Ryan Reynolds Has Concerns About Hugh Jackman’s Nude- Uh, New Commercial

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Hugh Jackman Boot Commercial
(YouTube/R M Williams)

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re a celebrity. Remembering lines if you’re an actor, being on your game in public since the world is always watching – it’s overwhelming (or so I imagine). In Hugh Jackman’s new commercial, the premise is that our favorite former Wolverine got a little mixed up when it came to his endorsement deal. Totally fair – between working on upcoming movies, promoting his Laughing Man Coffee, and the daily demands of life as the world record holder for longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero, dude’s got a lot going on.

In an ad for Australian boot maker R.M. Williams, Jackman meets with a company executive to discuss their nude arrangem- um, new arrangement. Not wanting to insult the man who maintains insane levels of physical strength in order to perform his own stunts, the executive approaches the subject delicately. He paints on a pained smile, telling Jackman how happy he is that the actor is enjoying his R.M. Williams boots.

Jackman echoes the visibly uncomfortable exec’s sentiment, expressing just how much he loves his boots. A moment later, we realize the source of the executive’s distress – Jackman is completely naked, aside from his boots.

“While we appreciate how literally you’ve taken the clause that stipulates you can only wear R.M. Williams-”

“My word is my bond,” Jackman interrupts.

Generally speaking, endorsement deals require the person under contract to wear one specific brand of that product, but they’re free to wear what they want when it comes to the rest of their outfit. The uneasy exec does his best to explain the confusion to Jackman, but he’s far too busy displaying his – uh, boots, to notice.

Before the wildly unproductive meeting comes to a close, Jackman takes a moment to fully enjoy the executive’s new chair. “Honestly, you should sit in this,” Jackman says, enthusiastically rubbing his nether region against the now defiled chair.

“You can have that,” replies the executive. “I’m just gonna burn it.”

Like The Rock to a broken gate, Ryan Reynolds showed up on Twitter with some concerns for the chair that was far too young to have seen … all of that.

“Is that the chair from my office?” Reynolds commented.

The R.M. Williams commercial was in fact produced by Ryan Reynolds’s studio Maximum Effort, and with the constant friendly ball-busting between Reynolds and Jackman, who knows. Maybe it really was the chair from Reynolds’s office. No worries though – if it was, I’m sure Jackman returned it as soon as he was done.

Let’s just hope the two get dressed for a Face/Off reboot.

Ryan Reynolds Releases Aviation Gin Home School Edition, for E-Learning Support

Ryan Reynolds Aviation Home School Gin

So uh, how’s virtual learning going? You know what, don’t answer that. Father of three and big-hearted goofball Ryan Reynolds feels your pain, and he’s here to help. Aside from his passions for acting and philanthropizing (just go with it), Reynolds takes his gin very seriously.

After acquiring a stake in Aviation Gin in 2018, Reynolds has become the face and the smartass behind the popular gin company. Reynolds is one of the rare celebrities who uses both his money and influence for good, and unsurprisingly, he’s doing the same with Aviation Gin. He donated 30% of his gin proceeds for over a month to bartenders suffering income loss due to COVID, and now, he’s got a little something for the parents.

Reynolds announced that Aviation Gin would be releasing a new product to give parents a little – uh – boost, while helping guide their kids through virtual learning.

“Aviation Home School edition. Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences,” Reynolds’s posted on Twitter, along with the special-edition gin’s commercial.

The commercial opens with Reynolds seated at a desk, staring at the camera with the powerful intensity of a dad who was just asked “what’s for dinner?” right after he threw a steak on the grill.

“It’s back to school time, which this year, has a whole new meaning,” Reynolds begins. “That’s why today, I’m introducing Aviation American Gin-” he says, slamming a huge freaking bottle down on his mahogany desk, “-Home School edition. It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love, but with more ounces.” Nearly 60 ounces, which should last, you know – a little while.

“It can help with a variety of subjects,” Reynolds continues, “Fourth-grade geography, whatever the f*** new math is. And revisiting your own long-forgotten middle school traumas.”

