Our 12 Best Dad Memes of The Month

Nothing is more dad than laughing at your own jokes – especially when they’re terrible and make your kids groan (even when they are super punny!) Here are our 12 favorites memes from each month of the year (Actually, as voted by you, based on Facebook engagement!)

May 2021

1. Screen Time

being married is mostly pointing out your partner is using the phone in the small window when you're not using yours
2. Tough Guy
one time i had to convince a toddler to put his shoes on
3. Mowing
dad comic strip
4. Palming
dads who palm the steering wheel park perfectly
5. Silence
the silence after your kid falls over is the worst
6. Nap
a couch nap with a little kid on your stomach
7. Love
sometimes a toddler will suddenly declare their love for a random item
8. Eyes
mr potato head eyes in potato bag
9. Teachers
this was a bonkers school year and mad respect to all the teachers
10. Challenged
whenever my gps gives me an estimated arrival time it is a direct challenge
11. Wise
me trying to explain to a new dad how tired they will be
12. True Math
I wish we learned real math in school

April 2021

1. Worry Not

By the age of 30 you should have a dog, anxiety, a dog with anxiety
2. Downloaded
video games should be cheaper to download than to buy
3. Sigh
wow today sucks says toddler who has a day filled with ice cream, movies, parks
4. Laundered 
laundry no the bed waiting to be folded
5. Worthless
parenting advice from someone without kids is worthless
6. Rushing
kid eats entire easter basket in 10 minutes
7. Dated
I was once on the telephone with a blockbuster video
8. Death and Dad Tax
dad takes dad tax for everything and teaches son about real taxes
9. Tired
dad is always tired
10. Basketcase 
wife says do that think i like, husband puts clothes in laundry basket
11. Origin Story
why do people have kids? when they loathe free time and income
12. Overcome
dad tapes moms face to head while bottle feeding

March 2021
1. Never Trust Tech

dads stepping outside to confirm what weather app just told them
2. No Punch Backs
bed bugs in sheets, but they are beatles
3. Credit Score
what's my credit score?
4. Potty Trained
bullied by a person i had to teach to use the potty
5. Comforting
marriage advice: separate comforters
6. Shall Remain Nameless
dad forgets kids name
7. Tender Moments
kids will try chicken tenders at any restaurant
8. I’m Batman
batman mugs are better than fine china
9. Favorite Child
not supposed to say you have a favorite child
10. No Difference
before and after kids
11. Rise and Shine
kids when it's time to get up for school vs weekend
12. Edgy
cliff bar in vending machine

February 2021

1. Bless You

when you sneeze to hard
2. Waiting
when you tell your kid you would take him to the park
3. Bowels
i'm gonna do the world's longest shit
4. Hats Off
when your suddenly a hat guy out of no where
5. Salon
welcome to parenthood you do hair now
when toddlers fall you can tell them it didn't hurt
7. Repeat Offender
the one song your toddler loves on repeat
8. I See You
when your poop knows you've had a sip of coffee
9. Infamous
can you make the kids your famous mac n cheese
10. Pushing the Envelope 
the way you save envelope is weird and wrong
11. Hawk-Eye
when you're trying to have a serious conversation with your kid
12. Hobby
Wife making a quick run into hobby lobby

January 2021

1. Empty

Hand Me My Phone

2. Veterans

When you're listening to the lazer tag employee go over the rules

3. Fools

kids think growing up is cool and can't wait to get older. that's how dumb they are

4. Super

a dad's superpower is loving someone despite them being a total dick

5. Do Not Disturb

when your wife needs a break she hides under go ask dad blanket

6. Still Cool

embracing fatherhood means still trying to be cool while appreciating your daughters gifts

7. Packing

when you hear the baby crying in the night

8. Snow Glory Days

school says with remote learning we don't have snow days, unplugs router

9. Take an Inch

i hate you with every inch of my body. that's not a lot of inches

10. Affleck’d

when you're juggling remote learning, parenting, marriage, work

11. Combination

while i like all the ingredients in this meal, kid refuses to eat in a certain combination

