New LEGO Line Lets You Make Pop Art

LEGO Pop Art

For the uninitiated, “pop art” was a movement that emerged in the 1950s in which artists created bold, colorful, vivid depictions of familiar subjects, from celebrities to comic books to the everyday mundane. You probably know the style best from the time Andy Warhol painted 32 cans of Campbell’s tomato soup.


Now LEGO, who recently announced upcoming sets based on Home Alone and Seinfeld, is launching a line of LEGO Art products that will allow you to create stunning works of pop art. Each set costs $120, and includes a canvas, build guide booklet, and all the bead-like pieces you’ll need to assemble such iconic subjects as…

Marilyn Monroe

Darth Vader


The Beatles


and Iron Man!


Some sets allow you to make multiple pieces of art. For example, you can make various versions of Iron Man’s suit, while the Sith kit shows you how to make Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren.


And it gets better! Also included in each set is a unique QR code that, when scanned, provides you with a soundtrack you can listen to while you build. You can also combine canvasses to make even bigger, beadier, more badass pieces pop art to hang in your living space. The sets are expected to hit toy shelves on August 1st internationally and September 1st in the United States.

Your move, Mega Bloks!

Marvel Snags the Rights to Alien and Predator Franchises

Marvel Acquires Predator and Alien Rights
(20th Century Fox/Marvel)

There are but three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Marvel acquiring.

The media powerhouse, which itself was acquired by Disney in 2009, recently made a new acquisition with the Alien and Predator franchises, gearing up for a series of comic books based on the iconic sci-fi villains.

That’s right: going forward, the Xenomorph from Alien is effectively a Disney princess.

(20th Century Fox/Disney)

Today we were teased with a couple of pieces of concept artwork from David Finch, whose previous work can be seen in Batman comics.

“Alien and Predator are the two of the most identifiable, iconic characters of all time,” Finch told IGN. “I love them for that. But mostly, it’s being fortunate enough to be a kid when they were new. I’ve seen every movie they’ve ever been in, and I cannot wait to see them wreaking havoc in the Marvel Universe. I drew my pictures of them with a massive smile on my face.”

Here we see the Predator holding what’s either Iron Man’s mask or Tony Stark’s severed head. While this is insanely gnarly, it should be noted these characters won’t fully integrate with the Marvel Universe in this capacity, so don’t expect to see the Predator use its wrist blades on Hulk anytime soon.

(Marvel Comics)

And here we have Finch’s dope rendition of the Xenomorph from Alien, crouched, at the ready, fixing to bleed acid on anyone who dares cross her path.

(Marvel Comics)

“I can clearly remember where I was when I saw each of these modern masterpieces for the first time,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. “Reveling in how both masterfully weave extraterrestrial dread and drama into some of the most iconic scenes we’ve ever seen on film. And it’s that legacy that we’re going to live up to!”

The Alien/Predator rivalry can be traced all the way back to 1989 when Dark Horse Comics released a series of crossovers.

(Dark Horse Comics)

The comics found a small but devoted audience, who we can only imagine were furious about the squandered potential of 2004’s Alien vs. Predator. In the right hands, that movie could’ve been a cinematic work of art. Instead we got… pyramids? Something to do with pyramids. Pretty tedious, in retrospect. Oh, and Antarctica. They were in Antarctica. Also a total missed opportunity to give us Alien vs. Predator vs. The Thing.

Maybe with Marvel Studios at the helm, fans of the franchises will get the AVP they deserve, but until then we’re very excited to see what they’re able to do with these beloved characters in the pages of their comic books.

Hasbro to Release a Back To The Future DeLorean That’s Also a Transformer

BTTF DeLorean Transformer

Folks, we seem to be entering a crossover renaissance of sorts. We’ve watched the Transformers team up with My Little Pony. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joined forces with the Power Rangers. With boredom at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to jam two things together and call it a day.

