Tyler Perry Feeds 5,000 Families at Drive-Thru Thanksgiving Food Giveaway

Tyler Perry Thanksgiving Giveaway
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When it comes to famous people, 2020 has shown us who the true GOATS are, the ones who help people in their greatest hour of need and go above and beyond in delivering that help. And it’s also shown us the ones who are astonishingly silent during this time or paying only lip-service when it comes to making a difference. You probably don’t need a reminder, but Tyler Perry is indisputably in that first group. That’s why he was recently crowned the people’s champ.

Perry has always had a philanthropic heart, giving to the people and charities that make a difference. But he’s kicked it up a gear during COVID times. He bought groceries for thousands of seniors during the height of pandemic paranoia, he went above and beyond to get his studio open safely so he could get people back to work, worked with local law enforcement to get gift cards to families in need, gave away $20,000+ in tips at his favorite restaurant, and is just an all-around good guy. Now, he’s helping feed people on Thanksgiving.

His studio announced the news of a giveaway of non-perishable food items and gift cards to the first 5,000 families who came by. The poster for the Thanksgiving giveaway said they wished they ‘could feed everyone’, but wanted to do what they could during a time when so many are food-insecure.

In a sign of how much it’s needed, cars started lining up THE DAY BEFORE the giveaway, like they were selling Playstation 5s. The long line even caused traffic problems.

Perry has given back during the holidays before, most notably a couple years back when he paid off $500,000 of layaway balances at Walmart for families. And this Thanksgiving give-away is another that will not soon be forgotten.

This should be the new barometer for charity work. If you’re causing traffic, it tells you what you’re doing is substantial, and it also tells you there are a lot of people in need, and hopefully his generosity inspires others to give back however they can during the holiday season.

Entertainer and Philanthropist Tyler Perry Is the People’s Champion of 2020

Tyler Perry is the People's Champ
(E! Entertainment)

Never before has an award I never knew existed been more appropriate: Tyler Perry is the People’s Champion of 2020. If you didn’t know that was a real thing, that’s OK. Here’s what you do need to know; the actor and producer is an unwavering source for good and more people are finally recognizing him for it. At a time when we’ve never needed an influx of kindness more, he’s delivered on many fronts. And sure, the whole People’s Champion thing is just a title from E! for the People’s Choice Awards, which he will formally get in a few weeks.

Some celebrities keep their “charity” work limited to writing a big check to some foundation with a vague goal. Perry brings his help straight to people who need it. During the height of COVID paranoia, when grocery stores were opening early to let seniors shop without much exposure, Perry surprised thousands of elderly shoppers in Atlanta and New Orleans by paying their entire grocery bill.

He also tries to do stuff like that on the DL. He secretly paid for gift cards for police to hand out to families in need in Atlanta. Two years ago, he paid off nearly half a million dollars worth of toys on layaway for families around Christmas. He’s given extensively to charities serving the homeless and hungry in our nation, and he’s also building a shelter for disadvantaged youth and homeless women on his studio property in Atlanta.

He also made history by becoming the first African-American to own a major film studio and he’s also one of the first studios to get back to work during the pandemic, by creating a “Camp Quarantine” on his studio lot so people could safely resume their work.

Oh, he’s also responsible for thousands of hours of entertainment he either produced or directly starred in. He’s one of Time Magazine’s (remember that?) 100 most influential people of 2020, which is a cool honor, but doesn’t have the punch of a “champion”.

“In a year of unrest and uncertainty, Tyler Perry proved a natural leader…From his pioneering efforts in successfully, and safely, restarting production and creating jobs at Tyler Perry Studios, to personally supporting charities and families in need, he continuously inspires hope in people,” an E! spokesman said in a press release.

To put it mildly, he is the man, and now he is the People’s Champ.