Dad’s Next-Level Responses To “Is the Baby Ok?” Are Both Brilliant and Hilarious

Dad Answers "is the baby ok?" in a hilarious way

Becoming a parent can make even the most rational people develop a laundry list of irrational fears. This helpless human is entirely your responsibility, making even the most mundane decisions inexplicably stressful. Sometimes this new-parent paranoia (parent-noia?) happens in both parents, but when one parent manages to keep their cool, occasionally, hilarity ensues.

Kenny Deuss from Antwerp, Belgium is the father of nearly 2-year-old Alix. When Alix was younger, Kenny’s girlfriend had just a touch of parent-noia – as a new dad, Kenny took on the all-important dad responsibility of providing levity (at somewhat inopportune times).

Any time Kenny and Alix were hanging out alone, Kenny’s girlfriend would frequently check-in. “Is the baby ok?” became a question Kenny heard all too many times, so he decided to provide some unorthodox answers. Rather than a simple “yeah” or “everything’s fine,” Kenny sent his girlfriend photoshopped images demonstrating quite the opposite.

This talented dad sent his girlfriend pictures of Alix photoshopped into all sorts of questionable situations, I assume, to prove that he had things so under control that he had time to do some top-tier editing.

Soon, any time Kenny’s girlfriend asked, “Is the baby ok?” she was met with this,

Or this

Or even this.

Kenny began posting his photos on Instagram, and unsurprisingly, he’s accumulated nearly 50,000 followers after posting just 46 hilarious photos. Kenny’s pictures are brilliant, of course, but they also speak to the part of our brains that takes us on a tour of “The Worst Things That Could Possibly Happen” any time we get a bit nervous.

Seeing the absurdity of some of our fears laid out reminds us to stay grounded in reality. And, of course, it reminds us that it’s ok to take a break every once in a while – after all, we aren’t parenting alone. Yes, you too single parents. It really does take a village to raise a kid, and nobody expects you to do everything. Even when someone else is watching them, as Kenny kindly demonstrates (sort of), the baby will be just fine.

Dad Returns Snarky Birthday Card to Son 28 Years Later

Dad Returns Birthday Card After Decades

Birthdays are the universal equalizer. No matter who you are, where you’re from – everyone in the world gets older each year – even the Terminator. And birthdays are often a time for celebration, even amid a pandemic. For one UK dad, his son’s 42nd birthday was an opportunity for a little bit of justice.

It all started when Rob Witts was just 14 years old. To celebrate his dad’s 42nd birthday, Rob hand-made a card that was equal parts thoughtful and snarky. The front of the card featured a smiling cartoon with the words, “Hey everybody! He’s 42! Of course,” while the inside of the card read, “…We won’t draw attention to it, will we?”

As most kids do, Rob proudly presented the card to his dad and immediately forgot about it. That is, until his own 42nd birthday. Now a father of three himself, Rob received an envelope in the mail from his parents. Inside was a beautiful card from Rob’s mom, some pictures from his childhood, and the same 42nd birthday card he had given to his father decades earlier.

A brand new note written inside of the card read, “I guess if you wait long enough, what goes round comes round!” Rob’s dad had also corrected the names, so the greeting now read “Happy 42nd Birthday Dad Rob! From Robbie Dad.”

Though the card itself was a surprise, the hilarity was not. Rob told The Dad, “He is a really caring and considerate man, and we share a sarcastic sense of humour – lots of bad puns and so forth,” he said. “This act was entirely in-keeping with my dad’s sense of humour.”

Rob now lives about four hours away from his parents, and since the pandemic, their in-person contact has unfortunately been limited. However, It would take far more than a pandemic to keep Rob’s dad from making his birthday a memorable one. The photo of the decades-old birthday card along with the story have gone viral on Twitter, accumulating over 100,000 likes in over a week.

Many speculated that Rob’s dad had spent the past 28 years carefully plotting his revenge, but Rob offered a far more innocent but equally excellent explanation. “He and my mum had been looking in their attic for photos of my sister and me at the same age that our kids are now,” Rob said. “The card had been in one of the boxes, and he saw an opportunity! So it was clever opportunism and luck rather than determined planning, and I think I’m relieved to know that.”

Maybe what Rob’s dad meant when he said “what goes round comes round” had nothing to do with justice at all – maybe it was really about the touching things family members do to show how much they love each other. Whether it’s taking the time to hand-make a card for your dad, or caring enough to hold onto it nearly 30 years later.

Wife’s Prank On Her Husband Turns Into World-Wide Photoshop Battle

Wife's Prank On Husband Turns to Photoshop Battle
(Facebook/Sharea Overman)

Becoming a dad means suddenly possessing a very specific set of skills. There’s the ability to grill anything at the drop of a hat, the nearly-uncontrollable affinity for lawn mowers, and the baffling mastery of falling asleep anywhere in under a minute in a half. While Nate Overman wasn’t actually asleep in the driver’s seat on a family road trip, he sure looked the part – so his wife decided to pull a picture-perfect prank that has captured the imagination of photoshop masters around the world.

Sharea and Nate Overman along with their three young boys were driving to visit family when Sharea noticed her husband looked a little too comfy in the driver’s seat. Nate, probably enjoying a few hours without running after his kids, was leaning back peacefully in his seat with his head tilted slightly back. Because of his sunglasses, it’s impossible to tell that he’s fully awake – but given that the family of five made it safely to their destination, we’ll take their word for it. After realizing that her husband looked like he was fully passed out in the driver’s seat, Sharea, a part-time photographer, had an idea.

“I’m a part of this group of incredibly talented photographers on Facebook,” Sharea told CNN. “So, I decided to post the photo and asked people to photoshop some fun backgrounds into the photo. To make it look like he fell asleep while all these crazy things were going on.”

While the couple was still in transit, Sharea’s Facebook group more than delivered. Photo after photo popped up in the comments, each more ridiculous than the last. Before they even reached their family’s town, Sharea told her husband what she’d done with his picture (partly because she was no longer able to hide her laughter). Nate was a good sport, entertained by the creativity of the community of photographers. By the time they reached their family, the pair had more or less forgotten about the photo. A few days later though, Sharea realized that the photo had spread far beyond her Facebook group.

“I started getting messages from people in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska… sending me their photoshopped images of my husband,” Sharea said. “There are people who have broken down and told us just how hard this year has been for them and that this is the first time they’ve been able to have a really good laugh at something.”

A Facebook user was nice enough to put together some of her favorite submissions from the private group, so click here to enjoy some much-needed laughs.

NASA Dads Killed Time After SpaceX Splashdown by Making Prank Calls

NASA Dads Kill Time After SpaceX Splashdown by Making Prank Calls
(YouTube/AmericaSpace Twitter/Enterprise_Flt)

Imagine you’ve spent the last two months in space. You made history by being the first astronaut to travel to the International Space Station in a commercially-built spacecraft, and you’re finally back on Earth counting down the seconds until you can see your family. You’re bobbing up and down in the Gulf of Mexico after a successful splashdown, and the only thing left for you to do is kill time while the crew inspects your capsule. What do you do with that time? This was a question astronauts Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley faced on Sunday as they became the first astronauts to travel to the International Space Station and back on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule. The choice was pretty easy for these dads – may as well make some prank calls.

During a Houston welcome-home ceremony, Hurley recalled, “Five hours ago, we were in a spaceship, bobbing around, making prank satellite phone calls to whoever we could get ahold of. Which was kind of fun, by the way,”

You don’t have to take Hurley’s word for it. Several people who were on the receiving end of the pair’s prank calls stepped forward to back his story. One of those people was Anthony Vareha, NASA’s 91st flight director. He stated on Twitter, “I received one of these calls at the flight director console. It started with an opening line like ‘Hi it’s Doug and Bob and we’re in the ocean.’ I think my response was ‘Yeah, I can see that.’”

Megan McArthur, a NASA astronaut, and Behnken’s wife was another recipient of the unexpected phone call. She stated, “On my phone it said ‘Spam Risk’. Glad I answered anyway!” which is pretty unfair, considering how many times I’ve answered a “spam risk” call and never once has it been from an astronaut.

After nine weeks in space, these NASA dads fully deserved to blow off some steam. Apparently, prank calls truly are the universal time-wasters. Next time you’re about to send a “spam risk” call to voicemail, maybe do a quick check to see what the people at NASA are up to that day.

Costumed Dad Won’t Stop Photobombing Wife’s Conference Calls

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

As more and more folks familiarize themselves with the ins, outs, ups, downs, loves, and hates that come with working from home, many have elected to get creative with their Zoom backgrounds.

They’re the standing desks of 2020.

In the case of Cara Fields, amusing backdrops are no matter of choice. In recent weeks, her husband, Matt, has begun making routine cameos in the background of her conference calls.

Once as a cowboy.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

Then again as Batman.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

And then again as a Power Ranger.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

One time he tried blending in…

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

But eventually, everyone found him.

(Linkedin / Cara Fields)

The WFH antics are only gonna get better from here, gang.

We wish the best to Cara, Matt, and whatever rebel kept open their Halloween store.

Sports Commentator Narrates His Girlfriend’s Rough Hangover

Hangover Narration

This man must feel very confident in the longevity of his relationship. Toby Osborne, who commentates for Bristol City football, has used his skills to give a play-by-play analysis of what appears to be the worst hangover his girlfriend has ever had.

Imagine having a camera thrust in your face as you struggle to stay alive the morning after heavy drinking. You’re too sick and weak to say/do anything so you just have to take it. It sounds like the audio was added afterward which may have actually saved this relationship.

In the recap, Toby mimics an actual football (the soccer kind) commentator as he takes us through a detailed “game” of this poor woman’s hangover. Things start off slow, as they do, and she even tries to get something down, as we do, only to throw it all up midway through the day. But, as the day carries on, she makes a turn for the better and even ends up cooking dinner in the end.

There is something so on-point to not only Toby’s commentary but the steps we all go through on days like this. We all wish we could get that Coke down too soon and the day just turns into a complete waiting game. Cheers to Toby for testing the limits of his love. We hope she was able to laugh about it the next day.

Woman Pranks Parents by Slowly Replacing Photos With Crayon-Drawings

Family Photos Become Crayon Drawings
(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

After countless weeks of quarantine, chances are you’ve grown weary of your living quarters, and are actively seeking ways to break free from its monotony. Sure, you could paint an accent wall, shuffle some furniture, put a succulent on the window sill. You could even stick your dad’s belongings to the ceiling to see how long it will take him to notice. The living room is your oyster.

Or, in the case of graphic designer Kristen Vogler, you could sneakily replace all the family photos with terrible crayon drawings.

“Sneaking these masterpieces up was not easy,” Kristen wrote in a Facebook post. “I had to hide in the bathroom clutching the frames multiple times.”

Sure enough, over the course of 12 days, she swapped them out one by one. Her commitment to the bit is impressive, to say the least.

“The beginning, just a normal photo wall of memories.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 1. The first crayon drawing is placed, bets were made on how many photos and how long it would take them to notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 2. After FaceTiming with my grandparents (the subjects of my first crayon replica) for an hour near this wall, I decided to add another piece while my parents took a walk.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 3. Up to three crayon artworks now and still not even a glance. That door on the left? It’s used multiple times a day.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 4. Thought I would get caught today. I had been posting on Twitter about my progress and my mom chose today to try to start a twitter account to talk to John Krasinski about Some Good News but luckily her account was locked.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 5. At this point it was getting harder to pick photos I thought weren’t noticeable plus I felt like I smelled like crayons constantly.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 6. After getting a ton of rain for days I was needing to get sneakier to be able to add these to the wall. I think today I convinced my mom to go for a run before it rained haha.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 7. Today was a twofer with these classic Christmas photos. At this point I was starting to think I should have guessed based on weeks and not days for how long it would take them to notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 8. I legit did not think I would get this far, but here we are.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 9. Only three left to go before my work is complete. I should probably take a moment to apologize to my art teachers. You tried really hard to teach me to draw people, and this is what I’ve done.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 10. Happy Easter. My mom was nice enough to hide Easter eggs for me, in return I did this to the photo of her first born.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

“Day 11. I almost got caught hanging this one up. Had to hide in the bathroom but they still didn’t notice.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

Kristen’s mom and dad caught on to her shenanigans by day 11, unfortunately. But thankfully she caught the moment on video.

“Day 11 – 7 hours later. I heard the initial “wait… what” and went running over in time to capture this moment. I like to think they noticed because I replaced my senior photo and of course they look at the picture of their favorite daughter the most right?”

She was too deep to give up now. On day 12, she finished the job.

“Day 12. I needed closure, Kerri wanted to be included.”

(Facebook / Kristen Vogler)

Pranks don’t get much more wholesome than this. Bravo.

We applaud Kristen for the strides she’s made in interior decorating, and wish her and her crayon family the best in health and sanity.

Click here to check out her Facebook page for Kristen Vogler Design!

Shaq “Grows Out” Hair After Losing Bet to Dwyane Wade

Shaq Grows Hair After Losing Bet

The best wagers made between friends always involve something more damaging than the transaction of funds. A good bet between friends has to involve some level of humiliation, and that is the explanation for why Shaq appeared on his NBA show looking like you’ve never seen him before.

Shaq lost a bet to Dwyane Wade on a prediction of how the Milwaukee v. Miami game would pan out. Shaq saw the Bucks winning in a blowout. Wade saw the Heat prevailing. The latter was right. And the result? Shaq, the notoriously shaved-headed giant, had to let his hairline grow out.

“Let’s just get it out of the way, America,” Shaq said during the show. “I had a bet against one of my good friends, D-Wade, Milwaukee versus the Heat. I said Milwaukee was gonna win by 20 and the Heat won. I said, ‘Well, what do you want me to do, pay you?’ He said, ‘Nah, you gotta let your hairline grow.’ ”

I think Shaq knows how ridiculous he looks, which is why he invited the hardest, cruelest comments possible on his Instagram post (which, honestly, would’ve happened anyway even without the incentive).


View this post on Instagram


Love you @therealmikeepps

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And this is the type of NBA content we can all enjoy (unless your hairline is, in fact, worse than Shaq’s).

Employee Weaponizes Holiday Cheer by Gift-Wrapping Boss’s Entire Office

(Twitter / jothornely)

Look, I can hold my own when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents but I’m not one of those people who can make frickin’ works of art with one measly piece of colored paper and some tape. You know the ones – they can wrap anything, no matter the size, shape, or consistency. Usually, such powers are used for good. Other times, though, they are utilized for some top-notch holiday shenanigans.

Jo Thornly—Sydney-based author, podcast host, and self-proclaimed spelling bee champion—decided to festively decorate her superior’s office with wrapping paper.

And we’re talking the entire office, folks.

Thornly’s boss had taken the day off, something the malevolent gift-wrapper says they “might never do again.”

Just about every surface is tastefully covered in festive, Santa-covered paper—chairs, books, the phone, even the computer. It’s so intricate and thorough, it rivals the original source material (without the additional prank, as far as we know).

People on Twitter were quick to support Thornly’s truly “gifted” pranking skills as well as desperately hoping to see her boss’s response:

No word yet on the response from Thornly’s boss, but if she gets fired, I got dibs on hiring her as my professional gift wrapper.