Amazing 10-Yr-Old DJ Learned From the Best, Her Award-Winning DJ Dad

Dad Daughter DJs

Finding activities that you and your kids can enjoy together can be both exciting and challenging. Sure, you can use a Slip N’ Slide and have it be socially acceptable for the first time since you yourself were a child, but finding year-round hobbies that help you bond with your kids often requires some trial and error. It’s no secret that kids learn by example, so if you get lucky, sometimes shared hobbies come naturally simply by continuing to do what you love.

For 16 years, Ever Lee has been a DJ. In 2006 he won his first championship, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he decided to make a career out of DJing. 2009 was an eventful year for Lee, aka DJ Shake One – not only did he change the course of his life by pursuing his passion full-time, but he also became a father.

Valentina, Lee’s daughter, grew up around music. From the time she was a baby, she watched her dad practice and perform, and the two began to form an incredible musical bond.

DJ Baby

“But as she got older,” Lee told The Dad, “I started showing her some of the equipment and just playing around for fun every once in a while. When she was around 7 is when she really started showing interest, and I was absolutely amazed how fast she caught on.”

At just 8 years old, Valentina took the world by storm when she emerged as DJ V Star. Of course, it’s adorable watching dad and daughter perform together, immersed side-by-side in their biggest passion. But even on her own, the young DJ has an enormous amount of talent. DJs V-Star and Shake One began posting videos on social media, and it wasn’t long before V-Star began to gain traction in the world of DJing.

“It’s been pretty cool seeing so much positive response,” said Lee. “One of our favorite DJs in the world (A-Trak) has shared our videos. Will Smith’s son (Trey Smith) shared our (Just the 2 of us) video. And America’s got Talent has reached out as well.”

Now 10 years old, V-Star has accumulated thousands of followers across her social media pages, and performed countless times as a DJ in her own right.

DJ V Star

“I’m with her by her side at every gig she does,” says Lee. “And we’ve also made a lot of videos together. During the pandemic, we had fun doing live-streams from home together.”

The dad-daughter DJ Duo (say that five times fast) have accomplished so much both together and on their own. Though Lee and Valentina’s mom separated, they work together to support their daughter’s success and happiness. No matter where her career takes her, one thing’s for sure – V-Star will always have her parents there to keep her on the right track.

Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary in Same Clothes They Wore at the Wedding

60th anniversary

There are a lot of ways to celebrate an anniversary. When it comes to celebrating your 60th, though, you’ve probably exhausted most of those ways. And then there’s one Nebraska couple who found an adorably heartwarming way to celebrate, with a photoshoot wearing the same exact clothes they got married in six decades prior.

Anniversaries are a big deal. But when it comes to the big ones, you gotta zig when you usually zag. And that’s why the photoshoot is a money move, it’s the perfect way to capture a special moment (and the truly heartwarming ones go viral, like the daughter of a fallen soldier with her dad’s unit).

So when Lucille and Marvin Stone decided to celebrate 60 years of marriage with a photoshoot wearing the same formal wear they wore down that aisle six decades ago, it was bound to work. Especially with an awesome photographer. Nebraska photographer Katie Autry worked with the couple on the shoot, and she said it was one of her favorite sessions to date.

I mean come on, how cute are these pictures?

Lucille even made her dress herself, because that was back in the times when people did things like that. Autry asked the still happy couple what their secret was for a long-lasting marriage and she shared their answer on her Facebook post.

They both said, “work hard, be kind to one another, think before you speak, rely on each other’s strengths to overcome your weakness, and stay strong in your faith.”

Not bad advice to live by just in general, honestly. And it’s tough to argue with the result, as the years speak for themselves.

Questions To Ask Your Spouse To Keep the Convo Flowing

questions to ask your spouse

Everyone worries about their first date and how well the conversation will flow, but not many people stop to think about keeping that conversation going when you’re five, ten, or fifty years into a relationship or marriage. The truth is, though, that chatting up your spouse doesn’t always get easier as time goes by. “Remember that time I-” is met with, “Yeah, Babe. I was there.” Very quickly your conversations become more like to-do lists or quick decision making than actual time spent bonding. “But, we’re married. How much more bonded can we be?” My dude. There is always room for improvement. Trust.

If you’ve got the “We never talk anymore” comment recently, we’re here to help. Figuring out what to talk about when you’re up each other’s asses can be hard. (Uh, especially if you’re living through a pandemic and suddenly both working from home. Let alone when you add kids into the mix.) Luckily, these questions to ask your spouse will help you start new conversations. They’ll also show your partner that you’re trying and you care. *hint hint*

Questions For Your Spouse About Your Kids

1. What physical or emotional trait of yours do you hope our kids inherit? What do you hope they get from me?
2. Would you change anything about when we had kids or how we had kids?
3. What do you wish we were better at as parents?
4. What do you think I’m really good at as a parent? (Note: You need to compliment your co-parent in return!)
5. Is there anything special about your childhood that you’d like to recreate for our kids?

Questions For Your Spouse About Their Hopes and Dreams

6. What’s the last dream you had? The last nightmare?
7. Was there anything you dreamed of doing as a kid that you still wish you could do?
8. How can I help you achieve your goals?
9. What do you think about when you think about a day when we have more free time?
10. What do you wish we could do together as a couple? As a family? What about on your own?

Questions For Your Spouse About Their Day

11. What made your day good/bad today?
12. How did I contribute to your day being good or bad?
13. What made you laugh today?
14. Is there anything you want to accomplish before we go to bed tonight?
15. What can we do together tomorrow that will make you feel appreciated and loved?

Questions For Your Spouse About Their Memories

16. What was your favorite date of ours?
17. If you could relive a time in your life, when would you choose?
18. What about if you could relive a time just in our relationship?
19. What’s your favorite memory with your siblings/parents/grandparents?
20. What memories do you still want to create?

Questions For Your Spouse To Spark Random Conversations

21. Would you ever want a boat? What kind? What would we name it?
22. What kind of pet would you like to have next (or also)? Why?
23. Where would you go on vacation if we could afford to go anywhere?
24. What is something about yourself that you wish more people complimented you for?
25. What non-super superpower would you most like to have? (Think: Learning languages faster/better or being more influential.)
26. Whats your favorite memory from the holidays?
27. What’s your favorite memory from school?
28. What’s your favorite memory since we’ve been together?
29. What’s your favorite memory since you became a parent?
30. What kind of memories do you want to create?
31. What has the pandemic taught you about our relationship?
32. What has it taught you about yourself?
33. What is the first thing you want to do when all this is over?
34. What small things do you appreciate more since we went into quarantine?
35. What habits of mine have you noticed since we’ve been home together more?