The Rock Relishes Being a Girl Dad, Believes “Every Man Needs a Daughter”

The Rock says that every man needs a daughter

It’s no secret that Dwayne The Rock Johnson adores life as a girl dad. With three daughters ranging from ages 19 to 2 years old, The Rock has spent nearly two decades as a dedicated father to his girls. The Rock’s oldest daughter, Simone, recently made the leap that every parent dreams of – she’s following her family’s legacy, falling in love with wrestling and signing with the WWE. Meanwhile, the father of three has his hands full caring for his 2-year-old and 5-year-old, and he’s loving every minute of it.

In a post The Rock shared on Instagram last Friday, the 48-year-old took a moment to reflect on life and express his gratitude for the hand he was dealt. Given that the wrestler-turned-actor followed in his own dad’s footsteps, it’s reasonable to imagine The Rock may have hoped for a son to follow in his. The Rock, however, will be the first to point out just how wrong you are.

“Every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter,” he explains. Beside the caption is a photo of The Rock, towering and tank-like, walking down a beautiful path with his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana. In this moment, it’s evident that nothing in the world is more important to the hard-working actor than being a father. He looks lovingly down at his little girl as she cranes her neck upwards to meet his gaze, her arm raised to meet his dangling hand.


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“All my girls have become the great equalizers in my life – I’m surrounded by estrogen and wouldn’t have it any other way,” The Rock continues. “And man I hope she never gets tired of holding these big ol’ dinosaur hands, though I suspect one day she will.“

Parenting is hard – there’s no question about it. But The Rock has mastered the art of capturing and appreciating life’s most beautiful moments, ones that remind you to take a step back and cherish what you have. Kids are known for growing up too dang fast, and as a father of a 19-year-old, The Rock knows to get all the hand-holds in while he still can.

The Rock’s College Football Rookie Card Sold For $45,000

The Rock Card

If you’re invested in The Rock these days, business IS BOOMING. One of the most bankable movie stars in the world has a new TV show about his early life, a line of boozy ice cream, and even relics from his past command big numbers on the open market.

Dwayne Johnson originally dreamed of a pro football career (now, he has his own pro football LEAGUE), but it never came to be. But, he still has a rookie football card, it’s just from his time playing college football at the University of Miami (you could still get away with that back then, the laws are different now). And that rookie card just sold for a whopping $45,000.

The Rock posted a pic of the card on Instagram. Reportedly, there are fewer than 50 in existence, and Johnson was one of only a handful of Hurricanes to get a card in 1994. He shared the pic on Super Bowl Sunday, taking a gridiron-infused trip down memory lane.


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The Rock said the card’s value, and its continued rise, has become “so surreal.” He also said playing in the NFL was his dream, and the Super Bowl was his ultimate dream, but even though he fell short (don’t feel bad for him, the guy is doing alright…), he relished that his card sold so high on a Super Bowl Sunday.

“I never made it as a player to the big dance, so this humbling irony is not lost on me one bit,” he wrote.

It’s one small piece of a now giant life, but with the rising costs of sports collectibles, it’s not too hard to imagine how the only relevant relic of his athletic career (depending on how you classify sports entertainment) commands top dollar.

The Rock Shares New “Young Rock” Trailer Full of Former Wrestling Greats

The Young Rock Full Trailer
(YouTube/The Rock)

The “Young Rock” hits NBC on February 16th, but the superstar gave us our first glimpse earlier this month. And now, we have a full trailer, and it is awesome. Dwayne Johnson himself unveiled it, and it looks like a fun show.

“Humbly shaking my head at the wild Forrest Gump-ish life I’ve lived. And man the lessons I learned along the way from loved ones who now walk in the clouds. Look forward to making ya laugh and maybe a little more. Feb 16th!” he wrote on Twitter.

The trailer goes much deeper than the early glimpse we got, and we see a lot more of The Rock, at all stages. Including the premise of the show, as The Rock sets out to become the President in the year 2032.

We get the rock at three different stages of his life, from a youngster in Hawaii, growing up in a wrestling family (the actor who plays his dad seems to have nailed it), through high school and into his college football era.

