RIP to an Absolute Comedy Legend Carl Reiner

RIP Carl Reiner

2020’s wrath isn’t making any exceptions for aged-to-perfection comedy icons. Sadly, show business legend Carl Reiner passed away from natural causes Monday evening at the age of 98. The term “legend” is thrown around with aplomb to the point that it’s almost meaningless, but there are few truly worthy of the mantle. Carl Reiner is absolutely in that class.

The comedy icon created “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and was a prolific director, helming memorable films such as “The Jerk” with Steve Martin. His show business career spanned decades, as a writer-director-producer and even as an actor. He even won a Grammy for his hit comedy album with his best bud Mel Brooks, “2000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.”

The father of another prolific director, son Rob Reiner, Carl lived the old man life everyone dreams of, spending his final years with friends and spending every night eating dinner with Brooks and watching Jeopardy and movies.

Some may remember Reiner as an actor for his later work, having starred in “Ocean’s 11” and it’s subsequent sequels. He also did voice roles in “Family Guy”, “King of the Hill” and “Bob’s Burgers.”

But the man has been an entertainment icon for decades, through film, TV, Broadway and any other medium you can think of. Reiner was even active on social media, tweeting frequently until his final day.

Reiner was a true legend, with a history full of making people laugh and smile. There is no better legacy to leave the world than a lifetime of laughter and being a great dad.

HEARTWARMING: Isolated Dad Befriends Robotic Lawnmower

Dad Befriends Robotic Lawnmower
(Getty/Sebastian Gollnow)

In a bid for any semblance of camaraderie outside of his family, local dad Barry McLeod has chosen to put aside his beef with the robot lawnmower and finally befriended it.

“It’s an unlikely friendship, for sure,” stated McLeod, who’d previously harbored strong animosity for the smart mower, fearing he’d eventually be rendered useless in the great robot uprising. “It can’t talk back, but the mobility gives it some appearance of sentience. Also, it isn’t my wife or kids, so that’s really cool during quarantine life. Our friendship has become so strong that we’ll be pals long after COVID-19 is in our rearview mirrors.”

McLeod, seen above sharing a cold one with his new companion, was initially hesitant of the technology, worried his passion for mowing would one day be supplanted with sheer convenience.

“I won it in a work raffle,” he continued. “I loathed it so much I didn’t even open the box. But it turned out to be a really chill piece of lawn equipment, thanks in no small part to its incapacity for speech. Doesn’t scream about Paw Patrol or ask weird hypotheticals or anything. Very cool.”

McLeod’s wife could not be reached for comment, as she was inside discussing the arts with a Roomba.

Despite being completely plausible to parents, THIS JUST IN is satire and intended for entertainment purposes only. For more stories like this one click here.

When Snoop Dogg Needs to Decompress “Let It Go” From Frozen Is His Jam

snoop lets it go
(Twitter/arb Instagram/snoopdogg Disney)

All dads everywhere know that the front seat of your car is the absolute best place to get some solitude. We love to milk that front seat for all it’s worth. Need to run an errand? No problem. More front seat time. Fellow father, Snoop Dogg, has mastered the art of front seat time with a video that will absolutely make your day. Upon the first watch, it’s merely a famous rapper from the ’90s chilling out to the Frozen soundtrack. But upon repeat viewings, and this absolutely deserves repeat viewings, you start to realize that this video may be the answer to all of our problems. Twitter user, Amy Brown, reposted the video on her account. Take a look:

Delightful, right? Let’s break it down for further inspection. We open with Snoop’s eyes:

snoop eyes

Watchful. Mysterious. What’s in store? He slowly pans up:

snoop cold face

Snoop gives us a cold, dead stare, juxtaposing the pleasant vibe of the 2013 Disney classic. Does he hate the song? Or is he just “being?”

snoop lively eyes

He’s into it! He changes expressions as the chorus rolls in. Snoop is feeling this Elsa ballad like nobody’s business.

snoop laugh

Snoop breaks the tension. Snoop loves the song. This is the Snoop we know and love. But why, Snoop? Why this song?

I had to come sit in my car and listen to this shit, man. Let it go.

snoop taking it in

Snoop’s really taking it in now. This is who we all strive to be in the front seat. Once again, and this is the best part of the video, Snoop reiterates his purpose.

I’m just sitting in my car listening to Let it Go.

He can’t believe how good this song is. He is flabbergasted by the sheer power of Idina Menzel’s vocals. And the message? Forget about it. This is the song that snoop, and all of us, truly need right now. Snoop reaches nirvana in this next moment:

snoop knowing eyes

Could it be? Has he finally done it? Yes. Snoop has fully…100%…let it go:

snoop truly letting it go

After rocking out to the next verse, Snoop reminds us, once again, to let it go. He closes with a truly uplifting message:

We’ll be outside soon.

First of all, wow. What a journey. Thank you, Mr. Dogg. Twitter seems to agree:

This exchange sums it all up for us:

And finally, because sometimes the world is perfect, here is Idina Menzel sitting in her car listening to Drop it Like it’s Hot:

Thank you, Snoop. Thank you world.

Comedian’s Correspondence With Tech Support Over Horrific WiFi Issue Is Gold

Comedian's WiFi Issues

Everyone needs a distraction these days.

The real world is pretty depressing. We’re all stuck inside, avoiding the plague, staring at screens, wondering when life will go back to normal. Streaming is great, board games are fun, but sometimes you need something a little bit different.

Thankfully, there are some deranged people out there, and social media gives us a chance to experience their bizarre brand of creativity. One of those people is Adrian Gray, a comedian and writer whose insane Twitter story went viral over the weekend.

I found it when Bob Odenkirk retweeted it, calling it “brilliant,” and after reading it, you’ll probably agree.

It starts innocently enough, with a typical customer complaint about wifi service.

He shares some screenshots of his troubleshooting, and they’re normal at first. Until…

Okay. That’s weird. It gets weirder, as the symbol proliferates and apparently replaces all of the photos on his computer. The company responds, but now the symbol has emerged from the computer.

It turns out the company, Veil Broadband in the UK, actually has an explanation. Sort of.

Unfortunately, that’s not much help when your teeth are bleeding.

That’s when the “boy” turns up.


You’d think a paying customer would get better service!

The story suddenly takes a bizarre tangent of a different sort as the boy turns on en episode of Friends and the customer service representative doesn’t seem to understand what a sitcom or actors are.

After that it’s back to the supernatural terrors at hand. (I have this same reaction to Gunther.)

The company has an explanation for the boy too, and, again, it is unhelpful.

In a series of alarming photos, Adrian struggles with the boy…

And loses. The boy then becomes obsessed with BBC newscaster Hugh Edwards? I told you this was deranged!

Finally, Adrian vanquishes the boy and the problem is resolved.

For now…

‘Sleep It Away,’ Adam Sandler’s New Music Video About Lockdown Laziness

Sandler's Sleep it Away
(Facebook/Adam Sandler)

Some people are taking advantage of all the quarantine-based free time. They’re finishing long-gestating DIY projects, getting started on that novel they always planned to write, learning a new language, taking up the guitar, even just finally binge-watching The Sopranos for free.

Other people are napping.

Adam Sandler, one of the biggest movie stars and successful comedians of all time, is sort of doing both.

First, he performed a funny and touching “Quarantine Song.” Then he starred in a PSA with Jimmy Fallon called, “Don’t Touch Grandma” A few weeks ago, Sandler appeared with Pete Davidson in a quarantine music video called “Stuck at Home.” Now Sandler is back with a video of his own. It’s all about being lazy during the lockdown.

The song is short and sweet, a mere minute and fifteen seconds, and it focuses on the superstar’s daily routine. He gets up, stretches, and goes back to bed. He makes some toast and goes back to bed. He takes a shower and sleeps on the bathroom tile. He gets dressed and naps on the couch.

And then he has a bizarre dream that features Shaq and an alien that looks suspiciously like Sandler’s friend Rob Schneider before he speculates about what will happen when the pandemic is over and the quarantine is lifted. (It involves people fucking on his block.)

Of course, just because the quarantine is over doesn’t mean Sandler is going to suddenly become active again. There’s a documentary he needs to finish!

Check out the hilarious video here:

There’s a New Seinfeld Stand-up Dropping on Netflix Next Week

23 Hours to Kill

What’s the deal with this quarantine?

Nobody really knows when it’s going to end, and we’re all desperate for ways to pass the time. we have plenty of options, especially when it comes to stuff to watch, but nearly two months in, it’s not so much content we crave. We have plenty of that. We’ve got new movies, old movies, returning tv series, old tv series, etc. We can watch nearly everything at any time.

That stuff gets old. What we want are events! Like Tiger King. Or The Last Dance. Exciting bits of content that need to be consumed immediately, because everyone else is consuming them at the same time, and if you don’t hop on the bandwagon quickly you’ll get left in the dust.

Netflix gets it, and to that end, they’re unveiling a brand new comedy special from Jerry Seinfeld. It drops next week, on May 5th, and while the next James Bond movie has been delayed, maybe this will scratch that itch as well.

Here’s the official description of 23 Hours to Kill:

Jerry Seinfeld finds himself in a precarious situation as he’s preparing to go on stage for his new stand-up special. 23 Hours to Kill, the all-new stand-up special from comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld, streams May 5th, only on Netflix.

And here’s the 007-inspired trailer:

Robin Williams’ Estate Launches YouTube Channel to Help Us Laugh

Robin Williams YouTube Channel
(YouTube/Robin Williams Official YouTube)

There are a ton of streaming options these days, and boy, do we need them.

Netflix has Tiger King and true crime and Community (we stan a king!). Amazon has cleared the way for parents and made their children’s programming free. HBO unleashed nearly 500 hours of programming to non-subscribers. Disney and other studios have made movies available much more quickly than they normally would, all to help us survive the quarantine.

We have a lot of choices, but even all of that doesn’t always do the job. Maybe this new option will, especially if you want to laugh.

YouTube, which has channels dedicated to classic G.I. Joe, He-Man, and She-Ra cartoons is now housing a collection of content that’s a bit more adult-oriented: The Robin Williams Official YouTube channel.

Do you like to laugh? Do you like to get exhausted just watching someone try to make you laugh? Do you like impressions? Do you like mania? Do you like Robin Williams? Then this channel is for you.

The page describes itself thusly: The Official Robin Williams YouTube Channel celebrates the life and comic genius of Robin Williams. Whether you know Robin from the stage or from the screen, as a comedian, an alien, or a genie – be prepared to laugh and cry at these unforgettable and hilarious performances.

The late, great comic has a lot of unforgettable and hilarious performances, both onscreen and on stage. His stand-up sets are insanely hyper endurance tests, pushing your abs and his ability to handle dehydration to the limit (I mean, the man can SWEAT). Few standup comedians had Williams’ energy level, and watching one of his sets is a surefire way to distract yourself from coronavirus fears.

So head over to YouTube and check it out:

Fallon and Sandler Perform Social Distancing Anthem “Don’t Touch Grandma”

Don't Touch Grandma Duet
(YouTube/The Late Show)

Adam Sandler brought some levity to our current nightmare when he debuted his first quarantine song. Sandler just struck for the second time on The Tonight Show, debuting his new hit single about social distancing, “Don’t Touch Grandma.”

Sandler is the entertainer we need at this moment. His brand of on-the-nose silly is the perfect break from “everything else.” You don’t want to think too much. You don’t want to have to try to hard to detect sarcasm. We don’t have the patience to appreciate a payoff that comes five episodes later. We need immediate relief. We need “Don’t Touch Grandma.”

Jimmy Fallon, the viral video musician that he is, jumped into the song with some basic guitar and made it a solid duet.

It makes a pretty compelling case for staying away from grandma and practicing social distancing, even if that means playing canasta from across the room. It hits on all the applicable grandma jokes and will be in your head for the rest of the day.

The two former SNL stars paired up in the effort to remind people to practice social distancing for us all and especially for the elderly. The two had to record their duet over video conferencing, as Fallon continues to do his show from home (like most late night hosts).

This is the isolating world we live in now, so do your part, and “Don’t Touch Grandma.”

Netflix Launches Los Angeles Comedy Festival Loaded With Legends

Netflix is a Joke Festival

Netflix is a household name. Everybody has it, everybody watches it, everybody loves it. (Especially now that you can turn off that annoying AF autoplay feature.) We all watch different things on Netflix because we are all unique individuals with our own interests and personalities.

But we also all watch two things on Netflix: true crime documentaries and stand-up comedy.

These are the areas in which Netflix seems to be doubling, if not tripling down. There are countless true-crime series and specials, and when it comes to stand-up comedy, they’ve picked up the mantel from Comedy Central, and from HBO before that. They pay big bucks to host specials from prominent comedians like Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer, and they also offer opportunities for dozens of lesser-known comics to stream right into your living room and get discovered.

And now you won’t have to watch them from your couch! Netflix announced earlier this week that they’re not just making comedy specials anymore, they’re actually launching a comedy festival!

It’s called “Netflix is a Joke Fest” and it’s a collection of literally every single living comedian you’ve ever heard of and more that you haven’t, all performing on various stages and at various venues around Los Angeles from April 27 to May 3.

The streaming company tweeted out the announcement yesterday, including a poster listing all the participating comedians and making fun of their own penchant for true crime content!

The lineup is stacked, including the aforementioned Chappelle, Seinfeld, as well as Chris Rock, David Letterman, Ali Wong, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin, Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Hart, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Ken Jeong, Martin Lawrence, and Amy Schumer.

“It’s our honor to transform L.A. for one week into the funniest place on earth,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, said in a statement. “This festival is a unique celebration of the art of comedy, and the role it plays in reflecting our lives and defining culture. It’s a chance for comedy lovers to come together and see their favorite artists as well as discover new ones, and for us to be able to share the electricity and excitement of the festival in Los Angeles with Netflix members around the world.”

The festival will be spread across more than 20 venues and will culminate in a tribute to four late comedic legends: George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, and Robin Williams.

Whether or not any of this will eventually be available on the streaming platform itself is yet to be seen.