The Mandalorian Episode 6 Recap: Attack of The Cameos

After last week’s Tatooine adventure, The Mandolorian is making a jailbreak in the latest episode that combines heist and horror tropes for the most well-rounded episode yet. The show continues to defy modern TV convention by favoring the old-timey serial format that originally influenced Star Wars; but “The Prisoner” hits a narrative sweet spot with a mid-episode turn that gives this episode more heft without adding excess weight.

As always, slapping a big ole *Spoiler Warning* for the episode here, and let’s talk about it.

Mando arrives at a space station run by That Guy From Sons Of Anarchy, looking for work. Back in the day, these two used to run space capers together, and if I know anything about heists, it’s that coming out of retirement for one last job is usually bad news bears. But with the Bounty Hunter’s Guild on his ass all the time, Mando needs to make cash on the DL, and sometimes that means asking old coworkers if they know of any freelance assignments.

The first chunk of the episode plays out like any good Ocean’s 11-type deal, with Mando meeting a crew and everyone looking at blueprints. There’s Bill Burr as an ex-special ops stormtrooper, continuing the show’s gimmick of giving comedians the most fun role of each episode. It’s cool to see this angle on a formerly faceless Imperial – he’s kind of a jerk, but he’s not outright evil. To quote another space western that takes place after a big war, “We’re all just folk now.”  You might not recognize Tonks from Harry Potter or Osha from Game of Thrones,  but Natalia Tena plays the Twi’Lek Lady, which you just love to see. She has an unspecified but obviously PG-13 history with our Mandalorian friend, but Mandalorians and Twi’Leks don’t kiss and tell. Or whatever it is they did to work around that helmet. Rounding out the squad is big ole’ Clancy Brown as one of those devil guys from the Mos Eisley cantina, and Richard Ayoade reprising his role from IT Crowd, but as a robot.

The job is simple – they let Richard AyoDroid fly the Razor’s Crest in a fancy maneuver that will let them slip by the sensors of a New Republic prison ship, sneak past the all-droid crew, and rescue an old accomplice of The Guy From Sons Of Anarchy. Your basic “smash and grab” as people in heist movies like to say.

Once they’re underway, the team gets to know each other a little better in the ship’s hold, and since they’re all a bunch of scum and villainy, that goes not great. They mostly pick on the Mandalorian way more than necessary, teasing him about his helmet. I’m not sure they are actively making parallels between how Mando is a big droid racist while also the victim of harassment and discrimination or not, but it’s interesting. Anyway, Devil Guy and Mando get in a little scuffle leading to the door to Baby Yoda’s little secret chamber opening. Hey, there’s Baby Yoda! Remember him?

The ruthless gang of mercenaries all coo and kaa over Baby Yoda appropriately, since they’re not part of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, and don’t know what they’ve just discovered. However, you can tell Mando is running a bunch of different “murder everyone and somehow still get paid” scenarios in his head when Bill Burr gets a little too flippant about our man’s boy. Before everything goes to shit, though, Richard AyoaDroid brings the ship out of hyperspace, throwing everyone into some Star Trek-style turbulence acting. Bill Burr drops Baby Yoda so hard, everyone in my house all shouted “Whoa whoa whoa!” at the screen at the same time.

Once they’ve stealth landed on the Republic ship, we get to phase two of the heist and a nice change of scenery for the first time in the episode. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with gritty back worlds, but for my money, Star Wars is the most Star Wars-iest when there’s a group of weirdly dressed friends doing a bad job of sneaking around monochromatic 70s-era space-hallways.

We pass through the detention cells of the ship, and because he’s bored(?), Devil Guy shoots a mouse droid, alerting the entire ship that they’re there. I always thought the mouse droids seemed too cute to be Imperial purists, so it’s nice to see them getting work in the New Republic after the war.  Anyway, they murder this one, so now there’s a squad of robot guards to deal with. These security droids are new, and I’m glad we get to see some character designs that aren’t recycled. Mando takes the droids out handily, and everyone is still a prick to him.

The control room is where things get really interesting. The all-droid ship apparently has one human onboard, a jittery Republic officer played by none other than Matt Lanter, who voiced Anakin Skywalker on all seven seasons of The Clone Wars! Matt’s got a tracker that will bring the New Republic down on them if he activates it, and the team argues about how to handle the dicey situation.

