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Larry David’s Reading of “F-ck, Now There Are Two of You” is Perfect


Exhausted parents, unite!

If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition, chances are someone has already gifted you several books with plenty of advice on raising kids. But what about a little levity? A lighthearted and honest look at what being a new mom or dad is really like. Something with a little fucking truth to it.

Well fear not, as we announced last week, author Adam Mansbach has returned with a brand new story that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. A follow up to Mansbach’s first adult storybook, the New York Times Bestseller Go the F—- to Sleep, F-ck, Now There Are Two of You shares the author’s honest and curse-filled take on raising not one, but two children.

According to the book’s publisher F—k, Now There Are Two of You is a loving monologue about that new addition to the family, addressed to a big sibling and shot through with Adam’s trademark profane truth-telling.”

Like his first two books, Mansbach has lined up a celebrity to read the audiobook version to be released in conjunction with the new book. His first book was aptly voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, a fitting choice for such material.

Ah yes, there’s something about Jackson laying down an F-Bomb that just hits right.

Mansbach’s follow up, You Have to F-cking Eat, was read with class by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

But now everyone’s favorite old curmudgeon takes the reigns for the latest in Mansbach’s foul languaged follies. Seinfeld co-creator and all-around funnyman Larry David has agreed to lend his pipes to the new audiobook, releasing the following clip from the recording set to debut next month.

David, looking comfortable as ever, perfectly encapsulates lines such as “What the fuck did we sign ourselves up for,” and “Soon you won’t be the focus of all our attention, chances are, that will make you a dick.”

The audiobook will be available October 1st on Audible, Apple iTunes and anywhere else audiobooks are sold. The print edition of the book is available now for preorder on Amazon for $14.99.

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Photo of Wisconsin Bus Driver’s Small Act of Compassion Goes Viral

Isabel Lane Holds Axel's Hand
(Augusta Police Department)

Back to school season is often a time of excitement for both kids and parents, however, like many of life’s milestones, can often be accompanied by stress and anxiety.

With fresh faces all around and new challenges being presented each day, children can sometimes need a little extra reassurance that things will be alright. School Bus driver, Isabel Lane, is all too familiar with first day jitters, so when kindergartener Axel Johnson’s excitement turned to anxiousness, the Wisconsin native knew just what to do.

Reaching back, Lane took Axel’s hand, a silent reminder that things will be ok. Axel’s mom, Amy, capturing a photo of the exchange. The Augusta Police Department sharing it to their Facebook page, acknowledging Lane and all the staff who work with the community’s children each and every day.

“The compassion we see every day in our teachers, bus drivers, custodians, administration, food service staff, and paraprofessionals is truly admirable,” the post said. “We are so fortunate to be able to partner with these people!”

The photo has since gone viral, with hundreds commenting on the simple, yet powerful gesture. Lane, however, telling news affiliate WEAU it was simply the right thing to do. “I think it kind of goes for anyone—if you see someone maybe struggling, just to do something as simple as reaching out a hand and showing that you are there.”

As for Axel, his anxiety has long since subsided and he now looks forward to the morning bus ride, all thanks to Lane’s small act of compassion. “The day after that he was waiting at the bus stop all by himself, he got on all smiles and talking to me the whole time so he is doing much better now,” Lane added.

The photo and story, a reminder of how small acts can make a huge difference. The bus driver sharing a final piece of advice we should all take to heart: “You don’t have to say anything, but just to show someone you are there makes a big difference in someone’s day.”

‘Go the F- to Sleep’ Gets a Threequel: ‘F-, Now There Are Two of You’

F, Now There Are Two of You Book

There’s some big effing news for parents and lovers of literary expletives. Author Adam Mansbach has released another follow up to his New York Times Bestseller “Go the F—- to Sleep,” and parents everywhere will undoubtedly relate and rejoice.

Illustrated once again by the talented Owen Brozman, the author’s new “adult bedtime story” highlights the struggles and headaches of transitioning from one child to two. “So, ‘F–k, Now There Are Two of You,’ is very much my reality,” Mansbach shared in a press release for his new book, adding in that “somehow, two is a million more kids than one,” something any parent will attest is true.


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According to the publisher “Fuck, Now There Are Two of You is a loving monologue about the new addition to the family, addressed to a big sibling and shot through with Adam’s trademark profane truth-telling.” An audiobook will also be released with Seinfeld creator Larry David narrating, which honestly seems spot on. David telling Entertainment WeeklyAs the second-born child, I’m sure my parents experienced feelings similar to those of the narrator in this book,” adding “Is it any wonder I’m so fucked up?”

Manbach’s first book, ‘Go the F–k to Sleep,’ was recorded by Samuel L. Jackson.

While Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston lent his voice to Mansbach’s 2014 ‘You Have to F—ing Eat.’

Since finishing his new release, the already exhausted author has welcomed a third child. While Mandbach may release another book, the author says there’s currently no plan to further expand his family, joking in a statement “I’ll probably leave a few copies at the doctor’s office when I go in for my vasectomy.”

While it’s likely not suitable reading for your little ones, this title is sure to find it’s way onto slightly-out-of-reach bookshelves in homes across America.

‘F–k, Now There Are Two of You’ will be released on October 1st. It will be in stock on Amazon on September 23 and you can currently pre-order it for $14.36.

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Hundreds Attend 4-Yr-Old Cancer Survivor’s ‘Bumblebee’ Birthday Party

Whitaker's Bumblebee Birthday
(NBC News Twitter/ABC7John)

4-year-old Whitaker Weinburger has had a difficult life. Just weeks after his first birthday, Whitaker was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. The cancer on his adrenal gland would require the young boy to receive a blood transfusion and double stem cell transplant. “It was awful,” Whitaker’s mom Erin recalls, telling The Washington Post in a recent interview “It was terrifying.”

Although treatment showed eventual success, Whitaker’s next few years were full of daily medications and follow-up appointments. Sleepless nights and weeks spent awaiting results became the Weinburger family’s new normal.

Photos from his second birthday show Whitaker between treatments, feeling “crummy” according to his mother, but still managing to celebrate. It wasn’t until shortly after his third birthday that the brave young boy and his family received the news they’d been waiting for all that time. Scans came back showing the treatments had worked, and Whitaker was officially on the mend.

Fast forward to this September. Whitaker’s fourth birthday was approaching, and his parents wanted to find a special way to help him celebrate. A huge fan of “Bumblebee” from the Transformers movies, his mom Erin knew just what to do. A neighbor down the street from the family’s home drives a yellow Camaro, much like the one featured in Transformers. They sometimes pass the vehicle on their way to preschool, Whitaker often asking “Can we go the Bumblebee way?” Erin posted a message on Facebook asking anyone with a yellow car to park on their street on Whitaker’s birthday so that his walk to preschool would be one he’d always remember. Her post spread quickly and was eventually picked up by local news station WJLA.

This past Wednesday, over 100 cars, trucks, buses, and cabs — some traveling hours just to be there — lined the sides of the family’s street in Northern Virginia. Police officers shut down traffic, while crossing guards and neighbors sported Bumblebee themed shirts and costumes, all to help a young boy have his best birthday yet. Strangers and family friends alike showed up with gifts and support for the cancer-kicking youngster. Whitaker’s mom Erin was overwhelmed by the support, telling The Post “I hope that all those people that come connect with each other, too, because they’re seeing something great. They’re seeing something great in each other.”

If that wasn’t awesome enough, Jeremy Levy, voice of Bumblebee for the cartoon Transformers: Cyberverse, also reached out to the family with birthday wishes, sharing their exchange on his Twitter account.

In addition, Paramount Pictures, the movie studio behind the Transformer movies, sent several boxes of toys to the family’s house, many of which they say will be donated to other kids in need.

Overjoyed with the outpouring of support and love from so many in and around her community, Erin says she and the family now look forward instead of back. “I think the more time that passes, the more we focus on the future instead of what might have happened,” she says, adding “No matter what the future holds, he’s loved.”

Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’ Comics to Return In “A New Online Era”

The Far Side Returns

Fans of The Far Side have a new reason to celebrate. The iconic cartoon recognized the world over is making a triumphant return, not to the comics page of newspapers across the country, but to the world wide web of all places.

