Women’s Soccer Star Makes History as First Female to Play Power 5 Football

Sarah Fuller

It’s extremely rare to get a standing ovation from the opposing team’s fanbase, and it’s even rarer to get that applause for a KICKOFF. But that was the scene at Missouri when Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller made college football history by becoming the first female to play in a Power 5 game, handling the kick-off to start the second half.

Vanderbilt isn’t very good at football this year (and to their credit, the SEC IS one of the toughest conferences), but their women’s soccer team won the league championship. So when the football team’s kickers and specialists were sidelined by COVID-19, the Commodores turned to the senior goalkeeper on that championship soccer team to handle their place-kicking duties.

Vanderbilt only got to kick-off once, to start the second half, but Fuller placed a squib kick exactly where it needed to be to prevent a return. Because it was such a historic moment, she even got a standing ovation from the Missouri fans.

“Honestly, it’s just so exciting,” Fuller said after the game (Vanderbilt did not win). “The fact I can represent all the girls out there who have wanted to do this or thought about playing football, it encourages them to be able to step out and do something big like this, it’s awesome.”

“I want to tell all the girls out there that you can do anything you set your mind to,” she said. “Like, you really can. If you have that mentality all the way through, you can do big things.”

Former NFL Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee said her kick was great.

The sports world was quick to show their love to Fuller, and not just other football players. Media personalities, baseball stars, NFL Pro Bowlers, and everyone in between was loving the kick and what it meant.

Sports are at their best for moments like this, when you’re seeing history made. Fuller is an outstanding soccer player, but she’ll be remembered forever for her play on the gridiron.

Daughter Surprises Stepdad With Every Inspirational Post-It Note He Wrote Her

Post-It Notes Collage

If you’re looking for a cool gift for your dad, The Dad Shop never closes. But if you’re looking to put something more sentimental together, inspiration can be found in one of the great all-time Father’s Day gifts

Check out what this daughter in Maryland did. She surprised her stepdad on Father’s Day with a collage of inspirational Post-It notes he had written for her every single day during middle school. She surprised him last year and he begins to tear up once he realizes what he was looking at.

“These are all your notes,” he said. The girl sweetly responded, “I kept them all. I love you.”

She posted the video on Twitter, where it rightly and justly went viral. Of course, it also sets the bar pretty dang high for everyone else. More than six million viewed the Father’s Day reveal.

So, while there’s still time, just scurry together some sort of emotional, DIY gift encompassing an ongoing supportive ritual and involves a half-decade of record-keeping, and you should be good to go. Your dad will love it, the internet will love it, and you will be left wondering how you’ll ever top it.

Or, we can always bail you out.

Danny Trejo Delivers Hundreds of Meals to Healthcare Workers

Trejo Supports Hospital Staff

Action tough-guy and world’s sweetest teddy bear, Danny Trejo, is ripping out hearts in a humbling act of generosity. Trejo showed up at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in Los Angeles carting hundreds of meals from his local food chain aptly named Trejo’s Tacos. Staff working on the front lines got to enjoy a bountiful feast of succulent chicken, perfectly-seasoned steak asada, and hot, juicy carnitas.

I’m sitting with the real angels of Los Angels right now. All the people that are really on the front lines […] We’re just here […] bringing some food, but really, they’re the ones saving lives.”

Trejo is known to bring death and destruction to all who cross his path in his nearly 401(!) acting credits. But when the cameras are off, Trejo is redefining what it means to be a real man by promoting acts of kindness in his local community. In a 10-minute video posted to Instagram, Trejo and his crew can be seen unboxing the delicious meals while praising each staff member of USC Verdugo Hills Hospital while posing for selfies with anyone who asks.

This isn’t the first time Trejo has proved himself to be the universe’s greatest human. Back in August, he actually saved a boy who was trapped in a flipped car. Like, in real life. Like his life was leading up to that moment.

If you want to do your part, follow Trejo’s advice from his post and visit ordercolony.com. From here, you can donate to Help Feed the Front Line Fighting COVID-19 and World Central Kitchen, which “provide healthy and delicious meals to Frontline Healthcare Heroes while help keeping local Los Angeles restaurants open during this unprecedented crisis.”

Thanks, Trejo! You’re a model for us all.

Retiring Pilot Ends Final Flight By Pinning His Wings On Toddler With Down Syndrome

(Joe Weis | American Airlines)

An American Airlines pilot retired earlier this month after more than three decades, and his final flight was one he will never forget. On his Miami-bound flight, Captain Joe Weis was in the cockpit for the final time, while his wife was in the cabin, making friends with a mother and young child.

The child was a 2-year-old boy with Down syndrome, and he was making the return journey of his very first plane trip. When Joe heard about the boy’s special trip happening on his final flight, he invited the boy into the cockpit (after landing, he’s not breaking any rules on his final flight) and pinned his official captain wings onto the toddler.

