Blind Dad-to-Be Receives Embroidered Ultrasound So He Can “See” His Son

Woman gives blind partner embroidered ultrasound

Preparing to have your first baby is thrilling, nerve-wracking, and a bit of a gong show. You aren’t yet a parent, but you’re also – well, not not a parent. You begin the process of buying clothes, setting up a room for your tiny new family member, and thinking about how drastically your life is about to change.

We spend hours gazing longingly at ultrasound photos, wondering how that tiny alien-looking thing will soon become one of the most important people in the world to us. But for dads like Nathan Edge, being blind means that he misses out on seeing those highly-anticipated ultrasound photos. That is, until his partner Emma Fotheringham came up with a plan.

26-Year-olds Nathan and Emma are about to become first-time parents, but after Emma’s 12-week ultrasound, she was heartbroken that Nathan wouldn’t be able to look at them with her. This being the couple’s first child, Emma didn’t want Nathan to miss a single thing. A local woman named Deb Fisher who knew the couple through volunteer work found out about their predicament, and despite having no embroidery experience, promised to create a stitched copy.

Fisher enlisted the help of a midwife, as she was struggling to make out the details in the scan. The midwife helped Fisher better understand the grainy image in order to embroider the ultrasound as accurately as possible.

40 hours and several long weeks later, Fisher had finished her challenging project. Emma had been keeping the project a secret, so the first time Nathan found out about the incredible gift was when he held it in his hands.

“I was quite emotional,” Nathan said to People. “It took me a few minutes to work it out. But normal baby scans are quite difficult to work out when you can see them.”

Nathan shared a photo of the beautifully embroidered ultrasound on Twitter, a photo that quickly went viral.

“How incredible is this?” Nathan tweeted. “Received this amazing surprise today… it’s an embroidered tactile version of our 12 week baby scan, so for the first time as a blind dad to be, I’m able to build a picture of our baby scan through touch. Can’t describe how amazing this is.”

The ultrasound meant so much to Nathan, he’s hoping to help other blind parents experience that same joy. “I don’t want it to stop here at me,” he said on Twitter, “I’m now looking into the prospect of making tactile scans more easily available for fellow blind and visually impaired parents at an affordable price.”

Dad Turns House Into Star Wars Christmas Light Show With Imperial March Remix

Dad's Star Wars Christmas Light Show
(YouTube/Living Light Shows)

Even though Winter is the darkest time of the year, Christmas lights never fail to brighten things up both literally and figuratively. There’s something about driving through typically pitch-black streets only to find a neighborhood filled with twinkling lights and bright, inflatable, larger-than-life decorations that fills us with joy. Though a few strings of Christmas lights is enough for most families to feel festive, Matt Johnson takes holiday decorations to a galaxy far, far away.

Matt Johnson, a dad who works in technology consulting and software development, has always had a passion for using technology in creative and innovative ways. Though Johnson has done many creative projects over the years, his next-level light shows gained international attention. The video of his 2017 light show has nearly a million views on YouTube (ok, half of them were me), and after a mere 5 seconds, it’s clear why. As much as we love The Mandalorian light show that’s currently trending, the force is strongest with this one.

The light show combines traditional Christmas lights, pixels, and an insanely cool custom soundtrack for maximum entertainment. Though the video is only three minutes long, Johnson’s creativity combined with the constantly-changing elements makes it feel like a fully-immersive journey.

Johnson explains on his website, “Our show is not your traditional light show! There are no inflatables, characters, blow molds, or other ‘traditional’ elements. Even the music is not traditional Christmas music; it is a custom sound track composed of Dubstep, EDM, hip hop, movie clips and even our children!”

“The result is an exciting show that feels like a dance party! Even the lights are not traditional, we use Pixels which are similar to what you would see in a stadium Jumbotron. Each pixel can be controlled individually and set to any color and intensity. This means many more effects than what can be done with Christmas lights!”

Johnson ran his light show for free in his Texas neighborhood, and wants to give others the opportunity to create their own. His YouTube channel features videos teaching viewers how to create specific elements of his incredible light show, from projection mapping to using apps to control the show’s moving parts. Johnson even sells kits on his Living Light Show website, allowing even us less-techy folks to create our own pro-level displays.

The latest video on Johnson’s channel shows this talented dad playing with some new technology for his 2020 light show, so keep your eyes open for his next incredible display – though if it’s anything like 2017, it’ll be hard to miss.

