Eddie Murphy Is Returning to Stand-Up Once the Pandemic Has Passed

Eddie Murphy Standup Return
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He was the biggest comedy star in the world. And then he wasn’t. As Eddie Murphy’s star shot outta this galaxy in the 1980s, he could write his own ticket, which he did to a lucrative movie career (there’s never been a better-animated donkey). But the stand-up comedy itch, his first showbiz passion, never left him. And now, he’s talking about his return to the stage.

He spoke to Kevin Hart on a SiriusXM show and mentioned he was planning to return to the stage in the near future. Like everything else good in the world, his stand-up return was delayed because of COVID.

“My plan was to do Dolemite (his Netflix film), Saturday Night Live, Coming 2 America, and then do stand-up,” he said. “And then the pandemic hit and it shut the whole shit down.”

His movies and SNL appearance are behind him, clearing the path for him to pick up the mic again. Murphy was one of the most influential comedians of all-time and owns the highest-grossing special of all time in addition to several Grammys. While his comedy has aged (like his leather suits and honestly much of pop culture from 30 years ago), so have Murphy’s comedic sensibilities, as you can tell from things like his appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show or on SNL.

Murphy returning to stand-up would make him immediately one of the hottest draws in live entertainment. Of course, live entertainment is an industry currently in shambles, looking to rebuild itself as the world starts to drag itself out from the global pandemic.

“When the pandemic is over and it’s safe for everybody to go out and do it, then the plan is to do it,” he said.

While it’s been years since Murphy has done stand-up, he has kept up with the comedy scene and kept an interest in it. We’ve also seen comics take time off before and come back stronger than ever. Some point to Chappelle’s rebirth as a stand-up after his success with his sketch show, but even that layoff wasn’t that long.

But there will be no shortage of people who want to hear what Murphy thinks about life now, and see how he can be funny in 2021.

Robin Williams Made Companies He Worked With Give Jobs to Homeless People

Robin Helped the Homeless
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Robin Williams was one of a kind. There’s no better way to describe him, other than to say he truly and fully embodied a cliché that is typically used flippantly. While battling his own inner demons, he was an incredibly kind person to most everyone he came across, and he was a great dad.

Williams’ enduring legacy has a way of keeping him in the minds and hearts of fans even years after his passing. That was the case earlier this month when a Reddit thread evolved into a series of anecdotes praising the late comedian, and one oft-overlooked story about how Williams had a clause added to his contract that required companies he worked with to give jobs to homeless people.

It was his booking agent who initially revealed the tender request from Williams’ rider, and that it made him look at every Williams movie differently after that.

“I’m sure that on his own time and with his own money, he was working with these people in need, but he’d also decided to use his clout as an entertainer to make sure that production companies and event planners also learned the value of giving people a chance to work their way back,” he said.

Robin Williams left behind an incredible movie and comedy legacy but was just as influential to the people he encountered and in the way he treated people. Everyone who worked on one of his movies has a great story about how he went out of his way to treat people nicely, and Williams was also a dedicated USO performer for more than a decade, touring the globe to bring entertainment to soldiers overseas.

And when it came to his rider, he wasn’t worried about what color M&Ms he was going to get or what meals he’d be served, he saw it as a chance to help the poor and give someone a break who might not have had many in his life.

Fellow comic Lewis Black once described him best, saying “his spirit of generosity was as boundless as his comedy.”

It can’t be said enough. Truly one of a kind.

Ewan Mcgregor Might Play Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Second Star Wars Show

Kenobi in Andor

Obi-wan Kenobi is a beloved Star Wars character, some people even worship him. But no one loves him more than the man who played him in the prequels, Ewan McGregor. McGregor has been vocal about wanting to play Kenobi again and his wish was granted during Disney+’s explosion of Star Wars shows, as he got his own miniseries (more on that in a second). But, that may not be all, as ANOTHER Star Wars show is reportedly adding McGregor to the mix as a recurring character. We may be getting more Kenobi than we bargained for.

According to several reports, McGregor will be bringing his Jedi master to “Andor”, the Star Wars spin-off featuring Diego Luna’s Rebel Alliance pilot/intelligence officer, first introduced in the smash hit “Rogue One.” With Kenobi in the mix, it gives rise to the theory that Andor will be exploring the early days of the Rebel Alliance, giving the standout spy a ton of territory to explore, especially if he crosses paths (or teams up) with one of the most notorious Jedi Knights still standing.

Another possibility is a timeline much closer to Rogue One, and therefore much closer to A New Hope, but that would require a much different Kenobi (he was an ancient Alec Guinness by the time R2D2 returned to Tattoine). So let’s hope we get more of the younger Kenobi, with a lot more room for the story to grow. The reports also indicate that Rosario Dawson could be bringing her force-sensitive, former Jedi to the mix as Ahsoka Tano (after a kickass debut in The Mandalorian). She too has her own miniseries, so this could be Disney+s way to connect a few of them.

As for his own miniseries, Kenobi is picking up steam. McGregor said in a recent interview that production on the show is officially kicking off this spring, and will debut on the streamer in 2022. We also know Hayden Christensen is coming back as Vader, which is truly incredible. We also know the show has cast Game of Thrones star Indira Varma, who played Ellaria Sand. Her role in Kenobi is unknown.

As for McGregor, he’s excited to pick up the lightsaber again.

“I’m thrilled to get the chance to play him again,” he said. “I’ve always felt there was a story between my ones and Alec Guinness’ ones and that’s what we’re gonna do. It should be really interesting.”

Fortunately for us, there may be more than just one story.

“Silence of the Lambs” House Is Becoming a Bed and Breakfast

Silence of Lambs Home
(YouTube/The Sisters Sold It)

“The Silence of the Lambs” was partly about a man named Buffalo Bill who entertained a guest in his home. OK, he may have been a serial killer and the guest may have been kidnapped, but the new owner of the home featured in the film is hoping that will give it just enough charm for people to want to pay money to stay the night. Buffalo Bill’s house is becoming a Bed and Breakfast.

The new owner of the house, who bought it earlier this year for nearly $300k, plans to do some small renovations to make it more accommodating but will be keeping all of the creepy old-wallpaper, pocket doors, wood trim, and other furnishings that will remind fans of the movie.

The basement does NOT, however, have a well to torture victims in. The owner WILL, however, be adding said well. Though he claims it’s mostly for photo ops.

The three-story, four-bedroom house just outside Pittsburgh looks just as creepy as you remember it from the movie. And the timing is good, in a sense, as the film nears its 30th anniversary and the franchise receives a revival of sorts with the new “Clarice” show.

One of the previous owners of the home was an FBI agent, which is a fun little fact for such a creepy home. And soon you will be able to (try to) sleep in that creepy home.

Guests will be sure to receive only the finest lotion to put on their skin, and a sleepless night full of nightmares.

A Reluctant Gordon Bombay, a Group of Misfits, and a New Mighty Ducks Trailer

Mighty Ducks Full Trailer
(YouTube/Disney Plus)

The Mighty Ducks was one of the greatest trilogies in sports movie history (because honestly, how many were there really) and the beloved franchise is just weeks away from making its return. “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” hits Disney+ on March 26 and we have our first full trailer for the series.

It starts by establishing one team in the area as a dominating powerhouse of hockey. One kid who is cut from the team, and a mom who just wants youth sports to BE FUN, tries to start their own team, but they need a coach. Enter a greatly reluctant Gordon Bombay (sound familiar?).

Only this time, The Mighty Ducks are the powerhouse, fun-draining youth hockey program. And Emilio Estevez gets dragged onto the ice this time by a mom, not by a judge.

Still, there’s a lot to like from the first trailer. If it sounds like the first movie, well, that formula rocked, and it was great. Plus, youth sports has only gotten vastly more ridiculous since the early 1990s, meaning there is a lot more to lampoon and play with. One of the parents in the trailer brought a trainer AND a sports psychologist to her kid’s hockey practice, which seems over the top but also not by that much.

Youth sports ARE supposed to be fun, a point Lauren Graham’s titular mom character makes repeatedly in the trailer. And seeing Gordon Bombay step back onto the ice is like seeing Luke Skywalker pick up a lightsaber again. The nostalgia alone is going to make it a must-watch.

Adam Sandler and Shooter McGavin Want To Make Happy Gilmore 2

Happy Gilmore 2
(Universal Pictures)

Happy Gilmore is one of Adam Sandler’s most memorable films. And now the two stars of the movie are talking sequel, only a short 25 years after the original. Add in the fact that anything that could possibly make any money is being rebooted, and we’ve never been closer to the reality of a Happy Gilmore 2.

Adam Sandler kicked off the hype for a revival after he recreated the iconic Happy swing on the golf course in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary. “That’s for your, Shooter!” he yelled. Shooter McGavin himself (in character) didn’t take too kindly to it and responded with his own social media post.

The original clip from Sandler was viewed more than 17 million times, and the two stars were on Dan Patrick’s show talking about the movie and were asked point-blank if they’d make another. Both Sandler and Chris McDonald (Shooter) straight up said they’d love to do another.

Sandler said there isn’t a current discussion about making another, but Netflix will let the guy do whatever he wants, so if both stars are on board, it’s an easy sell. Given the amount of social media buzz just off a few clips, it’s enough to make any studio salivate, and a sequel wouldn’t be hard to pull off.

In this era, everything that’s old becomes new again. Disney is pulling The Mighty Ducks playbook back verbatim, it seems. Netflix already rebooted Full House, a beloved (yet boring) sitcom from the 90s, and Peacock brought back Saved By The Bell (this reboot is actually funny).

Put Happy and Shooter on the senior tour, and go crazy with it. If you build it, they will come. It might be the only thing that could get people excited about Subway again.

New Episodes of Rugrats In CG Coming To Paramount Plus

Rugrats Reboot Trailer
(YouTube/Paramount Plus)

Another day, another new streaming service.

The latest platform to debut is Paramount Plus, which lands March 4th and is actually just CBS All Access rebranded and will be home to a bucket-load of movies and TV shows from Paramount Pictures and a variety of networks, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

There have already been a handful of movies announced that will eventually land on the platform, including A Quiet Place 2, Mission: Impossible 7, and No Time to Die, and yesterday news broke about an exciting new revival that 90s kids are sure to be excited about.


That’s right, the beloved animated series featuring Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Susie, Phil, and Lil is coming to Paramount Plus as soon as this spring, and it will feature the entire original cast! This time in CG instead of 2D because it’s 30 years since its 1991 debut and times have changed.

“Rugrats is one of the most iconic cartoons recognized by fans around the globe, and this original version is one we are taking great care and pride in creating for a brand-new audience,” said Ramsey Naito, President, Nickelodeon Animation. “Having the voice cast behind these special characters come together is one of the essential pieces to making the show recognizable and we can’t wait to watch this talented group bring them to life again.”

Neither can we!

Check out a clip from the new series:

Dad and Daughter Win Hearts on Instagram Recreating Classic Movie Scenes

dad daughter recreate movies

For many of us, COVID changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the way we stay entertained. The shift was especially difficult for parents trying to balance work and parenting simultaneously, keeping kids focused on remote learning and still staying productive. Out of necessity, families have found new ways to have fun at home and for some, this spur-of-the-moment creativity has led to incredible results – projects that never would have happened without a bit of desperation.

Alex and Jacqueline Zane are both attorneys, and early on in quarantine, they developed a system for balancing work and parenting. Alex would care for their two kids in the morning while Jacqueline worked, and in the afternoon, they’d swap. One morning when Alex Zane was scrambling for ways to entertain 5-year-old Matilda and 1-year-old Holden, he was hit with unexpected (but extremely welcome) inspiration.

“I desperately needed activities and structure to maintain my sanity and get through the days,” Alex Zane told The Dad. “At one point I lugged a large plastic car inside the house for my kids to do a car wash with in the shower. They loved it but of course it took me a few weeks to bring the plastic car back outside. The plastic cozy coupe sat in our living room for a week and one day Matilda climbed on top of it and tried surfing. Something clicked and I was reminded of Teen Wolf and Mike J Fox surfing on top of the van.”

Zane taught Matilda the proper way to play air guitar, then snapped a photo of Matilda on top of the Cozy Coupe. Zane sent the photo to his friend Andrew Kelly, a photographer with expert Photoshop skills.

“I asked him if he could make her look like a werewolf. Without any follow up questions or hesitation he immediately transformed her into a werewolf and we posted it on Facebook. We got pretty good feedback and we decided we’d try to do one a day five times a week. We somehow did that for eleven straight weeks.”


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Since the pair started their creative journey, Matilda and her dad have recreated over 80 iconic movie scenes and accumulated nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram. The duo’s creations are both nostalgic and brilliant (and on a $5 prop budget per shoot, with Matilda’s mom stepping in as the on-scene hair and makeup expert), inviting the next generation to appreciate some of the best films of all time.


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“It’s fun to try and figure out a way to kidding an unsettling scene and suck all the weight and dread out of it,” Zane explained. “The best part of this is getting to introduce Matilda to some 80s and 90s classics that age might have otherwise missed – she’s pumped when her scene pops up in a film. We pause it and she screams and screams.”


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Scrolling through Zane and Matilda’s Instagram page (which you absolutely need to do), it’s immediately evident that some scenes aren’t exactly – uh, child friendly. And as kids do, Matilda asks seemingly endless questions about each scene. Zane has expanded his creative range outside of the photos themselves, weaving stories that seem plausible enough to a 5-year-old to end the line of questioning.

“One time she was showing a cousin some of the photos and I heard her say ‘thats about a wizard who took his mouth away …’ I had to look over to realize she was telling them about The Matrix. I can’t stress enough that she thinks silence of the lambs is about a man who accidentally dropped a quarter down a well…”

Dad and daughter recreate classic movie scenes

We truly cannot get enough of these photos, and fortunately, the Zane family is still going strong.

Disney’s “Cruella” Trailer Has Serious Joker Vibes

Cruella Trailer

Disney has released the trailer for “Cruella” and oh boy, does it have some serious “Joker” vibes. The movie is an origin story for one of Disney’s most iconic villains, a memorable monster who basically wants to murder a bunch of puppies, so yeah, I guess it should be pretty dark. And the film, which is “inspired” by the original, not a direct adaption, does not seem like your typical Disney-fare.

Emma Stone is Cruella, who feels like she’s doing a subtly more deranged Joker (too many Jokers play the craziness over the top, where the real scary crazy is the kind that sort of oozes out like Stone’s Cruella here).

The film is set in 1970s London, and the trailer has plenty of foreboding shots of angry Dalmatians barking at Cruella. Stone is playing the villain or the woman before she was a *total* villain, who is an aspiring designer trying to get the upper class to take notice of her and her designs. And along the way, she becomes the Cruella de Vil you got to know in the original 101 Dalmatians.

Stone’s portrayal of Cruella, with her declaration to be a little bit “brilliant, bad and a little bit mad,” feels like a cross of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Disney live-action movies have given us some legit good movies, with the Jungle Book doing big business, and The Lion King (more eh in my book), and Aladdin (also just fine) making big box office scores.

The trailer makes it feel more like a Batman villain origin story than what we’ve seen from Disney before with movies like “Maleficent.” But it’s got some edge, and some danger to it, and Stone is an outstanding actress, so go ahead and sign me up for the movie about how a woman goes from a little bit crazy to dog-murdering insane.

Adam Sandler Recreates Happy Gilmore Swing on Movie’s 25th Anniversary

Sandler Swings on Anniversary

Adam Sandler returned to one of his iconic roles, picking up Happy Gilmore’s golf club once again. Albeit, it was only for a 30-second clip on social media, as the comedy giant celebrated the 25th anniversary (don’t you feel old?) of “Happy Gilmore” in a way only he could; by recreating Happy’s iconic swing.

Anyone who has ever played golf has tried it, at least once. It was the unorthodox step-and-swing used by Gilmore to power through the golf world after failing to make a dent in his ice hockey “career.”

Sandler said he hadn’t tried that swing since filming the movie. “I’m scared,” he said in the clip. Then, before stepping up to the ball, he said “this is for you, Shooter McGavin.”

And I’ll be damned, Sandler has still got it.

You might have expected him to whiff, fall down, or even slice the ball terribly. It’s not the easiest golf swing to pull off. But he doesn’t, in true form, he SMASHES the ball, which he claims went straight down the fairway. It definitely sounds like he made great contact, and for a brief 20 seconds, he was Happy Gilmore again.

“Happy loves you all, thanks for everything!” he wrote in the post. Ben Stiller replied, referencing his memorable cameo in the film.

And even the PGA threw in some praise for Sandler, saying he “inspired a generation.”

And it even evoked a response from his nemesis.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years(!) since the movie came out, but it hits differently for dads of a certain age and is definitely up there in the Sandler pantheon.

Miniature GameBoy Takes Technology Too Far

As technology improves, everything keeps getting smaller. Just look at our phones. They used to sit on desks, now they’re on our pockets or on our wrists. How about our TVs? They used to be enormous pieces of furniture, now they are like picture frames hanging on our walls.

As our computational power increases, the hardware used to process it is shrinking. That’s just the way it goes. But the latest example is a bit ridiculous.

The GameBoy was made to be portable. It was small enough to fit in your pocket so you could play Tetris wherever you went. Now someone has made an even smaller version, and this thing is so tiny you can fit 50 of them in your pocket.

It’s called the Arduboy Nano, and I can tell you right now I’m too old to play it. Not because I don’t know how, but because I can barely see the screen without my reading glasses.

Kevin Bates created a small, business-card thing version of the GameBoy in 2014, which inspired the creation of Bates Arduboy, which, according to Gizmodo, is an open-source Arduino-based Game Boy clone with a loyal following of developers who’ve created hundreds of free games for it.

Well, Bates has gone and shrunk his creation again. It’s less than an inch tall and can sit on top of a quarter without touching the sides. It has a 0.49-inch, 2,048-pixel OLED display, a 25 mAh rechargeable battery good for about an hour of gameplay, and an incredibly quiet 15-millimeter speaker, all of which are powered by the same ATmega 32u4 microcontroller as the Arduboy.

I’m not sure who’s gonna play this thing, or who even can. Maybe the Littles. Remember the Littles cartoon? No? God I’m old. Let me go find those reading glasses while you see the tiny GameBoy in action:

Go Back to Back to the Future II With This Working Hoverboard Engineers Invented

(YouTube/Hacksmith Industries)

Sure, it took longer than we thought after watching Back to the Future II, but science has finally given us an honest-to-god hoverboard. Does it come with conditions? Of course. But it’s still a very cool (albeit completely pointless) invention, as it is an actual, working HOVERBOARD.

When it comes to science, we have all sorts of cool things these days we would’ve loved years ago, but we still lack some of the big inventions that feel imminent (self-driving cars everywhere) and some that we won’t probably see (flying cars). But a hoverboard once was thought to be only the province of Michael J. Fox in his prime.

And now the people behind the popular YouTube HackSmith Industries have created an actual working hoverboard. Does it catch on fire? Yes, quite frequently during testing. But they fine-tuned it, and actually made a hoverboard that works.

The tech behind it is very limiting, of course, as it’s powered by a bunch of super-powerful magnets, and it only works over a sheet of metal, so it’s not exactly road-ready. It was a mechanical engineering student who came up with the right specs to make it work, and the prototype is still very cool if you’re into engineering, sciency stuff, or just fun things in general.

So you might not be able to see one at Target, but it’s fun to see a group of people trying to make working prototypes of stuff we only see in movies (like lightsabers!).


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A 91-Yr-Old Lost His Wallet in Antarctica and It Was Returned 53 Years Later

Lost Wallet
(YouTube/KETK NBC)

A 91-year-old man lost his wallet, and a kind soul returned it earlier this month. On the surface, maybe not the most newsworthy story. But the man, Paul Grisham, had lost the wallet 53 years ago. In Antarctica.

The former Navy meteorologist was stationed there for 13 months in 1968 and the wallet was recently found after the buildings they lived in were being demolished. So the newly discovered wallet went to the man who carried it decades ago.

“It brought back memories, oh yeah,” Grisham told CNN. The wallet was like a time capsule of life in the 60s, in one of the coldest places on Earth. The wallet was still in pretty good shape, his family said it looked like it could still be used. And honestly, still some good stuff in it.

In addition to his ID, there was also a card with instructions on what to do if there was a nuclear or chemical attack. There were receipts for money orders for poker winnings he sent home and there was a recipe for homemade Kahlua.

Most importantly, the wallet had a beer ration card with 21 punches left. I don’t think there’s an expiration date on that, so hopefully, he gets a few cases of beer on Uncle Sam ASAP.

Grisham remembered his time in “The Ice” fondly and was mostly monitoring the weather to provide updates for incoming air traffic. In the downtime for the nearly 200 men stationed there, it was mostly cards and other indoor activities, as the outdoor temperatures were ghastly.

“It’s almost inconceivable just how cold it is. It’s almost impossible to describe to people who haven’t been there,” he said. “In fact, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out ‘how do we explain this to the folks at home?’ and we just never really came up with a good way to explain it.”

This just goes to show that even if you lost something, you never know, it may just show up someday and remind you of how much hair you used to have back in your day.