The Rock Stops to Duet Maui’s Song With Father of Moana Fans

The Rock duets song from Moana with father of two young fans
(Facebook/Dwayne The Rock Johnson)

It’s no secret that wrestler, actor, and absolute tank of a human Dwayne Johnson loves every second of being a girl dad. The father of three revels in spending time with his daughters, sharing touching posts on social media, and frequently discussing the joys of fatherhood. It’s impossible to fully understand what it means to be a parent until you become one, and as a nod to the bond of parenthood, The Rock regularly takes the time to help out his fellow fathers.

As if his plate wasn’t full enough, The Rock made yet another one of his dreams come true in 2020 when he founded Teremana Tequila. The brand focuses on sustainability and responsible sourcing, and since The Rock puts 100% into everything he does, the Tequila was an immediate and astounding success.

While promoting his new brand in early 2020, The Rock met a dad who really struck a chord. In the video Johnson shared on Facebook, he’s approached by a man with a small but mighty message from his 4-year-old daughter.

“She wanted me to tell you that she is 4, her name is Hannah, she has a little brother named Lucas, and they love your song.”

“Hannah and Lucas – wow. Where’s your phone?” Johnson asks, his Dad signal activated.

The father of two explains that every night he sings “You’re Welcome,” Maui’s song from Moana, to his kids. Some people can’t stop ordering things they don’t need online, others may gamble too much, but Dwayne Johnson simply cannot resist taking time out of his busy days to make his fans smile – especially when those fans happen to be kids.

After a brief introduction to his new friend’s kids, The Rock begins to sing Maui’s song before pulling the overjoyed dad in to sing with him.

“There’s always ‘an understanding’ between fathers who will do anything to make their daughters happy,” The Rock wrote on Facebook.

The Rock on the Handshake, and the Second Chance, That Changed His Life

A scene from The Rock's new show where young Dwayne Johnson shakes his coaches hand.

“We can all look back at defining moments and people that changed the direction of our lives,” The Rock wrote on Instagram. And he’s right. For all of us, there’s a moment (or two…or three) that changed the course of our lives and who we would become. Even superstar The Rock had a moment that changed his entire life, and he shared the story on Instagram after it was featured in a recent episode of “The Young Rock.”

Dwayne Johnson was 15 years old when he moved to Bethlehem PA and attended a new high school. He was not… an ideal student, to say the least. Within a month he had been arrested as well as suspended for fighting. He also had an incident with a coach in the teachers’ lounge, which almost came to blows. That’s not exactly the profile of someone on the path to becoming a professional athlete and the biggest movie star in the world.

“I acted like a real asshole to him, so the next day I found him so I could apologize eye to eye and face to face,” The Rock wrote of the handshake that changed his life. “When he wouldn’t let my hand go, I thought he was gonna deck the shit outta me, but instead he said something to me that would change the course of life.”

In the clip, the coach explains that everyone deserves a second chance. He also takes the opportunity to talk to him about playing football. That set him on a course to collegiate football, and eventually the WWE (and beyond).

The Rock said he’s always going to be grateful to that coach, who has since passed away. “Thank you coach,” he wrote, “for seeing the potential in that punk kid. You shaking my hand and NOT letting it go, changed my life.”

“Cheers to second chances and moments that change your life,” he wrote.


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This is important, for multiple reasons. First, because it’s a chance to think back on our own lives, and have gratitude for the people and events that shaped us. But second: now, as we get older, we have the chance to be on the other side of that handshake.


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As the coaches, teachers and authority figures dealing with kids who can sometimes -in Johnson’s words- be “assholes”, we need to remember how much impact forgiveness and second chances can have on a kid. It’s a good reminder for when you see someone struggling, hold on to that handshake a few seconds longer, and let them know someone cares about them.

The Rock Channels His Inner Maui in Video for Young Moana Fan Battling Cancer

The Rock sends Moana fan battling cancer video of him singing Maui's song

No matter how packed Dwayne Johnson’s schedule is, he somehow manages to find time to reach out to fans in need (even if that time is 1 AM). The Rock knows how meaningful small messages of encouragement can be to those who look up to him, and even days filled to the brim with work and training can’t come between The Rock and his fans. Heck, even the fact that someone isn’t explicitly a fan doesn’t stop this top-notch dad from trying to brighten the day of a kid who needs it.

When you’re young, cartoons often feel like another reality entirely. Kids don’t necessarily consider the voices behind their favorite cartoon characters, because those voices belong to the characters themselves. But when Johnson received a video of a little girl singing along to Alessia Cara’s rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, his Maui alarm bells began to ring. I mean, his own daughter didn’t realize he played a part in her favorite movie for a while.