The commercial concludes with the hauntingly-familiar sound of a school bell, as Reynolds voices what we’re all thinking – “Middle school is the f****** worst.”

Sitting down with your kids to help them through virtual learning can leave you feeling like Billy Madison but without the cool hat. School was tough enough the first time through, but at least this time we can legally drink. Just, you know, save it for after class.

Ryan Reynolds’ Response to The Rock Ripping Down a Gate is Remarkable

Ryan Reynolds responds to The Rock tearing down his gate

Long before taking on the role of Black Adam, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been known for his incredible physical strength. Wrestling with the WWF for nearly a decade and appearing in over 50 movies, The Rock has become our favorite gentle giant. Though the dude looks like the human equivalent of a tank, he has an enormous heart and only uses his superhuman strength for good.

On Saturday, The Rock took to Instagram to share the saga of a metal gate that had the misfortune of getting on his bad side. Evidently, the Black Adam star was about to leave for work when he realized the large metal gate in front of his house wouldn’t open. For most of us, a service person would be our only route to freedom. But most of us don’t have biceps the size of a small child, or the spare cash to buy a new gate every time it malfunctions. Well, the rock has both – so he took matters into his own Hulk-like hands.

He said in his Instagram post, “Not my finest hour, but a man’s gotta go to work.” He explained, “We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, causing my front gate not to open. I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out – but this time it wouldn’t.”


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Not my finest hour 🤦🏽‍♂️, but a man’s gotta go to work. We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, causing my front gate not to open. I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out – but this time it wouldn’t. Made some calls to see how fast I can get the gate tech on site, but I didn’t have 45min to wait. By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day. So I did what I had to do. I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass. My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, “in disbelief and equally scared” 🤣 Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work. And I think I’m 💯 ready to be #blackadam 😄💪🏾 #ripgates

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

With a set full of production crew members waiting on him, he didn’t have time for a service person to come fix the gate. “So I did what I had to do,” he said. “I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass.”

The post continued, “My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, ‘in disbelief and equally scared.’”

Hopefully, they left the torn-down gate in the grass as a warning to all future gates that may decide to stop working at inopportune times. The Rock Concluded, “Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work. And I think I’m 💯 ready to be #blackadam.”

It wasn’t long before our favorite smartass, and nice guy, Ryan Reynolds, showed up in the comments to provide some helpful info. “The gate opened the OTHER way,” Reynolds explained, lovingly trolling a man who could break him in half with one metal-crushing hand.

The Rock later posted a video of the damage, showing the busted hinge and the absolutely destroyed metal gate lying lamely on the ground.


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Well here’s the destruction 🤦🏽‍♂️ I left behind after pulling my gates off myself and going to work. This footage was taken from my security after I had already left and he arrived on the scene. The second video is of our technicians and welders carrying one of the gates and placing it gently in the grass. As you guys know from my last post, there was a power outage at my house, causing my gates to not open. Sure as hell wasn’t my best hour, but there were a lot of people waiting for me at work so I did what I had to do, hopped in my pick up and went to work. Maybe next time I’ll just hop the gates and call an Uber. Actually, no I won’t. There’s no fun in that 😈 Jokes aside, THANK YOU to the techs and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come over and take care of the destruction. Thank you, gentlemen. Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood. We’ve all been there. 🥃 #ripgates

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

“Maybe next time I’ll just hop the gates and call an Uber,” The Rock considered. “Actually, no I won’t. There’s no fun in that.”

“Jokes aside,” he continued, “THANK YOU to the techs and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come over and take care of the destruction. Thank you, gentlemen. Just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood. We’ve all been there.”

Sure, we’ve all been there. I mean, not EXACTLY there, but we get it. We’re all a little on edge these days, sometimes all it takes is one more little thing going wrong for us to become completely unhinged.