12. Low-Res

when you install an ultra-hd smart tv to watch low-res 90s shows

December 2020

1. Griswold

Dads all Year: Who Left the Lights on? Dads in December
2. Over and Out
Things Dads Say When Getting Ready to Leave
3. Guess What?
When You Get Your Kid that Surprise Christmas Gift
4. “Cleaning”
when you walk into your kids room while they are cleaning
5. Bag it
dads love collecting wrapping paper
6. Dads Assemble!
shout out to dads getting ready to assembly christmas gifts
7. Parting Ways
leaving home depot with the wrong part
8. This Is Chaos
when you don't have a garbage bag ready for wrapping paper
9. Sleep
advice for expecting parents sleep as long as you can
10. Magic
kids holding a toy on christmas they believe is magaically from santa
11. Night and Day
front of the christmas tree vs back of the christmas tree
when a dad works for the roads department

November 2020

1. Indelible

did you get into the markers?

2. Civic Duty

remember that dude with the tricked out Civic? He's a dad now

3. Consequences

well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions

4. Son-Rise

my kid at 5am the next morning

5. Copped a Capri

who took the capri sun out of my lunchables?

6. Framed

i accidentally ate all of my wife's favorite ice cream

7. Gold

my kid's halloween candy watching me eat salad for lunch

8. Turkey Hate

turkey is disgusting change my mind

9. Rivals

your lawn just has to be better than your neighbors

10. It’s Not Butter

when yours id gone so you try your wife's shampoo

11. Hi Hungry, Remixed

Hi cringing, I'm dad and if you're lucky, one day you too can be comfy

12. Stuffed

Me on thanksgiving at 8pm

October 2020

1. Driveway Dad

Dad When Someone Uses Their Driveway

2. Dad Taxes

Trick or Treat Dad Tax

3. Singing

There is no purer art form than a kid with a bad voice singing their heart out because the world hasn't beaten them down yet

4. Automatic Doors

Me opening automatic doors at age 6 and age 32

5. Sleep

When you're tired and someone says "you should get more sleep"

6. Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in 2020 be like

7. Dad Law

A dad of young children will stay up late after his kids are in bed no matter how tired he is

8. Music

when you excitedly share music that shaped you and your kid says it sucks

9. Dangerous

What I say: Don't do that it's dangerous. What toddler hears: Prove to me you're not a coward.

10. Treehouse

Son: will you build me a treehouse? Dad: What about knowing me your entire life makes you think I have that skill set?

11. Xboxed

Get off the Xbox, it's too violent. Now come play hangman

12. Pancakes

Kid: Dad, why do you always give us the good pancakes and eat the burnt ones yourself? Because that's what heroes do.

Dad Opens Car Wash To Change the Life of His Son and Others With Autism

Being a parent means wanting your kids to have every opportunity they choose to pursue in life. But for parents of kids with disabilities, the world isn’t always so welcoming. Opportunities are limited, and for some, things we take for granted feel completely out of reach. Rather than let society dictate his son’s future, John D’Eri took things into his own hands.

John D’Eri’s son Andrew has autism, but D’Eri refused to accept the limitations autism supposedly gave him. The unemployment rate for those with autism is exceedingly high, often around 90%. But Andrew wouldn’t become part of that 90% – not on D’Eri’s watch.

“I want him to have a life,” D’Eri told NationSwell. “I want him to have a job. I want him to have friends that are like him.”

D’Eri knew his son was capable beyond what society expected, and he knew the same was true for others on the autism spectrum. To help give Andrew a sense of purpose and normalcy, D’Eri and his other son, Thomas, co-founded the Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland Florida – a car wash with a purpose.

“There are a lot of incredibly capable people with autism who rarely get a chance to excel in life because they have been labeled with a disability that society pities instead of a diversity that can be harnessed as a competitive advantage for business,” the Rising Tide website explains. “Now we utilize the strengths many individuals with autism have and leverage those into the highest quality experience on the market.”

