Hugh Jackman Enlists NYC Officer to Pressure Ryan Reynolds For Deadpool Cameo

NYC Parks Officer Pressures Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman really wants to collaborate with Ryan Reynolds on the next ‘Deadpool’ movie. Sure, the two have a long and storied history, consumed mostly by a tragic feud between the two that’s led to a lot of money for charity and some awesome personal jabs back and forth.

Jackman is ramping up his campaign to cameo in Deadpool 3, though, and this time he’s enlisted the help of a police officer in New York City. Jackman shared the “random” encounter with officer John Dobkowski in New York who ‘randomly’ had a pretty specific message for one Ryan Reynolds:

“Hey Ryan, you gotta get this guy in Deadpool 3, even if it’s for a 10-minute cameo. That would be awesome!” Jackman shared the video saying the man was doling out ‘incredibly smart career advice’ for Reynolds.

“That would be so cool, so great, it would blow the box office,” the man continued. Jackman then jumped into the background, with some more helpful coaching, saying “You can add, or I’ll ticket you!’”

The officer obliged, punctuating his request to Reynolds with an “Or I’ll ticket you!”

One thing is clear, Jackman wants to get in this dang movie. And who wouldn’t want a little Wolverine with their Deadpool? More importantly, getting Reynolds and Jackman back together on the big screen would be downright delightful.

Mortal Kombat Fans Want Ryan Reynolds To Play Johnny Cage in Film Sequel

Ryan Reynolds Johnny Cage
(Netflix/Warner Bros. Interactive)

It has only been a week since the new Mortal Kombat movie released, but fans are already itching for a sequel.

The film features a pretty bloated cast of characters from the franchise, but Johnny Cage was notably absent.  He was one of the original’s from the very first game, so it’s kind of strange that he wasn’t in this reboot.  Director Simon McQuoid has mentioned in interviews that he’d love for Cage to make an appearance, and when the credits start rolling, it’s heavily implied that the popular character will make his live-action debut (again) in the sequel.  While no one has been cast in the role yet, leave it to the fans on the internet to ask for what they want.  They believe that Ryan Reynolds should be the one to portray the Hollywood action star turned Mortal Kombat fighter.

Here’s what they had to say.

How does Ryan Reynolds feel about all this?  Well, he used it as a way to promote Mint Mobile.

How do you feel about this?  I’m still on the fence about Nick Offerman playing Kratos, but I definitely have to agree with the internet on this one.  I feel like Reynolds would be absolutely perfect for the role.  Reynold’s involvement might even up the ante a bit on Warner Bros. end and the studio might provide a bit more funding for a potential sequel.  Get some big celebrity names in there and give us a truly awesome Mortal Kombat film.  Make it happen Hollywood!

Ryan Reynolds Makes LeVar Burton the New Aviation Gin “Spokesperson”

LeVar Burton Ryan Reynolds
(YouTube/Ryan Reynolds)

LeVar Burton rode a massive wave of fan support to an online campaign that secured his dream job of hosting Jeopardy! And now, he’s ALREADY starting to cash in on his new title, even before he’s taped a single episode. His first new lucrative endorsement? Promoting Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin.

Ryan Reynolds is a true delight. The guy has done an astounding amount of charity work, even more so in the last year during the pandemic. His feud with Hugh Jackman is legendary, and also benefitted charity. He’s hilarious and his movies rule. And he’s great at making hilarious ads from his companies, especially when he’s doing stuff like this or pulling Rick Moranis out of retirement.

A good businessman capitalizes on the zeitgeist, and that’s just what Reynolds does here. He starts by saying “Everybody’s been saying how great LeVar Burton is, so I decided to have him step in for me as spokesperson for Aviation Gin.”

Then it cuts to Burton by a pool giving his pitch, saying “The smooth refreshing taste of Aviation American gin for an out of this world gin and tonic.”

And Reynolds addresses his standing, saying “Now that man is a god damn national treasure, and he’s probably too good for this.” Which, unfortunately, Burton confirms later, saying “This isn’t going to work out.”

But it was a great run for Burton and Reynolds, and they got to go out on top, after a very successful (from my standpoint) partnership in the gin game.

Funny ads aside, Reynolds isn’t just looking to capture views here, he is a BIG supporter of Burton as Jeopardy! host. As is pretty much anyone sensible, to be honest. Reynolds shared the news of Burton getting a guest host role, and said: “this needs to be a permanent gig.”

So, chalk up yet another correct viewpoint for Ryan Reynolds. In an age where it’s never been easier to say the wrong thing and mess up, Reynolds keeps crushing it, which is all the more impressive.

Ryan Reynolds Is Back in the Trailer for The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds has been in the news a bunch over the past year, for his hilarious social media hijinks, he and his wife’s repeated efforts to help during the pandemic, and for his work with his liquor brand, Aviation Gin.

Unfortunately, aside from his Netflix action movie 6 Underground, he hasn’t been on screens all that much.

Deadpool 3, which will be the MCU’s first (and only?) R-rated entry is still a ways off, and his involvement in the newly-launched ThunderCats project is nothing but a rumor at this point. Thankfully, though, he does have a new flick coming out soon, and today we finally get to see the trailer.

It’s called The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Reynolds stars as, well, the titular hitman’s wife’s bodyguard, and in the movie, he’s tasked with protecting Salma Hayek, who plays hitman Samuel L. Jackson’s wife, who is in danger from Antonio Banderas. The sequel to 2017’s action-comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard hits theaters on June 16th, and it looks like a lot of fun. At the very least it will be nice to see Reynolds again!

Check out the trailer:

Ryan Reynolds Eyed For Lion-O In ThunderCats Movie

ThunderCats Movie Ryan Reynolds
(John Hom Studio)

Last week, we learned that the ThunderCats are finally coming to the big screen. Thanks to director Adam Wingard’s success with Godzilla vs. Kong (Godzvilla 4 LYFE!) and his frankly sort-of disturbing passion for the ThunderCats cartoon, going all the way back to his high school years, the beloved 80s cartoon about humanoid cat aliens and their battles with Mumm-Ra, is in development as a major motion picture.

It’s going to be a while before the movie, which will NOT be live-action but will be a mix of animation and CGI, hits theaters/streaming services, but fans are already champing at the bit for more information. Especially when it comes to casting.

Obviously, the big role is that of Lion-O, the young leader of the ThunderCats, and if the rumors are to be believed, a The Dad favorite is on the director’s shortlist: Ryan Reynolds!

Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman uses his Patreon page to drop juicy nuggets about the industry, and according to Movieweb, he says Reynolds is on Wingard’s list for a role, presumably Lion-O. Also on the list? Stranger Things (and Godzilla vs. Kong) star Millie Bobbie Brown, and Vin Diesel – perhaps for Panthro? Or perhaps even Mumm-Ra?

Again, it’s very early in the process, probably way too early to discuss casting, given that all we even know about the script is that Wingard plans to tell a new story that uses the original series as a starting point. Still, one assumes the core members of the team – Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara – will be involved, as well as their nemesis Mumm-Ra. We’ll see what direction the story, and the casting, goes as production ramps up.

My big question is who they’re gonna get to play Snarf!

Ryan Reynolds Is Finally Going To Watch ‘Green Lantern’…Tonight!

Green Lantern
(Warner Bros.)

There are two things in this world that make Ryan Reynolds miserable:

  • Hugh Jackman
  • The 2011 Green Lantern film that Reynold’s starred in

While his entertaining feud with Jackman is over (for now), it seems he has also had a change of heart regarding the DC comics box-office flop that still haunts him.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, he is swallowing his pride and finally sitting down to watch the one film he loathes so much.