Ryan Reynolds Gently Roasts Hugh Jackman While Narrating Coffee Commercial

Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds Laughing Man Coffee Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a friendship that keeps on giving. Like brothers on a perpetual mission to one-up each other, Reynolds and Jackman enjoy giving each other a good old fashioned ribbing. During a recent reunion of (what was supposed to be) the first X-Men movie’s cast, Ryan Reynolds rallied some friends from around the X-Men universe and crashed the party, as friends do. And how can we forget the time that Deadpool wore a crumpled Hugh Jackman mask that looked like an intern had clipped it from a magazine a minute before they started filming?

The good-spirited trolling between these two talented friends is ever-present on social media and beyond, but nothing is more emblematic of their goofy yet supportive friendship than Jackman’s recent coffee commercial. Early Tuesday morning, Jackman took to social media to release a commercial for his coffee brand, “Laughing Man Coffee”. The commercial features an extremely grumpy Jackman preparing for his day, while our reliable-ish narrator, Ryan Reynolds, provides us with a slightly different story.

“This is Hugh Jackman,” Reynolds begins as Jackman’s alarm clock begins to blare. Scowling, Jackman takes the alarm, glances at it, and throws it across the room. “Noted humanitarian,” Reynolds continues, as Jackman becomes visibly frustrated by the sound of kids playing outside. “Hey kids, SHUT UP,” he yells ineffectively out the closed window.

Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with Reynolds’s narration, it has the sarcastic feel of a kid throwing an absolute meltdown, and a fellow parent raising an eyebrow and commenting, “they seem happy.” The commercial continues with the same pattern – Reynolds “hyping” his friend, and Jackman essentially doing the exact opposite of whatever Reynolds gives him credit for.

That is, until Jackman finally gets his steaming cup of Laughing Man Coffee.

Reynolds explains that Laughing Man Coffee is “The coffee company that donates 100% of Hugh’s profits to support fair trade farmers.” He continues, “and brews the exceptional flavor that is 100% responsible for the Hugh Jackman we know and love.”

Reynolds posted a slightly more candid explanation on his YouTube page, stating that “Hugh Jackman founded Laughing Man coffee so he could give back 100% of his profits to the fair trade farmers who grow it—and also to make himself way less of an asshole. That coffee is actual magic.”

The commercial ends with a smiling Hugh Jackman, now cuddling the dog that he’d previously yelled at. I know a few people who could definitely use a cup of whatever magic is mixed into that little pod. Welcome back, Hugh. You’re not you when you’re decaffeinated.

Ryan Reynolds Has the Best Response To a Deadpool Cosplayer

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Deadpool Cosplayer

Superheroes are far more than just fictional characters in a nonexistent universe. Superheroes remind us that no matter how much garbage there is in the world, there will always be good guys fighting for us. They remind us that you don’t have to look a certain way to be a hero because being a hero is entirely about your actions. The Black Panther made waves as the first mainstream Black superhero, giving Black youth a Marvel hero they could identify with.

We’ve all come to love Ryan Reynolds’ smartass yet kind-hearted ways. And his portrayal of Deadpool gave us another relatable hero, one who showed us that scars really are only skin deep. Though often self-deprecating, Deadpool was undoubtedly a badass. His love interest, Vanessa Carlysle, was unbothered by his scarred appearance, which helped Deadpool become more accepting of himself. Recently, med student, cosplayer extraordinaire, and self-proclaimed “Burn-Thriver” John Quinn of Millington, Tennessee gave us the most personal, concrete example of just how influential these relatable superheroes can be.

17 years ago, John Quinn was seriously burned across his face and body. He shared in an inspiring Instagram post, “I’ve been burned longer than I have been alive not burned. This part of who I am that I’ve learned to love and embrace. I don’t need to escape my reality because I absolutely love it. It’s taken years to get this way, and pity I know is inevitable to receive at times, but just know I am not a victim.”