It’s on NBC, so there will be a broad approach to it, but man, there is a ton of great stuff here for wrestling fans. The Rock mentions loved ones who walk in the clouds, and the trailer is full of them, including Andre the Giant, Macho Man, The Iron Sheik and the Wild Samoans.


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Randall Park and Rosario Dawson are also in the cast, in the present day with Presidential candidate Rock. Park is playing a ramped-up version of himself, transitioning to journalist, interviewing The Rock about his childhood, while Dawson is working on the campaign.

Toddler’s Tangled Hair Is No Match for The Rock

The Rock does daughter's hair

Being a girl dad is both amazing and challenging. You begin to see the world in new and exciting ways through your daughter’s eyes, but you’re also tasked with learning skills you never thought you’d need. Recently, Dwayne Johnson shared a surprisingly confident (and absurdly adorable) post on Instagram featuring an unlikely skill – hair styling.

Realistically, The Rock probably hasn’t had a whole lot of experience tending to a head full of hair. While he may be slightly hair-deficient himself, his dedication to the cause is admirable. Honestly though, what better motivation to master a skill than a 2-year-old who’s counting on you?

The Rock’s Instagram post features two photos of him with his 2-year-old daughter Tiana, and boy do these pictures tell a story. If you’ve ever been scared to your very core at the beginning of a dentist appointment before realizing that it isn’t actually so bad, Tiana carries the same energy into her dad’s photo series.

The caption explains, “Now despite my two year old looking completely TERRIFIED for her life that daddy is solely responsible for getting all the painful tangles out of her hair…”

Looking at the first picture, Tiana stares desperately at whoever is holding the camera. She sends a silent “help me” plea to the person photographing evidence instead of stepping in, but fortunately, The Rock knows what he’s doing.

“Scroll left and you’ll see the calming energy, exceptional hair skills and extraordinary patience that daddy aka mr golden hands puts on full display,” the caption continues. “I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it.”


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In the second photo, Tiana seems to embrace her dad’s hair-styling skills. She’s visibly relaxed, perhaps even enjoying her at-home salon. The 2-year-old is The Rock’s third daughter, so to be fair, he’s had a bit of practice.

This enormous man literally tore a metal gate from its hinges when he was running late, yet he’s as gentle as a person can be when untangling his 2-year-old’s hair. The juxtaposition is both hilarious and endearing, and it’s one of the many reasons we simply cannot get enough of The Rock. There’s nothing the man can’t do – except, you know, grow his own hair.

The Rock Shares Touching Tribute To His Dad on the First Anniversary of His Death

The rock shares tribute to late dad on anniversary of his death

Dwayne Johnson has always been vocal about how influential and inspirational his dad was to him, both career-wise and in his personal life. When Johnson’s dad, legendary wrestler Rocky Johnson passed away unexpectedly last year, the world mourned with him. The Rock regularly mentions just how much his dad meant to him, sharing memories and life milestones he wishes they could celebrate together.

On Monday, The Rock shared a touching tribute to his late dad on Instagram, marking the one year anniversary of his death. “When we’re breathin’ that breath…it means we still have a shot,” he wrote. “We all know loss.. we’ve all been there.. then it’s our job to rise and live as greatly as we can. My old man was a trailblazing bad dude in the game for our cultures.”

“He passed away suddenly, exactly one year ago. The show must go on.”

The video Johnson shared on Instagram was a moving compilation of memories. We see clips of Rocky completely in his element, dominating in the ring and smiling proudly as if there’s no place he’d rather be. Throughout the video, The Rock discusses the pain of losing a loved one and the beauty of life as a whole.


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“The cycle of life,” Dwayne Johnson explains, “It’s painful, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking, it’s powerful, it’s a kick in the gut.”

He continues, “It can knock you down, it can knock your ass out – but you know, you rise. You get back up … you live as greatly as you possibly can.”

Johnson goes on to discuss how the death of a loved one is a jarring reminder of what life is all about. When you lose someone you love, you’re reminded of how fleeting life is. It forces you to look at your priorities, to continue living stronger and better simply because you still have time.

The Rock smiles sadly, remembering something his dad used to tell him. “For those of you who know my dad, you know he’d say, ‘you tell them I taught you everything you know – but I didn’t teach you everything I know.’”

We see Dwayne saying a somber final goodbye to his dad at his funeral, a scene immediately juxtaposed with an old clip of the pair embracing in an enormous hug.

Johnson concludes with a toast to his own dad, and to everyone who’s ever lost someone.

“Hope we’re making them proud – the show must go on.”

“Really Wish My Dad Was Around to See This,” The Rock Shares “Young Rock” Trailer

Young Rock Trailer

His dad was on his mind when Dwayne Johnson finally unveiled the trailer to the “Young Rock” show, along with announcing the February 16th premiere date for the new show. The Rock took to social media to share the trailer just one day after the one-year anniversary of his dad’s passing, writing “I really wish my dad was around to see this one. Maaaaan he would’ve been proud.”

His dad (on the show) makes a cameo in the trailer, telling young Dwayne “When you dream big the sky’s the limit,” which prompts little Rock to ask for a vodka martini, before asking for their finest tequila (a nod to his current tequila empire).


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The Rock joked about kicking puberty’s ass at 15 and having the tequila tycoon mindset even as a preteen, and said he “can’t wait to make you and your families laugh a little and share the life lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

His dad, the former WWE star, was obviously on his mind. He took to Instagram and talked about the influence his dad had and how he still hears his dad’s advice.


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He raised a toast to his old man, saying “when a loved one dies, it reminds us how we should live.” And concluded “this toast is to all of you out there and your loved ones who are no longer with us. Let’s live with all we got, all our passion, love, ambition, humor, empathy, humanity, all of it. As the show must go on.”

We can all drink to that.

The Rock’s Reaction To His ‘Most Likable Person’ Title Is Predictably Wholesome

The Rock is labeled "The Most Likable Person in the World"

In a world full of unknowns, it’s helpful to have a few things we can rely on to keep us grounded. The sun will rise every morning, our keys will disappear only when we’re running late, and The Rock will continue to be next-level wholesome. In fact, The Rock’s continued generosity and genuine kindness both to people he loves and complete strangers has landed him a fitting title – recently, The Profile writer Polina Marinova named The Rock “the most likable person in the world.”

The article does a deep dive into Dwayne Johnson’s past, from his family struggles and lack of stability to his run-ins with the law that got him arrested multiple times before age 17. Johnson began turning his life around in high school after joining his school’s football team, and his shift in mindset allowed him to pursue lofty goals even after countless additional rough patches.

Now, he’s part-owner of the XFL and the highest-earning actor in Hollywood, and according to Marinova (and let’s be honest, we agree), the most likable. It could be in part because Johnson knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle, but the actor continues to give both his time and money to those who need it. The sincerity with which The Rock cares for his fans is heartwarming, and he’s undoubtedly an extremely positive role model for kids around the world.

The Rock responded exactly as we’d expect to Marinova’s article on Instagram – in a way that made us like him even more. He was clearly touched by the recognition and shared a bit of insight into why his newfound title was so meaningful.


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“From being called a “big complicated asshole” at 15yrs old (due to fighting that led to suspension) to now being called ‘the most likable person in the world’…hey I made a little progress,” The Rock joked.

He then went on to share a quote that changed his perspective during one (perhaps of many) school suspension. Hearing the quote changed the way The Rock viewed himself and his place in the world, so much so that it stuck with him to this day.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,” The Rock explains. “And plus life is soooo much easier when you’re not an asshole.”

The Rock Gives Back To Long-Time Friend by Buying Him a New Truck

The Rock gives long-time friend a new car

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is iconic for so many reasons. His WWE fame, his acting career, his second job as a full-time Genuinely Good Dude – he’s a household name, but decades ago, he didn’t even have a house. That’s where Bruno Lauer, WWE wrestling manager comes in.

The People’s Champion shared a touching video about his good friend on Instagram, explaining that Lauer, or “Downtown Bruno,” was there for him when nobody else was.

“My mom and I were evicted off the island of Hawaii and I was sent to Nashville, Tennessee to live with my dad. When I landed in Nashville, I quickly found out I wasn’t gonna live with my dad,” The Rock explained. “S*** happens, plans change and that’s the way it goes.”

Rather than living with his dad, the likely scared and confused little kid was forced to leave behind everything he knew. He was thrust into a world full of unknowns, but before long, Johnson was told he would be living with “a guy named Bruno” in his tiny Alamo Plaza motel room.

“Bruno could’ve (and should’ve) said ‘hell no, I’m not takin’ in some kid who I don’t know,’” The Rock explained. “But he didn’t. He took this punk kid in and we became lifelong friends.”

Years later, when breaking into the world of wrestling with only a few dollars to his name, Bruno once again stepped up and gave Johnson a place to live. When The Rock was just 15, Bruno even helped him buy his first car – sort of.

“And hell, when I was 15 years old, Bruno even gave me his last $40 bucks so I could hustle a crackhead out of his car one night at a honky tonk in Nashville. But the hustle was on me because when I took off down the road there was a SECOND CRACKHEAD passed out on the floor in the back!”

Uh, well, fortunately, circumstances for The Rock are better now, and as a thank you to Bruno who was there for him when nobody else was, The Rock gave him a brand new truck (crackheads not included).

The emotional video shows The Rock presenting Lauer with his new car, marveling in the fact that things had truly come full-circle.

“I love you man,” Lauer says. “Before this. Without this. With nothing … not because of this, because of who you are.”


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The Rock Sends Christmas Message To 13-Year-Old Recovering From Surgery

The Rock sends Christmas message to 13-year-old

The Rock is truly the gift that keeps on giving. There are few things the man won’t do to make his fans’ lives a little brighter, and even better, he seems to thoroughly enjoy doing it.

13-Year-old Jaxon Patel from Florida has had a tough year, and though it was a long shot, his mom Shannon reached out to Jaxon’s biggest hero for some much-needed support. By some Christmas miracle, Shannon’s plea reached its target. And in his typical fashion, The Rock saw a fan in need and sent the 13-year-old a heartwarming message.

The Rock took to Instagram to share both his message and Jaxon’s heartwarming reaction. In his post, The Rock explained that scoliosis had impacted the young teen for half his life.

“He just had a huge surgery where they placed two long rods in his back and had to cut him open from the top of his back all the way down to his lower back,” the post’s caption explained. “His amazing mama, Shannon wrote us the most beautiful letter – asking if I could just send her boy some encouragement as he truly is one of my biggest fans and finds inspiration in the things I do.”

The WWE star turned actor then goes on to explain something that’s abundantly clear, but worth repeating. “I always say it, because it’s true – stuff like this will always be the best part of my fame.”


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There are many celebrities that pop up repeatedly in the news, ones who frequently give back to their fans when they need it most. It’s truly something that will never get old, seeing public figures use their fame for good. It brings joy to whoever is on the receiving end, it warms our hearts, and it reminds us all of just how good it feels to give back.

“Stay strong, Jaxson,” The Rock’s message concludes. “And remember to be proud and embrace your cool, bad ass scar! It’s the reminder of the warrior that you are.”

John Krasinski and The Rock Bring ‘Some Good News’ to Widowed Dad

John K and The Rock Surprise Widow

Remember back in the spring and summer when we were all drowning in despair and were desperate for any bit of good news to brighten our spirits and suddenly John Krasinski started appearing on YouTube with exactly what the doctor ordered?

The former Office star turned Quiet Place writer-director (the sequel was delayed by the pandemic and should be out sometime in 20201!) launched a YouTube series called Some Good News in which he shared uplifting stories and made some of his own, recruiting former colleagues to surprise a sick kid, throw a graduation ceremony for virtual schoolers, and help a couple of Office superfans get married, and more.

Krasinski eventually sold the series for major duckets, but now he’s back, just in time for Christmas, with a special entry. And he brought a friend with him!

The special follows the typical format, with the host sharing some feel-good stories, before he brings on Jay Abel to tell his story. The widowed father has been selling his comics memorabilia to raise funds so he can give his two kids a good Christmas. Krasinski reveals that he tried to buy the stuff himself to get Abel the money he needs, but the dad sniffed a scam and blocked the sales!

So Krasinski reached out to The Rock for some muscle. Abel had tried to get The Rock to retweet his efforts, but Krasinski and the megastar former wrestler teamed up for a much bigger surprise: help in his efforts to give his kids a great Christmas, and a special visit to the set of Black Adam, The Rock’s forthcoming DC movie.

Check out the full episode:

The Rock Releases Holiday Line of Boozy Ice Cream to Get You Through 2020

The Rock's Boozy Ice Cream

We may be spending more of the holiday season at home than we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavors of the season. The Rock is helping us through the lockdown holidays, with the release of new flavors of his boozy ice cream. This product has all the stuff we like; booze, ice cream, and The Rock’s endorsement.

Dwayne Johnson, part-time XFL owner, part-time Dwanta Claus, broke the news on Instagram, where gives an in-depth breakdown of each new flavor. The special line was created by Salt and Straw, of which Johnson is a part-owner. The crown jewel is  Dwanta’s Teremana Spiked Eggnog ice cream, which is made with his own tequila.


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The spiked eggnog ice cream is available on its own or as part of the “Dwanta Claus Naughty and Nice and Spiked” pint five-pack. The other flavors include double fold vanilla and chocolate brownie, a decadent chocolate chip cookie dough, caramel fudge, and whiskey combo, and a brownie, raspberry jam, and red glace cherry combo.

“Dwanta Claus is back to spread delicious holiday cheer with my friends at Salt & Straw and it’s getting boozy,” Johnson said in the press release. “We had some fun creating the new tequila infused flavor and we are honored to support the incredible work done at the World Central Kitchen.”

They are donating money from each spiked eggnog pint to the foundation working to end hunger and poverty. So you get boozy ice cream and you get to feel good about making a difference with your desserts.

“May your cheat meals be merry, spiked and bright this holiday season,” he said. I think cheat meals are what we call “meals” because the whole holiday season is one giant cheat meal.

You can buy the entire line here, and put some dang joy into your 2020 Christmas.

The Rock and Microsoft Unite To Gift Children’s Hospitals With Xbox Series X

The Rock and Microsoft unite to give children's hospitals Xbox Series X

It’s never an easy time to be a kid stuck in the hospital, but because of COVID, it’s more isolating than ever. While there are some “normal” activities children in the hospital can still do, there aren’t a whole lot of resources dedicated to entertainment. On November 9, the night before the release of the Xbox Series X, good old The Rock (The good old Rock?) made an announcement that made it feel like Christmas Eve for kids in hospitals around the country. In a collaborative effort between The Rock and Microsoft, special edition Xbox Series Xs will be gifted to 20 hospitals.

This isn’t the first time The Rock has teamed up with Microsoft. In fact, during the initial release of the Xbox in 2001, The Rock appeared in an unintentionally hilarious commercial with Bill Gates to announce the new gaming system. Wearing itty bitty sunglasses and a suit that makes it look like he just stepped away from his job as a bouncer at a very questionable night club, The Rock (or just “Rock” as Bill Gates repeatedly calls him) shows off his teleprompter-reading skills and helps usher in a new era of gaming.

Now, The Rock has become a staple in pop culture and taken a much deeper dive into the world of acting. He’s experienced a huge amount of success, and that success has only given him more resources to show the world what an enormous sweetheart he really is. The Rock took to Twitter yesterday to share his latest Xbox news, but this time, with normal-sized sunglasses.

The caption explains, “20 yrs ago, @BillGates & I debuted the 1st @Xbox to the world! Now @Microsoft & I have are surprising some brave & awesome kids. With @GamersOutreach we are gifting 20 children’s hospitals one of a kind “ROCK XBOX Series X” consoles for 50,000+ kids!!
Keep smilin’

In the video, The Rock reminisces about that unforgettable Xbox launch in 2001, expressing gratitude for how closely he’s been able to work with the company over the years. The Rock and Microsoft have brought Xbox systems to kids who need some form of escape over the years, often kids who were sick and didn’t have the resources to get the gaming system themselves. Now, The Rock is doing it again – but this time, bigger.

Over the next year, special edition Xbox Series X systems featuring Johnson’s Brahma Bull logo will be donated to kids in 20 hospitals across the country, with the help of an organization called Gamer’s Outreach. The Xbox systems are also engraved with a very special message from the big-hearted star that reads, “Keep smiling and have fun. Love, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”

It’s the mission of Gamer’s Outreach to provide games and software to help kids cope with the stressors of staying in the hospital, and with their help, portable gaming stations called GO Karts will be available so kids who aren’t able to leave their rooms can still play. Thanks to Microsoft, The Rock, and Gamer’s Outreach, over 50,000 hospitalized kids will be able to play the Xbox Series X.

To the kids who will receive the gaming systems, The Rock says, “I send you love, I send you strength, I send you mana, stay strong.”

The Rock Posts Throwback Photo Wearing Dad’s Wrestling Gear

The Rock shares photo dressed in dad's wrestling gear

Kids get a kick out of imitating their parents. Whether it’s relentlessly parroting everything they hear or dressing up in their dad’s uniform 5 minutes before he’s supposed to leave for work, kids are tiny mirrors (for better or for worse). Recently, our favorite wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson shared an adorable throwback photo of himself at 11 years old, dressed up in his late dad’s wrestling gear.

It’s not uncommon for kids to dream of doing what their parents do, given that it’s what they’ve grown up seeing every single day. What is uncommon is for the child of a pro wrestler to actually freaking become a pro wrestler. It’s not the type of gig you can get through nepotism – if you become a pro wrestler through the connections you have rather than your skill, you will straight up die in the ring. Fortunately, The Rock grew from a tiny pebble to the absolute tank of a human being we know and love.

Rocky Johnson, the “Original Rock,” passed away this year at age 75. Rocky was a legend and a trailblazer in the world of pro wrestling, becoming the first black Georgia Heavyweight Champion. In 1983, he won the World Tag Team Championship making Rocky Johnson and his partner Tony Atlas the WWE’s first ever black champions. Those were no small shoes to fill, but Dwayne Johnson got it done.

The Rock honored his late dad in the throwback photo he shared on Instagram, reminiscing about the days he used to dream of following in his incredible dad’s footsteps.

The caption read, “A lil’ throwback action to 1983, when I was 11 years old – I used to LOVE putting on my dad’s wrestling trunks, boots, jacket and championship belts – dreaming of one day becoming a pro wrestling champion.”

Joking about his not-yet-ripped bod he added, “Only thing I forgot to wear was my training bra!! C’mon afro tits, you’re gonna be late for school!”

It’s no secret that Dwayne Johnson is a family man, so losing his dad earlier this year was an especially big blow. Johnson posted a beautiful tribute to his own personal hero, and continues to keep his memory alive.

“I love you,” Johnson captioned the video. “You broke color barriers, became a ring legend and trail blazed your way thru this world. I was the boy sitting in the seats, watching and adoring you, my hero from afar.”


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I love you. You broke color barriers, became a ring legend and trail blazed your way thru this world. I was the boy sitting in the seats, watching and adoring you, my hero from afar. The boy you raised to always be proud of our cultures and proud of who and what I am. The boy you raised with the toughest of love. The intense work. The hard hand. The adoring boy who wanted to know only your best qualities. Who then grew to become a man realizing you had other deeply complicated sides that needed to be held and understood. Son to father. Man to man. That’s when my adoration turned to respect. And my empathy turned to gratitude. Grateful that you gave me life. Grateful you gave me life’s invaluable lessons. Dad, I wish I had one more shot to tell you, I love you, before you crossed over to the other side. But you were ripped away from me so fast without warning. Gone in an instant and no coming back. Im in pain. But we both know it’s just pain and it’ll pass. Now I’ll carry your mana and work ethic with me, as it’s time to move on because I have my family to feed and work to accomplish. Finally, I want you to rest your trailblazing soul, Soulman. Pain free, regret free, satisfied and at ease. You lived a very full, very hard, barrier breaking life and left it all in the ring. I love you dad and I’ll always be your proud and grateful son. Go rest high. #ripsoulman #rockyjohnson 🐐

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

The full caption is well worth a read, but ultimately, The Rock’s Instagram posts paint a picture of a boy who loved his dad. He admired him, looked up to him, and love him with all his heart. Looking back at the photo of The Rock as a small boy, we see a kid who wanted to be just like his dad – as so many do. And even though Rocky Johnson is no longer here, Dwayne is carrying on his legacy. And undoubtedly, Rocky Johnson was one proud dad.