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With play-and-explain guidance, you’ll find it easy to pick up what the instructor is putting down. Poker coach Alton Hardin is the founder of the MicroGrinder Poker School and the best-selling author of Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem. The best part? You can learn from the comfort of your couch at whatever time works best for you. This training program includes lifetime access and is available for both PC and Mac.

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LeVar Burton Is FINALLY Getting His Chance To Guest Host Jeopardy!

LeVar Hosts Jeopardy
(Getty/Ian Tuttle)

It is finally happening. Jeopardy producers have heard the groundswell of support for former ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Reading Rainbow’ star LeVar Burton and have caved to the internet’s demands. The show named it’s final group of guest hosts for the season and emphasized Burton would be one of them. He is finally getting his chance to guest host Jeopardy.

It started with a petition, one that Dick Van Dyke even endorsed. Hundreds of thousands of fans added their voices to it. And then Burton even started campaigning for the spot, saying he’s been a fan since BEFORE the Trebek era and watches the show every night. And now, he will fulfill his dream and get his tryout as a host.

Will it be strong enough to remove the interim tag? Will the show go back to widely expected heir Ken Jennings? Time will tell on that front. But what is important is the producers, who seemed oblivious to the overwhelming chorus pulling for Burton, finally gave the people what they wanted.

Burton seemed ecstatic on social media.

“THANK YOU…to all y’all for your passionate support! I am overjoyed, excited and eager to be guest-hosting Jeopardy! and will do my utmost best to live up to your faith in me. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE! Go ahead and take my word for it, this time.’

Joining Burton in the final group of guest hosts is Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Joe Buck, and David Faber. All pale in comparison to the legendary Burton.

Jeopardy producer Mike Richards (who made himself a guest host at one point as well) said “Our passionate fans are telling us what they like, and we are listening.”

The dates for the final guest hosts are still TBD, but it’s expected they will air over the summer as season 37 concludes in August.

30 Years After Graduating, LSU Frat Brothers Pay Off Beloved Cook’s Mortgage

Frat brothers pay off cook's mortgage 30 years later
(YouTube/The Advocate)

It’s never too late to say thank you. Whether it’s a week, a month, or several decades later, feeling appreciated is always touching. It reminds you that your hard work is valued, and in the case of one fraternity house cook, gratitude can change your entire life.

30 years ago, Jessie Hamilton worked as a cook for the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta, better known as Fiji. College is a time where kids get their first real taste of freedom – no parents are there to set strict boundaries, teachers expect you to come to them if you need help, and your behavior is guided entirely by your own values.

Frat houses in movies are depicted as places of complete and total chaos, with parties ending only when the next one starts. But in reality, the frat brothers of the Fiji house made it a place where Hamilton was happy to work for 14 years. The frat brothers saw Hamilton as a mother figure – one who didn’t hesitate to go beyond the call of duty, driving them to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments and always being there when the boys needed her.

30 years later, over a dozen Louisiana State University graduates felt the irresistible urge to pay Hamilton back for everything she did for them. The now grown men learned that their beloved cook was working multiple jobs to pay off her mortgage, and to the eternally grateful brothers, that was unacceptable.

On her 74th birthday, the brothers packed up their families and made the journey to Hamilton’s house to present her with the ultimate surprise.

“We’re here to thank you for 14 years of service,” one of the brothers begins. “Working in that kitchen, putting up with us at the Fiji house. You’re the only one I know in this world that could walk into that hot kitchen, working for minimum wage with a smile on your face every single day for 14 years. We’re here to thank you for that, because we love you, we respect you, and we know what you’ve been through to get this house, put food on your table, to pay the rent.”

The brothers then invite Hamilton to play a winners-only game of Lets Make a Deal, with each of her three kids uncovering various gifts behind three separate doors (aka poster boards with numbers written on them). They then presented an emotional Hamilton with an assortment of birthday presents including custom t-shirts, a catered lunch, and $45,000 to pay off the rest of her mortgage.

“They were my kids. They still are,” Hamilton told the Washington Post. “They used to tell me they loved me, and now, they’ve proved it.”

Chris Hemsworth, Anya Taylor-Joy Can’t Wait To Film Fury Road Prequel

Hemsworth Fury Road Prequel

Things are getting better out there, and just in time for summer. But there remain a lot of questions, especially about hanging out inside, which is why movie theaters continue to struggle, and some are shutting down entirely. But we need them, especially for blockbusters Because some movies demand the big screen. Tenet was robbed of it, and the new James Bond movie is holding out for it, waiting for things to continue to improve.

Hopefully, they’ll be back to normal for those movies, and for the prequel to Fury Road. Because if there is one franchise that needs the big screen and the booming sound system, it’s the Mad Max franchise.

Fury Road was a massive critical and commercial hit, and now director George Miller is prepping the prequel movie, about Charlize Theron’s Furiosa character. She’s to be played by The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy, who will costar with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, and they’re as jacked to start filming the movie – with production set to start in 2022 – as we are to see it.

She told MTV’s Happy Sad Confused Podcast how excited she was to work on the film. “I’ve already started dreaming about [Furiosa] and she’s coming in very strong. I’m so committed to working as hard as possible as I can. I always said that I wanted a role that I would have to give everything to, it wouldn’t just be my mind but my body, what I’m doing with myself when I’m not on set. I’m so excited for that and to push myself past the limits of what my brain thought was possible.”

Meanwhile, Hemsworth is champing at the bit as well, having just participated in a press conference where he discussed the film.


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The story will take place over several years, unlike previous Mad Max films, and will focus on Furiosa’s origin story. No word yet on who Hemsworth is playing, but something tells me it will involve driving something across a desert at some point.

Shaq Buys Stranger’s Engagement Ring

Shaq buys engagement ring

Shaq has always been a pretty lovable guy. The NBA legend who put the Orlando Magic on the map and was absolutely dominant during his early 2000s run with the Lakers is now well-known for his role on TNT’s Inside the NBA and his overall genial presence.

He’s a hard man to miss, walking around at 7 feet and over 300 pounds, and his stature, as well as his fame, have put him at the center of plenty of frames. But recently, he put someone else first and did a good deed for a guy purchasing a ring for his bride-to-be.

Shaq happened to be in a jewelry store when he heard a man attempting to purchase an engagement ring on a layaway plan. The NBA legend walked to the register and gave the cashier his card, with instructions to let him pay for the jewelry himself.

The generous moment was caught on video.

What a wonderful thing to do for someone. I hope she says yes!

Afterward, Shaq explained that he made an effort to perform similar random acts of kindness whenever he got the chance. As a Lakers fan, my only regret is that Shaq didn’t show similar kindness when he and Kobe couldn’t keep it together for a fourth and fifth ring!

Tracy Morgan Says His Dad Would’ve Been Proud He Worked With Eddie and Arsenio

Tracy Morgan Dad Proud

Tracy Morgan has had a decorated comedy career, from his time on SNL and on-stage as a standup to his breakout role on “30 Rock.” But it was co-starring in “Coming 2 America” with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall that would’ve made his dad the most proud, Morgan said.

Morgan was promoting the sequel (which was actually pretty good) on “Ellen” with guest host tWitch when he talked about the real reason he wanted to do “Coming 2 America.” He also gushed about being a girl dad.

Morgan said he was not in a good place when the original “Coming to America” came out in theaters, as it was just a year after his dad’s death. He said his dad LOVED Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, and that seeing the movie lifted his spirits. And actually working with the two legendary comics in the sequel? He said it meant more than anything.

“It was nostalgia for me when I saw the film, it was something me and my dad loved,” he said. “And now, to be sitting here 30 something years later, to be in it, my dad is smiling down. He’s singing.”

“Coming 2 America” is a dad movie, as Eddie’s Prince Akeem is traveling back to America to find his long lost son Lavelle (played by the hilarious stand-up Jermaine Fowler). Morgan stars as the uncle that raised Lavelle.

“Being on that set, there was one day where I laughed so hard for 25 minutes because me, Jermaine, Eddie and Arsenio started getting into this groove,” he said on the show. “When you got that kind of manpower, you can only imagine the funny.”

Morgan did not have an easy road back after he was in that tragic car wreck six years ago, but the comedic actor got to check off a bucket-list experience in the movie by working with his dad’s favorite comedians.

The Rock Has To Call Aquaman To Save His Daughter’s Birthday

Momoa Surprises Rock's Daughter

It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how much of a big shot you are, your kids will never be impressed. The Rock is literally the biggest movie star in the world. A titan of multiple industries. And yet the only thing his daughter wanted to know on her third birthday was: “Do you know Aquaman?”

The People’s Champ shared the anecdote on his Instagram page. First, it was a touching tribute to his kid. Then, it was the explanation that “now that she understands daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one important question: Daddy do you know Aquaman?”


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Then, she demanded her Aquaman toy join them for the birthday breakfast, and then she asked her dad to draw a picture of Aquaman so she could frame it. Finally, The Rock gave in, and pulled a famous person move, and arranged for Jason Momoa to surprise his daughter with a video message.


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“I had the make the call…it’s what daddy’s do,” he wrote on Instagram. “I can’t thank my brother (Jason Momoa) enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.”

Yep, even The Rock’s kids aren’t impressed with him. The guy is literally filming a comic book movie now, was in one of the biggest Disney kid’s movies ever (and arguably one of the best), and has even starred in kid-adjacent movies like Jumanji, and still, all she wants is Aquaman.

Every dad can relate to having a kid that is just never impressed. Of course, not every dad has Aquaman on speed dial. But at least The Rock is using his fame for a good cause, to make his kid’s birthday special. He’s right, it IS what daddy’s do.

He thanked Momoa for always having his back and said “I’ll always have yours.”

At one point, Johnson asked his daughter “who is cooler, Aquaman or Daddy?” and it went about as well as could be expected (Aquaman).

Momoa said it was an honor to do it, and wrote on Instagram that “when uncle Maui calls you up and asks for a favor… all my love to baby jazzy and baby tia happy birthday beautiful.’ And he joked that he knew what his kids were getting for their birthday, likely having Black Adam repay the favor.

Father Figures: Extraordinary

“My dad Thom is just extraordinary. As a young man, he raised my brother and me while working as an owner of a local printing shop. My dad was the kind of owner who worked any emergency overtime so his staff could go home to their families.

But owning a printing shop wasn’t HIS dream. So, once we were much more independent, he went back to university and got his teaching degree. Shortly after his first teaching gig he was diagnosed with an autoimmune degenerative kidney disease. I have never known truer perseverance than my father’s. When his body says it wants to quit he says, ‘Not today.’

Ten years ago, he received a donor kidney and took his life back immediately. He dropped everything when his grandbabies arrived and made it very clear that being a grandpa was his new love.

Our son was born extremely premature and you best believe Grandpa came to the hospital every single day of the four months his new best buddy had to stay. I like to think that my dad shared some of his impressive strength with our little guy to get him through the fight of his life. We now have a saying in our family that was written on our son’s incubator: ‘Grosses Don’t Quit.’

Recently, we learned that his autoimmune disease has now attacked his donor kidney and he will need a new one. At only 57, he’s got so much more time to spend with his grandchildren.

Please send all positive vibes in finding a fabulous match for this absolute beauty of a man.”

– Tiffany Gross

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10-Yr-Old Has Tearful Reunion With Dog Who Was Missing For Two Months

Boy reunites with missing dog
(Facebook/Highlands County Sheriff's Office)

Realizing your beloved pet is missing is both heartbreaking and terrifying. Pets who have grown up in safe and loving homes often don’t understand the dangers that lurk outside, so the faster you jump into action the better. Animals move quickly, especially when they’re afraid – sadly, as more time passes, it becomes less and less likely that our furry family members will safely make it back home.

When 10-year-old Tyler’s dog Bruiser disappeared after running off in pursuit of a rabbit, his family was devastated. Bruiser and Tyler had a special bond, one that left Tyler heartbroken and desperate to find his four-legged best friend. The worried family posted on social media, hung flyers, even scattered worn clothes and used towels outside in the hopes that Bruiser would catch a whiff and follow the scent of his loving family. After two months with no leads, it seemed unlikely that Tyler and Bruiser would ever see each other again.

In a heartwarming twist of fate, Tyler’s family received the call they barely dared to dream about. Bruiser had been found – and more importantly, he was safe.

“Turns out their dog had been picked up by somebody on their way to Highlands County and, after a couple of months, it wound up in the hands of our Animal Services folks,” Highlands County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. “Teri Dosil at Animal Services thought the dog looked familiar and started digging through Facebook posts. Sure enough, it was the same dog. His name is Bruiser.”

If the incredible news wasn’t enough, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office shared the touching reunion on Facebook. An unsuspecting Tyler walks into his house as Bruiser runs to greet him, and it only takes a split second for the realization to dawn on the overjoyed 10-year-old. Tyler drops to the floor, wrapping his arms around his beloved pup as Bruiser wags his entire body.

Tyler begins to cry, overwhelmed and in complete disbelief that his furry friend finally made it home. Bruiser briefly runs to greet another family member before returning to his rightful place in Tyler’s lap (to the best of his ability, given that they’re roughly the same size), giving the camera a look that says “I swear, it will NEVER happen again.”

Watch the tearful reunion below, and give your own pets some extra scratches today.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Reportedly in Development

Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star Wars games ever.  I have spoken.

Back in 2003 when it launched on the original Xbox, it was right up there with Halo.  If you owned an Xbox, you just had to play KOTOR.  It featured an epic storyline and depending on how you responded during conversations, you could align yourself with the Light or Dark side of the Force.  I know these gameplay elements are pretty common nowadays, but back then, this was all new and exciting stuff, especially for Star Wars fans.  There was a sequel released in 2004, but fans have been clamoring for a proper third game in the series for years now.  While a new story would be nice, it looks like we’re getting treated to a remake of the first KOTOR instead.

During an interview with MinnMax’s Ben Hanson, reliable industry insider Jason Schreier spilled the beans and confirmed that a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is currently in development.  Schreier also mentions that Aspyr Media will be responsible for it.  For those who don’t know, Aspyr Media has worked on quite a few recent remakes including Stubbs the Zombie, Star Wars: Republic Commando, and even the KOTOR mobile ports.

Now, there were reports a couple of months ago that stated a new KOTOR game was in development.  Whether or not that new game turns out to be a proper sequel to the original’s or just this remake remains to be seen.  Hopefully, with May 4th aka ‘Star Wars Day‘ fast approaching, we’ll learn all sorts of new and exciting info.  Could you imagine if they made remakes for both of the original KOTOR games and an entirely new game in the series?  That would be pretty awesome.

If you haven’t played the original KOTOR, it’s still a great game, but it definitely shows its age.  I think a remake could be a great way to polish the gameplay and give it a new coat of paint to really make it feel fresh for fans new and old.  Also, when Star Wars: KOTOR originally launched, it was only available on Xbox and PC.  It has never been available on PlayStation or Nintendo platforms, so this could be an excellent opportunity to expand the game’s audience by releasing the remake for everyone to play.