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Sometimes I catch myself wondering what I would have looked like if I were not burned so severely. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what I look like now. It’s just a curious thought that can have no real answer. I’m proud of who I am, I don’t need a answer. People always say “I’m so sorry that happened to you”, yeah it sucked no doubt, definitely one of the most debilitating painful moments of my life, but that isn’t the point. The point is, I was burned about 17 years ago. I’ve been burned longer than I have been alive not burned. This part of who I am that I’ve learned to love and embrace. I don’t need to escape my reality because I absolutely love it. It’s taken years to get this way, and pity I know is inevitable to receive at times, but just know I am not a victim. I love what I look like. It’s opened so many doors for me in my life and career. I’m sure I would have not helped as many people as I have now if I were not burned. Being burned was not the end for me, it was just a new beginning. So do I miss what I looked like? No. But there were times I did. It’s okay to grieve over your losses, but that is not me anymore. I don’t want anyone to be sorry for me, because I am thriving. I know who I am and my purpose in this world. I love being burned, trauma has given me such a great sense of humor, and I can laugh at just about anything. It is not a coping mechanism, it is just how I view the world and myself. I’m not a sensitive person. I would rather be hated on then pitied. It’s quite liberating to start taking ownership of who you are. You give words meaning, not others. Don’t forget to be a friend to yourself and practice self compassion. I love what I look like, I really do. I know some people might be baffled about it, but it’s true. They probably won’t understand because they aren’t me. But I have understanding on a lot of this. It does not matter in the long run, because I don’t run away from my problems anymore. I’m not that same insecure boy. I’m a man with fire scars. And if you get heart burn after reading this post, it just means I touched your heart🔥💙 I’m not your average guy, I’m not ashamed of who I am and neither should you🔥

A post shared by Johnny 🔥 (@jadiant) on

Quinn’s strength and positivity is nothing short of extraordinary, and he credits Deadpool for helping him own his scars. To honor his favorite superhero, Quinn pulled off an incredible Deadpool cosplay, even learning to do the splits for his epic photoshoot. Aside from transforming into his favorite superhero, Quinn had another dream – he hoped to get the picture to Reynolds himself, letting him know just how much Deadpool’s character changed his life for the better. A few months after his initial post, Quinn got his wish.


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It would make my dream come true if @vancityreynolds got to see this post! I learned to do the splits just for this photo. Deadpool has honestly made me way more confident. Anyone who has read or watched anything about Deadpool, knows his face and body are pretty messed up. So it’s only natural that I cosplay him. I wanted to be authentic as possible, and that was to not wear a mask. It’s so easy to cover up who I am, and to give In to despair. Deadpool just makes me not care about that stuff and show my true self. This is me, and I’m not Ashamed about it. Deadpool is icy clean, and he’s helped my self esteem so much. I’m owning who I am, and cosplaying Deadpool makes it that much easier.

A post shared by Johnny 🔥 (@jadiant) on

Sliding into the comments of Quinn’s incredible cosplay photo, Reynolds commented, “Holy sh*t, Jadiant, this made my YEAR. Can’t even describe what this post means to me. Also, I can do the splits… but only once a year. And it has to be in the lobby of a hospital.”

Of course, Quinn was beyond thrilled that he got Reynolds’s attention. He replied, “BROOO I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SEEN IT! You made this so worth it. I HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO INSPIRE SO MANY OTHERS.”

The costume was amazing, the response was above and beyond – but possibly the best part of all of this is that Quinn is a hero in his own right. Inspired by Deadpool, Quinn embraces himself fully. Now, he works with the Courageous Faces Foundation, inspiring others just as Deadpool inspired him. So yes, Reynolds will continue to inspire so many others – but so will Quinn.

Rick Moranis Comes Out of Retirement Just To Hang Out With Ryan Reynolds

Rick Moranis Ryan Reynolds

Rick Moranis is in the pantheon for both all-time great comedic actors and for great dads. And he briefly came out of retirement for a 30-second commercial and that’s the type of energy we need to carry us through 2020. It’s the one time we’re actually excited to watch a commercial.

Moranis cemented his comedy legend status through monster hits like “Ghostbusters” and “Spaceballs”, and also through just good time comedies like “Strange Brew.” He’s even confirmed to make his long-anticipated return to the big screen with a Honey I Shrunk reboot.

Moranis took a step back from his film career in the 1990s though, after his wife’s tragic passing from cancer. Moranis decided to leave the movie game behind so he could fully focus on being a single dad and raising his kids, and he has no regrets. Great actor, great dad.

