The Mandalorian Episode 4 Recap: No Time For Love, Dr. Mandalorian

The Mandalorian and Cara Dune
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Okay, I’ve been informed that declaring undying loyalty to Gina Carano is not “the assignment” or “my job” so let’s talk about Star Wars, I guess. As always, *spoiler alert y’all*

If you missed last week’s recap, it’s important to note that this episode is a bridge between the first and second arcs of the season, and it starts with the problem, rather than the protagonist. There’s a group of shrimp farmers that you can tell don’t know how to be in a star war who are immediately attacked by the orcs from Lord of the Rings. By starting this story away from the Mandalorian, we get a little clue that despite the name of the episode…

…they won’t be stopping here for very long.

When we do meet up with ManDADlorian and the internet’s new God, Baby Yoda, they’re searching for a place to lay low and find some

It’s a fun little ‘member berry for when Han and Leia were looking for a place to hide in Empire. Baby Yoda does some cute shit to annoy dad, but rather than grab the little wamp rat by the scruff of the neck as he did in the previous episode, Mando gently puts him in his lap. They’re family now, you see.

At a bar in town, The Mandalorian and Cara Dune notice each other and get into an awesome fight that is the reason you hire Gina Carano. Technically the fight is a draw, but make no mistake, she drops his ass. As the two old ~friends catch up, we get some post-Return of the Jedi backstory. Cara was a shock trooper in the Rebellion who was sent to clean up the remaining warlords after the Empire fell. With the New Republic in power, her job shifted to more boring things like escorting diplomats around, which wasn’t her jam.

What we don’t get: How these two know each other. Did Mando do some work for the Rebellion back in the day? Also, why is she hiding out? Did she, like, piss off General Leia or something when she left the New Republic? I can’t tell if these are questions the show is deliberately leaving open, or if they just kinda hope nobody will worry too much about that sort of stuff.

Since Cara has dibs on Hiding Planet, Mando goes to head out…since two people can’t hide on the same planet? This is the first time the show has felt like it could use a little more padding. Normally I’m a fan of the lean episode runtime, and how surgical it is with its storytelling. But this episode feels like it’s relying a bit on the audience’s familiarity with tropes to the point where some stuff just doesn’t really land. It’s still good, but I feel like we’re missing actual story beats this time.

Anyway, some dummy farmers come asking Mando to help their village. They have the standard “I don’t want to get involved” conversation, but when the dumb farmers talk about how dumb and screwed they are, they conveniently reveal that their village might just be what The Mandalorian needs after all.

Mando immediately recruits Cara Dune to go help, and once they arrive the entire village immediately falls in love with Baby Yoda. That is the way.

Mando and the lady from the beginning of the episode have a little meet-cute, where we learn absolutely nothing about her or her daughter. Step-Mom Lady brings food for the Mando, and we get confirmation of what we all probably guessed; the Mandalorian isn’t actually a Mandalorian, but a refugee who was taken in by the tribe. Daughter Character takes Baby Yoda outside to play, and Step-Mom Lady is like “they’ll be fine.” Mando’s like “okay, okay” which is some negligent parenting, honestly. You don’t know these people, Mando.

Anyway, after explaining to a total stranger that he can’t take off his helmet in front of people, he takes his helmet off to eat in full view of the whole village. Little sloppy there, boss.

The next day, Mando and Cara go hunting for the raiders but find evidence of an AT-ST Imperial Walker, which is the same as agreeing to go to a PTA meeting, and when you get there it turns out you’re supposed to be in charge of the PTA meeting. It’s like, nope, nu-uh didn’t sign up for this, Karen. Still, the farmers are pretty stubborn about not just leaving town, so with absolutely no convincing whatsoever, Mando is like “Ah, let’s do a Seven Samurai thing here.” Cara agrees immediately because otherwise, the episode would be over.

Next up we get a training montage. The Mandolorian asks which villagers know how to shoot, and Step-Mom Lady does, because we need a shorthand reason for liking her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking that she’s innately good at something, but it just seems like a moment to endear her to the Mandalorian and us, rather than something that gives her agency unto herself.

