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Your Kid Could Pull 5 Figures as the LEGO Kid Creative Director

Lego Creative Director
(Getty/Mint Images)

Kids have a level of creativity adults do not, you can tell this just in all the places they hide boogers. And now one toy company wants to reward them for that creativity, as LEGO is looking for its first-ever Kid Creative Director for the Kids Creative Studio. More details on that, here’s the important part; your kid could get $10,000 for the gig.

The Kids Creative Studio is LEGO’s kid-led creative studio designed “to unleash playful creativity.” According to the toy company, the Kids Creative Studio gets mentored by leading creative professionals and they seek to discover and elevate creative kid talent by creating official LEGO content, including music videos.

Kids Creative studio “unleashes the imaginative superpowers within every child by giving them the reins to create freely and bring their fearless ideas to life like never before.”

So if your kid is part-creative, part-tycoon, they may be just the leader LEGO is looking for. The submission process is only open until tomorrow, April 19th, and is open to kids 7-17 (7 seems young for a creative director but maybe that’s just me).

“We’ve seen the ways kids are reimagining play and the innovative ways they interact with their peers,” a spokesman said in a press release. “We believe now is the perfect time to celebrate this creativity by turning over the creative reins to them, recognizing and rewarding kids for being the true creative superstars they are.”

Your kid needs parental consent to apply, and the process is just as open-ended as the official “job” description. They must submit an original 1-2 minute video or images, such as photos or drawings, to demonstrate their skills. They must also tell LEGO about themselves and how they express creativity. Basically, they don’t want to tell a creative kid what to do, even when it comes to the application.

In addition to all the real-world hands-on experience they’ll get, the “job” also comes with $10,000 from LEGO to help the winning child on their future creative and educational endeavors, whether that’s video editing equipment, computer programs, etc.

We’ve all stepped on enough LEGOs to finally get something out of this creative play toy, so you can have your kid submit here, and may the odds be forever in their favor.

Outside-of-the-Box Lego Builds To Do on Your Own (or With the Kids)

Lego Ideas to Build
Omar Albeik/Unsplash

We love LEGOs. The bright colors. The satisfying “snap” when they fit together. The limitless possibilities — or, well, sort of, right? If you buy the official LEGO sets, you’re literally and figuratively boxed in where creativity is concerned. Don’t get us wrong; they’re frickin’ awesome. We may or may not have an entire shelf in the basement with boxes of LEGO’s Harry Potter Knight Bus, VW bus, and Sesame Street set. Some day, we might even get the chance to do them (if our kids stop hogging the LEGO table). But what about when you need to do more than just follow someone else’s rules? What if you want to make your own LEGO model? Blow off a little LEGO steam? You need some LEGO build ideas, friend.

When you think “outside of the box,” you create what’s known in the LEGO enthusiast world as a MOC, or “my own creation.” And if you’re here, MOC glory must be in your near future. So, we found some inspiration sure to bring out the badass rebel LEGO builder in you.

1. Dr. Strange’s Place

Holy crap, guys. The details on this build are insane. If Marvel isn’t your scene, that’s cool. The idea here isn’t necessarily to build this exact model but to look for inspiration in the places you see on television. Can you construct a model of the I Love Lucy set? Bonus points if you do it all in grayscale!

2. Serenno


Channel your inner Jedi to build these or any other of the detail-rich scenes from Star Wars that haven’t already been turned into sets.

3. The Dad Getaway Spot of Your Dreams

Remember that Airbnb in the woods you loved so much that you told your partner you want to get buried there? Or the plans you used to draw up for that dream beach house where you could teach your kids to surf? Build it with LEGOs. Add to it and change it as your needs or ideas change. Your 3D model will remind you of the real deal (and why you hustle so hard).

4. LEGO Self-Portrait

What kid wouldn’t get a kick out of building their own head out of blocks? The fact that this MOC build includes colored “brains” takes it to the next level. If you want to get a good laugh out of this one, ask your kids to build your head.

5. Seasonal Dome

You may not win every decorating battle in your household, but you might just win this one. Adding a glass dome to your LEGO creation elevates it into, well, art. If your partner tries to nix it, pull on the ol’ “but the kids have so much fun doing these every season” heartstrings.

6. A Catapult

Kids love catapults. Dads love catapults. What’s not to love about this DIY version? Well, except for maybe stepping on the LEGOs you forgot you flung across the room.

7. A Wall Patch

So, someone knocked a hole in the wall or the movers took out a whole corner of drywall? In both instances, it’s easy to repair with the proper materials. But, honestly, where’s the joy in that? Why not fill the spot with LEGOs for added color? Do it.

8. A Cake

When a basic cake simply won’t do — whether it’s your best dude’s wedding or your four-year-old’s birthday — create your own personalized LEGO masterpiece. You could even cut away part of a real cake and replace it with blocks so you can have your LEGO cake and eat it too. But, like, don’t actually eat the LEGOs.

9. House Numbers

These numbers are celebrating a follower threshold, but we like the inspiration. What about building a small plaque and using LEGO bricks to piece out your house numbers? It’s a unique way to let visitors know exactly what kind of fun people live inside (fun people, obviously).

10. A Glimpse At Real Life

Can you make a model of your home? Or maybe capture a favorite family moment using LEGOs? Whether you take on ballet practice, cooking in the kitchen, or that full-family wrestling match you had last week, recreating the moment with LEGOs is a rad keepsake — especially if you have your kids help you build.

11. Oven Hood

This takes time. And a ladder. And a laidback partner. We’re by no means suggesting you try to build a range hood with just LEGOs. That’s probably not very safe. But we love how Chef Christina Tosi has wrapped part of hers. You could hunt out free LEGOs of any color and wrap your hood all the way to the ceiling. Or you could give it a belt, like Tosi’s. Is your partner being a bit picky about adding in all those colors? Hit that killer brick wall at the LEGO store and opt for colors that are already in your kitchen. It’s still a little zany but keeps the look more cohesive.

12. Something Personalized

Try to resist the urge to stack your bricks and spell out a four-letter word. We’ve done it already. It just gets a ton of eye rolls. Instead, what about spelling out your kids’ names? Then you can put it up on a shelf in their room or on one of the many, many shelves around the house that your partner insists you need.

13. LEGO Monsters

There’s nothing kids love more than silly and wonky creatures. Instead of building skyscrapers, make sure there’s a few googly eyes in the LEGO chest. With this kind of design, there are no wrong answers. Making animal-like figures out of blocks is a great way to push your kids’ creative skills. They can make a bunch of tiny monsters or one big beast using all the LEGOS in the box!

Fan Recreates Top Gun: Maverick Trailer with LEGO Pieces

LEGO Top Gun Trailer

One of the downsides of the pandemic, and there are many, many, many downsides, has been the inability to see some of the most anticipated movies of the past year.

The MCU’s Black Widow and Inhumans movies were delayed until later this year (hopefully), Daniel Craig’s last James Bond flick, No Time To Die, is still waiting to be seen by eager audiences, and Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit as hotshot pilot Maverick in the highly-anticipated sequel to his 80s blockbuster Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick.

We’re still hoping to see all of those movies soon, but in the meantime, some enterprising soul has spent their downtime recreating the Top Gun: Maverick trailer in LEGO form that can only truly be enjoyed by adults.

He calls himself Onbeatman on YouTube, and in his description of the trailer, he briefly explains the project: “After months of painstaking work… I recreated the TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer in Lego, one frame at a time. This was created 100% independently out of my love for Top Gun, cinema, and LEGO.”

He’s not lying, he totally recreated it, and looking at this thing it’s clear that it took months of painstaking work, even from the first shot of the snowy mountain range. It’s pretty awesome!

Take a look:

LEGO’s Botanical Collection Lets You Build Her Flowers

Lego Flowers

Buying your significant other flowers is always a nice gesture. But then they die, and generally look pretty gnarly before you finally pull the plug and dump the vase. What if there was another way? A way to get flowers that LIVED FOREVER, but still required some more effort than buying a cheap synthetic arrangement? That day has come, with the new LEGO Botanical collection, a pair of intricate builds that are the newest adult-level kit from the toy company.


