs busy cleaning up the trail of spills for 20 minutes.

With this electric truck for kids, you’ll have the option of parental remote control. It ships with a remote control unit that allows you to drive and steer the truck while the kid is just along for the ride. (It’s your first chance to be a helicopter-parent; don’t screw it up.)

When the kid is ready to drive, this 12-volt toddler electric car has a maximum speed of 2.8 mph.

Buy for $180 on Amazon

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Kids Ride-on Tractor

Yes, we know that this is not a car technically. But it’s still a lot of fun to drive. Kids (and many adults) love John Deere branded toys, and this tractor is a popular pick among toddler electric car enthusiasts. The tires will provide traction on all kinds of surfaces, including grass and pavement.

It has a 12-volt battery with two speeds available and a maximum speed of 4.5 mph. Its seat has flip-up armrests and a working FM radio for a little extra fun. It even goes in reverse (whoa).

Best of all, it ships with a trailer, so the kid can haul all kinds of stuff that you need moved for outdoor projects. Sure, the trailer can hold stuff for the kid to play with too, but it’s mostly for your needs. It’s a tractor after all, so it needs to be put to work, or how are you going to write it off as a working vehicle on your taxes (joking!)?

Buy for $280 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

4 Star Wars Toys You Can Pre-Order to Celebrate May the 4th

Star Wars Day Pre-Order
(Entertainment Earth/Hasbro Amazon/Lego)

What started as an innocent little pun for Star Wars fans has transformed into a celebration of capitalism at its finest: May the 4th…be with you. Get it? Disney wants you to get it. They’ve hijacked that day on the calendar for all time so that you have no choice but to get it. And they are going to partner with every imaginable brand so that everywhere you look there will be a bobblehead of Jar Jar Binks or Baby Yoda face masks. And you are gonna them, arent you? Yeah, you are. Cause you want it. You need it. They’ve got you, my friends.

Cool, anyway. Here are some super awesome toys you can buy to celebrate today. It’s fun!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Edition Monopoly Game

Mandalorian Monopoly 2
(Hasbro/Star Wars)

Yes, that’s the official title. Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Edition Monopoly Game. A bunch of people all sat in a room and were like, “yeah that’s the name.” According to Entertainment Earth, “The Child [is] brought along adventurers from across the galaxy. Take turns looking over intergalactic real estate in this daring mash-up of adventure and finances.” A daring mash-up of adventure and finances is exactly what my childhood self used to crave so this sounds great. It doesn’t arrive until September by you can pre-order it now

Funko Pop! Deluxe Star Wars: Battle at Echo Base Series


These official names, my goodness. Funko is kicking off their upscale Star Wars: Battle at Echo Base Series with this 6″ Wampa figure. It won’t be released until May 16th but you can pre-order on Amazon now.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Basic 8-Inch Plush

Baby Yoda Squish Toy

If that 6″ Wampa felt a bit too small, then boy are you in luck. Mattel is releasing this incredibly cute plush toy of The Child (It’s Baby Yoda but Disney isn’t ready to embrace that colloquialism because it’s not actually Baby Yoda. Or is it?). It will tower over that 6″ Wampa at a gargantuan 8″ of pure adorableness. It won’t be released until September but pre-order it now ’cause you know this little guy will fly off the internet shelves.

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest

Lego Mandalorian

Now you can build the coolest-named ship since the Millennium Falcon. This 1,023-piece set includes “The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper, and the Child, plus an IG-11 LEGO figure, all with cool weapons to role-play exciting battles.” It’s released in September but you can pre-order it now.

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

Mattel Honors Essential Workers With ‘Thank You Heroes’ Action Figures

thank you heroes

Imagine a schoolyard full of 6-year-olds playing “grocery store” instead of “Batman.” How cool would that be? You have to make sure the shelves are stocked and the customers are happy all while a DEADLY VIRUS THREATENS TO DESTROY THE CITY! If Mattel has its way, and it so often does, this will become a reality. In a genuinely classy move, Mattel will honor the essential workers out in the world with its #ThankYouHeroes collection of action figures.


To the brave women and men who have to leave their homes and do the jobs no one wants to do right now, the entire world thanks you. This collection includes 16 different action figures as well as a 5-figure set from their Little People line which includes Captain EMT, Grocery Store Man, Dr. Doctor, The Incredible Delivery Driver, and Nurse Woman (not the actual names but that’s what we’re calling them.)

doctor mattell

You can pre-order each figure now through May 31st at a cost of $20. A whopping $15 for each purchase will go towards the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative which is a “fund dedicated to the frontline healthcare workers serving the nation during the coronavirus pandemic.” All figures will ship by Dec. 31.

mattell delivery driver

In a press release, Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global (one of the partnering organizations) states, “We launched #FirstRespondersFirst to support healthcare workers and their families who are on the frontlines of this pandemic. Mattel’s iconic brands and products speak to something deep within us. So it’s wonderful to see this new Fisher-Price collection not only bringing joy to children, but giving parents and caregivers a new way to honor healthcare first responders and everyday heroes and their families.”

First responder

It’s pretty amazing that Mattel is giving these real-life superheroes their due cred. “We’re talking about those brave souls who carry on doing their jobs despite the risks in order to keep the rest of us safe, secure and healthy,” Mattel’ says on their website. “We salute these heroes, and we think they’re pretty amazing role models for kids. Let’s play their heroism forward by lending a helping hand and sharing a little gratitude.”

ER nurse

Mattel has continued to kick massive amounts of ass by also creating face shields and cloth face masks for medical professionals. To date, they’ve already made more than 500,000 face shields. To top it all off, they’ve even created an online playground called Mattel Playroom, where parents can experience kid-friendly content and activities for their cooped up little ones.

The Best Online Board Games to Play Remotely With Family

Mobile Board Games
(Google Play)

Remember when we used to play board games with family? Thanks to modern technology, we’re still able to argue over a marathon game of Monopoly even while social distancing. Phew.

Yup, there are some great options online to exhibit your competitive streak – here are our favorites.


Ok, I guess it’s technically a card game – but it’s a classic and it’s free to download in the App Store and Google Play. No word on Drunk Uno being available. And guess what? The online game will prevent you from stacking +2 or +4 cards.


Modern video games can be pretty violent. We should go back to more innocent times when we guessed who strangled the professor with a rope in the library. This classic and ever-popular murder mystery board game is available for $3.99 in the App Store and Google Play.


Family arguments, allegations of cheating, sulking as you go bankrupt – ah, good times. Monopoly is a game we all love, and the online version is great.

You can go to, which is run by Electronic Arts, to find this and hundreds of other free online games, which can be played with friends once you have registered for free. Alternatively, you can use the app version, which costs $3.99 on both Apple and Android.


Educational, smart and fun. I was touched by how the kids described me but it turns out they were talking about this Scrabble game. And they’re right – it captures all the enjoyment and learning of Scrabble into an app called Scrabble Go, available for free on both Apple and Android.


Play against friends one-on-one or open up a room to play as a group – the popular and creative game involves you thinking of a category of words starting with the same letter – and its enjoyable, entertaining, exciting, and ok I can’t think of any more. Check it out for free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s excellent. Wait, another one.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox is an increasingly popular online gaming network that you can get on a variety of platforms, including Xbox One and Apple TV. The games include trivia games like You Don’t Know Jack, Quiplash which is reminiscent of Apples to Apples, Drawful (a Pictionary-style game), and Fibbage XL, which is similar to Balderdash. The great part about these is once you have bought a game, you can play it remotely with family and friends. The bad part is I have to attempt to draw and people laugh.


You will likely have heard of this app, as it gains popularity as a fun way of staying connected with family and friends. Probably more suited to older kids (and adults!), you can use it to video-chat, as well as play all manner of entertaining games, even in large groups. Check it out for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Bunch is less well-known but equally good as Houseparty. Up to 8 people can video-chat and play games together, including trivia and drawing games, Uno, Pool, Mario Kart, and charades. My son confidently guessed sloth before I informed him I hadn’t started yet.

Jigsaw puzzles

Now your social plans really can be in pieces – you can invite friends to join you on to join forces and put together a puzzle virtually. I excel at these – I did one recently that said 3 years but it only took me 4 days.

Lego Is Making Face Visors for Healthcare Workers

LEGO Face Shields

Efforts are underway around the globe to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Some are going above and beyond, like a former NBA star trying to get his hometown’s healthcare workers millions of much-needed masks. Or like sports apparel companies pivoting hard to make PPE. And now add one more company to the list of those absolutely stepping up during this crisis: Lego. The iconic toymaker announced it’s going to be using one of its production facilities to make thousands of face protectors every day for hospital workers.

The toy company, made famous for making tiny things to step on and infuriate you, said in an Instagram post their factory will be able to turn out 13,000 visors daily.

“This week we began to make visors at our factory in Billund for healthcare workers on the frontline in Denmark,” Lego wrote on Instagram. “We are so incredibly proud of the team who made this happen. They worked around the clock to create designs and make moulds that can produce more than 13,000 visors a day. We are grateful to have such talented, dedicated and caring colleagues.”

When you hear Lego is making face visors, you probably picture some dystopian setting where hospital workers are assembling hundreds of unmarked Lego bricks into some facsimile of protection. But no, they just re-worked some of their molding machines to turn out appropriate hospital-quality PPE instead.

This news comes on the heels of Lego announcing a $50 million donation to relief efforts across the globe. The toy company also announced they will be donating half a million Lego sets to children in need. Everything is awesome! At least when it comes to Lego stepping up during this once-in-a-century health event.

Arcade Replaces Prizes With Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

Claw Machine With Toilet Paper and Sanitizer
(Facebook/Rob Braddick/HO barts)

Everyone is handling the COVID-19 situation a little differently. Sports have shut down, Broadway was not far behind. Movie theaters are closing or dropping capacity, comedy clubs are shuttering. Concerts have been canceled. But while the chaos reigns, there are some people who are trying to aim for some levity along the way.

That was evident at an arcade in the U.K., which has responded to the time by upgrading their prize selection to include some of the rarest materials on the planet. The arcade removed all the cheap prizes from their claw game and replaced them with stuff more valuable than gold; hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

The arcade owner was hoping to remind humanity that the COVID-19 situaiton is not game over.

“It’s a bit of light relief with everything that’s going on,” he told CNN. “Hopefully it will raise a smile, which I think everybody needs.”

Noble effort. Lord knows we need smiles more now than ever. Of course, doing this a month from now, and it might just be some dystopian, Thunderdome-style of dispensing essential goods.

This is fun, but let’s hope it does not catch on, because what would that mean for other arcade essentials, like tiny green army men? Those are an arcade reward staple. And when it comes to claw machines, the stuffed animal industry could be gutted.

Here at The Dad, we hope you, your families, and communities stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest information, please utilize online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to remain as informed as possible.

Details Emerge on the LEGO/Super Mario Collaboration

LEGO/Mario Collaboration

Earlier this week, on Mario Day (ya know, Mar10? MAR1O? HAHAHA!), LEGO tweeted out a cryptic video featuring some familiar Mario sounds and a big Mario LEGO piece of some sort. There was much speculation, including here on The Dad, about what a Nintendo/LEGO collaboration might mean, and now we have some answers. But not all of them.

LEGO put out new images, a new video, and spoke to IGN about their plans. This isn’t simply going to be a Mario-themed LEGO set or a LEGO Super Mario game. It’s something entirely unique.

During their chat with Digital Design Lead on LEGO Super Mario, Jonathan Bennink, LEGO Super Mario, which will be released sometime this year (there was no specific date), isn’t just a regular LEGO set. It allows you to build your own Mario levels with special bricks designed specifically for the Super Mario collection in order to interact with the large electronic Mario figure teased in the original tweet.

That super-sized Mario figure has special functionality, enabling various interactions with the other pieces within the set. Among those interactions is the ability to greet Yoshi and other friends, to cry out in pain when standing in lava, and more. He’ll encounter these various pieces, and various obstacles, while navigating his way through the differently assembled levels to collect as many digital coins as he can.

Not a LEGO set, not yet a video game, the Super Mario LEGO is an interactive game where the functionality is built into the LEGO pieces themselves. Said Bennink, “Everything is happening in the bricks.”

A lot than usual is happening, that’s for sure. Check out the video, and stay tuned for more information on when you can get this cool new LEGO set!

Celebrate MAR10 Day With Some Epic Announcements From Nintendo

MAR10 Day Celebration

Today is March 10th, which, in the spirit of something like Star Wars Day (May the Fourth… Be With You), has been rechristened Mario Day, because MAR10 looks like Mario. Or something.

Here at The Dad, we’ve recently shared a lot of breaking Mario news: Levis and Nintendo are collaborating on a clothing line. So you’ll be able to wear a pair of Mario inspired overalls when you visit Super Nintendo World in Orlando and Hollywood in 2021/22.

Then today, LEGO announced on their Twitter feed that they’ll be partnering with Nintendo on a Super Mario LEGO set, and, judging by the video in the tweet, is there a forthcoming LEGO-based Super Mario video game?

Check out the tweet:

Is that a smartphone inside, or more excitingly, a Switch? No one knows anything yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s How to Make Your Own LEGO Baby Yoda

How to Make a LEGO Baby Yoda

The Rise of Skywalker was supposed to be the Star Wars phenomenon last year. The final movie of the celebrated saga was intended to be the iconic moment fans had waited decades for, but it was actually The Mandalorian, Disney+’s breakout hit, that saved the Star Wars universe.

The show itself is very fun and enjoyable and feels more like the sci-fi western we wanted, but a big reason for its success is one of the cutest and memorable new stars we’ve had for some time: officially known as The Child, but we refuse to call him anything other than Baby Yoda. Already the subject of endless memes, Baby Yoda is already one of our favorite Star Wars characters. Actually, maybe any TV character!

Of course, Star Wars has become synonymous with LEGO over the years, and while there is one official Mandalorian LEGO set, it sadly lacks a Baby Yoda figure.

Fortunately, Reddit user u/hachiroku24, is the hero we deserve right now. He specializes in making and documenting unofficial Lego builds. Thankfully, he created a custom-built Baby Yoda, and the accuracy is very impressive, especially the floating carriage!

The great thing is that all the parts are unaltered official pieces of LEGO, and even better, Hachiroku24 has posted a video on YouTube showing exactly how to build it!

And just in case you’re daunted by having to delve through your mountain of LEGO bricks to find the right pieces, you can go to Bricklink for a detailed breakdown of all the pieces you’ll need.

Pretty cool, it is!

Twitter Reunites Toddler With Lost “Daddy Doll” Featuring Deployed Dad

Toddler Reunited With Daddy Doll

Social Media can often be an isolating, negative environment. But every so often it can be a beacon of hope and restore your faith in humanity. This story is one of the latter.

Kenley, an 18-month-old girl, has a “daddy doll” she takes everywhere. It features the image of her dad, who is a soldier deployed overseas. The special doll also plays a voice recording that she reportedly listens to every night. Until she lost it during a long travel day.

Her mom put the call out for help on Facebook:

“Hi, I’m Kenley’s daddy doll. I go everywhere she goes because her dada is deployed. We were traveling back home yesterday and I seemed to have gotten lost somewhere between the Hartford Connecticut airport and the Atlanta airport.”

And that’s when Twitter did its thing (the good thing, thankfully).

People started tweeting about it and alerting the airlines, the airports, and anyone and everyone in between.

Then the story started trending.

Every parent can relate to the angst and helplessness felt when a child loses a beloved toy, and the special connection of this doll to her dad made it even more urgent to reunite her with it. And fortunately, all the chatter worked, as Delta was able to finally track the doll down.

And the airline even upped the ante, delivering the toy to the toddler along with a special care package.

It’s always refreshing to see social media used for good and Kenley’s reunion with her daddy doll is just another example of the positives that social media can bring.

And next time your kid loses a toy, take solace in the fact that in the modern age all it takes to find it is a massive social media campaign involving multiple global corporations, entities, media outlets, and thousands of strangers.