This Epic Mandalorian-Inspired Christmas Light Show Is the Way

Mandalorian-themed light show
(Youtube/Steve Beers)

Some Christmas traditions have to wait until next year, so we’re leaning extra hard into the ones we can enjoy right now. Whether it’s a full month of Elf on the Shelf chaos or completely decking out your house to reflect your passion for the season, there’s no shortage of ways to make this holiday feel festive.

Extravagant light displays are a long-standing tradition, allowing Christmas-lovers to both show off their technical prowess and their love for Star Wars. Often, the inspiration for these next-level light displays come from unexpected yet familiar places, and this Mandalorian light show is no exception.

While many light shows we’ve seen over the years smack you in the face with loud music and flashing lights right off the bat, this slightly more modest show pulls you in with elements that build on each other as the house seemingly comes to life.

The Mandalorian theme song begins to play, filling everyone who’s seen the show with immediate anticipation. The lights themselves, however, start off as barely a twinkle. The house remains completely dark for the first 30-something seconds of the video as the trees spell out “The Mandalorian” in a marquee-like display, but patient viewers are rewarded with a light show that won’t soon be forgotten.

The lights appear to dance along with the music – flashing, twinkling, and moving to the beat. As the song builds, so do the lights. The entire display has a very intergalactic vibe, reminiscent of a spaceship itself (or at least the way they’re depicted in sci-fi movies).

This Mandalorian Christmas light show is out of this world, and perhaps one of the most fitting themes for the season – I mean technically, both Christmas and The Mandalorian are centered around The Child.

Dad Has Sewn Over 200 Dresses for His Daughter To Bond Through Creativity

Dad sews over 200 dresses for daughter

For many of us, getting our kids dressed in the morning is little more than a necessary chore to fit into our already hectic days. But for one dad named Michael Gardner, his daughter’s wardrobe became something that helped the pair bond throughout the years. Helping his 9-year-old daughter Ava get dressed doesn’t mean laying out an outfit the night before – for this crafty dad, it means starting from scratch. In fact, Gardner has started from scratch over 200 times, and he has no plans to slow down.

“I decided to start sewing for Ava to teach her to be confident, have high self-esteem, and to believe in herself,” Gardner told The Dad. “I have been creative since I was a kid, I was in search of a new creative challenge and sewing became the catalyst to achieve my mission. My goal was to bond with her through my creativity, which is the most impactful way that I express myself.”


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A post shared by Michael Gardner (@daddydressedmebymg)

When Ava was younger, her dad took creative control. Gardner started sewing dresses for Ava when she was just 3 years old, but as she’s gotten older, Ava has become an essential piece of the creative puzzle. She helps choose styles, fabrics, and once her masterpieces are complete, she helps choose locations for photoshoots.

“Ava and I have been inseparable since she was born,” Gardner explained. “The journey of me sewing and her modeling strengthened our bond. It is truly a collaboration on all levels. We share ideas, inspiration and encourage each other throughout the process. It has also allowed us to have in depth conversations and simply have fun together.”


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A post shared by Michael Gardner (@daddydressedmebymg)

Gardner is self-taught when it comes to sewing, and if he can do it, he truly believes that anyone can. Gardner learned to sew through YouTube videos and Pinterest, and last summer, he was named a brand ambassador for Janome Sewing Machines. This talented dad even started Daddy Dressed Me by Michael Gardner, a fashion brand and social media campaign. Through sharing the creations he and Ava have brought to life on social media, the creative duo has received support from around the world.


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A post shared by Michael Gardner (@daddydressedmebymg)

“Every time I am thanked for bringing joy, happiness and complimented for being a positive light in what’s been a challenging year I am truly amazed,” Gardner said. “Hearing that I am an inspiration as a creative and parent means so much to me.”

The bond between Gardner and Ava is immediately evident through their photos and videos, and since Gardner’s relationship with his own dad was less than ideal, being a great dad to Ava was especially important.


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A post shared by Michael Gardner (@daddydressedmebymg)

“I want people to know that it is absolutely possible to be the parent you choose to be, regardless of the circumstances in your childhood,” Gardner expressed. “I am blessed to have an amazing relationship with Ava, it’s a totally different experience than I had with my parents. I put in the work, time and love into providing Ava with all the things I wish I had as a kid, I broke the cycle and for that I am proud.”

