What’s The Deal With This Guy Not Recognizing Matthew Broderick’s Famous Friend?

(Twitter/Honored Spirit)

This must be the Bizarro episode

It’s not every day you run into a Hollywood star, but that’s exactly what happened to one lucky gentleman who stumbled across childhood hero Matthew Broderick while on vacation with his family.

Unfortunately, it seems the man with the camera stopped following pop culture in the 80s, because not only did he not recognize Broderick’s even more famous companion, he outright shoved that guy to the corner of the photo!

Needless to say, the internet is having a field day.

The story was told over a series of tweets by the amateur paparazzi’s friend, known on Twitter as @HonoredSpirit.

The tweeter christened the tale “The Matthew Broderick Story,” and explained that it went down during his friend’s family’s trip to Montauk, Long Island, aka the End of the World.

The second tweet conveys the nerves @HonoredSpirit’s friend was feeling as he asked the “Ferris Bueller” star to participate in what was sure to be “the photo of a lifetime.”

The friend sets the scene, making sure no one, not even Matthew Broderick’s companion, sullies the photo with his presence by repeatedly asking him to move out of the shot until finally giving up, reassuring himself he can make due and remove the interloper later.

Then @HonoredSpirit drops the hammer in his final tweet, in which he reveals the photo, and everyone gasps as they recognize the man in the back right.

Yes, that’s a ball-capped JERRY SEINFELD, having been forced to the margins of the photo. Twitter is now joining the rest of the photographer’s family in mocking the man who took the photo.

Once they recovered, of course.

Someone chimed in with a highly-relevant picture from that random stranger’s classic TV show:

Thankfully for the photographer, several people homed in on Jerry himself:

This gentleman sums up how many children of the 80s feel:

Video Of Dad’s DIY Zipline Ends About As Well As You’d Expect

Few things make a dad more proud than building something himself that, otherwise, would have cost him an arm and a leg at the store. Of course, when it comes to serious recreation/friggin’ ninja gear, maybe seek some outside advice.

Don’t get me wrong; the mechanics appear to be top notch. It’s the foresight and execution that need a little work.

Father has daughter test the new backyard zip-line.

Oh well. At least you saved those few extra bucks, right?

8-Year-Old Practices Headers With Dad’s Team… Real Madrid


When your father is Marcelo Vieira, professional football (soccer) player for one of the most prominent clubs in the world, it’s only natural that you’d want to follow in his footsteps.

Fortunately for 8-year-old Enzo, dad and the rest of the team are more than happy to let him spend time in the locker room, honing skills and making memories he’ll never forget.

Father Figures: Financial Planning

“My son had his 10th birthday party yesterday and he ended up with a whopping $50 in cash and gift cards, making him basically a millionaire. After adding up his bounty, he immediately asked for me to take him to the store so he could buy a video game.

Naturally I did the fatherly thing and suggested he save the money for future things: college, family, retirement… I told him that when I was his age I remember blowing all my birthday money on a copy of Street Fighter 2 for Sega Genesis. I played that game like crazy for a few months. Then it got old, and I moved on. Had I invested that money in say… Microsoft, I’d probably be able to afford name brand work polos that don’t fit like a poncho.

He gave me an epic eye roll as though I’d suggested he light the money on fire.

I just want Tristan to be a rock star father, and the next CEO of a fortune 500 company.
Or an astronaut.
Or the president of the United States.
Or all three.
Is that too much to ask?

Last week, he scored two goals in his pewee soccer game, and he once made a robot out of Post-It notes.

Obviously the boy has huge, massive, potential. A good savings account, along with some wise investments, could set him up for major success.

I say this like I have a savings account.

Not surprisingly, we ended up here, before the video game case, just after dinner, looking for some Pokémon game that I can’t pronounce or spell probably.

I looked at his face as we shopped, and I thought about how I did the same thing a million times as a child. There’s something so gratifying about getting a little money and then blowing it on something stupid at the store. And although I really wanted him to save the money. Although I wanted him to make the adult decision, I totally understood why he was at the store, tapping his toes excitedly before the video game case.

Because the fact is, as much as teaching my son to save his money is part of my job as a father, blowing your birthday money is equally a huge part of being a little boy.

This was his time to shine.

We bought the game. He opened it in the car, and told me all about how cool it was. And the moment we got home I pulled the ultimate fatherly move by making him clean his room before he could play his new game.”

– Clint Edwards, Author of “I’m Sorry…Love Your Husband.

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email fatherfigures@thedad.com

The 10 Funniest Tweets About Your Kids’ Last Day Of School


Bedroom doors are about to be barricaded. Furniture is about to get sticky. Kitchen trash cans are about to overflow with the past year of schoolwork. Summer break is upon us. Celebrate the last day of your kids’ school year with these 10 hilarious tweets from parents who are now counting down the days until August.

“Another Brick In The Wall” will also produce these results.

Dad Trolling: Level 1000.

You’re never gonna dance again. Well, at least until the first day of school this fall.

Thanks, please send them home with a bag of glitter next year.

Worth a try.

Schools sure love getting their money’s worth on printer ink.

No, seriously.

Get ready to put some mileage on that iPad charger.

Adapt. Evolve. Survive.

Go ahead. Phone it in. You’ve deserved it.

Larry Nance Jr. Recreates His Father’s Iconic Dunk From 1984

(Getty/Kevork Djansezian)

During this year’s NBA Dunk Contest, Larry Nance Jr. of the Cleveland Caveliers donned a retro Phoenix Suns jersey with his father’s number and performed a near perfect reproduction of Larry Nance Sr.’s epic windmill dunk for 1984.

Larry Nance Jr. recreates his father’s dunk from 1984 from gifs

Nance Sr. was in attendence for the competition and could be seen looking proud as hell.

(Getty/Kevork Djansezian)

“Those are moments that I don’t know if any father or son has ever had,” Nance Jr. said after the contest. “To me, that’s the coolest part of it all. I’m already having several pictures blown up to be framed.”

Additionally, despite Nance Sr.’s number being retired in Cleveland, Nance Jr. was recently given special permission by the Cavs to wear 22—the number father and son have shared throughout their mutually impressive careers.