Today, we finally have new Rick Moranis content. And it’s all thanks to fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. It’s a commercial for Reynolds’ Mint Mobile, but that’s not the point here. It’s just to bring Rick back, and let Reynolds bask in his company for 30 seconds. Even if it’s for a commercial, everyone was PSYCHED to see Moranis briefly out of retirement.

It’s been more than two decades since Rick Moranis has been on-screen, so that’s why people are going full fanboy over what is essentially a commercial. Ryan Reynolds is no fool, though. He knows the content game and how to bring a smile to the collective face of the internet, like with the Reynolds Cut version of Green Lantern.

Reynolds is OK in our book. It’s awesome to see Moranis back doing anything, so the two of them combined is a welcome respite from the type of news we’re used to in 2020.

Hugh Jackman Is Down for a Face/Off Remake With Ryan Reynolds

Face/Off Jackman and Reynolds
(Getty/ Dave J Hogan/Andreas Rentz Paramount Pictures)

While rumor swirl about Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds in the same MCU flick, another potentially awesome team-up duo involving Reynolds is making the rounds.

It’s especially fun when two big stars are good friends and have a good time busting each other’s balls on the regular. I’m talking about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, who met on the set of the dreadful Wolverine: Origins movie and have had a good time ribbing each other in public and on social media for years.

The two X-Men, or X-Men adjacent, in Deadpool’s case, actors like to tease the idea of another movie team-up, and Jackman recently gave an interview in which he revealed he’d be down for a fun remake that isn’t a superhero flick but is just as ridiculous.


Yup, that insane John Woo flick that featured John Travolta and Nicolas Cage’s characters literally swapping faces. Imagine if that were played as a comedy, with real-life buds Jackman and Reynolds?

Wolverine is into it, especially if he can avoid any and all contact with his costar.

“Is it possible to shoot it where we’re never actually together? I’m open to that,” Jackman said on Sirius XM. The friends make a big show of disliking each other and having a classic celebrity feud, but it’s always obvious they’re just having fun.

During the interview, Jackman was asked about his friendship with Reynolds, and if he was going to get Deadpool anything for his upcoming birthday.

“The first thing that came to mind was a game we used to play as kids, did you ever play that game, we used to call it Ring and Run? Where you go knock on someone’s door and run away. So of course my older brother took it to the next level and when you came to open the door there was a package that was on fire. The package was filled with various amounts of dog poo from the neighborhood. So you would stamp it out. That’s the first thing that came to mind.”

These two never give up the bit! Check out the full interview:

RUMORED: Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds May Team up for a Marvel Movie

Keanu and Ryan MCU Team up?
(Getty/Karwai Tang/Andreas Rentz)

Keanu Reeves has done just about everything.

He’s starred in action movies and comedies, trilogies and reboots, comic book movies, and cartoons. He’s currently filming two sequels back-to-back. About the only things he hasn’t done are appear in a Star Wars movie and headline an MCU outing.

But that last one may be changing. And he may be bringing another all-around good-guy with him.

Kevin Feige has been angling to get Keanu into a Marvel movie for years, and if the rumors are true, he may be picking up the flaming skull where Nicolas Cage left it.

Rumor has it that the MCU wants Keanu for their Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, and that Ryan Reynolds may bring Deadpool along for the ride. (I hope he sits in the little sidecar!)

Nothing is final, but We Got This Covered has the scoop, and they’ve landed some good ones in the past. Keanu has no shortage of projects, from the next Bill and Ted’s coming out in a few weeks, to the currently-filming Matrix 4, and the eventual John Wick sequels.

He hasn’t played a superhero before unless you count Neo or Constantine, and adding him to their roster would be a big win for Marvel. As would looping Reynolds’ Deadpool into the MCU’s continuum, which definitely appears to be broadening as they prep to launch the first post-Thanos slate of films.

Or maybe Ghost Rider and Deadpool stand alone, together, in a series of R-rated buddy comedies. Honestly, I might prefer that!