Father of Six Gains TikTok Stardom by Cooking on a Budget With a Side of Comedy

Father of Six Teaches TikTok to Cook

Most people who go viral online these days end up getting a lot of attention simply for the entertainment they offer. And don’t get me wrong, that’s great. The internet is where most of us go for some mindless laughs. But every once in a while, the internet links us to people who provide far more than just distractions from everyday life. The underrated heroes of internet edutainment (combination education/entertainment) are dads who take time out of their busy lives to take anyone willing to listen under their wing.

The newest dad edutainer on our radar is an Australian father of six (six, and he still makes time to help the rest of us out) named Nathan Lyons. Obviously, being a father of six is challenging both effort-wise and money-wise. But as Lyons shows us, feeding a family of eight doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Lyons posts his easy, affordable, and healthy recipes to TikTok – and with 64,000 followers and climbing, he’s clearly stumbled upon an untapped market. The 35-year-old peppers his videos with hilarious commentary, easing our kitchen stress and making it feel as if we’re cooking alongside our own dads.

“I’m from a housing commission, single mum, four kids, not working,” Lyons told “We always ate cheap so I learned from her how to buy cheap at the supermarket. I can feed my family of eight for $8 dollars. The biggest struggle for us is I’m a single-income family so money is a bit tight, which is why some of the cheap meals come out.”

Unlike many online foodies, Lyons makes his presentation relatable. No father of six is going to spend an hour plating and prepping once the cooking is done, so he pairs his delicious meals with plastic plates and an extremely welcome laid-back attitude.

He whets your appetite with comedy

@kookingwithakooriEgg section Drug deals! ##mcspicymoves ##SkateLife ##indiginous ##koori ##madfeedz ##australia ##eggs ##scrambled ##fyp ##keens ##curry♬ original sound – Kooking with a koori

Some drool-worthy steak noodles

@kookingwithakooriKooking with a koori 🖤💛❤️ mi goreng steak noodles ##madfeedz ##aboriginal ##koori ##indgenous ##fyp ##australia ##cooking ##noodles ##beef ##steak♬ original sound – Kooking with a koori

Even some lazy lunch ideas for those especially taxing days

@kookingwithakooriKooking with a koori 🖤💛❤️ lazy lunch ##aboriginal ##madfeedz ##koori ##indignous ##australia ##deadly ##fyp ##lunch ##food ##cooking ##woolies♬ Salad – Advice

He makes a killer kangaroo curry (though I’m sure more readily-available meat would work too)

@kookingwithakooriKooking with a koori 🖤💛❤️ slow cooked kangaroo curry ##alwayswasalwayswillbe ##madfeedz ##koori ##fyp ##curry ##kangaroo ##slowcooker ##food ##yum ##dinner♬ One’s On The Way – Loretta Lynn

Check out kookingwithakoori on TikTok for the full catalog of videos, and get kooking.

Impressive Dad Builds Astoundingly Accurate Breath of the Wild Playhouse

Dad builds Breath of the Wild playhouse
(YouTube/Once Upon A Workbench)

Getting your very own playhouse as a kid is like winning the lottery. What could possibly be better than having your very own space to store your toys, and hanging out with friends in a place that’s entirely yours? For most of us, having a playhouse meant having what was basically a large dog house that came in a box of 10 interlocking pieces from Home Depot. My playhouse as a kid was a shed in my backyard that was so full of dirt and bugs and lawn tools that I genuinely hated the place, but at least it was mine (well, mine and the rats’). Not all of us have YouTuber Once Upon a Workbench as our dads, so we had to make do with whatever was available.

Donovan (aka Once Upon a Workbench), an incredibly crafty dad, has made a slew of creations over the years that any kid would love. He’s created real-life versions of LEGO props like the Ninjago Scythe of Quakes, the Ninjago Sword of Fire, and the Ninjago Nunchucks of Lightning. He’s made custom Christmas decorations based off of his kids’ favorite shows and video games, he built a My Little Pony workbench – but to date, his most impressive and time-consuming project came in the form of a playhouse based off of Link’s Breath of the Wild house.

We have to give credit where credit’s due – this playhouse wasn’t based on Link’s home, Donovan freaking recreated the entire place down to decorations like the Master Sword and Majora’s Mask. He made the playhouse for his son’s birthday, and though he didn’t quite finish in time, it’s pretty much the best gift any kid could imagine (or, you know, the best gift anyone could imagine).