(Warner Bros)

As if the Transformers haven’t already adapted to enough, now it’s been announced they’ll be pairing with Back to the Future’s Doc and Marty for a new toy and comic book from Hasbro. It’s brilliant: Doc Brown’s time machine is a car, Transformers love shape-shifting into cars. What took them so long?


Here we have Doc Brown’s trusty DeLorean. Flux capacitor, detachable lightning rod conductor. Everything seems to be in order.


Here’s where it gets good. DeLoreans are already easily mistakable for Transformers, as their trademark falcon-wing doors give off a real futuristic robot vibe. You see these doors open, you think nothing of it. Lulled into a false sense of security of your own making.


It continues unfolding until, finally, an Autobot reveals itself. Introducing…



Seriously, why wasn’t this already the hottest toy of the ’80s? Its Transformer name was right there.

You can also pick up a complimentary comic book, where you’ll find Marty McFly on the run from Decepticons, who’ve come to Earth in search of Doc Brown’s fabled time machine. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover:


And just for fun, Hasbro released this rad Back to the Future poster with Gigawatt in place of Marty.


There’s a limited number available. 1,985 to be exact, a nod to the year Back to the Future lent icon status. The pre-orders sold out in a flash. Luckily, you’ll get a second chance on and at select retailers on Oct. 1, 2020, the day the comic book is set for release.

Back to the Future will be celebrating its 35th birthday today, so click here to celebrate with a list of fun facts you may not know about the trilogy!

The Deadpool Disembodied Head Toy is the Perfect Quarantine Pal

Deadpool Talking Head

Friendships amid COVID-19 can be tricky, to say the least. So why not just hang out with the Merc with a mouth? You don’t have to socially distance. No masks required.

Really though, if you’re a Deadpool fan, this thing will work under any circumstances. It’s an animatronic disembodied Deadpool head, and it speaks! Obviously, it being Deadpool, it’s an R-rated toy, so be careful who you whip it out in front of!

Deadpool's Head

It’s Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Interactive Electronic Deadpool Head, and for a mere $99 bucks, you can chill with it, or put in the fridge and frighten your family! It has over 600 sound effects, comes with a free app that you can use to activate Wade Wilson and make him tell jokes and hurl insults, and can even be used as an alarm clock.

Hasbro’s official description:

“The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is a premium, electronic, interactive, app-enhanced collectible with over 600 SFX and phrases, multiple sensors, and motors for expressive movement. Using the free app, set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and loved ones, or wake you up every morning… maybe even on time!”

Check out the ad below, and pre-order it on Amazon:


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Everything We Know About the Justice League Snyder Cut

Snyder Cut Being Released

A few weeks ago, HBO Max made a big splash when they announced that the fabled SnyderCut – Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League, the big DCEU superhero team-up that was a sequel to Batman v. Superman – will air on their new streaming platform next summer.

We’re still a year away, but to the fans who’ve been clamoring for this ever since the original movie hit theaters, a year is nothing. We thought we’d fill the time by answering some questions about HBO Max’s potentially 4-hour version.

What is the Snyder Cut?

There are two prongs to this answer.

The first involves the production of the original Justice League. The movie was being directed by Zack Snyder when tragedy struck his family (his daughter committed suicide) and Warner Bros brought in Joss Whedon (The Avengers 1 and 2, Buffy) to finish things off. The result is a mish-mash of Whedon’s bright, quippy style that worked so well for Marvel and Snyder’s grim, portentous vision that hadn’t worked so well for Batman v. Superman. After Justice League came out, it was clear the merger of these two styles didn’t quite work, and for years fans have been hoping to see the pure, unadulterated, 100% Snyder version of the movie.

The second prong is the fan movement that made this happen. Much like the fans angry about The Last Jedi or the end of Game of Thrones, DCEU fans have been on Twitter screaming into the void – or so we thought – about Snyder’s original version of the movie. The #ReleasetheSnyderCut hashtag has been floating around, even getting boosted by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. Unlike angry fans of Star Wars and GoT, this time it actually worked.

Where is the Snyder Cut?

This is perhaps the biggest point of confusion because the Snyder Cut doesn’t exist.

The aforementioned fans screaming about releasing this mythical version of the movie don’t seem to understand that there is no other version of it. At least not yet.

At one point, before he left the project, Snyder showed executives a rough cut – likely the assembly cut or rough cut version, which is an unedited cut featuring all of the footage that was shot, cobbled together to give the director a sense of the narrative, and they were unhappy with what they saw. Snyder was sent off to edit the movie down, but before he could finish, Whedon took over, reshooting scenes, jettisoning plot lines, adding levity, and trimming it down. Snyder has said that the theatrical movie contains maybe “one-fourth” of footage he shot.

The thing is, the footage he had shot was far from finished. According to THR, the version Snyder provided was “a semi-unfinished work, with no visual effects, no postproduction.” Contrary to many fans’ fantasies, the Snydercut isn’t a finished movie, sitting in Snyder’s attic, just waiting for someone courageous enough to let his vision loose on the world. The Snydercut needs a year of work and at least $20 million before it will exist.

Head of HBO Max Robert Greenblatt explained on the Recode Media podcast: “It’s been months of discussions with Zack and the producers to figure out how to do it. Because it isn’t as easy as just going into the vault and there’s a Snyder Cut sitting there to put out… it does not exist. Zack is actually building it and it’s complex. Including — and I don’t want to get into too much detail that we haven’t already talked about yet — but new effects shots. It’s a radical rethinking of that movie and it’s complicated and wildly expensive, of course, a number I won’t quote… I’ll just say I wish it was just $30 million… It’s an enormous undertaking and very complex.”

Speaking of enormous, the movie is supposedly going to be either a four-hour movie or as a 6-part miniseries.

How Will the Snyder Cut be Different?

For one thing, Darkseid will apparently be in it. The villain was teased in a dream sequence in BvS but didn’t appear in the Justice League, leaving the underwhelming Steppenwolf to do the dirty work. But according to his twitter account, Snyder is bringing his big bad back.

This means that the story itself will need to be rebuilt to support this change, and it sounds like Snyder is planning to do just that. According to THR, the director is bringing back the old crew to re-cut the footage, finish the score, add visual effects, and maybe even re-record dialogue.

Among the big changes could be an improvement to Superman’s storyline, or at least his face. After coming back for reshoots, Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible mustache was digitally erased to notorious effect in the finished movie, and rumor has it that Snyder has plenty of non-mustache footage to work with, which would imply a very different version of Superman’s story than we saw in the movie.

We can also expect much more screentime for Cyborg, who plays a pivotal role in Snyder’s original vision. The director has referred to Cyborg as “the heart” of his movie, which originally included a lot of pre-super backstory for the character and some emotionally resonant happenings with his father. There may also be appearances from Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and the Atom.

When is the Snyder Cut Being Released?

This one is pretty straightforward: May 2021 on HBO Max.

So there you have it. A little less than a year from now we’ll be able to watch the Snyder Cut – officially titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League – and judge for ourselves.

I sort of want to say it can’t be worse than the theatrical release of Justice League, but having already inhaled the pure Snyder experience that is Batman v. Superman, I can’t be positive.

San Diego Comic-Con Is Gonna Happen, at Home, Over Video, for Free

Comic-Con @Home

Over the past few months, all manner of things have been canceled. Bars and beaches and restaurants, movies and concerts and sporting events; anything where people gather in groups have been casualties of the quarantine as the country – and the world – tries to limit the spread of the coronavirus so we can stem the tide and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

We’ve all been forced to miss out on some of the communal events that make life more fun, whether that meant having to watch the latest movies at home instead of at the multiplex with friends, or having to wait for our favorite sports to find a way to come back and salvage their seasons, or even if it meant canceling a long-planned vacation.

Many movie and pop culture fans look forward to traveling to San Diego for the Comic-Con every summer. Comic-Con is a huge convention where movie studios showcase previews of forthcoming blockbusters and panels of beloved casts and creators and fans of all stripes dress up and wait in long lines for first-looks and exclusive interviews.

Unfortunately, Comic-Con won’t be happening this year, at least not in the normal way. But the good news is that the show is still going on, and on the same dates it was initially scheduled – July 22-26. It will just be held over video, just like everything else. And it will be FREE!

They announced it earlier today:

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but they do promise panels and presentations, one way or another, including an online Exhibit Hall complete with exhibitors offering promotions, specials, and limited-edition products, and a Masquerade, gaming, and many other activities in which fans will be able to participate from their own homes. Somehow.

“For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe. Though stay-at-home conditions makes this a very difficult time, we see this as an opportunity to spread some joy and strengthen our sense of community,” said SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer.

As plans solidify, fans can monitor Toucan, the official Comic-Con and WonderCon blog, as well as SDCC’s website and social channels, and the social feeds of their favorite creators themselves for future updates. You can even get into your favorite cosplay outfit. There are no rules against it!

JK Simmons Signs on to Keep Playing J. Jonah Jameson in the MCU

Simmons is back as Jameson
(Sony Pictures)

At this point, there are so many superhero movies, we’re all gonna get a chance to play one. Superman has been played by three actors (and countless more on TV), Batman changes actors every other year, even the Hulk has smashed through multiple guys. Eventually, Iron Man and Captain America and the other Avengers will be rebooted as well. It’s just the way it is.

Some things, however, stay the same. Spider-Man has been rebooted a few times over the past 15 years, but some actors are so well-suited to their roles, they can’t be replaced. I’m talking about JK Simmons, who played J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire. He is so perfect as the bombastic editor that the people behind an entirely different Spider-Man trilogy are not even bothering to replace him.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home’s momentous post-credit scene, Peter Parker is shown being outed as the wallcrawler by Jameson, in a surprise cameo by Simmons. People immediately speculated if the cameo was just a fun Easter egg for fans or the start of something, and based on an interview Simmons recently did with PeopleTV’s CouchSurfing it seems it’s the latter.

He talked about his experience auditioning for Sam Raimi, and whether he’ll appear in more MCU movies as Jameson. He’s not entirely sure – replies, “I don’t know if I would use the word expect” in regards to being in more movies, but be admits he did sign on to do sequels if they choose to use him.

He’s happy to keep playing the role. “It’s great to have the opportunity, as these things evolve, to be one of the holdovers from the previous version.”

Henry Cavill Lives! and May Return to Play Superman in Future DC Movies

Henry is Back

Come with me to a simpler time. It was only a few years ago, before the coronavirus, before another election was looming, before the Snydercut became real. It was just after Justice League had hit theaters and performed not so well, and it seemed Zack Snyder’s grip on DC’s movie universe was loosening, as were Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s roles as Batman and Superman.

Affleck did indeed leave the superhero universe, but Snyder’s demise may have been exaggerated – especially if next year’s HBO Max Snydercut performs well. And now it seems that Henry Cavill may not be done portraying the Man of Steel either.

Yesterday, news surfaced that Cavill was in negotiations to reprise his role as Superman, only, and somewhat strangely, not in a Superman movie. Talks have centered around Cavill appearing in other DCEU movies, like Shazam 2 (which featured a Cavill cameo that ended up being cut to remove his actual face), Black Adam, and Aquaman 2.

Deadline broke the news, emphasizing that Superman won’t be in Wonder Woman 1984 or Suicide Squad 2, and isn’t set to appear in Matt Reeves’s forthcoming The Batman. Beyond that, it sounds like Cavill could be coming back as Superman in future DCEU films.

On one hand, this makes sense. One of the problems the DCEU has had is forcing characters together before they’ve had a chance to breathe on their own, and having a new actor play Superman in small parts before he’s been introduced in a standalone Superman movie would be awkward at best and confusing at worse. That said, it seemed that, with the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, Warner Bros. was moving away from Zack Snyder’s darker vision, and retaining Henry Cavill – not to mention releasing the Snydercut – may be an indication that they aren’t entirely ready to change course.

More news is sure to come, especially since none of these movies can start – or resume – production until Hollywood is out from under COVID-19. No word yet on whether the mustache will make an appearance…

Deadpool 3 May Not Happen as Co-Creator Trolls Disney

Deadpool Trolls Disney

Rob Liefeld is certainly a polarizing figure in the comic world. The co-creator of Deadpool has been praised and criticized in equal measure since gaining prominence in the 90s. But one thing you can say about him is he doesn’t adhere to the corporate soundbites that often plague public figures. He’s been extremely vocal about his grievance towards Disney (and, in turn, Marvel) since they purchased the rights for Deadpool from Sony. Here’s what he had to say in regards to a third Deadpool movie.

I blame Marvel…blame Marvel that that hasn’t happened yet. They are the reason it isn’t happening. Whatever conundrum or it didn’t fit into your master plan, just commission it. Okay, commission it.

He went on in another interview:

Do I know that there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 right now? I know that. Yes. And does that worry me? No. Not at all. What I did was I answered a question honestly. And what I learned this week is just lie. Just tell people everything is lollipop and unicorns and rainbows and you’ll be better off in your life because people want to be lied to. Just because some guy goes, ‘Yeah, We’re still moving along’ that’s code for ‘There’s nothing to see here.’

So in case his views on the matter weren’t adequately explained, Liefeld took to his Instagram to share a very cryptic piece of fan art that has us all scratching our heads. What could it mean???


It took us a while to really break down this image, but it appears that Deadpool has shot the beloved character of Micky Mouse…through the forehead….and seems to be holding him upside down by the tail. If you really look closely you can see the blood pouring out of the Disney character’s (that part is important) head.

We don’t want to be presumptuous or anything, but our gut tells us that Rob Liefeld is expressing some sort of, we’ll call it dissatisfaction, towards Disney. (Please chime in the comments below if we are missing some sort of deeper message.)

Liefeld has also taken to Twitter to point out how bad COVID-19 must be hurting Disney for them to re-open their parks at reduced capacity:

Whether or not this will affect the movement of Deadpool 3 is unclear. According to Liefeld there is no movement on Deadpool 3 even though it has already been confirmed to be in the works—and with an R-rating. Ryan Reynolds has also been optimistic. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds said:

“Deadpool was Fox and now it’s in the hands of Marvel over there at Disney… I see infinite possibility in either version. If Deadpool were to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it would be explosive and amazing. What a sandbox to play in. If Deadpool continued to get to just do his own thing and be his own thing, also just infinite possibilities.”

So it appears the whole project is still very much up in the air. We’ll definitely keep you updated on further developments.

Dude Spends Quarantine Building Laser-Shooting Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Suit 3

So what have you been doing during your quarantine? Did you catch up on some new shows? Did you take up knitting? That’s cool. This guy built a laser-blasting Iron Man Suit.

TikTok user techmaster_2020 has decided he wasn’t going to spend all his downtime doing useless time-sucking activities. No, he was going to literally become Iron Man (though he’s not the first, or second). Using nothing but spare parts from his garage, this friggin guy has spent countless hours constructing the Mark-1 Iron Man suit using nothing but his brain, his hands, and fire (and, like, a whole bunch of tools). But instead of being motivated by the need to bust out of a terrorist prison, he’s doing it for the TikTok followers (excuse us while we install that app after locating the instruction manual).

Check out Duderface McGee trying so hard to be cool and 100% succeeding:


#fyp #foryou #ironman #viral #diy #trending #tiktok #tiktokcreator #art #2020 #science #tech #music #fy

♬ Back In Black – AC/DC

Here he is Iron Man-ing his leg:


#ironman #diy #tonystark #creative #artist #music #idea #dream #2020 #future #tech #tiktok #goals #real

♬ All Over the World – Electric Light Orchestra

Here he is getting the hand laser blaster thing in working order:


#science #ironman #diy #sidehustle #homemade #creative #dream #2020 #talent #real #goals #happy #happyathome #tech #artist #home

♬ Can’t Hold Us – feat. Ray Dalton – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Did we mention that it actually works?


#ironman #tonystark #diy #science #tech #2020 #real #artist #homemade #creative #music

♬ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Remastered – Eurythmics

As does the arm blaster thingy:


#science #ironman #tonystark #future #2020 #tech #creative

♬ The Ecstasy of Gold Ringtone (Original Score) – Version 2 – Ennio Morricone

Here’s ol’ Brohan McGeister getting all Tony Stark on us. His many phones would lead us to believe that he is also as rich as Tony:


#science #ironman #livinglikelarry #diy #artist #music #tech #2020 #goals #creative #happyathome

♬ Should I Stay or Should I Go – Remastered – The Clash

Here he is laying out all his parts so we can get a sneak peek:


#votetiktok #fyp #ironman #tiktok #diy #tiktokcreator #artist #2020 #idea #science #tonystark #real

♬ The Avengers Theme – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Oh yeah. He has flamethrowers. Like…will he actually be able to fly in this thing?


#fyp #tiktok #ironman #original #diy #artist #2020 #science #creator #top #freefire #viral #tiktokviral

♬ Hells Bells – AC/DC

Uh oh. Twist. Dude has to start over cause he can’t get in the suit.


#ironman #tiktok #diy

♬ original sound – techmaster_2020

We have no doubt he’ll complete this thing. We don’t know who he is or what he does for, ya know, money…but we do know that he’ll most likely get to Mark 30 by the time Christmas rolls around. Way to show us all up, guy. Also, side note, he has a time machine:


#tiktokdoctorwho #ironman #time #viral #tiktokcreator #tonystark #timemachine #custom #votetiktok

♬ Doctor Who (Opening Theme) – Keff McCulloch

Eat Like a Superhero With This Marvel-Themed Cookbook

Marvel Eat the Universe
(Insight Editions)

You know how whenever you sit down to read a Marvel comic you get all hungers in your tum-tum? I call them the Marvel Rumbles and they happen because of all the fine cuisine featured in each comic. Insight Editions has answered the one question we’ve all been asking for years: Why isn’t there a cookbook dedicated to food which is inspired by popular storylines told across the Marvel universe? Especially when we have already Marvel cooking accessories.

Well, put your chef’s apron cape on because the wait is over. Introducing Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook. Because who hasn’t been knee-deep in a Hulk comic and thought “Hulk Smash….ed….Potatoes?” Or desired a literal Trash Omellete inspired by Rocket Raccoon (because raccoons eat trash)? Or how about:

Nova Space-Cop Galaxy Doughnuts

Nova Space Cop Galaxy Doughnuts
(Insight Editions)

“They are essentially space cops, doing all sorts of space things thanks to the powers granted to them through the Nova Force,” says Food Network chef, Justin Warner — the book’s author. “When I was tasked with thinking about what Richard Rider would eat after a long day of being a space cop, the answer was obvious: space doughnuts.”

When I was tasked with thinking about what Richard Rider would eat after a long day of being a space cop, the answer was obvious: space doughnuts.

Phoenix Hot Chicken and Egg Oyakodon

Phoenix's Hot Chicken and Egg Oyakodon
(Insight Editions)

Jean Grey getting possessed by an all-powerful space force is intense, but not as intense as these chicken wings, you guys. Other tasty diddy’s include:

  • Deadpool’s Chimichangitas
  • Storm’s Tournedos
  • Dazzler’s Glittering Pizza Bagels
  • Hulk’s Paillard Arrabiata with Purple Smashed Potatoes
  • Runaways Okonomiyaki
  • Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs

According to Insight Editions, all 60 dishes will “prepare [you] to eat like a Marvel Super Hero,” which would imply that Green Goblin enjoys a nice Pumpkin Bomb every now and then. We can absolutely get behind this.

You can pre-order now and expect the book to ship out around July 28th for a cool $26.99.

Disney+ Opens the “Fury Files” on Marvel’s Heroes and Villains

(Marvel Entertainment)

In case 50 hours of MCU movies didn’t dig deep enough into your favorite Marvel heroes, Disney+ has got you covered. Beginning May 15th, you will be able to check out the streaming platform’s newest animated series, Fury Files, which will unlock Nick Fury’s secret files on some of the most popular Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and more. The show will enjoy a fun combination of animation and motion comic art and will land just one week before the debut of Marvel’s Future Avengers second season.

The man himself will be voiced by Fury VO veteran Chi McBride who has lent his talents as the world’s most secretive S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to shows like Ultimate Spider-ManHulk, and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and Avengers Assemble.

We are very curious about what’s in the Tony Stark file, for starters. Besides some gross stuff which Disney+ probably won’t get into, there’s a whole world of wealth that can be explored of which the movies haven’t even scratched the surface. But what the hell could squeaky-clean Cap possibly hide that wouldn’t make for a boring episode of television? Did he say “shit” once? Because we would actually be very down to watch 30 minutes of Steve Rogers get more increasingly angry at something and the last line of the show is just him screaming, “Shit!” Credits.

Marvel Entertainment released an official synopsis with this to say: “Fury Files drops on Disney+ on Friday, May 15, and you shouldn’t be surprised that Nick Fury has files on every single Marvel Super Hero. Fury Files gives viewers top-secret access to S.H.I.E.L.D. intel on key Marvel heroes and villains. All of this is told by none other than the mysterious Fury, bringing together a mix of animation and motion comic art! Looking to download a bunch of information about every single hero? Fury’s got you covered.”

Disney has figured out a way to take all of our time and money so we will definitely be sitting down the second this drops. And we’ll like it, too. Bring it on!

You can sign up for Disney+ for $6.99/month or $69.99/year.

Endgame Directors Celebrate First Birthday by Sharing Rare Footage

Fat Thor Behind the Scenes

Remember 2019? N-n-no, that’s 2014. You’ve gone back too far. Think hard. 2019, the one with Area 51 flash mobs and “Old Town Road” remixes. Right. Right. Baby Yoda, yes. You’re there. Anyway, can you believe that stuff was a mere YEAR ago?

Among 2019’s offerings of pop culture artifacts, Avengers: Endgame was, by and large, the most iconic. It yielded the highest box office earnings of all time, making nearly $2.8 billion worldwide, surpassing both Avatar and Titanic. How’s that dust taste, James Cameron?!

Filmmakers Anthony and Jay Russo, the brothers behind other Marvel treats such as Winter Soldier and Infinity War, are tweeting out rare behind-the-scenes footage from Avengers: Endgame to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Here are some of our faves:

This vid of Brie Larson, decked out in Captain Marvel threads, first meeting her fellow Avengers is heartwarming to say the least.

Then there’s this silly photo of Joe giving direction to Hulk, pre-motion-capture, and Thor, post-cupcake.

Next, some Russo fam-eos.

They gave props the set designers. Pun absolutely intended.

Here’s a great vid of Chris Evans as Old Cap but also as Chris Evans.

Things got emotional as the shooting began to wrap.

As expected! This crew has provided us with so many memorable moviegoing experiences since Iron Man came out 12 years ago. We already miss them.

Big thanks to the Russos for sharing such pleasant memories. And a happy first birthday to Avengers: Endgame, which we’re still sort of mad at for not making the tagline, “Oh, snap.”

For more Avengers goodness, click here to check out our Dad Grades for Thanos!