16 Funny As Hell Beer Tweets

(Getty/Jack Andersen and Twitter/SkinnerSteven)

Here’s a fun fact: In Austria, you can literally swim in pools of beer.

Wait, let me qualify that.

You can’t just go to any random Austrian’s backyard and expect to find an inground pool filled with Fohrenburger Premium Weizen. That seems unlikely. No, you have to know a place. Well, guess what. I know a place! Even better, I’ll tell you where it is.



Before I reveal it, though, let’s take a few minutes to “swim” in laughter (the beer of emotions), and enjoy these 16 funny tweets about the world’s best beverage.

1  Science is never wrong

2  Typical weekend

3  Conversation is an artform 

4  Embrace the mystery

5  Show a little restraint, party boy

6  Just lob it over

7  Remember this helpful rhyme

8  Defer to the authorities, when necessary

9  Never forget

10  Include the whole family

11  I’m no nutritionist, but this sounds like a solid diet plan

12  This is a pun. Sorry

13  This, too, is a pun. Sorry, again

14  Keep a song in your heart

15  Humans are the smartest animals…right?

16  The prophecy has been fulfilled

Hey, that was fun, right?! Alright, you’ve earned the big reveal.

The Schloss Starkenberger Brewery in Tarrentz, Austria, is home to the world’s first beer swimming pools. For the price of about $300 for a two-hour session, this could be you:


Now go swim in that beer!