The news may sound minor to those not familiar with cartoonist Gary Larson’s feelings on sharing “his children” on the internet. Back in 1999, Larson emailed a fan site asking them, and fans at large for that matter, to refrain from sharing his comics on what was then a relatively new medium at the time.

“…Please, please refrain from putting The Far Side out on the Internet. These cartoons are my “children,” of sorts, and like a parent, I’m concerned about where they go at night without telling me. And, seeing them at someone’s web site is like getting the call at 2:00 a.m. that goes, “Uh, Dad, you’re not going to like this much, but guess where I am.”

While keeping photos off the web these days seems unlikely if not impossible, at the time, many fans respected Larson’s feelings on the topic. Books, reprints, and calendars continued to fill the void for many, while others went about sharing their favorite panels on message boards and eventually social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

However, all of that may have changed with a recent announcement on teasing a change in policy may be coming soon.

“Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of The Far Side is coming!”

Fans have reacted with enthusiasm and, of course, their favorite panels.

Originally running in print form 1980-1995, Larson’s single-panel comic became part of the fabric of modern humor. While details are yet to be released as to what form this new “online era” will take, chances are you’ll be able to see all your favorites from the award-winning comic series is some way, shape or form in the next few months.

Don’t Get Downsized at Dunder-Mifflin While Playing The Office Game


Fans of NBC’s The Office have had reason to celebrate recently thanks to a few new developments.

Cardinal, the game maker behind such sitcom based hits as “Golden Girls: Any Way You Slice It,” has released a new Dunder-Mifflin based game that’s sure to have you saying “that’s what she said.”

The Office: Downsizing, currently available on Amazon, is a game of workplace survival in which players choose their favorite character and attempt to make it to the weekend without getting canned. According to the description, it all starts by choosing a side.

“Be part of Team Michael, intent on exposing Toby as the Scranton Strangler. Be part of Team Toby, just itching to issue a pink slip (or two or three). Orrr, BE TOBY in disguise! Each day of the week comes with a new email from HR and enough episode-specific gameplay references to separate the avid show watcher from the hard-core Dunder Mifflin devotee.”

The game, suitable for 5-10 players, comes with everything you’ll need to ascend the corporate level all the way to middle management. Complete with name badges, a dry erase board and your very own Dundie Award, this game is sure to be a hit next time you have 20-30 minutes to kill.

The game is currently on sale for $11.99 on Amazon and makes a great gift for that secret Santa exchange coming up in a few months.

Also announced this week, a new podcast featuring Pam and Angela will launch this fall.

“Office Ladies” premieres Oct. 16 on Stitcher’s comedy network, Earwolf. Photo credit: Adam Hendershott Photography. (Earwolf)

Real-life pals Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey are reuniting once again for Office Ladies, a weekly podcast where the pair will answer fan questions and share behind the scenes details. The first episode debuts October 16th and will be available on multiple podcast platforms.

I’m not sure why they didn’t call it That’s What She Said.

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Chance Encounter on Flight Leads to Breakthrough for Child With Autism

Breakthrough for Child with Autism
(Twitter/Rachel R. Romeo)

Maybe it was a simple coincidence. Maybe it was fate. No matter what you believe, some things in life are hard to just chock up to chance.

Such is the story of Rachel Romeo’s recent flight home from a conference. The speech-language pathologist had boarded an 8-hour international flight and was seated next to a father and his young son. In broken English, the father began to explain that his son had nonverbal autism, going on to apologize for what would likely be a difficult flight. Before takeoff, the young boy had already begun exhibiting some behaviors the SLP immediately recognized.

Sharing her experience on twitter, Romeo says things quickly began to escalate. “Screaming, hitting me, and grabbing for my things. The father repeatedly apologized, but did little else,” she recalled.

But instead of sitting back and ignoring the behavior, Romeo saw it as an opportunity to put her skills to work and potentially help not only the young boy, but his father as well. “I asked him how his son preferred to communicate. He didn’t seem to understand. Perhaps this was a language barrier, but I think instead the child had very little experience with communication therapy. I put away the talk I was working on & asked if I could try.”

For the next few hours, Romeo tried creating ways for the boy to communicate. She used common symbols and even a few hand drawings to help illustrate things in a way the child could easily understand. “I made symbols for the things he was grabbing, for his favorite stuffed penguin, and for his dad.”

