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This Star Wars Cantina-Themed Bar Is the Ultimate Nerd Palace

Star Wars Cantina Bar

We all need something to look forward to. Especially now. Even as some states start reopening at reduced capacity, there are plenty of cities that are still on total lockdown. And let me tell you, when your city is on total lockdown and you discover that there is a Star Wars Cantina-themed bar within walking distance of your home, time starts moving very, very slowly.


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Have you ever danced with a droid in the pale cantina light? . . #scumandvillainycantina #scifisafehouse

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This LA establishment is called Scum and Villainy Cantina (of course) and it is a self-proclaimed “friendly neighborhood geek bar.” Before you start having kittens because you clicked on the website and saw a guy gesturing at you to ‘live long and prosper,’ know that this bar caters to all geeks, not just the Star Wars variety. That’s right, this is a place where Trekkies, Star Wars fans, Battlestar Galactica fans, and every fan of niche nerdom can come together and live (and drink) in harmony. Vulkans can rub shoulders with Jawas and Cylons can shoot pool with Dr. Who. You are encouraged to dress up and they even host geek-themed tournaments for a variety of properties:

Some of their cocktails include The Mind Trick, Gold Bourbonkini, The Starbuck, Witness Me, Furiosa, I Aim to Misbehave, and the Dumbledore Special. Wondering what blue milk tasks like? This place has got you covered—and they’re even doing curbside pickup for those of us who can’t wait until the quarantine is over:

Just listen to how they describe themselves on their website:

Scum and Villainy Cantina is an intergalactic bar nestled deep within the wretched hive of Hollywood, CA. Inspired by the best drinking establishments from your favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies, Scum and Villainy is the geek bar you’ve been looking for.

Costumed bartenders join in the debate while mixing cocktails from a themed menu. Our laid-back atmosphere and strict “no bullying” mission creates a #ScifiSafeHouse not just for casual and mega-fans alike, but for anyone looking for a change of pace from the typical bar scene. Flying solo? Searching for your tribe? We definitely serve your kind here!

I will wait for you Scum and Villainy Cantina. I will wait for you as long as it takes.

Deadpool 3 May Not Happen as Co-Creator Trolls Disney

Deadpool Trolls Disney

Rob Liefeld is certainly a polarizing figure in the comic world. The co-creator of Deadpool has been praised and criticized in equal measure since gaining prominence in the 90s. But one thing you can say about him is he doesn’t adhere to the corporate soundbites that often plague public figures. He’s been extremely vocal about his grievance towards Disney (and, in turn, Marvel) since they purchased the rights for Deadpool from Sony. Here’s what he had to say in regards to a third Deadpool movie.

I blame Marvel…blame Marvel that that hasn’t happened yet. They are the reason it isn’t happening. Whatever conundrum or it didn’t fit into your master plan, just commission it. Okay, commission it.

He went on in another interview:

Do I know that there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 right now? I know that. Yes. And does that worry me? No. Not at all. What I did was I answered a question honestly. And what I learned this week is just lie. Just tell people everything is lollipop and unicorns and rainbows and you’ll be better off in your life because people want to be lied to. Just because some guy goes, ‘Yeah, We’re still moving along’ that’s code for ‘There’s nothing to see here.’

So in case his views on the matter weren’t adequately explained, Liefeld took to his Instagram to share a very cryptic piece of fan art that has us all scratching our heads. What could it mean???


It took us a while to really break down this image, but it appears that Deadpool has shot the beloved character of Micky Mouse…through the forehead….and seems to be holding him upside down by the tail. If you really look closely you can see the blood pouring out of the Disney character’s (that part is important) head.

We don’t want to be presumptuous or anything, but our gut tells us that Rob Liefeld is expressing some sort of, we’ll call it dissatisfaction, towards Disney. (Please chime in the comments below if we are missing some sort of deeper message.)

Liefeld has also taken to Twitter to point out how bad COVID-19 must be hurting Disney for them to re-open their parks at reduced capacity:

Whether or not this will affect the movement of Deadpool 3 is unclear. According to Liefeld there is no movement on Deadpool 3 even though it has already been confirmed to be in the works—and with an R-rating. Ryan Reynolds has also been optimistic. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds said:

“Deadpool was Fox and now it’s in the hands of Marvel over there at Disney… I see infinite possibility in either version. If Deadpool were to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it would be explosive and amazing. What a sandbox to play in. If Deadpool continued to get to just do his own thing and be his own thing, also just infinite possibilities.”

So it appears the whole project is still very much up in the air. We’ll definitely keep you updated on further developments.

Matthew McConaughey Teams With Lincoln to Deliver 110k Masks to Medical Workers

Matthew McConaughey lincoln
(YouTube | Lincoln Motor Company)

Alright, alright, alright. Looks like Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey had themselves a feel-good, productive Memorial Day weekend. Ol’ Wooderson has partnered with Lincoln (his favorite car in which to pontificate the meaning of life) to donate 110,000 masks to medical workers at rural hospitals in need throughout Texas. He loaded up the back of his Lincoln… truck, to the brim, and hit the road to hand-deliver the PPE to medical workers in need.

Everyone’s favorite Austinite has been pretty busy being an all-around great guy. The pair had previously hand-delivered 80k masks to Austin and New Orleans hospitals through a partnership with Bethenny Frankel’s BS Strong initiative. Before that, Mr. McConaughey prepared meals for the firefighters battling the California wildfires, he gave a virtual speech to his alma mater’s graduating class, he surprised a nursing home with his family for an epic night of Bingoand he showed up on ‘Good Morning America’ to personally give a shoutout to the New York’s Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management.

Say what you will about Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past (and Failure to Launch and Surfer, Dude) this guy has more than made up for it with his public outreach and charity in the midst of national tragedies. I think everyone is happy to live in a post-McConaissance world and we can only hope he said “alright alright alright” every time he pulled up to a hospital in that truck. Please let that be true.

To sweeten the good feels we already have from this news, it seems as good of a time as any to revisit the Lincoln ad in which Matthew McConaughey rolls a booger and talks to a bull:


Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa to Star in “Good Bad & Undead”

Mamoa and Dinklage in Twins
(Getty/Frazer Harrison)

It’s a Game of Thrones reunion! Except it’s only two people from the show and has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. Deadline is reporting that Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa will star in the action-adventure film, Good Bad & Undead which is a super clever and not overdone riff on the title, The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly — except without those pestering the’s. Legendary Pictures will front the cash and Max Barbakow will direct, whose most recent credit is the soon-to-be-released film, Palm Springs, which is currently sporting a cool 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is based on an original idea by Mark Swift & Damian Shannon.

According to Deadline, “Dinklage will play Van Helsing, last in a long line of vampire hunters. He develops an uneasy partnership with a vampire (Momoa) who has taken a vow never to kill again. Together they run a scam from town to town, where Van Helsing pretends to vanquish the vampire for money. But when a massive bounty is put on the vampire’s head, everything in this dangerous world full of monsters and magic is now after them. The intent is Midnight Run in a Bram Stoker world.”

Midnight Run meets Dracula” is the most ‘Hollywood’ thing I’ve ever heard and I can almost see executives salivating in a room somewhere. Someone definitely yelled, “It’s gold!” at one point.

Well color me excited. I’ve always wanted to see a Momoa-esque vampire (who is definitely already a vampire) run around grabbing people and yelling, “I’m a hugger!” And a British-accented Dinklage being all like, “You can’t scare people like that or we’re gonna get caught!” And then Momoa talking like Hulk Hogan being all like, “C’mon brother! You’re just mad cause I can live forever!” And then the other vampire slayers show up and they’re both like, “Uh-oh! LET’S GET OUTA HERE!” Man, those executives were right, this movie writes itself.

“Some Good News” Heads to CBS All Access Without John Krasinski as Host

some good news

It’s very difficult for us to reserve judgment on this news but here goes: John Krasinski’s very popular (and free) series, Some Good News is headed to CBS All Access (not free) — and Krasinski will not be hosting (some bad news). Apparently, there was a major bidding war to acquire the YouTube series which was created to bring the world some much needed…good news…and ViacomCBS, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, has emerged as the victor.

