Chris Evans Comforts His Dog After Surgery by Stitching up His Favorite Toy

Chris Evans fixes dog's favorite toy after his surgery

Human or animal, surgery is no fun. After a stressful hospital stay, all anyone recovering from an operation wants is to relax and heal in the comfort of their own home. Chris Evans, dog dad extraordinaire, has proven time and time again that he’ll do just about anything for his rescue dog, Dodger. The pair plays together, naps together, and are there for each other through thick and thin.

Without a doubt, Dodger is one lucky dog. He had a tough start, as an adult dog living in a shelter – puppies go quickly, but some adult dogs wait years before finding their forever home. In his first major stroke of luck, Dodger was discovered by Evans while the Captain America actor was filming a movie nearby. Ever since, the pair have been inseparable.

Even after finding his best friend, Dodger hit additional roadblocks. In July, Evans posted a photo on his Dodger-filled Instagram, a picture of his beloved pup recovering from surgery.


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Dodger recovered well after his first surgery, but according to Evans, the resilient boxer-mix needed a second hip replacement. Like any doting dad, Chris was by Dodger’s side as soon as he was out of the animal hospital. This time though, Chris had an adorable surprise for the groggy pup.

“Hip replacement #2 completed! Such a trooper. He’ll be back in action in no time,” Chris shared on Instagram.

After the photo of Dodger’s stitched-up leg, Chris shared a photo featuring some slightly less professional, but extremely important stitches. The doctor was none other than the actor himself, and the patient? Well, Dodger’s other best friend.


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“Yesterday while he was in surgery, so was his favorite lion (which had been on IR since November after a nasty tear). I’ve never sewn anything before but I’m pretty proud of my hack job,” Chris said. “They’re both happily recovering in each other’s company.”

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, dog, or human. But doing little things to show you care, even if they’re out of your comfort zone, truly makes you one of the greats.

Bindi Irwin Shares Heartwarming Story Behind Her Unborn Daughter’s Nickname

Bindi Irwin Baby's nickname

The Irwin family is constantly coming up with new and touching ways to keep Steve Irwin’s memory alive. The Crocodile Hunter made waves both in conservation and in his personal life, quickly becoming a shining example of what it means to be both an activist and a loving father. Steve’s two children were both extremely young when they tragically lost him, but over the years they’ve made a point to follow in his courageous footsteps, picking up where he left off and bringing him along for the journey.

When Steve and Terri’s oldest child Bindi announced that she was expecting her first child, keeping her dad’s memory alive seemed to take on a whole new meaning. Not only was she keeping Steve’s memory alive for herself and everyone who loved him, but also for her unborn daughter – Steve’s first grandchild.

Bindi and her husband Chandler are quickly approaching the birth of their first baby, a daughter who is already surrounded by love. The young couple has taken to calling their quickly-growing daughter “Baby Wildlife Warrior,” a fitting title with a heartwarming origin.

In an interview with The Bump, Bindi explained, “My dad was the first person to create the term ‘Wildlife Warrior’. Being a Wildlife Warrior means to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We’ve been referring to our daughter as our Baby Wildlife Warrior.”

Bindi continued, “I know in my heart that she will forge her own path to make our planet a better place through her connections with the gorgeous animals that we protect here at Australia Zoo and the conservation work we do with animal species around the globe.”

Today, Wildlife Warriors is a foundation focused on conservation. Formerly known as the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, the organization educates the public and protects all forms of threatened and endangered wildlife. Bindi learned to love nature and wildlife from her beloved dad, and as her baby’s nickname suggests, she hopes to continue the tradition with the next generation.

Dog Lost for Two Weeks in Snowy Mountains Is Rescued by Heroic Hikers

Dog rescued by hikers

Losing a beloved pet, in any sense of the word, is utterly heartbreaking. But when you know your furry family member is out there somewhere, scared and alone, going on with life feels impossible. When an 8-year-old Golden Retriever named Neesha was out for a walk with her humans and her German Shepherd brother, Harley, the peacefully snowy day took a dark turn. After spotting a deer in the distance, the dogs took off running before their humans could react.

Harley returned, but Neesha was nowhere to be found. The family returned to the spot where they last saw Neesha time and time again, even bringing a basket of unwashed clothes in the hopes that she’d be drawn to the scent of her family.

They turned to social media to share their story and ask locals to keep their eyes open, and even used drones to scan the area in an attempt to spot their beloved graying pup.

“We went on social media and posted it out. Then a weekend later, we were still looking for her, we were starting to give up hope,” Erina O’Shea Goetelen, one of Neesha’s owners, told the Irish Times. “We just thought she was eight, it’s been two weeks, there was no way she could survive that.”

On a frigid day two weeks after Neesha’s disappearance, Doctors Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois Bonnet were out for a hike when they spotted something unusual at the top of the mountain. As they grew closer, they realized that there, laying near a patch of rocks, was a dog. The dog was too weak to bark or stand, and the hikers knew they were her only chance of survival. They wrapped the shivering dog in their spare clothes and began their descent.

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♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

After several false starts, slipping and falling while attempting to carry the dog down the mountain, the heroic hikers secured the exhausted dog to Bonnet’s backpack using a scarf. Nearly five hours later, the hikers completed their 10 km trek down the mountain and immediately returned home to warm and feed the starving dog.

Nolan and Bonnet reached out to a local rescue group who put them in touch with Neesha’s awe-stricken owners. “On Saturday, I had a voicemail from this girl called Ciara Nolan,” O’Shea Goetelen recalled. “When she said she had our dog, we were like what? You couldn’t. She’s dead. So we contacted her and picked her up from them.”

Finally, Neesha returned home to recover from her traumatic ordeal. She had lost roughly a third of her body weight and seemed to be just as shocked as the rest of her family that she managed to make it home in one piece. Neesha is thrilled to be back with her humans, and understandably, seems to need regular reminders that she’s home for good – that her happy ending isn’t just a dream.

“She snuggles up in her bed sleeping but she gets up now and again for a rub,” O’Shea Goetelen says. “She lifts her head up to look at us.”

Over 5,000 Sea Turtles Were Rescued From Frigid Texas Water by Volunteers

Volunteers rescue sea turtles
(Facebook/Sea Turtle, Inc)

The historically cold weather in Texas left the entire state in shock. Millions were left without power, people were stranded, homes and buildings were damaged – cities were wildly unprepared and unequipped to deal with the extremely unusual weather, and as a result, the people of Texas leaned on each other for support. The humans of Texas suffered, and sadly, so did the animals.

The animals native to Texas prefer the warmer climate, and just like Texas’s human residents, they were caught off-guard by the unexpected cold. In the waters of South Padre Island, thousands of endangered sea turtles live happily in the warmth they need to survive. In a typical winter, there may be a few days too cold for the turtles, but the water generally stays warm enough for them to remain there safely. This winter, however, temperatures dropped and refused to budge. The sea turtles were in danger.

Despite the personal stressors the residents of Texas experienced due to the cold, despite water shortages, dangerous travel conditions, and power outages, selfless volunteers banded together with one mission: they had to save the turtles.

Volunteers scrambled to gather supplies and provide transportation, with organizations like Sea Turtle, Inc. pulling turtles from the frigid water and moving them to the temporary safety of the South Padre Convention Center. SpaceX provided the heroic organization with a backup generator, which proved invaluable after the facility lost power.

When turtles’ internal temperatures drop, similar to humans experiencing hypothermia, their heart rates slow. They experience paralysis and float to the top of the water, leaving them in danger of being attacked by predators. In a typical winter, it isn’t unusual for volunteers to save several dozen turtles from too-cold conditions. But during this extremely taxing winter, thousands of cold-stunned turtles were pulled from the freezing South Padre water, some over 100 years old and weighing hundreds of pounds.

On Tuesday, Sea Turtle Inc. shared an incredible update on Facebook. They explained, “After an exhaustive 24-hour effort that went through the night and has just ended this morning, Sea Turtle, Inc. was successfully able to release more than 2,200 previously cold-stunned turtles into the open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico. We still have lots of work to do but we are rejuvenated with passion and having seen our first released turtles swim away. Thank you for your patience while we worked tirelessly overnight to get this work done.”

The Dad Staff is donating to a collection of food and warming centers throughout Texas to help families in need. Impact Your World allows us to contribute to 14 organizations, including The Red Cross, Mercy Chefs, Austin Pets Alive, as well as local food banks in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. If you are able, please consider donating any amount here.

Police Officer Adopts Pit Bull Puppy He Rescued On Duty

Cop Adopt

One of the most heartbreaking things is hearing about people who treat animals poorly. Abandoning puppies, or leaving kittens in a comically small box on the side of the road? Terrible. This is why the internet always loves a good “person rescues animal” story. A police officer in New Jersey is the latest to add to this list after he rescued a 14-week-old pit bull. And then he went the extra mile to make sure the pup was safe and adopted him.

Matthew O’Hanlon and colleagues found the puppy wandering in an industrial area in early January. He had a head wound and no identification. The policemen dropped him off at the shelter, and 20 minutes O’Hanlon called to adopt him.

Then he picked up the pooch and took him straight to the vet to have a tooth from another animal removed from his head.

He and his fiance are big Marvel fans and thought the name Thor was a perfect fit.

He said little Thor doing great with the family and that he wants to change the narrative when it comes to pit bulls.

“They’re the most loving, affectionate dogs I’ve ever had … it’s [unfortunate] to see them get bad reputations when it’s really the way they’re raised.”

The department said little Thor is healing nicely and getting plenty of treats. And O’Hanlon’s advice for others looking for a pet: Adopt, don’t shop.

California Dad ‘Didn’t Die Alone,’ Loyal Dog Stood Guard Until Rescuers Arrived

Dog guards owner's body until rescuers arrive
(Youtube/KPIX CBS SF Bay Area)

It’s an unspoken rule among dogs that first and foremost, they must protect their pack leader. While pack leaders may be other dogs in the wild, when it comes to our own furry friends, the pack leader is you. Dogs are fiercely loyal, putting aside their own safety and well-being to protect those they love – from small acts of quiet support to life-saving gestures, their loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed.

When 69-year-old dad David Deshon didn’t return home, he was reported missing. The snow in California made the roads dangerous, and two days after Deshon was reported missing, deputies made a heartbreaking discovery – roughly 100 yards from his neighbor’s home, Deshon had succumbed to the elements.

Through the tragedy of losing her dad, Shona Deshon took solace in one vital thing – “He didn’t die alone,” she told WLOX. “He didn’t die alone at all.”

For two days Deshon’s dog stayed with him, sitting on his chest to keep him warm. Without any regard for his own discomfort, Baby Dog had protected his human to the best of his ability. Even when deputies arrived, Baby Dog stood his ground, unaware that the officers were there to help

“The dog would not let the rescuers, the sheriff, anybody near my dad. So they had to go get a gentleman who lives on the property that knows Baby Dog, so they can go get my dad and bring him to me,” Shona said.

Deshon’s other dog, Buddy, had been picked up by neighbors – but Baby Dog refused to leave until someone he trusted arrived at the scene. The loyal and brokenhearted pup was taken to a facility for medical treatment, but once he’s recovered, he has a home ready and waiting. Deshon’s daughter is adopting Baby Dog, the small hero who kept her dad company through his final moments.

“I just feel like I need to take Baby Dog because he is part of my dad now,” Shona explained.

Healing from the loss of a loved one is never easy, but for Baby Dog and Shona Deshon, at least they won’t be doing it alone.

Family Cat Dies a Hero After Saving Two Kids From a Venomous Snake

Hero cat saves kids from deadly snake
(Facebook/Animal Emergency Service)

When it comes to animal heroes, dogs get the vast majority of attention. It’s no secret that dogs are fiercely loyal to their humans, and some dogs even hold jobs that lead them to lives of heroism. Though dogs may always be number one when it comes to four-legged heroes, there are plenty of other devoted critters who risk it all for the people they love.

Recently, disaster struck one Australian family during a seemingly average day. The family’s two kids were playing in their garden as they often did, their loyal cat Arthur trailing closely behind. Before his humans could register what was happening, an Eastern Brown Snake quietly entered the garden. Eastern Brown Snakes are highly venomous, with a single bite potentially leading to renal failure, paralysis, and even cardiac arrest.

The two kids continued playing in the garden, unaware of the immense danger that was quickly approaching. Incredibly, Arthur was alert and well aware of the imminent threat. With no regard for his own safety, Arthur took action.

“Arthur jumped into action protecting his young family by killing the snake,” Queensland’s Animal Emergency Service shared on Facebook. “Unfortunately, in the process, Arthur received a fatal envenomation snake bite. In the chaos of getting the children out of the yard, no-one saw the actual bite, but Arthur collapsed and quickly recovered like nothing was wrong not long after.”

It wasn’t until Arther collapsed again that the family realized something was very wrong. Sporadic collapses happen frequently with snake bites, though many pet owners are unaware that a perceived recovery may not be a recovery at all. Frantically, the family rushed their tiny hero to the vet for care, but the deadly neurotoxin had already done too much damage to the brave little cat.

“It was with the heaviest of hearts his owners had to leave Arthur after he gained his angel wings,” the Facebook post concluded. “His family, understandably devastated, remember him fondly and are forever grateful he saved the children’s lives.”

Jogger Smashes Through Frozen Pond to Save Drowning Dog

Jogger Saves Dog

Watching normal, everyday people do something heroic is always badass. This time, the hero of the story was a jogger, who was just going for a run in England (where he lives). He saw a dog in dire trouble, struggling in icy waters. So he did what none of us would, and he dove in to fight through the ice and save the dog.

The entire thing was actually caught on video, as a bunch of people watch the hero in action and do…very little else to help the situation.

The man, Darcy Pell, told a local newspaper he was “not a hero, he just saw a dog in need,” which is exactly the way a hero would describe it.

The family’s dog had fallen in and kept trying to get out, but was slipping on the ice. Pell saw the situation and handled it, like a dang pro. Which, he sort of is, as he reportedly has cold-water swimming experience. He is the hero we need, not the hero we deserve (although the hero the dog deserves, probably, dogs are the best).

Not only is it heroic, but the nonchalance the man has about all of it is also truly awesome. He commented on a local community Facebook group about it, saying (again) he’s not a hero, and that it was no big deal. He said his buddy gave him a jacket and he just continued on his run.

“Just glad the dog was happy to carry on its walk after,” he wrote.

You have to be a dedicated runner to stop in the middle, dive into an icy pond to save a drowning dog, and then KEEP RUNNING. The minds of runners are truly wired differently.

Disney’s “Cruella” Trailer Has Serious Joker Vibes

Cruella Trailer

Disney has released the trailer for “Cruella” and oh boy, does it have some serious “Joker” vibes. The movie is an origin story for one of Disney’s most iconic villains, a memorable monster who basically wants to murder a bunch of puppies, so yeah, I guess it should be pretty dark. And the film, which is “inspired” by the original, not a direct adaption, does not seem like your typical Disney-fare.

Emma Stone is Cruella, who feels like she’s doing a subtly more deranged Joker (too many Jokers play the craziness over the top, where the real scary crazy is the kind that sort of oozes out like Stone’s Cruella here).

The film is set in 1970s London, and the trailer has plenty of foreboding shots of angry Dalmatians barking at Cruella. Stone is playing the villain or the woman before she was a *total* villain, who is an aspiring designer trying to get the upper class to take notice of her and her designs. And along the way, she becomes the Cruella de Vil you got to know in the original 101 Dalmatians.

Stone’s portrayal of Cruella, with her declaration to be a little bit “brilliant, bad and a little bit mad,” feels like a cross of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Disney live-action movies have given us some legit good movies, with the Jungle Book doing big business, and The Lion King (more eh in my book), and Aladdin (also just fine) making big box office scores.

The trailer makes it feel more like a Batman villain origin story than what we’ve seen from Disney before with movies like “Maleficent.” But it’s got some edge, and some danger to it, and Stone is an outstanding actress, so go ahead and sign me up for the movie about how a woman goes from a little bit crazy to dog-murdering insane.

Internet Bands Together To Find 12-Year-Old Dog His Favorite Discontinued Toy

Internet helps elderly dog get his favorite discontinued toy

Dogs are more like humans than we probably realize. They have fears, they have that one rival neighbor dog who has a cooler grill- um, harness, and they have clear preferences when it comes to entertainment. Some dogs prefer tennis balls while others prefer their favorite chew toy, and like us, dogs are extremely set in their ways.

Kelli Brown’s 12-year-old dog Jaxon is no exception when it comes to how particular dogs can be, especially in their old age. The small, graying pup has fallen in love with his green fuzzy toy over the years, a toy Kelli has replaced countless times. But when attempting to replace Jaxon’s Top Paw toy yet again, she made a horrible discovery – her elderly pup’s best toy had been inexplicably discontinued.

As many of us do when faced with uncertainty, Kelli turned to the internet. In a tweet directed at PetSmart, Kelli shared her plea for help. The tweet read, “PLZ HELP! This Top Paw toy has been discontinued but it’s the only toy 12 y/o Jaxon will play with. Got any laying around? We’ll buy them all up if you’ll let us! Our internet search brought us no luck. Very sad boy here!!”

In the photo, Jaxson nibbles softly on what Kelli fears is his very last Top Paw toy. The tweet tugged at the heartstrings of dog lovers around the world, as helpful strangers shared the tweet in the hopes of helping Jaxson replace his well-worn toy. The post was even shared by Matt Nelson, founder of the massively-popular “dog_rates” account, which landed it in the hands of a PetSmart employee who shared the plea on their company’s Facebook page.

Employees at countless PetSmart locations began checking their inventory in the hopes of finding the all-important toy. Through the incredible power of the internet, Jaxon got the surprise of his life. Less than a month after her initial post, Kelli shared the happiest possible update – a very happy Jaxson, surrounded by eight of his very favorite toy.

Kelli’s heartwarming post read, “Remember posting Baby J’s plea for a retired PetSmart toy (Greenie) awhile back? Happy to say the power of the internet came through BIG TIME. He is so happy right now… thank you all!!!”

Never doubt the power of the internet or the power of dog lovers responding to a pup in need. Both will surprise you in the best possible way.

The Love Between Chris Evans and His Rescue Dog, Dodger, Is Almost Too Pure

Chris Evans and his dog Dodger

There is nothing quite like the bond between a man and his dog. I mean, they were dubbed ’man’s best friend’ for a reason. Chris Evans, aka Captain America himself has talked at length about his love for Dodger, his own Boxer-mix. Chris and Dodger met at a shelter in 2017 while Chris was filming Gifted, and ever since, they’ve been almost inseparable.


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On National Pet Day in 2018, Chris shared the footage he took the day he first met Dodger. Unsurprisingly, it will melt your freaking heart. Chris explained, “This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out. I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!!”

The tentative excitement, the barely-controlled tail wag, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the adorable pup. And immediately, Chris did exactly that. From the cold shelter floor to a life of unconditional love, Dodger is one lucky dog. Though Evans has endless content he could be sharing on social media, his Instagram account is ruffly 50% pictures of his best friend, and with that face, who can blame him?


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Chris and Dodger play together, nap together, and pose for the cutest selfies we’ve ever seen. Chris dotes over Dodger like he was his own child, as dog-lovers tend to do. In fact, Chris loves his rescue pup so dang much that he even got a tattoo in that good boy’s honor.

Chris and Dodger are a ridiculously wholesome pair, and we can only hope that one day we all find someone who looks at us the way Chris and Dodger look at each other.

Lawyer Accidentally Shows up To Zoom Court Hearing as a Cat

Lawyer Cat Filter

Technology giveth and technology taketh away.

Over the past year or so, technology has been a game saver for parents, professionals, students, and family members all around the world as the pandemic has forced us all to stay inside and communicate via video.

This newfound reliance on our computers and phones to do literally everything – from conference calls and classwork to holiday gatherings and doctor’s visits – has been both a convenient lifesaver and a frustrating mess. Especially for those of us who are less than technologically inclined.

One such person had a hit of a mishap with his Zoom filters today, and, unfortunately for him, it was during a court hearing.

Texas attorney Ron Ponton “arrived” at the hearing video via, only to learn that a filter that changes his face into that of a cat had been activated. The judge points it out, but unfortunately, neither Mr. Ponton nor his assistant could manage to remove it. He reassured the judge that, despite appearances, he is not actually a cat.

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” he can be heard saying.

“I can see that,” answered the judge, with the calm of a man who may or may not have been privy to a Zoom mishap or two of his own. After all, who hasn’t, these days?

Ponton soldiered on, his big cat eyes darting around as he conducted his business. No word on how the hearing went for him or his client, but it was at least memorable!

Check out the hilarious video below, and don’t laugh too hard. But for the grace of God go all of us!

On-Duty Garbage Truck Driver Rescues Abandoned Puppy, Then Adopts Her

Trash Puppy

We don’t deserve dogs, the most loyal of all pets. Sure, we try to spoil them when we can, whether it be with frozen treats or their own beer, but that still doesn’t take away the sting when you see other people treating animals poorly. Thankfully, there are enough people out there who take the time and care to do the right thing, whether it’s helping an injured animal or stepping up to rescue one in need.

A garbage truck driver in Ohio went viral after he rescued a puppy on duty. That…is not something that should be required of trash collectors. But as he was working his normal route, Aaron Kinsel noticed a backpack along the roadway that was moving. He got out of the truck to check it out and found a scared, injured 10-week-old puppy. The boxer-mix was dehydrated and had a broken rear leg.

“I felt like I was meant to find her,” Kinsel said. He took the dog to the vet and decided he and his family would adopt the pup. They named her Tipper, which is the mechanism used on the back of garbage trucks to pick up trash containers.

A company spokesman said their drivers are trained to remain observant and do the best to take care of the community and do the right thing. “We are very proud of Aaron and delighted to make Tipper an honorary member of our team,” she said.

It’s horrible when you hear about someone discarding a helpless, injured puppy like that. But it’s also heartwarming to know there are people like Aaron, willing to stop what he’s doing to help out and to do the right thing. And for that, little Tipper’s story has a happy ending.