Ally Probst or something you find in dirty diaper. We aren't sure.

Ally Probst

Ally Probst is a writer, artist and internet junkie who is addicted to memes. She lives in Des Moines with her husband, two sons, and dog named Indiana Jones.

Artist Dad Does Incredible Drawings of His Sons’ Art


Funny Dad: Snow Day Edition


Maybe this dad was just trying to entertain himself, or maybe he was driven to insanity by the never-ending winter we are facing. Either way, these are some good quality dad shenanigans right here, and I’m so glad they were documented to share with the world.

My friend’s dad after a snow day from funny

He probably told his wife later, “See honey, I told you that sword would come in handy!” Props to you, Dad. You have made art.

Busted: Dog Phone Thief


This video of a dog stealing its owner’s phone is almost exactly what it feels like to Facetime with my kids. Seriously, I had flashbacks.


The Worst 20 Seconds In The History of Sports


Got 20 seconds? Want to scream internally? This video should do it. It’s pretty painful and actually not that different from watching my kid try to play soccer.

Super Weird Mark Hamill Video From the 80s Surfaces


This video of Mark Hamill from the 80s is the most bizarre thing you’ll see today.

I think I will show this to my kids and let this be a lesson to them. The internet never lets anything go. Be careful out there, folks. Don’t put on the gold jumpsuit.

Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of A Giant Swiss Army Knife


Here it is. Officially the most intense pocketknife I’ve ever seen.



No, your eyes do not deceive you. With 86 tools including a cigar cutter, fish scaler, laser pointer, flashlight, tire tread gauge, compass, and special self-centering screwdriver for gunsights, it is truly as epic as it seems. Impressed? Yeah, so are a lot of the reviewers on amazon.


The reviews on this knife are hilarious and if you need a way to kill time while you wait for this baby to ship to you, you won’t regret diving deeper into them. Read them all on Amazon here.

This Dad Carrying His Kid Is Dad Goals

This is the new “Dad Carry” and I’m just mad I didn’t think of it myself. Convenient, efficient, keeps the kid contained, and look how happy is it. Mark this down in the win column.

How Common is Your Birthday?

Your “special day” is probably not as special as you think. Check out this awesome chart from The Daily Viz to find out how common your birthday is.

The darker squares indicate more births on those days, and as you can see there is a huge clump of them in the late summer. Those common September birthdays have conception dates right around Christmastime (it’s the most wonderful time of the year, perhaps?)

(The Daily Viz)

See more rad data and possible reasons why some birthdays are more common than others from Matt Stiles over at The Daily Viz.

QUIZ: Which Cartoon Dad Are You?


Are you Peter, Homer, Bob, Rick, or Hank? Today is the day you find out.