Showcasing his growing morality, the Mandalorian tries to resolve the Matt situation without violence. He’s come a long way as a negotiator since a few weeks ago when he was *checks notes* …trying to beat up a Sandcrawler. I’ve seen some people complain about the episodic nature of The Mandalorian, thinking that these one-off stories aren’t “about anything” but I have to disagree. We’re getting an incremental look at how the character grows as a person, one adventure at a time. I know people want to know why Baby Yoda is so important but the answer is: “Because the Mandalorian likes him.” One day there will be 2,000 youtube videos about Baby Yoda’s backstory for people to get mad about, but for now the show’s focus is on characters, and I dig it.

All that’s for naught, however, since Twi’Lek Lady kills Matt with one of her little daggers, but hey, good try Mando! Now it’s time to free the prisoner they came for who turns out to be….

…A guy we don’t know. But Mando does, and it’s his fault the guy got pinched in the first place. Here’s the turn of the episode that makes it the most narratively satisfying yet – it turns out the whole mission was a big setup to free Twi-Lek Lady’s brother and trap Mando in the New Republic prison instead. “You deserve this,” Twi-Lek Lady tells him as the crew leaves Mando to his fate.

What happens next is a hard pivot in a genre that some are saying is reminiscent of Die Hard (just in time for Christmas!). In my opinion, though, the next bit plays out more like the last act of Alien. Mando escapes his brig, through some Mando badassery, and in the red gleam of emergency lights, separates and hunts down each of the mercenaries who betrayed him. Even though apparently he betrayed them first a while ago. It’s a moral gray area.

Oh, meanwhile Richard AyoaDroid stumbles onto Carl Wether’s old voicemail about Baby Yoda, prompting him to search the ship while all his friends get merc’d.


But back to the action: Devil Guy gets the door treatment Mando is partial to…twice. Twi-Lek Lady tries to go all Knives Chau on her ex, but that Beskar armor ain’t got time for that. And finally, Bill Burr gets full-on Batman-ed.

The Prisoner surrenders to the Mandalorian and promises his fair share, as long as he lets him live. “Aren’t you a man of honor?” That seems to be the million-dollar question of this series, my dude.

Richard AyoDroid finds Baby Yoda at last, and the kid goes to force-choke the droid, only to be surprised when it’s heart explodes in front of him. Turns out Baby Yoda hasn’t tapped the dark side of the force just yet, though: it’s only Mando back onboard and doing his very favorite thing. (Killing robots).

The Mandalorian returns The Prisoner to The Guy From Sons of Anarchy and takes his payment without much ceremony. It seems like nobody has any hard feelings about the ole triple double-cross, and everyone can go on their merry way- oop, nope, Guy From Sons Of Anarchy is gonna blow Mando out of the sky with a gunship. Except it turns out Mando is still an ice-cold badass who slipped Matt’s New Republic tracker into The Prisoner’s back pocket.

Faster than you can say “Porkins” a squadron of old school era X-Wings shows up. This episode is a cameo-spectacular, and the icing on the cake is that the three main directors of the series, Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow and Rick Famuyira, play the X-Wing pilots. Without asking a single question, the New Republic Space Cops blow the hell out of the space station without thinking twice about the Mando’s ship that just high-tailed it out of there.

Mando gives Baby Yoda his favorite little doodad, and tells him that he knew this whole thing had been a bad idea, and off they go. Meanwhile back at the space prison, it turns out Mando didn’t kill his whole crew, and everyone’s locked in a cell- just like how they left him. Mando said they “got what they deserve,” and it looks like he’s a man of honor after all.

Blaster Fire

  • Bill Burr is officially the character I relate to most in this show with the line “I’m a little particular about my personal space.”
  • The way the show discusses honor and morality is the most interesting thing about it, besides Baby Yoda. Mando lives his life by a set code, which he perceives as his morality. By caring for a child, his code changes, but he arguably becomes a more honorable person, even in betraying that preset morality ~*ThEmEs*~.
  • Baby Yoda thinking he blew up Richard AyoDroid and looking at his little hand is the best thing that’s ever happened.
  • Devil Man’s horns are cut off in the last scene, which is a nice little detail after getting double squished by the blast doors.
  • Last week’s mystery is left still hanging. There are only two episodes of the season left to learn the identity of Spurs, and while the bettin’ money is still on Moff Gideon, there’s always the chance we’ll get a big cliffhanger featuring that other guy to wear the Mandalorian armor.

Matthew McConaughey Shares Values His Dad Passed Down, Asks Others To Do the Same

A dozen people could tell you about their driving values, but words of wisdom hit differently when they come from one of your heroes. In honor of Father’s Day, Matthew McConaughey challenged his friends to share the most important values from their OG heroes – their dads. But first, McConaughey shared the life-changing wisdom passed down by his own father.