“It’s so amazing what he did. The whole thing was so cool,” the boy’s mother told the Orlando Sentinel on Friday.

The boy smiled, clapped and said “thank you” in sign language after Captain Joe pinned his wings on him. His mother said she still talks about the moment and Weis’ former employer, American Airlines, said in a statement they were touched by Captain Joe’s actions.

For his part, Weis said he would never forget it.

“Since it was my last flight, and his first, we wanted to make it special,” he wrote on Facebook.



Dad Helps Son With Cerebral Palsy Score His First Touchdown

Bryson Jenkins and Dad Touch Down
(YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago)

Having a child with special needs can be a hard situation for parents, which makes the joyous moments all the more special when they happen. One Illinois dad got to enjoy a moment many parents take for granted when his son, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, was made the honorary captain for a game by a youth football team.

The 7-year-old got to run through the banner with the team and got to watch the game from the sideline, cradling a football the entire time. His parents said it was a special opportunity for their son, who has only been walking for a year and spends a lot of his week at doctor’s appointments.

The day became even more special for the boy during the game’s last minute, when he had his number called and took the field, with the help of his dad. Walking with his dad, he got to score a touchdown. Afterward, players from both teams surrounded him, chanting his name.

“It was an incredible moment that I got to share with him,” his dad told ABC. “It was amazing.”

“Everyone was standing and cheering. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye there,” his mom said to Fox News.

The NFL Players Association got wind of the story, and are planning a special presentation for the boy. They were also very touched by how inclusive and accepting the boys on the team were.

“We absolutely plan to recognize Bryson and make him an honorary member of the NFL Players Association- Chicago Chapter,” the NFLPA of the Chicago chapter, Tom Serpento, said.

Dad’s Amazing Graduation Gift for Daughter Took 13 Years to Complete


Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go is a pretty standard read around graduation time and for good reason. Few books inspire the same degree of whimsical hope and excitement along with timeless illustrations like the good Doctor’s.

No copies, however, exist like the one given to Brenna Martin by her father, Bryan.

Upon her graduation from high school, Bryan told his daughter that he had something special for her. Admittedly, she thought she “was getting some cheesy graduation card.” Instead, she opened the famous book to find something truly special.


“Every year, for the past 13 years, since the day you started kindergarten I’ve gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book,” he told her.

Brenna openly cried while skimming the ink-filled pages. She described the experience on Imgur:

“Sitting there reading through this book there are encouraging and sweet words from every teacher I love and remember through my years in this small town. My early teachers mention my ‘Pigtails and giggles,’ while my high school teachers mention my ‘Wit and sharp thinking..’ But they all mention my humor and love for life. It is astounding to receive something this moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful.”


Over 25 million people have viewed Bryan’s amazingly thoughtful gift, praising him for his dedication and creativity as well as their desire to do something special and unique for their kids.

Now, that’s an internet challenge we can all get behind.

Dad Dancing for Son in Viral Holiday Ad Will Warm Your Heart

(YouTube/BETC Paris)

Dad dance moves are infamous for being terrible. Even on the rare occurrence that a father miraculously has some sense of rhythm, the moves themselves are nearly always a total cringe-fest.

But that’s the point.

Fathers know they’re not going to be the next Michael Jackson by showing off on the dance floor (or supermarket… or coffee shop… or another embarrassingly public place). They simply love the self-conscious smile and eye roll they get from their kids as a result—that reaction, honestly, is the lifeblood for a dad.

French telecom brand Bouygues recently released a holiday ad featuring a montage of these special moments between a father and son spanning their decades-long relationship, and it is humiliating… in the most beautiful way.

If that doesn’t make you even the least bit teary-eyed, maybe get your heart checked out, Mr. Grinch.

Set to Redbone’s groovy 1973 hit “Come and Get Your Love” appropriately played from a cassette tape, the ad begins with a dad who simply loves connecting with his baby son. In just about the daddest outfit of all (button-down shirt, boxers, and tube socks), he hip shimmies his way past the Christmas tree across the room to the delight of his little infant boy.

(YouTube/BETC Paris)

In an instant, we’re thrown a few years down the road to childhood. Dad breaks it down on a snowy sidewalk outside of a toy store and son gleefully obliges him by joining in, old enough to realize what his father is doing is a little quirky but, hey, little boys love quirky!

(YouTube/BETC Paris)
(YouTube/BETC Paris)

Then it’s knee-deep into the teen years when it’s hard to tell where a parents’ silliness will fall on a kid’s spectrum of acceptability.

Riding in the car with his groove-tastic dad, it’s clear that the charm from this bit has worn off a tad but dad’s intentionality and goofiness still earns a loving smirk from his son.