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Let’s be real, Legos have always been awesome, and always fun for even adults to play with. It can be really cathartic to build something cool out of hundreds (or thousands!) of tiny pieces, with the very real risk that even one misstep could end with tiptoeing around your house to avoid a painful discovery. But, once finished, you can’t really show off your creation in a prominent spot in the household. The Mrs. isn’t going to be down with putting your kick-ass Millenium Falcon in the family room, or your LEGO Batmobile in the kitchen.

But the understated vase of flowers, or a peaceful Bonsai tree? Those, my friends, have staying power. That’s the angle behind the hype for the new sets. The LEGO Flower Bouquet and LEGO Bonsai are the first two offerings from this new line and are on sale now. The sets do include parts made from plant-based plastic, so it’s not like they are entirely fake.

And what better time to lock this in than right before Valentine’s Day? You can buy yourself a relaxing project (it’s way more gratifying to put together Legos than IKEA furniture) that also checks the box (maybe?) for the holiday.

At a time when we could all use a new way to relieve stress, a Lego spokesman said the customizable botanical collection could be the answer:

“I think many people are looking for ways to change their mood and relax. We are delighted to be able to help you seek comfort in your busy daily life through this beautiful Lego botanical collection.”

The first two sets are on sale now on the Lego website and at stores across the country.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet ($119) and LEGO Bonsai ($86) are available on Amazon.

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

This Fan-Made Sonic the Hedgehog Lego Set Is Getting an Official Release

Sonic Mania Lego Set
(Viv Grannell)

Sonic the Hedgehog is taking over the world.  We’re getting a sequel to the hit movie, a Netflix animated series coming out next year, and now a sweet new LEGO set to build (while watching the movie and the animated series at the same time if you’re really hardcore.)

24-year-old Sonic fan/LEGO builder Viv Grannell started her “Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone” project back in 2017 and it amassed a following of 10,000 supporters on the LEGO IDEAS page.  LEGO took notice and has rightfully decided to move the project forward to the product development phase.  It’s very well deserved and Grannell is so overjoyed that her “brain is coming out of her ears”.

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account even had something to say about it.

Since this is a fan-made project, LEGO will fine-tune all the pieces before its official release.  No price has been set either, but I’m definitely going to be picking this one up, whenever it decides to grace us with its presence.

In the meantime, if you love LEGO, definitely check out this touching tribute to Alex Trebek and these LEGO sets for grown-ups to build once the kids are in bed.

Jeopardy Superfan Creates Incredible LEGO Tribute to Trebek

Jeopardy Lego
(YouTube/Douglas Hughes)

As Jeopardy navigates through the post-Trebek era and the brave new world of interim hosts, some fans still aren’t yet ready to say goodbye to Alex. After the longtime iconic gameshow host passed away last fall from his battle with pancreatic cancer, everyone in the community paid tribute and memorialized the legend.

And some fans have found their own way to pay tribute to his memory. One Jeopardy superfan in Canada took it to the next level, though, with his kinetic Lego recreation of Trebek presiding over the Jeopardy GOAT tournament of champions.

The creation has actual moving pieces, including the GOAT contestants Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter reaching for their buzzers and the podiums also light up. Doug Hughes created the masterpiece to honor Trebek’s memory. His wife shared it on social media.

Ken Jennings, the first interim host, saw the creation and was pretty impressed. And, true to his style, he was quick with a dad joke-esque pun: “LEGOAT”

13 Badass LEGO Sets For Grown-Ups To Build After Bedtime

Ghostbusters Lego Set

Whoever said LEGOs are just for kids clearly never read the box. If they had, they’d know that classic LEGO boxes list the max-age as 99. So, ha! Most of us are still young enough to build some badass LEGO creations. And we should be able to do so without judgment, Todd. We feel no shame about our obsession with these toy building blocks — or that we’ve decided to devote an entire article to the best LEGO sets for adults. Because here’s the thing: These toys aren’t just popular with nerds and parents. They’ve been used and referenced throughout pop culture. Both The White Stripes and AVICII had music videos made of LEGO pieces. Ed Sheeran famously named a song “Lego House.” They’ve even been name-dropped on hit shows like Arrested Development and The Simpsons.

Further proof that LEGOs can be for any age can be found simply by wandering a LEGO store. Sure, you’ll find the classic bricks and kid-friendly themed sets. But you’ll also find a whole collection of options geared towards adults. Take, for instance, the 12 grown-up-approved sets below. (It’s us; we’re the grown-ups who approved them.)

