15+ Epic Halloween Costumes To Wow the Whole ‘Hood

epic halloween costumes

Remember before you had kids or a partner and Halloween was easy? Dudes get by with all-black and a Scream mask or something simple like a priest’s robes. Once a partner or kids are involved, everything becomes more complicated. A “cute” couple’s costume? A family costume? Last year, you were sucked into being one of those idiot dogs from Paw Patrol. But, not this year, buddy! If you’re going to do a family costume, it needs to be epic.

But, what constitutes “epic?” Some might argue that just getting your entire family to decide on and go through with a group costume is an epic feat in itself. Others, though, will tell you that it’s only epic if it’s truly scary or unique or unseen or required a year of planning. Maybe you’re part of a dad crew dressing up as the Marvel characters? For the sake of our sanity, we’ve defined “epic” as “memorable.” What you’ll find here are a mix of costumes (mostly for the entire family) that are, without a doubt, worth remembering. Some are all store-bought and the epic part is getting all 4 to 6 humans to agree to wear them. Others took skill or imagination. In all instances, though, these costumes and the people that are wearing them are clearly really flippin’ rad.

Family Costumes

1. Eight Family Members, One Theme

If you imagined a Harry Potter-themed family costume, where would your mind go? Chances are that you wouldn’t consider Hedwig or Professor Trelawney. This family, though, not only went the extra mile to pick some more unique characters (at least for the adults), they also did a fantastic job of going easy on the kids. You know nothing too elaborate ever works on a five-year-old.

2. Guardians Of The Good & Plenty

Dad’s costume looks fairly easy — All you really need to invest in is the mask and a maroon coat. That Groot costume took work, though. And we’re guessing mom had a little help going green.

3. Mother Of Dragons (and Dad)

Fancy yourself a Khal Drogo? (No judgment here, man.) Think your lady is the ultimate Daenerys? Got a few loud kids who love to “rawr?” This Game of Thrones costume is probably right up your alley. And you know your kids will be cool being dragons. So, no arguments!

4. Viking Family

First and foremost, if you can grow a beard, you can do better. This might be the equivalent of the “sexy pumpkin” costume. But, you get the idea. Rock the beard, get a little grungy, and throw some fur on your shoulders. Suddenly you and your shieldmaiden will be the hottest couple on the block. (And anyone who has seen Vikings will be wondering what it’s like in your bedroom.)

5. Catch ‘Em All

Alright, Nerd Boy. This costume is for you. Dress your munchkin as a Pikachu. If your partner has a baby bump, turn that thing into a Pokeball. You are, of course, the trainer. Easy? Yes. We guarantee people will talk about it, though.

6. Embrace Your Inner Freak

Not, like Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” kind of freak. More like the “bearded lady” and “world’s strongest man” kind of freak. The key to making this costume work as a family is staying within the same color scheme.

7. Jurassic Park

Another easy but memorable option is a Jurassic Park costume. Wear your best safari clothes and turn that baby into a dinosaur. Bonus points if you turn their wagon or stroller into a shipping crate.

View this post on Instagram

“Welcome to Jurassic Park.” . Our little lady ❤️s dinosaurs, so we “spared no expense” dressing her as a dinosaur this year. So, naturally, our family costume was centered around her. (We’ll see how many years she lets us keep that up. 🤞🏻) She actually loves the costume too: For her to willingly keep anything on her head for more than 60 seconds is remarkable, let alone a dinosaur head. . And a note for next year, make sure to have someone take the family photo at the actual Halloween party. Toddler + tripod in the backyard while it’s snowing is less than ideal, but we’re all smiling, so #winning . . . . #jurassicpark #halloween #familyhalloweencostumes #dinosaur #halloweencostume #lovemypbk #twodads #modernfamily #gayswithkids #husbands #dads #dadlife #lgbtfamily #lgbtparents #gayparents #gaydads #dad #dadsofinstagram #dadstagram #instadads #parenthood #lovemakesafamily #family #love #lovewins #pride #lgbtq

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8. Mighty Morphin Power Couple

If you don’t have much time for making costumes but want to kick things up a bit from last year’s Paw Patrol fiasco, we suggest Power Rangers. No one will forget a boldly colored family walking around their neighborhood and everyone will appreciate the effort put into getting the entire family on board. Believe it or not: It’s actually surprisingly easy to find Power Ranger costumes in all sizes. (So, yeah. Your mom lied to you when you were a kid.)