The Rising Tide car wash employs around 35 individuals with autism, and each employee is held to the company’s high expectations. D’Eri stresses that individuals with autism are more than capable of doing good work. The success of the Rising Tide car wash proves his point – the high unemployment rate in those with autism is due to opportunity far more than ability.

D’Eri hopes that his family business sets a new standard across the board, opening up even more opportunities to those with autism.

“You might be thinking that we’ve succeeded in spite of our unusual workforce. The truth is that Rising Tide’s success is because of our unique team,” their website states. “Every time a customer leaves happy, every successful year of business we complete, and every new store we open is a testament of the value individuals with autism bring to the workforce.”

Brooklyn 99’s “One Last Ride” Gets a Trailer

Brooklyn 99 has had a strange road. It started as an Andy Samberg vehicle before quickly establishing itself as a classic ensemble workplace comedy. It started on one network before getting canceled and then picked up by a different network, and then saw its final season delayed – like everything else – by the pandemic.

Perhaps most challenging, it’s a comedy about lovable, bumbling cops during a time when being a cop in America carries a lot of baggage and controversy.

But thanks to a great cast and a dedicated fan base, it weathered all those changes and controversies and managed to survive for eight years. It’s finally coming to an end with “One Last Ride,” the final season that NBC ordered in late 2019, and that finally hits the airwaves on August 12.

Despite the delay and the network change, it looks like more of the same from the amiable crew, and the whole cast is back, with Samberg joined by his winning, diverse cast: incredible foil, Andre Braugher, rival turned love interest Melissa Fumero, dopey partner Joe Lo Truglio, big-hearted tough guy Terry Crews, tough girl Stephanie Beatriz, and more, including fan-favorite guest stars back to help send the show off.

Check out the trailer for the final season:

July 2021: Lewis Creed Sr.

We are honored to announce The Dad of the Month for July 2021: Lewis Creed Sr. Being a dad is so much more than sharing genetics with your kids; it’s about giving your all and setting an example for your family, and Lewis’s step-daughter, Shauna, says he absolutely meets those criteria and then some:

“This is my dad, Lewis Creed Sr. He is the dad of 4 – my stepsister (Jennifer), my stepbrother (Lewis Jr.), my sister (Darla), and myself. My biological father walked out of the lives of my mom, my sister, and me when I was a few years old, so while Lou is my ‘step-dad,’ the saying ‘I’m not the stepdad, I’m the dad who stepped up’ is much more fitting.

Photos courtesy of Shauna Schuman

“In the 23+ years that Lou has been my dad, he has always truly done his best to be a caretaker and a provider for our family, as well as a positive example of what a man should be. From walking me down the aisle to marry my daughter’s dad, to staying by my mom’s side and helping take care of her as she went through chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer, to coaching his brother, his son, and his grandson in wrestling, to moving his children and grandchildren across states or across the country, and even working multiple jobs to help financially support his grown children when they’ve faced struggles…I couldn’t have ever dreamed of a better dad than the one I have.

Photos courtesy of Shauna Schuman

“Beyond what he does for us, Lou is one of the first to drop things he has going on to help others whether they are family, friends, or complete strangers. Assisting with farm chores, building additions on houses and doing household repairs, auto troubleshooting and repairs, and building adjustable ramps for aging and disabled pets are just the beginning of what he does for others with any spare time he has, and he is extremely humble about all of it – never looking for any kind of recognition. This guy has a truly amazing heart, and I’m proud and extremely blessed to call him my dad!”

To honor Lewis, his selfless attitude towards life, and his incredible humility, we’re giving him $500 and some special edition dad gear. Lewis is an amazing example of a father who continually “steps up” to care for those he loves. Cheers!

Ryan Reynolds Explains the Genesis of “Feud” With Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been feuding for a long time. The former costars, each most famous for playing their respective comic book superheroes (Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’ Deadpool), even turned their feud into charity. The two never miss a chance to take a shot at the other. And now, Reynolds has explained the genesis of their feud.

OK, well, first, I should explain that it’s not a feud, it’s a “feud.” If it was a real Hollywood feud, you wouldn’t see them in public together capitalizing on it, it would be confined to passive-aggressive comments in the press and cryptic social media posts. It’s clear to anyone who has a brain that the two do like each other. And just in case it’s not clear, Reynolds has made the effort to explain it.

Reynolds was a guest on Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett’s podcast “Smartless” and called Jackman “one of the best guys I know.”

“I mean he really is just the nicest guy you’d ever meet, and it drives me nuts sometimes…he really is the real deal,” Reynolds said. He said the two have fun taking jabs at each other, but that Jackman is like his life Sherpa.

Reynolds mentioned it was Jackman’s relentless optimism that forced him to lash out initially.

“He reciprocates, of course, because he’s nothing if not a sportsman,” Reynolds said. “And that’s kind of it.”

The two are both great actors, but also really good people, who have done a tremendous amount of charity work. That’s the best kind of celebrity you can be, someone who uses your platform for good, but isn’t afraid to have some ball-busting fun along the way.

Now that he’s gone on record, even people who didn’t fully understand the “feud” can enjoy the snipes taking place between the two, knowing they come from a good place of mutual respect.

Do You Want a Pizza This? Brazilian Restaurant Sells World’s Strangest Pizzas

Pizza is a food so beautifully diverse that it can be transformed into things that barely resemble the three-ingredient classic. There’s a fine line between creative pizzas and things that no longer qualify as pizza at all, and restaurants like Pizzaria Batepapo in Brazil are constantly testing the limits. Maybe all it takes to qualify is a single person who believes it’s a pizza, but even so, this Pizzaria’s Frankenstein-like creations are a hard sell, maybe even criminal.

Most foods take on different forms in different countries, and Brazilian pizza is no exception. Some popular pizza toppings in the South American country include tuna and onions, broccoli with bacon and cream cheese, and green peas. If regular Brazilian pizzerias offer such an odd array of toppings, it’s going to take some serious dedication to stand out. Fortunately (or something), Pizzaria Batepapo is up to the challenge.

Founder Dos Santos started creating giant pizzas almost a decade ago, but once he began sharing pictures of some of his more creative pies on social media, he never looked back. Pizzaria Batepapo is an immersive culinary experience, one you won’t soon forget.

Maybe you’re looking for something savory,

Or are dessert pizzas your jam?


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Don’t worry if you can’t decide,


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You can have both.


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Or maybe just some extra cheese?


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I honestly couldn’t even tell you if the baby comes with it at this point.


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Every day we stray further from God’s light


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Pineapple on pizza doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?


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I need a shower.


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Watch Snoop Dogg Light Up Peacock’s Olympics Coverage

It’s a little bit hard to believe for those of us who first knew him as a gangster rapper on the notorious Death Row label, but Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Dogg, is one of America’s most beloved celebrities. It seems the culture has finally caught up with the notorious pothead, as marijuana use has grown increasingly mainstream and increasingly legal. Now Snoop can befriend Martha Stewart, appear in national ad campaigns, call boxing matches, and even provide commentary during the Olympics.

Of course, he’s still Snoop, so if you’re gonna hire him to call some Olympic highlights, alongside comedian Kevin Hart, you’d better be prepared for some antics.

Over the weekend, Peacock put Hart and Snoop behind a desk and let them riff on some Olympic footage, and they did not disappoint. Snoop was on one, noting the similarities between the equestrian event and cripwalking, much to his co-host’s delight.

Snoop also took advantage of the similarity of an Olympic event name to some urban dictionary slang that I would not suggest you explain to your children.

Even after referencing gangs and… bangs (sorry), Snoop emerged unscathed, with most taking delight in his commentary and appreciating the wildcard spirit he brought to the gig. Peacock took it all on stride:

And viewers loved it:

No word yet on whether there was any backlash to Snoop’s hosting, but something tells me he’ll be just fine.

“Scariest Silence of My Life,” Video Shows Emotional Moment Baby Regains Pulse

The birth of your baby is a moment you never forget. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, each birthing experience is unique and magical. Every parent hopes for a straightforward labor and delivery, a predictably difficult but otherwise uneventful day. Unfortunately, for many parents, the day your baby enters the world can be filled with fear and uncertainty.

When TikTok user Sheri sherinicole455 went into labor, she never realized her daughter’s life could be in danger. In a video that’s been viewed over 4.7 million times, Sheri shares the terrifying moment she and her husband feared they would never get to watch their daughter grow up.

“We lost her heartbeat while I was pushing,” Sheri explains in the on-screen text. “She was blue and completely lifeless.”

@sherinicole455Giving me a run for my money since the day she was born 😅 ##childbirth ##birth ##babiesoftiktok ##fyp ##McDonaldsCCSing ##VideoSnapChallenge ##labor ##cute

♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions

Though Sheri’s reaction isn’t visible through the rails of the hospital bed, her husband’s panic is tangible. He stares down helplessly at his wife and newborn baby as the nurses work quickly and skillfully, waiting for a sign that his daughter is ok.

For a few heartbreaking seconds, the room is filled with a heavy silence. When a few short moments mean the difference between life and death for your child, however, those seconds feel like an eternity. A sharp cry suddenly tears through the silence, freeing the panicked dad from his petrified trance.

“The most relieving sound in the world,” confirms the on-screen text.

As the heroic nurses congratulate the new parents, Dad drops his head into his hands and cries tears of relief. Sheri reaches out towards her husband, wordlessly sharing a moment of joy and gratitude.

“I saw him crying, and I knew he was worried,” Sheri recalled in the comments. “He told me later that he thought we had already lost her, and hearing her cry was overwhelming.”

New ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Trailer Gives Us the Woody We Deserve

Fans have been waiting for this ever since the post-credits scene!

Remember Venom, Sony’s unlikely Spider-man adjacent blockbuster from a few years back that featured Tom Hardy going gonzo as investigative journalist Eddie Brock AND ravenous alien symbiote Venom? The sequel is coming and based on the new trailer, it’s going to have exactly what we want: more Woody Harrelson!

Harrelson’s role as Carnage in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, was teased at the end of the first movie, and fans have been dying to see Harrelson’s red-headed serial killer, Cletus Kasady, get infected by a symbiote of his own and match Hardy’s scene-chewing antics. The people behind these movies know what we want, and they’re giving it to us. In spades!

Eddie Brock and Venom have settled into an odd-couple relationship, complete with rule (“No eating people”), but once the depraved Cletus gets a taste (literally) of his own symbiote, he has nothing but chaos – and carnage – on his mind.

Check out the crazy new trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, coming this fall:

David Ayer Defends His ‘Suicide Squad:’ “Who Would I Be to My Kids if I Quit?”

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max this weekend, and early reviews suggest it will be fun, goofy, chaotic, and hilarious; four things the original Suicide Squad movie was not. The first movie is… not good. But DCEU devotees think it could have been, if director David Ayer had been allowed to release his intended version of the movie. And after the success of Zach Snyder’s Justice League do-over, there has been a growing call to #releasetheAyerCut of the original Suicide Squad.

But, because it’s the internet, there has also been a surge of people seeing the new movie as an excuse to dunk on Ayer.

One particular tweet seemed to be a final straw for the writer/director. In a three-page letter he posted on Twitter, Ayer defends work, shed light on the sometimes painful creative process, and offered an inspiring, if somewhat gritty meditation on perseverance.

“I put my life into Suicide Squad. I made something amazing – My cut is intricate and emotional journey with some ‘bad people’ who are shit on and discarded (a theme that resonates in my soul),” Ayer wrote. The letter touches on his troubled youth, and how these stories is a part of his sense of redemption and self-worth.

Along with standing by his own integrity, Ayer also made sure to heap praise on his team, as well as James Gunn. It’s a fascinating read, and worth considering what could have been, had the studio not done what studios tend to do.  He concludes the letter by saying this is the last time he’ll be speaking publicly about his cut and the controversy surrounding it. Read his response, and try to keep your adrenaline down because the man is fired up!