Midnight Run with foul-mouthed superheroes? Sign me up!

The “Reynolds Cut” of Green Lantern Has Been Released and It Rules

the green lantern reynolds cut

The Reynolds Cut is here. The version no one asked for, of a movie that no one liked has finally arrived and honestly, it’s pretty great. It’s a savvy move by Reynolds to capitalize off the fervor surrounding re-cut comic book movies and present his artistic vision of one of his first major comic book forays, 2011’s Green Lantern.

Of course, Reynolds is following suit from Zach Snyder’s re-release of The Justice League. Comic book savants are drooling to get his full take on what was expected from the first JL movie, and exactly no one was asking Reynolds to re-cut his “classic.” But you know what, sometimes you don’t know what you need, and it’s up to the visionaries like Reynolds to see past that and deliver a truly unique product.

Let’s be honest, Green Lantern was terrible. It was a pretty high-profile flop for Reynolds at the time, who has since recovered with a pretty tremendous career. Not only does he make awesome movies now, but he also reunites people with their beloved lost stuffed animals. And now, he’s beaten Snyder to the release of a new cut of a bad DC comic book movie. Behold, the Reynolds cut of Green Lantern.

There’s a lot to love here, from Reynolds using the post-credits Deadpool burn on the movie, to the random Tom Cruise as GL shot at the end. And the most genius decision has to be cutting the movie from its original two-hour runtime to less than 40 seconds on the re-release.

A true masterpiece to add to the pantheon of comic book movies.

“Mama Bear is Home”: Ryan Reynolds Helps Reunite Teddy Bear With Its Owner

Ryan Reynolds Helps Locate Bear

A collective sigh of relief can be heard around the world as Mara is reunited with her priceless teddy bear, thanks in no small part to our favorite smart-ass hero, Ryan Reynolds. Earlier this week, we shared a heartbreaking story about Mara, whose teddy bear was stolen in Vancouver. This was no ordinary teddy bear – inside this adorable stuffed animal was a voice recording of Mara’s mom saying, “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.” After Mara’s mom passed away last year, the bear served as a deeply important reminder of her mother’s love. Mara’s backpack was stolen recently, and inside was both her iPad and her beloved bear.

Ryan Reynolds stepped up, offering a zero-questions-asked $5,000 reward for the bear’s safe return. Other celebrities showed their support on twitter, gaining Mara and her bear a team of cheerleaders rooting for them to be reunited. The search continued, with Mara posting video surveillance footage of a man walking off with her all-important backpack and word continuing to spread through social media. We held our breath, desperately needing this bear to make its way home.

Late Tuesday night, we finally got some good news in the form of a Twitter update. Mara shared a picture of her holding her stuffed bear, grinning from ear to ear. “BREAK OUT THE @AviationGin, @VancityReynolds!!! MAMABEAR IS HOME!!! #FOUNDMARASBEAR,” The caption read, and we collectively lost it. Reynolds retweeted Mara’s post, thanking everyone for their help in ensuring Mara’s bear made its way home safely.

Mara’s mom had been admitted to hospice before she passed away, and during that time, her voice noticeably changed. The custom-made bear contained the last voice recording Mara’s mom made before that change occurred, and Mara feared she would never hear it again. Thanks to Reynolds’s promotion of Mara’s story along with his offer of a reward for the bear’s safe return, Mara can hear those all-important words again. “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.” Mara seems to have a team of guardian angels on her side, and if we had to choose, I guess Ryan Reynolds is a pretty dang good one.

Ryan Reynolds Offers $5,000 Reward for Missing Teddy Bear

Ryan Reynolds Bear Bounty

A viral tweet calling for the return of a beloved teddy bear got the attention of on-screen and real-life hero, Ryan Reynolds. This is no ordinary teddy bear – this bear belongs to someone named Mara, and while it has an adorable exterior, what’s inside is much more important. The one-of-a-kind bear contains a voice recording made by Mara’s mom, saying “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.” Mara’s mom, unfortunately, passed away last year, and this bear was an important reminder of her mother’s unwavering love.