Romeo says the almost instant results stunned even her. “He took to it very quickly. I introduced way more symbols that I normally would, but hey, how often do we get an 8-hour session?!”

By the end of the flight, the family was able to communicate like never before. “He had made several requests, initiated several times, & his behaviors had reduced quite a bit. The father was astounded – clearly no one had ever tried an AAC approach with him. I gave him the paper & showed him how to use it, and he nearly cried.”

While quick results like this are indeed a rarity, Romeo says that oftentimes it’s as simple as finding ways to communicate that can make all the difference. “This was the human desire for communication, pure and simple. To connect with another person and share a thought. Communication is a basic human right, and I was overjoyed to help someone find it. What a privilege and a gift.”

The term “nonverbal autism” isn’t an official diagnosis, as many on the autism spectrum have difficulties with communication. While there’s much still to be learned, scientists and researchers are making new discoveries every day, much of it surrounding different ways to encourage verbal and non-verbal forms of exchange.

Whether you believe Romeo’s encounter was a simple coincidence or divine intervention, it’s a reminder that one person’s actions can indeed make a huge impact on others.

Man Brings an Emotional Support Clown to Exit Interview

Joshua Jack with Emotional Support Clown
(Joshua Jack)

What would you do if you knew you were about to lose your job? Sure, you could have a breakdown. Maybe send an email to your coworkers telling them how you really feel? Eh, It’s been done.

Why not take the opportunity to leave on a high note by showing your employer that they’re losing a true asset to the company? A creative thinker who knows how to turn a frown upside down. Someone who’s not clowning around. Recently presented with the opportunity, New Zealand native, Joshua Jack, answered the call.

Upon receiving an email from his employers saying they needed to discuss his role at the company, Jack was told he could bring someone for “support” to the meeting in order to help him weather the news. Being a smart businessman, Jack knew this role would best be filled by a professional.

Jack wasted little time, immediately researching viable options and eventually landing on Joe, a professional clown who Jack hired for $200.

(Joshua Jack)

Arriving in full attire and a blue wig, Joe was ready to stand by, sit with, and console Jack in any way he could. For the duration of the exit interview, Jack had Joe close by — giving both emotional support as well as two balloon animals the performer very slowly crafted during the meeting. “It was sort of noisy, him making balloon animals, so we did have to tell him to be quiet from time-to-time.”

(Joshua Jack)

When asked how management reacted to the tactic, Jack responded, “I mean he was one of the best clowns in all Auckland so they were getting something of a free service.” For his part, Jack told morning radio show MagicTalk “I did get fired, but apart from that it was all smooth running.”

As for Jack’s professional life, the recently canned comedic adman has already landed a new position, hopefully at a place that values his particular brand of expression more than the last.

Your Favorite Marvel Cartoons From the 80s and 90s Will be on Disney+


Disney+ is coming soon, and with so many announcements over the past few weeks, fans are finally able to get a full picture of the massive catalog of titles soon to be available.

The latest programming touted by the media giant is from Marvel’s vaults in the form of classic 90’s animated titles. Yep. All your childhood favorites are coming back to spark nostalgia and hopefully convince you to shell out $6.99 for yet another streaming service.

Disney announced the new additions yesterday on their Twitter account.

The titles include X-Men (1992), Spider-Man (1994), Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man (1994), Fantastic Four (1994) and several more throwbacks that will have you feeling like a kid again.

These classics will join other fan favorites such as DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers which are also expected to be available at launch. As Disney continues their media acquisitions, the company now owns a massive chunk of programming and movies — in addition to their already staggering collection — which puts them in a good position to compete against other streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Chances are though, many families will be roped into keeping them all thanks to original programming available through each platform.

And speaking of awesome cartoons Disney also recently announced a Spider-Man series for preschoolers – so you can say so long to Paw Patrol!

The launch of the long hyped and much anticipated Disney+ service debuts on devices everywhere November 12th.

15 Crazy Facts You Don’t Know About N64’s GoldenEye 007

15 Crazy Facts About N64 GoldenEye

Even if you weren’t around when the game first debuted, chances are you’re at least aware of 1997’s GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 console. While many games have stood the test of time, the mere mention of proximity mines and paintball mode invokes nostalgia from those both young and.. well… slightly less young.