(YouTube/BETC Paris)

A few years later, dad has lost any semblance of caring about public perceptions and is going all out. Not only is he willing to dance in a busy, well-lit coffee shop, but he’s jamming out to his own ringtone. With a horrified “he’s not with me” expression, the son tries his best to melt into his chair and out of existence.

Dad lovingly ignores his son’s silent pleas for the torture to end and continues to show off his killer moves.

(YouTube/BETC Paris)
(YouTube/BETC Paris)

One last fast forward and it’s Christmas once again. Dad is home with mom—grey-haired and little less pep in his step—when he hears a buzzing from a present underneath the Christmas tree. Curious, he grabs the vibrating box, unwraps it, and finds a brand new smartphone indicating an incoming video call.

(YouTube/BETC Paris)

He answers, finding his son and baby grandson onscreen, dancing adorably together as “Come and Get Your Love”—their song—blares in the background.

(YouTube/BETC Paris)
(YouTube/BETC Paris)

Look, we all know this is an ad meant to sell phones, but it has all the right ingredients to pull on everyone’s heartstrings and get their tear ducts unclogged.

It shows the unique connections we have as families. It might not be a hit song from the 70s, but we all have special bonds based on things we experience together, whether it’s food, inside jokes, or some other form of media. Even when we don’t say ‘I love you’ outright, these connections are the things that imply it for us.

Special moments like these can span generations…even if you don’t have the moves like Jagger.

Goofy Dad Takes Family Photos to the Next Level


Family photos are a thing of beauty, but let’s face it, they’re mostly traditional and cliche. That’s the last thing you’ll think when it comes to Sholom Ber Solomon and his daughter, Zoe.

Sholom has never been one to shy away from a goofy photo and his inspiration was renewed when Zoe was born in September of 2016. Since then he’s been having a blast documenting his foray into fatherhood with his new pint-sized creative partner. From hula dancers to garden gnomes, the duo are always pushing the envelope when it comes to wardrobe.

“Zoe is definitely an inspiration as now I have a cute partner to add to my photos,” Sholom told TODAY Parents. “From the moment she was born, she has been dressed up in all kinds of costumes.”

“It really is just about taking silly pictures with my adorable daughter and building wonderful memories,” he added.

Despite the big following they have amassed on their Instagram (over 225,000 followers), Sholom really just wants it to continue being a bonding experience with his daughter.

“I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me,” he told the Daily Mail.


Be sure to follow the Sholom and Zoe on Instagram for more costumed antics!


Dad’s Amazing Photos of His Little Astronaut Share a Compelling Message

(Small Steps Are Giants Leaps)

As adults, it’s easy to get caught going through the motions day after day, week after week, without taking a moment just to breathe. Sometimes we feel like we’ve seen all there is to see and just want to drudge through our never-ending to-do lists.

Kids, on the other hand, are constantly experiencing new things as they live, grow, and mature. They have a drive to explore and understand the world around them, but often need a little encouragement from the most important people in their lives: their parents.

This is why Aaron Sheldon began his “Small Steps Are Giant Leaps” project with his son.

“Our job as parents is to act as their mission control and co-pilot to make sure they can explore as much of their new world as possible,” Aaron writes.

The idea for the project came to Aaron one day when he and his son were riding the bus. Despite being a remarkably common (and often dreaded) occurrence for most people, the 3-year-old was utterly fascinated by it.

Later that week, while brainstorming ways to face one’s fears of the doctor’s office, Aaron and his son settled on dressing up like an astronaut since astronauts are about as brave as they come.


Ever since that day, Aaron has been documenting all of his little astronaut’s journeys, whether he’s exploring a fancy hotel, taking a dip in the city pool, or taking another exhilarating ride on the bus.

He hopes the photos remind parents to engage this world with their children, encouraging them to explore new frontiers rather than wishing they would just pipe down or grow up, because, let’s be honest, growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Can’t get enough of the little astronaut pics? Check out Aaron’s website to see where they are headed today!

Dad Goes Nuts When Son Hits Game-Tying Homer in Little League World Series

Nothing makes a parent more proud than one of their children performing well.

And then there’s watching your son play in the Little League World Series – perhaps the pinnacle of dad pride. But it got even better for one dad. When Georgia player Jansen Kenty came up to bat with everything on the line, his dad got the thrill of a lifetime. With a man on base and his team down two runs in the bottom of the 6th (the last inning of a LLWS game) Kenty smashed a game-tying two run homer. The game went into extra innings and Georgia would go on to win.

Luckily, the dad’s ecstatic reaction was captured on film for posterity. And clicks.

Incredible Coincidences Caught By Photographer Pau Buscató

Street photographer Pau Buscató​ searched for funny and unusual moments of life in the city. The results are astounding.

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Magical Moments: Taking Out The Trash

As a kid I thought my dad hated taking out the trash. Now I know better.