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The Best Man Cave Signs to Give Your Space Some Dad Vibes

When you’re a new dad, you may not understand why you would ever need the oasis of a man cave. Then the adorable babies turn into toddlers who learn the word “no” … before turning into sarcastic teenagers who learn how to put “no” into actionable events. So you can see why a man cave becomes a must-have retreat.

Sure, we dads love spending time with our kids. But everyone needs a break occasionally. So a man cave becomes the perfect alternative. You can go to the man cave, watch the game or play video games, let out all of your gross noises and smells, and be refreshed and ready to give the family your best again afterward. (There are even some man cave candles to cover up those smells, if you want.)

Best of all, you will be allowed to decorate your man cave however you want (after plenty of begging and whining with your partner, of course). We would recommend starting with one (or all 12) of the best man cave signs. Some signs look great, while others have clever messages (at least on a dad joke level). They set the tone for your time spent there.

And don’t take it personally when your wife gives you the most remote room in the basement for your man cave. It says nothing about your decorating skills. Or everything. (Decorating is so confusing, which is probably why I don’t understand HGTV.)

Best Man Cave Sign Products

best man cave signs

Jameson Whiskey 2-Sided Man Cave Sign

We know, we know. Starting a list of the best man cave signs with a sign dealing with alcohol is a little predictable. But we don’t care, because this Jameson sign looks so great that we’re guessing even your wife will not complain about it. (But you didn’t hear that from us.)

This is a two-sided sign that ships with a wall bracket, so it sticks out from the wall and provides a bit of a 3D feel versus the traditional man cave metal signs that you mount flat to the wall.

With the graphic on both sides, you’ll be able to hang this sign anywhere in the room, and it’ll look great.

Of course, if you choose to hang this sign in the man cave, you better have plenty of Irish whiskey on hand to serve to visitors, or you’ll be guilty of false advertising. (Yes, we’re telling you that you have to stock up on whiskey. You’re welcome.)

Buy for $69 on Amazon

best man cave signs

American Art Craft Beer LED Man Cave Sign

If you love 3D man cave signs, this vintage sign has depth to it and graphics on both sides. It measures 25 by 8 inches, so it’s large enough to serve as an impressive focal point in your man cave. (Impress your S.O. by telling them that you bought this to be a focal point for the room … or watch her laugh her ass off after you utter that phrase.)

It has vintage-looking LED lights on the side that will generate attention when it’s lit, day or night. The lights operate from two AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about running a power cord to wherever you choose to mount the sign.

The same rules apply with this sign as with the whiskey sign: If you’re going to hang this sign in your man cave, you better have plenty of craft beer on hand to serve to visitors. (Keep this up, and you may qualify for the volume discount at your local liquor store.)

Buy for $60 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Custom Home Bar Personalized Man Cave Sign

Storytime: When I was a kid, I was obsessed with neon signs. I thought they had to cost at least $1 million apiece because they were so cool. Several years later, I realized my 7-year-old brain was pretty f***ing terrible at judging the cost of items. But I never lost my fascination with neon.

So, when seeking the best in man cave neon signs and the best in personalized man cave signs for our list, there was exactly zero chance I was going to skip past this one.

This neon sign hangs from the ceiling on a chain. It ships with a 5.5-foot power cord and an on/off switch. More than a dozen color combinations are available, and there are three sizes available up to 24 by 16 inches.

Add your name to the top of the sign at the time of ordering for the perfect finishing touch. (As a bonus, with the personalization, if you’ve had a few too many and you’re not quite sure whether you’re home yet, seeing your name on the sign can let you know for sure.)

Buy for $100 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Big Daddy’s Garage Man Cave Neon Sign

Even if your man cave is in the basement instead of the garage, this man cave neon sign looks so good that you should consider it. This sign’s graphics are great on their own, but when you add in the neon … well, it’s simply the epitome of perfection in the world of the best man cave signs.

This sign measures 17 by 10 inches, so it has an attention-grabbing size. Mount it to the wall with the keyhole slots on the back. The sign runs from either a power cord or four AA batteries.

Even if you’ve never lifted the hood of your own car in your life, you can hang this sign in your man cave and feel good about it. If someone asks about your mechanic’s skills, just hand them another beer or a shot of whiskey, and change the subject. Problem solved, and you can keep your cool sign on the wall.

Buy for $40 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Excello Global Vintage License Plate Man Cave Metal Sign

If your taste in the best man cave signs tends more toward the rustic than the neon, well, I don’t agree with you, but I understand your choice. Every man cave has its own vibe.

This metal man cave sign features pieces of vintage license plates, spelling out “MANCAVE”, all mounted on a tin background. It’s perfect for a garage-based man cave or for the dad who’s a car enthusiast, but it’s also useable in a basement man cave for someone who can’t tell the difference between an alternator and a spark plug. (Strike that last one; we dads have to be better than that.)

At 15.75 by 9 inches, it has a great size. The wooden outer frame has preinstalled mounting brackets to simplify hanging it on the wall.

Buy for $24 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Excello Global Enter at Your Own Risk Metal Man Cave Sign

If you protect the sanctuary of your man cave with the ferocity of a guard dog, this man cave metal sign is the perfect one for you.

It has a triangle shape that signifies a warning. It clearly states that the room is the man cave, which means it belongs to Dad and Dad alone. And its message plays off the “beware of dog” warning signs.

It even has a creepy handprint in the universal gesture for stop. Add in the weathered design, and, if you’re lucky, your kids will be seeing this sign in their nightmares, ensuring they want no part of entering the man cave.

There are nail holes in all three corners for mounting. The sign measures almost 15 inches square, so it’s going to be noticeable to anyone contemplating entering the room without permission. Leave a few of your special dad scented candles nearby, and your man cave room will have all of the protection it needs.

Buy for $15 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Toothsome Studios Man Cave Flowchart Sign

If your family is having a hard time understanding exactly what your man cave means to you, perhaps this flowchart can explain it to them in simple terms.

This sign measures 12 by 8 inches with nail holes in all four corners for mounting to the wall.

Of course, your family will know you’re just kidding about them not being allowed in the man cave unless they bring you some sort of gift. But bringing gifts of beer and food will certainly make the time spent together in the man cave go smoother (and they definitely should know that, too).

Buy for $14 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Rogue River Tactical Sarcastic Metal Man Cave Sign

As we mentioned earlier, the decorative theme in your man cave needs to fit your personal tastes and vibe.

For those whose tastes slant toward the low brow level, we present this sign. When you hang this farting sign in your man cave, those who enter will know where the bar is set for the expected level of behavior. (Answer: Incredibly low.)

This sign measures 12 by 8 inches and has two nail holes for mounting.

Be warned: If you have boys in the house, this sign will generate endless fart jokes … so, actually, pretty normal behavior. Never mind.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

best man cave signs

HANTAJANSS Vintage Route 66 Metal Man Cave Sign

Let’s say you need to offset the farting sign in your man cave with something a little more classy. This Route 66 vintage sign is the ideal selection.

For those dads who love the open road and cars, this Route 66 sign will be the perfect gift for the man cave, reminding them of vacations in the car with the kids. (And maybe they’ll forget about how crazy the kids actually drove them during the trip.)

Each sign measures 12 by 12 inches, and it contains three nail holes for easy mounting.

Even though it has a vintage look with worn paint, this sign will not fade if left in the sunlight streaming through a window into your man cave. (While we are certain your partner has banished your man cave to the most remote area of the house, this feature is still important because there is a tiny chance you have a small window in the man cave dungeon.)

Buy for $9 on Amazon

best man cave signs

DE Sign Vintage Budweiser Man Cave Signs Set

Vintage beer brand signs are always welcome in a man cave, and when you order this set, you’ll receive four Budweiser branded signs to create a matching set.

These are cool vintage reproduction signs — hence the no-longer-realistic 25-cent price for a bottle of beer — that’ll add some class to your man cave. Each sign measures 12.5 by 16 inches and has four nail holes to simplify mounting to the wall.

With four matching signs in this set, plus a magnet for the fridge, people might accuse you of actually having a theme in planning the look of your man cave. You can decide whether you want to take the credit or give them the actual answer about why you have this set of matching Budweiser signs: You just like beer.

Buy for $39 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Panguru Retro Car Brand Man Cave Signs Set

If you’d prefer that your man cave has a garage theme instead of an alcohol theme, this set of three metal man cave signs all have a theme around car part brands.

Hang the 8-by-12-inch little man cave signs using the four nail holes in all four corners of each sign. The brands on the signs include Champion spark plugs, Castrol motor oil, and Mobile racing mobile oil.

Focusing on cars in your man cave signs gives you the ability to keep the alcohol in the glasses and bottles, rather than on the walls, which may be preferable if young kids will be spending time in the man cave regularly. (And if you don’t know the difference between a spark plug and an alternator, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to look at these signs and figure it out.)

Buy for $16 on Amazon

best man cave signs

Rogue River Drinking Man Cave Sign

Of course, we cannot allow any list of the best man cave signs to pass without adding in a dad joke man cave sign. This one works on so many levels: Drinking and butchering Michael Buffer’s famous saying. (OK, it only works on only two levels. But that’s a lot for a dad joke.)

This novelty metal man cave sign measures 12 by 8 inches and has nail holes on either end for easy mounting to the wall.

Plus the sign is brown. What’s more Dad than brown?

Buy for $11 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Chews One of These Jerky Subscriptions if You Want the Best in Your Belly

beef jerky subscriptions
Stick in a Box

When I was a kid, every year we would give our grandfather beef jerky for the holidays as a gift. He loved jerky, and it was an easy gift for a bunch of kids to buy and give. Back in those days, original was the main (and only) flavor and the idea of a jerky subscription box was still many years away, so it wasn’t like we had to make a lot of tricky decisions.

I’m not sure what my grandfather would think of some of the flavors in today’s best beef jerky subscription packages, but I can guarantee he wouldn’t have argued with receiving jerky every month in the mail.

There’s a lot to like about beef jerky. Who are we kidding? There’s a lot to love about beef jerky. It’s delicious, it has a great texture, and it’s a fun snack. Don’t tell the kids, but beef jerky puts their beloved fruit snacks and Rick and Morty Pringles to shame. (Although if Rick and Morty dabble in sponsoring a Szechuan flavored beef jerky, we’ll be first in line.)

Bottom line: We love jerky. We’re sharing our love of jerky with you by creating this list of the best jerky subscription boxes.

Remember, the best beef jerky subscription makes a perfect Father’s Day gift. Dad will receive a reminder of how much the kids care 12 times per year, after all, rather than only on that special, special day in June.

best beef jerky subscription

LOLJerky Subscription Box

LOLJerky subscription boxes emphasize quality over quantity, giving the beef jerky snob the perfect collection of flavors and textures each month. LOLJerky sources its beef from local farms, seeking to boost quality.

Choose among one, two, four, or eight bags of jerky each month with your subscription. Some flavors this beef jerky subscription has featured in the past include:

  • Spicy teriyaki
  • Baby blues BBQ
  • Korean BBQ
  • Sriracha honey

Best of all, with “LOL” in the name, when you suggest to the kids that they give this to you as a best Father’s Day gift, they might actually remember it.

Buy for $22 per month on LOLJerky

best beef jerky subscription

Jerky Subscription Beef Jerky of the Month Club

When looking at brands, sometimes you don’t want a crazy, clever name. You just want the brand name to tell you exactly what you’re receiving. For example, when you visit, you know exactly what you’re receiving. At one time, though, when you visited, you were definitely not receiving what you were expecting. ( is where you should’ve visited … at least that’s what you were thinking while you were serving your detention after visiting on the school computer.)

When you are ordering a product from Jerky Subscription, thankfully, you’re receiving exactly what you are expecting — one of the best beef jerky subscription options.

Jerky Subscription uses only American-raised beef for its products, which are available in subscriptions of two, four, six, or eight bags each month.

It focuses on small-batch craft jerkies that give customers unique flavors and excellent quality.

Some of the flavors shipped in the past include:

  • Cowboy pepper
  • Sesame teriyaki
  • Fiery hot
  • Lemongrass
  • Habanero ale

Buy for $20 on Amazon

best beef jerky subscription

Jerky Snob Jerky Subscription Box

Being a snob may still have a slightly negative connotation, but this word certainly doesn’t have the same meaning it had a generation ago. These days, if you’re a beer snob, a whiskey snob, and a wine snob, it only means you demand a certain level of quality from these products. (It also means you really like alcohol.)

So when you order the Jerky Snob brand as a best beef jerky subscription, you’re telling others that you demand the best from your beef jerky. Jerky Snob offers subscriptions with two, four, or eight bags per month.

Jerky Snob focuses on unique flavors and textures. It also occasionally includes exotic jerky meats, such as elk or boar, in addition to the beef jerky. Some of the flavors of jerky in past boxes include:

  • Wicked Boston original
  • Bold and smoky BBQ
  • Baja
  • Orange teriyaki

Buy for $18 on Amazon

best beef jerky subscription Beef Jerky of the Month Club

You’d expect a jerky subscription box to give you more ordering options than others, and you’d be right.

When seeking the best beef jerky subscription box from, you can select one, two, four, six, eight, or 12 bags per month. also offers an exotic jerky subscription, and — brace yourself — a Jerky of the Week Club. They know our weakness. We love jerky, and we eat all of it as fast as we can, so we always need more. (Let’s just hope they don’t introduce a Jerky of the Hour Club, or we’re in big trouble.)

Some of the available beef jerky flavors include

  • Hickory
  • Honey pepper
  • Teriyaki
  • Pale ale beer
  • Montreal style

Buy for $16 on

best beef jerky subscription

Sumo Jerky Subscription Box

With a name like Sumo Jerky, you may expect mega-sized bags and boxes of beef jerky to arrive in the mail … maybe enough to actually last for the entire month, but probably not. (Did we mention we really like jerky?)

Well, the bad news is the Sumo Jerky subscription box is about the same size as others on our list, offering three, six, or 12 bags per shipment. However, Sumo Jerky focuses on delivering rare brands of jerky, interesting flavors, and small-batch options, creating some unique taste opportunities.

You’ll pay for between three and 12 months of your subscription at one time, rather than monthly.

Some of the flavors in past Sumo Jerky boxes include:

  • Mango habanero
  • Hickory smoked
  • Teriyaki
  • BBQ mesquite

With Sumo Jerky, we’d recommend wearing pants instead of a loincloth when meeting the delivery person at the door with your monthly box. After that, when you’re eating the jerky, though? It’s up to you. Go nuts.

Buy for $29 on Sumo Jerky

best beef jerky subscription

Club Jerky Subscription Box

For those who like small-batch jerkies with a variety of flavors, Club Jerky will ship these tough-to-find brands to your home every month. Select either two or four bags per month with the subscription package.

And for those who hate the way jerky tends to stick in their teeth, this subscription comes with Club Jerky toothpicks. There are even trading cards in some boxes. (We guarantee the Club Jerky jerky tastes far better than the baseball trading card gum from back in the day.)

Some flavors found in past boxes include:

  • Orange Baja
  • Whiskey BBQ
  • Baja carne asada
  • Bacon jalapeno

Buy for $20 on Cratejoy

best beef jerky subscription

Stick in a Box Jerky Subscription

Stick in a Box tells us that we should “get our meat in a box like a king.” We’re not arguing. Having someone else give us meat each month is a damn fine idea.

This subscription offers anywhere from two to 21 bags of jerky in the box each month, depending on your subscription level. For those who want to feel like a king, go for 21 bags.

Some of the flavors available include:

  • Jalapeno beef
  • Western style
  • Teriyaki

Buy for $32 on Cratejoy

best beef jerky subscription

Buffalo Bills Classic Beef & Exotic Jerky Subscription Box

Maybe beef jerky isn’t adventurous enough for you. If so, Buffalo Bills has you covered with elk, turkey, boar, and venison.

However, the main meat you’ll receive is beef in many different flavors. This box is for the big eater or for the family to share. (Yeah, right.) It ships with 10 different snacks per month. It sticks primarily to Buffalo Bills branded jerkies and sausage sticks, but you will receive a few other brands each month.

This box is the best beef jerky subscription package for someone who prefers the Buffalo Bills brand, rather than for someone who prefers trying new brands constantly.

Some of the flavors you may receive include:

  • Mesquite
  • Black pepper
  • Hickory smoked
  • Barbeque
  • Teriyaki

Buy for $60 on Amazon

best beef jerky subscription

Box of Jerks Beef Jerky Subscription

Box of Jerks chooses to focus its bags of jerky on those with a lot of taste and a lot of character. These craft jerkies come from suppliers from across the United States.

Pick among three, five, or seven bags per month with your subscription. All of the jerky from Box of Jerks comes from the United States. Box of Jerks makes it easy to subscribe for yourself or to give the subscription box as a gift. (Hint, hint.)

Some of the flavors available include:

  • Peppered stout
  • Voodoo hot sauce
  • Black pepper

Buy for $23 on Box of Jerks

best beef jerky subscription

Nativo Beef Jerky Subscription Box

For those who are less interested in trying different small-batch jerkies, exotic jerkies, or odd flavors of jerkies, the Nativo Beef Jerky subscription box is made with you in mind. Your monthly box contains only Nativo branded jerkies of different flavors.

Nativo focuses on its own manufacturing process and on delivering the best quality from its own brand, rather than relying on other producers to fill out the box.

It’s also a little less expensive than some others on our list, delivering six bags per month for $21. We’ll never argue with receiving more jerky for less money.

Some of the flavors available include:

  • Adobo
  • Hickory
  • Hot habanero
  • Lemon pepper
  • Chile de Arbol

Buy for $21 on Cratejoy

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Here Are the Best Grill Covers To Protect Your Pride and Joy

best grill covers

When you have two thick, juicy steaks ready to grill — the rest of the family can have their hot dogs later — you want to heat up the grill, place them carefully onto the grates, and sear them to a perfect medium-rare as quickly as possible. Even though you know that having a best grill cover is important to protect the grill, when you’re ready to grill, the cover may feel like it’s just in the way.

Think about the greater good, though. Your grill is your baby. You know it. Your wife knows it. Deep down, even your actual baby boy or girl knows it. Keeping your grill protected with one of the best grill covers is a smart way to guard the investment you’ve made in the barbecue grill, which is the most dad of all of the dad items.

A grill cover will provide protection for the grill from weather, sunlight, and that damn bird that loves to dive-bomb and decorate your grill. With the right grill cover, when you receive one of those beautiful winter days where you want to grill a burger, your grill will be protected and ready to go.

It can be tempting to try to save a bit of money by leaving the grill uncovered — not to mention the extra 20 seconds you’ll save when it’s time to grill those steaks. However, this is a bad idea. Even the best grill covers are relatively inexpensive, meaning you can protect your investment without spending a huge amount.

Sure, the best grill covers are not anywhere near as important as the best steak, the best chop, the best burger, or, hell, even the best vege-burger that you can make on your grill. But sometimes, you have to make sure the basics are taken care of, so the star will be as juicy and charred to perfection as possible.

Best Grill Covers

best grill covers

Duck Covers Ultimate Grill Cover

When you want the ultimate in water protection for a grill, you could do a lot worse than purchasing a best grill cover with “duck” in the brand name. This cover has multiple models, ranging in width from 44 to 82 inches.

The cover works for a variety of grill designs, as it has adjustable straps to create a tight fit as needed.

The rain-proof material will keep your grill safe from moisture … other than those times when you’re grilling in the rain, of course. (We’ve all done it when we’ve been desperate for the perfect burger; it’s OK to admit it.)

Buy for $52 on Amazon

best grill covers

Simple Houseware Waterproof Heavy Duty Grill Cover

Some people are fine with grill covers that protect the upper part of the grill. If the wheels and legs don’t have a cover over them, it’s not a concern.

But for those with a desire for perfection 24/7, the grill cover needs to fit perfectly, all the way down to the legs and wheels. This Simple Houseware cover fits your need for perfection, giving you both the width and length you need in a cover. It is available in widths between 32 and 72 inches.

Should you have concerns about the snow and rain trying to climb up the inside the bottom of a loose fitting cover, your worries will come to an end with this model, and you can sleep comfortably. You’re welcome.

Buy for $24 on Amazon

best grill covers

Unicook Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover

The grill cover Amazon offers often will be a universal cover that would fit a variety of models of gas grills. Sometimes, you might be better served with a specific Char Broil grill cover or a Weber grill cover to gain a tighter fit.

However, universal grill covers will save you some money. You can tighten the cover for a better fit using Velcro straps with universal covers.

This Unicook cover is one that fits a variety of grills, offering widths between 50 and 75 inches. This is a best grill cover for areas with quite a bit of humidity, as it has mesh vents on either side to allow airflow, evaporating moisture.

(These mesh vents also work for those times where you forgot to put the grill cover back on before a rainstorm, and you don’t want to admit to your wife that you forgot, so you throw the cover over the top of the wet grill. With the mesh vents, the grill will dry relatively well with the cover on it. No one ever has to be the wiser.)

Buy for $26 on Amazon

best grill covers

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover For Weber Genesis Grills

Use this heavy-duty grill cover from Kingkong to protect your baby from water and sun, delivering outstanding protection in all kinds of weather at any time of the year. It has widths ranging from 22 to 75 inches for an ideal fit.

The waterproof 600D polyester fabric is especially resistant to moisture. In fact, the manufacturer recommends rinsing the cover with a garden hose to remove dirt and other soils. So it’s sure to stand up to those times when the kids decide to have a water balloon fight while you’re enjoying a beer and grilling. Just climb under the cover, and you’ll stay dry in your cocoon.

Buy for $38 on Amazon

best grill covers

Zober All-Weather Premium BBQ Grill Cover

Let’s face it. Sometimes we dads don’t get the final say on purchasing things, even when they’re primarily for our use. #underwear

Your best grill cover Amazon offers may be one of those things. Your wife may think a boring black grill cover doesn’t compliment her design layout on the deck. She’s going to vote for a different type of cover that looks better … say a light gray grill cover.

Fortunately, this Zober cover, which is available in widths between 44 and 64 inches, has plenty of toughness to go with its sharp gray color, including waterproof polyester fabric, sunlight resistance, and tightening straps along the bottom.

So when you pretend to put up a fight about buying a gray BBQ grill cover instead of a black one, before giving in to your wife’s wishes, you can score some points for letting her have her way without sacrificing the quality you want.

Buy for $17 on Amazon

best grill covers

VicTsing Waterproof Grill Cover

VicTsing grill covers are available in widths between 30 and 72 inches, protecting multiple sizes of grills in almost any kind of weather, including a sandstorm, according to the manufacturer. (We would not recommend grilling in a sandstorm, by the way, not because we don’t think you could still end up with the perfect steak, but because that blowing sand is sure to make it tough when you’re adding your own blend of seasonings.)

This waterproof fabric includes UV resistance and adjustable straps for a tight fit.

Plus this model has a drawing of a flame on the side, along with the word “grill” printed over the top. (Trust us: Depending on how many beers we’ve had while grilling, having this reminder printed on the grill cover isn’t the worst idea in the world.)

Buy for $26 on Amazon

best grill covers

Classic Accessories Veranda Water Resistant Grill Cover

When you’re seeking a grill cover that delivers the best in protective features for the grill, along with a heavy-duty fabric that looks great and reaches to the ground, it’s tough to beat this Classic Accessories model.

It will fit a number of models, including a Weber, Jenn Air, Brinkmann, and Char Broil grill cover with widths up to 80 inches.

The light tan color in this BBQ grill cover is impressive, but we do have to warn you: If someone spills a little grease from your burgers and steaks, it will show up on this color of grill cover, unlike with a black colored grill cover. (We know with your impressive grilling skills you wouldn’t spill a drop, but when the kids are trying to “help” you at the grill, the possibilities for spills are endless.)

Buy for $52 on Amazon

best grill covers

Tvird BBQ Grill Cover

Every dad doesn’t have to have a four- or five-burner gas grill with a roaster spit and multiple side burners built into it that takes up half the deck. Sometimes, it’s OK to have a small, narrow two-burner grill. You don’t need to have the largest grill in the neighborhood to show off your manhood.

Besides, you already have the coolest car in the neighborhood, which is far more important.

When you use a small grill, a small-sized grill cover gives you the perfect fit at a reasonable cost (leaving you more money for thicker, juicier steaks).

This 30-inch Tvird grill cover has waterproof fabric that’s durable enough to stand up to all kinds of weather, just like the larger grill covers we’ve been discussing. (If you have a larger grill, this model also is available in a 58-inch width.)

Buy for $15 on Amazon

best grill covers

NJIUSA Charcoal Grill Cover

Grilling with charcoal briquettes may be an old-school method, but there’s something about it that we as dads just need to do once in a while. (Just like we need to drink a 6-pack of Natty Light once in a while to remind us of the days when things were simpler and there weren’t 100 IPAs to choose from in our favorite liquor store.)

Grill covers aren’t just for gas grills. For those who still prefer charcoal briquettes for grilling in a round grill, this cover will slide over the main part of the grill and the lid, providing protection from the weather.

It has waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics, just like the larger gas grill covers, to protect your investment. It has a drawstring at the bottom to tighten it.

Buy for $13 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

The Best Recliners for Dad … and Dad Alone, or Else

best recliners

If you’re looking for the best recliners, you’re in the right place. When it comes to the traditional rules of the house, few of them are as important or as cherished as the “dad’s chair” rule. If you’re a dad, you should have a chair for watching TV, relaxing, napping after meals, and whatever else you want to do in it. This chair is yours and yours alone. Kids know to stay out of it, your partner knows to stays out of it, and even the pets f***ing know to stay out of it.

When a guest to the home inadvertently sits in the dad chair, the horrified look on the faces of every family member lets you know your control of the dad chair is complete.

For many dads, the chair of choice is the best recliner. My dad had a recliner. His dad had a recliner. If my great-great-great-great-grandfather had been clever enough to invent the recliner, that would’ve been his chair of choice. Hell, some dads threaten to die happily in their recliners … and then follow through.

In fact, I may be writing this article on a laptop while leaning back in my recliner. Later on, I may use my dad chair as one of the best recliners for sleeping in front of the TV before the local news weatherperson finishes screwing up the forecast. (Who am I kidding? There’s no “may” about it.)

I’ve relaxed in a recliner or two or a dozen in my day. (I may have even tried out my dad’s recliner when I knew he was out of town, but I’ll never admit it … even under oath.) Here are the best recliners that will have you claiming them as your dad chair immediately.

The Most Comfortable Recliner

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

When you’re seeking the best recliners for sleeping, it’s tough to beat the overstuffed pillows on the back and armrests with this ANJ model. Yet it has the support you’ll want for the back and neck when you’re spending a quality Sunday watching an NFL triple-header, only moving at halftime (out of necessity).

Rather than having to manually lean back to extend the recliner function, just press a button on the side. This actually is a handy feature for grandpa, who may have difficulty manually controlling the footrest on such a large chair.

It even has a USB charging port built into it. If only it had a fridge hidden under the footrest, you’d never have to get up again.

Buy for $500 on Amazon

The Best Recliner Chair for Style

Leonie Manual Recliner

None of us want to admit it, but there are rare occasions where we dads aren’t in complete control of purchasing furniture for the house. Once in a while, our wives have an opinion on a piece of furniture, including the best recliner that will eventually become the dad chair.

Admittedly, this Leonie recliner may not be quite as comfortable as the plush leather recliner we just discussed. But it still has a footrest and leans back just far enough to let you relax fully, making those sighs only dads can make when they finally have a chance to sit down, stretch out, and relax.

Plus, this fabric recliner looks great, which will make your partner happy. Once you sit in it and have a chance to put your feet up, you’ll be comfortable enough that you can live with giving in to your wife’s wishes this time. Next time will surely be different. (Just keep telling yourself that.)

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The Best Classic Wingback Recliner

Waldo Tufted Wingback Best Recliner Chair

There’s just something about a wingback recliner that makes it fit into almost any type of home. It’s a classic design that has cushioning in all the right places to make it one of the best recliners for back pain.

This Waldo model has all of the accents you’d expect to find in a wingback recliner, including the tufted back secured with buttons, the decorative nail heads outlining the front and sides, and the stylish feet in the front.

This is the kind of style in a dad chair that your grandfather or great-grandfather would’ve been proud to call his own. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, you may want to wear a fedora while you’re relaxing in this chair. Its style is that classic in nature. (Not that any of us need an excuse to break out the fedora.)

Buy for $394 on Amazon

The Best Recliner For Sleeping

Hemington Reclining Glider

If you have little ones at home, it’s more than okay to share the dad chair with them, gently rocking them to sleep (just make sure you don’t leave them alone — this could be dangerous). Sharing is OK, as long as they realize who ultimately owns the dad chair.

This glider recliner swivels and rocks gently. But it also has a footrest and a reclining back to give you the benefits of the best recliner chair. It’s a little smaller than some other of the best recliners on our list, meaning it can fit into a tighter space.

And if you happen to fall asleep after you rock the baby to sleep, call it a win-win.

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Best Recliner Chair for Watching Movies

Jummico Home Theater Best Recliner Chair

One of the most exciting home improvement projects for the whole family is creating a home theater room. Kids love the idea of having a completely dark special movie room to enjoy watching the same movie for the 99th time. Mom and dad love the idea of having a completely dark theater room to sneak in a nap while the kids watch the same movie for the 99th time.

If you’re going to build a theater room, you will want to outfit it with theater recliner chairs. The extra tall backrest allows you to angle the back of the chair perfectly for the screen while your back remains fully supported.

You can adjust the angle of the backrest between 90 and 165 degrees to the seat. Nap time during a movie at home has never been more comfortable. Just try not to snore, or the kids will want to start the movie over again. After all, they don’t want you to miss the best parts … over and over and over.

Buy for $140 on Amazon

Best Lift Assist Recliner

Three Posts Lift Assist Power Reclining Chair

If you’re looking for the best recliner chair for Grandpa, who may need some help trying to stand up from highly cushioned chairs, this lift assist recliner is a great option.