Mando and Cara sneak up on the orc village without much of an obvious plan, but it’s a cool little heist sequence, complete with a ticking time bomb. When the bomb goes off, Cara says “I hope the plan worked” and on cue the AT-ST rises from the forest, meaning the plan was basically to poke the bear.

The AT-ST is made into a monster character, which is pretty cool. The cockpit lights give it glowing red eyes, and it’s a great effect. Here’s my thing though….you can clearly see no pilot in the windows. When they try and lead the thing to the ditch they dug, it spots the trap. Is nobody driving it? Is it automated? Controlled remotely? Does it have a droid brain hardwired into it? It just feels like we’re missing the opportunity for a real villain in the episode to give it that extra oompf of satisfaction. There’s nothing personal at stake with the conflict, it’s just another obstacle.

Anyway, Cara baits the walker into the trap by shooting it in the brain, and Mando blows it up by tossing a thermal detonator into its eye. All in all The Mandalorian and Cara Dune are almost, but not quite as good at taking down AT-STs as a bunch of Ewoks.  Weeks later everyone is living peacefully. Cara asks why the Mandalorian won’t just take his armor off and settle down to raise Baby Yoda with Step-Mom Lady. ManDADlorian says he’s going to leave Baby Yoda at the village, and when Cara points out that would break the little dude’s heart, Mando says he’ll get over it.

“They all do.” (just like him) (Do you get it?)

When he goes to say goodbye, Step-Mom Lady tries to take Mando’s helmet off because he should really stay there so they can be in love. He refuses because he doesn’t think he deserves a peaceful life. Step-Mom Lady accepts this and promises to raise Baby Yoda as one of her own, which will be a problem when she’s like a hundred years old and Baby Yoda is still in his toddler phase.

A random bounty hunter shows up, and while BFF Cara Dune takes care of that problem, it’s clear there’s no escaping the bounty on Baby Yoda, so off our heroes go on their own again. Sad to lose Cara Dune, but we might see her again a little way down the road. I can’t imagine you’d waste this character on one episode, but I’m still bitter about IG-Taika Waititi, so.

Daughter-Character says she’s going to miss Baby Yoda “so much,” as if they had developed a relationship during the episode or spent any actual time together, and our space team departs to find a new world of problems to solve!

Blaster Fire

  • I’m being a little harsh on this episode, but it’s still great and I do prefer the commitment to lean storytelling over overdramatizing things. This is just the first one felt like it was using shorthand in the development of character relationships.
  • Everyone just refers to Baby Yoda as The Mandalorian’s kid now, and that’s just really swell.
  • The first time I watched it, I thought the reveal of the AT-ST was kinda out of nowhere, but rewatching the opening scene, it’s clear the mech is doing the major damage there, we just don’t see it outright.
  • There is NO WAY that Baby Yoda can walk as fast as The Mandalorian.
  • Loth cat sighting! The cat-with-duck-feet that hisses at Baby Yoda is from a species introduced in Star Wars: Rebels.

Check Out the Trailer for New Rick and Morty Episodes

New Episodes of Rick & Morty
(YouTube/Adult Swim)

Last week, news came down of Solar Opposites, a new show from the Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. The show has a very Rick and Morty vibe, complete with the science-fictiony twist about a group of aliens who crash-land on earth and need to make their way in this strange new world.

It feels like Rick and Morty, but it’s not Rick and Morty.

Thankfully, Rick and Morty is coming back, and today they dropped the trailer for the long-awaited batch of episodes that makes up the second half of season four. Rick and Morty: The Other Five looks like more of the same, which is exactly what fans expect, and why they’re so rabid about the show.

The first five episodes of the season saw the pair running through various types of stories, but some fans were disappointed that those outings didn’t seem to connect to the larger story that the show had been building the previous 3 seasons. We’ll see how the second half connects, but there’s one plot point that continues: the search for Summer.

The trailer is set to Thin Lizzy’s rollicking “The Boys are Back in Town” and showcases the titular duo continuing their mission to find Morty’s sister, Summer. The last time we saw the gang, they were hawking Pringles during the Super Bowl, so it’s nice to see them back in their typical surroundings on Adult Swim.

The half-season hits the Cartoon Network on May 3, which is probably going to be exactly when we need some hi-jinx most.

Former NBA Star Working to Secure 10 Million Masks for NYC

Stephon Marbury Masks

New York City is the new epicenter for COVID-19. The hospitals have been overrun by cases, sirens are the only constant sounds on the streets, and healthcare workers are in desperate need of PPE. And on that last need, one former NYC basketball star is trying to come to the rescue.

Stephon Marbury, a talented baller from Brooklyn who starred for the New York Knicks, is working to negotiate the delivery of 10 million of the much-needed N95 masks, and at a steep discount. Marbury played in the NBA for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until he moved to China that he became a basketball hero.

In China, where he still lives, Marbury became an icon. And as the country of origin for COVID-19, they know a thing or two about fighting the illness. Now that cases are lower in China, they don’t have a significant need for protective equipment. Marbury wants to help move the surplus to his hometown and found a mask supplier willing to sell them at cost (which is about three times cheaper than what NYC has been paying for masks).

“At the end of the day, I am from Brooklyn,” Marbury told the New York Post. “This is something that is close and dear to my heart as far as being able to help New York.”

The basketball legend still has family scattered throughout the city, and recently lost a cousin to the deadly virus. He said he’s working to have the masks delivered in weekly shipments of 2 million.

Marbury has always been a charitable figure, donating frequently to various causes when he was a Knick. This latest act is another testament to the legacy of one of the most important players New York City has ever produced. He wasn’t exactly known for assists, but this one would be a big one that’s never been needed more.

Finally: Jello Shots and Jenga Together at Last

(Etsy | Stone Point Woodwork)

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? Extracting wooden blocks with the deliberation of an engineer and the hands of a surgeon, moving said blocks to the top of an increasingly rickety structure, and howling like lunatics when the tower inevitably topples over. Everyone emerges the victor, save for one loser tasked with cleaning up the mess they alone made.

It’s a sport of kings.

The only thing that could make it more fun?


We’re all familiar with Drunk Jenga, aka Tipsy Tower, a variation that incorporates time-tested drinking game rules. Each block pulled is inscribed with a command, rule, or mini-game. Take shots, give shots, rhyming challenges, things of that nature.

(Pinterest/Nicole Snovicky)

Yeah yeah, we know. It’s been done.


What if we told you someone has integrated Jenga with booze by literally integrating Jenga with booze? Introducing Little Tipsy Jello Shot Towers.

(Etsy | StonePointWoodwork)

Built and sold by the Etsy store Stone Point Woodwork, the Little Tipsy Jello Shot Tower is exactly what it sounds like. It’s way bigger than your standard-issue Jenga stack, standing at a colossal 27 inches. This is because hidden throughout the 54 blocks are 25 holes in which you can comfortably nestle 25 Jello shots.

Literal game changer.

(Etsy | StonePointWoodwork)

“Fifteen of the blocks in this tower contains single holes for Jello shots and five of the blocks contain double holes,” reads their Etsy page. “Pull the block with the shot/shots and you take them or share with a friend!”

This update of the Hasbro classic looks like a rollicking good time, and the inclusion of alcohol should pose no safety issues as long as you don’t keep adding to a really high Jenga. Speaking of which, nobody invent High Jenga.

John Krasinski and Steve Carell Talk Good News and The Office

Some Good News

John Krasinski was supposed to be celebrating the premiere of the sequel to his 2018 blockbuster The Quiet Place. Alas, COVID-19 had other plans, and the movie, along with just about every other major studio release slated for this year, was delayed. So, like the rest of us, the former Office star needs to find other ways to fill his time.

Thankfully for us, he decided to do that publicly. And with his famous friends.

The actor/writer/director has started a series on YouTube called “Some Good News,” via which he attempts to spread a little positivity during these trying times. The channel, which only launched yesterday and already has over 650,000 subscribers, features Krasinski himself sharing heartwarming and positive stories of humanity during the pandemic.

His first full episode featured a “visit” from his Entertainment Correspondent and former co-star Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott. Carell appeared on the show to chat with his friend about The Office’s 15th anniversary, and to share some of their favorite moments from the classic sitcom and talk about the enduring bond between the cast members.

The pair had a good time laughing and reminiscing together, and Krasinski also featured an interview with Courtney “Coco” Johnson, a teenager who recently had her last chemotherapy treatment but remains under isolation due to the coronavirus.