The touching clip featured 4-year-old Indy Llew Jones, who is bravely fighting cancer. Within seconds of watching Indy’s video, it’s abundantly clear why The Rock felt compelled to respond with a video of his own. While Indy listens to the Moana song, she’s fully immersed in the magic of the song. She mouths the words to the admittedly catchy tune, lighting up at the parts she loves most.

This is sadly not Indy’s first battle with cancer, which she has been fighting on and off since 2018. After years of medical treatment and their options running out, the young girl’s parents had to make an impossible decision.

“Out of respect for her body and her spirit, further medical intervention feels wrong,” Indy’s mom wrote on Instagram. “The chance of cure from more treatment is extremely minimal. Our brave girl has just been through too much.”

Between Indy’s heartbreaking story and her contagious energy, the father of three girls could think of no better use for the beginning of his 49th birthday – so he recorded a video of his own.

“I know you have no idea who I am, and that’s totally cool,” The Rock said in his moving response to Indy. “But I was in Moana – I’m Maui! I know, where’s my hair?”


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To give Indy the evidence she needed, The Rock proceeded to sing a few lines of Maui’s song, “You’re Welcome.”

“Stay strong honey and keep singing your songs,” The Rock captioned his video before giving Indy the sign-off she really wanted: “Love you, MAUI.”

The Rock Had To Borrow His Dad’s Shoes for His Pro Wrestling Debut

The Rock Dad Shoes

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had nothing when he was just starting out as a professional wrestler, not even his own boots. He shared a deep dive down memory lane on his Instagram account recently, revealing that he used his dad’s equipment when he made his pro wrestling debut and stepped into the squared circle for the first time.

Earlier this month, The Rock commemorated the 25th anniversary of his first-ever professional wrestling match. He had never wrestled in front of people before and made his debut in front of 15,000 fans in Texas.

“I was so broke, the only thing I could afford to buy was a pair of white volleyball knee pads,” The Rock wrote. “I called my uncle King Haku and asked if I could borrow a pair of his wrestling trunks and I borrowed a pair of my dad’s old wrestling boots that his tag team partner, George Wells, used to wear.”


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He said he wasn’t nervous at all, and felt eerily calm despite the pumping adrenaline. He said that calm and focus were critical, because the first thing he heard after walking through the curtain as a pro wrestler, as his name was announced, was a drunk fan yelling “you f****ing suck!”

“Man, I look at this picture in complete awe and gratitude for the wild, unpredictable journey and at times, the tough roads this hard working, fanny pack wearing kid would go down.”

The Rock was facing the legendary Brooklyn Brawler in his first match, which he won. And that’s why, The Rock said, it was important to him to lose his last match. He said that’s how you give back in wrestling, you lose to help prop up someone else, just like the Brawler lost that first match to help him get started.

And sure, he’d go on to be one of the biggest pro wrestlers ever and one of the biggest movie stars of all time, but on that night in Texas, Dwayne Johnson was just very young, very green, and very broke, wearing his uncle’s tights and his dad’s boots.

The rest is history.

The Rock Has To Call Aquaman To Save His Daughter’s Birthday

Momoa Surprises Rock's Daughter

It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how much of a big shot you are, your kids will never be impressed. The Rock is literally the biggest movie star in the world. A titan of multiple industries. And yet the only thing his daughter wanted to know on her third birthday was: “Do you know Aquaman?”

The People’s Champ shared the anecdote on his Instagram page. First, it was a touching tribute to his kid. Then, it was the explanation that “now that she understands daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one important question: Daddy do you know Aquaman?”


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Then, she demanded her Aquaman toy join them for the birthday breakfast, and then she asked her dad to draw a picture of Aquaman so she could frame it. Finally, The Rock gave in, and pulled a famous person move, and arranged for Jason Momoa to surprise his daughter with a video message.


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“I had the make the call…it’s what daddy’s do,” he wrote on Instagram. “I can’t thank my brother (Jason Momoa) enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.”

Yep, even The Rock’s kids aren’t impressed with him. The guy is literally filming a comic book movie now, was in one of the biggest Disney kid’s movies ever (and arguably one of the best), and has even starred in kid-adjacent movies like Jumanji, and still, all she wants is Aquaman.

Every dad can relate to having a kid that is just never impressed. Of course, not every dad has Aquaman on speed dial. But at least The Rock is using his fame for a good cause, to make his kid’s birthday special. He’s right, it IS what daddy’s do.

He thanked Momoa for always having his back and said “I’ll always have yours.”

At one point, Johnson asked his daughter “who is cooler, Aquaman or Daddy?” and it went about as well as could be expected (Aquaman).

Momoa said it was an honor to do it, and wrote on Instagram that “when uncle Maui calls you up and asks for a favor… all my love to baby jazzy and baby tia happy birthday beautiful.’ And he joked that he knew what his kids were getting for their birthday, likely having Black Adam repay the favor.

The Rock Sends Message of Support to Ashley Cain During Daughter’s Cancer Battle

The Rock sends message of support to Ashley Cain during daughter's cancer battle

Dwayne Johnson is known for many things, but even with his growing list of impressive accomplishments, The Rock’s enormous heart stands out. The wrestler turned actor frequently takes time out of his packed schedule to send words of encouragement to those who need them, taking a few minutes to make an enormous impact on others.

The Rock is vocal about how much he loves being a dad, so he was hit particularly hard by the news of a fellow dad struggling with something no parent should ever face. “The Challenge: War of the Worlds” star Ashley Cain and his girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee have been coping with their 8-month-old daughter’s leukemia, and tragically, doctors have informed them that their baby girl doesn’t have much time left.

“Right now I feel broken, scared and worried all of the time,” Cain shared on Instagram. “But I am finding strength in trying to be the best father I can be, no matter the situation, for her. That is the least she deserves and the most I can give her, the best me I can be.”

After learning about Cain and Vorajee’s heartbreaking situation, Johnson sent his fellow dad some words of encouragement in the form of a video.

“I want you tell you, first of all, I’m sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter Azaylia. I hope I pronounced her name right,” The Rock begins.

“You tell that little lion that I said, ‘Let’s go champ! Stay strong.’ And brother, I’m so sorry to hear this news but I don’t have to tell you that your daughter’s strength is what strengthens you and all her loved ones around her and in that, she’s already had this incredible impact on the world already. Stay strong, brother,” he said.

Cain shared the touching video on his own Instagram page, humbled that his openness has had such a widespread impact. Cain previously referred to Johnson as one of his biggest heroes, making the actor’s kind gesture even more meaningful.

At just 8 months old, Azaylia has endured more than a person should have to endure in a lifetime. And yet she persists, surrounded by the love of her family. Her unbreakable spirit combined with her parents’ constant attentiveness and strength has resonated deeply with complete strangers – some filled with deep empathy for the family, and others feeling less alone with their own heartbreaking battles.

“I’m so proud of my little girl and so humbled by the impact she’s had on so many people around the world,” Cain captioned The Rock’s video. “From one of my hero’s to another… Let’s Go Champ!”

Mike Tyson Squares off With the Rock…Over Sexiest Bald Man Title

Tyson Rock Sexiest Bald Man

Mike Tyson and The Rock, two of the most fearsome warriors in the pop culture world, finally squared off. OK, well it was on social media, but at least the dispute was over something worthwhile and important; the title of the world’s sexiest bald man.

This all started after media reports about the world’s sexiest bald man claim going to…Prince William. Yep, somehow, some organization (the U.K. government, maybe?) decided the 38-year-old had earned that title, after 17.6 million online mentions of him being “sexy” in online blogs and Google searches, according to researchers. They did not say whether 17.5 million of those mentions came from a certain castle.

Anyway, 9th-place finisher The Rock was OUTRAGED. And, justifiably so, because that simply cannot be an accurate finding.

“How in the Cinnamon Toast f*ck does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?!?” he tweeted, demanding a recount.

Tyson, who did finish at No. 2 in this insane “research”, quickly clapped back at The Rock, claiming he should be No. 1.

“I should be number 1 by default because Princess William is only bald on top and so is Larry David,” Tyson wrote.

And, you know what, I think he has a strong legal argument here. If we’re giving out awards to bald people, let’s at least make sure the parameters are rock solid and it’s giving to a true baldy, not a pasty pretender.

Tyson should also get number 1 by default because he’s a heck of a lot scarier, and anything he wants from “Princess William” he should probably just get, so he doesn’t contemplate taking it by force.

The Rock Can’t Contain Excitement, Shows Off First Page of Black Adam Script

Black Adam script

DC is back baby!

The Snydercut had the internet abuzz all weekend, and whether or not we’re getting two more Justice League movies to complete Snyder’s Knightmarish vision, the characters in the Justice League have been revived at least a bit. The Flash has a movie coming in 2022, Aquaman has a sequel on its way, Cyborg got redemption and no one has been talking about Wonder Woman 1984 at all. That’s a win!

But there’s another major DC character that is about to get his day in the sun, and that’s Black Adam. The primary antagonist to Shazam, Black Adam is an anti-hero, if not a straight-up villain, and it will be interesting to see how his movie fits into the DCEU. Especially with The Rock at the center of it.

Dwayne Johnson had lobbied to play Black Adam for years, and he’s getting his wish. In fact, according to his IG account, he starts filming his superhero movie in 3 weeks.

The former wrestler, current sitcom star, and generally beloved superstar posted an Instagram video of himself working on the Black Adam script while enjoying a little tequila, of course. The script is watermarked “DJ,” presumably for Dwayne Johnson, and it’s apparent throughout the 3-minute video just how psyched the man is to finally be making this flick. He expresses his excitement while allowing fans to see the opening page of the script, and warns the rest of DC, and Marvel, that they’re on notice.


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Black Adam isn’t set to hit theaters until AFTER Shazam 2, but when it does, Collider says the film will introduce the Justice Society of America, including the characters of Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), Dr. Fate, Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), and Cyclone.

Let’s hope the rest of the cast is as excited by the project as DJ is.

The Rock Gives 2-Yr-Old Daughter an Adorable Pep Talk, Then Gets Owned

The Rock gives daughter Tiana a pep talk

Wrestling legend turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is vocal about just how much he loves being a girl dad. The Rock shares pictures and videos on social media, highlighting his passion for parenting and reminding us that even the most seemingly average moments are worth celebrating. On International Women’s Day, the father of three took to Instagram once again to share an important message with his 2-year-old, and with the world.

In The Rock’s adorable video, he holds 2-year-old Tiana in his arms and gives her an empowering pep talk. “Can you say, ‘I’m a pretty girl?'” Dwayne begins, to which Tiana responds softly, “I’m a pretty girl.”

“That’s right!” the proud dad encourages. “And even more importantly than that can you say, ‘I’m an awesome girl?'” and Tiana adorably echoes, “awthum girl.”

The precious duo continues, with Tiana acknowledging that she is both a smart girl (a very smart girl), and that she can do anything.

Dwayne glances off-camera at his wife before trying to sneak one more in, but this time, it was just for him. “Daddy’s the best,” The Rock attempts, emboldened by his pep talk success. “MUDDER!” Tiana exclaims, the only truly unmistakable thing she’s said throughout the entire video.

“What? No … mother??” He repeats, processing the adorable and completely unintentional burn. “No, just … daddy’s the best,” he says, smiling at the camera.


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Though it may seem silly for a 2-year-old to attempt to absorb a pep talk like this, you’re never too young to start building confidence in yourself. Dwayne Johnson has endured a huge amount of hardship throughout his life, and if he hadn’t had been self-assured, he could have quit a million times along the road to where he is today. Even more than the words themselves, what they represent is essential: The Rock wants to ensure that his kids love themselves unconditionally.

“She can say ‘Awthum gurl’ all day long… as long as she knows she’s awesome, that’s all that matters,” The Rock captioned his post. “And her declarative MUDDER!! at the end seals the whole deal – she knows who the real boss is.”

The Rock Is Exploring a Collaboration Between XFL and the CFL

The Rock CFL XFL

The Rock swooped in to save the XFL after Vince McMahon bungled its relaunch, and as he enters a new phase of professional sports (as a commissioner) he’s exploring a previous unexpected angle, an alliance with Canda’s CFL.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie released a statement this week saying his league looks forward to seeing what possibilities discussions with the XFL might uncover, and to sharing that with the fans. XFL chairwoman Dany Garcia said plans for the 2022 relaunch are on hold as they explore how the two leagues could work together.

“Since we first acquired the XFL, we have focused on identifying partners who share our vision and values on and off the field,” she said. “A vision filled with opportunity, innovation and the highest level of entertainment value for the benefit of our athletes, fans and communities. The CFL has expressed that similar sentiment and jointly we recognize a great opportunity to build exciting innovative football experiences that make the most of each league’s unique strengths.”

Dwayne Johnson weighed in after the news broke, saying the discussions with the CFL have been very exciting. “There’s a real pulse here because you can feel the unique opportunity we can potentially create together.”
He said it’s personal to him and driven by all his passion, as he recalled being cut by a CFL team when he was still making a go at a football career. He called being cut by the CFL as the greatest thing that happened to him and set him on a path to lead him right back to the league in the end.


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“To help create even greater and bigger opportunities for all our players and all our fans. As an owner who’s had his hands in the dirt, my loyalty will always lie with the players and the fans.”

There are no discussions of a straight-out merger, but it is a unique moment, so it’s going to be verrry interesting to see how the existing infrastructure of the CFL could help with the XFL’s Rock-based star power and momentum.

The Rock Relishes Being a Girl Dad, Believes “Every Man Needs a Daughter”

The Rock says that every man needs a daughter

It’s no secret that Dwayne The Rock Johnson adores life as a girl dad. With three daughters ranging from ages 19 to 2 years old, The Rock has spent nearly two decades as a dedicated father to his girls. The Rock’s oldest daughter, Simone, recently made the leap that every parent dreams of – she’s following her family’s legacy, falling in love with wrestling and signing with the WWE. Meanwhile, the father of three has his hands full caring for his 2-year-old and 5-year-old, and he’s loving every minute of it.

In a post The Rock shared on Instagram last Friday, the 48-year-old took a moment to reflect on life and express his gratitude for the hand he was dealt. Given that the wrestler-turned-actor followed in his own dad’s footsteps, it’s reasonable to imagine The Rock may have hoped for a son to follow in his. The Rock, however, will be the first to point out just how wrong you are.

“Every man wants a son, but every man needs a daughter,” he explains. Beside the caption is a photo of The Rock, towering and tank-like, walking down a beautiful path with his 2-year-old daughter, Tiana. In this moment, it’s evident that nothing in the world is more important to the hard-working actor than being a father. He looks lovingly down at his little girl as she cranes her neck upwards to meet his gaze, her arm raised to meet his dangling hand.


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“All my girls have become the great equalizers in my life – I’m surrounded by estrogen and wouldn’t have it any other way,” The Rock continues. “And man I hope she never gets tired of holding these big ol’ dinosaur hands, though I suspect one day she will.“

Parenting is hard – there’s no question about it. But The Rock has mastered the art of capturing and appreciating life’s most beautiful moments, ones that remind you to take a step back and cherish what you have. Kids are known for growing up too dang fast, and as a father of a 19-year-old, The Rock knows to get all the hand-holds in while he still can.

The Rock’s College Football Rookie Card Sold For $45,000

The Rock Card

If you’re invested in The Rock these days, business IS BOOMING. One of the most bankable movie stars in the world has a new TV show about his early life, a line of boozy ice cream, and even relics from his past command big numbers on the open market.

Dwayne Johnson originally dreamed of a pro football career (now, he has his own pro football LEAGUE), but it never came to be. But, he still has a rookie football card, it’s just from his time playing college football at the University of Miami (you could still get away with that back then, the laws are different now). And that rookie card just sold for a whopping $45,000.

The Rock posted a pic of the card on Instagram. Reportedly, there are fewer than 50 in existence, and Johnson was one of only a handful of Hurricanes to get a card in 1994. He shared the pic on Super Bowl Sunday, taking a gridiron-infused trip down memory lane.


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The Rock said the card’s value, and its continued rise, has become “so surreal.” He also said playing in the NFL was his dream, and the Super Bowl was his ultimate dream, but even though he fell short (don’t feel bad for him, the guy is doing alright…), he relished that his card sold so high on a Super Bowl Sunday.

“I never made it as a player to the big dance, so this humbling irony is not lost on me one bit,” he wrote.

It’s one small piece of a now giant life, but with the rising costs of sports collectibles, it’s not too hard to imagine how the only relevant relic of his athletic career (depending on how you classify sports entertainment) commands top dollar.

The Rock Shares New “Young Rock” Trailer Full of Former Wrestling Greats

The Young Rock Full Trailer
(YouTube/The Rock)

The “Young Rock” hits NBC on February 16th, but the superstar gave us our first glimpse earlier this month. And now, we have a full trailer, and it is awesome. Dwayne Johnson himself unveiled it, and it looks like a fun show.

“Humbly shaking my head at the wild Forrest Gump-ish life I’ve lived. And man the lessons I learned along the way from loved ones who now walk in the clouds. Look forward to making ya laugh and maybe a little more. Feb 16th!” he wrote on Twitter.

The trailer goes much deeper than the early glimpse we got, and we see a lot more of The Rock, at all stages. Including the premise of the show, as The Rock sets out to become the President in the year 2032.

We get the rock at three different stages of his life, from a youngster in Hawaii, growing up in a wrestling family (the actor who plays his dad seems to have nailed it), through high school and into his college football era.

It’s on NBC, so there will be a broad approach to it, but man, there is a ton of great stuff here for wrestling fans. The Rock mentions loved ones who walk in the clouds, and the trailer is full of them, including Andre the Giant, Macho Man, The Iron Sheik and the Wild Samoans.


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Randall Park and Rosario Dawson are also in the cast, in the present day with Presidential candidate Rock. Park is playing a ramped-up version of himself, transitioning to journalist, interviewing The Rock about his childhood, while Dawson is working on the campaign.