The entire chair lifts upward and tilts forward when you need a bit of help rising to a standing position. Now, the kids may be tempted to try to fling their little brother halfway across the room with the lift feature, but it, fortunately, doesn’t move quite fast enough to accomplish this trick.

As an added benefit, it has a massage feature and a heating feature, so grandpa may just choose to live in this dad chair … as long as he doesn’t lose the remote control. (Yes, we know the remote is connected to the chair with a cord, but we also know how Grandpa excels at losing his electronics. It should end up being quite the battle between the two.)

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Best Recliner Chair for Back Pain

Esright Heated and Massage Recliner for Back Pain

With such a high level of padding and comfort in this chair, you may not expect to receive the bonus features of heating and massage too, but this Esright recliner offers varying intensity levels for vibration massages and for the heating control modes. The heat function focuses on the lumbar, making this one of the best recliners for back pain.

Each chair has two cup holders, storage pockets on the sides, and a pillow cushion for your head. It swivels 360 degrees and has a gentle rocking feature. The PU leather surface is easy to clean and offers water resistance.

This chair can do it all, making it worthy of being the perfect dad chair.

Buy for $355 on Amazon

Best Recliner Loveseat

Perrysburg Wide Pillow Best Recliner Loveseat

Sometimes, you have the ability to select your own dad chair recliner. Other times, your wife decides she also would like a recliner. (A mom chair? Not quite the same ring, but it makes sense.) Unfortunately, your TV room may not be big enough for two competing recliners sitting at the optimal viewing position.

This Perrysburg reclining loveseat is the best compromise. This setup consists of two connected recliners, each of which has separate controls. So you can be fully laid back, reclining in perfect napping position, while she sits at the edge of her recliner seat, staring breathlessly at the TV to see who receives the next rose. Win-win.

This loveseat has a center console for storing drinks or other items, keeping everything well-organized in a small room. It’s not quite a full dad chair, but this half dad chair is better than nothing.

Buy for $700 on Wayfair

Best Recliner Sofa

Ullery Pillow Top Arm Best Reclining Sofa

Sometimes, the best recliners for sleeping come in a sofa configuration. You can sleep in your recliner, tilting the backrest to an almost horizontal position to rest comfortably. Or you can stretch across the entire length of this recliner sofa and use it like you would a regular sofa for a nap.

When you’re in trouble and your S.O. tells you to go sleep on the sofa, you’ll appreciate having two options instead of the typical one.

The two outer seats have separate reclining options, so you can set the backrest at the best angle for comfort independently on either end. (The middle seat does not recline.) The metal frame is sturdy, supporting up to 750 pounds in total.

And just think about how many positive “dad points” you’ll receive for sharing your dad chair with two other people at the same time. Surely those dad points will come in handy when it’s time to receive your amazing Father’s Day gifts. (Heck, maybe they’ll even remember to pick up a gift ahead of time this year, rather than running to the convenience store at 8 a.m. on Father’s Day. Not that we’re complaining about the doughnuts with sprinkles they bring back. Keep ’em coming with the real gift.)

Buy for $690 on Wayfair

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Make Your Kids Excited About Going to Bed — No, Really — With Marvel Sheets

Marvel Bed Sheets and Pillows

Looking for Marvel bedding for your kid? That’s understandable. When it comes to classic debates for sci-fi nerds, the best ones used to involve Picard vs. Kirk, Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones, and Sarah Connor vs. Ellen Ripley. Now, though, the majority of these debates have Marvel vs. DC Comics at their heart. Whether you’re debating if Batman could out-gadget Iron Man, if Thor or Wonder Woman has the better backstory, or if any DC character could challenge Deadpool in a gross-out contest, the debates can become fierce.

Within the superhero genre, the majority of fans feel the need to pledge allegiance to either Marvel or DC. (Although some people would love to see a Marvel/DC crossover.)

If you as a dad have made the choice to be a Marvel fan, you’re probably going to try to raise your kids as Marvel fans too. (We wouldn’t recommend writing your kids out of the will if they slide toward being DC fans, but if you did write them out, we wouldn’t argue with your decision either. The DC/Marvel divide runs that deep.)

One of the ways to get your kid excited about Marvel characters is to purchase a Marvel bedding set for them. For kids who are scared to go to bed or who dislike going to bed, having Marvel bed sheets may be the trick to convince them to hit the hay at the appropriate 9 p.m. bedtime you’ve set (for a change).

Now we can’t guarantee that having Marvel bedding won’t make them act like superhero lunatics from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pretending to be Hulk, Black Panther, or Spider-Man may have them jumping on and off the bed for hours at a time during the day. As long as they’re out like a light at 9 p.m., though, you may be willing to make this tradeoff.

The Best Marvel Bedding:

Friendly Spider-Man Reversible Comforter Set

When you want a classic Marvel character to use as Marvel twin bedding, Spider-Man is a great choice. After all, about 20 years ago, the highly popular Spider-Man movie really kicked off the onslaught of Marvel and DC Comics superhero movies to follow.

Plus kids love Spider-Man. The costume is cool. Shooting spider webs out of the wrist is cool. Flying around New York City on a web string is cool. Even kids who are terrified of spiders can find something to like about Spider-Man. Just don’t expect the most squeamish ones to watch the scene where the spider bites Peter Parker. Ouch.

The Spider-Man character on this Marvel bedding is an adorable cartoonish character, which makes it a good Marvel toddler bedding set. Little kids will like the friendly look to this Spider-Man.

This twin size Spider-Man bedding set includes:

  • Reversible comforter
  • Pillowcases
  • Sheets

Buy for $93 on Wayfair

Miles Morales Spider-Man Marvel Twin Bedding

For older kids (or adults) who prefer the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man over Peter Parker, this bed set is made with you in mind. (And if you don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, you may need to check in your Marvel Fan Club card.)

This set uses a lot of darker colors, far more than the first Spider-Man Marvel bedding we discussed, which may scare some younger kids (or they might think it’s super awesome).

Plus, one of the pillowcases is just a drawing of a giant spider from the Spider-Man logo, so this isn’t the best option for kids who are a little skittish.

This Marvel bedding set includes:

  • Twin comforter
  • Pillowcase
  • Sham
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet

Buy for $70 on Amazon

Black Panther Blue Border Tribe Twin Sheet Set

For kids who loved the Black Panther movie from a few years ago, this Marvel twin bedding will quickly become a favorite.

One of the best things about the Black Panther character is the detailed backstory, which some kids will want to dive into after receiving this bed set.

This Marvel bedding set doesn’t have a comforter, so you can save some money if you just add a solid colored comforter, more than enough to see the upcoming Black Panther II movie. (By then, we’ll hopefully be back attending movies in theaters again, so you’ll almost certainly need the extra cash — and then some — for snacks too. Even the mob is impressed by the markup at the movie theater snack bar.)

This twin size Black Panther bedding set includes:

  • Pillowcase
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet

Buy for $20 on Amazon

Hulk Out Marvel Toddler Bedding Set

Kids can relate to the Hulk character. When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk, wreaking havoc in an uncontrollable rage. When your kid gets mad … well, let’s just say the kid’s tantrums would give the Hulk a run for his money. If the kid knew how to turn green, it’d be tough to tell the two apart.

The good news is you can send your kid to an extended timeout. We wouldn’t try that with the Hulk.

This Hulk set is made as a Marvel toddler bedding set or even as Marvel crib bedding, as the fitted sheet measures only 28 by 52 inches.

The Hulk character is a cartoonish version of the Hulk, made to be more fun than brooding and scary, further appealing to toddlers and preschoolers.

This twin size Hulk bedding set includes:

  • Reversible comforter
  • Pillowcase
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet

Buy for $54 on Wayfair

Marvel Avengers Queen Bedding Set

For those older kids and adults who are huge Marvel fans but who just can’t decide on a single favorite character, this Avengers comforter and sham set has you covered. It includes artwork featuring Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Ant-Man.

The artwork on the comforter and shams is highly detailed, made to resemble artwork you’d find in a modern Marvel comic book, which will appeal to teens and adults.

The images are a bit darker than something that would be aimed at young children, some of whom may find them a little scary.

Then again, sometimes the best way to overcome a child’s fears is to throw them in the deep end. Leave the kid in the room with these character drawings for an entire night and the kid will overcome the fear … or will have nightmares for the next few months. Just a word of advice as you try to decide what to do: A few months is a long time for you to sleep on the couch while your wife is pissed at you.

This queen and full-size Avengers bedding set includes:

  • Comforter
  • Two shams

Buy for $45 on Amazon

Marvel Avengers Emblems Full Bed Set

As an adult, you may feel a little weird about having bedding with cartoon characters on it. (Your wife might use a different word to describe her feelings.)

This Marvel bedding set may be a nice compromise, as it features the emblems of several Avengers superheroes, giving you a more subtle look than drawings of the characters themselves. The emblems represent Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Someone who has no idea what Marvel is might even think these are NHL or NFL logos. (Feel free to use this idea to see if you can fool your wife on this one. We’ll wait to see how it goes for you before trying it ourselves.)

This full-size Avengers bedding set includes:

  • Comforter
  • Two pillowcases
  • Two shams
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet

Buy for $70 on Amazon

Avengers Hero Up Marvel Toddler Bedding Set

Toddlers who are a little nervous about bedtime can feel braver with these Marvel Avengers bed sheets. They have multiple Marvel characters along with their emblems on the pillowcases and comforter. All of the character drawings are cartoonish and made to be friendly, which keeps the scary level to a minimum.

The sheets have the message HERO UP! printed on them, which may encourage the kid to be brave all night.

Just imagine it … a child who stays in his or her bed all night and doesn’t interrupt your sleeping. Just the thought of it brings a tear to your eye.

This twin size Spider-Man bedding set includes:

  • Reversible comforter
  • Pillowcases
  • Sheets

Buy for $50 on Amazon

Marvel Avengers Fight Club Twin Bed Set With Guardians of the Galaxy

When it comes to traditional superheroes, a talking raccoon and a tree creature normally wouldn’t have fit the bill for most fans. Then Guardians of the Galaxy came along and “I am Groot” became a sensation, holding us over until the Baby Yoda phenomenon started.

If you and your kids are big fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll appreciate these twin Marvel bed sheets, featuring a host of those characters, including Groot, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon, as well as Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man.

This twin size Avengers bedding set includes:

  • Twin/full comforter
  • Pillowcase
  • Sham
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet

Buy for $60 on Amazon

Avengers Superheroes Marvel Full Bedding Set

If you’re the kind of dad who likes to tell your kids how much better things were in your day, here’s your chance to put those words into action with this Marvel bedding set. It features popular Marvel characters in artwork that resembles classic comic books.

The drawings of Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man have an old school look to them. Your kids may snicker at the look of some of these characters, but maybe they’ll learn to appreciate the rough, hand-drawn look these characters had in the comics from when you were a kid (or maybe from when your dad was a kid and gave you the same “things were better in my day” speech).

If your kids don’t appreciate the old school look, well, you can make them sleep on these Marvel bed sheets until they do. You’re the dad, after all, and your word is law. (Until your wife overrules you.)

This full-size Avengers bedding set includes:

  • Two pillowcases
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet

Buy for $30 on Amazon

Avengers Comic Cool Marvel Bed Sheets and Comforter

For teens (or dads) who appreciate the comic books featuring Marvel characters as much (or more) than the multitude of movies over the past couple of decades, this Marvel full bedding set is made with them in mind.

This is an interesting design with black and white comic book panels adorning the comforter with large full color drawings of characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk superimposed over the top of the comic panels. These are old school drawings of the characters from the vintage comics, which adds to the cool factor.

With the black and white comic panel drawings, it may even spark an interest in the child of reading black and white graphic novels. Yeah, yeah, we know. There’s plenty of people out there who would tell you graphic novels are not real books. But at least the kid would be reading willingly. (Pat yourself on the back. You just parented the crap out of your kid’s reading time.)

This Marvel full bedding set includes:

  • Twin/full comforter
  • Two pillowcases
  • Two shams
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet

Buy for $70 on Amazon

80th Anniversary Marvel Queen Bedding Comforter and Sham Set

Perhaps you wanted Marvel bedsheets when you were a kid, and your mom quashed your hopes. Then your live-in girlfriend in college (who you somehow kept a secret from your mom) also said no to your hopes of buying a Marvel bedding set.

Now your wife says no too. But when she says no, you can see a hint of pity in her eyes. (Never underestimate the benefits of being the recipient of your spouse’s pity.) So if you believe there’s a sliver of hope for your Marvel queen bedding quest, we have the model that may work.

This 80th anniversary Marvel bed set has a reversible comforter. One side has Marvel comic panels in color on a gray background. And when your wife wants to pretend that she did not marry a huge comic book and superhero nerd (totally on her, TBH), the reverse side of the comforter has a classy gray and white stripe pattern.

Most nights, she’s so tired from the antics of the kids that she’ll never even notice if you flip the comics side of the comforter upward for all to see.

Hopefully, she says yes to this Marvel comforter. But if she says no, and if you’ve lived through being a father to a toddler, at least you’re finally at a point in your life where you’re prepared to hear no. After all, your toddler likely said no to you roughly 156 times per day.

This queen-size Marvel bedding set includes:

  • Reversible comforter
  • Sham

Buy for $45 on Amazon

Captain American Adult Duvet Cover Set

If you want to go even more subtle when it comes to your Marvel bedding, this Captain America comforter set will meet your needs. Rather than full color drawings of Captain America on the bed sheets and comforter, this product uses his emblem of stars and rings from his shield in varying shades of blue and gray.

If you encounter someone who is not a Marvel fan, they may not even know that this is Captain America’s shield emblem. This kit provides a contemporary style (whatever that is).

This Captain America full-size bedding set includes:

  • Comforter
  • Two pillowcases
  • Accent pillow
  • Sham

Buy for $104 on Wayfair

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Get Medieval on Their Asses With This Guide to the Best Axe Throwing Equipment

Axe throwing. It’s a thing. Remember the episode of The Simpsons where Homer is missing the Springfield Chili Cook-Off? He’s dancing around the house like a 3-year-old who’s guzzled a six-pack of juice boxes but is too busy to use the bathroom, urging Marge to hurry. Homer’s excitement over chili reminds me of my reaction when I heard about axe throwing for the first time. I may or may not have danced around the house, imploring my family to hurry up, so we could go to the new hatchet throwing bar (yes, bar — although if you’re a beginner, we definitely don’t recommend drinking and axe-throwing at the same time).

What is there to love about an axe throwing bar? To quote our new president, c’mon man! They’re handing you an axe. They’re allowing you to throw it at a target. They’re also letting you drink beer. They might even serve chili. Then you get to do it again and again, competing against other axe throwers, and we all know dads love any competition. #nirvana-medivalstyle

As with any new sport that dads try, we may choose to go overboard a bit. We may become a little over-competitive. We may decide we need to start practicing at home in the backyard with the best axes for throwing … safely, of course. (Mrs. Stephens’ damn yippy toy poodle, Muffy, next door must be protected at all costs, after all.)

For the Chili Cook-Off, Homer had his special chili boots and wooden spoon he carved himself from a bigger spoon. For your axe throwing equipment, we would not recommend making your own axe. (If your homemade throwing tomahawk blade pops loose and comes within 50 feet of Muffy, police will be at your door in minutes, ticketing you for violating the f***ing dog’s restraining order against you.)

We’ve put together a list of the best axe throwing equipment, so you can practice at home. Beer is optional. (Kidding.)

The Art of Throwing Book

Some people like to jump right into axe throwing immediately. Just pick up the axe and chuck it toward the target. Drink more beer. Repeat.

Hey, it might work. And you might only scare others in the vicinity instead of hitting someone.

If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of person who prefers to have at least a vague idea of what you’re doing before you jump in, this book gives you advice on how to start with your axe throwing sport. Believe it or not, there is a technique to this sport that will help you have more success.

Yeah, we know. Books? Psssshhh. But no one has to know. Just hide it in the bathroom for morning constitutional reading material. No one dares to check on what you’re doing in the bathroom during that time of the morning.

Buy for $14 on Amazon

WATL World Axe Throwing League Competition Axe

For beginners, this axe might seem a little too big, but this is the right size for a throwing axe, with good balance and handle length, making it one of the best axes for throwing. The axe weighs only 2.22 pounds total, so it’s not as heavy as it may look.

With a 16-inch handle, you can cut it down to a shorter length as needed to match your throwing technique.

It has a curved design in the blade that will help beginners keep the axe on target. Any axe throwing equipment that can make you look better while trying to learn this sport is well worth the investment. And when you’re using an axe with the official league logo printed on the head, you’re going to look like a pro … even if you are definitely not a pro. (Here’s a hint: You aren’t.)

Buy for $39 on Amazon

WATL The Corporal Competition Axe

If you want a bit more of an advanced axe — while keeping the World Axe Throwing League logo on it to show how serious you are about this sport — this model is a strong contender. It has an extremely sharp blade, giving it a better chance of sticking in the target.

It uses a flat blade design, so it may not be the best option for beginners, who may struggle to keep it on track toward the target.

You can cut down the 16-inch wooden to match your needs.

Plus it has a name: “The Corporal.” If your axe has a name, how can you go wrong?

Buy for $83 on Amazon

Viking Throwing Tomahawk

Sometimes, axe throwing equipment is more about the look of the axe blade than your accuracy. There’s nothing wrong with having an axe blade that makes you look medieval while you’re working on your sport.

This throwing tomahawk has a curved blade that looks positively dangerous, which is part of the fun. It has a 19-inch handle that you can cut down to a shorter length as needed.

We do have to mention that this blade fits onto the hickory handle using a friction fit system. This means that the axe head may separate from the handle through the normal course of use. See? Even more danger. Cool.

Buy for $40 on Amazon

Stansport Wood Handle Camp Axe

We understand not everyone can purchase a competition-level throwing axe. Kids need braces, school clothes, and the type of overindulgent, extravagant birthday parties that put Jamie’s dad to shame. (No one can stand that guy, but if he wants to start an expensive kids birthday party war, we are ready to one-up him at every turn.)

So you may need to cut back a bit on your spending for your throwing axe. This versatile Stansport axe has a 14-inch handle with a balanced weight, making it a better option than some other general-use axes for throwing.

The blade is made for chopping firewood and kindling, rather than for sticking in a target, so it isn’t the perfect option. However, when you need an axe that you can use equally well at a campsite and at a throwing lane, this is an option that should fit in your budget.

Buy for $17 on Amazon

SOG Tactical Straight Edge Tomahawk

Here is another versatile tomahawk that you can use for all kinds of work at an acreage, at a campsite, or for throwing.

It has a polymer handle that will last a long time. The head consists of stainless steel and a hard cased black coating for durability.

Plus it’s just a cool piece of hardware. Having success with a throwing axe isn’t as easy as owning an impressive looking axe … but it sure doesn’t hurt.

Buy for $50 on Cabela’s

Foam Axe Throwing Game Set

As a dad, you know that certain things you want to do can never be done alone. Make yourself some nachos? The kids will be on you like locusts. Want to run to the hardware store quickly? The kids will tag along, begging for candy, picking up every item in the store, and asking non-stop questions, turning a 20-minute trip into a 2-hour slog.

So when you want to start throwing axes as a hobby, chances are you won’t be able to do it yourself. Once the kids get involved, sharp axes being flung over several feet sounds a lot less fun and a lot more bloody and put-an-eye-out-y.

So why not have this foam axe throwing game set on hand for times when the kids want to join in? The chances of someone ending up bloody with this foam set are quite a bit less. Not zero, mind you. After all, these are your kids, and they routinely accomplish the impossible. Let’s just say almost zero.

Buy for $69 on Amazon

axe throwing

Outside Inside Foam Axe Throwing Game

Another great option for littles, this axe throwing game is perfect for outdoor or indoor fun. The board and axes are made of foam, so if they hit anyone or any wall, nobody gets hurt. The set comes with one board and four axes, and the board is collapsable, and you can easily hang it up on the wall (the material is light enough to not damage surfaces).

Buy for $35 on Amazon



Pebble Axe Sharpening Stone

If you have purchased some of the best axes for throwing (not made of foam), you will need to sharpen them from time to time. After all, a dull axe will not stick in the target as well as a sharp one.

This is a highly regarded sharpening stone that also works to sharpen your other tools. It has a 150-grit on the dark gray side and a 320-grit on the light-colored side for finishing work on the blade. It fits in the palm of your hand for convenience.

It even ships in a sharp-looking bamboo box to protect it when it’s not in use, which your wife will appreciate.

The downside? You no longer can use the excuse that the dull axe blade is preventing you from sticking the axe in the target. (Sooner or later, the blame lies with your technique.)

Buy for $31 on Amazon

2×4 Wood for Building a Target

Although some people may want to practice with their best throwing tomahawk on a tree in the backyard, we do not recommend this. The round tree and rough bark will make the axe bounce at odd angles. There’s no extra wood to catch a stray throw to the side.

Not to mention, you’re going to kill the tree eventually, meaning your wife will probably want to kill you.

Instead, build yourself a target with a large backstop. To build a target area, make sure it’s huge to catch any stray axes. (Remember Muffy.) Connect several 8-foot long 2x4s to make up the frame, which should be free-standing. A frame 5 or 6 feet wide should catch most errant throws.

Then use screws to mount a large piece of plywood (about 2.5 by 2.5 feet) onto the frame of 2x4s and paint the target on the plywood. The outer ring of the target should be about 27 inches in diameter with smaller rings at 17 and 7 inches in diameter. The center of the target should be about 5 feet off the ground.

As the plywood becomes damaged after dozens of axe strikes, you can simply replace the plywood with a new sheet. The 2x4s will be tough enough to stand up to stray axe strikes when you miss the target. Try to build the frame so that you can replace a chewed-up single 2×4 in the future, if needed.

If this sounds like too much construction work for your skills, there’s always the foam axe throwing set. (Muffy will laugh her ass off at you, but you’ll survive.)

Buy for $6 on The Home Depot

Greatmats 4×10 Foot Rubber Roll

If you’re going to practice with your axe throwing equipment inside your garage, you’re going to want some protection on the concrete floor. (Believe it or not, we’re guessing you’re going to miss sticking the throwing tomahawk in the target a time or two … or 200.)

Using this roll of rubber on the floor protects the concrete from damage from the axe blade. Additionally, you’ll keep the blade sharper if it falls to the rubber instead of on the concrete. You should use rubber under an outdoor target too, to protect the blade as it hits the ground.

Cut this rubber roll to fit the space. For extra protection for the floor, cut the 4-by-10-foot roll in half and stack the pieces.

Buy for $116 on Amazon

Dad-Pun Axe Throwing T-Shirt

Some dads love their T-shirts with bad puns on them. Some dads just need a T-shirt for anything and everything in which they or the kids participate. (Although the “My Kid Won a Participation Ribbon at the 3rd Grade Science Fair” T-shirt is a bit much in our opinion.)

Regardless of why we dads love T-shirts, we can never have enough of them. So to commemorate your new love of hatchet throwing, here’s a t-shirt you can wear with a semi-dirty double meaning on it … a bad pun that clearly identifies you as a dad. You’re welcome.

Buy for $20 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

How to DIY Clean Your Dishwasher (Even Though Its Only Job Is to Clean Things #MindBlown)

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

Sometimes, my kids come up with logic that I have a hard time refuting, which simultaneously pisses me off and impresses me.

For example, the kid asks, “Why do you have to take away my favorite bath towel and put it in the washing machine? It’s only used for drying after we’re already clean, so isn’t it also clean?” After I sit there for a minute dumbfounded, I call them a smart ass under my breath and threaten to send them to bed early … which they know is an empty threat. Hell, it’s tough enough to get kids to go to bed on time, let alone early.

Or when the kids ask if apples would be a healthy, low-sugar snack before bed, and I say yes. Then they come back with a bowl of Apple Jacks and give their sister a slice of apple pie with ice cream. I just shake my head and wish I’d have thought it through.

So when my wife says it’s time to clean the dishwasher, which sounds like a simple DIY task, it tempts me to break out some kid logic. The dishwasher’s job is to clean dishes, keeping them sanitary enough to use for eating and drinking. (I mean, that’s way beyond the job of a bath towel.) So why would we ever need to know how to clean a dishwasher? I mean, I know why I need to (partially) clean the grill to make great BBQ, but the dishwasher? It should be cleaner inside thereafter it does its job, right?

Truth is, as crazy as it sounds, it does need cleaning. Using the best dishwasher cleaner means it will smell better and clean more efficiently. Additionally, the dishwasher contains a filter that catches certain solids, and you need to remove these to keep it running without backing up and flooding. If there is gunk or pet fur on the seal or on the edges of the door, the dishwasher might leak as it runs.

So, yes, we do need to know how to clean a dishwasher, no matter how silly that sounds. (Now if we could only come up with a cool hack like the dad who cleans baby bottles with a power drill, then we’d love cleaning the dishwasher.)

How to Clean a Dishwasher

The best plan to clean the dishwasher is to clean the individual parts separately.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

1-How to Clean the Removable Parts

Items like the dishwasher rack and silverware rack will come out of the dishwasher. You then can clean these in the sink, if desired.

Clean the dishwasher racks with vinegar. Fill half the sink with warm water, add a cup or two of white vinegar, and let them soak 15 to 30 minutes. Then wipe them clean and return them to the dishwasher.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

2-How to Clean the Interior

To clean the dishwasher interior with vinegar or another product, you can do it with the racks removed from the dishwasher or with the racks left inside, including:

  • By hand: When wondering how to clean a dishwasher by hand, you can use a regular household cleaner without bleach and scrub it with a sponge or rag. Remove all the racks to simplify the job. Wear rubber gloves.
  • With a product: A few different drop-in products will work as the best dishwasher cleaner. These will run during the regular dishwashing cycle or with the appliance empty. These cleaners remove odor, grime, and grease.
  • With vinegar: To clean a dishwasher with vinegar, add a cup of vinegar to a bowl and set it upright on the upper rack. Run the regular cycle and allow the dishwasher to air dry.
  • With baking soda: To clean a dishwasher with baking soda, sprinkle a cup in the bottom of the machine, and run a regular cycle. Allow the dishwasher to air dry.
  • With bleach: Do not use bleach on the interior of a dishwasher if it consists of stainless steel. Otherwise, for cleaning a dishwasher with bleach, place a cup of bleach in a safe bowl on the top rack and run the regular cycle. Let the appliance air dry.

One last piece of advice: Do not use more than one of these substances at the same time. You’ve seen the videos of people creating baking soda/vinegar volcanoes? You don’t want this to happen inside your dishwasher.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

3-How to Clean a Filter

Did you know your dishwasher has a filter? No? Uh-oh. (To be fair, some newer dishwashers don’t have filters that need manual cleaning, so you might be off the hook.)

If it’s a manual filter, it’ll be in the base of the dishwasher. When the filter is installed in the dishwasher, you’ll be able to see the top section of the filter (pictured on the left). Some dishwashers have an upper filter too, near the upper rack.

Turn the top of the filter a quarter or half a turn and lift it straight out. Once the round filter is out, you may see a C-shaped, flat filter that also will pop out (pictured on the right) that protects the drain area. Remove the flat filter and clean the interior of this drain area too.

Remove any food particles you see. If needed, you can soak the filters in warm water in the sink for 10-15 minutes.

4-How to Clean a Rubber Gasket

Check the rubber gasket and edges around the door of the dishwasher. Contaminants on the rubber will prevent a perfect seal and cause a leak. Use warm water and an old toothbrush to clean the gasket.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

5-How to Clean Spray Arms

Sometimes, the jets on the spray arms will become plugged over time. You can remove any blockages using toothpicks in the holes for the jets.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

6-How to Clean a Heating Element

The heating element is the curved piece of metal that surrounds the drain and filter.

This element may end up with scaling on it. You can use an old toothbrush and lemon juice or CLR to clean the element. There may be multiple layers of hard scale attached to the heating element, so this cleaning could take a while.

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher
Home Depot

7-How to Clean an Exterior

Use warm water and a little bit of dish soap on a sponge or dishcloth to clean spots off the outside of the dishwasher.

If you have a stainless steel dishwasher, you can choose to use a stainless steel cleaner instead. These come in sprays or wipes and are the only way to get fingerprints off of the stainless exterior.

8-How Often to Clean a Dishwasher

You don’t need to clean the dishwasher daily, but one to two times per month should be adequate. Those who run cycles in the dishwasher daily will want to clean it a little more frequently than suggested here. Those who only run a load a couple of times a week can probably clean the dishwasher a little less frequently.

  • Every 10-14 Days: Clean the interior of the unit a couple of times a month with a cleanser like Finish. At the same time, remove the filters and looking for bits of food, which can cause odors over time.
  • Every 45-60 Days: Clean the dishwasher with vinegar or bleach every couple of months. Check the spray arms and the gasket around the edge of the door at this time, too. If you want to clean the racks separately, every couple of months should be adequate.
  • As Needed: Clean the front of the dishwasher with the best dishwasher cleaner that matches the material used on the front door.

Best Products For How To Clean a Dishwasher

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Finish Cleaner

Finish In-Wash Best Dishwasher Cleaner

When you are wondering how to clean a dishwasher interior in the easiest method possible, Finish drop-ins greatly simplify the process. Just drop one in the bottom of the dishwasher occasionally when running a load of dishes, and it’ll clean all of the interior parts efficiently and easily. #LazyCleaningIsTheBestCleaning

Buy for $20 on Amazon

Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner (Safe for Septic Systems)

Clean the interior of the dishwasher with this drop-in tablet that’s safe enough even to use with septic systems. Powers away lime and mineral build-up. It’s odor-free as well, so you’ll remove the funky smell from inside the dishwasher and not replace it with an even funkier smell. Isn’t it a great time to be alive? Recommended for use once a month, buy a few packs, and be pro-active on the cleaning front.