Best Lego Sets for Adults

1. Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin LEGO Set

Name a kid who knows what the DB5 is. We’ll wait. Sure, you might have raised a spy-obsessed, Ian Fleming-reading tween. (And if so, good on you.) But since most kids couldn’t tell Sean Connery from Pierce Brosnan if their life depended on it, this James Bond car is strictly for dads.

2. VW Camper Van

VW Van Lego Set

Did you know Dave Grohl owns a VW bus? If the former Nirvana drummer turned rock-god-lead-singer of Foo Fighters rolls around in a camper van, these beasts are clearly cool. This set is for all of us who can’t afford to buy a 16 window VDub and realize our dream of living in a van down by the river.

3. VW Beetle

VW Beetle LEGO Set

Yes, we put both Volkswagen sets on our list. Just check out the surfboard that comes with this Beetle! While there might be a few 16-year-olds out there familiar with the “Bug,” we’re wagering that the majority of people interested in building this are older.

4. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Legos

Hey, look — it’s a LEGO set that isn’t a vehicle. While they actually have a ton of killer architectural builds, the Statue of Liberty is arguably one of the most impressive. Not only do we love Lady Liberty for all the history and symbolism, but we also dig how deceptively hard it is to build this set.

5. Ghostbusters Car

Ghostbusters Lego Set
LEGO (Lego)

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts! This one is hard, but it’s for the whole family. We love all the bells and whistles they included on ECTO to make it live up to the movie’s standards.

8. The Colosseum

Colosseum Lego Set

The Colosseum is huge, right? It only makes sense, then, that this set would be, well, monumental. Fellow history buffs, join us in completely geeking out over the painstaking detail (not to mention over 9,000 pieces) that went into recreating this symbol of Italy’s imperial Roman past.

9. Farnsworth House

Lego Farsworth Set

The historical significance behind the Farnsworth house, built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is no doubt lost on the vast majority of people. The absolutely striking style of the house, however, is not. Whether you’re an actual architect or just a fan of funky homes, this build is meant for you.

10. 123 Sesame Street

Sesame Street Lego Set

Is Sesame Street a “kids’ show?” Sure. But it’s also been around for 50 years, meaning this set is loaded with nostalgia. So, yep, this set is one of our favorites and certainly one of the most colorful options on this list.

11. Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon

At just shy of $800, Han’s ship is one of the most expensive sets on our list. It’s absolutely worth it, though. Right? Who’s with us on this? It contains 7,541 pieces. That’s hours upon hours of glorious nerd entertainment. So, don’t make any plans for a couple of weeks.

12. Central Perk (From Friends)

Friends Show Lego Set

Could it be any cooler?! This set might just be the perfect activity for you and your lobster to do together.

13. Star Destroyer

LEGO® Star Wars? Imperial Star Destroyer Kids Building Playset | 75055 - -

To keep in line with the Star Wars theme, build the Imperial Star Destroyer. It has more than 4,7000 pieces and is the definition of epic. Once the display is complete, it is 17 inches high, 43 inches long, and 26 inches wide. It’s truly a masterpiece and runs for about $700. This ship was used by the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the First Order, and the Sith Eternal. So, yea… it’s pretty freaking cool. 

Just a heads up — if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

LEGO Jokes

Building LEGOs is exciting! Besides using them to create incredible structures, you can also use LEGOs to tell hilarious jokes. 

What’s the most common operation in a LEGO hospital?
Plastic surgery.

A new LEGO store opened up in my town.
People were lined up for blocks.

What do most LEGOs have?
Separation anxiety.

What’s the best way to keep intruders from entering your home?
Put LEGO bricks all over the floor.

What has four wheels and eats LEGO bricks?
The vacuum cleaner.

Why was the LEGO guy so bad at basketball?
Because he kept throwing up bricks.

Kid Builds Massive Lego Titanic

YouTuber 3D-Prints Giant LEGO Pieces and Builds Fully-Functional 30 MPH Go-Kart

YouTuber builds giant fully-functional LEGO go-kart
(YouTube/Matt Denton)

Since the dawn of toys, LEGOs have been a staple in toy boxes and bottoms of feet around the world. The LEGO brand has done an incredible job both keeping up with the latest trends and partnering with other companies to bring us every LEGO-y thing we could dream of. Well, almost everything. LEGO fans have gone to impressive lengths to create something brand new out of the world’s greatest stackable toys, and YouTuber Matt Denton is the latest LEGO innovator to throw his miniature plastic hat in the ring.