Reynolds made the announcement on Twitter, stating that his very own Green Lantern viewing festivities will begin tonight at 6 pm EST.  He was even kind enough to share the recipe for a special ‘Lantern’s Light’ alcoholic beverage you can whip up yourself to truly take part in this monumental occasion.

Reynold’s gin company Aviation Gin is getting in on the action as well, offering a limited-time code for a $5 discount for Drizly deliveries.

Green Lantern is currently streaming on HBO Max, so if you have a subscription and start your Green Lantern screening at exactly 6 pm, you’ll be able to watch right along with him.  The question is though, are you brave enough?  Also, do you have enough alcohol to make it through the entire movie?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Donate $1 Million to Food Banks, Again

Reynolds Lively Donate $1 Million
(Getty/Steven Ferdman)

Ryan Reynolds is at it again. He and his wife Blake Lively, have donated another $1 million to food banks, in an effort to help those that need it most during the pandemic.

Pandemic fatigue is a real thing, but with several entire industries still locked down or facing restrictions, there are still a lot of people hurting. The tide is beginning to turn when it comes to vaccines and fighting the virus, but there’s a lot more to be done to combat the economic damage the pandemic wreaked.

Reynolds and Lively split the donation between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. The duo gave $500,000 to each charity at the beginning of the pandemic as well (crazy that we can write sentences like that, but hey, we’re a year into this thing, so these times are now “precedented”). They also recently donated $400,000 to New York hospitals and $500,000 to charities helping at-risk youth in Canada.

Food Banks Canada tweeted heartfelt thanks for the donation, calling Reynolds their “favorite Canadian and their favorite superhero (sorry, Hugh Jackman).”

Reynolds responded appropriately, saying “never apologize to Hugh Jackman.”

Feeding America thanked the couple for being their “hunger-fighting dream team.”

This news, revealed not by the couple but by the charities, comes just days after Reynolds (and famous pals Diddy and David Beckham) pledged $1 million to help out-of-work bartenders.

Ryan Reynolds, superhero on and off-screen, we salute you.

Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, and Beckham Make $1 Million Donation and Worst Drink Ever

Reynolds, Diddy, Beckham, New Drink
(YouTube/Ryan Reynolds)

Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, and David Beckham walk into a bar. And they try to make a drink. They combine each of their three liquors. Reynolds adds his Aviation American Gin, Diddy contributes his DeLeon tequila, and Beckham adds his Haig whisky.

The result? It is utterly disgusting. Maybe worse than it sounds, and the trio has the spit takes to prove it.

It started as an idea for a cocktail for the Super Bowl and ending with a string of expletives and bleeps from all three, before acknowledging the importance of a good mixologist. Reynolds looked like he was going to vomit, Diddy said the combination tasted like “ass feet” (how does he know what that even tastes like??) and Beckham said it wasn’t going to work.

And so the trio announced they would be combining to donate $1 million to bartenders. The video was a bit (for the last person who still didn’t get the joke), but also a chance to give some money to people that need it and promote a few charities. The money will be split up between Another Round, Another Rally, which is a nonprofit for the hospitality industry in the good ‘ol USA, the Bartender’s Benevolent fund, which is like the same thing but in Canada, and Drinks Trust UK, an organization that provides support to drinks industry workers overseas.

Reynolds again coming up big for people during the pandemic. He had his “feud” with Hugh Jackman, that benefited children’s charities, and now he teams up with some other famous friends with their own liquor companies to help an industry that has been totally ravaged by the pandemic.

And, as always, the man knows good content, and how to get people to pay attention, so it’s especially heartwarming that he uses those powers for good.

Ryan Reynolds Learns Axe Throwing, Ice Sculpting and More in New Web Series

Ryan Reynolds

Many people are pretending to better themselves during “these unprecedented times” and Ryan Reynolds is one of them. No, you wouldn’t think of the Deadpool star when you think “boring”, but Reynolds said being a less boring husband and girl dad was part of the impetus for his new web series, “Ryan Doesn’t Know” on Snapchat.

“You could fill a gymnasium with the things I don’t know,” Reynolds says in the trailer. So, in each short episode, he’s ‘meeting with talented people to learn a little about a lot of new things.’

What things can you teach a Ryan Reynolds? The short episodes, airing every other day throughout most of February, showcase a very-game Reynolds learning new things like wielding a chainsaw to do some ice sculpting, axe throwing (with a delightful Hugh Jackman “cameo”), painting his fingernails, doing magic, AND MORE.

Reynolds connects with experts and artists digitally to “learn a little about a whole lot” and it looks like fun. I confess I haven’t watched a Snapchat show before, but Reynolds seems to make everything he touches enjoyable, and with short, binge-able episodes, it’s a worthy escape.

Reynolds is the type of star that not only makes great movies but also ‘gets it.’ You can tell that from his feud with Jackman, his 2020 commercials, bringing Rick Moranis back, and from just being great to fans that need it most.

And if he can best learn how to throw an axe while attempting to take Hugh Jackman’s face off? We are here for it.

Deadpool 3 Was Almost a Buddy Comedy Road Trip with Wolverine

Deadpool Wolverine Fan Art

One of the most welcome, and unexpected, bits of news that came out of the Disney investors meeting last year, in which scores of new shows and projects were announced, was the news that the next Deadpool movie would officially see the merc with a mouth enter the MCU.

This is good news, even if the R-rated superhero doesn’t seem like a perfect fit for the family-friendly Marvel universe. We’re sure they’ll make it work, and we can’t wait to see how.

Unfortunately, if what Ryan Reynolds says is to be believed – and the jokester can not always be believed – the MCU’s gain may be our loss. Because according to the star, the pre-Marvel plans for Deadpool 3 were pretty awesome.

Yesterday, Reynolds shared a tweet to bring awareness for Canada’s annual Bell Let’s Talk campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness by making it acceptable and safe to discuss such issues. Within his tweet, he dropped a little nugget about the original plans for the third Deadpool flick.

Reynolds claims that the plan was for Deadpool and fellow mutant Wolverine, played by Reynolds’ frequent online rival and co-star in the legendary misfire X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, would co-star with him. According to the tweet, the movie would have been a road trip with the two characters, in which their misadventures were chronicled Rashomon-style, which is a reference to the classic Japanese film Rashomon, in which a single event is shown from multiple perspectives, illuminating the fallibility of memory and the elusiveness of truth.

The nature of what actually occurred on this road trip would be colored by the two character’s own recollections and perspectives, which couldn’t be more different. Logan is quiet, dark, and tortured, always ready to explode, and Wade Wilson is motor-mouthed, foul-mouthed, and sarcastic, never taking anything too seriously. It sounds like the perfect set-up for a buddy comedy!

It’s a shame we’ll never get to see Deadpool 3: Midnight Run, because it sounds like it would have been a blast. But at least we still have Reynolds’ and Jackman’s social media antics to keep us entertained!

Ryan Reynolds Shocks Twitter With Filthy Joke About His Sesame Street Appearance

Ryan Reynolds A-Hole
(YouTube/Sesame Street)

Ryan Reynolds is well known for his potty mouth. After all, this is the guy who plays Deadpool in the filthiest comic book movies out there! He is equally well known for his sense of humor, especially when it comes to social media.

Sesame Street is not.

But the other day, the two worlds collided when a mom was watching an episode of the classic children’s show with her kid, and tweeted that Ryan Reynolds’ guest appearance made things fun for both generations.

The episode featured Reynolds dressed as the letter A for an A-Team parody, which was already the kind of thing that was firmly in an adult’s wheelhouse (I don’t know too many kids who are big fans of Hannibal, Murdoch, and B.A. Baracus!). But Reynolds took things even further with the r-rated joke he made in response to the tweet.

Referencing the outfit he was forced to wear for the segment – a giant letter A with his head squeezed into the middle – Reynolds made a subtle joke that had the grown-ups laughing, if a bit shocked.

Not only did my man call it “tight,” he made a crack (sorry) about “pushing through” too!

Twitter, to the complete lack of surprise of anyone who has even been on Twitter, was here for it.

Some marveled at the many sides of the man:

Others at his audacity:

And a few attempted to add to the fun:

CNN’s Jake Tapper had the final word, with a very dad response to Reynolds’ antics:

Check out the segment that inspired this tomfoolery:

“I’m Sending You Strength,” Ryan Reynolds Reaches Out to Fan Battling Cancer

Ryan Reynolds Video

Having a kid forced to fight cancer seems like one of the cruelest things a family can face, so anything that can bring a smile to the kid’s face must feel like gold. Ryan Reynolds came through in a big way for a young fan in that situation, sending a video message to an 11-year-old boy with Hodgkins Lymphoma and Crohn’s disease.

Ryan Reynolds is a class act, and exhibit A in how to act if you’re a movie star. Whether it’s helping a lonely kid on his birthday or sending love to a sick kid, Reynolds is there (along with the many hilarious things he does as well).

In this case, the boy’s mom had recently shared on social media that they were having a hard time, but watching the Deadpool movies was one of the things getting them through. So Reynolds sent a personal message of hope to the kid.

“Brody, it’s Ryan Reynolds, I just heard a little bit about your story and I wanted to send you this video and let you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m sending you tons of love and I’m sending you strength, whatever strength I’ve got.”

He closed the message with praise for the boy and expressing his hope they can meet in person someday.

“Man, you have a ton of people in your life that love you so much. I know you’ve been going through it, I know it’s been a challenge, but you’re just the man for the job Brody. So I’m sending you lots of love. I hope I get to meet you in person one of these days.”

His mom was over the moon, telling a Canadian news outlet that her son’s jaw hit the floor when he saw the video and kept saying “I feel like I’m the movie star.” She said when they are having a hard day, they love watching Deadpool to cheer up and that they’ve been watching the clip nonstop since he sent it. They had put the call out earlier in the week, after a hard week of chemo.

Ryan Reynolds, coming through, yet again. You can almost set your watch to how awesome Reynolds is on a daily basis.

The People Chose Hugh Jackman Over Ryan Reynolds in Their Charitable “Feud”

Jackman Wants Rey
(YouTube/Sam's Club)

We should all have a frienemy like Ryan Reynolds has in Hugh Jackman. The two regularly Face/Off but were more recently locked in a bitter, and entertaining “feud” for charity. A winner has been named, but the true winner in this is us, for the periodic bouts of enjoyment their feud has given us. Oh, and also the two charities who raised a bunch of money.

And now we’ve learned, more people like Hugh Jackman, so he got to rub in Reynolds‘ face. The two were raising money with Sam’s Club for charities, but it still pitted the two longtime “rivals” against each other to see who was more popular. Jackman got to break the news to Reynolds himself, summing it pretty succinctly “You lost the Sam’s Club thing, I won. Everyone hates you, bye!”

During the holiday season, Sam’s Club members were encouraged to vote for which celebrity (and charity) they preferred. On one side, Hugh Jackman was supporting the Laughing Man Foundation, which helps support coffee farming communities around the globe. On the other side, our coolest superhero, Ryan Reynolds, and his charity SickKids Foundation, which works for the health and well-being of children. And more people, apparently, picked Jackman. This is not how Reynolds saw it playing out.

But here’s the good part, this bit of theatrics between the two who clearly have a lot of love between them earned two charities a good amount of money. That was in the “fine print” of the “feud,” that Sam’s Club would be making an equal donation to both, so really, both the SickKids Foundation and the Laughing Man Foundation were winners.

The only loser here was Reynolds. But, Reynolds won’t go down without a fight. And while the battle may be ended, the war is not, and I expect the “feud” to continue indefinitely.