In the video McConaughey shared on Instagram, the actor begins by discussing the significance of values. Values are, he explains, “Beliefs that we have for ourselves. Beliefs that we can rely on in a pinch when we’re lost, frustrated, confused. Values govern our daily interactions. They define our expectations not only of ourselves but usually of what we expect others to do as well.”

McConaughey goes on to explain that the values his dad instilled in him from a young age helped him become who he is today. Specifically, the importance of giving everything you try 100%. According to McConaughey (and his dad), if you half-ass things, you’ll never know what could have been if only you’d given it your all.

Following the dad-inspired pep talk from McConaughey himself, the actor reveals that several of his friends had shared their dadvice as well – timeless values and wisdom shared by their own fathers. McConaughey posted Guy Fieri’s response on Twitter, a video in which the star chef shares some important secondhand advice from his dad.

“When I was a kid my dad used to quote Kenny Rogers,” Fieri began, “and he said ‘you gotta know when to hold ’em, and you gotta know when to fold ’em’ – basically saying ‘don’t back up a stupid position, kid.’ If you did something wrong and you made a mistake, apologize, handle it, and move on.”

“Also give a good firm handshake and look people in the eye when you’re talking to ’em,” Fieri concluded. “Same values that I pass on to my kids.”

Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts” Proves We’re Officially Out of Dating Show Ideas

We have finally run out of dating show ideas. I don’t know, maybe we already had, but the new Netflix dating show seems to take things out of this world. Sometimes literally. “Sexy Beasts”, is a dating show that is “all about personality.” So a single will go on a few blind dates without knowing what they truly look like. Because those blind dates will be wearing movie-level prosthetics and makeup to make them look like…animals.

Are we really doing this? OK, I guess we are really doing this.

And we’re not just doing it once. Netflix has already ordered two seasons of the show. Each episode will have a person going on three dates with different “sexy beasts” in their animal makeup, and after choosing one, will actually get to see their real face. There will be six episodes airing starting July 21, with another batch coming in the fall.

It looks insane. It looks like an SNL parody. But it is really happening, and of course, people will watch it like crazy. You can’t NOT watch something like this, which says just as much about us as it does the people partaking in this show.

Like any Netflix reality show, it’s not even that original, as, much like The Circle (another great, unconventional, bingeable reality TV offering from Netflix), it’s a show/format that has already found great success in the UK. So, Netflix will introduce an American version.

Comedian Rob Delaney (very funny on Twitter! Haven’t seen his Amazon show!) will narrate the series.

Avril Lavigne’s TikTok With Tony Hawk Will Take You Straight Back to 2002

If you’re interested in a little time travel to spice up your day, Avril Lavigne is here for you. She made her Tik Tok debut (see, it’s not *just* for kids, it’s also for us olds!) and it stars a cameo from the truest Sk8er Boi (now Sk8er Dad) himself, friend of The Dad, Tony Hawk.

Lavigne does what people do best on Tik Tok, and does some lip-syncing. Of course, she’s doing something a *touch* different, because she’s lip-syncing herself, singing her famous song Sk8er Boi. As she hits the “he was a skater boy” it cuts to Hawk, now wearing her tie, as he breaks into some skating stunts on a beachfront ramp. Watching it will transport you in time directly to 2002, without passing Go or collecting $200.

@avrillavigneHe was a… @tonyhawk ##GoSkateboarding ##sk8rboi♬ Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

She timed the release of this retro (can we call anything from the 2000s retro???) video to Go Skateboarding Day, and including Hawk is the perfect touch. No one embodies skateboarding more than the legend himself, who owns north of 70 titles, has pioneered numerous moves, and he even taught Lavigne how to skateboard a little.

Hawk shared the clip to his Instagram, saying the “Sk8er Boi singer learns skating move from old Sk8er man.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk)

Nostalgia is always a hit in popular culture, and this short clip is as pure it gets.

Harrison Ford Injures Himself While Shooting Indy 5 Because He’s 78

There are a lot of reasons they shouldn’t be making another, and final, Indiana Jones movie. For one thing, the last one was an abomination and we shan’t discuss it. For another, Steven Spielberg is not directing it. For another, Harrison Ford is 78 years old!

Those first two reasons may prove to be faulty. It’s possible – even likely – that Indy 5 will be superior to The Indy Movie That Shall Not Be Named. For one thing, Shia LaBeouf is long gone. For another, it was so bad, it won’t be hard to top! And James Mangold is a good director. He’s no Spielberg – who is? – but Spielberg isn’t even the Spielberg who directed the first three movies, as evidenced by the fourth movie.

That third reason though? It’s already rearing its head.

A mere week or so after the first shots of Harrison Ford on location as Indiana Jones emerged, Ford is back in the news for a much more depressing reason: he hurt his shoulder filming the movie.

“In the course of rehearsing for a fight scene, Harrison Ford sustained an injury involving his shoulder. Production will continue while the appropriate course of treatment is evaluated, and the filming schedule will be reconfigured as needed in the coming weeks,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Ford has been hurt before, both while filming and not (he was injured during the Force Awakens shoot, if you remember, and has famously crashed his plane while not working). When you’re exerting yourself in your 70s, injuries tend to happen, even to Hollywood superstars!

Filming is continuing on the movie, but production will have to be shuffled around to accommodate Ford’s injury and recovery. Who knows, maybe they’ll even incorporate it into the storyline, which at one point was rumored to feature the fountain of youth.

The untitled movie costars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Kretschmann, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson, and Toby Jones, a strong cast that bodes well. So long as Ford can survive!

Dad Donates Kidney To Help His 15-Year-Old Son Live a Dialysis-Free Life

Watching your kids suffer is one of the most heartbreaking things a parent can experience. We’re programmed to help, to bandage the scratches and hug away the tears. But when our kids are faced with struggles that we can’t fix, we feel completely and totally powerless. After a decade of watching his son’s health decline, 45-year-old Shannon Dobrucki jumped at the opportunity to help.

Since the age of five, Shannon’s son Nolan suffered from aplastic anemia. 10 years later, Nolan has persevered through kidney failure and a host of other complications as his parents supported him to the best of their abilities.

Recently, doctors informed 15-year-old Nolan’s family that he desperately needed a kidney transplant. After learning he was a perfect match for his son, Shannon chose to give Nolan one of his own kidneys without a second thought.

“Parents all say the same thing, right? We’ll do anything for our kids,” Dobrucki told TODAY Parents. “It wasn’t a hard decision.”

Post-transplant joy

After complications from a bone marrow transplant, Nolan started dialysis in 2015. He’s spent over a year of his life in the hospital, received daily dialysis, a coped with a host of things that complicated the teen’s ability to simply be a kid. In August of 2020, doctors performed the life-saving and life-changing surgery – almost immediately, Nolan began to notice drastic improvements.

Without his nightly 8-hour dialysis, Nolan’s world opened up. He could finally have sleepovers, stay up late, and travel without being tied to his essential nightly routine. After over a decade of struggling, Nolan has a new lease on life thanks to his dad.

“It’s so unfair for a young person who has given up so much time being in the hospital and can’t do everything that everybody else does. The hardest part is just having to watch him go through that and there’s really nothing you can do,” Shannon said. “Well, there was something that I could give to him finally.”

10-Yr-Old Hero Drowns in South Dakota River After Saving His Sister’s Life

Nothing can prepare us for the situations in life that test us, but ultimately, the decisions we make in crucial moments reflect who we are. 10-Year-old Ricky Lee Sneve loved fishing, helping out at home, and above all else, he loved his family. On June 12, Ricky, his dad, and his siblings were spending time together at the Big Sioux River. When several kids fell in the water, both Ricky and his dad jumped in to save them.

Ricky’s dad, Chad Sneve, pulled two of the younger children to safety while Ricky pushed his little sister Chevelle to shore. When Chad turned to find Ricky, however, the young hero was nowhere to be found. Tragically, after ensuring his sister was safe, Ricky had drowned.

“He saved his sisters’ life and took his own,” Ricky’s mom, Nicole Eufers told Argus Leader.

The loss of a life is always heartbreaking, but losing a child is unfathomable. Those close to Ricky were devastated by the loss, but unsurprised that the selfless hero made the ultimate sacrifice to save his little sister.

“He was generous, kind and special in more ways than I can begin to explain,” Chad Sneve said. “He was my everything, and he touched everyone he encountered.”

Ricky’s uncle set up a GoFundMe to help his family with various expenses including Ricky’s funeral. Donations and words of support poured in, praising Ricky and his heroism while offering condolences to the heartbroken family.

“He’d do anything to help his mom or anyone at that, without ever being asked,” Ricky’s uncle said of the 10-year-old. “Ricky gave his life trying to do what he knew was best.”

Paul Rudd Crashes Conan For One Last ‘Mac and Me’ Troll

For decades, Conan O’Brien has been a steady presence on late-night television. The tall ginger comedian has weathered power struggles, network changes, and more, and next week, he finally signs off of his TBS show before moving onto a new project for HBO Max. Before he goes, though, some old friends are stopping by, culminating in Jack Black as the final guest on Conan’s final show.

Last night, Paul Rudd showed up, albeit uninvited. The Ant-Man star crashed Conan’s interview with Bill Hader to revive a legendary bit he’s been doing for decades himself. For years, when Rudd appears on Conan’s show, he is invariably promoting something, and yet when it comes time to show a clip from his latest project, whether it’s an Avengers movie or his upcoming Apple TV+ show with Will Ferrell, Rudd instead shows a different clip.

It’s an absurd sequence from the terrible 80s movie Mac & Me in which a little boy in a wheelchair rockets down the slide of a cliff. It’s absurd even with no context, and even more so when Rudd shows it after pretending to show something else. Last night, the ageless star said he was going to share footage of an SNL sketch that Hader wrote but that Rudd refused to participate in, but when it came time to roll the footage, well, see for yourself:

The commitment to the bit is so insane that even Conan had to give Rudd credit.

“Every time, for years, I was convinced that I would see the real clip,” says Conan, “because you are a genuinely a nice person. And you would say, ‘this movie is really important to me’ and ‘I put my own money into this, and I really care about this,’ and then you’d pull that shit every time.”

Last night, Rudd pulled it one last time. Unless he can somehow find a way to get it on Conan’s new HBO Max show, whatever that ends up being.

Sesame Street Showcases Family With Two Gay Dads for First Time in the Show’s History

Sesame Street is recognizing Pride Month in a way they never have before, by showcasing a family that is becoming increasingly more common. The show aired a special episode called “Family Day” that featured a family with two dads and their daughter. The gay married couple, Frank and Dave, along with their daughter Mia, join the rest of the block in surprising Big Bird at a party.

While it’s far from a first on TV, it does mark a historic first for the longtime children’s show. It’s the first time in 51 years of Sesame Street that they’ve showcased a family with two gay dads. One character remarks that “all of our families are so different” and one of the dads responds that there are all kinds of different families.

“But what makes us a family is that we love each other,” one of the dads says.

The episode was directed by Alan Muraoka, who is a longtime actor on the show who owns Hooper’s Store. He shared a post about how special the episode was.

“Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion,” he wrote. “So I’m so excited to introduce Nina’s Brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street.”

“I am so honored and humbled to have co-directed this important and milestone episode. Love is love, and we are so happy to add this special family to our Sesame family. Happy Pride to all!!!”

When stories like this pop, the response is either overwhelmingly positive, or it’s a lot of “who cares?” And here’s the thing people making the second comment miss. Yeah, it’s 2021, very few people care if you’re gay or not. Families are made up of all sorts of different relationships and setups, sure.

But, representation does matter. For kids who may be gay to see it normalized on TV does matter. Especially when the suicide rate for LGBTQ kids is so high. You may not personally consider it a big deal, but to certain people, it’s an enormous deal, and anything that helps that community of children should be encouraged.

Anything we can do to help kids who may otherwise be feeling very alone and isolated is a good thing. And if Sesame Street can do its part by showing families with two dads can be normal, we are here for it.

Dave Chappelle and the Foo Fighters Cover Radiohead’s Creep at MSG’s Reopening

New York City was among the hardest-hit cities by the Covid pandemic. They got it earlier than most, doctors initially had no idea how to treat it and it was before masks were mandatory. The city is beginning to reopen, and the first full capacity, sold-out show at Madison Square Garden, one of the most iconic arenas in America? Dad Rock king Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters, along with a cameo by one of the greatest comedians of all-time, Dave Chappelle.

Fully reopening America’s most famous arena with Dave Chappelle and the Foo Fighters covering Radiohead’s Creep is probably not what anyone expected, but it’s what we got. The Foo Fighters were the first concert to return to MSG and Chappelle happened to be in town, and well, the rest is now entertainment history.

Dave Chappelle and Dave Grohl are two people who are living their best lives. And their pandemics couldn’t have been more different. Grohl got in a virtual drum battle with a 10-year-old and then released an album. Chappelle was the first to find a way to offer live entertainment, safely, when he ran dozens of stand-up shows featuring the biggest stars in comedy, all out of a cornfield in Ohio.

And yeah, no one expected this combo, this performance, on this night, but in a weird way, it’s a pretty awesome way to kick off the true reopening of Madison Square Garden.