Denton is no stranger to using technology creatively. He explains in his YouTube bio, “I’ve spent 25 years in the UK Film and T.V. industry specializing in Animatronic Control systems. I was one of the creators and operators of the Star Wars droid BB-8. I created the two tonne walking hexapod Mantis Robot. I use my 3D printers to create giant versions of my favorite Lego Technic kits! My interests are Hexapod walking robots, robotics, electronics, hacking, coding, engineering, and 3D printing.”

This 3D-printing master has created giant versions of LEGO classics like the tractor, bulldozer, and forklift, but his latest project is next-level. Most of Denton’s projects are cool as heck aesthetically, but his new LEGO go-kart is fully-functional. He used his enormous 3D-printed LEGOs to make a go-kart big enough for him to ride and installed an electric motor for the full go-kart experience. Fortunately, he really thought this through – the LEGOs are attached with metal pins so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart as soon as he hits a bump.

Denton’s videos show the build process in-depth, from crafting an enormous bucket seat to the assembly of the frame itself to speed trials after the first build. In his first speed trial, Denton was able to get this LEGO racer to hit 30 MPH – but he’s not done. A couple of months after releasing the video of the go-kart’s speed test, Denton released a video showing his first rebuild.

This tech-savvy YouTuber’s attempts to constantly one-up himself are both entertaining and educational. Building on his previous designs literally and figuratively to create increasingly amazing things is something most of us don’t have the time or 3D printers to do, so going along for the ride is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Keep an eye on Denton’s channel for the latest XXL LEGO news.

LEGO Celebrates The Mandalorian Season 2 With Life-Size 14,000 Piece Baby Yoda

LEGO Baby Yoda Big Build

LEGO has given us a huge array of Star Wars sets over the years, ranging from simple to over-the-top elaborate. The LEGO Star Wars partnership began in 1999, but due to the massive success of the iconic collaboration, LEGO has extended the partnership with Lucasfilm multiple times. Fortunately, we get to enjoy the sweet fruits of this match made in Alderaan until at least 2022.

The people at LEGO are extremely good at keeping up with the latest trends, releasing multiple sets based on The Mandalorian in under a year since the hugely successful series’ premiere. However, the first LEGO Mandalorian set was missing one very important character – Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda quickly became the adorable, scrunchy little face of the Disney+ series, so its absence from the set was noticeable. LEGO remedied the situation by giving Baby Yoda its very own set. Though Baby Yoda isn’t actually the younger version of the wise old Yoda we know and love, Mandalorian fans quickly took a liking to The Child – maybe because whatever species these little green guys are, they’re freaking cute.

Over 1,000 pieces to build your very own LEGO Baby Yoda is a pretty sweet tribute – but how does 14,000 LEGO bricks sound? Big, it sounds big. And it is – in fact, LEGO celebrated the release of The Mandalorian season 2 by building a life-size version of The Child (a little over 22 inches tall). If you’re going to bring another Baby Yoda into the world, it’s important to make sure the little guy’s comfortable. Aside from building The Child himself, the LEGO masters built him his very own floating pod.

“Patience you must have,” real Yoda reminded us – and we’re pretty sure he was talking about this. Three master LEGO builders put this set together as a team, and it took a whopping total of 119 hours.

LEGO posted a video of the build on YouTube, but fortunately, they condensed 119 hours down to 55 seconds. The caption read, “‘The Child’ is back in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Watch this video of our master builders creating a scale LEGO model of the galaxy’s cutest co-pilot.”

“Why did we build the cutest co-pilot in the galaxy?” LEGO’s video asked, which is truly an excellent question.

“Because this is the way!” An extremely on-brand answer that’s The Mandalorian equivalent of “because I said so.”

Regardless of the real reason, big Baby Yoda is cool as heck. Don’t forget to watch the Season 2 premiere of The Mandalorian on October 30 on Disney+, and if you’re planning on attempting your very own Big Build, may the force be with you.