Dad Puts on Parking Lot Dance Show to Cheer up Son During Chemo Treatments

Dad Dance Chemo
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Having a kid fall seriously ill is one of the most brutal experiences a parent can experience. You want to do anything you can to help your child get through the experience. Even if that means putting on full-fledged dance performances in a hospital parking lot.

Hospitals can be a scary place for kids, and that’s why any effort to make it suck less needs to be lifted up and applauded. Like the hospital that lets kids drive mini cars to their surgery or the dad who kept dancing until his son was out of the NICU.

A dad in Texas took a different approach, with the same attitude behind it, to brighten his son’s hospital visits. Chuck Yielding’s 14-year-old son Aiden has been receiving chemotherapy treatments for leukemia for much of the year. When Chuck and his wife found out only one of them could accompany Aiden for his treatments (thanks to COVID), it made sense for his mom to be there (she’s a healthcare worker).

But that didn’t mean his dad wasn’t going to show up. He’s been there for his son in a different way…dancing in the parking lot. While his son gets his weekly chemo treatments, he can take a break to look out his window to see his dad dancing in the parking lot below.

His dad doesn’t hold back, pulling out all the stops to put a smile on his son’s face.

I mean come on, it’s tough to watch that and not have a smile on your face. That is peak dad we all aspire to.

Aiden told a local news station he thinks its funny and it cheers him up. Chuck said he’s doing anything he can to brighten his day.

“Just anything to brighten his spirits up a little bit and let him know he is not alone. We are with him,” he said.

This might be one of the few times in dad history that a kid is actually happy to see his dad break out the embarrassing dance moves, a skill every dad is born with. And props to Chuck for bringing those skillz on the road, turning a parking lot into a weekly dance party.

Heroic Father of 7 Dies Saving His Kids From a Riptide

Heroic Father of 7 Dies Saving His Kids From a Riptide

Some of the best movies of all time revolve around superheroes who put their own well-being aside to help others. They risk everything, time and time again, to make sure the world is safe for the rest of us. We find reassurance in those stories, because though they are extreme, those heroes remind us that there is so much good in the world. There are real-life dad heroes, and they deserve to be recognized as such. Last Sunday, 36-year-old Jonathan Stevens died a hero while saving the lives of his children.

In a story so heartbreaking it’s truly hard to swallow, we see a real-life example of the infinite depths of a father’s love. Jonathan Stevens was visiting Barmouth beach in Wales with his family on Sunday when he noticed three of his children struggling in the water. As any dad would do, he rushed to save them. Thinking only about the well-being of his children, Stevens worked frantically to pull them to safety and out of the grips of the riptide. Even in the direst of situations, Jonathan Stevens didn’t forget for a single second that his goal was to protect his children, to make sure they were unharmed at all costs.

Jonathan did it – he did his job as a dad, making sure no harm came to his children. In a devastating twist that nobody could have anticipated, Jonathan himself was caught in the current. He was pulled from the water by a rescue team and airlifted to a nearby hospital in serious condition. Tragically, Jonathan passed away at the hospital.

34-Year-old Laura Burford, Jonathan’s partner, was home when this unimaginable situation unfolded. A relative provided North Wales Live with the heartbroken woman’s statement. “All seven of his beautiful kids have lost their dad. He died saving his kids’ lives in the sea,” Burford said. “There are no words to describe the pain. I will always be grateful to (him) for bringing our babies back. I love him, always have, and always will.”

A friend set up a GoFundMe to help support Jonathan’s family during this incredibly difficult time. The page states, “I’m Mel, a family friend, from Telford who set up this fund page to help this poor family who sadly lost Jonathan (Joff) whilst he was saving his children in the sea at Barmouth beach. The funds raised will go towards any funeral costs, to each of his 7 children to support and to have a memory gift from their Hero Father and to Laura to help along the way with any costs that may occur.”

Jonathan Stevens’ very last act was being a dad. He protected his children at all costs, bravely and selflessly putting their safety before his own. Jonathan Stevens died a hero.

Dad Jumps in Water to Save Son From Jaws of Great White Shark

Dad Saves Son From Shark Attack
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As dads, having to think on your feet to keep your kid out of trouble is vital. Whether it’s pulling them back from stepping into the street right when a car is coming, or catching them at the last second when they are about to fall off the back of a couch, that moment requiring dad reflexes is inevitable.

You might even have to punch a shark. That’s the situation one dad faced last week, as he was fishing with his 10-year-old son north of Tasmania. A freaking great white shark leaped from the waters and dragged his son off the boat into the ocean. Without even hesitation, his dad, John Arnott, jumped into the water.

He was able to save the boy from the jaws of the shark, who authorities believe was spooked away by the dad jumping into the water. The boy was being treated at a local hospital for lacerations and is reportedly in stable condition. His life jacket was shredded in the incident and he suffered lacerations on his arms and head.

A bystander who assisted in providing first aid to the boy told ABC the dad was a hero.

“The father was doing an amazing job in the circumstances, it was a pretty scary situation for the family,” she said.

“The father was holding it together really well. I don’t think I would have done as good a job as he did in that situation.”

A man who witnessed the incident from a nearby boat called it a ‘very, very scary thing.’

“The father, with his natural instinct I suppose, has leapt in straight after his son and managed to grab him. Congratulations to dad. Top fella.”

Viral Photo Shoot Features Newborn of Fallen Firefighter and His Firehouse Brothers

Brett Grace Firehouse Photoshoot
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Brett Korves was a 10-year veteran of an Illinois Fire Department when he died tragically in a car accident on his way to work in early 2019. He left behind a two-year-old son and a pregnant wife. Nearly a year later, Brett’s brothers at the Fire Department honored his memory with a photo shoot with the newborn daughter he never got to meet.

His wife, Alex, didn’t know she was pregnant when Brett tragically passed and told Good Morning America she was “freaking out” at first, but was glad to have one more piece of him in her life.

(Sugarfoot Photography)
(Sugarfoot Photography)
(Sugarfoot Photography)
(Sugarfoot Photography)

Brett’s First Responders was a foundation started in his memory to carry on his legacy of helping his community.

Alex said she was touched by the avalanche of positivity after the photos went viral and said she is thankful for the support of their family, friends, and Brett’s brothers in the Fire Department,

“I just want Brett Grace to realize that even though her father has passed, she has all this outpouring support from all these men, too.”

Hero 100-Yr-Old Turtle Fathers 800 Kids to Prevent Species Extinction

100yr Old Hero Turtle Saves Species
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One of the greatest heroes of his time, Diego the Galapagos giant tortoise has officially entered retirement. The 100-year old turtle did more for his species than arguably almost every other being in existence. At one point, Diego was one of two of the last males of Chelonoidis hoodensis of Espanola Island. Then Diego, part of a captive breeding program started nearly 50 years ago, did what any true hero would in that situation. He started getting it on with the lady turtles, siring more than 800 more of his kind.

Thanks to the noble hard work of Diego, the island has seen a huge increase in the species, as they now have nearly 2,000. The aged Diego and his heroic sex drive that saved his kind now get to retire to the island, where he will join his offspring (estimated around 40 percent of the turtles on the island).

“There’s a feeling of happiness to have the possibility of returning that tortoise to his natural state,” a director for Galapagos National Parks service told the BBC.

What exactly is his natural state and what does this mean for Diego and his main hobby of impregnating turtles?

“He might actually amp it up,” James P. Gibbs, a professor of environmental and forest biology at the State University of New York in Syracuse, told the Washington Post. “I don’t know — we shall see.”

Hell yeah, Diego. Normally, we’d include some sort of video with these posts. But some things are best left between a turtle and his dozens of sexual partners. And now Diego gets to go home, decades after he left to embark on his journey to save a species. Hopefully, the legendary turtle Dad is given a hero’s welcome upon his return. What you did before was for your species, who you impregnate now, that’s just for you big guy.

Single Dad Who Has Fostered Over 30 Kids Officially Adopts 5 Siblings

Lamont Thomas Adopts 5 Siblings
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Lamont Thomas has long been an advocate for children as a foster parent in Buffalo, NY. Back in 2000, friends of Lamont had lost their child to social services. Wanting to help, he stepped in to care for the child, an act of kindness that led to Thomas becoming a certified foster parent.

Over the past two decades, the single father has helped raise over 30 children, eventually adopting five of them permanently. That made Lamont father to a total of seven kids including his two biological children LaMonia and Anthony, and the very first boy he ever fostered, Michael. “He was my third foster home and it ended up being my forever home,” 27-year-old Michael Thomas recalled to Good Morning America.

But seven of his own was plenty for Lamont. After Michael, who was the last to be officially adopted, Lamont was ready to settle down and enjoy watching his children build their own lives.

However, fate stepped in recently, bringing the retired caregiver back into the system. Five young siblings were in need of a home. Their father was once in Lamont’s care, so he knew what he had to do. “They had them in four different homes, four different cities. They were separated for over a year-and-a-half,” he shared. Lamont reapplied to the foster program with the intent to adopt all five of the children. After fostering all five kids in-home for the past two years, Lamont made it official last week, adopting the siblings and welcoming them into his family permanently.

My heart is seriously melting today…so much hard work to get these children back together..few will ever know just how…

Posted by Anna Miller on Thursday, October 17, 2019

“They bring new energy to me. They’re lovable kids, very affectionate,” Lamont said.” “They deserve to be raised as siblings, and that was my fight.” Michael told GMA that caring for children is his father’s “God-given call.” His sister LaMonica echoing the sentiment. “It’s amazing he’s taking on all of them. He does anything for everybody. He’s a really a great man.”

As for Lamont, he’s just glad he could once again be a positive force in these children’s lives, telling GMA “I wanted to make a difference by being a difference, and I love what I do.”

Lamont says there is always a need for foster parents and encourages individuals to apply. To learn more about foster care programs in your area, visit the Children’s Bureau.

Lawyer Dad Files Motion To Delay Trial To Watch Baseball With Son

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Sports have been bringing together dads and sons for generations. They bond over wins and losses, home runs and strikeouts. They are brought together during championship runs and through tougher rebuilding years. And sports can also show the lengths some dads will go to have those special moments with their kids.

One lawyer in Washington took that to a new level. Bonding with his son over the Nationals run through the National League Championship Series, the lawyer in a civil suit filed a motion to delay a trial by two days so they could watch the games. He said he wanted to stay up late watching the game with his 9-year-old son and to attend the game the next day.

The motion was granted by the judge, giving baseball and sons the epic win over work.

As part of the motion, the lawyer described the rough start for the Nationals, and noted their turnaround, thanks in part to the support of a “certain nine-year-old boy closely associated with undersigned counsel.” He then stated, “The nine-year old and counsel wish to continue to stay up late watching baseball and to attend tomorrow’s game [Wednesday’s Game 5], if it is necessary.”

Further, he explained he would have to be there to supervise the nine-year-old. The opposing counsel was completely on-board, and just about everyone involved agreed that justice could wait a few days for a father and a son to watch some baseball.

Single Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Rejected by 20 Families

Alba and Luca Trapanese

Alba was just a few days old when she was put up for adoption by her parents because she has Down syndrome. Sadly, 20 other families passed on adopting her by the time she was only 13 days old. But her story got a happy ending when a single dad stepped in to adopt the adorable weeks-old infant.


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Wedding Livio e Serena❤

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Luca Trapanese’s story went viral with the release of a book he wrote about his life with Alba, a story he says “destroys many stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family.” Adoption laws in Italy are fairly strict, and rarely are single parents approved, but Alba’s condition warranted an amendment to the normal regulations. And Luca said he experienced no trepidation about the decision, driving to the hospital to fill out the paperwork the moment he was approved.


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Ma poi andrò in vacanza anche io?😂😂😂#Procida #estate2019 #Alba #maldischiena

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Luca had a history of volunteering and working with children with disabilities, so he felt prepared to raise a child with Down syndrome. And he couldn’t wait to become a dad.

“When I held her in my arms, I was filled with joy,” he told the BBC. “I felt she was my daughter immediately. I knew I was ready to be her father.”


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I momenti di relax con Alba sono veramente pochi😂😂😂 #alba #nataperte #padre #diversità #single #roma #nuoviamici

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Luca said Alba, now 1.5 years old, loves to play and meet new people. “I will spend the rest of my life with a girl I love,” Luca says, “and we will do many wonderful things together.”

Trapped for Hours in the Wild, Dad’s Creative SOS Leads to Rescue

Curtis Whitson's SOS
(Joe Kingman)

Summertime is the perfect season to explore the great outdoors. This year, however, has been a reminder of just how quickly things can change when mother nature is involved. From animal encounters to wild, unpredictable weather, planning for every situation becomes almost impossible.

So when Curtis Whitson, his girlfriend, and his 14-year-old son set off on a 4-day camping excursion along the Arroyo Seco River in central California, chances are they never expected to end up trapped atop a 40-foot waterfall, but on day three of their adventure, that’s exactly where the trio found themselves. “It’s a paradise off the beaten path — a gorgeous place to take a float trip and get away from the crowds,” Whitson told The Washington Post. “We were all looking forward to camping along the river, under the stars.”

Whitson had traversed the area years before and was unaware that the rope previously placed to allow hikers to repel down the waterfall had since disappeared. Unable to turn back, the group hunkered in and prepared for the worst. “It was a sad realization, to know that our trip was over and we needed help. Every inch down that river had committed us to a spot where we couldn’t get out,” adding “It was a little scary. We hadn’t seen a single soul the entire trip.”

Following a failed attempt to send an SOS message carved into a stick, Whitson had a final plan to send his bright green water bottle over the falls in hopes someone would see it and send help. After carving “HELP” into the plastic, Whitson’s girlfriend, Krystal, had brought a pen and pad, allowing them to scribble down their location on a note they stuffed inside the bottle before sending it down the raging rapids.

Cindi Barbour

“I knew that our friends would call somebody at some point when we didn’t show up,” Ramirez said. “But I was worried about how long it might take for anyone to find us.”

There was nothing left to do but settle in and hope for the best.

A few hours later, asleep at their makeshift camp, the family was awoken by the sound of a helicopter hovering over the falls. It was a search and rescue team who were alerted to their plight thanks to two hikers who spotted a water bottle floating down the river. The rescue team telling the hikers over their loudspeaker to hang tight and that help was on the way first thing in the morning.

In the early morning light, California Highway Patrol assisted in airlifting the family to safety, helicopter pilot Joe Kingman in awe of the circumstances leading to their rescue. “A lot of pieces fell into place just right for these folks,” said Kingman, who shares this is the first time in his 23 year career where a literal message in a bottle led to a successful rescue.

Whitson too is shocked everything happened as it did. “It blows me away how it all came perfectly together,” he said. “What are the odds?”

Dad Steps up to Fly Plane and Make Jokes When the Pilot is a No-Show

Dad Pilots Airplane
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Air travel is an extremely timely operation, even the smallest of delays can throw off the rest of your schedule. It’s one thing when it’s weather-related, as those can be anticipated and even understood to a degree. Mechanical delays, too, can be annoying, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution. The most aggravating, however, is when everything else is perfectly fine, but the flight is missing a crew member.

A group of passengers on easyJet in the U.K. were facing a two-hour delay for this very reason when the pilot for their flight was a no-show. And that’s when a dad stepped up to take care of the problem. Faced with a possible delay to his family’s trip to Spain, the off-duty pilot volunteered to fly the plane himself. A passenger on the flight recounted the story on Facebook, describing the quick change of the flight’s status from a two-hour delay to now boarding.

Dad Steps up to Fly Plane
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When she asked the gate agent what was behind the sudden change, he casually responded: “’Oh your pilots gone missing but a guy that’s going on your flight is going to fly the plane.'”

The dad-turned-hero-captain explained the change to passengers onboard the flight. And he even had them laughing with some dad level humor.

“So I phoned up easyJet and said: ‘Hiya, I’m standing in the terminal doing nothing… and if you need a favour, I’m standing here ready to go. And they said: ‘We’ll phone you back.'”

They called back in less than a minute, according to the pilot: “Please, please, pretty please with a big cherry on top, could you fly the airplane to Alicante.”

In proper dad fashion, he then apologized to the passengers for flying without a uniform, but the rousing round of applause from passengers informed him no apology was needed.

Fortunately, he did bring his pilots license and the required I.D. – the dad was a true blessing in da skies.

Dad Saves His Family From Harrowing Hollywood-esque Car Accident


A Pennsylvania dad recently made headlines for his quick thinking and action.

While driving home at around 10 pm on Tuesday night, a large SUV swerved in front of the 42-year-old father, his wife, and their 17-day-old newborn, causing their vehicle to careen off a 40-foot embankment. The car landed on its roof in a creek bed, trapping the family inside. With little time to act, the determined driver rescued his wife and child just moments before the car burst into flames.

After seeing the wreckage, Chief Quint Saienni of the Hockessin Fire Company told local affiliate 6ABC the family is very lucky to be alive. “It’s like a perfect storm. Dad was able to free himself and free his family out before anything traumatic and terrible happened.” Chief Saienni says of the entire harrowing situation “It seems like out of a Hollywood movie.”

By the time rescue and fire crews arrived on the scene, the three passengers were already waiting on the bridge, looking down on what could have been a much more tragic situation.

Incredibly, the entire family escaped the accident with only minor injuries. The other driver is still unknown, however, local police are investigating the crash and soliciting leads from the public in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Delaware State Police.

This dramatic incident just another example of dads going above and beyond when their families lives are on the line – like the dad who recently protected his family from a wolf attack.