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Best Comments of the Week

Every week we pan for comedy gold in the comments section of our Facebook posts. If your comment cracks us up (or warms our hearts) we’ll showcase it here!

Here’s this week’s roundup of the 10 Best Comments of the Week:

1. Life Can Wait 

2. Shuttered 

3. Drawing Conclusions 

4. Need Sleep 

5. Seasonal Deliveries  

6. Pump Peeves

7. Me Time 

8. Black and White

9. Hot Item 

10. Spice 

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Dad Honors Daughter With Down Syndrome by Spreading Joy Through Smiles

(Smile Project Louisville)

Several years ago, Michael Ray experienced a tragedy most of us can’t even fathom. After the birth of twin boys, Michael and his family were dealt an unbelievable blow when one of them passed away at just three months old from an undetected blood clot that burst.

The next several years were some of the darkest for the grieving dad. There was little that could break him out of the despair he was feeling, that is except for his daughter Maddie’s incredible smile. Maddie has down syndrome, autism and is non-verbal, meaning she’s often unable to express exactly how she’s feeling. But when Maddie smiles, Michael, and as it turns out the entire world, smiles with her.

“She has never said the words ‘I love you’ clear enough or clear enough for me to understand or hear,” Michael shared with ABC affiliate WHAS. “So I then kind of turned around for years and was like ‘do you love daddy?’’’ While the words were never there, her smile told Michael everything he needed to know.

Louisville dad inspired to share smiles

It was so powerful that the Louisville dad was inspired to share it with the world. Michael had found his new purpose, and so Smile Project Louisville was created.

Born out of a simple interaction with a Wendy’s employee that brightened Michael’s day back in 2018, it blossomed into what is now a full-on mission for the family. The movement, inspired by Maddie and her instantly infectious grin, promotes small acts of kindness, encouraging everyone to “Be the reason someone smiles today.” With nearly 3,000 followers on Facebook and countless other lives touched by their generosity of spirit, you could likely say it’s all going pretty well.

The father/daughter duo now travel around their community, all in an attempt to simply brighten someone else’s day. “I’m really trying to change attitudes and behaviors by spreading love through smiling. It’s the simplicity of a smile, it doesn’t cost anything,” Michael said. Local residents can nominate someone they feel needs a little boost or is deserving of a little recognition. From a smile, to balloons, to paying for a single mother’s groceries, everything they do is to see those reactions and know they made a small difference – you can watch them here.

Now there are even plans to turn the movement into a full-fledged non-profit, with hopes to branch out on a national level in the near future.

It’s an inspiring story and a true example of how even in darkness, there are always people looking for the light.

Mayor of Wisconsin Town Outlaws Snowball Throwing (and Fun)

Mayor Stops Snowball Fights
(City of Wausau & Getty/ Szabo Ervin-Edward / EyeEm)

It’s official – A Wisconsin city has made it illegal to throw snowballs.

“No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person,” states the municipal code in Wausau.

That’s right. Snowballs are officially on par with stones, arrows, and missiles when it comes to lethality, folks. To really make sure there are no grey areas, the ordinance goes on to specify that snowballs cannot be thrown “at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city.”

I guess that means this classic scene from the Christmas classic, Elf (2003), should come with a trigger warning now:

“It’s really in the interest of public safety,” Wausau Mayor Robert B. Mielke told WCCO in regards to the ruling, which he actually introduced years ago. “A lot of it is just consideration and common sense. You don’t throw stuff at people, period.”

Well, you also don’t call people “buttholes,” so I guess every single 8-year-old deserves to go to jail, too.

Look, tossing snowballs in the wintertime is about as wholesome as it gets. Hell, I’d put my money on it being displayed in a Norman Rockwell painting somewhere. I’m all about keeping people safe, but this is, coincidentally, not cool at all.

We can only assume Mayor Rob was the victim of a brutal snowballing sometime during childhood and has made it his life goal to put an end to it once and for all.

Thankfully, the local police cannot recall any arrests due to rogue snowball throwing so it seems like Mayor kill-joy might be the only one on his anti-snowball campaign. So, if you find yourself in Wausau, Wisconsin, pack in a nice, round ball of snow and sling it at someone you care about. Show the local establishment that we won’t stand for this blatant attack on fun.

The Ultimate List of Dad-Approved Holiday Gifts for Kids

Not sure if you’ve heard (like, a jillion times), but the holidays are coming. No pressure or anything, but finding the perfect gifts for your kids is kinda important this time of year. Luckily, we’ve put together a dad-approved list, so you can get in, get out, and be the holiday hero.

Here are some of our (and more importantly, our kids’) faves:


GUND Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear

GUND Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Animated Stuffed Animal Plush-best gifts for kids

Remember Teddy Ruxpin? This is like his softer, cuddlier, way-less-creepy cousin. This bear not only raises his arms and actually peek-a-boos, but he also talks! Babies and toddlers are fascinated — which means you have time for a game or two of Madden.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set- best gifts for kids

Jesse Pinkman’s favorite toy is a classic, 100-piece set, featuring 3D magnetic building tiles that let kids create all sorts of shapes and structures, and spark imaginative play. Best of all for you, they don’t hurt like hell when you step on them. “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” 

$19.95 AT AMAZON

Dyson Toy Vacuum

Dyson Toy Vacuum- best gifts for kids

It’s never too early to teach ’em to clean up after themselves (or to fall in love with things that go vroom). As an added bonus, this miniature Dyson replica actually works on tiny messes.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet

WowWee Baby Shark Official Song Puppet with Tempo Control- best gifts for kids

We know, we know. Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo, drives you to drink, doo doo doo doo doo doo. But the kids love the freaking thing, and this puppet actually sings the song when you move its mouth. Pro tip: the faster you move your hand, the faster it sings…and the faster it’s over.

$14.88 AT AMAZON

Mansalee Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank

Panda Piggy Bank- best gifts for kids

This bank encourages kids to save their money. (Or to not trust pandas. Both are useful tips.) Every time they place a coin on the circle, that darn panda pops up and grabs it. Maybe his dad never told him money doesn’t grow on bamboo trees.

$13.98 AT AMAZON

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

Little Tikes Toy Golf Set-best gifts for kids

Golfing with your kid is one of those iconic joys of fatherhood. Here’s a good way to plant the seed early. This mini-sized set is perfect fore the next generation of PGA stars.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Frozen Disney Elsa, Anna, & Olaf Deluxe Fashion Doll Set

Frozen Disney Elsa, Anna, & Olaf Deluxe Fashion Doll Set- best gifts for kids

Just when you thought it was time to Let It Go…Frozen 2 is here, and it’s starting all over again. These Anna and Elsa dolls are wearing dresses from the sequel, and our boy Olaf is there too. That little weirdo is always there.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart- best gifts for kids

Your toddler’s probably screaming anyway, so at least now you can pretend they’re screaming for ice cream. This interactive ice cream cart teaches colors and numbers and plays music to dance to.

$29.82 AT AMAZON


Skyrocket Blume Doll

Skyrocket Blume Doll- Best Gifts for Kids


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Kit

LEGO Hogwarts Set-Best Gifts For Kids

150 points for Gryffindor when your little Muggles assemble this Hogwarts LEGO set. It comes with 800+ pieces to build the Great Hall, and 10 of their favorite characters, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Nearly Headless Nick. It’s LEGO, so of course, all pieces also come with a Crucio spell (immense pain) when you step on them.

$99.95 AT AMAZON

Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings

Untamed T-Rex by Fingerling- Best gifts for kids

Will dino-obsessed kids love having this tiny T-Rex attached to their finger all day long? You bet Jurassic they will.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Outdoor Games

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball Kit- best gifts for kids

You’ve seen this at the beach and been like WTF is that, right? Spikeball is a super-fun 2-on-2 indoor/outdoor game that’s sort of live volleyball on a trampoline. Or something like that. The kids will love it.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set

WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set- gifts for kids

Because they can never get enough soccer, this indoor LED-light up floating ball glides easily over any smooth surface, like low-pile carpet or hardwood. Bonus: You don’t have to sit on the sidelines with those screaming maniacs for 2 hours!

$25.95 AT AMAZON

Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15 Toy Blaster

Nerf Blaster-best gifts for kids

This Trilogy blaster fires 3 darts at once (get it? Trilogy?) with a pump-action, so there’s no need for batteries.


Games & Puzzles

Catan Junior

Catan Junior

Catan Junior has everything that grown-ups love, but it’s slightly less complicated for kids. Prepare for swashbucklers, hideouts, a Spooky Island, and a mysterious Ghost Captain. (And don’t forget to let the kids play!)

$23.99 AT AMAZON

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Falling Marble Logic Game- best gifts for kids

This combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy helps kids develop spatial reasoning and planning skills. It’s got 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

Ravensburger Children’s World Globe 

Ravensburger Children's 180 Piece 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle

This 3-D globe puzzle is the perfect introduction to world geography for little explorers. Each continent piece is chunky and easy for little hands to grasp, and it helps convince them early on that learning can actually be fun!

$16.49 AT AMAZON

Activity Kits

VTech DigiArt Creative Easel

VTech DigiArt Creative Easel

A digital easel is way cooler than the original — and way easier to clean. This fun gadget comes with a special pen that helps kids learn their alphabet, numbers, and shapes through light up features on the board. There are over 100 objects to draw, with super-helpful instructions. 

$61.98 AT AMAZON

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab- best gifts for kids

Crystals are just always cool. This STEM chemistry kit lets your kid magically grow their own formations in 8 different colors, while instilling a love of science.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

ALEX Discover My Giant Busy Box

ALEX Toys My Giant Busy Box Craft Kit- best gifts for kids

With play dough, stickers, and craft supplies (and other stuff too) this preschool box is an imagination-filled way to keep kids entertained for a while. They’ll totally make a mess, but it’s worth it.

$19.35 AT AMAZON


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch- best gifts for kids

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing on-the-go gaming system that can also be used at home. It switches between handheld, table mode, and TV mode (just dock it in its station), and even has a touch screen. Technically, it’s for kids…but whatever.

$299.00 AT AMAZON

SISIGAD Hoverboard

Sisigad Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter- best gifts for kids

Our Back To The Future dreams are starting to come true! This light-up LED hoverboard comes with a built-in wireless speaker, too, so how far away can self-drying jackets be?

$147.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox- best gifts for kids

LEGO + robots = 🤯🤯🤯. This set comes with 800+ pieces that can be turned into five different robotic toys, including Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, and Auto Builder. They have sensor technology and motor capabilities, and there’s a handy step by step guide — in case your motor capabilities can’t figure out how to put ’em together.

$159.95 AT AMAZON

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Controllable LED Lights- best gifts for kids

This rose gold karaoke mic is compatible with BlueTooth devices, so an iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. can all function as a speaker. Old Town Road never sounded so good. 🙄

$31.99 AT AMAZON

Osmo – Creative Kit for iPad

Osmo Creative Kit for iPad

OK, imagine drawing a monster or something…and then animating it! That’s what kids can do with Osmo’s creative kit. Osmo is known for its line of STEM activities for kids at different levels of development, and this is one of the most fun ones in the whole collection.

$149.95 AT AMAZON

Clothes, Accessories & Home Decor

Star Wars Chewbacca Mittens

Star Wars Chewbacca Mittens for Kids- best gifts for kids

Well, Wookie what we have here! Warm, fuzzy, Chewbacca-themed mittens that look great, and keep their hands toasty — even on a trip to Hoth. [Insert Chewie roar]

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Star Wars BB-8 Reversible Beanie Hat for Kids

Star Wars BB-8 Reversible Beanie Hat for Kids- best gifts for kids

This BB-8 beanie will keep your kiddo warm, while looking cool. Poe and Rey’s little droid buddy has the perfect shape to fit on any kid’s head, and the hat is reversible so when it (inevitably) gets stained, you can just reverse it to look good as new.

$14.95 AT AMAZON

Orolay Child Hooded Down Coat

Orolay Children Hooded Down Puffer Coat- best gifts for kids

OK, maybe clothing isn’t at the top of your kid’s list, but this coat should be. These super-warm down-filled jackets are made of windproof and water-resistant fabric and feature a warm fleece-lined hood. Perfect for sledding, snow angels, skiing, or any other winter fun they’re into.

$129.99 AT AMAZON

Cinema Light Box with Letters

Cinema Light Box With Letters- best gifts for kids

This vintage-cinema-style lightbox is a great way to let your kid decorate their space in a unique, personal way. Comes with 192 letters, numbers, symbols, and 35 popular emojis. Maybe just be prepared for at least one version that says STAY OUT DAD ☠️.

$21.99 AT AMAZON


D Is For Dad: An ABC Book For Kids…And Dads


THIS is the ABC he wants to read to the kids. C is for Cargo Shorts, F is for Finger Pulling, and O is for Oil checks. You may like it even more than they do.

$18.00 AT AMAZON

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids- best gifts for kids

Let’s be honest, if they want to hear a joke, they should just come to the master. But if they’ve heard all of your gems about a million times, this book has a few alternatives — like 120+ pages of jokes that are appropriate for kids of all ages. It’s sold over three million copies so they must be almost as funny as all of yours.


The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

OK, let’s end on a tearjerker. This classic children’s book belongs in every kid’s library, because it encourages them to be bold, yet kind, and nurture even the smallest things in life. It’s a loving read you can enjoy together, but it might get dust in your eyes or make your allergies act up.


Father Figures: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

“>Being a father has been the most trying and rewarding thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. 

I first became a father quite young, just began college. My wife – girlfriend at the time – was in her senior year of high school. I struggled to keep up with raising a son, going to school and working to support our newborn son.

My dad has always been the strong silent type, if he spoke you better listen. I recall when I was freaking out about telling my parents I was dropping out of college to work full-time to support my family. My dad told me exact words, “This is life altering shit, take care of your family, there is no shame in doing that.”

I later went back and finished my degree, now, almost 19 years later my son is in his freshman year of college. It is so difficult to raise a well-adjusted kid to become an independent responsible adult. You get used to having them in the house and then they grow up and leave.

But, no worries, with 6 kids, yes 6, ranging from 18-3 years, two sets of twins. It’s rarely a dull moment, we all work together; I’d be lost on my own.

Parents ask me for tips, and I kinda got to think, okay what can I remember from some parenting book and honestly, never read any!

Seriously: just relax, kids just want you to be there, listen, make them laugh when they feel like crying. Basically, fake it ’til you make it! Kids are all different, what works for one will not work for all.

Biggest thing is to never give up on your kids, show them hard work pays off, family comes first.”

– Allen Vaughan

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

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Photo of Dad Who Wanted One Last Beer With His Sons Goes Viral


It was a simple photo of a sweet moment, and it went viral the moment it was shared. It was a simple tribute to a grandfather:

“My grandfather passed away today. Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.”

We shared it here at The Dad, and so did nearly 35,000 other people. The tweet was liked more than 300,000 times, as the moment resonated with people around the nation.

87-year old Norbert Schemm passed away from stage 4 colon cancer and the poignant photo was shared by his grandson Adam. He told USA Today the moment was too good not to share with the world.

“It just seemed like a really good family moment and you can kind of see the look and the smile on his face,” he said. “I can tell my grandfather’s smiling, at least trying to. They all are accepting what’s going to happen but they really cherish this last moment that meant a lot to them.”

He said he didn’t expect the crazy response to the photo and that he’s enjoyed talking about his grandfather, who has been described as a kind, strong, hardworking, and loving person. The tweet has generated dozens of responses from other people sharing similar stories of their sweet last moments with loved ones.

One of his sons told a Wisconsin newspaper that it was a fitting end for his dad.

“Everybody that he touched, that knew him, he left an impact,” he said. “And being able to go out this way, it’s just unbelievable.”

31 Gifts to Give the Woman in Your Life

best gifts for women

OK, fellas, this is our time to shine. Your wife shops for everyone else on the list, so it’s our job to make sure she’s getting what she wants! From gadgets to jewelry to beauty to kitchen stuff (🚨 ALERT 🚨: Do NOT just give kitchen stuff) we’ve pulled together a guide that’ll keep her feeling merry and bright. Go ahead and pretend it was all your idea. Your secret’s safe with us.


Apple AirPods With Charging Case

Apple AirPods with Charging Case- best gifts for moms

AirPods are tiny, super sleek, and pack a powerful punch. These wireless wonders are the perfect accessory for commutes, workouts, or just tuning out the thousands of requests she gets every day.

$144.00 AT AMAZON

Tapology Wine Ventilator

Tapology Wine Ventilator- best gifts for moms

If you know a mom who likes to get her drank on, this is a great gift. It’s an aerator that brings out a wine’s full flavors, and it fits a full bottle of wine, so there’s enough for her to share with you. Or maybe not.

$79.99 AT TARGET

Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video

Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video-best gifts for moms

Ring is the doorbell we imagined when we watched the Jetsons. It’s a motion sensor, a video camera, a microphone and a speaker, and can be accessed from phones, tablets, and other devices. It even has infared night vision — which just sounds so badass. Ring can even be connected to Alexa so she can tell visitors to go away if the kids are sleeping!

$99.00 AT AMAZON


23andMe DNA Testing Kit: Ancestry and Health

23andMe DNA Testing Kit- Ancestry and Health-best gifts for moms

Sure, as far as you’re concerned, she fell out of heaven — but maybe she wants to learn more about where she really came from. 23andMe’s DNA testing kit traces ancestry (and health history) so it’s a fun way to learn about your history, and a wellness reminder.

$99.00 AT AMAZON

Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat- best gifts for moms

There’s nothing like a foot massage. This splurge-worthy gadget is a powerful deep-kneading massager, but it’s quiet enough to use while she’s reading or binge-watching. There are customizable settings and a remote control, too. Plus, you get all the credit, without having to actually touch her feet! Unless that’s your thing.

$109.99 AT AMAZON

HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp-best gifts for moms

Ladies love lights and candles. It’s a proven scientific fact.* A Himalayan salt lamp’s warm, soft glow is an iconic symbol of tranquility and supposedly decreases stress. That’s why it’s a staple of spas all over the world.

*More of a sweeping generalization, actually, and not at all a proven scientific fact

$44.99 AT AMAZON

Brita 20 Ounce Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Brita 20 Ounce Premium Filtering Water Bottle- best gifts for moms

It’s 2019 and no one’s interested in tossing more plastic into landfills. That’s why all earth-friendly moms need a Brita filtrating water bottle. A single filter can replace up to 300 standard-size plastic bottled waters, and it looks pretty great, too. Sustainability has never been so stylish.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

SLIP Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillow Case-best gifts for moms

Silk pillowcases are super trendy right now. Regular ol’ cotton cases can scratch and tug at skin and hair, creating premature stretching, sleep creases, and bedhead, but silk cases reduce split ends, hydrate facial skin, and even help make blowouts last longer. (Not the diaper kind. The other one.)



Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

Gold Cocktail Shaker Set- best gifts for moms

Cocktails, anyone? This bright and trendy shaker is gold with a weighted bottom, making it not just functional, but beautiful. So please don’t try the throw-it-behind-the-back-like-Tom-Cruise-in-Cocktail thing when she’s not around. At least not too often.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Wine Glass Baby Mama Shark Needs a Drink Novelty Glass

Mama Shark Needs a Drink Wine Glass-best gifts for moms

This f*cking song. It drives us all to drink (do, do, do, do, do, do) anyway, so she might as well be able to get a laugh out of it.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Ceramic Pineapple Essential Oil Diffuser

Ceramic Pineapple Essential Oil Diffuser-best gifts for moms

Essential oils are having a moment right now, and if a stressed-out mom is going to diffuse some calming scents, she should do it in style. This pineapple-shaped beauty diffuses a more fine, uniform mist, and it also cycles through seven soothing colors and has an automatic shut-off, so that’s one less thing for her to think about.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

OTOTO BLADE Knife Sharpener

OTOTO BLADE Knife Sharpener- best gifts for moms

She’s sharpening those knives for cooking, right? … Right? This fun sharpener is shaped like a rhino and has a non-slip base. It’s BPA-free and just the right cross between cute and badass. Just like her.

$15.20 AT AMAZON

Biddeford Electric Heated Microplush Throw

Electric Heated Microplush Throw-best gifts for moms

If she’s always cold, this is a must-have. This soft, comfy, heated microplush throw has a 10-hour auto shut-off (hahaha…what mom gets 10 hours of sleep?) and six different heat settings to keep her comfy and toasty for as long as she can stay under the covers.

$39.99 AT KOHL’S

SONOMA Goods for Life™ Cinnamon Spice 13-oz. Frosted Candle

SONOMA Goods for Life™ Cinnamon Spice 13-oz. Frosted Candle- best gifts for moms

They can’t help it. It’s in their DNA. Moms are drawn to the scents of cinnamon spice during the holidays like we’re drawn to the couch on a Sunday. As an extra bonus, this candle comes in seasonally-themed packaging, so it’s giftable without even wrapping it!

$9.99 AT KOHL’S

Home Is Where Your Mom Is Throw Pillow

Home Is Where Mom Is Throw Pillow-best gifts for moms

If the mom in your life is into “live, laugh, love” sentimental sh*t, this pillow is perfect for her. Just don’t rest your head on it. One of the other 2187568276508716058761587 pillows on the bed is what that’s for.

$15.00 AT AMAZON


Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Book

Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Book- best gifts for mom

Mad Libs, but make it Mom. (“When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about ____” and “I love your taste in ____.”) Make this a stocking stuffer from the kids, have them fill it out in advance, and get ready to score major brownie points! 


I’ll Be There For You: Life according to Friends’ Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross & Monica

I’ll Be There For You- Life according to Friends’ Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross & Monica-best gifts for moms

If she’s a Friends fan, this is a must-have. There’s relationship advice from Joey (LOL), witty comeback tips from Chandler, recipes from Monica, and lots of other fun stuff. When she opens it, make sure you say “How YOU doin’?”


Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Mom Life- A Snarky Adult Coloring Book-best gifts for mom

Studies show that coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, they’re supposed to calming adults down, and help us relax. This one adds a healthy dose of snark to make her smile, too.



LANEIGE Lip Mask Trio

Kiss Me At Midnight Lip Trio- best gifts for mom

Tell her that this gift is the balm! Get it? Get it? Balm? Like b-a-l…ok, maybe don’t use the joke, but definitely give her this indulgent lip spleeping mask (yes, that is a thing). Maybe she’ll even give you a kiss to prove that it works!


ohii Daydream Handcream

ohii Daydream Handcream-best gifts for moms

Know a mom who only uses vegan beauty products? At only $10 for a trio of hydrating hand cream, it’s hard to find a more perfect stocking stuffer.


Soap Cherie Self Love Bath Kit

Soap Cherie Self Love Bath Kit-best gifts for moms

The mom you love probably needs a little time-out for herself, and this rose bath kit is the perfect excuse. It comes with Morning Rose Body Oil, Bath Soak (2x), an Exfoliating mitt, and a rose quartz crystal. Your only job is to keep the kids from busting in on her bath time.


Cooluni Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator-best gifts for moms

Apparently, some beauty products need to be stored somewhere colder than room temp. And before you roll your eyes, think about your beer fridge! Other beauty fridges are priced at over $100, so this deal really is beautiful.



Rockaway Gypsea Mama Bear Bar Necklace

Rockaway Gypsea Mama Bear Bar Necklace- best gifts for moms

Sure, she’s cute as hell, but you know better than anyone what happens when someone effs with her cubs.



Christina Kober Diamond Dusted Grand Cuff

Christina Kober Diamond Dusted Grand Cuff-best gifts for moms

Have you heard of “diamond dusted?” It’s a technique that involves striking the metal with the back, pointy side of a diamond. (Do not try this yourself, trust us.) The metal is softer than the diamond, so it leaves an unusual imprint of the diamond’s point, and the subtly sparkly finish will make her merry and bright.



Tiny Hands Scented Pancake Necklace

Scented Pancake Necklace- best gifts for moms

Cute jewelry that not only looks like a stack of pancakes but smells like them? When your wife smells like syrup, everyone wins. (They come in unscented, too, but where’s the fun in that?)



Scary Mommy One Strong Mother Oval Bracelet

Scary Mommy One Strong Mother oval bracelet-best gifts for moms

She does it all, and she keeps it all together. She’s a beautiful badass, and this bracelet lets her say it with pride. (And yes, the last word is implied.)



Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer- best gifts for moms

$39.99 AT AMAZON


Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja Air Fryer-best gifts for moms

Speaking of fun appliances every mom needs, an air fryer is pretty much the new kitchen must-have, and no wonder — this baby makes “fried” foods with 75 percent less fat than regular frying. Oh, and it can fit two pounds of french fries. Sold.

$109.99 AT AMAZON


Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer- best gifts for moms

Continuous stirring? Ain’t no mom got time for that. This automatic pan stirrer is “set it and forget it.” Now if only she could say that about you.



Instant Pot

Instant Pot-best gifts for moms

This thing is a phenomenon, with over 30,000 review! If she doesn’t have one, she wants one. It may not seem like a sexy gift, but trust us, she’ll love it.

$112.14 AT AMAZON

Someone Added Tesla’s Cybertruck to GoldenEye 007 and We Want to Play

Elon Musk Cybertruck in GoldenEye

Whether you’re on board for Tesla’s new futuristic Cybertruck or think it’s just laughably weird, people can’t seem to stop talking about it. It’s been the subject of jokes, memes, and thousands of internet searches, and now it’s even somewhere you probably didn’t expect: Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64.

YouTuber Graslu00 shared gameplay of the classic N64 shooter and thanks to a little modding magic, Bond stumbles across both the Cybertruck and Tesla CEO Elon Musk (we still aren’t quite sure what Elon was doing on the streets of St. Petersburg at this time of night but he seems to be holding his own).

Booting up the ‘Streets’ level, the player casually strolls over to where the tank usually sits and instead finds Elon accompanied by the Cybertruck in all her low-polygonal glory. The best part is that it all kind of works. Sure, the Tesla CEO’s face is all sorts of distorted (like all faces in the game) but the Cybertruck looks pretty spot-on for what we thought a high-tech car from the future would look like back in the ‘90s.

Hell, Bond even takes damage through the car just like he would if he drove the actual “bulletproof” stage model from Tesla’s unveiling event. Realistic!

But who needs bulletproof windows when you can launch tank shells during a leisurely drive through the city, right? Maybe Tesla should take a page out of this modder’s handbook and add some MI6-level firepower to their electro-truck.

Jimmy Kimmel Wrote a Children’s Book to Raise Money for Hospitals

Jimmy Kimmel Reads The Silly Goose

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has added another title to his entertainment resume: children’s author. Kimmel wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Serious Goose, which is on sale now. And Kimmel had a good reason behind his literary foray: he’s donating all the proceeds to children’s hospitals across the country.

“I thought writing a children’s book would be a very easy thing. I look through them, there are, like, 13 words in the whole book. What’s hard about this? But I also decided to illustrate it,” Kimmel told People Magazine. “What really took more time than anything was the lettering. As I was writing the word ‘goose’ for the thousandth time in a row, I regretted that.”

The story is about a Serious Goose that needs help from kids to cheer up. Kimmel said the inspiration came from trying to cheer up his daughter when she was younger. Donating the proceeds was an easy decision for Kimmel, who wanted to give back to hospitals like the one who cared for his son when he had to have multiple heart surgeries in his early months.

Kimmel told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to do something big for the hospitals.

“Those hospitals, the work they do, and how under-appreciated they are, is actually shocking to me. It’s great to raise awareness and money. No matter what side you’re on, [who] doesn’t support donating to children’s hospitals?” he said.

And if you really need a review, at least his kids like The Serious Goose.

You can grab a copy of the book here.

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New Behind the Scenes Star Wars Clip Hints at the Return of Ewoks

Return of Ewoks?

Before the new trilogy was born, before the prequels were released, before Greedo shot first and ruined our childhoods, the most maligned aspect of the beloved Star Wars universe was probably the Ewoks.

Those cuddly teddy bears who suddenly found themselves key players in a galactic civil war seemed a tad out of place, and to the more cynical among us, felt like a blatant play for merchandising. Not that Lucasfilm needed any help in that department.

The new trilogy, shepherded by Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams, is no stranger to merchandising (Star Wars mascara, anyone?), and has had its share of cutesy characters, from BB-8 to The Last Jedi’s porgs. But despite bringing back nearly every other beloved character from the original trilogy, including C-3P0, R2D2, Admiral Ackbar (Rest In Power), and Lando Carlissian, it has thus far been devoid of Wicket and his Endor friends.

Until now. Maybe.

In the new behind the scenes featurette teasing The Rise of Skywalker’s release,and the end of the saga that started 40+ years ago, eagle-eyed viewers can spot actor Warwick Davis in full costume as Wicket the Ewok, leading many to speculate that the adorable forest dwellers will return. Maybe they’ll once more play an integral part in dismantling the evil Empire’s (sorry, First Order) grip on the galaxy!

It’s not exactly definitive; Davis might have been dressing as Wicket for any number of reasons, but it’s enough to get the rumor mill churning.

Take a look, and let us know: Do you want the Ewoks to return? Should Disney+ give Wicket his own show? Is it time for an Ewok Jedi?