Krasinski’s YouTube channel dedicated to the show has only been active for 2 months but has gained over 2.56 million subscribers. Certain episodes have even exceeded 17 million views. Probably because John Krasinski is America’s new Tom Hanks in that everyone loves his charming neighborly personality, and because the show felt like a labor of love which brought happy tears to everyone in the world during a time filled with super sad tears.

It is unclear who will host or what format the show will take, but it’s being reported that after streaming on CBS All Access, Some Good News (if that’s still its real name), “will have a multiplatform showcase across all of the conglomerate’s brands.”  According to the same report, Krasinski was initially hesitant to sell the series as he wanted the show to be available to a wide audience free of charge. But, money is great and everyone loves it — John Krasinski included. He will still serve as a producer on the show, which will now cost $5.99/month to access with your CBS All Access subscription.

“Could not be more excited and proud to be partnering with CBS/Viacom to be able to bring Some Good News to so many more people!” Krasinski said Thursday in a statement (which makes little sense seeing as though you can’t get a wider audience than free YouTube). “From the first episode, our goal was to create a news show dedicated entirely to good news. Never did I expect to be joining the ranks of such a historic news organization as CBS.”

Alright. While we clearly don’t love this news, we will still hold out hope that it can be good. If anyone was a major fan of the British Office, then you clearly remember the loud scoff you gave one you heard the news that NBC was making an American rip-off. That show turned out to be pretty damn good, so for now, for the moment: In Krasinski We Trust. Don’t let us down, Halpert!

FedEx Driver Helps Boy Exchange Skateboards With His Hero, Tony Hawk

Boy Exchanges Skateboards with Hawk

Well, it turns out that TikTok does have something positive to offer this world. Personally, I was under the impression that its sole purpose was so youths could film themselves doing synchronized dances (like The Electric Slide or whatever) in 15-second intervals. But apparently, there is some pretty heartwarming content out there. So here’s a nice, new TikTok heartwarmer to warm your lil’ ol’ heart.

User fresh2deaf (but we’ll call him Mikail because that’s his name) is a FedEx delivery driver who was on his normal route when a kid named Cooper started running after him and flagging him down. The kid hands him a skateboard and asks him to mail it to pro-skater, and friend to The Dad, Tony Hawk.
Here’s the story:


@tonyhawk #fedex #fedexlife #fedexdriver

♬ original sound – fresh2deaf

The kid doesn’t yet know how the mail works (you need a box and, like, money) as well as the fact that his skateboard has no wheels. It’s the thought, especially at such a young age, that counts. And good on this driver for getting the word out. Because apparently it worked! Tony Hawk responded:


♬ original sound – tonyhawk

How cool is that? Tony Hawk is just hanging out doing Tony Hawk stuff at what looks to be his private skate park and decides to give this kid the board he’s actually using. So it looks like Cooper is getting his trash of a skateboard replaced with an actual board with wheels. Mikail posted an update:


#fedex #fedexdriver #fedexlife @tonyhawk Part 2!

♬ original sound – fresh2deaf

Ahhhhh goodness does exist. Thank you to these 2 grown-ups for making this kid and his brother happy during a terrible time. And to prove that he is a man true to his word, here is Tony Hawk following up with his promise:



♬ Cyco Vision – Suicidal Tendencies

Alright TikTok you win this round. Consider my heart full.

9 Ways to Quickly Distract Your Bored Kids for 30 Minutes Without a Screen

9 Quick Distractions for Bored Kids
(Getty/Richard Lewisohn)

As much as we love our kids, these days we could really use some peace and quiet in a pinch. Sometimes you need to hop on a last-minute Zoom meeting or submit and overdue TPS report. The easy thing to do would be to plop them in front of the TV and turn on a movie that’s being released digitally. But if we don’t want a bunch of dead-eyed drones running the world, we need to get creative with some screen-less things to do to keep our kids occupied, and fast.

In order to assist all dads everywhere, we thought it might be helpful to provide sort of a series of ideas, we’ll call it a list, of ways to distract your kids without screens.

Here are 9 quick ways to distract your kids during the quarantine without screens.

Make Paper Airplanes

(Fold N Fly)

All you need for this activity is a tiny stack of paper and a little patience. Challenge your aviators to create a fleet that will compete for distance and acrobatics. Check out Fold ‘N Fly – it’s the perfect wingman for this. The website features over 35 different paper airplane designs, data on their aerial abilities, and crystal clear printable instructions on how to make them. Print off a bunch in advance so when you need a moment to yourself can dole out a few sheets and challenge your kids to create and then fly ’em.

Make a Time Capsule

You’re going to need to be involved in this project at some point – but you can still buy yourself some time by challenging the kids to think about what the future might be like. Will there be flying cars yet? I mean, I’ve been waiting for these since I was a boy and am still hoping! Let them explore their imagination and draw, paint, or write down an image of life 10 years from now. Then get them to make a list of their favorite stuff. Maybe they add a few tiny toys or write letters to their futures selves. Then tell them to figure out a good spot in the yard to bury it. All of these activities will distract them while you get a little work done.

Once they’re done gathering the contents you’ll decide on a container for their goodies. We’ve all heard stories about an excavated time capsule that disintegrated or the contents got destroyed by moisture. A paint can works if you’re able to seal it completely and it’s not a bad idea to individually seal other documents inside for added insurance.

Sock Puppet Theater

Cardboard Puppet Theater

This activity is part crafty and one part performance art. Gather up some old socks, markers, fabric scraps, buttons, and some glue and let the kids create their characters. They’ll be busy for at least 30 minutes. Then give them a box to design with paint and crayons. Boom, 30 more minutes. One done, cut a hole in it and tell them to practice their show. Make sure to record it, everyone can watch it later when it’s finally screentime.

Have Them Make a Movie

Tell them you’re in the mood to watch a sci-fi movie tonight, then give them your phone and tell them to go make it. This doesn’t count as a screen because making movies on your phone is awesome and creative and do you have a RED Digital Cinema camera lying around? Tell them that “real” movies are pretty long and you might get a whole afternoon to yourself.

Have Them Learn a Choreographed Dance

The obvious, and frankly only, pick here is ‘I Want You Back’ by N*Sync. Send your kids off to learn this entire dance so they can perform it at dinner. The benefits of this are two-fold: you’ll get to laugh at your kids dancing to a 90s boy band song and they might find something they actually want to pursue career-wise. And what if they absolutely blow you away? Like what if they’re better than N*Sync? What if you end up managing them as a group? So many possibilities.

Build a Fort

cushion fort
(New York Times)

Oldie but a goodie. Get some couch cushions and tell them to have at it. You can make tin foil hats, create signage that says “No Parents Allowed” but the “s” is all backward and cute. Do the whole nine yards with this one and they’ll be occupied for at least 30 minutes. Or challenge them to build all 6 forts that IKEA provided instructions for.

Treasure Hunt!

Tell your kids to take turns hiding something in the backyard and then create a detailed treasure map so the other one can try to track it down. This is a three-part distraction. First, they’ll spend a little time finding a spot to bury something. Then they’ll have to create the map. And then they’ll have to find the treasure. By the time they’re done you’ve bought yourself at least 30 minutes.

Make a Comic Book


Every awesome superhero movie originated as a comic book so it’s time your kids channeled their inner Stan Lee. Have the kids create their own hero, change an ending, or even introduce themselves into a story. Use one of these printable templates from Picklebums to bring a new story to life.

Have Them Paint Each Other

Get some paints, a couple of easels, line the floor with newspaper (lol jk what is this 1947?) I mean trash bags, and encourage them to paint either each other or some wicked cool still-life. Before you leave the room make sure you explain you want them to paint an image of each other on canvas, not paint on each other. You may discover one of them is the next Bob Ross. Or you may discover what you suspected all along: they are kids and their paintings will stink and you just need to lie and tell them they are amazing.

Bonus: Books?

kids books

We know. Har har. Not happening, right? But there is always a window in which to get your kid to become an avid reader, you just need to find it. It’s that perfect moment when they are bored, but not too bored. And you have to be like, “Oh hey this book is cool, whatevs” and not press it too hard. Maybe they’ll pick it up and maybe they’ll actually become invested. And maybe they start reading a lot and go to Harvard on scholarship and become rich and take care of you in your dying age. All we are saying is get your kids to read.

Jonah Hill Beats Samuel L. Jackson as Most Foul-Mouthed Actor

samuel l jackson jonah hill
(Paramount Pictures)

Samuel L. Jackson has made a name for himself not only as one of the hardest-working actors of our time but also as the guy who makes cursing sound Shakesperian. No one says “motherf*cker” like Samuel L. Jackson. No one. It’s almost as if he invented that expression. When Snakes on a Plane started gathering buzz (because the internet discovered there was a movie called Snakes on a Plane coming out), producers actually ordered 5 days of reshoots to change the movie from PG-13 to R. Among those reshoots? Giving SLJ one of his most famous lines, “I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.”

Well, The king of cursing must step aside because someone else has usurped the throne. The actor who has now cursed more than every other actor is no other than Jonah Hill. According to a fantastic new study from Buzz Bingo, “Jonah Hill has collectively committed the most swear words in the movies that he has starred in. Thanks to movies such as Superbad, Hill’s characters have cursed 376 times in total, and 22.9 times per 1,000 words uttered. Other notable entries include Hill’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, whose roles have racked up 361 profanities, and Adam Sandler, who averages 12.3 curse words for every 1,000 words that his characters utter on screen.”

Samuel L. Jackson actually comes in 3rd place at 301 swear words.

I think it’s fair to say that the movie that pushed Hill and DiCaprio over the top is The Wolf of Wall Street and it’s astounding 715 swear words—the most in any movie ever. Without that credit, there’s no doubt that Jackson would still be on top. Hill took the whole thing in stride posting this:

Congrats, Jonah. But watch your back. Samuel L. Jackson makes like 85 movies a year so he’s bound to recapture the crown.

Dude Spends Quarantine Building Laser-Shooting Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Suit 3

So what have you been doing during your quarantine? Did you catch up on some new shows? Did you take up knitting? That’s cool. This guy built a laser-blasting Iron Man Suit.

TikTok user techmaster_2020 has decided he wasn’t going to spend all his downtime doing useless time-sucking activities. No, he was going to literally become Iron Man (though he’s not the first, or second). Using nothing but spare parts from his garage, this friggin guy has spent countless hours constructing the Mark-1 Iron Man suit using nothing but his brain, his hands, and fire (and, like, a whole bunch of tools). But instead of being motivated by the need to bust out of a terrorist prison, he’s doing it for the TikTok followers (excuse us while we install that app after locating the instruction manual).

Check out Duderface McGee trying so hard to be cool and 100% succeeding:


#fyp #foryou #ironman #viral #diy #trending #tiktok #tiktokcreator #art #2020 #science #tech #music #fy

♬ Back In Black – AC/DC

Here he is Iron Man-ing his leg:


#ironman #diy #tonystark #creative #artist #music #idea #dream #2020 #future #tech #tiktok #goals #real

♬ All Over the World – Electric Light Orchestra

Here he is getting the hand laser blaster thing in working order:


#science #ironman #diy #sidehustle #homemade #creative #dream #2020 #talent #real #goals #happy #happyathome #tech #artist #home

♬ Can’t Hold Us – feat. Ray Dalton – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Did we mention that it actually works?


#ironman #tonystark #diy #science #tech #2020 #real #artist #homemade #creative #music

♬ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Remastered – Eurythmics

As does the arm blaster thingy:


#science #ironman #tonystark #future #2020 #tech #creative

♬ The Ecstasy of Gold Ringtone (Original Score) – Version 2 – Ennio Morricone

Here’s ol’ Brohan McGeister getting all Tony Stark on us. His many phones would lead us to believe that he is also as rich as Tony:


#science #ironman #livinglikelarry #diy #artist #music #tech #2020 #goals #creative #happyathome

♬ Should I Stay or Should I Go – Remastered – The Clash

Here he is laying out all his parts so we can get a sneak peek:


#votetiktok #fyp #ironman #tiktok #diy #tiktokcreator #artist #2020 #idea #science #tonystark #real

♬ The Avengers Theme – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Oh yeah. He has flamethrowers. Like…will he actually be able to fly in this thing?


#fyp #tiktok #ironman #original #diy #artist #2020 #science #creator #top #freefire #viral #tiktokviral

♬ Hells Bells – AC/DC

Uh oh. Twist. Dude has to start over cause he can’t get in the suit.


#ironman #tiktok #diy

♬ original sound – techmaster_2020

We have no doubt he’ll complete this thing. We don’t know who he is or what he does for, ya know, money…but we do know that he’ll most likely get to Mark 30 by the time Christmas rolls around. Way to show us all up, guy. Also, side note, he has a time machine:


#tiktokdoctorwho #ironman #time #viral #tiktokcreator #tonystark #timemachine #custom #votetiktok

♬ Doctor Who (Opening Theme) – Keff McCulloch

German Cafe Uses Noodle Hats to Promote Social Distancing

Cafe Rothe
(Facebook/Cafe Rothe)

Hey, this is normal. You know how when you go to a cafe and they walk over and give you a menu? And they take your drink order? And they give you a straw fedora with swimming noodles strapped to the top?

Well folks, times, as we all know, are crazy right now. German cafe, Café Rothe, has tried to add some levity to this pandemic by providing customers with swimming noodle-adorned hats to promote social distancing. Germany started loosening restrictions back in April and restaurants in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are finally allowed to re-open their doors as of May 9th. Café Rothe is celebrating this occasion and to be honest, it looks pretty fun:

Café Rothe’s owner, Jacqueline Rothe, spoke to Insider:

In these difficult times it’s a pleasure to make others smile.

Customers seem to be loving it with one commenting (horrifically translated from German), “How awesome is this please? Irony and sarcasm united… very welcome at this time, from my point of view. Because what’s it called so beautiful? HUMOR IS WHEN YOU LAUGH. That’s why thanks to the people who can be seen in the picture. 🤣🤣🤣”

Ya know, fashion trends emerge out of nowhere. This could be the next big thing, you guys. Kudos to Café Rothe and their entire staff for coming up with something innovative and fun during these nutty times.

IKEA Put Together 6 Guides to Fort Building During Quarantine Life


Building a fort out of your existing furniture is like a rite of passage for every child. Not only is it insanely fun for them, but it’s even more fun for you because it keeps them occupied for a nice long while. IKEA has decided to make fort-building official with ideas on how to build 6 types of forts during the quarantine using nothing but IKEA products. Equipped with their notoriously difficult-to-follow IKEA instructions, you can spend hours building the actual furniture (and claim that you “built that” as we all do), and the kids can take it from there. Once they’re done might we suggest pairing it with homemade IKEA meatballs?

Ikea Castle

Krokig goes in there. See the arrow? It’s out there but it’s also in there.

Ikea House

An obese bear by the name of Djungelskog resides in this house. Do not disturb Djungelskog.

Ikea campingtent

You cannot see her, but Pressa the octopus is hiding in the tent. We don’t know what Pressa is when she is not hanging in a tent. Is she a decoration? What. Is. Pressa.

Ikea cave

This cave requires 8 books. 2 of them are for keeping the cave in place. 1 is for reading. and the other 5? Well, we don’t speak of those books.

Ikea Fortress

If you seek solitude, the fortress should do the trick. Make sure you stock up on one million clothespins for these forts.

Ikea Wigwam

Is this…is this allowed?

IKEA “fans” have already hopped on the fort train (sorry) and are showing off their suspiciously sleek photos. These were 100% not pre-planned by the Russian agency (called Instinct) who created this campaign:

If you’ve got some dollars and time to spare (and who doesn’t???) then this could be your next quarantine project!

When Snoop Dogg Needs to Decompress “Let It Go” From Frozen Is His Jam

snoop lets it go
(Twitter/arb Instagram/snoopdogg Disney)

All dads everywhere know that the front seat of your car is the absolute best place to get some solitude. We love to milk that front seat for all it’s worth. Need to run an errand? No problem. More front seat time. Fellow father, Snoop Dogg, has mastered the art of front seat time with a video that will absolutely make your day. Upon the first watch, it’s merely a famous rapper from the ’90s chilling out to the Frozen soundtrack. But upon repeat viewings, and this absolutely deserves repeat viewings, you start to realize that this video may be the answer to all of our problems. Twitter user, Amy Brown, reposted the video on her account. Take a look:

Delightful, right? Let’s break it down for further inspection. We open with Snoop’s eyes:

snoop eyes

Watchful. Mysterious. What’s in store? He slowly pans up:

snoop cold face

Snoop gives us a cold, dead stare, juxtaposing the pleasant vibe of the 2013 Disney classic. Does he hate the song? Or is he just “being?”

snoop lively eyes

He’s into it! He changes expressions as the chorus rolls in. Snoop is feeling this Elsa ballad like nobody’s business.

snoop laugh

Snoop breaks the tension. Snoop loves the song. This is the Snoop we know and love. But why, Snoop? Why this song?

I had to come sit in my car and listen to this shit, man. Let it go.

snoop taking it in

Snoop’s really taking it in now. This is who we all strive to be in the front seat. Once again, and this is the best part of the video, Snoop reiterates his purpose.

I’m just sitting in my car listening to Let it Go.

He can’t believe how good this song is. He is flabbergasted by the sheer power of Idina Menzel’s vocals. And the message? Forget about it. This is the song that snoop, and all of us, truly need right now. Snoop reaches nirvana in this next moment:

snoop knowing eyes

Could it be? Has he finally done it? Yes. Snoop has fully…100%…let it go:

snoop truly letting it go

After rocking out to the next verse, Snoop reminds us, once again, to let it go. He closes with a truly uplifting message:

We’ll be outside soon.

First of all, wow. What a journey. Thank you, Mr. Dogg. Twitter seems to agree:

This exchange sums it all up for us:

And finally, because sometimes the world is perfect, here is Idina Menzel sitting in her car listening to Drop it Like it’s Hot:

Thank you, Snoop. Thank you world.

Mark Hamill Showcases Healthcare Workers’ Star Wars Cosplay

Star Wars Cosplay
(YouTube/Star Wars)

What’s the one thing better than real-life heroes? Real-life heroes who dress up as fictional heroes. Sometimes someone’s heroism is so potent that they can’t even express it all in their daily lives—they need a little cosplay to help them out. Lucasfilm is shining a light on this rare breed of awesomeness with a 2-minute long video highlighting the various women and men in healthcare who are battling COVID-19 on the front lines by day, and showing off their Star Wars looks at night.

They’ve brought in none other than Luke Skywalker himself to introduce these individuals by delivering an uplifting speech and letting them know that the force is with them during this difficult time.

Star Wars Cosplay 2

Check out Sarah Kozmin of the Mandalorian Mercs in Belgium looking like the baddest bounty hunter in all the galaxy. By day she works as a geriatric nurse in her hospital’s COVID unit.

Star Wars Cosplay 3

Francisco Santamaria has Palpatine’s look down perfectly. How cool is it to see these incredible people doing something they love?

Star Wars Cosplay 4

Check out the look in Juan de Dios’ eyes. He looks like he’s about to strike down every coronavirus cell one at a time. He’d probably tell you that he feels like he could take on the whole pandemic himself.

Thank you to these brave individuals who are staring down this virus and not letting it change who they are or the things they love to do. They are giving us the hope we so desperately need.