The original tweet asking for the bear’s safe return was posted by a Canadian Broadcasting Company reporter named Deborah Goble on July 25th. The post stated that a stolen backpack contained both the irreplaceable bear and an iPad, but the plea only asked that the bear be returned to Mara. On that very same day, Good Guy Ryan Reynolds kicked the search up a notch by adding a “Zero Questions Asked” $5,000 reward if the bear made its way safely back to Mara. Reynolds, like many of his on-screen characters, is a smartass with a heart of gold – he gives generously, and uses his platform for good.

Reynolds got the ball rolling, and now support is pouring in for this special bear to be reunited with its rightful owner. George Stroumboulopoulos, a Canadian media personality, offered to match Reynolds’s reward price.

Even Zach Braff is deeply invested in this saga.

We’ll echo that sentiment – BRING THE BEAR HOME!

Ryan Reynolds and Friends Crash Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Reunion

Reynolds Crashes X-Reunion
(YouTube/Global Citizen)

One of the fun perks of the quarantine is watching celebrities cope with boredom and stress the same way we are: by Zoom calling their friends. Of course, not many of us include Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry in our contact lists, but not many of us co-starred in the X-Men movies. The first X-Men movie was 20 years ago and pre-dates the current Marvel-led superhero boom by an entire decade. Recently, the stars of that film reunited via Zoom to catch up and discuss their franchise.

Of course, in the years since that initial movie, the X-Men franchise has ballooned, going backward in time, adding alternate timelines, even introducing Deadpool in the notorious X-Men: Origins, years before Deadpool re-introduced himself in a couple of standalone movies with a far-higher swear count.

So while Hugh Jackman and the cast of the first movie thought they were having an intimate little gathering to celebrate their bond and the work of healthcare and other essential workers for Global Citizen, Ryan Reynolds showed up and brought some of his friends from the extended X-Men universe with him.

It’s actually quite a bit of fun, especially when Reynolds refers to the messy timelines of the franchise as “like Knots Landing.” Eventually, it all falls apart… or does it?

Check it out, and don’t worry, there’s much less swearing from Deadpool than usual:

Ryan Reynolds Joins the Reunited Cast of ‘Splash’ to Discuss John Candy

Splash Reunion
(YouTube/Josh Gad Touchstone Films)

The COVID-19 quarantine is forcing us to be stuck inside, with only our families and our streaming services for company. It can be a little boring, even with all the extra content. Not having any sports and with very few new movies and events going on, there’s still a substantial void in our lives.

Luckily, some people in Hollywood are doing their best to spice things up, releasing movies early, having virtual watch parties, and more. Josh Gad has gone the extra mile, using his connections and celebrity friends to reunite some of our favorite casts and bring some excitement to our daily screen regimens. Gad – Broadway star, the voice of Olaf, upcoming costar in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids legacyquel – has been taking advantage of a captive audience – and captive celebrities – to bring together stars from some classic 80s movies. He’s reunited the casts of the Goonies and Back to the Future, and for the latest episode of his YouTube show “Reunited Apart,” he brought the cast of Splash into our homes. And the highlight of the episode is when John Candy becomes the focus.

Gad brought together stars Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah, co-star Eugene Levy, and director Ron Howard to discuss the movie that made Hanks a star – and made him fall in love with a fish. One notable absence from the reunion was legendary comic actor John Candy, who passed away 26 years ago. The cast spent some time reminiscing about their old friend, and Howard shared a hilarious story about Candy’s hi-jinks.

The director recalled the most amazing excuse Candy offered when he arrived late to the set one day.

“He said, ‘Look, I’m drunk!’” the director said. “Here’s what happened … I’m at the bar and Jack Nicholson’s at the bar. Jack Nicholson knew my name, Ron. He starts buying me drinks, I said, ‘I gotta go shoot’ and he said, ‘You’ll be alright kid, don’t worry about it.’ I never went to bed, Ron, I never went to bed!”

Ryan Reynolds, a fellow Canadian and comic actor, even pops up to praise Candy, calling him one of his favorite performers.

Check out the reunion: