Star Wars: Republic Commando is now available for PS4 & Switch

Republic Commando Cover Art

Finally finally finally finally finally finally Star Wars: Republic Commando is available for PS4 and Switch!

After years of staring longing at used copies of the game running for like $150 on Amazon, you can download an affordable version of the classic squad-based shooter to your barely-last gen console. According to science, this is undeniably very good.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it came out in 2005 and was early proof that Star Wars fans had an appetite for stories revolving around the now iconic Clone Troopers. With Bad Batch coming soon, it’s no surprise LucasFilm is revising their early forays into clone stories. This isn’t a remake, it’s the original game ported to new consoles, meaning the graphics are a little outdated but they still look great. It’s honestly kind of charming.

Beyond the lore and storytelling, the gameplay was unique and fulfilling as well. From the official game description:

You are the leader of an elite squad of Republic Commandos, your mission is to infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately, annihilate the enemy. Your squad will follow your orders and your lead, working together as a team – instinctively, intelligently, instantly. You are their leader. They are your weapon.

Oh, and if you’re a collector junkie, those original X-Box discs on Amazon I mentioned have suddenly dropped down to about ten bucks.

Jar Jar Binks Actor Confirms Character Is Not Returning in Kenobi Series

Jar Jar Binks Not Returning

We got major news recently when Disney+ revealed the INCREDIBLE cast for “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” and it’s bringing back some of our favorite parts of the prequels. There is one character, though, who has confirmed he will not be returning; Jar Jar Binks.

Everyone’s favorite Gungan politician was a frequent companion of Kenobi’s in the prequels, and there were some rumors swirling earlier this year that we might see him again. But the actor behind the loathed/loved character said it’s not happening.

“Thanks for the love, but I will not be in this series,” Best said. “As much as I would’ve loved to be a part of it. But I’m ecstatic to see folks who I love dearly back together doing great things.”

It’s understandable because Jar Jar Binks is almost certainly the most controversial character in all of Star Wars history. Yet, as most Dads know, things that were once considered “lame” have a way of coming back into style.

Look at Hayden Christensen, most people hated his work in the prequels at the time. Yet, when it was announced he’d be returning as Vader in the Kenobi miniseries, people were THRILLED. They were legit excited to see these two dueling their fates again.

So, could it work with Jar Jar Binks? Actually, yeah, it probably could’ve. I’m not saying you make him a main character, but with actual good material, a few Jar Jar appearances could’ve been done well. At the very least, bring him back to kill off the character in a hilarious way, which would also be cathartic for SW fans.

The Star Wars universe needs a proper end to the Jar Jar Binks story, and Disney is missing a huge opportunity to score some quick nostalgia points, and give prequel fans (and those who watched them but still wouldn’t call themselves “fans”) closure.

In any case, we were glad to see Ahmed hosting the Star Wars Jedi Temple game show.

Disney Announces Full Cast for “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” and It Is Very Good

Obi Wan Cast

We finally have some long-anticipated news on the “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” front, as Disney, has a couple of major announcements. The first is the show is set to begin production soon, and we now have a (brief) synopsis! The second is the full cast announcement, and it is FULL of stars.

If you’ve been under a “Mandalorian”-sized rock and aren’t aware, Disney+ is capitalizing on the standout Star Wars show by releasing a whooooole bunch more. But one project seems the most tantalizing, and that’s the “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” miniseries. Ewan McGregor is returning to the Jedi role he has been yearning for, and Hayden Christensen is returning as young Darth Vader.

In terms of other casting news, we already knew Game of Thrones alum Indira Varma was joining the show, but now we know it will also feature Kumail Nanjiani, the rising comedian who will be in Marvel’s “The Eternals.” His role will probably be more along those lines than the outstanding comedic performances we’re accustomed to (he was truly great in Silicon Valley on HBO).

Moses Ingram from “The Queen’s Gambit” was another big reveal, along with Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Sung Kang, Simone Kessel, and Benny Safdie. Joel Edgerton is also returning, presumably as young Owen again.

Not only do we get some killer cast news, but we also have our first small snippet of plot detail; the series will be taking 10 years after the events in the Revenge of the Sith. A full decade after Kenobi and Anakin’s infamous duel, the duo will again come face to face (but not for the last time!).

“The new series will take place a decade after the “dramatic events of ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’ where Kenobi faced his greatest defeat, the downfall and corruption of his best friend and Jedi apprentice, Anakin Skywalker turned evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.”

So everyone will be a little older, a little more jaded, and a little bit closer to “A New Hope.” I cannot wait for this series, as everything “Star Wars” is better with Vader as a central figure.

This comes with just enough of the good parts of the prequels (McGregor) and will hopefully be balanced with all the good stuff we’ve seen from a Star Wars live-action TV show (The Mandalorian).

Fans have high hopes for this miniseries, and the force is definitely strong with a banger cast like this.

We Regret To Inform You the Ewoks Are Coming To Disney+

The Battle for Endor
(20th Century Fox)

80s kids will remember, even if they don’t want to.

Long before the internet got angry about The Last Jedi, before everyone got angry about the prequels, before Jar Jar was the most annoying, cheesy, juvenile part of Star Wars, there was Return of the Jedi and the Ewoks. Not everyone loved the Ewoks. Not everyone liked the idea of teddy bears defeating the Empire. But Lucasfilm loved the Ewoks. And so they created more Ewok content. And we watched it. Unfortunately.

Now a new generation can watch it too! At their own risk.

If you were a little kid when you saw Return, you probably didn’t hate the Ewoks. At least not at first. Wicket was adorable! They were all adorable! In small doses, it turns out. Because the more Ewok-based content we got, the less we wanted. You’ll understand, starting on April 2nd, when Disney+ unleashes the Ewoks on all of us.

The streaming platform will add two seasons of Star Wars: Ewoks, as well as Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

There will also be a chunk of Ewok material from the dreadful Star Wars holiday special, called The Story of the Faithful Wookiee, which features the debut of Boba Fett, who was able to overcome his participation in the special and endure as a fan favorite.

Be grateful that Disney+ is not giving us the entire Holiday Special because no matter how bad you’ve heard it is, it’s so much worse.

In fact, the cringe-factor may well be the only reason to check out these old Ewok shows and movies. That and nostalgia. I won’t lie, I had The Battle for Endor on tape. I owned a big Ewok playset, complete with the net they trapped our heroes in. What can I say, I was 7 years old and Star Wars was my life.

Which isn’t to say I’ll be watching this shit. I’m in my 40s now. I have standards.

We’ve Hit Peak Baby Yoda With an Edible Grogu Sushi Roll

Baby Yoda Grogu Sushi

We’ve done it, we have reached peak Baby Yoda! The little guy became a pop culture sensation shortly after his debut in season 1 of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ and went from a must-have toy to just about everything else. And now, The Baby Yoda wave has crested, with his own sushi roll.

The head sushi chef at Wave Asian Bistro and Sushi in Florida came up with the perfect Grogu inspired salmon sushi roll, which The Child himself would approve of. You can watch head sushi chef Alexis Morgan make edible Grogu from start to finish.

Think of where we have been with the Baby Yoda craze. It started when Star Wars fans couldn’t even get their hands on toys, since Disney rolled them out slowly (in an effort to prevent spoilers). That led fans to chopping the heads off angel cookies to make Baby Yoda cookies, and even Ba-Yo cocktails.

Then we got the toys we so richly wanted, including LEGO versions for kids, animatronic versions, and even super expensive high-end toys for collectors. After a second season of “The Mandalorian”, Star Wars fans even got a lot more of The Child’s backstory. Grogu has a name, a dark past, and even a reunion with a Star Wars legend, one that seemingly will take him off the show for a while.

So it stands to reason the Baby Yoda craze will begin to hit the downslope. With less Grogu on TV, there’ll be less demand for the little green guy, and thus wild creations like his own salmon roll are some of the last big hurrahs for the force-wielding youngster.

Ewan Mcgregor Might Play Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Second Star Wars Show

Kenobi in Andor

Obi-wan Kenobi is a beloved Star Wars character, some people even worship him. But no one loves him more than the man who played him in the prequels, Ewan McGregor. McGregor has been vocal about wanting to play Kenobi again and his wish was granted during Disney+’s explosion of Star Wars shows, as he got his own miniseries (more on that in a second). But, that may not be all, as ANOTHER Star Wars show is reportedly adding McGregor to the mix as a recurring character. We may be getting more Kenobi than we bargained for.

According to several reports, McGregor will be bringing his Jedi master to “Andor”, the Star Wars spin-off featuring Diego Luna’s Rebel Alliance pilot/intelligence officer, first introduced in the smash hit “Rogue One.” With Kenobi in the mix, it gives rise to the theory that Andor will be exploring the early days of the Rebel Alliance, giving the standout spy a ton of territory to explore, especially if he crosses paths (or teams up) with one of the most notorious Jedi Knights still standing.

Another possibility is a timeline much closer to Rogue One, and therefore much closer to A New Hope, but that would require a much different Kenobi (he was an ancient Alec Guinness by the time R2D2 returned to Tattoine). So let’s hope we get more of the younger Kenobi, with a lot more room for the story to grow. The reports also indicate that Rosario Dawson could be bringing her force-sensitive, former Jedi to the mix as Ahsoka Tano (after a kickass debut in The Mandalorian). She too has her own miniseries, so this could be Disney+s way to connect a few of them.

As for his own miniseries, Kenobi is picking up steam. McGregor said in a recent interview that production on the show is officially kicking off this spring, and will debut on the streamer in 2022. We also know Hayden Christensen is coming back as Vader, which is truly incredible. We also know the show has cast Game of Thrones star Indira Varma, who played Ellaria Sand. Her role in Kenobi is unknown.

As for McGregor, he’s excited to pick up the lightsaber again.

“I’m thrilled to get the chance to play him again,” he said. “I’ve always felt there was a story between my ones and Alec Guinness’ ones and that’s what we’re gonna do. It should be really interesting.”

Fortunately for us, there may be more than just one story.

Animators Create Recap of “The Mandalorian” Without Ever Watching It

Mando Recap by Animators

The Mandalorian” is the most important thing to happen to Star Wars since the prequels (which opened the door to more Star Wars content). It took an unsettled IP and showed that there was still a lot of life in it and that new Star Wars movies and shows could be really good. And it energized a ton of Star Wars fans who were never satisfied with the prequel or sequel trilogies.

The show’s massive success was instrumental to Disney+’s rollout and opened the door to the 1,000 new Star Wars shows we’re getting. On top of that, it seemed like Baby Yoda was everywhere after the first season, from toys to drinks and anywhere in between. It felt like everyone had seen the show.

But most people, despite it being a hit, still had not! Two of those people felt like they knew enough about it though, just from hearing all the constant internet chatter about the show and its favorite little character, to recap it. So the two, award-winning animators Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera made an animated short recapping the Mandalorian, only based on tweets from their friends.

And honestly, they nail a good chunk of it.

@smallbuanimationWhat I think the Mandolorian is About ##mandolorian ##themandolorian ##StarWars ##babyyoda ##grogu ##animation ##funny ##cute ##parody ##fyp♬ original sound – Smallbu Animation

The duo who have co-created web series and worked for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, get a LOT of it right. And it’s fun to see someone take a guess at the show’s plot without seeing a single episode. The video got nearly a million views on Tik Tok and hundreds of thousands on Twitter, so it’s safe to say plenty of people enjoyed the recap, and they should continue to recap other Star Wars properties (and any popular shows) they’ve missed out on.

Disney Still Moving Forward With Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson Star Wars Trilogy On
(Getty/Christopher Jue/Stringer)

It may be hard to remember since we’re still basking in the afterglow of The Mandalorian‘s second season, but Star Wars is at a bit of a crossroads, at least when it comes to the movies.

The last movie in JJ Abrams’ Disney trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, wasn’t the rousing success, critically or commercially, that everyone was hoping for. And the movie before that, Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, remains perhaps the most divisive Star Wars film since the prequels.

