How to Reheat Your Ribs Like a Seasoned Line Cook

how to reheat ribs
Scott Madore/Unsplash

Is there a food that is more satisfying than some decent BBQ ribs? The entire process is enjoyable, from going to the grocery or the butcher and picking out that perfect rack to hearing the sizzle when you toss ‘em on the grill to get those perfect, restaurant-quality grill marks. Plus, you know, that shit’s scrumptious, too. Less delicious? Eating ribs the next day. Are you sitting there saying to yourself, “There’s just not a good way to reheat them”?

Oh, but friends, there are actually some decent ways to reheat ribs.

how to reheat ribs

The Less Controversial Ribs

1. Grab A Pyrex Dish

That’s the super breakable-looking square or rectangle, oven-safe dish with the clear glass lid. Your partner’s Pyrex dishes probably look exactly like your mom’s dishes. They’re old, heavy, and shatter if dropped. But, they’re also perfect for literally anything. Especially heating ribs.

2. Place Your Ribs Curved Side Up

In other words, make a hill with the rack. There should be a tunnel under them formed by the curve of the rack and the bottom of the dish.

3. Add Water

But not too much! There’s no exact measurements here because it’s based largely on the size of your dish and the number of ribs you’re reheating. You really don’t even need enough to fill the bottom of the dish. Think of the water like a small river or canal going under that rib tunnel.

4. Wrap In Foil

Make a couple of loops around the dish in both directions to seal it up tight. Use enough that the keeper of the foil will yell at you later.

5. Pop ‘Em In The Oven

Low and slow is key here. The idea is to build up steam under the foil so that, as you heat them, they don’t lose moisture. Think 250 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes, but time may vary depending on your oven and how many ribs you’re reheating.

Grill Them Again

If you don’t believe ribs should ever be inside an oven and you’re more of a self-dubbed grill master, then you’ll be happy to know you can certainly reheat day-old ribs on the grill. All you’ll need to do is:

1. Heat your grill on high.

2. Add more sauce to your room-temperature ribs and wrap in foil as your grill heats up.

3. Lower the heat to a medium before adding the wrapped ribs. Turn over a few minutes later.

4. The ribs are ready when the internal temperature reaches 165 Fahrenheit.

Steakhouse Style

Before you get your tighty whities in a twist, know this: Any time you’ve ever gotten ribs from an Outback or T.G.I. Friday’s, they’ve been served to you almost exactly like this.

Note: The night before, when you’re putting away leftovers, wrap your ribs in plastic wrap to seal in the moisture.

1. Follow Steps 1-3 Above

Alright. In restaurants, they don’t typically have Pyrex dishes. We’d modified it slightly to accommodate a home kitchen.

2. Wrap in Saran Wrap

This is the controversial part. We know you hate plastic wrap. Fancy chefs will tell you this is an abomination. But a line cook at any of your favorite rib places will tell you this is exactly the right move. As a matter of fact, when your giant platter of ribs comes to your table at a restaurant, we guarantee that they’ve just been unwrapped from plastic wrap.

3. Microwave

Seriously. 30-120 seconds is all it takes, depending on the microwave and amount of ribs. It’s so much faster than the oven and just as effective. The key is the plastic wrap and water, which create a nice little sauna-type situation for your ribs.

Optional: Coat With Fresh Sauce And Add New Grill Lines

Don’t believe us? Try these methods with your next leftover rack of ribs and let us know if there’s a difference.

The 5 Coolest Star Wars-Themed Barbecue Pits

(Etsy/ Burned by Design LTD/ West Coast Fire Pits)

If there’s one thing dads love, it’s grilling. If there’s a second thing dads love, it’s imbuing their kids with a shared reverence for pop culture artifacts. If you’re looking to grill two birds with one briquette, here are 5 insanely cool Star Wars-themed grills and barbecue pits we found.

1. Darth Vader

(Etsy / Burned by Design LTD)

From the good folks at Burned By Design LTD comes this wood burner/grill shaped just like Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. Be sure to flip any burger you see getting too much of a dark side.

Click here to buy one!

2. R2-D2

(R2D2 Central/Philip Wise)

If you take a 55-gallon drum and repurpose it for smoking meat, the grilling community refers to that an Ugly Drum Smoker. If you don’t want your smoke to be ugly, do what Star Wars fansite webmaster Philip Wise did and make it look like the cutest droid in the galaxy.

3. AT-AT

(Etsy / Burned by Design LTD)

Another masterpiece from Burned By Design LTD, this extremely dope AT-AT walker grill was designed using original movie blueprints. “AT AT” is also something you can shout at your dog if you see him getting into the buns.

Click here to buy one!

4. Death Star

I… just… holy shit. Holy shit.

Click here to holy shit

5. TIE Fighter


For those of you looking for something more portable, you can’t go wrong with this tabletop grill shaped like a TIE Fighter. Especially if that showoff neighbor of yours just got one that looks like a Rebel X-wing.

Click here to buy one!

Essential Accessory!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t alert you to the existence of this spatula that with a lightsaber handle.



Click here to buy one!

You Can Own This Ridiculously Cool AT-AT Barbecue

AT-AT Grill
(Burned by Design)

Pardon us for saying so by your grill is lame. Oh, you’ve got the Blazemaster 8000 Titanium Ultra Plus? That’s cool, is it an AT-AT? Because from now until forever if your grill isn’t an AT-AT then your grill is lame. That’s the stake Alex Dodson has thrown in the ground when he welded (with fire and his hands) a near pitch-perfect replication of an AT-AT only it’s a goddam grill.

Yes. That’s fire surrounding it. Badass. (Burned by Design)

Alex runs Burned by Design, a euphoria for folks who like grills to be shaped like things that aren’t grills. According to his site, the approximate size of this particular grill is L47 x W20 x H39 and is “handcrafted in mild steel using 4mm precision cut laser profiles to capture that movie detailing.” It’ll run you a cool $1,712.22 which really isn’t that bad considering it’s a grill that looks like an AT-AT! From Star Wars! It gives you full permission (it doesn’t really) to yell “Burgers will be ready at-at 2:00!” Or “Who wants some Hoth Dogs???” Those 2 lines are worth the price alone. Check out this in-depth video Sr Dodson posted to Facebook in which he gives us every possible angle we could ever hope for. He’s also included a cut in there to show off his sick editing skillz:

I’ve just finished fabricating the custom BBQ cooking grills and warming rack for the #ATAT 😉💪🏻🔥🔥🔥 #bbqlife••#starwars #starwarsfan #starwarsfanart #starwarsmovie #starwarsfans #starwarsforever #whenstarwarsislife #thedarkside #usetheforce #firepit #custombbq #outdoorlogburner #mancave #giftideas #themandalorian #starwarsriseofskywalker #starwarsday #bbqporn #starwarsgeek #getoutside #firecooking #sculpture #spring

Posted by Burned by Design LTD on Monday, April 27, 2020

This isn’t Alex’s first foray into the Star Wars universe. Check out this ridiculously cool fleet of wood burners:

Darth Vader Wood Burner
(Burned by Design)
death star wood burner
(Burned by Design)
Falcon wood burner
(Burned by Deisgn)
stormtrooper wood burner
(Burned by Design)

Alex Dodson, you have our respect. Of all the innovations to modern grilling, this has to be our favorite.

5 Safe Grill Brushes That Keep Bristles out of Your Burgers

My wife loves watching weird medical diagnosis shows. Whenever they show the family grilling in the first 15 seconds, the medical mystery is almost always going to involve someone in the family unknowingly eating a burger with a stray metal grill brush bristle in it.

This is actually a thing and a cause for alarm for dads who grill. If you end up with a metal bristle in your throat or intestine, it’s no joke. So enough with using a metal-bristled barbecue brush! Instead use a safe grill brush, such as a non-wire grill brush.

This doesn’t mean you should stop grilling burgers and juicy steaks. Far from it. As a dad, you need to grill. Grilling is in your DNA. We’re all counting on you. Just clean the grill with a wire-free grill brush, and your mouth-watering barbecue will be safe and delicious. Plus— Father’s Day is coming up, you’re going to need a gift. Put in your request early.

Best Safe Grill Brushes

best safe grill brushes: grillart

Grillart 18-Inch Grill Brush

If you just can’t break the bristle brush habit, this Grillart model has a form that’s similar to the traditional brush, but this is a safe grill brush.

It doesn’t use bristles, relying on stainless steel pads. It gives you the scrubbing power of multiple stainless steel pads at the end of a foot-plus-long handle. (Trust us. A stainless steel scrubbing pad works well to clean a hot grill, but you don’t want to be holding it by hand.)

It also has a scraper at the end, meaning you can remove that disgusting melted cheese mess that your wife insisted that you try on the grill. With the scraper, no one has to know about your grilling mishap.

Buy for $20 on Amazon

best safe grill brush

KitchenReady Stainless Steel Safe Grill Brush

If the Grillart brush is a little too big for your grill, you have two options. First, consider buying a much bigger grill. You know you deserve it.

Or save some money and stick with the smaller KitchenReady safe grill brush. This is the best bristle free grill brush for smaller grills, as it has a smaller scraping surface and fewer stainless steel pads.

It still has that long handle to keep your hands away from the heat, which is handy when you start to put the burgers on the hot grill, only to realize you forgot to clean it from last time. You can safely use this non-wire grill brush while the briquettes are burning hot.

This will save you the annoyance of your wife asking if you remembered to clean the grill halfway through cooking the burgers … and you having to lie to her. With this brush on hand, you can have the grill cleaned ahead of time and actually tell her the truth. (This time.)

Buy for $20 on Amazon

best safe grill brush: wooden grill brush

FEROS Safer Scraper Wood Grill Cleaner

Maybe you prefer a wood pellet grill, giving you that unique flavor and that smooth, even heat. Maybe you have become so addicted to wood fire grilling that you snicker under your breath when someone else fires up a tank of propane. (Some people might say you have become a boorish grilling snob, but I would never do that.)

With your love for wood pellet grilling, you need a wood cleaning tool like this one made of bamboo, which is sustainable.

The cleaner has grooves on the end to clean the edges of the individual bars on the grill rack. It’ll also scrape the top. And it’s thin enough to fit between the bars on the rack. Your grill will never have been so clean. (Just don’t show your wife, or you may be given a few other things to clean.)

Buy for $18 on Amazon

best safe grill brushes: scraper

Best Music BBQ Bristle Free Grill Grate Cleaner

If you dislike having a cleaning tool that you only can use on your grill, this grate cleaner works in other areas around the kitchen, including that non-stick skillet your wife loves. (Don’t try using the metal scraper for your grill to clean the non-stick skillet in your kitchen, or you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a few days.)

As a bristle free and safe grill brush, this nylon pad works for your barbecue grill, your iron skillets, metal griddles, or enamel-coated skillets. The handle on top allows you to apply extra pressure for those tough spots.

You even can toss the whole unit into the dishwasher between grill cleanings.

As the nylon pad wears out, you’ll have another one at hand, as each order has 10 pads.

Buy for $25 on Amazon (Pack of 10)

best safe grill brushes: bristle free grill brush (grill cleaning brick)

Avant Grub Pumice Stone Grill Cleaning Brick

Maybe none of the tools we’ve mentioned so far are manly enough for your grilling needs. We get it.

How about a huge black brick of pumice stone to clean the grill? That should up the manly factor when grilling. (Yeah, we know your wife uses pumice stones on her feet as a beauty product, but just put that out of your mind.)

Each brick measures 8 by 4 inches with 3.5 inches of depth, and you receive four per order. It may not have the same look as a non-wire grill brush, but it’s extremely effective for cleaning up grilling gunk. It also doesn’t absorb any of the gunk, so it remains ready to use each time without the need for washing. (A huge plus.)

Buy for $32 on Amazon (Pack of 4)

Bristle Free Alternates to Clean a Grill

bristle free grill brushes alternatives: aluminum foil

While you’re waiting for your new safe grill brush to arrive, there are a few other ways to clean a grill that go outside of conventional thinking. We cannot guarantee they’ll all work perfectly, but we can guarantee none of them will leave a stray metal bristle behind.

Aluminum Foil

Take a wad of aluminum foil and use your grilling tongs to rub it across the surface of the grill (you’re making your own scrubber here).

Aluminum foil is a great tool for grilling, as you can create a little grill pan with it, throwing vegetables inside tossed with a little oil, and grill them alongside your steak. (And if you believe forcing meat to share space on the grill with vegetables is a sin against the gods of BBQ, at least the veggies are wrapped inside aluminum foil, so you won’t have to look at them.)

Buy for $4 on Amazon


Cut an onion in half. Grill half of the onions in an aluminum foil tent to eat, and use the other half to clean the grill when you’re finished. Just rub it back and forth on the grill bars to clean them. And if it doesn’t work, what have you lost? Half an onion? No one will miss it.

Scouring Pad

The sponge/scouring pad combination that you probably have stored under your kitchen sink will work nicely on a disgusting grill surface. Just don’t expect to be able to put it back under the kitchen sink after you’ve finished. Gross. But it does work on the grill when nothing else is available.

Buy for $7 on Amazon (Pack of 9)

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

The Grillbot Wants to Terminate the Gunk on Your Grill

Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner

Innovations in technology have revolutionized almost every aspect of modern life. From how we communicate to how we shop, things look a lot different than they did even a decade ago.

But some things are just too manly to automate. Sure, there are automatic lawnmowers that will manicure your grass on-demand, but at what cost? At best, every dad on your street will disown you and worst case some punk kid steals the thing, leaving you both ashamed and broke.

Best to leave certain tasks as they are. I mean not EVERYTHING needs to be etched out… right?

Enter the Grillbot. Think of it as a Roomba for your grill, only instead of vacuuming up crumbs, this little son of a bitch (allegedly) grinds away grease and grime without the standard effort typically associated with this dirty chore.


But does it really work? More importantly, will it cost you your man card? Fear not, for we’ve investigated the reviews and weighed the pros and cons and can definitely give you an answer.

Let’s start with the basics. According to several reviews, it does indeed clean your grill. At least as well as one would imagine any motorized wire brush would. From a “set it and forget it” standpoint, reviews say it delivers. Simply set the timer and close the lid. The three steel brushes go to work grinding away at years of cooked on crap you’d much rather not taste on your steak. That said, it’s loud as hell. Again, about as loud as you’d expect a metal bristled robot to be when unleashed instead of a metal grill.

Several reviews noted that while it’s a cool gadget the first time you use it, subsequent uses can be less than perfect. From dirty brushes to pieces of wire breaking off, it’s definitely coolest when first out of the box. Business Insider’s Tyler Lauletta reviewed the bot, saying “While it’s a niche purchase, I am convinced that anyone who is willing to consider investing almost $100 in a device to clean their grill will not be disappointed with what they get out of it.”

GrillBot before and after
(BI/Tyler Lauletta)

What about the hit to your masculinity? You always knew you’d eventually be replaced by a robot, you just didn’t think they’d start at your grill. When it comes down to it though, cleaning is cleaning. If you can save a few minutes after grilling, that’s a win. But there’s something to be said for the pride of ownership and maintaining your own tools. You’ll still likely need to manually brush at least a little, so let’s say this one’s a wash.

Ok, so should you buy it? For yourself? Nah. As a gift for the over-the-top drillmaster in your life? Sure, why not. It’s likely to be less offensive than buying them the wrong dry rub. So if you’re a cooking connoisseur, or don’t have a teenager to pawn this task off on yet, check out the GrillBot on Amazon.

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.