Check it out for Some Good News – then around the 5:30 mark John talks Office!

Crocs Is Giving Away up to 20k Pairs to Healthcare Workers, Daily

Crocs Daily 20k Giveaway

If there was an honorary member to the dad shoe class, Crocs could make a case. It checks all the boxes; they’re comfortable and durable. They’re affordable and easy to clean. Oh, and they’re an awesome company.

The shoe is popular in the medical community, for many of the above reasons. And as our nation’s healthcare workers are facing a pandemic, the shoe company is trying to show its love, by giving away up to 20,000 pairs to healthcare workers daily.

The president and CEO of Crocs said in a statement the duration of the giveaway to these ‘heroes’ would depend on inventory. But after offering 10,000 daily the first few days the campaign ran – they upped the number to 20k a day.

He also said: “These workers have our deepest respect, and we are humbled to be able to answer their call and provide whatever we can to help during this unprecedented time.

This is the hour where people are rallying to help those on the front lines in any way they can. Maybe it’s free shoes. Or maybe it’s stopping the manufacture of jerseys, opting to make medical masks and PPE. Or maybe it’s donating supplies from your TV show, or making hand sanitizer instead of (or along with) booze.

Companies across the spectrum are doing their part to support those in the pandemic trenches. If you are a healthcare worker (or know one), you can get your free Crocs by going here at 12:00 p.m. ET every day.

Family Guy’s Brian and Stewie Launch Quarantine Podcast

Stewie and Brian's Podcast

If you’re anything like me, this quarantine has got you pretty bored.

Sure, there are jobs to be done, and homeschooling to help with, and parenting to half-ass, but there’s also a fair amount of free time that can’t be filled with trips to our favorite restaurants or bars or movie theaters or concert venues or friends’ places. We’re all stuck inside, killing time with Netflix and jigsaw puzzles.

Thankfully, streaming services have stepped up to offer as much content as they can, both new and old, artists and musicians and streaming performances on Instagram and YouTube. You can even find stripped-down versions of late-night shows, with hosts like Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel speaking to viewers from their homes.

You can even hear podcasts featuring your favorite animated characters, like Stewie and Brian from Family Guy.

Like the rest of us, Stewie and Brian are bored AF, stuck inside, looking for ways to entertain themselves, so they’ve started a quarantine podcast. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane posted an image of Brian wearing a mask on Instagram to announce the podcast: “Stewie and Brian made a podcast. Check it out on IGTV.”

Stewie and Brian, of course, are both voiced by MacFarlane himself, as is Peter Griffin, who also appears on the show. Aside from the usual Family Guy-style tomfoolery, the podcast actually offers some resources, with characters offering tips for staying occupied, telling listeners not to hoard supplies, and exhorting listeners to stay home.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Seth MacFarlane (@macfarlaneseth) on

MacFarlane also posted a drawing of Stewie and exhorted people to stay home and be safe.


View this post on Instagram


For this brief duration: STAY HOME. You may feel healthy. You may BE healthy. The vast majority of COVID-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic. But you still may be a carrier, and you could pass it on to someone more vulnerable to it. This is not the apocalypse. The world has seen pandemics before. This will pass, and life will return to normal. But if you don’t make a temporary life adjustment during this pause, you will be helping to increase the likelihood that this disease will spread, resulting in the inability of hospitals to care for the number of serious cases. You can choose to help save lives, or to disregard them. So for the sake of those most exposed to harm, stay home if you have the means. There are people who don’t have that option — from doctors to firefighters to transit workers to all those who don’t have the financial luxury that perhaps you do — and you will increase their exposure as well if you insist on going to that bar. A virus is not invincible. It can be suffocated, but only with a communal effort can we do so with speed and efficiency, and without buying 100 rolls of toilet paper. Be responsible, and it will pay off.

A post shared by Seth MacFarlane (@macfarlaneseth) on

According to TV Guide, Family Guy is one of the few shows still in production, with the animators collaborating over a shared storyboard program called Toon Boom. So maybe we’ll get some new episodes soon.

But until then, we’ve got the podcast!

Album Covers, Reimagined in the Age of Social Distancing

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Apple Records)

As social distancing continues to reveal itself as one sobering inconvenience after the next, it’s crucial we keep wringing what chuckles we can from the circumstances dealt.

While we heed stern warnings to keep minimum distances of six feet between one another, two brilliant LA-based artists, Paco Conde and Roberto Fernandez, wanted to reinforce this message. They tasked themselves with modernizing classic album covers so that they adhere to CDC safety guidelines.

From their website:

“A collection of iconic album covers redesigned to raise awareness about the importance of staying at least 6 feet away from each other, to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Social distancing is the new normal and it will be for a while. 6 feet or 1.8 meters is the distance that experts recommend we keep between each other.

We will rock again soon. Just remember to keep the 6 feet distance. It will save lives.​

On top of keeping your distance, please do support local charities like Feeding America.

Their work is crucial for some of the most vulnerable people struggling with the economic effects of Coronavirus.”

(We took the liberty of retooling a popular lyric from each band to do the same.)

“Ladies, leave ya man at home. Come to think of it, you too. Both of you just stay home please.”

Destiny's Child Album Re-imagined
(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Columbia)

“Stone me, sure, but I must kindly ask you NOT spit in my eye, thank you”

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / EMI / Elektra Records)

“You can go your own way, just keep 6′ behind anyone else going theirs”

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Warner Bros. Records)

“Call me! Or text. Just, like, do not come over.”

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Chrysalis Records)

“Come together. Wait, no, nevermind. Don’t.”

Abby Road Re-imagined
(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Apple Records)

“Strumming my pain with his I HOPE recently-washed fingers.”

Re-imagined Fugees Album Cover
(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Ruffhouse / Columbia Records)

“F*** the CO-VID.”

Re-imagined NWA Album
(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Ruthless / Priority)

“I wanna be sedated. This one works as is.”

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Rhino)

“Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud but like cover your mouth if that’s no too much trouble.”

(Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez / Casablanca)

Check out many more of these clever reimaginings on Paco and Roberto’s website, 6 Feet Covers.

Father Figures: Ready Player Son

“My son had a neonatal stroke at birth, which damaged the left side of his brain. He went to Sick Kids to get his seizures under control. Once regulated, we went back home.

Over the years, he never had a seizure while awake and did everything what a kid does: play video games (his favorite was TMNT 3 on the NES), learned Muay Thai, and is a big cuddler.

He had seizures only at night ranging 5 to 10 a night and we had to take a decision that led to his hemispherectomy (cut half the brain out). This had side effects, including paralyzing his right arm.

He still wants to play video games, so I do the buttons while he maneuvers the character. He also still does Muay Thai and cuddles.

He has rough patches due to being disabled, but showing positive support he retains a positive outlook on life and pushes through every obstacle.”

– Gabriel Blouin

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Check out the previous editions of Father Figures here

Children’s Book Author Creates Video to Explain Social Distancing

Time to Come In Bear
(YouTube/Kim St. Lawrence - Children's Author)

There are a lot of challenges during the time of the coronavirus. From not being able to visit restaurants and stores, to being isolated from family and friends and having to manage day jobs with homeschooling, our daily lives are largely unrecognizable. But at least we understand why. Our children may not.

There isn’t a ton that young kids need to know about the unprecedented global pandemic that has ground the world to a halt, but there are things they can do, like wash their hands, and practice social distancing.

Of course, explaining why kids need to wash their hands is never easy, and impressing upon them the importance of not getting to close to other people is a strange new concept that many toddlers simply can’t grasp. Thankfully, a children’s book author has come up with a clever and appealing way to explain the idea to children.

Kim St. Lawrence created a video version of a children’s book called “Time to Come In, Bear” and posted it on YouTube for families to access for free. It’s a mere 90 seconds, but it does a nice, and adorable, job of explaining why social distancing is necessary, with the help of a bunny rabbit and a bear.

“The world caught a cold,” the story begins. “You won’t get the germs if you just stay at home.” It offers a few indoor activities while gently reminding kids of things they can’t do, like visit Grandma. Simple, straightforward, and short, the video is a handy way to help your youngest kids understand the current situation, without overwhelming them with fears.

Check out the video: