101 Funny Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

101 Riddles for Kids

Looking for a way to keep your kids minds running fast, but also, maybe, not their bodies for just 10 minutes? Well The Dad is here to help, with a list of 101 amazing riddles to challenge your kids, that also lets you just sit down for a little while.

1. Q. A man fell off of a 100-foot ladder, but he didn’t get hurt. How is this possible?
A. He was only on the first step.

2. Q. What tastes better than it smells?
A. A tongue.

3. Q. What gets wetter the more it dries?
A. A towel.

4. Q. David’s parents have three sons: Snap, Crackle and…?
A. David.

5. Q. If you have two coins which total 35 cents and one of the coins is not a dime, what are the two coins?
A. A quarter and a dime. One coin isn’t a dime, but the other one is.

6. Q. What’s black and white and blue?
A. A sad zebra.

7. Q. What question can never be answered with a Yes?
A. Are you asleep?

8. Q. What is bigger than an elephant yet weighs nothing.
A. The elephants shadow.

9. Q. I start with the letter e, I end with the letter e. I contain only one letter, but am not the letter e. What am I?
A. An Envelope.

10. Q. The more there is of me the less you see. What am I?
A. Darkness.

11. Q. What has to be broken before you can use it?
A. An egg.

12. Q. I’m found in socks, scarves, and mittens. I’m found in the paws of playful kittens. What am I?
A. Yarn.

13. Q. Why is Peter Pan always flying?
A. He Neverlands.

14. Q. What goes up but never comes back down?
A. Your age.

15. Q. What has four eyes and runs south?
A. The Mississippi River.

16. Q. How can you tell the difference between dogs and trees?
A. By their bark.

17. Q. When it’s alive we sing, when it dies we clap. What is it?
A. A birthday candle.

18. Q. What has many keys, but cannot open a door?
A. A piano.

19. Q. I make two people out of one.  What am I?
A. A mirror.

20. Q. If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?
A. A Secret.

21. Q. What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?
A. Trouble.

22. Q. I run all around the pasture but never move.  What am I?
A. A fence.

23. Q. What has one head, one foot, and four legs?
A. A bed.

24. Q. What falls often but never gets hurt?
A. Snow.

25. Q. I have one eye and it’s always open. What am I?
A. A needle

26. Q. I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old, what am I?
A. A candle.

27. Q. I blow but don’t have lungs. I can move objects but don’t have arms. What am I?
A. The wind.

28. Q. I have two hands, but no thumbs. What am I?
A. A clock.

29. Q. What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
A. “Short”

30. Q. A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How could he see her?
A. It was daytime.

31. Q. Who can shave a dozen times a day but still have a beard?
A. A barber.

32. Q. Even if you give this to someone else, you still get to keep it. What is it?
A. Your word.

33. Q. What has four wheels and flies?
A. A garbage truck.

34. Q. When was the last year that looked the same upside down and right side up?
A. 1961.

35. Q. What jack has a head but no body?
A. Jack-o-lantern.

36. Q. How can a leopard change its spots?
A. By moving from one spot to another.

37. Q. The more you take away, the bigger I get. What am I?
A. A hole.

38. Q. A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remain, what is it?
A. Dozens.

39. Q. I act like a cat, I look like a cat, yet I am not a cat. What am I?
A. A Kitten.

40. Q. Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
A. They both weigh the same. A pound.

41. Q. What is the longest word in the dictionary?
A. Smiles (there is a mile between the two S’s)

42. Q. What are moving left to right, right now?
A. Your eyes.

43. Q. What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?
A. Silence.

44. Q. What has a bed but never sleeps, can run but never walks, and has a bank but no money?
A. A river.

45. Q. A full bus was traveling over a bridge. No one gets off the bus, but when it gets to the other side there isn’t a single person left. How is this possible?
A. They were all married.

46. Q. Where can you find cities, towns, and streets but no people?
A. A map.

47. Q. What is something you can put in your pocket that keeps it empty?
A. A hole.

48. Q. What has no body and no nose?
A. Nobody knows.

49. Q. What is the hardest key to turn?
A. A don-key

50. Q. How can you make seven even?
A. Remove the letter s.

51. Q. What’s black and white and read all over?
A. A newspaper.

52. Q. If a brother, his sister, and their dog weren’t under an umbrella, why didn’t they get wet?
A. It wasn’t raining.

53. Q. It floats like a log. It looks likes a log. But it isn’t a log. What is it?
A. Alligator

54. Q. I walked through a field of wheat, I picked up something good to eat. It was white and had no bone, in twenty-one days it walked alone. What did I pick up?
A. An Egg.

55. Q. What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?
A. The future.

56. Q. What belongs to you but is used more by others?
A. Your name.

57. Q. What is full of holes but still holds water?
A. A sponge.

58. Q. How many seconds are there in one year?
A. 12 of them, there’s a 2nd every month.

59. Q. What do you get when you cross a black cat and a lemon?
A. A Sour Puss.

60. Q. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
A. The letter M.

61. Q. I am white when I am dirty, and black when I am clean. What am I?
A. A blackboard.

62. Q. The more you take the more you leave behind. What are they?
A. Footsteps.

63. Q. Everyone has it but no one can lose it. What is it?
A. A shadow.

64. Q. Mary has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother — how many children does Mary have?
A. Five, each daughter has the same brother.

65. Q. Why didn’t the car feel well?
A. It had gas.

66. Q. What has teeth but cannot bite?
A. A comb.

67. Q. No matter how smart you are, there is one thing you will always overlook. What is it?
A. Your own nose.

68. Q. What goes up and down the stairs without moving?
A. Carpet.

69. Q. What did the dollar say to the four quarters?
A. You’ve changed.

70. Q. Where do baby ghosts go while their parents work?
A. To day scare.

71. Q. What has a bottom at the top?
A. Your legs

72. Q. Where does success come before work?
A. The dictionary.

73. Q. If a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a greenhouse made of?
A. Glass.

74. Q. What word is spelled wrong in every dictionary?
A. The word “wrong.”

75. Q. I have no feet, no hands, no wings, but I climb to the sky. What am I?
A. Smoke.

76. Q. They have not flesh nor feathers, nor scales nor bone; but they do have fingers and thumbs of their own. What are they?
A. Gloves.

77. Q. What kind of goose fights with snakes?
A. A mongoose.

78. Q. I’m flat when I’m new. I’m fat when you use me, then flat again when something sharp touches me. What am I?
A. A balloon.

79. Q. You must keep this thing, its loss will affect your brothers. For once yours is lost, it will soon be lost by others. What is it?
A. Your temper.

80. Q. What is at the end of everything?
A. The letter “g”.

81. Q. You bought me for dinner but never eat me. What am I?
A. Silverware.

82. Q. I know a word of letters three, add two more and less there will be. What word is it?
A. Few.

83. Q. All about the house, with his partner he dances. Yet he always works, and never romances. What is he?
A. A broom.

84. Q. What do you throw out when you want to use it, but take in when you don’t want to use it?
A. An anchor.

85. Q. A hundred feet in the air, but its back is on the ground. What is it?
A. A centipede flipped over.

86. Q. I run in and out of town all day and night. What am I?
A. A road.

87. Q. What goes up when the rain comes down?
A. An umbrella.

88. Q. It doesn’t bark, it doesn’t bite but it still won’t let you in the house. What is it?
A. A lock.

89. Q. What travels around the world but never leaves the corner?
A. A stamp.

90. Q. A man in a car saw a Golden Door, Silver Door and a Bronze Door. What door did he open first?
A. The car door.

91. Q. What instrument does a skeleton play?
A. Trombone.

92. Q. What can be picked but not chosen?
A. A nose.

93. Q. How do spiders communicate?
A. Through the World Wide Web.

94. Q. Light as a feather, almost nothing in it, but the strongest man can’t hold it much more than a minute. What I am?
A. Breath.

95. Q. Give me food and I will live, Give me water, and I will die. What am I?
A. Fire.

96. Q. I have a thousand needles but I do not sew. What am I?
A. A Porcupine.

97. Q. Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road?
A. Because it didn’t have the guts.

98. Q. Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many have 28?
A. They all do.

99. Q.  I am the beginning of the end and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?
A. The letter e. End, timE, spacE, Every placE

100. Q. There is a rooster sitting on top of a barn. If it laid an egg, which way would it roll?
A. It wouldn’t, roosters don’t lay eggs.

101. Q. What begins with T, finishes with T, and has T in it?
A. A teapot

Still not enough for you? We’ve got a list of 101 puns to keep you going! Just phrase them as questions and they’re basically riddles that make your kid roll their eyes.

Fan Recreates Top Gun: Maverick Trailer with LEGO Pieces

LEGO Top Gun Trailer

One of the downsides of the pandemic, and there are many, many, many downsides, has been the inability to see some of the most anticipated movies of the past year.

The MCU’s Black Widow and Inhumans movies were delayed until later this year (hopefully), Daniel Craig’s last James Bond flick, No Time To Die, is still waiting to be seen by eager audiences, and Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit as hotshot pilot Maverick in the highly-anticipated sequel to his 80s blockbuster Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick.

We’re still hoping to see all of those movies soon, but in the meantime, some enterprising soul has spent their downtime recreating the Top Gun: Maverick trailer in LEGO form that can only truly be enjoyed by adults.

He calls himself Onbeatman on YouTube, and in his description of the trailer, he briefly explains the project: “After months of painstaking work… I recreated the TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer in Lego, one frame at a time. This was created 100% independently out of my love for Top Gun, cinema, and LEGO.”

He’s not lying, he totally recreated it, and looking at this thing it’s clear that it took months of painstaking work, even from the first shot of the snowy mountain range. It’s pretty awesome!

Take a look:

No More R-Rated Movies Beyond Deadpool 3, Including Blade?

Blade Reboot With Mahershala Ali
(Getty/Tommaso Boddi/Stringer)

One of the things Marvel has done well since taking over the entertainment universe is shift tones depending on the franchise.

Iron Man feels different than Thor which feels different from Guardians of the Galaxy which feels different from Spider-Man. Different strokes for different strokes. Perhaps their most different stroke of all will come when Deadpool 3 eventually hits as the MCU’s first R-rated movie. And maybe its last?

“I think we target everything we’re doing for kids and adults, so I think your question is more adult or R-rated,” MCU head honcho Kevin Feige said during a press conference for Disney+. “Other than Deadpool, which has already established itself as a certain genre and a certain rating, that we already said we would not mess with when we started working on Deadpool — which we have — other than that, we haven’t encountered a story or a storyline or a character’s journey that a PG-13 rating, or the tone, or the ratings we’ve been using up to this point has prevented us [from telling that story.]”

As excited as fans are that Deadpool will remain his R-rated self, they’re disappointed at what that means for the new Blade movie, announced last year.

Wesley Snipes’ Blade, which landed well before the MCU took over and helped usher in the superhero saturation we see today, was hyperviolent and steadfastly R-rated. If this news is to be believed, Mahershala Ali‘s take on the character will be a lot safer, apparently despite the new star’s preference.

“I just brought it up as someone who really wanted to take on that [Blade] role and tackle that,” Ali previously said. “I love that it’s darker. That’s all in terms of tone. He’s a little bit darker than some of the other ones and so that element was attractive to me.”

Darker doesn’t have to mean R-rated, but it’s safe to assume that MCU dark and original Blade dark do not match up. Which isn’t to say the new Blade won’t rip – Marvel knows what they’re doing – he just may do so a lot less violently.

As for the original Blade, Snipes (about to be on Amazon Prime in Coming 2 America) is not involved but told Uproxx he has no hard feelings. “I don’t have any involvement but I support the young artists and I support Marvel in their business decisions. It’s a beautiful thing. I think he’s a heck of a job. [Ali]’s got a heck of a job on his hands.”

Besides, he has some presumably R-rated plans of his own in the hopper.

“We have two things,” Snipes revealed. “We have one which is a female action franchise. And also what we call our Blade-killer, our Blade on steroids. And we set our character in the world of shape-shifters and a little bit of time travel. But the action is going to be … Well, we did white belt action in Blade. Now we’re going to do black belt action.”

We may not get an R-rated Blade, but we may get two of the next best things!

New Nintendo Switch With Bigger Screen & 4K Graphics Could Arrive by Christmas

Nintendo Switch

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Nintendo has been working on a new, more powerful Nintendo Switch console, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed that we could potentially be able to get our hands on it by the end of 2021.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, this Nintendo Switch Pro (as everyone is calling it) will feature a larger OLED screen and have the capabilities to pump out 4K resolution graphics while it’s in docked mode.

In regards to the Switch Pro’s handheld mode, Samsung Display Co. will apparently start mass production of the 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED panels as early as June 2021.  The current Nintendo Switch model features a 6.2-inch, 720p-resolution screen but with this new screen, the “OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display,” said Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of display consultancy DSCC.

Nintendo has mentioned numerous times that the Nintendo Switch is only halfway through its lifecycle.  This new model could be a way for Nintendo to keep up with Sony and Microsoft, who have both recently released their Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles to overwhelmingly high demand.  The next-gen battle has begun, and Bloomberg analysts Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidu state that “The release of a more premium version of Nintendo’s Switch console with an OLED display and support for 4K graphics for the holiday 2021 selling season could drive the company’s sales above consensus for the fiscal year ending March 2022 and extend the life cycle of the Switch platform for many more years.”

When I say keep up, I only mean with graphic capabilities.  The Nintendo Switch is already outselling the competition and has an excellent library of games.  They really don’t have anything to worry about, but it’s great to see them have the drive to stay relevant in the ever-growing video game market.  I currently own one of the Switch Lite models myself, and I love it.  The idea though of being able to play with fresh-looking graphics on my TV definitely gives me the incentive to upgrade to the Pro model.  The only problem is whether or not Nintendo will really be able to make it worth purchasing this new Switch when the current one can play games just fine on your TV.  The price will have to be just right for essentially just better graphics.

I just bought my wife that special edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch this past Christmas.  Do you think she’d mind if I sold it and bought this new one?

Yeah, that’s probably a bad idea.

Dad Creates Baby Beer Bong To Help Daughter Drink More (Milk)

Dad builds baby beer bong

Getting babies to eat can be a challenge. With their schedules filled with important tasks like crying for no reason and vomiting more than they even weigh, there isn’t a whole lot of room for eating a balanced diet of Just Milk. Some babies are simply fussy, while others struggle with things like colic that make eating adequately even more difficult. Statistically speaking, some babies have to fill the lowest percentiles in terms of weight. But hearing that news from your doctor is reminiscent of being told you had the slowest mile time in your grade – it feels like a challenge, one that Rudy Willingham was ready to accept.

Rudy Willingham primarily uses his TikTok to share his impressive street art, but fortunately, he made an exception to show off an invention that’s both hilarious and seemingly effective.

Willingham’s video opens with on-screen text that reads, “My daughter is 2nd percentile in weight, so we’re trying out some new feeding techniques.”

Sure, ok, sounds reasonable. We watch the baby’s milk being expertly prepared by a baby-milk-making-machine (this one is SFW, relax) before the scene cuts to dad and baby, sitting on the couch. The contraption in Willingham’s hands looks a little too familiar, a sight that makes our stomachs churn and our heads pound like Pavlov’s hungover dogs.

Willingham uncaps the bottle and pours its contents into the baby beer bong, a phrase we never thought we’d have to use. The hungry baby stares dazed and open-mouthed, the exact same way everyone in the world has ever stared at a beer bong. Willingham raises the funnel and offers the plastic nipple at the end of the tube to his daughter, which she readily accepts.

@rudy_willinghamGained a ton of weight this way in college, so I figured it could do the same for her ##funny ##baby♬ Stil D.R.E. Remix – Clarissa G

The video ends with the baby happily drinking from her milk bong, the “deal with it” glasses appropriately covering her eyes as we all simultaneously realize that someone who can barely hold her head up is cooler than we’ll ever be. Sometimes being a parent means getting creative when it comes to solving problems, and this dad absolutely nailed it.

“Gained a ton of weight this way in college,” Willingham said in the video’s caption, “so I figured it could do the same for her.”

The Dad Of The Month, February 2021: David Funk

We are honored to announce The Dad of the Month for February 2021: David Funk. Becoming a first-time father is difficult enough for anyone, but few new dads have been put through the wringer like David. His wife, Lindsey, wrote a beautiful nomination entry for him, illustrating how David repeatedly goes above and beyond for his growing family:

“David is simply incredible. In January 2020, we found out our unborn son would most likely not live post-birth. No one with his diagnosis has survived in Utah before. Well, our son Otto was born in March 2020 and LIVED.

“I, the mom, was under anesthesia for the birth surgery to get Otto here so David had to take care of EVERYTHING while I was asleep and sedated for the next 5 days. He had to run to the NICU right after surgery and he has been there for Otto EVERY DAY of our 200-day NICU stay. He dedicated all his time outside of working to visiting our miracle baby in the NICU.

“We just got home from the NICU in October 2020. Our son is dependent on a ventilator and a tracheotomy tube, g-tube for feeding, and oxygen support. He has a lot of care necessary to survive and David never skips a beat to help Otto. Because of the pandemic, we have had to stay home as our child has lung disease. David does such a good job taking it on himself to make sure Otto’s life at home is fun and entertaining for our miracle. David loves to cuddle with Otto and pinch his chubby cheeks.

“David knows how to do ALL of Otto’s medical care, which is impressive for any father as he has so many other things to do to support our family so I can stay home and take care of Otto during the day. David is involved in all of Otto’s physical, occupational, feeding, and speech therapy – not to mention this is our first child. David had not even changed ONE diaper before Otto.

“David was born to be the father of our son. A lot of time the mom, me, gets a lot of recognition for what I’ve done for Otto, but David never gets it. I would love to see him recognized for all he does for our little son Otto.”

To honor David as well as the tireless and selfless work of keeping little Otto happy and healthy, we’re giving him $500 and some special edition dad gear. David is an awesome example of what it means to be an amazing dad right out of the gate and regardless of the circumstances. Cheers!

This Reporter Losing It After a Puppy Crashes His News Report Is All of Us

Puppy crashes news report
(YouTube/ FOX 5 Washington DC)

In the age of Zoom, we’ve all had to cope with certain distractions throughout the day. Making sure we’re always on mute if we’re not talking and keeping kids and pets occupied during important meetings have become standard parts of the workday, but as we all know too well, things rarely go as planned. Being on camera during the workday has its fair share of stressors, but anyone who’s ever been on a Zoom call when someone’s pet appears (or, uh, when someone becomes the pet) knows it’s by far the best part of any meeting.

Even before Zoom, live news reports allowed us to experience the joy of things going delightfully wrong in real-time. Without the ability to take a segment from the top or remove the offending distractions in post-production, news stations have no choice but to simply work with whatever, or whoever comes their way.

While filming a live TV segment for Fox 5, Bob Barnard was approached by an unexpected guest. Barnard was discussing the city’s recent snow and doing his best to figure out how to use an ice scraper (there are people who don’t need these for 6 months out of the year?) when a small wriggling puppy made its happy little way over to the news anchor.

“They don’t realize this dog just ran out here,” Barnard says initially. In typical puppy fashion, the small pup was curious and sneaky enough to escape his house and explore the nearby excitement.

“Hey, come here! Come here!” Barnard says in a voice that’s a solid octave above his normal speaking voice. How dogs have this power over us we’ll never understand, but we couldn’t be happier – and neither could Barnard.

“Forget the people we talked to earlier, I want to get to know this dog,” Barnard says, scooping up the happy pup. He makes a quip about starting a kennel service, but stresses that “this is a freebie.” Even with his mask on, it’s clear the anchor is grinning from ear to ear as the puppy licks his face.

As Barnard marvels at just how great his life is at that moment, the puppy’s owner comes running from her house. She apologizes profusely and unnecessarily for her dog’s daring escape, and Barnard asks the hard-hitting questions: “What’s this dog’s name?”

“Pierogi,” the pup’s owner responds, as everyone in the studio immediately joins team Pierogi.

This adorable interrpuption is a gentle reminder that things don’t always have to go as planned to go perfectly. Leave your door ajar, let the dog out of its crate while you’re working – right now, an adorable distraction is something we all desperately need.

The First Space Hotel Aims To Be Operational By 2027

Space Hotel 2

Traveling ANYWHERE after 2020 seems like a lot of fun, but it won’t be long before things shift back to normal and everyone is looking for a new hot vacation spot. And, if you’re the type that likes to plan ahead, maybe set aside some PTO for your vacation IN SPACE. Hey, even chicken nuggets have been to space so this is long overdue.

Construction on mankind’s first space hotel is scheduled to start this decade. And, if space construction can stay on target, it will be operational by 2027. Orbital Assembly is the company planning the first outer space hotel, and they plan to start construction on Voyager Station in 2025.

And it looks just as fancy as you’d hope a planned space hotel would:

It’s very chic (as far as space living goes) as you’ll be staying in your own individual pod. There will also be themed restaurants (fingers crossed for Margaritaville!), a spa, a movie theater, a gym, a library, a concert venue, and earth viewing lounges. Because once you leave Earth, you’re gonna want to take some time to look back on all the suckers stuck on the same planet they were born on.

And sure, they are planning on having enough space, air, water, and power for all the guests and crew, so a good portion of the new hotel will be dedicated to that. They’ll be able to accommodate up to 400 guests (again, if literally, everything goes to plan).

And, so people’s bodies “don’t fall apart” (important!), the station/hotel will circle the globe every 90 minutes, in order to generate artificial gravity.

It’s going to be very exclusive, so start saving now so you can take one of the most exclusive vacations in humanity’s history, and do it alongside the most loathsome rich people ever!

A Taco Truck in Texas Fed 800 Families for Free During Winter Storm

Texas Taco Truck
(Facebook/Boombox Taco)

When Texas got crushed with winter storms, millions were left without power and water. And when the government and overwhelmed emergency workers couldn’t get to everyone, regular people stepped up to help each other. Whether it was the man who rescued stranded drivers, or people sheltering a delivery driver, neighbors helping neighbors became the biggest way to stay safe.

One taco truck in Houston embodied that spirit to the fullest, feeding 800 families that were without food, power, and water. Boombox Taco’s owners, Jessica Villa-Gomez and Alex Martinez, who were also without power, decided to help how they could. So they took their taco truck to eight apartment complexes that were even worse off than they were and fed people. For many, it was their first hot meal in days.

“We have been struggling as well, but we’re not struggling as much as other people,” Villa-Gomez told the Houston Chronicle. “And if we have the resources to help others out, why not? We decided to give the food to people in need.”

They made 2,400 tacos (the same amount I have to make on Taco Tuesday for my always-growing children) to give away for free. Villa-Gomez said they were in the cold, but had a generator, so they wanted to go and give back to people who were struggling even more.

That’s what it’s about, giving back to your community during a time of need. A number of Texas restaurants were opening their doors (and/or kitchens) to help those in need, and Boombox Taco was just happy to be part of the crowd. In a Facebook post, they said it was truly moving to know they weren’t alone, and that they were honored to be of service to the city that has given them so much.

“It’s just good to come out of this–not just thinking about yourself, but thinking about others,” Villa-Gomez said. “It just feels good to help someone out in need, if you can.”

The Dad Staff is donating to a collection of food and warming centers throughout Texas to help families in need. Impact Your World allows us to contribute to 14 organizations, including The Red Cross, Mercy Chefs, Austin Pets Alive, as well as local food banks in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. If you are able, please consider donating any amount here.

Archeologists Uncover World’s Oldest Brewery in Ancient Egypt

Old Egyptian Brewery
(Egypt Department of Tourism and Antiquities)

When people think about major archeological discoveries in Egypt, they think of pharaohs and pyramids, but now we have an even better discovery; a brewery. In fact, it’s now the world’s oldest brewery, as on an archeological mission uncovered the oldest high-production brewery in the world in the ancient city of Abydos.

The city is one of the oldest of ancient Egypt and is home to a high number of temples and cemeteries. And now this giant brewery.

The team was a joint effort between American academics from NYU and Princeton and their counterparts in Egypt. The brewery they uncovered dates back to 3100 BCE (waiting for the first beer snob to complain breweries aren’t “like they used to be” because they aren’t in a desert), and Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said the 5,000-year-old brewery was likely used for burial rituals for some of Egypt’s earliest kings.

See? They get it. When a king is asked what he wants at his funeral, the answer was beer. And LOTS of it. It’s that type of wisdom that makes a king beloved. The ancient brewery was split into eight sections to maximize production and the experts (unclear if it’s archeology experts or the beer experts) claim it could produce 5,900 gallons of beer at a time. They (the archeology people this time for sure) said the beer was likely to supply the royal rituals taking place in funeral facilities and that there’s evidence of the use of beer in sacrificial rites.

It sounds like those kings knew how to party. Hopefully, this can get worked into the plot of Indiana Jones 8, when Harrison Ford travels the globe to find an ancient beer that belongs in a museum.