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It’s done!!!

A post shared by Donovan (@onceuponaworkbench) on

The video’s caption explains, “It started a simple idea to make a playhouse, then became something epic as we built the ultimate Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild playhouse.”

The 16-minute long video details the process, but of course, it’s an extremely abridged version of everything that went into creating this masterpiece. Donovan posted more detailed pictures on his Instagram, and this absolute gem of a Zelda fan is selling an instruction manual in case you want to try your hand at creating your very own version.

Whether or not you plan to dedicate the next several years of your life to this insanely detailed project, the video is well worth a watch. The beginning even plays out like a video game cutscene, because of course, he’s also incredible at editing videos.

Wholesome Dad Creates Remote Seesaw To Play With Son From 730 Miles Away

Dad builds remote seesaw to play with son from afar
(YouTube/CCTV Video News Agency)

Parenting comes with a huge number of challenges, from helping your kids through their own struggles to not being needed quite as much as they grow up. Parenting from home is hard enough, but a whole new host of difficulties appears when you’re forced, for one reason or another, to parent from afar. Liu Haibin, a father from China, lives and works 730 miles away from his wife and 8-month-old son. Despite the distance, Haibin is still able to play with his son thanks to his impressive technical abilities and a little creativity.

Seesaws hold a special place in Haibin’s heart. When he was a child, Haibin and his dad built special memories around their own seesaw. “Every time I think about my childhood, I remember my father coming home early to play with me on the seesaw,” he told Oddity Central. “This memory always gives me strength, so I want to give my son memories that fill him with love.”

Being so far from his son is an enormous challenge for the 30-year-old dad, so in a stroke of creative genius, he created the world’s longest seesaw (sort of). One end of the seesaw is in Xiamen where Haibin lives, while the other is over 700 miles away in Tengzhou with his son. When Haibin sits on his end, sensors tell the other side of the seesaw to lift.

More important than the motion sensors are the screens. If only we could have told our parents 30 years ago that screens would one day be central to family time – they would have rolled their eyes and unplugged our Ataris. Today though, screens allow Haibin and his son to play on their unique seesaw, (virtually) face-to-face.

Haibin sees and hears his son smile and laugh as he lowers and lifts his end, knowing that even from so far away, they’re able to bond and create memories together.

“My little boy was very happy playing on the seesaw, it was such a long time ago since he smiled at me,” Haibin said. “I believe this will make him happier and everything I did was worth it.”

An Arrrrtistic Dad Built a 50-Foot Pirate Ship for His Daughter

Dad builds 50-foot pirate ship for daughter on Halloween

Finding ways to make Halloween special this year was no easy feat. Kids spend months looking forward to the sugar-fueled holiday, planning costumes and trick-or-treat routes to get the most impressive and brag-worthy candy haul. This year, trick-or-treating was iffy and Halloween traditions were interrupted – but that didn’t stop parents from creating new traditions to make the day stand out. Some parents channeled their creativity into making impressive costumes or fun Halloween activities, others were busy building things for their community.

But one New York dad poured his effort into making his daughter’s Caribbean dream come true.

Caribbean, as in “Pirates of the” – and it all started a few years ago with a simple request. Tony DeMatteo’s daughter loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and a few years ago, she requested a Pirates-themed Halloween. Last year, DeMatteo came through with an enormously impressive display, but he was far from finished fulfilling his daughter’s request.

“I’m a big fan of Halloween,” DeMatteo told FOX. “It’s been growing bigger and bigger each year. I always try to out-do myself.”

DeMatteo is far from alone in creating his over-the-top Halloween display. Part of the fun is getting his kids involved as well, making both the process and the end result a cherished family memory.

“They help me build it. They play on it, and they like the attention they get too,” DeMatteo said. “I really don’t have a background in this. I just do it for fun.”

DeMatteo has no background in carpentry or pirate affairs (that we know of), yet this year’s Halloween display looked like it was straight out of Disneyland. The 50-foot pirate ship was equipped with lights, fog machines, fake cannons, and it was sturdy enough to be the coolest temporary playground his kids will likely ever have the privilege of using (that is, until next Halloween).

“It might look expensive, but it really was inexpensive,” DeMatteo explained, citing that he received all of the wood for free over the year and many of the items he accumulated over time. “It takes a lot of time, but it’s not so much work, when you’re having fun.”

For those who attended the light and music-filled show, DeMatteo only asked that people bring donations for a local food pantry. The enormous turnout combined with the fact that people were likely itching for something to shake up the monotony of the past few months meant that DeMatteo’s garage was filled to the brim with canned goods to donate.


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THIS IS AMAZING! The 30-min custom sound track I made for the ship is mixed with the best music from all 4 POTC movies and peppered with all kinds of sound effects too. Here is a sample of what you – might – see. 🤞😉 The show plays outdoors Wed-Sun dusk until 830ish Heavy rain or high winds will cancel the show. Some effects can’t be used in rain & the sails will be rolled up to prevent wind damage. 15 Ambush Lane churchville 14428 Please drive slowly and please be respectful of the neighborhood 👍 Street parking only. Stay Covid-Safe. Show Music should also be playing on 88.7 FM. More detailed pictures on Instagram @megamariohalloween **The music in this video is from the POTC soundtrack by Hans Zimmer “Mermaids” This is free, for the kids, and benefits the Open Door Mission of Rochester, NY. Food donations are appreciated. Let’s overwhelm them with donations to help those in need! Visit for a list of urgent needs. ❤ They will be on site with Captain Jack Oct 30th 5-8pm. Thank you for the nice comments! They really mean a lot to me! #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweenprops #pirateship #pirates #halloweenprep #halloweencountdown #decor #decorate #halloweendecorations #halloweenvibes #halloween🎃 #overthetop #chili @Disney @waltdisneyworld @disneyparksblog

A post shared by Tony DeMatteo (@megamariohalloween) on

This crafty family is already thinking about next year’s Halloween display. If DeMatteo is truly set on outdoing himself once again, we fully expect this crafty dad to somehow Halloween-ize his entire neighborhood. Honestly, we can’t wait.

YouTuber 3D-Prints Giant LEGO Pieces and Builds Fully-Functional 30 MPH Go-Kart

YouTuber builds giant fully-functional LEGO go-kart
(YouTube/Matt Denton)

Since the dawn of toys, LEGOs have been a staple in toy boxes and bottoms of feet around the world. The LEGO brand has done an incredible job both keeping up with the latest trends and partnering with other companies to bring us every LEGO-y thing we could dream of. Well, almost everything. LEGO fans have gone to impressive lengths to create something brand new out of the world’s greatest stackable toys, and YouTuber Matt Denton is the latest LEGO innovator to throw his miniature plastic hat in the ring.

Denton is no stranger to using technology creatively. He explains in his YouTube bio, “I’ve spent 25 years in the UK Film and T.V. industry specializing in Animatronic Control systems. I was one of the creators and operators of the Star Wars droid BB-8. I created the two tonne walking hexapod Mantis Robot. I use my 3D printers to create giant versions of my favorite Lego Technic kits! My interests are Hexapod walking robots, robotics, electronics, hacking, coding, engineering, and 3D printing.”

This 3D-printing master has created giant versions of LEGO classics like the tractor, bulldozer, and forklift, but his latest project is next-level. Most of Denton’s projects are cool as heck aesthetically, but his new LEGO go-kart is fully-functional. He used his enormous 3D-printed LEGOs to make a go-kart big enough for him to ride and installed an electric motor for the full go-kart experience. Fortunately, he really thought this through – the LEGOs are attached with metal pins so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart as soon as he hits a bump.

Denton’s videos show the build process in-depth, from crafting an enormous bucket seat to the assembly of the frame itself to speed trials after the first build. In his first speed trial, Denton was able to get this LEGO racer to hit 30 MPH – but he’s not done. A couple of months after releasing the video of the go-kart’s speed test, Denton released a video showing his first rebuild.

This tech-savvy YouTuber’s attempts to constantly one-up himself are both entertaining and educational. Building on his previous designs literally and figuratively to create increasingly amazing things is something most of us don’t have the time or 3D printers to do, so going along for the ride is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Keep an eye on Denton’s channel for the latest XXL LEGO news.

Creative Dad Wins Halloween With Epic “Zoom Meeting” Costume for His Daughter

Dad makes Zoom meeting costume for his daughter
(YouTube/Greg Dietzenbach)

The leaves are changing color, the aisles of grocery stores are lined with last-minute costumes that seem intent on making your child look like one of the Village People. Bags of candy, both name-brand and generic, sit side-by-side reminding us what it truly means to live in harmony. Undeniably, Halloween is going to look a little different this year. Some towns have canceled trick-or-treating altogether, while some parents scramble to find bizarre and safe ways to deliver candy to their tiny costumed visitors. One crafty dad from Marion, Iowa was undeterred by this year’s unconventional Halloween, continuing his tradition of making the world’s most epic costumes for his kids.

Greg Dietzenbach is no stranger to creativity, especially when it comes to Halloween. He explains, “My kids challenge me every year to make a unique costume. Building a transforming sock robot for my son almost broke my brain so this year I wanted to make it a lot simpler. Due to Covid we didn’t even know if our town would have trick-or-treating this year.”

Before we move on, we need to give credit where credit’s due. To understand the full scope of this dad’s talent, take a look at the brain-busting sock robot costume Dietzenbach built for his son.

Understandably, Dietzenbach decided to simplify his kids’ costumes this year. The same amount of impressive creativity, just fewer moving parts. This year, Zoom has gone from virtually unknown (to most of us, at least) to the star of school days, work meetings, and even weddings. As a nod to Zoom’s increasing popularity and the very screen his kids see all day as they attend school remotely, Dietzenbach decided to costume-ize it.

Dietzenbach, who works for a company that builds museums and corporate environments, got busy with his office’s large-format printer. He recreated the Zoom interface, but with some Halloween-themed Easter eggs (Halloween eggs?). “Instead of ‘Share Screen’ it’s ‘Share Scream,’” Dietzenbach explained. “’End Meeting for All’ changed to ‘End Life.’”

The meeting had 666 participants, and each participant on the call was a photo of his 12-year-old daughter Ada transformed into a monster using Procreate, an iPad drawing app. As if it needed any more incredible touches, the costume has a camera that adds the candy-giver to a square of the world’s first in-person Zoom call. The end result was nothing short of extraordinary.

“I’ve created several unique costumes through the years,” Dietzenbach explained.

If you’re itching to catch up (it’s well worth a scroll), all of this artistic dad’s past costumes are on his website.

“They’re all a labor of love. I make them for my daughter and son every year. I’ve become known for my homemade costumes with family and friends and people tell me they look forward to seeing them every year but I really do it for my kids.”

Though Dietzenbach goes above and beyond on his kids’ Halloween costumes, he stresses that it doesn’t take a huge gesture to show your kids how much you love them. Dietzenbach told The Dad, “I keep seeing comments on this costume where people say ‘Dad of the year award!’ and ‘Greatest Dad EVER!’. They make me feel good and put a smile on my face but it’s not a competition.”

He continued, “You don’t have to do these big crazy things to be thought of as ‘Greatest Dad EVER’ by your kid(s). It’s all the little moments I share with my kids that make them (and me) feel special. It’s just being there for them and giving them all of your love. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

Couple Finds Century-Old Bootleg Whiskey in Walls During Home Renovation

Bootlegged Whiskey Found During Reno

Being stuck at home for too long always leads to finding more things you want to fix up. With most of the country under some form of quarantine slash social distancing, people have taken to home improvement even more than usual. And that can lead to some fun discoveries, like finding caches of century-old bootlegged whiskey hidden throughout your house. OK, so that scenario is extremely unlikely, but that’s the reality for one couple that started renovating their home.

Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker moved into an old home that neighbors said was built by a bootlegger. When they finally got to fixing the place up earlier this month, they were in for the surprise of a lifetime; they found old packages of bootlegged whiskey in secret walls and hiding places throughout the house.

Everything pairs better with booze, even, apparently, home improvements. But Bakker and Drummond got a lot more than they bargained for when they started fixing up their old house. Drummond started an Instagram account, “bootleggerbungalow”, to follow the home rehab, without expecting to find the actual proof of the home’s origins.

He told NBC he was removing trim outside when a package fell out of the wall.

“When I saw the edge of another package it hit me, like holy crap, this is bootleg booze,” he said. “The thing is, it wasn’t just one, then it wasn’t just two, it was the entire wall.”


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This is too cool! It looks like these all date to the 1920s! #bootleggerbungalow #secretcompartment #hiddentreasures #historicpreservation

A post shared by Nick Drummond (@bootleggerbungalow) on

They’ve found dozens of bottles of the bootleg whiskey so far, dating back to around 1923, during Prohibition in the state. The couple said they want to try at least one bottle of the whiskey and aren’t quite sure what to do with the rest of the discovery. They are contemplating leaving some of the packages there and putting in a glass panel on the floor, so you can see the hidden whiskey.

If you want to learn more about the house, and their quest to learn more about the history of the bootlegger who built it (and what happened to him), you can follow along @bootleggerbungalow@bootleggerbungalow.

Man Plays Game of Doom Powered Entirely by 200 Potatoes Wired Together

Man powers DOOM game with potatoes

Video games have been a staple of after-work entertainment and weekend amusement for decades. Over the years, there has been a slew of gaming system mods and PC upgrades to make video games even more enjoyable. For some though, the plethora of options just wasn’t enough. The “Will it DOOM?” challenge was born, testing gamers’ technical expertise and creativity in an attempt to find the most ridiculous ways to run a game of DOOM. ATMs? Sure. A pregnancy test? Why not. The only limit is your imagination (and programming abilities, resources, technical skills, etc. But mostly the imagination thing).

Recently, a Reddit user who goes by the name of Equalo shared his DOOM triumph after he was able to make the game playable on a TI-84+ calculator. Cool, right? Oh, and the game was powered entirely by potatoes, roughly 200 of them wired together.

Equalo started the project after a friend challenged him to run DOOM on something unusual. He told The Dad, “I couldn’t think of any device that it hadn’t been played on before, but I realized I might be able to power it with potatoes if I ran it on something low power enough. From there I just started doing research to find a low powered device and figure out just how much power a potato generates.”

Potato Doom

After using a multimeter to determine how much energy output a potato had, Equalo realized just how little (.9 volts, for the most powerful potato) they contained. The obvious answer here is more potatoes, and that’s exactly what Equalo did.

DOOM Potatoes

It took around 200 potatoes and several days of work, but the crazy son of a spud did it. And what a sweet, starchy success it was.

“I’ve always loved working on technology projects and trying to find creative ways to approach ideas like this,” Equalo said. “I like to challenge myself to try things that haven’t been done before. I think this was just the first time I really succeeded at doing something truly groundbreaking (if you can call stringing together hundreds of potatoes groundbreaking).”

Groundbreaking indeed. Because, you know, potatoes grow underground. So to get to them, you have to – you know what, never mind. We’re both alarmed and impressed at the dedication it took to accomplish this unique feat. Not as unique as one might expect though, Equalo received several messages from people who were working on the exact same thing. Yes, at this very moment, people around the world are busting their spuds trying to play a potato-powered game of DOOM.

But Equalo, Idaho’s very own potato king (a very fitting home state for this tater techie) got there first – and he has some words of wisdom for anyone attempting to follow in his footsteps. “Make sure you’re doing it in a well ventilated area! I didn’t know this at the time, but apparently potatoes give off a poisonous gas as they decompose and can be deadly! Thankfully I was fine, but make sure to be careful if you want to try something like this.”

We’ll keep that in mind for all future potato projects, thanks. Glad you made it, Equalo – we were all rooting for you.

Computer Programmer Makes Doom Playable on a Pregnancy Test

doom pregnancy test

Until 2020, pregnancy tests have had one primary function. A life-changing function, sure, but there have probably been many people who buy a pregnancy test and think, is this all there is? Shouldn’t this be able to do more? And now it can, as one computer programmer was able to play Doom on a pregnancy test.

It is no secret that our appreciation of gaming is vast here. We’ve seen the science that says playing video games with your kids is good for their health and beneficial to their development. We even have a gaming league just for dads. So when one computer programmer was able to take the “Will it run Doom?” challenge to the epic next level, we have to tip our collective The Dad cap.

Foone Turing was the programmer who was able to take the “Will it Doom?” challenge and just completely blow it out of the water. For those unfamiliar with the long history of the “Will it run Doom?” challenge, it basically boils down to people trying to play the legendary video game on appliances, gadgets, and anything that would surprise you. Think calculators, fridges, ATMs, etc.

And now, pregnancy tests.

Foon is a programmer who works with decades-old hardware, so if anyone was gonna pull off something like this, it was them. He started by posting a video of the classic game on Twitter but then was able to up the ante and actually play Doom on the pregnancy test using a wireless keyboard.

As he explains on Twitter, he did have to make a couple of essential changes, namely the CPU and screen, but it’s still amazing he could get the game to run in a pregnancy test shell on a 128-by-32 pixel display.

I will never look at a pregnancy test the same again.