So what is it that catapulted GoldenEye into the stratosphere of gaming culture? The answer is a combination of advanced gameplay, branding and ahead-of-its-time-graphics that still impress, especially considering 3D gaming was in its infancy at the time.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or only vaguely aware of it, here are 10 things you probably never knew about GoldenEye 007.

1. It was originally going to be as a side scrolling, 2D shooter for the SNES


Martin Hollis, Game Director, instead proposed “a 3D shooting game” for the Nintendo 64 console, then still in development and known only as Ultra 64. He then created a document with all the design ideas he wanted in the game, including gadgets, weapons, characters to use, story digression from the film, and an artificial intelligence (AI) that would react to the player’s actions.

2. The team behind the game were relative amateurs

The majority of the team behind GoldenEye had never worked on a video game before. The rest were more familiar with 2D titles such as Donkey Kong Country. But those involved say at the time, that was actually a plus.

“Because it was most people’s first game”, composer Graeme Norgate told Now Gamer back in 2011. “We did things we might not do again because it was too much work. We didn’t take the easy route. If something sounded like a good idea, it was like, ‘Yeah let’s do it!’ The world was our oyster! Only afterwards would you find it was a world of pain.”

3. Developers initially planned to let players reload weapons by unplugging and re-inserting the Rumble Pak on the game controller

Yep. Developer Steve Ellis says the idea was ultimately nixed by Nintendo. “Nintendo weren’t keen on that idea and I think it might have affected the pacing a bit…”


4. There was supposed to be four Bonds in the game


Sean Connery’s Bond, along with Timothy Dalton’s and Roger Moore’s were originally included alongside Pierce Brosnan’s. Developer Dave Doak recalls it was “right near the end” of the game’s development that the characters were pulled. The firm who held the license said it was a no-go.

“An edict came down from on high and we had to get rid of the other Bonds, so on the day we had to take them out we played this epic deathmatch – first to a hundred kills – which went on for about three hours. Mark Edmonds played as Moore and won by one kill. It went down to the wire…”

The other Bonds exist in some of the game’s promotional material and documentation. What’s even cooler is that they left behind digital footprints in the game.

5. Much of the game is actually in black and white


Karl Hilton, one of the designers on the project, says the N64’s processor was only 3/4 of what the team had designed for. Their solution? Go old school. “RGB colour textures cost a lot more in terms of processing power. You could do double the resolution if you used greyscale, so a lot was done like that. If I needed a bit of colour, I’d add it in the vertex.”

6. Super Mario 64 changed everything

Dave Doak told Now Gamer that when Super Mario 64 was released, the developers, like many players, were floored. “When Mario arrived it was clearly a step forward. Martin was obsessed with the collision detection, which was obviously doing it in 3D and GoldenEye was essentially using a 2D method. And our story was only about shooting stuff – we needed other things. We started putting in objectives, like meeting people in a level and back then that involved some complicated AI.”

7. Many elements are recycled from other parts of the game

The radar on multiplayer mode is actually an oil drum texture. The shuttle scene reused satellite textures and it’s takeoff imagery was powered by graphics from grenade explosions. “That whole level is a big hack job, but it’s one of the nicest looking,” Karl admitted.

8. Most supporting characters were rendered from employees at Rare Studios


Most everyone, aside from the studio owners, were scanned in for use in the game. At the start of each level, 5 faces from the collection are chosen at random. According to the 2011 interview, the entire development team are in there and Karl remains rather proud of the manly scar added to his face.

9. The game was extremely profitable

GoldenEye 007 cost Rare Studios an estimated $2 million to produce. It went on to gross over $250 million worldwide. Over 8 million copies of the game have been sold to date, making it the third most popular title for the console behind Mario 64 and Mario Kart.

For reference, the actual movie GoldenEye had a $60 million dollar budget and brought in an estimated $350 million at the box office.

10. Multiplayer mode was a last-minute addition

That’s right. Possibly one of the most memorable parts of the game nearly never came to light.

Developer Steve Ellies was brought aboard in the final months of the project to add in cheat codes and extra details. But his most important contribution was easily multiplayer. According to Doak, Ellies “sat in a room with all the code written for a single-player game and turned GoldenEye into a multiplayer game.”

Thank you, Steve.

11. The Cheat Sheet

Plenty of games have hidden easter eggs and cheat codes, but GoldenEye’s took the game to another level.

Players will fondly remember gems such as Paintball Mode and Tiny Bond, all achievable through carefully choreographed combinations that if done incorrectly, just make Bond look like he’s busting out a brand new dance.


Of course, you can always just beat certain levels within a specified time and win these perks honestly, but come on now, just bust a move.

12. Flying Bond

Yep. It’s more of a glitch, but still. This one was shared on GameSpot by user Millers C.

“Enable the Tiny Bond cheat. Go to a staircase and Crouch as far down as you can and walk off, and Voila, Bond can fly! Try it at the Frigate!”

13. Secret Island

While designing the first level, programmers built an island that was meant to be reached by boat. The boat was removed but the island remains… that is if you have a GameShark. Remember GameSharks?

The folks over at Fandom shared this tidbit:

“During the Dam level, go to the opposite side of the docks away from the place where you jump off. You can use your sniper rifle zoom to look around. While looking around, you will see an island slightly obscured by fog. Using a GameShark and a ‘No Clipping’ code, you will be able to reach the island.”

14. Secrets of the Silo

This one comes from IGN. Again, it’s more of a glitch, but still pretty freaking cool.

“This code requires that you have the invincibility cheat. Go to the Silo level with invincible Bond on. Select the plastique explosives from your watch and throw it on the wall. Now, shoot the explosives with your gun. Wherever you run, the explosions will follow you and kill everything in your path.”

Bonus Fact: Did you know there was originally an elevator in the silo level?

15. There’s a hidden emulator with 10 bonus games!

That’s right. There’s a fully functional emulator for the ZX Spectrum system, complete with ten original games. Getting to it is a bit of a pickle though. It was originally made as an experimental side project by Rare, but was deactivated in the final build. However several fan-developed patches allow modern emulators to unlock the bonus content.

(ROM Hacking)

If all of this has you feeling nostalgic, you can cop an original (refurbished) N64 along with GoldenEye 007 on eBay for the reasonably affordable price of just $79.99.

There are also emulators available online, but be wary of spammy links and ads. Seriously.


These crazy facts are a part of our dad trivia series, where we drop some pop-culture science you can impress your dad pals with at the next BBQ. Our previous edition featured 15 Crazy Facts About Super Mario.

Upperclassmen Help 14-Yr-Old Boy Who Had a Tough Time at His New High School

Reidsville Upperclassmen sitting with Cale

Freshman year of high school can be a difficult time for anyone, but Cale Wrenn was having a particularly tough first few days. The 14-year-old North Carolina teen who’s attending Reidsville High School was struggling to make friends, and worse, was being bullied for his height.

Cale expressed his frustration to his older sister, Leah, telling her he had to eat lunch alone because a few of his peers thought “he was a loser.” Like any sibling, Leah was moved by her brother’s plight, deciding to post the conversation with Cale to a post on her Twitter account.

Leah’s post immediately caught fire, receiving thousands of comments from people all over the world giving Cale positive affirmation and support. However, a group of teens in Cale’s own community caught wind of the post and did a lot more than send well wishes.

Senior Demontez Canada, a member of the football and basketball teams told local news station WLKY “We decided to catch [Cale] off guard at lunch and have lunch with him and show him around the school and make sure he was OK and give him new friends.” The next day, Canada, along with several of his classmates, did just that. They shared a photo on Twitter, with one of his classmates adding “he always got a place at my table.”

Next up was the Reidsville football team, who posted this photo to their Twitter account:

Leah and Cale were both floored by the outpouring of support.

Cale telling the news outlet “It felt really nice to know that there are people who care,” then commenting on the photo of him and his new friends:

Although Cale is thankful for the massive showing of support, he’s aware not every kid like him will be so lucky. “I know I’m not the only person that sits alone at lunch. In different periods there are different freshmen and juniors and sophomores who sit alone at lunch and I just wish we can do something for them, too. It felt kind of weird, it just being me who got reached out to and I wish we could do something for all of the people who sit alone, give them all someone to sit with at lunch,” said Wrenn.

With just a few moments of their time, these teens gave Cale a day he will never forget, as well as a lesson that will carry him well beyond high school. Cale sharing with the news station “The good part about having friends is that you always have somebody to talk to if you ever need anything.”

Target Debuts Adaptive Halloween Costumes in Push Towards Inclusivity

Target's Sensory and Special Needs Costumes

Inclusivity is one of the most important things we can teach our children. While every child is unique, most can find common ground when it comes to a love of candy.

So with Halloween lurking around the corner, Target has introduced several new costumes that allow children of all abilities to join in the fun. The retailer has unveiled four new costumes they have dubbed “inclusive”, two of which include wheelchair coverings available through the store’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique.

From a purple princess carriage complete with crown, to a water wheeled pirate ship, the new options are just the latest in an effort by retailers to ensure all kids feel free to be kids.

Other new costumes include a unicorn and the all-too-familiar Baby Shark, designed to help children with special sensory needs. The costumes feature flat seams and a tag-free design that may help with certain sensitivities.

Target's Unicorn Costume

adaptive baby shark costume


These adaptive costumes are a followup to the retailer’s sensory-friendly clothing line which was first released back in 2017 under their Cat & Jack line. A spokesperson recently telling The Independent “Based on the response to our Cat & Jack adaptive apparel and Pillowfort sensory-friendly home items, we know that design details can have a huge impact. We’re now bringing that spirit of inclusivity to our new Hyde and Eek! Boutique kids’ adaptive Halloween costumes, which we hope will bring more ease and joy to our guests’ everyday lives.”

While progress has been made over the past few years, there’s still a long way to go towards true inclusivity. These new additions are certainly a move in the right direction.

The costumes are now available on

Daughter of Hero Officer Lost on 9/11 Joins NYPD Under Dad’s Badge

Officer Ramon Suarez and Daughter Jillian

The world changed on September 11th. The lives of countless people were impacted in ways we’re still discovering while wounds of loss still remain as fresh as they were back in 2001.

As families and friends of the nearly 3,000 innocent people who lost their lives that day struggle to carry on, a few bright spots have emerged as reminders that we as human beings and Americans will not be held down or deterred from helping others.

Jillian Suarez had celebrated her ninth birthday just two days before the attacks. Her father, Ramon Suarez, was an officer who lost his life-saving others during the chaos that ensued on the morning of September 11th. Officer Suarez was last seen running back into the North Tower of the World Trade Center after assisting a woman who was unable to walk out of the building. His final resting place, miles from where he was posted that day. “He was on Delancey Street and Essex. He was at his post and he heard the call over the radio. From there he ran to take a taxi. He took a taxi to help others that day,” his daughter Jillian shared back in 2016 with news affiliate PIX11. “It took three months for them to find him and I think it really hit me when my mom had told me that day when they found him that he wasn’t coming home,” Jillian added.

This was the last photo taken of Officer Ramon Suarez on 9/11 (NYPD)

Now almost two decades later, the young girl whose father gave his life in the line of duty has followed in his footsteps to protect and serve. It’s a long way from where she was in the years after losing her father. “For 10 years, I said that he died from a heart attack,” she recalled.

But after remembering her father’s passion for helping others and his love of the career, Jillian decided to apply for the police academy. “I always saw his passion in the job and how he loved wearing that uniform and I want to be able to help others the way he did.”

Last October, Jillian graduated from the Police Academy and was given a shield — the same badge her father wore his many years on the job. It was both an honor and a reminder that her father will always be with her both on the job and off. His spirit of compassion and caring, already deeply ingrained in Jillian’s actions. “If people need me, I’ll drop anything. I don’t care what it is.”

It’s that same mentality that brought her father to the towers that day — the same frame of mind that tens of thousands of emergency service professionals take on each and every day.

Today, and every day, we remember Ramon Suarez and the hundreds of others who gave their lives in the hopes of saving others. We remember the victims of the planes, buildings, and aftermath of the attacks. Most of all, for those who lived through the attacks and those of us watching as they unfolded that day, we remember to never forget.