9. Not Your Circus, Probably Your Monkeys

The key to this costume is all about decorating your kids’ wagon… and getting them to agree to be circus animals. These baby elephants are super cute, but monkey costumes would make this infinitely funnier. When it comes to family costumes, though, you take what you can get.

10. Creepy Kids

What could be harder to pull off than getting your family to recreate multiple characters from a movie or show? Try getting your entire family on-board for all dressing the exact same. The IT clown and Joker are truly terrifying. Our guess, though, is that these kiddos probably haven’t seen the films. As long as you’re excited, Pops, your kids will be, too.

11. You’re Batman… or Riddler

Just like the circus cage wagon, the key to this epic costume is the work done on the stroller. Baby Batman is adorable, but his Batmobile is downright awesome. Riddler and Cat Woman work. However, there are so many characters from the Batman series that your options are nearly limitless.

A Couple Extra Epic Costume Ideas

Want to take control of Halloween this year but know a family costume won’t fly? We love these options, too.

12. Baby Golden Girl

Bonus points if your baby’s name is actually Sofia.

13. Epic Alien

You’ve seen this, right? You’re going to need to learn to crochet, though…

14. World’s Cutest Mummy

Start early.

15. Ghostbusters Mobile

This requires a Jeep… and commitment. Asking your partner to marry you? Hard to do. Deciding to (possibly permanently) deck out your Jeep into a ghost busting vehicle? Easy choice. Just do it.

16. Epic Notorious RBG

What’s more epic than a toddler dressed as the Notorious RBG yelling “I dissent” up and down the neighborhood? Yeah, nothing. Try these out for babies and older kids.

Disney Creates New Line of Adaptive Halloween Costumes

Disney Adaptive Costumes

Disney continues to make Halloween a brighter, more inclusive holiday for all kids by introducing the brand’s first line of adaptive costumes for kids with disabilities. ShopDisney.com now has a trio of new costumes, along with special accessories for kids to fully embrace the holiday.

This continues a positive trend of making holidays more accessible to kids with different needs. Last winter, we saw malls around the nation opening early so kids with autism could visit Santa in a calmer setting. We also saw American Girl release their first doll with a hearing impairment.

The first costumes released by Disney were an Incredibles 2 suit, a Buzz Lightyear Costume, and a Cinderella dress. Disney also released wheelchair cover sets to go with the Cinderella dress (the cover is an awesome looking coach) and with the Incredibles costumes (the wheelchair cover is the Incredimobile).

The costumes incorporate stretchier fabric and they open in the back to make it easier for kids to put on. The length is also a little longer (to make them more wheelchair friendly) and come with a flap on the front to accommodate tube access. The wheelchair cover sets fit most wheelchairs and have plastic support pieces included for stability.

Who knows what Halloween will look like this year? The pandemic has ruined much else in 2020, but one thing is certain, Halloweens going forward, whether it’s this year or those in the future, will be a little more inclusive of ALL kids.

Sweet Dad Hands out Candy on Flight so Daughter Can Trick-or-Treat

Little Girl Trick or Treats on Plane

Sometimes, being a parent means doing whatever it takes to make the best out of a rough situation.

On Halloween, an anonymous dad had to do just that while on an evening flight with his 3-year-old daughter, Molly.

Despite looking forward to a night full of costumes and candy, Molly was devastated to learn that she would be on a flight from Boston to San Francisco instead of trick-or-treating.

“When I got on the plane I heard her [Molly] talking about how she couldn’t wait to trick-or-treat,” said Stephanie Kahan.

“I felt sad for her because I was thinking it would be so late once we landed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating.”

Thankfully, Molly’s dad was a man with a plan – a plan requiring candy and minor word processing skills.

“I was confused when I saw the dad handing things to passengers,” said Kahan. “But once I read the note I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world.”

Unbeknownst to Molly’s dad, he ended up spreading a little sweetness to everyone aboard his flight, too, in addition to his daughter.


“I spoke to the dad when the plane landed and he said that people were pretty confused at first but once they read the note everyone was excited to participate,” said Kahan.

Kahan’s tweet, which included pictures of the note and dad’s “little donut,” has since reached over 130k retweets and nearly 300k likes. She said she had a hunch that it was going to be big soon after posting it.


“Once I noticed that my tweet had 5k likes, I knew that this was big so I wanted to let him [the dad] know what was going on,” said Kahan. “Since I had tweeted a photo of the daughter, I just wanted to be sure he didn’t want me to delete it or anything.”

Molly’s dad was taken aback by such an overwhelming response, having no idea his little Halloween plan would garner such attention.

“He was really surprised that the Tweet had so much engagement and definitely humbled knowing that his gesture was receiving such positive response,” said Kahan.

Clearly, a selfless idea this sweet is too good not to share.

And speaking of selfless check out this boy who refilled an empty Halloween candy bowl.

Selfless Trick-or-Treater Refills Candy Bowl With His Own Bounty

Boy Refills Empty Candy Bowl
(Leslie Hodges)

Halloween is full of special moments for kids and parents alike. It’s so different from every other holiday (which feature grandmas house, a problematic uncle getting drunk, way too many cakes, rinse/repeat) and ends with a communal sharing of candy. And for all the funny videos Halloween brought, one of the best moments of the holiday came from something different.

It started with the classic “help yourself” bowl of candy, a Halloween staple from families that aren’t manning the front door. It’s a gesture built on faith that it won’t be completely emptied by the first 12-year-old to walk by, but more often than not, it works out.

That wasn’t the case for one 8-year-old Maryland boy. Video of the boy, captured on a neighbor’s doorbell camera, showed the boy walking up to an empty candy bowl. He quickly gasps, and yells out “There ain’t no more candy.”

Then he melts everyone’s hearts by reaching into his own bag and filling the bowl back up with fistfuls from his own stash. A selfless trick to make sure the kids who follow have some treats.

“Caught this on our Nest camera,” the homeowner, who shared it on social media, wrote. “This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. What a selfless act from this little guy. Kudos to his parents!!!.”

The kind act even caught the attention of Captain America himself, as actor Chris Evans tweeted out praise for the child.

Props to Jackson, for this small gesture, and for restoring mankind’s hope in tiny vampires everywhere.

Knockoff Halloween Costumes Are so Funny It’s Spooky

Knockoff Halloween Costumes

One of the best parts of Halloween is the people-watching.

After all the preparation and planning and fretting over costumes is over, it’s time to trick or treat, or to go to a costume party, and regardless of how much you like your own outfit, you can have a blast scoping out all the stuff everyone else is wearing, and trying to guess what they are.

Of course, not all of them are obvious, especially if they’ve been bought at a pop-up store or Party City, where the costumes come in bags are often cheap imitations of famous characters, pop culture icons, or recent fads. Users on Twitter shared some of the best knock-offs they’ve seen this Halloween season, and part of the fun is not only guessing who or what that costume is meant to be, but what the off-brand version is called.

Twitter user @DanaSchwartzzz started a thread asking people to tweet the funniest ones they found, and it’s downright hilarious.

Dana kicked it off with a character from that classic 90s comedy “Notionless,” starting Alicia Goldrock:

Up next is the stylishly outfitted Cyber Man, from the Keanu Reeves blockbuster “The Maytrix?”

Whatever you do, don’t say “Juice Demon” three times!

Look, it’s the adorable young girl from the Netflix hit “Unusual Events!” I assume her name is Twelve?

Laugh if you want, but I respect Fantasy Land’s commitment to gender neutrality:

I may be wrong but didn’t Adam Sandler sing a song about the cafeteria lady at Chogborts, who served Hermanies and Grinders?

I barely even have words for this one. Thankfully they added a few extra:

Every guy dreams of a Supportive Hamburger Wife, including Bob from Bob’s Burgers. P.S. How is this not Velma from Scooby-Doo? Or maybe it’s both?

Sorry, but if you’re an adult who wants to dress like a minion for Halloween, you deserve what you get. As Eminem said, you’re like Despicable Me, the generic version:

We think you’ll FIND this one amusing:

Enjoy a glass of this orange juice every day if you want a little but of ultra-violence in your diet.

Louis and Marvin are the Sidekick Bros:

Cowabanga dude!

Go check out the whole thread here.

Dad Annoys Wife and Creeps out Neighbors in Michael Myers Costume

Dad Dresses as Michael Myers
(Facebook/Michael Myers of Decatur /Whiskey and Wine Photography)

In my house, my wife is the Halloween person.

Every year, she and my son decide what they’re gonna be for Halloween, and then me and my toddler are drafted into service to help complete the theme. My toddler loves it, and I mostly grin and bear it, especially if my costume requires some ridiculous wig or face paint. Which they almost always do.

In Evan Zimmerman’s house, he is the one must gung-ho for Halloween, and he doesn’t bother doing the cutesy thing. He goes for full-on terror. His three kids don’t seem to mind but his wife isn’t exactly thrilled about it.

In a Facebook video that is going viral, Sabrina Zimmerman lets her true feelings about her husband’s predilection for Halloween horror come out. She was driving home from work and she spotted Evan out in the neighborhood, riding a bike with a toddler wagon attached to the back. And he is in full costume.

The man dresses up in a jumpsuit and Michael Myers mask, and I don’t care who’s wearing that get-up, it never stops being creepy. Her exasperation at his antics is almost funny enough to dull the fear of seeing him in costume.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asks, following it up with and equally annoyed, “Oh my god, are we those people now?”

Staying in character, Evan doesn’t respond, he merely stares at his wife for a moment before pedaling way. It’s effective, to say the least.

“There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks,” Evan, 36, told TODAY Parents. “He creeps people out more than anybody.”

“I’ll stand in random peoples yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there,” Evan revealed. “I carry a fake butcher knife.”

Recently he was threatend by a man who said he was going to shoot him.

But it’s his wife who seems to be his main victim. She captioned the video – which has 5 million views and over 160,000 shares on Facebook – “Soooooo this is happening……can it be November yet!?!?🤦‍♀️🎃☠️Michael Myers strikes again🙄”

Apparently, Evan has been donning his Michael Myers outfit for quite some time.

“I’ve been doing this costume since 2012, but this is the first year she recorded me,” Evan said. You’d think she’d be used to it. But I don’t think that mask ever loses its impact.

Photographer Mom Nails This Horrifically Fun Daddy-Daughter Photoshoot

Dad and Daughter in Horror Photoshoot
(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

Spending quality time with the kids is going to look different for every family – maybe you like going to sporting events or piling in the car to go to the movies.

Or, if you’re a photographer like Tiffany Renfroe, a family photo shoot can be the perfect excuse to get out of the house… and she’s dead set on making theirs memorable.

Her latest daddy-daughter shoot with her husband, Daniel, and 11-month-old, Oakley, is perfectly-themed for this time of year and sounds like a surprisingly sweet bonding experience.

“Daniel and I are very sarcastic, as people, as parents. Life is too short to take everything so seriously,” Tiffany told Bored Panda. “Our babies (Kaiden-10, Gibson-5, Oakley-11 months) are our world.

“We are active parents that would rather be doing things with them or giving them experiences over gifts or money, although, they still are spoiled. Our kids go everywhere with us and are included in everything we do (we live away from family due to jobs).”

Tiffany admits that her kids love classic horror films, especially pointing out the goofy, over-the-top acting and props.

“It wasn’t hurting them, making them scared, so whatever. It’s us,” Tiffany said. “My kids are sweet and loving, do great in school, are nonviolent, love others, and that’s all that matters to us as parents.”

(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

Before folks get all up in arms, Tiffany assures her viewers that this was a remarkably positive and family-oriented day.

“The day of, Kaiden and myself, started doing Daniel’s makeup first, he sat propped up against the wall right next to Oakley’s toys, we hoped she would just play while we worked on this. But just like a curious 11-month-old she was, she was right up in our business!”

(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

“So I would do some of Daniel’s, then smudge a little on her, do a little more of his and smudge again on hers, brushes on him, brushes on her, she was even attempting to help with the makeup brushes! Her sister would tickle her with the “dirt brush”. It was a game for her! About a 2-hour game.

“It took patience but was fun. There was no getting her to stay still like many online people have wondered how I did, I worked in her world and made it fun, you know, the tricks moms know how to pull when they need or want things done.”

(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

Everyone was involved in the shoot, whether that meant helping with the makeup, giggling at the goofy faces Daniel and Oakley were making, or snacking on the edible props (mostly red velvet).

“It was much more than a shoot, it was family time. I hope this not only reaches the fans of horror movie lovers, zombie lovers, and Michael Myers fans, but everyone. There is a deeper layer to all of this, which is time spent with your family.”

(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

Look, I get it. A photoshoot like this would probably be a little extreme for most kids or, hell, even for some adults. But that’s the beautiful thing about families and kids being so different: We get to figure out what’s fun and makes us tick together.

“Children need our time, they need us, they need laughs, giggles, hugs, and adventure,” Tiffany emphasized. “That is what they will remember. They aren’t going to remember eating cake and berries off of some fake intestines.”

(Facebook/Tiffany Renfroe)

You can find the rest of Tiffany’s photoshoot here. And if you need more amazing horror-themed photos in your life, don’t miss this engagement shoot that went down at Crystal Lake.

Dad Builds Drivable Millennium Falcon for Sons’ Halloween Costumes

Dad Builds Drivable Millennium Falcon for Halloween Costumes
(YouTube/Storyful Rights ManagementYouTube/)

Decking your kids out like legitimate Star Wars characters for Halloween is already a primo dad move, but do you know what would really solidify those costumes? How about a functional starship?!

Okay, “starship” might be a bit of a stretch, but a driveable Millennium Falcon replica is ridiculously cool nonetheless.

Cincinnati dad Sean Lehmkuhl has been a vintage Star Wars toy collector for over 20 years, and when his sons decided to dress as Han Solo and Chewbacca for Halloween, he decided to complete the look with the infamous YT-1300 freighter based on his toy from 1977.

(YouTube/Storyful Rights ManagementYouTube/)

“This is the fourth year in a row I have built a mobile costume for them to travel with,” Lehmkuhl said. “My kids love it! I’ve always enjoyed creating things and to have my kids enjoy it with memories they will never forget makes it worth it.”

(YouTube/Storyful Rights ManagementYouTube/)

You can see how he retrofitted a driveable version of Luke’s X-34 landspeeder with the various sections of Han Solo’s signature ship for the completely new look (something that clearly wouldn’t work in reality… you know, if Star Wars was real).

Lehmkuhl says his version of the Falcon took him about a month to complete during his spare time.

No word yet if he’s willing to make another one that can fit the 30-year-old writing this piece.

Boy’s Halloween Costume Raises Over $8,000 for Children’s Hospital

Boy's Costume Inspired by Carson King
(Facebook/Cindy S. Hall Carson King/ESPN)

Halloween costumes inspired by recent news or timely popular culture come with great opportunity and even greater risk. You may take a leap and go with a reference that leaves 90 percent of people completely clueless. Or you suit up in something a million other people are doing…hellooooo Joker costumes.

When they work though, they can be magical, like a boy who recently nailed his Carson King costume and raised thousands of dollars for a children’s hospital in the process.

Who is Carson King? Fair question, his story came and went over the period of a few weeks, like many viral here-now-gone-tomorrow stories. We covered it after he caught viral fame for when his beer money sign appeared on ESPN’s College GameDay. The sign worked, raising tens of thousands of dollars before he decided to turn it into a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital in Iowa. Then it hit the next level, raising more than $3 million before all was said and done.

His story motivated an Iowa boy named Sam to go as King for Halloween, his mom even opened a real Venmo account so he too could raise money for the same Children’s Hospital. His sign was a little more kid-friendly, asking for money to replenish his root beer supply.

The back of his sign said, “instead of candy, I’ll take donations for Children’s Hospital.” The boy’s mom posted the pic of his costume on Facebook, and it has helped him raise more than $8,000 so far.

Carson King ended up chiming with praise for the boy recreating his likeness. And he also pledged to get the kid some root beer, as King is finally on the other end of this viral phenomenon for once.

15 Of The Best Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

The best part about having kids is you can dress them up as anything. Sure, you could let them be a ghost or vampire or princess or whatever other tired cliche their little, unsullied, pop-culture-bereft brains can come up with. Forget that. They can be mummies when they’re teenagers–this is your one chance to show others just how far your Stanley Kubrick fandom goes.

Here are the 15 funniest kids costumes we found on the internet.

1. Just two Vietnam vets


2. I know you’re adorable, but what am I?


3. Bears, beets, Caillou

(Pete Stott)

4. No one ever explain to this child who he is


5. Fwida

6. If necessary, make a Wil-daughter


7. Finally, a kid asking you to play


8. The parents went as Two People Who Never Got Tired Of Explaining Their Baby’s Costume


9. Probably won’t eat his fava beans


10. Did we mention we love this holiday?

(Cassy Torres)

11. Tired of floating, wants you to carry him


12. You are legally required to refer to these babies as “gals”

(Party Pinching)

13. The Big Lebowski implies the existence of a little Lebowski


14. Please let that be guac!


15. Daaaaaa best