A lot of fans hate TLJ, and Rian Johnson, for what he supposedly did to Luke Skywalker, and Finn, and Poe, and the franchise as a whole. So much so that the final film in the trilogy actively worked to undo some of the most provocative moves Johnson made. Nevertheless, Disney still gave Johnson the keys to a new non-Skywalker trilogy, but it’s been a few years since that announcement, and there has been nary a peep about it during all the post-TLJ uproar.

Until now.

It seems that Rian Johnson’s trilogy is still on. At some point.

USA Today reporter Sariah Wilson conducted an interview with the director (Brick, Looper, Knives Out) in which he confirmed that he still plans to make a new trio of movies set within the Star Wars universe, in which he would direct the first. But that’s about all he confirmed.

As she says, that is all we know about it! No other details were forthcoming. Not a word about storylines or casting or even release dates. But Johnson is supposedly developing a sequel to Knives Out, so who knows when he might get to a new Star Wars flick. It seems, with the bounty of Star Wars TV shows Disney has in the pipeline, there’s no hurry to make a new movie. At least until people forget the last one. Or two.

At least with Johnson still attached, whenever he gets to his Star Wars project, you can bet the internet will be all over it. For better or worse!

‘The Mandalorian’ Actress Brought Her Star Wars Loving Dad to the Set

Star Wars Dad

Generations of Star Wars fans have been introduced to the franchise by their dads. I introduced my kids into the Stars world universe, just as my father did before me. Very few people, though, get the chance to pay their dad back by actually bringing them to a galaxy far, far away. That was the case for one person though, an actor on Disney+’s smash hit ‘The Mandalorian.’

Katee Sackhoff plays a Mandalorian badass named Bo-Katan. Her character was a fan-favorite in the animated series, and Sackhoff, who also voices Bo-Katan, got to bring her character to the live-action Star Wars Universe this season (and maybe next, after watching the finale?). And while it was surely amazing for her, what’s even cooler is she was able to bring her Star Wars loving dad to the set. Most dads don’t get to step on an Imperial cruiser.

“As the daughter of a Star Wars fan, this was one of the best moments of my life. My dad gave me my love of all things science fiction and to be able to take him to set was a dream come true…for both of us.

Thank you Disney, Thank you Dave Filoni for creating this fierce woman and thank you both Dave and Jon Favreau for believing I could take her into live action. You’ve made this little girl’s dream come true.”

The Mandalorian recently concluded an EPIC season 2 on Disney+, with the production of Season 3 to begin soon after work on “The Book of Boba Fett” wraps.

Pedro Pascal Teases New Timeline, Crossovers for Mando Season Three

Pedro Teases Mandalorian S3 Details

After a fantastic second season that culminated in a mind-blowing finale, fans are dying to learn what’s next for The Mandalorian. Not only did the season end with some major changes that could forever alter the show, but the post-credits stinger scene also confused fans by introducing a new story about Boba Fett.

It has since been clarified that The Book of Boba Fett is a standalone spin-off show and that The Mandalorian will be back for a third season. What we don’t yet know is what the third season will be like, now that the driving storyline of the first two installments was seemingly resolved.

With all the new Star Wars shows coming down the pike for Disney+, it might be a while before we see Mando again, and if recent comments by Pedro Pascal are accurate, some time may pass for the character as well…

Pascal gave an interview to IndieWire in which he discussed his monumental 2020, which not only featured The Mandalorian but also a role in Robert Rodriguez’s Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes, and a villainous turn in Wonder Woman 1984.

During the interview, the actor dropped a few hints about the future of his Star Wars show, which may include shifting timelines and cross-overs into other worlds.

“I am told what’s happening and what the plan is,” said Pascal, “but I can’t share it. They are in the expansion of this world, where there are so many unexpected surprises and timelines that are going to be dealt with. If the character were to cross over into these worlds, it will be utilized in a way that isn’t meant to be expected. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise of whether or not characters from the show we already know are crossing over.”

There’s both a lot of info in there and very little. It definitely makes sense that after season two, The Mandalorian will stretch its wings a bit and broaden the scope of his adventures. Exactly how “crossing over” into different worlds will work is yet to be seen, but Pascal seems hesitant to say much more.

One of the main storylines fans are hoping to see is the battle for Mandalore, which includes Mando’s ownership of the dark saber, putting him at odds with Bo-Katan. Not sure how his comments line up with that, which seems like a more expected continuation of the series. There definitely seems to be hinting at something less conventional.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more soon, as Disney+ moves forward with its plans. Until then, may the force be with you.

I mean, this is the way.

Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft Teaming Up for an Open-World Star Wars Game

Star Wars Ubisoft
(Electronic Arts)

In major video game news, the Star Wars IP is going to a game developer far, far away from its prior relationship with EA. OK, not that far away, but Disney has energized the gaming world this week with the announcement of rebranding their gaming division as Lucasfilm games and now they’ve announced a new open-source world Star Wars game is being developed with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft, the company behind the incredible Assassin’s Creed franchise, broke the news on Wednesday. Lucasfilm Games made huge news on Tuesday by announcing a new Indiana Jones game in production with Bethesda.

There’s no word on the story or era yet for the new Star Wars game, but it is huge news as it seems like Lucasfilm is making a big investment into gaming and the appeal of telling stories through that medium.

“We know that fans of Star Wars value the feeling of immersion—of being transported into the Star Wars galaxy and moving through richly-detailed environments,” Lucasfilm Games VP Douglas Reilly told “It’s fun to imagine what the team at Massive can do within Star Wars by bringing their innovative spirit and their commitment to quality.”

While there are still two years left of EA’s exclusivity over SW games, the departure from EA is surprising. It opens up a world of possibility and different gaming genres, not unlike Disney’s current plan to invest heavily in a whole new batch of Star Wars shows and movies.

It should also be noted that EA didn’t do a bad job with Star Wars games. Jedi: Fallen Order was an OUTSTANDING game, and Squadrons was pretty solid too.

We’ve seen what shows like The Mandalorian can do when they explore different corners of the Star Wars Universe, so there’s an enormous amount of storytelling possibility for video game developers, and some genuinely exciting games will soon be on the horizon.

The Mandalorian Gets Reimagined as 1990s Sitcom and We Want Full Episodes Please

Grogu Pains Mandalorian Sitcom

The Mandalorian is a lot of things. It’s a Star Wars story, it’s a Western, it’s a touching tale of fatherhood, it’s even occasionally about a psychopath who eats babies. What it is not is a family sitcom from the 90s.

But what if it were?

The good people over at Nerdist decided to see what that would look like. They chopped up a bunch of clips from the popular Disney+ show and re-engineered them into the opening titles to a sitcom called “Grogu Pains,” complete with cheesy character intros and funny action shots, and the results are hilarious.

My favorite part has got to be “Robert Fett” but Grogury St. John is pretty solid too. The only thing missing is the use of the actual Growing Pains theme song!

Check it out:

Geniuses Troll The Mandalorian by Adding Lyrics To Theme Song

Mandalorian Lyrics
(YouTube/The Warp Zone)

Admit it: you make up songs sometimes.

Sometimes you pull a Weird Al and create new lyrics for an existing song, sometimes you turn everyday phrases into little jingles, and sometimes you’re inspired by a tune and decide to create a little ditty of your own.

We’ve all done it, but when we do it, it doesn’t usually get hundreds and thousands of likes. Of course, it helps when the song you made up uses the instrumental theme of an incredibly popular TV show.

Which is what the people over The Warp Zone did, when they decided to add some lyrics to the theme song Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

The instrumental theme song is pretty awesome on its own, but when you add these lyrics, it gets pretty hilarious too, using them to describe the show and lay out some of its influences.

Here’s the official description:

Din Djarin sings along to the epic music of the Mandalorian theme by Ludwig Goransson. Along the way, he gives some honest feedback on the Disney Plus show and some of its heavy usage of western and sci-fi movie references.

Check it out: