10 Tips For Carving Your Thanksgiving Turkey, From The Awesome Dads In Stock Photos

Man carving turkey

Thanksgiving dinner– that wonderful meal when we gather around the table with friends and family to give thanks for our blessings and then force a complete amateur to demonstrate his knife skills while everyone openly judges. If you drew the short straw this year and are dreading carving your turkey, the best thing to do is keep calm and take inspiration from the coolest of all dudes- the dads of stock photos.

1. Go ahead, carve your turkey. There definitely isn’t someone standing outside your window watching you.

Young father carving thanksgiving turkey for his family
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2. No pressure, but you should probably serve your wife first or she will kill you.

Carving Traditional Stuffed Turkey for Dinner

3. Remember to bring a knife, just in case carving a turkey with your mind doesn’t work.

Grandfather preparing to carve Christmas turkey at dinner table
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4. Don’t worry, it’s only your child’s respect that hangs in the balance.

Grandfather carving stuffed turkey for holiday dinner with his family. The Thanksgiving Dinner is served with roasted potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables and red berry jelly.

5. On second thought, forget about them, those kids stopped respecting you long ago.

Little brother and sister sitting at table during Thanksgiving dinner, their father carving a traditional roast turkey

6. If things start going south think back to that one Thanksgiving in college when everyone was just stoked there was turkey at all. “You guys, you guys, Tom made a fucking turkey! Turn up the Dave Matthews Band!”

Friends having a party
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7. Try not to think about how your wife can carve a turkey with a toddler on her hip.

Mother and daughter serving food at holiday dinner
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8. To distract from poor knife skills, go for the huge laugh by asking everyone at the table, “Breast or Thigh?”

Dishing up the Christmas turkey
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Dishing up the Christmas turkey
(Getty/Juice Images Ltd)
A family sitting down for Christmas dinner
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9. Buy a precut turkey breast to serve. Everyone knows whole cooked turkeys are just for staged photos and Instagram likes.

Family Having Thanksgiving Dinner Together
Mother Carving Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner
Father Carving Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

10. Finally, whatever you do…

Man carving the thanksgiving turkey at head of table


Multi-generational Hispanic family eating at Thanksgiving table



African American man carving Thanksgiving turkey
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Man carving turkey


Man carving turkey for multi-generation family at table
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