Buy for $6 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Mamison Gloves

Mamison Reusable Rubber Gloves

We agree that it seems a little silly to use manual dishwashing rubber gloves to clean the automatic dishwasher, which is an appliance that makes it so you don’t have to manually wash the dishes and wear rubber gloves. But you’re still going to want to wear them if working with cleansers inside the dishwasher.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher CLR

CLR Calcium Lime Rust Remover

CLR works well for removing limescale and rust from inside the dishwasher and from the heating element. It also works to clean rust stains and scale on items inside the bathroom and kitchen, including glass, porcelain, and chrome.

Use this regularly throughout your home and your wife will dub you the king of cleaning. (On second thought, maybe not a title you want to hold.)

Buy for $5 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Vinegar Concentrate

Calyptus 45% Concentrated Pure Vinegar

Remember how important Windex was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? That’s vinegar to all of us, it is a cure-all, clean-all. Having this concentrated natural product on hand in gallon size will ensure you always have plenty available to do whatever job you have in mind— starting with cleaning the dishwasher with vinegar.

Just be sure to hide it from the kids. Who knows what destruction they could cause using this huge bottle of vinegar in a giant baking soda volcano?

Buy for $23 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Liquid Bleach

Pure Bright Liquid Bleach

You can use bleach in so many different ways around the house that it’s always good to have some on hand, including for cleaning a dishwasher with bleach … as long as it’s not a stainless steel interior dishwasher. Just keep it somewhere safe, it doesn’t mess around.

Buy for $25 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Stainless Steel Cleaner

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

Stainless steel appliances look amazing … until the kids touch them with whatever disgusting goo they have on their hands 24/7. Unless you’ve banned your kids from the kitchen, we’re guessing you may go through this entire bottle of stainless steel cleaner in a few days, because their grubby little hands just can’t resist the shiny stainless steel surface.

Buy for $17 on Amazon

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Maytag Dishwasher

Maytag Front Control Built-in Fingerprint Resistant Dishwasher

We’ve assumed throughout this discussion of the best dishwasher cleaner techniques that you have an automatic dishwasher. If, instead, you are the dishwasher in your house — the manual dishwasher — maybe it’s time to purchase an automatic dishwasher.

This Maytag model runs quietly, has an effective drying system, and features a stainless steel front.

And once you have it installed, we’re sure you’ll love cleaning it instead of cleaning the dishes daily.

Buy for $673 on Home Depot

DIY How To Clean A Dishwasher Whirlpool

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Portable Dishwasher

If you don’t have room in the kitchen for a built-in dishwasher, this Whirlpool portable model is a nice choice. Roll it to the sink when it’s time to wash dishes, and roll it out of the way when the cycle is finished.

Just be ready for the top of it to collect all of the kids’ crap when they get home from school. Any open counter space or tabletop space is irresistible to any kid who’s carrying something, which really sucks. After all, when the kids cover every open space with backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets, where the hell are you supposed to throw your keys and the mail?

Buy for $718 on Home Depot

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

How to DIY Remove Wallpaper … and Successfully Complete #76 on the Honey-Do List

DIY How To Remove Wallpaper
Home Depot

There’s something about wallpaper that brings out the remodeling instinct in a lot of wives. If you buy a house with wallpaper in it, it has to come down almost immediately. If you hung wallpaper a few years ago in your own house, chances are your wife will be tired of it by this point. So removing wallpaper DIY style goes near the top of the honey-do list.

Hanging wallpaper may very well be one of the worst jobs on the planet. Until you try to figure out the best way to remove wallpaper. Then there’s no question that it takes over as the worst job on the planet.

Staining concrete flooring is a messy job. Returning things to normal after the kids “wash” the car with motor oil is a disaster we hope you’ll never have to experience. But learning how to remove wallpaper is the equivalent of a 2-year-old’s birthday dinner combination of spaghetti and Blue’s Clues cake with bright blue frosting. (Yes, I have been stupid enough as a dad to allow that to happen.)

The good news is learning how to remove old wallpaper is not as dangerous as some other DIY dad projects, meaning you don’t run the risk of a hospital visit — probably. (Full disclosure: I have had to get multiple stitches while hanging wallpaper in the past. Don’t ask. But never while removing wallpaper, at least so far. Fingers crossed.)

Read through our steps to help you figure out the best way to remove wallpaper successfully. And if there is a God, hopefully, you won’t be hanging new wallpaper immediately afterward … that you’ll almost certainly be removing again in a few years. #CircleOfHell

DIY How To Remove Wallpaper
Home Depot

How to Remove Wallpaper

1-Don’t Just Say, I’ll Hang New Wallpaper Over the Old Wallpaper

Yes, it’s tempting to skip the removal process and just paste the new layer of wallpaper over the old layer, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to remove wallpaper from drywall without tearing the paper layer on the drywall.

However, the glue for the new wallpaper may not stick to the old wallpaper, especially if it’s vinyl, foil, or textured. If the old paper has any wrinkles or loose seams, the new paper soon will pull away from the wall.

Occasionally, you can hang new wallpaper over old paper successfully, but it ends up in disaster a few years down the road more often than not.

2-Figure Out What’s Behind the Old Wallpaper

The type of permanent wall behind the old wallpaper plays a role in the best way to remove wallpaper.

  • Drywall: Drywall is common in any home built or remodeled in the last few decades. It has a paper/cardboard layer over a substance that resembles chalk.
  • Plaster: Plaster is a liquid wall covering that hardens over a wood lathe. It is common in homes at least four decades old, but not in newer homes. Plaster usually is not as smooth as drywall, which can make wallpaper removal tricky.

If you have drywall, damaging the paper/cardboard layer during wallpaper removal can cause significant problems, so use care. If the paper/cardboard starts to peel with the wallpaper, try using a razor blade to slowly work the wallpaper away from the drywall paper layer as carefully as possible. Once finished, use a spackling compound to repair the tears in the drywall paper/cardboard.

With plaster, avoid using too much water and stripping liquid. This may soak into the plaster and could cause it to crumble after drying. Chances are you’ll need someone who specializes in plaster to come and fix the wall.

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper
Home Depot

3-Prepare the Room

Because learning how to remove wallpaper is a messy job, you’ll want to cover furniture, carpeting, wood floors, and baseboards. Use plastic sheets, drop cloths, and painter’s tape to secure the protective layer. If you have an outlet along the wall where you’ll be working, cover the entire faceplate in painter’s tape to protect it from liquid.

You’ll be using water as the primary tool in the best way to remove wallpaper, and the parts you peel from the wall will want to stick to everything. Without a drop cloth or other protection for the items in the room, the mess you’ll make will leave you in big trouble. Trust us. We speak from a horrible, horrible experience.

4-Pray That You Have Strippable Wallpaper

We mentioned earlier that wallpaper was the worst thing on the planet. We’d like to amend that statement to admit there are exceptions. For example, if you’re fortunate enough to have used strippable wallpaper in the previous project, wallpaper’s reputation as a giant pain in the ass is exaggerated.

Strippable wallpaper also called temporary wallpaper or peel wallpaper, is a newer type of paper that pulls away from the wall easily versus other types of wallpaper. Using strippable wallpaper makes learning how to remove wallpaper from drywall an almost enjoyable process.

Just use a paint scraper or putty knife to catch the edge of a sheet of the strippable wallpaper. Once you found an edge that you can grab, start pulling. If the wallpaper pulls away in large chunks without leaving residue behind, you have strippable wallpaper. Thank whatever higher being you believe in — because you just saved yourself hours of work — and start removing it.

Occasionally, even strippable wallpaper will catch on the wall a little bit. Use a putty knife or a razor blade to gently loosen the parts that are sticking.

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper
Home Depot

5-Move to Water and a Stripper, and Prepare for a Long Process

If the paper does not come off easily, you don’t have strippable paper. You can let out a heavy sigh because your short project just became an all-day job, complete with scraping. (Hurray for hand blisters.)

Start with hot water alone. If it doesn’t work, add a wallpaper stripper product to the water. If you choose a liquid stripper, mix it with hot water in the concentration specified on the product. There are also gel strippers, which are pricey, but which work nicely on drywall if the cardboard/paper layer is peeling along with the wallpaper.

Use a paintbrush or a spray bottle to apply the stripper/water mix to the wallpaper. Don’t apply it to an extremely large area at once, or it will dry before you can begin scraping. We’d recommend no more than about 4 square feet at a time.

Let the product sit for a few minutes before trying to scrape it off with the scraper.

Always start at the top of the wall and work your way downward. Additionally, wear gloves and goggles if using chemical strippers.

6-It Won’t Come Off

Some wallpapers do not soak up the wallpaper stripper and water mixture well. They may have a plastic film over the top (which is used in wallpaper that’s washable). They may be older types of wallpaper. They may have two layers, one of which is a vinyl outer layer that peels easily and an inner layer that refuses to pop loose.

If so, try applying a heavier coat of the liquid mixture or a gel stripper. Let it sit longer, maybe up to 10 minutes, and try scraping again.

If it still doesn’t work, lightly sand the wallpaper to create scuffs, which may allow the liquid mixture to penetrate the wallpaper easier. You also could use a wallpaper scorer tool to puncture the paper over a large area in a short amount of time.

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper
Home Depot

7-It Still Won’t F***ing Come Off

If the wallpaper still is not pulling away from the wall properly, go ahead and let loose with a string of profanity. Be creative. Try putting together some new combinations. Use nouns as adjectives. Curse the inventor of wallpaper glue. (It’s Ferdinand Sichel, in case you’re curious. We’re sure you can come up with multiple rhyming profanities for Sichel.)

Hopefully, it’ll make you feel better.

It’s probably time to employ a wallpaper steamer. This method works on even the most stubborn wallpaper, but it’s a giant hassle, creating an unprecedented mess. You have to move slow, giving the steamer time to penetrate the paper. You may have to score the wallpaper to accommodate the steam. And using the steamer is hot and uncomfortable.

Other than that, it’s a joy.

Always wear goggles and non-slip gloves when using a wallpaper steamer. Hold the steamer pad against the section of wallpaper you want to remove for at least 30 seconds. Then scrape the loosened paper.

Using the steamer sucks, but it’s better than tearing down the entire wall and rebuilding it from scratch, so there’s that.

8-Clean Any Excess Adhesive

If any wallpaper glue remains on the wall, you can purchase TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner, mix it with water, and clean the glue using a sponge.

Should you have gouged the wall anywhere during removal, use spackle to fix the gouges and smooth the wall. Do a good job here. Yes, you will see it all afterward. New wallpaper or paint does NOT fix walls.

Now you’re ready to add new wallpaper … or, better yet, a coat of paint. (But we’ll suggest waiting for another day to start that project.)

Best Products for How to Remove Wallpaper

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Gorilla Non Slip Gloves

Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Gloves

These gloves have a polymer palm that resists liquid absorption, meaning you can maintain a good grip on your tools while working around water and mess, which is a given when you’re trying to figure out how to remove old wallpaper. There are five pairs in this pack, which is handy because they’re useful for almost any kind of DIY dad job.

Buy for $18 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Water Spray Bottles

Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Spray Bottles

Do you actually need four empty spray bottles? Do you have kids who find a way to create unspeakable messes involving unrecognizable goo in every room in the house … sometimes multiple times per day? Then, yes, you need four — one for the best way to remove wallpaper and three for other daily emergencies. They come in handy, even just for spraying plants, or each other.

Buy for $24 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper WP Chomp Scraping Tool

WP Chomp Wallpaper Scraping Tool

When scraping wallpaper, the quality of your tool plays a big role in whether you can finish the job after several hours without hand cramps and blisters, or whether you give up halfway through the job and put your house up for sale instead of trying to finish removing the wallpaper.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Red Devil Scraper

Red Devil 4045 Utility Patcher and Scraper

If you’re trying to figure out how to remove wallpaper from drywall, you’ll need a tool that simplifies patching the tears and gouges you put in the drywall. This multi-purpose tool works for spackling, and it works for scraping stubborn wallpaper.

Buy for $6 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Roman Removal Kit

Roman Professional Wallpaper Removal Kit

If you prefer a kit that has all of the basic tools you need to begin removing wallpaper, this one includes a scraper, a wallpaper scoring tool, and a liquid stripper. This is easier than buying them separately. Plus it’s just cool to own a kit of anything.

Buy for $20 on Home Depot

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper WP Chomp Wallpaper Stripper

WP Chomp Wallpaper Stripper

This gallon of wallpaper stripper is recommended to remove up to 400 square feet of wallpaper. (Let’s hope you don’t have that much wallpaper removal on your honey-do list.)

Buy for $20 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Zinsser Stripper Gel

Zinsser Wallpaper Stripper Gel

For looking at how to remove wallpaper from drywall, a gel-based stripper may give you better results than a liquid stripper, causing less potential damage to the cardboard/paper layer on the drywall. You will need a paintbrush or roller to apply it, rather than a spray bottle.

Buy for $29 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Wagner Power Steamer

Wagner Spraytech Wallpaper Steamer

If you have to make use of a steamer to remove the wallpaper for your project, you might as well go big. This steamer can carry 1 gallon of water, so it’s the equivalent of the biggest power tool on the block. At least you’ll feel manly while scraping soggy wallpaper off the wall. Yuck.

Buy for $211 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Wagner Power Steamer

Wagner 915e On-Demand Power Steamer

When portability is key, the 915e steamer is small enough to carry easily. It has the capacity for enough water to allow you to work for 45-ish minutes before it needs a refill. For most people that’s more than long enough. After all, if you can stand to work that long continuously doing a horrible job like scraping wallpaper, you deserve some sort of medal.

Buy for $129 on Home Depot

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper TSP Glue Removal

TSP Surface Cleaner and Wallpaper Glue Removal

If you have luck similar to mine, there will be quite a bit of wallpaper glue left on the wall after you remove the wallpaper. Use TSP mixed with water to finish the job– properly.

Buy for $16 on Amazon

DIY Best Way To Remove Wallpaper Red Devil Spackle

Red Devil Lightweight Spackling

Spackling can be almost as big of a mess as wallpaper removal, which is what makes this Red Devil spackle such a handy product. It is premixed and goes on pink, so you can clearly see where you’ve added it. As it dries, it’ll turn white.

Buy for $8 on Home Depot

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site. 

DIY Bunk Beds Project – Conserve Space in the Kids’ Bedroom and Give Them More Room for Clutter

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed

As a dad, sometimes we just have the urge as DIY masters (or not) to build something on our own. Woodworking is in our DNA, after all. (Not necessarily professional level woodworking, but at least the basics.) Woodworking is better than time spent playing on your computer, after all.

For your next project, maybe you’re looking to create something truly useful. You tried the traditional spice rack, but since everyone in your house is always to too tired to cook after work, the spices just sit and collect dust. (The only time the spice rack gets used is when you season the steaks and show off your mad grilling skills.)

Then there was the treehouse that the kids were so excited about using … until they got bored with it. (At least the squirrels found a good home.)

But now you’re looking for a truly practical project; something that will receive daily use. Consider DIY bunk beds. Not only will kids love bunk beds when sharing a room, but it gives them far more free space on the floor of the bedroom to spread clothes and toys. There’s nothing a kid loves more than making a mess. And there’s nothing you love more than navigating the minefield of crap on the bedroom floor in the middle of the night when the kid is crying for a glass of water. (F***ing LEGOs on bare feet are the work of the devil.)

Building homemade bunk beds will give you some serious dad cred, allowing you to slack off a bit and not have to try so hard in a few other areas. For example, successfully complete DIY bunk beds, and you can dial down the intensity of the bedtime stories. (Trust us, no one wants to see your full musical production of Hop on Pop at bedtime or hear you rap The Gruffalo, unless you can at least match the skills of MC Grammar.)

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas

How to Build a DIY Bunk Bed

1-Do the Planning

Our instructions for DIY bunk beds will be pretty simple in nature. However, you can create all kinds of accents and far more detailed designs if desired. You can find many different instruction sets regarding bunk bed plans for sale online to spark your creativity.

Measure the height of the ceiling in the kids’ bedroom. You have to give the kid in the top bunk plenty of room to sit up when the alarm goes off without causing a concussion every morning. Don’t forget to add in the thickness of the mattress to your calculations. (And if the kids are still afraid of heights, maybe go down another foot.)

If you’d rather watch someone build homemade bunk beds versus simply reading about it, Jay’s Custom Creations has a very helpful DIY bunk beds video, as well as matching detailed plans for DIY bunk beds that you can buy.

2-Collect the Materials

For homemade bunk beds, you can save some money by using standard pinewood 2-by-2s, 2-by-4s and 2-by-6s. You will want a drill with a screwdriver bit, wood glue, sander, and a circular hand saw or a table saw.

And for the love of God, measure the doorway. If you want to build the DIY bunk beds outdoors, make sure they’ll fit through the front door and the bedroom doorway. Otherwise, if they’re going to be too large, build them inside the room. (Cut the pieces outside, though, unless you want sawdust to embed itself in the carpeting and still be there well after the kids grow up and go to college and you convert the space into the exercise room that you’ve always wanted but never plan to actually use.)

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas

3-Build the Box

For the box that will hold the mattress, you will want to use 2-by-6s or 2-by-4s, depending on the thickness of the mattress. (The mattress thickness should extend at least a few inches over the top of the box.)

Figure out what sizes of mattresses you want to use on the bunk beds and cut the boards to fit.

  • Twin: 39×75 inches
  • Twin XL: 39×80 inches
  • Full: 54×75 inches
  • Full XL: 54×80 inches

Build the interior of the box so that you have 1 to 2 inches of free space all around the mattress. This allows for space for blankets to hang over the edge of the mattress when the kids will make the bunk beds. (Stop snickering.)

Remember that each piece of lumber has 1.5 inches of width (not 2 inches). For a twin mattress, make the long sides 77 to 79 inches in length and the short sides 38 to 40 inches in width, so the short side attaches to the inside of the long sides.

Sand the pieces to remove rough spots, printing, marks, and sharp edges. Screw and glue or nail and glue them together. (Always use glue with the screws or brad nails. Kids are notoriously rough on bunk beds.)

4-Build the Base and Legs

For the base of the box, you can attach plywood to the bottom of each box, or you can use 2-by-2s, 2-by-4s, or 1-by-3s to create slats.

To make simple legs, you can attach 2-by-4s and 2-by-6s together in an L shape. These legs should extend roughly 12 to 18 inches over the top of where the upper box will sit.

Stand the legs in the room where you want them. Use 2-by-4s to connect them to each other (on the short side of the bed), creating ladder rungs on both sides.

Here’s where you need to do some math. If the bottom of the lower box will be 6 inches off the floor and the bottom of the upper box will be 54 inches off the floor, you’ll want the bottom of the rungs for the ladder at 22 and 38 inches. Add one more rung at the top of the legs for stability.

Then attach the boxes to the legs at the desired height. Use spare pieces of wood as braces on the inside of the legs cut to the proper length to help support the weight of the upper box as you’re attaching it. (If the upper box is 54 inches off the floor, use 54-inch braces inside the legs.) Follow the same procedure for the lower box. Having a second person for this part is helpful.

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas

5-Finishing Touches

Some people like to build guard rails on the upper bunk. This can be accomplished at the same height as the upper ladder rung for a consistent look. If the beds will be against the wall, just one side needs a rail.

Adding storage bins, drawers, or a rollaway bed underneath the lower bunk is another option. If you plan to do this, calculate the size of the storage you want before you start putting the beds together, and hang the lower box at the proper height to accommodate the storage, adjusting the height of the upper box and the ladder rungs accordingly.

We’d recommend painting the wood, although some people will choose to stain it if they’re using high-quality wood.

Kids will love picking fun colors for the DIY bunk beds, and they can even help with the painting outside. But if you’re going to let them help you paint the bunk beds when they’re already inside the room … don’t. Just don’t.

Best Products for Homemade Bunk Beds

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas Home Depot Lumber

2×4 x 8 Foot Lumber

No woodworking project can be successful without the right lumber. You may want to go with more expensive wood when you’re planning for how to build a bunk bed, especially if you want to stain it. Then again, there’s a 50/50 chance the kids will destroy it at some point, so maybe cheaper is better.

Buy for $4 Per Piece on Home Depot

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas Screws From Amazon

Flat Head Phillips Wood Screws

You can never have enough wood screws on hand for your woodworking projects.

But don’t settle for cheap screws for this project, or you’re going to strip the heads, leaving them stuck forever, not quite in as far as they should be, pissing you off to no end and leading to an impressive string of cuss words. (We understand that all dad projects should involve some form of swearing at some point during the process, but the project shouldn’t be 100% profanity, so buy decent screws.)

Buy for $14 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

If you’re assembling your DIY bunk beds inside the kids’ room, always remember what my dad taught me about wood glue when I was a kid: A little goes a long way. (Of course, he told me this after I used half a bottle on one joint, leading to a huge mess on the floor that I had to clean up, but I did remember the advice, even if it was a little late. Dad was a big believer in learning by doing … and he always said learning was much easier after screwing something the f*** up the first time.)

Buy for $6 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas DeWalt Cordless Drill

DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless Drill Kit

If you don’t have a cordless drill, this homemade bunk beds project is the perfect excuse to buy one. (We would suggest that you ask for a high-quality drill for the best Father’s Day gift, but we all know how that usually goes. Sure, we appreciate receiving another #1 Dad coffee mug — it never hurts to advertise — but this drill would be better.)

With two rechargeable batteries included, you’ll always have a fresh battery available for your projects. The downside? No more excuses that you don’t have the right tools when you’re trying to spend Saturday afternoon napping instead of fixing things. Make sure you have both batteries fully charged at all times, just having them sitting on a shelf does nobody any good.

Buy for $99 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas DeWalt Nail Gun

DeWalt 20V MAX Brad Nailer

For this type of project, a brad nailer probably will be easier to handle than the drill and screws. However, if you expect the kids to use the bunk beds as some sort of launching point for practicing all-star wrestling moves, the screws should hold together better than these brad nails and glue, especially on the ladder rungs.

Hell, get both DeWalt power tools. They share the same battery system, and the kids are going to break many, many things over the next several years, so you can never have enough power tools on hand for repairs.

Buy for $233 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas DeWalt Table Saw

DeWalt Compact Jobsite Table Saw

We love this table saw, as it’s small enough to take with you wherever you need to work, but it’s also big and powerful enough to do almost any woodworking job you have in the plans.

It’s tough enough to stand up to regular use, should you decide to take on some tougher projects after finishing your current bunk bed plans. Take safety measures with this table saw, such as always using the safety guard. Power saws don’t give your fingers a second chance if you make a mistake.

Buy for $279 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas DeWalt Sander

DeWalt Orbit Sander

Sanding is key for how to build a bunk bed that’s safe to use. (Attaching all the pieces securely is key too, but you already knew that.)

Without sanding, you just know your accident-prone kid is going to find a way to end up with a splinter 24 seconds after climbing into the bed, which will lead to an hour of wailing about something so small you can’t even see it. And you’ll receive that look your wife saves for the times when she says things like, “Are you sure this wood is safe to use and it won’t give the kids splinters?” before you started the project. Sigh.

Buy for $59 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas Home Depot Bunkbed Kit

South Shore Ulysses Navy Blue Twin Bunk Bed

Maybe you have studied our plans for DIY bunk beds, and you have decided it’s too big of a project for you. No worries.

With this homemade bunk beds kit, you’ll receive everything you need to create bunk beds that look great without having to do all of the math, sawing, and sanding.

You still will have to do the assembly yourself. And sometimes, these assemble-yourself furniture projects can be almost as confusing as building the entire project. So you’ll have almost the same fun/frustration with the kit as when building it from scratch. (Kit or no kit, swearing is never optional.)

Buy for $440 on Home Depot

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas Amazon Bunkbed Kit

Dorel Living Airlie Wood Bunk Beds

Here’s another kit for DIY bunk beds that’s a little cheaper if you need to save some cash. This one has a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom, which means the kids will be sure to fight over who gets the bigger bed. Fun times.

Buy for $350 on Amazon

DIY How To Build A Bunkbed Best Bunkbed Ideas The Gruffalo Bedtime Book

The Gruffalo

Once the bunk bed plans are finished, you need a good bedtime story. This one is a lot of fun. (No rapping, please … although the pattern of the writing makes it awfully damn tempting.)

Buy for $11 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site. There are safety regulations when it comes to bunk beds, please use caution and follow any government recommended height/safety rules.

(All finished bunk bed photos from Home Depot)

Best Electric Cars for Kids— Way Less Stressful Than Handing Over Your Keys

best electric cars for kids

As a dad, there are a few childhood milestones with which you’re expected to help. Teaching kids how to ride a bike, how to tie a tie (thank God for YouTube), how to build stuff around the house, and how to mow the lawn for the first time (so you don’t have to do it anymore).

But teaching the kid how to drive a car may be the biggest — and most dangerous — one. Few things are as exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. (When driving lessons start, you’ll find out why your old man started turning seriously gray about the same time you got your learner’s permit.)

If you’re someone who parks at least 5 spaces away from the nearest car at the grocery store to avoid the slightest possibility of a door ding, who washes the car religiously, and who is a stickler for banning all kids snacks from the car, perhaps the most terrifying aspect of teaching a kid to drive is that he or she might bump into something while learning to parallel park and leave a dent (we know, it will get much worse than that).

It may be in your best interest to start trying to teach the kid to drive while they are young. Forget about handing the kid the Mario Kart video game and letting technology do the teaching. The best electric cars for kids can do the trick instead. These kids motorized cars have seat belts and max out at between 2 and 5 mph, so they’re way safer than they may seem at first glance.

As an added bonus, since kids mimic almost everything their parents do, you’ll be able to see just how they think you look behind the wheel. Don’t be surprised if they give the mailbox the bird, sing-along (loudly and badly) with every song on the toddler electric car’s radio, and yell at the dolls in the back seat to stop bothering each other or they’ll be, “turning this car around right now.” (Funny stuff. The little smart asses may have a future as impressionist comedians.)

Best Electric Cars for Toddlers and Bigger Kids

Costzon Licensed Mercedes Benz 300SL Kids Car

We know, we know. Why should the kid drive a nicer car than you? But it happens sometimes. (Besides, the majority of kids have no idea what a Benz is.)

This kids motorized car has working headlights, an MP3 music player, and a working horn. (We’re 100% certain this last feature will drive you and the neighbors crazy, but we’re also certain you can figure out how to disconnect the horn with Mr. Screwdriver and/or Mr. Hammer.)

This car is made for younger children, as it contains a parental remote control mode, just in case the kid isn’t ready to start driving yet. And it only has a 6-volt battery, so it won’t go as fast as some of the other electronic cars (max speed is only 1.86 mph).

We’re pretty sure no one has ever described a Benz as a starter car before, but this is definitely a starter toddler electric car.

Buy for $150 on Amazon

Rollplay Mini Cooper Kids Ride-on Car

This Mini Cooper may be the most appropriate model to include one on our list of the best electric cars for kids. After all, this one is almost equal to the full-size version. (We kid, we kid.)

Yes, the actual Mini is much smaller than standard full-size cars, but this Mini Cooper electric car for kids is roughly the same size as other power wheels for 5-year-olds, so any kid can drive it.

It has a smaller 6-volt battery than some other kids electric cars, so it’s limited to a 2.5 mph top speed, which is nice for younger kids.

As an added feature, this Mini Cooper comes in three colors, has a windshield, and even has a cup holder. We’re not sure you want to start teaching kids to drink coffee while behind the wheel just yet, but we’re not going to say you can’t.

Buy for $177 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Lamborghini

When it comes to the coolest electric cars for kids, it’s tough to beat this Lamborghini. The aggressive styling, the swing upward doors, and the awesome logo on the front of the car is as cool as it gets.

This kids-level Lamborghini contains fun LED lights, a working horn, an AUX jack to plug in a music source, and a 12-volt battery that delivers a 3.7 mph maximum speed. There are two-speed settings and a parental remote control if you’d prefer to dial back the speed.

Who knows? If you buy the kid a ride-on Lamborghini, maybe your wife will agree that you need a matching full-size model. (It could happen. You also could suddenly become a star NFL quarterback. Never give up on your dreams.)

Buy for $260 on Amazon

Power Wheels Disney Pixar Toy Story Jeep Wrangler Kids Ride-on Car

You can’t create a list of “the best kids” anything without adding some sort of Disney product. (Of course, since Disney owns approximately 47% of the world, finding such products isn’t exactly a difficult endeavor.)

This Toy Story jeep has plenty of decals that will excite fans of the franchise. It has a bit more power than the other kids motorized cars on our list with a maximum speed of 5 mph from the 12-volt battery. There is a low-speed setting at 2.5 mph as well. There is a Jurassic Park version and also a Disney Princess option (duh).

We don’t believe that this Toy Story Jeep will come to life and have crazy adventures when people aren’t around, but we can’t fully deny that it won’t.

Buy for $249 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Electric Kids Car

If you don’t want to spoil the kids with a luxury brand name in your gift of an electric ride-on car, this one doesn’t have a hugely famous logo. (I mean, why get the kids hopes up now when they probably will be stuck with a used Kia hatchback as a first car that’s as old as they are when they turn 16?)

If the kids are too young to understand car brand names, all they’ll know is the sporty look of this kids motorized car is fun. It has LED headlights and accent lights.

Although it has a 12-volt battery and can reach faster top speed than the 6-volt electric cars for kids on our list, it does have two-speed settings, so you can set it to the low setting for younger kids.

Buy for $160 on Amazon

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-on Truck

If the thought of your uncoordinated preschooler behind the wheel of a toddler electric car terrifies you, we understand. After all, this is the kid who pours a bowl of Fruit Loops at the kitchen counter, adds milk, and spills enough of it on the way to the dining table to keep both of the family dogs busy cleaning up the trail of spills for 20 minutes.

With this electric truck for kids, you’ll have the option of parental remote control. It ships with a remote control unit that allows you to drive and steer the truck while the kid is just along for the ride. (It’s your first chance to be a helicopter-parent; don’t screw it up.)

When the kid is ready to drive, this 12-volt toddler electric car has a maximum speed of 2.8 mph.

Buy for $180 on Amazon

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Kids Ride-on Tractor

Yes, we know that this is not a car technically. But it’s still a lot of fun to drive. Kids (and many adults) love John Deere branded toys, and this tractor is a popular pick among toddler electric car enthusiasts. The tires will provide traction on all kinds of surfaces, including grass and pavement.

It has a 12-volt battery with two speeds available and a maximum speed of 4.5 mph. Its seat has flip-up armrests and a working FM radio for a little extra fun. It even goes in reverse (whoa).

Best of all, it ships with a trailer, so the kid can haul all kinds of stuff that you need moved for outdoor projects. Sure, the trailer can hold stuff for the kid to play with too, but it’s mostly for your needs. It’s a tractor after all, so it needs to be put to work, or how are you going to write it off as a working vehicle on your taxes (joking!)?

Buy for $280 on Amazon

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad aka “Honey, Kids, This Is What I Want”

Father's Day Gift Guide For Every Type of Dad

We all know Father’s Day is the most important holiday of the year. Father’s Day is in the big leagues, right next to Christmas. Sure, there are other holidays like Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day, but those are career minor leaguers that barely hit above the Mendoza Line. (Don’t tell my wife I said that. Actually, go ahead. She doesn’t know what the Mendoza Line is.)

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that your family will let you down. For some reason, the kids and your wife may not consider Father’s Day to be the greatest of all holidays like they should. If this is your first Father’s Day, sorry, you’ll be learning the hard way– so new and naive (and excited). Yeah, we all remember that, too.

Sure, the family may start you off with breakfast in bed. After that, though? They’ll barely remember the special day. It’s probably back to being like any other Sunday with a honey-do DIY list, kids whining about anything and everything, and you being asked to pick up whatever the cat vomited today because you’re the only one who can do it apparently.

You at least deserve a kick-ass gift out of the deal. But chances are your wife has no idea what to get you (or she’ll be looking for payback after your sh*tty Mother’s Day gift that was totally the fault of the kids).

And the kids are worthless with gifts. They’ll ask for $50 and give you a homemade card and a $10 Starbucks gift card. Where the hell did the rest of it go? (And why are the kids so wired on caffeine?) Sigh. It almost makes you wish kids still gave their dads ties for Father’s Day.

You don’t have to take it anymore. Instead, we’ve put together a list of the best father’s day gifts for dads, depending on your areas of interest. So take our list, forward it to your wife and the kids (we promise to clean up the f***ing swears the rest of the way), and say, “This is what I want for Father’s Day.”

We’re not taking bets on whether you’ll actually receive it, but you at least gave it the old college try.

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Needs a Cover-Up Scent

Dad’s Bathroom Candle

It doesn’t get more dad-essential than the morning constitutional. Unfortunately, your family almost certainly doesn’t agree, especially when they have to use the same bathroom a few minutes later to prepare for the day.

If your wife and kids have threatened to banish you from the house, suggesting you start taking your reading material to the gas station on the corner every morning, we have a better solution.

Burn one of our The Dad candles during and after you take care of your business, and the family will be able to enjoy the odor of classic dad scents rather than the other kind of dad scent that no one wants to smell.

These candles feature scents like cut grass, pancakes, and a cookout. It’s way better than the lavender-mango-strawberry-spruce-vanilla-rose candle combination your wife always wants to light. Blech.

Buy for $35 on The Dad Shop

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who’s Ready to Start Working Out (Again)

New Balance Men’s 680 V6 Running Shoe

We all have periods in our life where we look at ourselves in the mirror and we decide we’re ready to start working out. I personally have done this far too many times to count.

What I’ve found is that when I’m a little too heavy, a little too out of shape, and a little older than the last time I tried this, having the right pair of shoes is the key to working out successfully.

I’ve tried almost every brand (as I said, I’ve done this far too many times), and New Balance provides the most cushion and support, which is important when people start telling you, you’re way too heavy … even the ones who normally are too nice to say anything.

The 680 model is available in multiple colors and styles, and it’ll help with whatever kind of new workout you have planned. (The rest of your body will be in agony, but your feet won’t hurt at least.)

Buy for $60 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the First Time Dad

The Dad Law Book

I have them, my dad had them, his dad had them … hell, cavemen dads had them: The Unwritten Rules of Being a Dad. These are things that all dads naturally must do, carrying over from generation to generation.

These laws govern things dads must say, how they must act, and which dad jokes must be told at which times.

It’s a lot to remember, especially if you’re a new dad. So if you’re ever a little unsure about what a certain situation calls for, our The Dad Law Book has you covered. Who are we to argue with thousands of years of dad evolution? (Now go see if someone has increased the setting on the thermostat.)

Buy for $22 on The Dad Shop

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who’s a Self-Proclaimed Geek

Superhero Vintage Tin Sign Bundle

There was a time where being a geek/nerd was frowned upon. The Alpha Betas were sure to torture all geeks, tricking them into humiliating themselves in front of the Pi Delta Pis. It was tough to be a geek.

These days, though, dads and kids can wear their geekdom as a badge of honor. Hell, Hollywood literally depends on geeks to fill their movie theaters now with Superhero movie after Superhero movie. (Take that, cool kids who made fun of our Superman jammies at the sleepover in 3rd grade.)

If your geeky side includes a love of comic books and superheroes, this set of six vintage tin 8-by-12-inch signs is the perfect Father’s Day gift. You’ll probably have to hang them on the wall of your man cave or the garage, rather than anywhere your wife’s friends can see them … unless your wife is a self-proclaimed geek, too. Then they may become your family’s preferred wall art.

Buy for $40 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Needs a Daily Pick-Me-Up

Dad-ISMS 2020-2021 Father’s Day to Father’s Day Calendar

Sure, it’d be great if we could start each day with a pick-me-up like a Bloody Mary or two to get us going. But the boss frowns on having cocktails on our desk … not to mention the wife frowning on having cocktails on the breakfast table next to the Fruit Loops.

So we’ll have to settle for a mental pick-me-up. Fortunately, this hilarious day-by-day calendar has something on each page that’ll make the start of each day a little more fun. As fun as a Bloody Mary? Maybe not. But our calendar is guaranteed hangover-free.

Buy for $20 on The Dad Shop

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Outdoors-y Dad

Grundéns 30 Liter Rum Runner Backpack

One great way for dads to spend quality time with the family is out in nature. Whether that involves hiking, a trip to the lake, or a day at the park, it’s a smart way to have fun and spend time in the great outdoors.

For most of us, these trips involve dad carrying the majority of the kids’ gear in a backpack. (Which is probably only fair, since your wife’s purse fulfills that task the majority of the rest of the time.)

What ends up happening is dad hurriedly grabs whichever of the kids’ backpacks happens to not be lost at the time the family is rushing out the door to leave for the park. If so, it’s time to give dad his own backpack. (That means we no longer have to carry a Hello Kitty backpack on the hiking trail. There is a god after all.)

This Grundéns backpack is waterproof with RF welded seams, so it can stand up to the roughest conditions while keeping your gear safe and dry. It’s suitable for almost any outdoor activity with a great camouflage pattern. (Let’s see Hello Kitty pull that look off.)

Buy for $105 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Forgets Anniversaries, Birthdays, and the Rest

The Perfect Pack Greeting Cards

Raise your hand if you have forgotten an important date for a family member or friend, like birthday, anniversary, etc? Now how many of you have done this in the past three days? (Putting my hands down now, as it’s impossible to type with two hands in the air.)

Our pack of 12 greeting cards has you covered. Each one has multiple options on it, so you can match it to the proper occasion. Just check the appropriate box for birthday, anniversary, etc, and you’re covered.

For those who know you and your forgetfulness, the checked boxes on the cards will be hilarious. And you can pretend you did it on purpose as a joke, rather than forgetting again and using our cards as a last-minute solution. Win-win.

Buy for $24 on The Dad Shop

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Adventurous Foodie Dad (or One Who Thinks He Is)

Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce

Some dads say they love trying new foods, and the crazier, the better. (Sure, he eats the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday, and he orders the same thing every time he goes to a restaurant, but it’s fun to let him think he’s a foodie.)

One way to spice up those regular meals is with this three-pack of Kumana hot sauces. These plant-based hot sauces primarily consist of avacado, which, when paired with jalapenos, give them a kick well beyond the regular salsa.

Ultimately, you can put this on almost anything, and it’ll taste great. And since it’s green and spicy, we’re guessing the kids will be too scared to try it. Dad will feel pretty special when he has his own personal hot sauce/salsa. All dads should have at least one thing they don’t have to share with the kids.

Buy for $28 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Loves His Old Music

Audio Technica Stereo Turntable System

Some dads have fully embraced the digital music scene, complete with subscriptions to Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. (Does he need all of them? Probably not. But you try explaining that to him.)

Other dads scoff at binary music. The digital versions of their favorite songs simply can’t compare to original vinyl, they’ll say. (Music snobs, all the way.)

If your dad has a collection of vinyl records that have been gathering dust for a while, give him a place to play them with this Audio Technica starter turntable. It has a lightweight tonearm that will prevent damage to the vinyl.

Now, this isn’t made for the dad who has a vintage stereo system already set up and in use, but it’s made for those looking to get started (or re-started) listening to vinyl at a reasonable price.

Who knows? Dad may start hitting up every garage sale in town this summer, seeking out vintage copies of his favorite vinyl records from years ago. Fair warning: You may unleash a monster with this gift.

Either way, it’ll give dad the opportunity to say, “Music was better in my day,” and then allow him to play a record to show you what he’s talking about. (Yay. No one can get enough of dad’s dinosaur music.)

Buy for $99 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Techie Dad

Wyze WiFi Smart Plug Outlet

If your dad has embraced the world of the smart home, you may already have a smart personal assistant that you can ask crazy questions where you don’t expect an honest answer. (Hey, Alexa, are you planning to take over the world and enslave humanity by secretly listening to all of our conversations?)

You may even have a few other smart appliances, like a video doorbell to capture videos of idiots doing something stupid. (Unless they’re related to you; then they’re doing hilarious things.)

If dad doesn’t yet have any smart plugs, though, he’s missing one of the most useful smart appliances. Attach the smart plug to any standard outlet, and whatever you plug into it will then become controllable through your WiFi network.

Dad can turn on a lamp from anywhere with a smart plug. Or he can piss off the dog by turning the TV on and off repeatedly with the app. The sky’s the limit for practicality and practical jokes with a smart plug.

Buy for $38 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Sports Car Lover (Who Will Never Be Able to Afford One)

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 Building Set

Whether it’s for a mid-life crisis or not, some dads have a goal of owning an ungodly expensive sports car. Not a bad goal. Sports cars are fast. They look amazing. They’re fast. You get the idea.

Chances are dad is not actively saving for this sports car, though. It’s one of those pipe dream goals that keeps getting pushed to the back burner after spending money on the college fund for the kids, a pure bred dog for the kids, braces for the kids’ teeth, and braces for the dog’s teeth. (Veterinarians and orthodontists have quite the racket.)

So unless dad is going to hit the lottery — and we feel pretty confident in saying he won’t — the closest he’s ever going to get to that sports car is this highly complex LEGO set. This set is incredible, containing almost 1,600 pieces, including a realistically detailed engine. It’s not the same as actually owning and driving a Porsche, but it’ll probably be as close as he’ll get. (You don’t have to tell him that and crush his dreams … until the next time he really pisses you off.)

Buy for $160 on Amazon

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Likes to Laugh at Himself

The Dad Book: Truths, Hacks, And Dad-ISMS

Don’t let non-dads know, but sometimes we dads take ourselves a little too seriously. I know, hard to believe. (My wife actually made fun of me with my tape measure in the yard the other day, ensuring the mower deck was precisely cutting the grass at 2-1/2 inches. True story.)

As I later was making micro-adjustments to the mower deck, though, I thought she may have had a point. (I didn’t tell her of course; she doesn’t need the encouragement.)

So for me, and all dads who occasionally take themselves a little too seriously, our The Dad Book is a good reminder to poke fun at ourselves with jokes, dad-isms, and some parenting hacks.

Buy for $15 on The Dad Shop

Best Father’s Day Gift for the Dad Who Loves/Hates Dad Jokes

Dad Joke and Pun T-Shirt

Dad Joke and Pun T-Shirts

Dad jokes can be a source of incredible confusion.

Some dads say they love dad jokes, yet they primarily use them when they have a chance to embarrass their kids. Some dads say they hate dad jokes, yet they’ll tell one when they’re especially looking to torture their kids. And some dads say they’re indifferent to dad jokes, yet they’re always willing to toss one out to embarrass and torture their kids.

You can see why this creates such a conundrum.

If your dad has any interest in dad jokes, these t-shirts are sure to be right up his alley. And if he wears it any time he’s out with the kids, it’s sure to generate multiple eye rolls, facepalms, and heavy sighs from them. #missionaccomplished

Buy for $24 on The Dad Shop

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

How to Build a DIY Fire Pit for Grilling, Socializing, Destroying Evidence, Etc.

When you seem to have a bit of free time on your hands — which, unfortunately, is more the norm these days — we’re guessing your significant other has a list of things for you to do. (You must spend your free time productively, after all.) Some people call it the honey-do list. We call it something else that starts with an F followed by numerous asterisks.

The worst part is, once you think you’ve finished the list, you are told you’re only through Volume 1. You’re never told just how many volumes there are, but, then again, you probably don’t want to know. It’s too depressing.

But with our years of wisdom in these matters, we have come up with an idea. When she starts to pull out the list, act as if you’ve suddenly had a brilliant idea. Tell her you noticed on one of her HGTV shows how great a house looks when it has a backyard DIY fire pit. (Don’t try to give too many specifics about the show, or you’ll be busted for sure.)

Then announce that you’ll be taking on some DIY projects by building a family fire pit in the yard— then head out the back door. The f***ing honey-do list goes back in its secret hiding place, and you’ll be working on a cool project. #win-win

If she starts to object, remind her how many fun times you can have with a fire pit, such as a backyard family camping trip … making s’mores with the kids … romantically cuddling on a cool autumn night while “enjoying” a wine tasting … destroying evidence before that IRS audit starts (did we say that?). So many possibilities.

When building a fire pit, it can be done within several hours, once you have the materials. But if you want to make sure it drags out for several days or weeks, we won’t judge.

How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit

1-Check Your Regulations

Before starting, it’s possible that your local regulations or homeowner’s association have some rules about constructing fire pits. You will want to check these rules before starting, or you may have to tear down the fire pit later.

For a those who prefer to watch someone build the fire pit, instead of just reading about it, Home Depot’s fire pit building video is a good place to start.

2-Find a Spot

The ideal DIY fire pit will measure three to four feet in diameter (from outer edge to outer edge). You don’t want it to be too close to any dead leaves, trees with low hanging branches, or other combustible materials. And, no matter how ugly your neighbor’s new wood fence is, don’t place your fire pit too close to it with the hope that a stray ember happens to land on it. We hope it goes without saying that it can’t be too close to your fence either— or to your house, shed, garage, or other structure.

Pick a relatively flat piece of ground. You don’t need to go so far as to test the spot with a level, but the flatter the area, the better.

Some people choose to build it over an existing brick patio, which greatly simplifies the construction process (and eliminates a couple of the following steps, of course).

3-Decide on Shape and Color

When building a fire pit, the two easiest shapes will be a circle or a square. Rectangular blocks work to make the square shape, while trapezoidal blocks work for a circular pit.

Then purchase the blocks you need for the pit. Don’t worry too much about exact measurements, as you can use spacer blocks to make up the difference if the measurement of the primary blocks come up a bit short. (You may have to cut some of the spacer blocks.)

This is also a good time to discuss color. There are a lot of choices. Find a picture of a fire pit that’s wife-approved and go with that color. There are grays, tans, reds and a whole bunch of other ones.

4-Prepare the Ground

The total diameter should be 45 inches. Use spray paint to mark it so there are no giant mistakes later.

Now you need an actual pit. Dig the pit shape about 6 inches deep. You should dig the hole several inches wider than you are planning for the measurement of the pit.

Pack the hole with gravel. Pick a fine type of gravel that will pack tightly into the hole. Use a hand tamper to pack it. Dampen the gravel a few times as you’re in the process of tamping it down to ensure you will compact it as tightly as possible.

(This is a step you should skip if putting the fire pit on an existing patio. We can’t emphasize this enough: Do not take a jackhammer to your patio.)

5-Lay Out the Blocks

Place the first layer of blocks on the ground. If you’re making a square pit, start at the corners with large blocks. As you move along the edges, you may need to add spacer blocks occasionally. (If you want to be fancy, add the spacers in a regular manner, so it looks symmetrical.)

For a circular DIY fire pit, the math gets a little tricky. (In other words, we don’t want to do it here and show off what we’ve forgotten from sixth grade.) As you lay out the trapezoidal blocks, you’ll need spacers (smaller blocks) to achieve the overall curve.

You will want to use a level here. Make sure the first layer is level. Add leveling sand underneath the blocks in the first layer as needed to straighten things out.

6-Create the Wall

Once the first layer is level, you can start adding the second layer. If you used spacer blocks, stagger their location in the second layer, so the spacers are not sitting on top of each other. Additionally, don’t allow the seams between layers of blocks to line up.

It’s recommended to use a construction adhesive to adhere the layers together. This is the safest idea, reducing the chance of the layers collapsing if your kid crashes his or her bike into the DIY fire pit. Before you stack the second layer, use a good bead of adhesive atop the first layer, and then add the next layer of stones. Just as importantly, make sure the layers are level.

If you’re building the fire pit over an existing patio, you should adhere the first layer to the patio.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with a wall that’s three to five layers high (or 16 to 32 inches).

For easier cleaning, you may want to place a fire pit bowl inside the walls that hold the fire (especially if you’re on top of a patio surface). But you also can start the fires directly on top of the gravel inside the walls if it’s directly on the dirt.

Best Products for a DIY Fire Pit

Trapezoidal Concrete Retaining Wall Block

These trapezoidal blocks work nicely when you want a circular fire pit. Each measures 4 inches high and 11.75 inches on the long side. And, yes, each one is heavier than sh*t.

Buy 10 for $14 on Home Depot

Rectangular Concrete Block

If you want an easier math problem in calculating the size when figuring out how to build a fire pit, stick with rectangular blocks and a square fire pit. Each of these rectangular blocks measures 3.5 inches in height and 10.5 inches in length.

Buy 10 for $39 on Home Depot

Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block Adhesive

This adhesive is perfect for building a fire pit, as it’s made for use on masonry, metal, wood, and other materials. It’s also messy, so keep the kids the hell away. (A kid loves nothing more than a fully loaded caulking gun.)

Buy for $6 on Amazon

Crushed Granite Rock Fines

Because crushed rock like this is expensive, you can use this material in the upper one-third of the DIY fire pit and pea gravel in the lower two-thirds to save a bit of money.

Buy for $30 on Home Depot

Pea Gravel

If you will be using a fire pit bowl in your construction, you could save some money by using this pea gravel in the entirety of the base of the fire pit.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

Sakrete Leveling Sand

Sure, you could borrow some sand from the kids’ sandbox to level out the first layer of your DIY fire pit. But, first, it’s not official leveling sand, so it won’t work as well. And, second, do you really want the petrified cat sh*t that always seems to be in the sandbox underneath your fire pit?

Buy for $5 on Home Depot

Razor-Back Steel Tamper

Repeat after us: The tamper is only made for use on compacted dirt or gravel. It is not made to squish the dog sh*t in the yard instead of picking it up with a scooper. Trust us: Squishing the sh*t into the ground does not make it disappear.

Buy for $30 on Amazon

Irwin 48-Inch Level

When you’re wondering why you need a level when building a fire pit, you can use it to keep the layers of the fire pit properly aligned. Plus, using a level — a big one — makes it look like you know what the hell you’re doing on any construction project.

Buy for $31 on Amazon

Sunnydaze Metal Fire Pit Insert

If you are going to want to use an insert in your DIY fire pit, you have to make sure the dimensions of the inner edge of the pit blocks match the size of the insert you want to use, so the lip of the insert rests on the blocks.

Buy for $135 on Amazon

X-Marks Steel Fire Pit Cooking Grill

To do some actual grilling after building a fire pit, rather than jamming your food on a stick, you’ll need a steel grate.

Buy for $93 on Amazon

RumbleStone Square Concrete Fire Pit Kit

Maybe you originally wanted to know how to build a fire pit from scratch. Now, though, you’re not so sure. Can you calculate exactly what you will even need to build one?

This kit looks great, measuring 38.5 inches on all four sides with 21 inches of height. You will pay a little extra for this unit versus a DIY fire pit where you assemble the parts yourself, but having all of the parts ready-made for you in a kit may be worth it.

Buy for $620 on Home Depot

RumbleStone Round Concrete Fire Pit Kit

For building a fire pit that’s round, having a kit may be the way to go. Calculating the exact amount of items you need on your own can be a challenge.

You will pay more for this kit than for the individual pieces. However, you may save almost as much on gas for the car from not having to make extra trips to the hardware store to pick up items you forgot.

This DIY fire pit measures 46 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height.

Buy for $549 on Home Depot

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

(All fire pit photos from Home Depot)

How to Install Laminate Flooring…and Look Like a DIY Genius While You Do It

how to lay laminate flooring main image

When it’s time to install flooring at your home, we’re guessing your wife may have an idea or two (or 20). She will want something that looks great, has plenty of durability, is water-resistant, and is easy to clean.

As a dad who will be doing this as a DIY project, you also will want a type of flooring that fills all those needs … while being easy to install. When the floor looks great and is easy to install, you’re going to be one of those dads who looks like a genius with a minimal amount of work. (This is information you should keep to yourself; geniuses never show how the sauce is made, even if they mix metaphors occasionally.)

Laminate floats above the subfloor, as it does not need glue or mortar-like other types of flooring. Laminate is available in planks and tiles that snap together. It’s not as easy as helping your 2-year-old assemble a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle, but it’s close. A laminate floor typically looks like hardwood (or occasionally stone), so it will create a stylish finish.

As an added bonus, laminate is not expensive, at least compared to hardwood or slate flooring.

When you’re wondering how to install laminate flooring, it will depend on the style of laminate you select. Laminate floors typically are pretty easy to install, but some models are even easier than others. (Again, keep this information to yourself.)

Installing laminate floor isn’t as cool of a DIY project as making a smoke breathing Godzilla Christmas tree or making a virtual Splash Mountain ride, but we’re sure your kids will forgive you this time … especially after your wife tells them to because she really wants her damn new floors.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

1-Pick the Flooring You Want

Beyond picking the faux wood or faux stone style that you want in your laminate, you will need to select the format you want to use.

Snap-together planks are common. They have dimensions like real wood planks, so they’re easy to handle.

Even easier are laminate tiles. These are square-shaped, connecting through a hidden tab and loop system on the bottom. Because of the shape, they don’t look quite as realistic as planks, but they’re so f***ing easy to install, you may not care.

If you’d like to see how easy the laminate planks are to install, check out this how to install laminate flooring video from Home Depot. Or if you’re more interested in the square tile style, check out a how to install laminate floor video from Greatmats.

2-Measure the Area

Now for the sh*tty step. There will be math. Apologies.

Measure the space that you need to cover, length, and width. Multiply the two, and you’ll have the square footage. Any laminate plank or tile product you’re considering should tell you how many square feet it will cover per case.

Always purchase 10% to 15% more square footage than you have measured. We’re not saying you’re going to mis-cut a piece or six, but it never hurts to have a little extra on hand, just in case.

3-Prepare the Area

When wondering how to lay laminate flooring correctly, you should remove all the baseboards and quarter round molding (trim) in the room. Do this carefully, as you will likely reuse most of the pieces.

To work around door jambs and molding at the doorways, you may want to cut the door molding with a jamb saw at the same height as the laminate. Then the laminate can slide underneath, rather than trying to cut the laminate to fit around the door molding’s odd shape.

If there is carpet in the room, it will have to come up, along with any glue or tack boards or staples. (Just a heads up: This often is a giant pain in the ass. Why the person who installed your carpeting decided to use 17 gallons of glue to hold it down will always be a mystery, but you get to suffer because of it.)

Once you’re down to the cement or hardwood floor, look for holes or other damage. You may need a patching compound. The subfloor doesn’t have to be perfectly level, but you don’t want major flaws in it. Sweep the subfloor to remove as many stray particles as possible.

Then place the cases of laminate in the room for at least 24 hours. This allows them to adjust to the humidity and temperature of the room. (And if it’s that room in your house that your wife is always complaining is too cold, you may want to wait 48 hours.)

4-Install Underlayment

Some laminate has an underlayment attached to the backside, which serves as a vapor barrier. Tiles may have a plastic base that lifts the laminate off the subfloor, allowing airflow underneath in an environment with quite a bit of moisture.

Otherwise, you can purchase your own roll of underlayment to place down before installing the laminate floor on top.

Don’t glue down the underlayment. It can just lay on the subfloor or you can use a little bit of vinyl tape. (The next person who tears up this floor will give you silent thanks that you did not use glue.)

5-Cut the First and Last Rows

OK, more math. Sorry.

You don’t want a full-width plank or tile along the first wall, only to end up needing a plank an inch wide on the final wall. So figure out how many rows of planks you’ll need by dividing the total width of the room by the width of the planks or tiles. (Just a heads up, the manufacturers of these planks nearly always give them non-standard widths that are tough to calculate, like 7-2/3 inches or 8-1/16 inches. Sigh.)

Figure out how to split the difference between the first and last rows, so the planks look normal. For example, let’s say the room is 98 inches wide, and the planks are 8 inches wide. You can make 11 full-width rows in the middle of the room for 88 inches. That leaves 10 inches remaining for the first and last rows. Split the difference, and cut the planks for the first and last rows at 5 inches wide. (Dear laminate flooring manufacturers: See how much easier the math is without fractions?)

Use a circular hand saw or a table saw to cut the planks. You can cut some tiles with a sharp utility knife.

6-Install the Floor

Finally, it’s time to install the floor. Place the first row along the wall, popping the tiles or planks together as per the instructions for your particular model.

Leave a gap of 1/4 to 3/8 inches between the edge of the floor and the wall, so the laminate has space to expand with changes in heat and humidity. (You can purchase spacers to help with this process.) Now, if you live in an older home, chances are roughly 0% that the wall will be straight. So do your best to leave some sort of tiny gap between the floor and wall for expansion.

When you reach the end of the room, you’ll almost certainly have to cut one of the planks or tiles length-wise. Take the piece that you cut off from the first row and use it to start the second row. (Always start each row along the same wall.)

Continue working across the room, popping the tiles in place. Take care that the seams on the vertical ends of the planks (the short end) do not line up closely from row to row. The vertical seams should be staggered so they’re at least 6 inches apart. You may have to cut the first plank in the row a second time to stagger the seams.

Replace the baseboard and the quarter round molding you removed earlier. (If you broke it earlier, it was probably time to buy some new pieces anyway.)

Best Products for How to Lay Laminate Flooring

TrafficMASTER Laminate Flooring

This style of laminate plank costs about 89 cents per square foot of coverage, so it’s extremely affordable. It also has multiple faux wood stain colors available. (And hand-scraped means looks worn in, vintage, in a good way. We know you’re asking that right now, but trust us, she likes this.)

It’s easy to install and looks great, but it does not give you an attached underlayment.

Buy for $22 per case on Home Depot

Greatmats Max Tile Laminate Flooring

You’ll be able to pick from a few different stain colors with Max Tile, and it delivers a highly durable surface that will stand up to kids and pets.

These laminate tiles are ideal in a basement that often has moisture seepage, as the tiles raise slightly away from the floor, allowing air to flow underneath them. You won’t need an underlayment.

Buy for $187 per case on Amazon

Floorlot 3 mm Laminate Flooring Underlayment

This roll of laminate flooring underlayment gives you a good value, as it also serves as a vapor barrier. This roll is 200 sq ft, so you’ll likely need multiple rolls.

Fair warning: If you have little kids in the house, they may want you to stop after putting down the underlayment, saying they love the pretty blue floor.

Buy for $40 on Amazon

Rust-Oleum Concrete Repair Products

Don’t let a severe crack or hole in the floor ruin your laminate flooring installation. Patch any holes, give this about 8 hours to dry, and you’ll be ready to begin laying out the floor.

Hopefully, you won’t fix the subfloor so perfectly that you no longer want to install the laminate.

Buy for $23 on Amazon

DeWalt 10-Inch Table Saw

It may be overkill to purchase a table saw just to trim enough laminate for one room, but if you have a few other home improvement jobs that can make use of this table saw, it’ll give you a good level of performance. Plus, having a table saw in your collection of power tools is just damn cool.

Buy for $277 on Amazon

DeWalt 6.5-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

It’s not a table saw, but it still works well for cutting your laminate flooring planks. It’s smaller and easier to maneuver (and store) if this is the only DIY you’re going to get to this year. Wear safety goggles, as it will kick up a lot of dust and shards.

Buy for $68 on Amazon

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Portable Work Table

Every dad can use a sturdy work table when laying laminate flooring or for other projects. This WORX table makes it easy to clamp the pieces securely as you’re cutting them. And it folds down to a small size for storage, which your wife will love … until the next honey-do list project is ready to start.

Buy for $132 on Amazon

Workpro Folding Utility Knife

With extremely thin laminate planks or tiles, you can use the utility knife and a straight edge to create a precise cut. And because it’s a folding knife, it’s a lot safer to have around the house. You just know the kids are going to try to grab it.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

Komelon 25-Foot Power Tape

To figure out how to install laminate flooring correctly, you will need to do math, and you will need to take measurements. Ugh. Maybe your 8-year-old could help you with some new math.

Buy for $10 on Amazon

Unilin Laminate Flooring Installation Kit

Sure, you could just eyeball the expansion gap you should have with your install laminate floor project. Or you could purchase this installation kit with its wall spacers and tapping tool and do it correctly. Your choice, but it does make the project a little bit easier.

Buy for $22 on Home Depot

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

(All finished flooring photos from Home Depot)